Finding Love: A Journey II
By: Scotty
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Soon we were pulling into the parking lot of the Longhorn Steakhouse.  Our group was waiting outside the restaurant, but my Dad and Mr. Li were not there. We discovered, when we joined everyone, that my Dad and Mr. Li were in the restaurant making arrangements for us.  My Dad emerged from the entry and motioned us in.  As we passed my Dad, who had chosen to hold open the door, whispered to me, "You should have seen Mr. Li in action.  In minutes he had the manager and staff doing whatever he asked.  He's some guy, let me tell you."

Our group was seated together in an area which we filled with laughter and chatter.  Before long the restaurant began to empty, but the manager assured us that we could order anything we wanted.  "We might lock the doors shortly," he said, "but not to hurry and not to worry, because the staff had agreed to stay and serve you."  What followed were a wonderful meal and much fun for all of us.

As we drove toward home, Brad and I snuggled and made out, but soon he was asleep in my arms.  I was at peace and as happy as I had been for a long time.  Sadie had turned on the radio and there was soft music in the SUV.  Before long I dosed off, but struggled back to wakefulness.  Then I eased Brad down onto the back seat and laid gently on him, kissing him lightly as I fell asleep.

Chapter 18


Keith (Todd) was not making an easy adjustment to St. Albans.  First of all, he had the continuing problem of Corey and Vic. Since the day they spent with him when his parents were away and he was alone, he had struggled with two conflicting forces.  One was a continuing desire to spend time with Corey, the other was a deep-seated shame that he was cheating on Tim.  He realized that one was perhaps controlled by a growing animal desire, the other by his increasing love for Tim.  He often wondered what Tim must be thinking, what he must be feeling?  He thought that Tim must be in a state of confusion, unable to find out what had happened to him and his family.  With an increasing realization, he began to accept that Tim would never find him. Thinking this caused him to become so despondent that it bordered on clinical depression.  It did help that he had Corey to think about.

Keith was saved from falling too deeply into despondency through the intervention of his father.  His father was the last person Keith would have thought would be his savior, but his dad became that person.  His father told him that he had asked the firm if they could arrange a visit from Tim.  They had considered it, but decided that it would have to wait for at least another month.  This infuriated Todd and his father; his mother's cool head helped to take the edge off.

"You both need to remember that we are here for one important reason: to be kept safe and alive.  They can't allow Tim to be brought here to this safe location.  How can they be sure that he'd be safe?   They have to be certain that Tim will be able to keep our location a secret?  Todd, you need to remember how difficult a situation this is for all of us.  We all had to leave friends and your father had to leave his colleagues.  They also are wondering what happened to us.  They are all worried, as I know Tim is worried about you, Todd.  Nevertheless, we need to remember the larger picture, our safety."

"I know all that, Mom.  It's just that I miss him so much, and I need him to talk to about what's happening to me."

"You know, Todd," said his father, "that you can talk to me anytime about anything."

"I feel the same way, honey," his mother added.

Keith sat heavily in a chair, and putting his head in his hands, trying to collect himself before he said anything.  "It's not that I don't want to talk to either of you.  It's just that sometimes teenagers what to talk to other teenagers about things that parents don't understand.  There are things that are important to us, but are not the things you worry about.  That's why I want to have Tim here.  Dad, it's not just that I love him; it's not that I need him here to sexually satisfy me. . ."

"Keith, please don't talk like that in front of your mother," interrupted his father.

"See, Dad, that's what I mean.  I really can't say all the things I want to say to you or to Mom.  It just wouldn't work."

His mother walked over to him and kissed the top of his head.  "I guess this is what is meant by the `generation gap'"

"Yeah, I guess," replied Keith.  He got up slowly and left the room to return to his bedroom, which more and more he saw as a jail cell.


Meanwhile across town in the Days Inn motel room, Corey and Vic were having a serious conversation.

"Vic, I won't take part in anymore three ways with Keith and you.  I can't do it.  That kid has a young lover whom he misses greatly.  That makes him susceptible to our perverted desires."

Vic laughed loudly, "You're full of shit, Corey.  You want his cock and ass for your personal pleasure.  Do you think I'm a fuckin' stupid asshole?"

Corey jumped across the space between Vic and him, knocking the cheap nightstand and lamp to the floor with a clamorous bang.  He grabbed Vic's shirt and pulled him up to his face.  In a controlled, but anger-filled voice, he said,

"You're a stupid asshole, you bastard.  Don't you realize that our behavior could get us fired, or worse convicted of some perverted sexual act?  We don't even know if in this jurisdiction, Keith is legal twink bait."

"Fuck!  I never thought of that.  Never!"

"Well, now you know why I think we have to cool it.  We have to take care, so from now on I tutor him and that's all.  If he makes a move on me, I'll tell him I can't carry on with him.  I know he won't understand and that he'll hate me, but that's fine.  At least we'll be out of the loop and can't be charged with anything.  You are to stay away from the house.  If you need the parents, ask them to meet you somewhere other than the house."

"Okay, okay.  I hope we didn't make a huge mistake that day."

By now the two men were sitting on the bed next to each other.  A long period of silence followed, filled only with this remark from Corey,

"We forgot that old adage, `Don't shit where you eat.'"


I woke up as soon as the engine was shut off.  Sadie had parked as near the entrance as she could.  I rubbed my eyes and looked into Adam's smiling face.  He didn't need to say anything as his smile spoke volumes.  I was going to give him some shit, but before I could, Sadie interrupted with a soft whispered question.

"Do you want to let him sleep in the SUV, or wake him and get him into bed?"

Adam threw me a kiss, suggesting that he had a perverted idea of how we had planned to spend the evening after we arrived home.  This time I wanted to whack him in the head, but I resisted and answered Sadie,

"I think we should get him inside and in our bed.  He'd be unhappy to wake up out here.  Brad's a tough guy, Sadie; he'll be able to walk in and to the suite."

"Adam you get the doors.  Jacob and I will get Brad into the house.  If you see us having any trouble, get back here and help."

I smiled as I realized that although Adam was quick to give me spontaneous shit, he wouldn't dare upset Sadie.  He knew she was a formidable lady who would not tolerate any silliness from him.  He hurried to do just as he was told and without comment.

Sadie was outside the SUV waiting on me.  I kissed my lover gently on the lips and ran my tongue across them.  He sighed, but didn't awake.  I fondled his crotch and felt it increase in size and hardness.  He stirred.  Opening one eye, he looked at me and smiled.

"Watcha want cutie?" he asked.

I chuckled, "I'm holding it in my hand, but Sadie's outside the car waiting for us.  She wants to be certain that you can get into the house on your own."

Brad pulled himself into a sitting position.  He looked like hell, partly because he was disheveled and partly because he looked like he was still half asleep.

He pushed the window button and the window silently slipped down.  He stuck his head out, spotted Sadie near the driver's side door.

"Thanks Sadie, but I can make it okay, especially with Jacob to lean on.  He watches my back and supports me in so many ways.  This will be easy for him."

Sadie walked over to the window where she patted Brad's head.  Her smile was like the quick fix a bottle of cold water gives you when you're thirsty.

"Fine, Brad.  I'll be waiting near the door, just in case," she said.  Then she walked away.

Brad pushed the button again and the window slide back up.  He reached for my hand and pulled me to him.

"Kiss me, you fucker.  You're so hot!  Let's fuck here in the SUV.  I want you to make love to me.  Understand what that means?"  Then he laughed as we kissed.

"I think I understand, but maybe you should explain it for me," I said with a twinkle in my eye.

"You, my sweet lover boy, are a total shithead.  I want that gorgeous cock of yours shoved so far up my ass that I can suck you off because it will be in my mouth."

We were both laughing now.  I squeezed Brad's balls which brought him upright.

"Fuck!" he yelled.

"Be good, sweetcakes, until we get to the suite, then you can get as hot and nasty as you want."

"Fine, let's get the fuck out of the car and get to the bedroom, `cause I need some of you deep in me," said Brad with a silly giggle.

I took his hand, helped him from the SUV, and walked him into the house.  We went directly to the suite and hurried to the bedroom where we were soon naked and entangled on the bed.


Father Jim slipped quietly out of bed not really wanting to leave the warmth of Greg's body against his backside.  But he had to think and lying there in bed with his lover was not the place to think about what he needed to deal with.  It was a perfect place for lovemaking, but that was not his current desire.  Right now he needed to think about his life, his goals, his needs for a lover, `No,' he thought, `more than a lover, I need a partner for life.  That's settled as I could not imagine anyone other than Greg to share my life with me.'

There were other things that he needed to sort out.  He sat in the recliner in the dimly lighted living room, pushed it to the recliner position and laid his head back, eyes closed.  His mind was a minefield of thoughts; each of them pushing others out as they vied for his undivided attention.

`Sunday is tomorrow and there was no turning back,' he thought.  He ran his hand through his hair, and then taking his thumb and index finger, pressed them into the corners of his eye sockets, hoping they might relieve some the emotional pain he was feeling.  But it didn't accomplish anything, so he removed them.  His greatest concern was the reaction of the congregation when they learned that Father Crowley, the centerpiece of St. Augustine's for more than a quarter of a century, was leaving.  Then they would discover that he, the gay priest with a lover, was to become their new pastor.  He shuddered at what the reaction would be; he worried that Greg might have to endure derision and hate.  If he had to suffer, that was his role as he was the priest.  Nonetheless the cooler side of his brain reminded him that he would never leave Greg.  No, that was settled.

Suddenly he felt a presence in the room and soon warm lips kissed his forehead.  He opened his eyes and saw his lover smiling at him.  In that moment, a strong wave of assurance ran through his body and he knew then that he had decided the right thing.  He knew with certainty that God was on his side; that Greg was on his side.  He could see his friends: the Neilsons, the Masons, the Li's, and many more of the congregation smiling in approval.  He reached out and pulled his naked lover onto him, their nude bodies sealing the moment of realization.

"Are you okay, Jim?" asked Greg.

"I am now that you are with me.  You always make things right.  Do you know how much I love you?" asked Jim.

"Probably as much as I love you," Greg said.

Now Jim's mind was on lovemaking.  So was Greg's.  It happened there in the recliner, gentle and lovingly.  The both knew they were on the right path.


When Brad and I got into the suite and I quickly locked the door, he picked me up and carried me to the bedroom where he unceremoniously deposited me on the bed.  Before I could really think, he had stripped off all of my clothes and seconds later stood naked before me.

"Do me!" he commanded.

"Lie on your stomach," I suggested.

"But I wanna see your face when you take me," he replied.

"In good time, lover, but first I want to work on your tired muscles."

"To hell with my muscles," he whispered sexily to me, "I want only one muscle and it's yours and I want it deep in me.  Understand?"

"Ha, you think you can just tell me how to use that special muscle?  Don't kid yourself, football boy; when I'm the top, I control everything.  Now if you want me to fuck you then do as I ask."

Brag flopped onto the bed and rolled onto his stomach.  I had him right where I wanted.  I moved over him and deliberately sat on his gorgeous ass.  He groaned and I smiled.  I began working the muscles in his shoulders, gently at first, but with increasing pressure.

"Good god, that feels so fuckin' great.  Please don't stop," he sighed.

When I leaned forward and began to kiss his shoulders and neck gently, at first he squirmed a little, but he soon settled down.  I continued to kiss his back working slowly down to the small of his back, just north of his beautiful ass cheeks.  When my lips reached the top of his ass crack, he groaned sleepily.  By this time I was kneeling between his widely spread legs.  I was getting hard just thinking about what was to come.  Whoever said that sex was more mental than physical was obviously a great thinker.

I moved a little further down, and as I reached to separate his ass cheeks so I could work his anus, he snored loudly.  I almost laughed, but instead pulled the sheet and a blanket up to cover him.  I wondered if he would be disappointed that we hadn't had sex, but I also realized that I had accomplished something more important.  Brad was asleep, which whatever either of us might have thought, or for that matter wanted; sleep was the more potent of the necessaries of the moment.

Having decided that everything was fine with what had happened, I quietly went to the bathroom where I relieved myself, brushed my teeth, and grinning at myself in the mirror, decided that life was good.  I hurried back to the bed, slipped under the covers, and before moving close to my lover, my partner, the person I loved most in the world, I switched off the light plunging the room into darkness.  Sleep followed almost immediately.


Adam sat with Sadie for a couple of minutes discussing the game and how quickly Jacob and Brad had gone to bed.  Sadie smiled knowingly at Adam, disclosing as she did, her knowledge of the probable cause of the rush to bed.  Adam decoded this from her smile, but said nothing.  He envied the two young men mostly because of the manner in which they handled themselves and the intensity of the love.  His thoughts ran to the moment he tried to get Jacob to have sex with him and it caused him to redden in the face.

Sadie looked askance at Adam, wondering why his face had gotten red.  If she had any inkling of the cause, she didn't show it.

"Adam, you'd best get to bed.  It's been a long day and you must be weary.  I'm about ready to get to bed, too."

"Sadie, I want to ask you something.  Please don't be offended by what it has to do with, but I cherish your opinion."

Sadie set down the teacup, and as she did she reached out and took Adam's hand.  He smiled weakly at her and she could feel the tremble in his hand.

"You know you can ask me anything, Adam.  Go ahead."

Adam squeezed her hand tightly and then spoke.

"Devon wants to have anal sex with me, but I don't know how I feel about it.  I mean, I guess I want to try it, but I want to really be in love with the other guy.  I want a relationship like Jacob and Brad have.  If I thought that was what was happening between Devon and me, then I think I would do it, but, well, I'm not sure.  There, that's it."

Sadie got up and walked the short distance to Adam.  She hugged him tightly to her ample bosom, and in the silence that followed a single tear ran down her slightly wrinkled face.  She had thought briefly about her brother, but remembered the young man in her arms whose confusion and desire were intertwined and who needed her help in untangling them.  She kissed the top of Adam's head, andS then moved back a step or two.

"That's a difficult question to ask an old woman like me, but I'll do my best to tell you what I think."

"Thanks, Sadie, that's all I expected," Adam interrupted.

Sadie continued, "It's always best to have intimate relations with someone you love.  However, the truth may lie somewhere in between.  Young people, like you Adam, have intense urges, some of them coming from the depths of the human experience.  Sexual drive is one of the most powerful.  Young people have the desire to experiment, to discover for themselves.  Devon, like you, has the same prodding to experience, to feel, and to know.  So, I guess what I'm saying is this:

"If you don't feel comfortable; if you want to wait until you meet the right person; if you want a relationship like Jacob's and Brad's, then just stop.  You know, Adam, if Devon really cares about you, he'll be willing to abide by what you want. If all he wants is to try something, then forget him."

Adam moved to Sadie and kissed her on the cheek. "That's exactly what Jacob and Brad told me.  I guess I'm ready to deal with the issue, but it will be on my conditions.  If Devon doesn't like that, then it's just too bad.  I love you Sadie and I want you to know how much what you said has helped.  It assured me that Jacob and Brad knew what they were talking about.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart."  They two hugged and just before Adam left the kitchen for his bedroom, cars began arriving in the parking lot.

He hurried off, not turning when he heard footsteps in the kitchen.  He had to call Devon.


The arrival of Doug and Diane Nielson interrupted Sadie's bedtime.  They both were smiling and obviously happy.  Perhaps to a large degree it was because tomorrow they would be watching Jacob's face when he was presented with their present of the Jeep.  Also, the entire plan of the surprise birthday party had given them pleasure as parents. Sadie acknowledged their presence with a question:

"Where are Beth, Chris and Peter?"

Doug moved over to one of the stools and sat down.  Diane followed him, but instead of sitting, she stood beside her husband with her hands on his shoulders.  The Li's were on the other side of Sadie now, ready to move down the corridor to their bedroom.  "Oh, Croydon is dropping her off at her place before he heads back to his place.  Chris and Peter are spending the night there so that she won't be alone," answered Doug.

Diane smiled and the chuckled.  "I'm not sure she would have been alone, but that's another story."

"For sure," added Lorraine Li.

John Li frowned, hesitated and the asked, "What am I missing?"

"Nothing, dear, nothing to worry your head about," Lorraine said.

Doug had gotten up from is stool and walked over to John, "You know," he said, "that these two women are convinced that there's a romance blossoming between Beth and Croydon.  I'm not sure I see it that way, but that's what this is all about.  Am I correct, Diane?"

"For crying out loud; is that what you two have been whispering and snickering about since we left them?" asked a totally dismayed John Li.

Sadie was smiling broadly, but remained silent and bemused.  Lorraine hugged her husband as she assured him not to worry his head about anything as silly as Beth's romance with Croydon.

"Fine; if that's the way you want it, that's okay with me.  It just seems like a lot of unfounded speculation, not fact," he told his wife.  "I'm off to bed," he announced as he headed out of the kitchen and toward his bedroom.  "It's best if I go with him.  I think he's a little irritated at me, so I have to sooth the beast.  Goodnight everyone; sleep tight."  She hurried after her husband.

Sadie picked up her cup and saucer and deposited them quietly in the sink.  Turning and facing them, she quietly said, "I've been aware of strong affection between the two.  It's not a surprise.  After all, she's a widow of a kind, and he's just been sort of a bull elephant hunting for the right mate."

Doug Nielson guffawed!  "Good Lord, Sadie; as always you're way ahead of the rest of us in seeing what it takes us longer to see.  Can you believe this, Diane?"

Diane crossed to Sadie, hugged her, and said,

"Yes, I believe it.  Sadie's a woman of the world.  She's lived longer than we, and she's seen much in her lifetime that gives her an edge in understanding human beings.  She's a sage!"

Sadie laughed lightly, returned Diane's hug, winked at Doug, and told everyone,

"This sage is headed to bed.  Tomorrow's a big day for all of us, but especially for Jacob, so I want to be rested and alert.   Good night everyone.  Breakfast is at 7:30 so we can get to church on time.  Has anyone thought of a plan to get Jacob out of the house for a few hours?"

No one gave any indication that they had a solution.  Perhaps in the light of day everyone would be better able to come up with a plan.  As soon as Sadie headed to her room, everyone else in the kitchen left, leaving the house in quiet and darkness.


At first Devon didn't answer his cell phone.  Adam had a number of scenarios of what he was doing and where he was.  Just as Adam was going to break the connection, a tired voice answered.  It was Devon.

"Dev, did I wake you?" asked Adam.

"Of course you did, hinny, but I don't mind because it's you.  What's the matter?  Is everything okay?"

"Yes, yes everything is fine.  I just had to ask you something important.  Is this a bad time?"

"No, I have no place to be," Devon said, as he switched on a bedside lamp.

Adam paused for a long moment.  He was shaking a little, not because he was afraid, but rather because he feared what the answer to his question might be.  He cleared his throat.

"Devon, are you pissed at me?"

"Should I be?"


"Well, I'm not.  So what's the question?"

"That was the question," Adam said as he lay back on his bed, his whole being aching to be with Devon.  "You left in a huff after I said I wouldn't participate with you and the two others.  You're all I need, Devon."

Devon sat up on the side of his bed, his naked body lighted by the lamp.  Had he been a jerk leaving the person he most loved, just because Adam had more sense than he? 

"I wish I could kiss you right this minute to prove to you that I am not angry with you.  Honestly I was at that moment, but I cooled down a great deal, and now I understand that you are right and that I'm just a horny old dawg.  You, my handsome, sweet, loving man, are all I want.  I want just you.  Adam I'm in love with you."

An audible gasp came from Adam, and the young boy couldn't keep the few tears from falling down his face.  "You love me?"

"You bet your ass I do."

"Let's leave my ass out of this; at least for the moment," said Adam with a laugh.

"Whatcha wearing, Baby?" asked Devon.


"Because, Adam, I wanna have phone sex with you, right now."

"I'm wearing just my underwear."

"Well, I'm naked and I want you to get naked, too.  Loose the underwear!"

Adam quickly removed his briefs and lay back on the bed again, only this time his cock was semi-erect.  He stroked himself a few times. 

"Done," he said.

"Good.  No imagine I am stroking your beautiful cock, and you know that very soon I'm gonna wrap my lips around it and take it deep into my throat.  I'm gonna suck and lick it until you feed me your best load of protein.  I'm jerking my wood right now."

"Me, too, Devon.  You know I want to suck you off.  Just thinking about it is driving me crazy.

"Fuck, man.  I'm naked and beating my meat hard.  Are you near ready to spurt your jizz?"

"Yeah!  Oh shit, Dev, I'm gonna cum.  Ohhhhh!"

All that came from Devon were some grunts and a list of obscenities as he shot his seed onto his chest and stomach and finally the remains dripped onto his balls.

"Wow that should keep us for a while.  We'll talk more tomorrow at the party," suggested Devon.

Adam was still breathing heavily, but he managed to answer, "Yes, I need to ask you some other things.  I love you, Devon."

"Goodnight," said Devon.

"Goodnight," answered Adam as the connection was broken.  He lay there for only a moment before he went to bathroom and cleaned up.  He knew he would sleep well.


It was sometime in the early morning, just as the very weak light of day was beginning to appear in the east when Brad awoke.  He loved the feeling of Jacob up against his back, especially when he could feel his lover's erect penis pushing at his ass crack.  But that was not the case right now.  Jacob lay asleep, lost in whatever dreams he was having, and far removed from the moment of reality that Brad was experiencing.

`Today was the day,' he thought, `the day he would express his love of Jacob in a serious, far-reaching way.'  Brad knew he wanted nothing more than to spend the rest of his life with Jacob.  He wanted to grow old with the man he loved so dearly.  He thought he understood how deep Jacob loved him, but how would his lover react to the gift he planned to give him in the private of their suite during the surprise party.

Jacob moved, surprising Brad who was preoccupied by his thoughts.  Jacob put his arm around Brad; his hand found its way to Brad's cock and he squeezed it lightly.  Brad sighed as his cock, with a mind of its own, jumped in Jacob's hand.  As this happened, Brad could feel Jacob's growing and hardening prick pushing against his ass.

"Are you awake?" asked Brad.

A long yawn emanated from Jacob who then kissed his lover's back.  "I'm not really awake.  Why is it important?"

"No, go back to sleep.  We have to be at breakfast early, then church, and the party for the Li's."

Brad got no answer, and after a few moments replaying some of the game, he fell asleep just as the first spears of sunlight began breaking through the blinds.


Father Jim had slipped out of bed early on this momentous day in his and Gary's life.  He padded into the kitchen and put on a pot of coffee to brew while he said his morning prayers and took a shower.  He saw the first rays of daylight in the eastern sky, reminding him, probably in a perverse way, of the morning of the resurrection.  He didn't delude himself into thinking of himself in any such grand manner.  He just associated the beginning of his day with some of the glow of that other moment in religious history.   He quietly said his morning prayers asking God for guidance.  He prayed, too, that all would go well at St. Augustine's this unusual Sunday.

By now he was in the bathroom, had opened the shower, and had adjusted the temperature of the water.  He was just about to step into the shower when he felt a presence.  He turned and was immediately in Gary's arms.  They kissed slowly, but not in a sexually stimulating way.

"I thought you would sleep a little longer," Jim said as he ran his tongue slowly around Gary's ear."

Gary laughed quietly and said,

"Jim, you'd better stop that or you'll be late for your coronation."

"Gary, it's not a coronation."

"It is to me, since you are the king of my life.  My whole being belongs to you."

"I don't deserve you, Gary.  You're too good for me."

"I think you're right about that, but for the moment can we get into the shower, my bare ass is getting cold."

Jim laughed and stepped into the shower.  Gary followed, and soon they were entwined in each other's arms, kissing deeply and exploring the gorgeous bodies they both possessed.  They finished the shower without further sexual activity, just occasional kisses and gentle caresses.

After drying off, they did not dress but went to the kitchen naked.  Jim took over the task of toast and English muffins, while Gary worked at the stove preparing the eggs and bacon.  Jim had gotten the orange juice, butter and some jam from the refrigerator, had set the table and now sat watching, with admiration, Gary's inviting ass.

"You have a tempting ass, Gary," said Jim.

Gary turned, a smirk across his face, "Would you know what to do with it, lover boy?" he asked.

Jim returned the smirk, grabbed his hardening cock, and told Gary, "I would shove this beauty of a cock, deep enough into you so that you could suck me off at the same time?"

"Promises, promises; all I get are promises," came Gary's laughing response, as he turned back to the stove.

Jim got up and crossed the kitchen floor.  He hugged Gary from the back, pushing his ever-hardening cock into his lover's ass crack.  Gary sighed.  "This is how I want to spend every morning of our lives.  Just like this."

Gary turned and kissed Jim lightly on the lips.  "We'd best get back to breakfast or you will miss your coronation."

Jim moved away from Gary, looked at him with a frown, slapped his hard cock, punishing it in this way.  He told Gary,

"I'm surprised at you, Lover, for sending me away.  How terrible of you.  I am disheartened, almost destroyed."

Gary didn't lose a best, "You, my Lover, are full of shit.  If you had really wanted me, I would be lying on the floor getting fucked.


"The eggs are ready, so let's eat.  That last thing I want is for you to be late for your coronation," giggled Gary.

They finished their breakfast, chatting about the day and their hope that they would be able to attend the party for Jacob.  They did the dishes, as the always did, with Jim washing and Gary drying.  From time to time they would share a brief kiss or caress, only rarely touching each other's cocks.

"There our kitchen duties are finished, so I guess we can get dressed for church.  What are you planning to wear, Jim?" Gary asked.

As they walked to the bedroom Jim said, "I plan to wear my clerical garb.  It's collar time if there ever was one."

"Let's get the bed made first," Gary suggested.

"Good idea," Jim replied.

The two naked men worked together without incident and soon the king size bed was finished.  It looked like an accomplished maid had done it.

"Look at what we can accomplish when we work together. Our life together will be wonderful."

"Yeah, how could it be anything else with the skill you demonstrate in bed?"

Jim laughed, took Gary into his arms, and before kissing him passionately, told him,  "I guess that's all you think about is sex.  I approve of that.  But we have to wait quite a while before we can get it on today.  Let's get dressed."

After the kiss they separated and went to their chest of drawers and closets to pick out their clothes for the day.

"Are you taking your Speedo to the party, Jim?"

"Sure.  That's my plan, Lover.  Why, do you think I shouldn't?"

"No, I was hoping you would.  You are so sexy in the bathing suit that I can hardly contain myself."

During the chatter the two men had been working at getting dressed.  Jim was the first done and as he looked at himself in the full length mirror, he liked what he saw.  But he wondered what the congregation would think this morning, especially without any knowledge about what was to happen.  Bishop Goodfellow, as usual, had put everyone except himself into a kind of boiler room situation.  His thoughts were interrupted when Gary appeared in the mirror behind him wearing an impeccably tailored dark blue suit, white shirt, and a red power four-in-hand."

Gary wrapped his arms loosely and comfortably around Jim's waist.  "I want you to know, Father Jim that I find you insanely sexy in your clerical outfit.  It makes me want you so much that I have to work hard to restrain myself from attacking you."

"Really?  Well, listen, Cutie, when you get all dressed up and look official and hunky, I just want to jump you and have my way.  Let's contain ourselves and get going to the church as I want to have some time with Father Crowley  This will be a more stressful and sad day for him than it will be exciting or scary for me."

"I understand, my passionate priest, your wish is my command."

Hugging quickly, the two smiling men left the bedroom and exited the apartment.  Soon they were in the car and on their way to St. Augustine's.


By seven forty, everyone was in the dining room.  Interestingly, the last one at the table was Adam.  For a brief moment no one said anything, but I finally broke the silence with a wise-ass question.

"So, Adam, did you have a fulfilling night?  You seem happy and alert, so are things as you would like them?  What happened that made you so happy, and a little late for breakfast?" I asked.

Sadie came in carrying two platters one with pancakes, the other with bacon and ham.  Diane and Mrs. Li followed her each with platters of eggs and croissants.  Shortly, the table was laden with good food.  There were boxes of cereal on the credenza.  Honey, Vermont maple syrup, butter, jams and jellies provided all that anyone could hope for.  The pitchers of hot coffee and ice cold milk waited the pouring.  Sadie stood at the dining room, but did not sit at the table, something that always pissed me off.  But that was her decision, not my Dad's.

My father cleared his throat and said, "Let's join hands as we say Grace."  Sadie had moved to the table and stood between Brad and me taking our hands which made me happy.  My Dad continued, "Almighty Father we thank You for this food and we ask that You remind us of the many in our world who are less fortunate than we.  Please bless us all, and we ask that You watch over the Li's as they travel home.  Make this day as beautiful as usual; we ask this in the name of Your Son, Jesus Christ. Amen."

Breakfast began amidst the chatter of happy conversation and the clatter of dishes and silver.  I wondered if the Li's would enjoy this beautiful Florida day and their party.  I was brought back to the present when I felt Brad's hand on my knee squeezing gently.  I giggled.

"What's funny, Jacob?" asked my father.

"Oh nothing really, I just was thinking about the beautiful morning in Florida."

"Is that all you felt?" asked a smirking Brad.

"We should get the table cleared for Sadie.  She's already done a day's work," suggested Diane.

Before anyone could say anything, all of us were on our feet carrying the dishes to the kitchen.


Father Crowley had been surprised by Bishop Goodfellow's phone call informing him that he would indeed be at the Sunday service.  Goodfellow had decided that it was his ecclesiastical duty to make the announcements about his retirement and Jim's appointment.   He had thought about calling Jim to inform him of the change, but he decided that he would wait for Jim's arrival at the church before he told him.

Father Crowley sat at his desk contemplating what was to happen.  His wife had assured him that life would go on and that St. Augustine's would not disintegrate.  She also warmly supported Father Jim's appointment because she could see in the young man many of the qualities that had drawn her to her husband.  Not the least of these was the sense of duty, and his humility and willingness to sacrifice for his people.  Jim was much like that.

Crowley was thinking about his retirement, of what he would do now that the people of his church would no longer need his shepherding.  He took a sip of his now cooling coffee and thought, `Don't worry about St. Augustine's.  Jim was the right man for the job and at an important time in the history of the church and of the country.  Few minorities had been so mistreated in the last ten years as had the homosexual community.  Although there had been momentous steps taken, there were still boundaries that they could not cross.  He had pondered for many months the matter of marriage and could not understand the fear that was real or unreal about how the marriage of homosexuals would destroy the institution of marriage.  It has been his conclusion that heterosexuals were doing a pretty good job of doing that themselves.'

His wife appeared at the study door with a pot of hot coffee.  "Can I interest you in some hot coffee, dear?" she asked.

"Of course you can.  I'm always interested in fresh, hot coffee."

"I watched you for a while and could see that you were deeply engaged in something important so I waited until I thought you had filed that away."

"Goodness, Sweetie, you are perceptive.  Just thinking about St. Augustine's and Jim as pastor and what I will do in retirement.  You remember years ago when we talked and I told you I never desired to retire.  I think I still feel the same way."

After pouring the coffee, his wife bent down and kissed him on the cheek.  "You realize don't you that we have many opportunities.  We can travel as you always wanted.  There are places in this world that could use your talents as missionary.  We both would feel that as fulfilling.  You could teach religion at the university level.  You could write.  You could sleep later on Sunday mornings," she finished with a laugh.

"True, dear, and I have thought of missionary work.  I'd like that.  Teaching would be a good change and a challenge.  I might write, although I'm not certain of the topics.  Perhaps God would enlighten me with ideas."

Before any other conversation could occur, the doorbell rang.  His wife hurried to answer it as Father Crowley took a deep breath anticipating what would shortly be happening.


After clearing the table, Brad and I went back to our bedroom to get dressed for church.  I noticed that Brad was quieter than usual and it bothered me.  I wondered if I should mention it of just let it go, probably I told myself just a reaction to the hard game that he had played last night.  I was intrigued, too, by the notion that it may have had something to do with the lack of amorous activity.  Finally, I decided to give it a try,

"Brad, is something wrong? Did I do something to piss you off?  Please let me make amends if I'm the cause for your reticence."

Brad starred at me for a quick moment, then walked over to me and gave me a hug.  "You didn't do anything.  I've been thinking about how different it will be after the Li's leave and Chris and Peter go with them to Ft. Meyers.  I think, too, that probably my Mom will want to go home and get back to teaching.  If she does that, then I've been thinking I might need to go back home, too.  I mean, I don't really want her to be alone in that big house.  What worries me is what is going to happen to us.  It fucks me up."

I caressed his back and shoulders and kissed his neck and ear before I responded.  "All you need to think about is that I love you.  We can work this out if it should happen.  Think all we've been through on this crazy journey.  It's hard to believe that we have had to endure so much when all we want is to be able to love each other.  I know we've learned important lessons from our experiences which will undoubtedly stand us in good stead in the future.  If all the things that have happened to us couldn't break us apart, then I don't think we have much to worry about.  Now kiss me and tell me you love me, too."

Brad kissed me gently on the lips and then whispered in my ear, "Jake, I love you so much.  Thanks for helping me get my head back on straight.  I believe that we'll be able to continue to love each other for a long time, a life time."

I had a lump in my throat the size of the rock of Gibraltar and I hugged him tighter, hoping I wouldn't tear up and upset him.  "You know," I told him, "we can always pray a little harder in church today.  We can ask God to keep us together."

"Yeah, we could do that.  Father Jim could help us, too.  And I know Sadie will keep our feet on the ground and our brains where they belong.  We'll be okay, Jake; we'll be okay."


Gary followed Jim into Father Crowley's office, determined to stay out of the way, but to be there if Jim needed him.  They were warmly greeted by the old priest who hugged both of them firmly and without hesitation.

"You two look splendid.  Jim, you make a magnificent example of a young, dedicated priest.  Gary, you are a handsome, what's the word of today, ah yes, dude.  Both of you could claim many hearts if you hadn't already pledged them to each other."

"Thanks, Father; how are you holding up?  This retirement thing wasn't exactly your idea. Neither was my appointment anything we had discussed.  Are you really ready for a life of leisure?" Jim asked.

Crowley laughed.  "My better half has the rest of our lives planned out to the minute.  I must say that her ideas are good.  She has mentioned missionary work, teaching, writing, travel.  That should fill up a few years.  I love her dearly, and I am ready to spend more time with her and our children and grandchildren.  I am comfortable in knowing that I am leaving St. Augustine's in very capable hands."

"Hear! Hear! Gary practically shouted.

"Father, you flatter me.  I'm embarrassed," said Jim.

"There is no need to be embarrassed, Jim.  You are a wonderful human being, caring and loving.  That is what a priest should be.  The running of the church, the business end, you will handle skillfully.  Your work with the young people of the parish certainly bodes well with your ability of understand people and to deal with them as individual human beings.  Relax, my good fellow.  You also have a wonderful partner who will keep you in focus if you need that.  Gary is a perfect match for you."

"Thank you Father, I pray I will meet all your expectations.  I am lucky to have found Gary and he will keep me focused; he has a charming way of letting me know when I am off base."

Before anyone else could speak, the doorbell rang again.  Crowley's face whitened a little and he quickly said, "It's the bishop.  He decided he would tell the congregation what was happening.  Let it be a surprise when he gets here."

"It is a surprise, a big one."

Goodfellow strode into the room, a large smile across his fleshy face.  First he shook hands with Crowley and then with Jim.  He then turned to Gary and extended his hand.  For a millisecond, Gary hesitated, but then took the Goodfellow's hand and shook it, his clasp firm and assured.

"Gentlemen, I decided I needed to be here this morning since I was sort of the instigator of these changes and so I therefore should make the announcements.  I hope that meets with your approval."

"Of course, Bishop," answered Crowley and Jim, almost in unison.  Gary said nothing fearing he might indicate his growing dislike for the fat, pompous clergyman.

"Let's get ready for the service, then." Goodfellow said.

"I'll go out to the church now, Jim, and find a place to sit.  I won't reveal anything that's about to happen.  Good meeting you again bishop."  Gary left the room immediately and went directly to the church.  He found the pew where the Neilsons, Li's and Masons sat.  He waited for what might be an explosive reaction.

The three clergy donned their robes which reflected their stations, and walked through the house to the church without ever having to be out in the public.  They arrived in the small room off the back of the church and waited.

Jim's heart was beating a little faster than usual.  He supposed the other two men in the room had similar feelings.  Shortly the organist began playing the old hymn, Praise God from Whom all blessings Flow. Jim opened the door and as the Deacon Cody and the others in the group noticed the bishop there was an audible gasp, but nothing more.  The group slowly moved down the center aisle of the church and as the congregation saw Bishop Goodfellow a buzz moved throughout the building.

Upon reaching the sanctuary, the deacon and candle bearers took their usual positions.  The bishop went to his chair on the left of the sanctuary while Jim went to a chair on the right side of the group.  Father Crowley stood in the center and when the hymn ended, he motioned to those assembled to sit.  It took a moment or two for the whispering to settle down.

During the processional, everyone around Gray was in whispered conversations.  Sadie leaned to Gary and whispered a question in his ear, "What's going on?  Do you know?"

In complete truthfulness, Gary answered, "I can't say.  Guess we'll have to wait."

`But why would be bishop be here without notice,' thought Sadie, `something's amiss!'

Father Crowley stepped forward, smiled at his wife who sat in her usual place in the front left pew.  Then he cleared his throat and spoke,

"All of you must be wondering why the bishop is visiting us today.  Shortly he will tell you why he is here.  First, I want to thank him for taking time from his busy schedule to be here to make some announcements that will affect St. Augustine's.  In fact, they will affect some individuals present here today.  So without anything further, I would ask that Bishop Goodfellow make his announcements."  Crowley started moving back near Jim, but as the bishop walked to the center of the sanctuary, he took Crowley's hand and coaxed him to the front of the altar.  Immediately there was another buzz.  Not waiting for it to subside, Goodfellow began.

"Today is an important day in the life of St. Augustine's.  As you all know, change is inevitable, and it has arrived here.  A few weeks ago I received a call from Father Crowley; we had a long conversation about this church and its future and how I could best help with those changes.  I took his remarks under advisement and after meeting with him and Father Jim and the Council of Bishops, I made some decisions.

"First, I accepted Father Crowley resignation as pastor of St. Augustine's, regretfully, but in keeping with his desire.  Goodfellow was interrupted by wild applause as the congregation rose as one to congratulate their beloved pastor.  Tears appeared in the corner of the old priest's eyes and his wife wiped away her many tears. 

Gary was applauding wildly and as he did, even though she had not joined the congregation, Sadie suddenly knew what was about to happen and her heart jumped in pleasure and with prayerful thanks.  She knew who the new pastor would be, but she said nothing.

Crowley asked the people to be seated, and quietly said, "These have been some of the happiest years of my life and I thank you for your support.  Your warm response to my retirement has humbled me.  Now I ask the bishop to continue."  The two men shook hands and then Crowley stepped back beside Jim who was seated in the chair, his head in his hands in an attempt to capture his emotions that were about to explode from him.  Crowley resting his hand on Jim's shoulder and leaned down and whispered to him.  Jim raised his head, smiled and stood, motioning Crowley to sit.  None of this escaped the notice of the church members.

The bishop continued, "Obviously all of you are interested in who will become the pastor of this church.  You are all faithful members who love Father Crowley very much.  He will be at St. Augustine's for the next six weeks working with your newly appointed pastor.  You know this man and respect and love him.  It is my pleasure to announce that Father Jim has been appointed your new pastor."

There was a stunned silence for a moment.  Then from the pew with the Neilsons and others came the first applause and then the thunderous accompaniment of five hundred pairs of hands applauding wildly.

Jim moved forward to the bishop who then embraced him.  Jim's eyes glistened.  Gary was going crazy with joy and pride.

Jim spoke quietly and in a measured beat, "I will never be able to replace our beloved Father Crowley, but I will try with every ounce of my being to take care of you and St. Augustine's.  I ask for your prayers and for God's help."

It was going to be quite a day.

To be continued... 


"The measure of love is to love without measure"

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