Finding Love: A Journey II
By: Scotty
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Chapter 19

I thought the service would never end.  I had so much I wanted to say to Brad, to my parents, to everyone.  I was elated with Father Jim's appointment as pastor.  I knew that there were many in the congregation who might have preferred someone less controversial as the new pastor.  However, Jim was dearly loved by all of them, save a few idiots who might be troublesome, but the majority of the parishioners of St. Augustine's were on Jim's side.


When the recessional began and as Father Jim passed our pew, we exploded with applause, and if it hadn't have been in church, I am sure that Brad, Adam and I would have vocalized our approval as would Chris and Peter.  I thought Sadie might burst with pride, much like a mother filled with love and assurance that her child would be successful.  But that was so Sadie, the need to mother everyone, especially young men.  I guessed that it was because she lost her brother when he was young.  I knew one thing for certain; she had been a pillar of support in my short life.  Without her to shower me with love, I doubt that I would have made it.  She had become my surrogate mother after my own mother died and my father descended into despondency and depression.  She had been there to hug me, to attend (to) my meets, to help me with homework, to encourage me, to support me when my sister left our home and when my brother died. 


After my brother was killed in an auto accident in Germany, my father abandoned me. At least he did in the sense that he had little to do with me for a long time.  Sadie was there to nurture me and protect me.  When my father decided to move to Florida, I was disheartened and feared what my life would be without Sadie.


Thank God that shortly after we were in Florida, Sadie joined us.  She was the first to know that I fell in love with Brad, madly in love.  She understood in a manner most would not, and she never thought less of me for being gay.  I loved her intensely then, and even more now.  She had taken Brad into her arms and welcomed him as a member of the family.  Then things happened so rapidly with my dad's marriage, the accident, everything.


We exited the church as quickly as possible, all of us hoping to congratulate both Father Cowley and Father Jim.  Gary almost ran ahead of us, acting at times like a tackle when parishioners were slow to move.  When we got outside, there was a huge circle of well wishers surrounding the three clergymen.


Father Jim spotted Gary first, then Brad and me.  He smiled and motioned us toward Father Crowley, and the bishop.  The bishop was involved in an intense conversation with four or five of the richer members of the congregation.  I smiled and nudged Brad.  "He never stops politicking, does here?"


Brad put his hand in mine and squeezed.  Giggling softly, he replied,


"That's his job, Jake.  He has to make sure that he placates those whose money keeps the church going.  It's what all organized religions do.  They take from the rich, and let some of it filter down to the poor.  Of course, much of it sticks to many of the higher ups."


Gary, who had been listening, spoke next.  "You're sort of cynical, aren't you, Brad?"


"No, I like to think of myself as a realist."


"And you Jake, what do you think?" he asked me.


"I'm the romantic, I guess.  I see the flow of wealth always coming from the top down.  What's important is how much of it reaches the poor and needy.  I know that Father Crowley never let any of it stick to himself.  He was always on the lookout for large contributions, but they were always for those who needed it most and for good works like the children and teenage groups that Father Jim handled so well."


"Well said, son," my dad added, "how fortunate we are to have two such dedicated priests as Father Crowley and Father Jim to care for the parish.  Father Jim has already made deep and long-lasting impressions on our family and on Brad."


We had reached the group of admirers and the priests.  I wondered what kind of reaction there would be between Jim and Gary.  I didn't have to wait for long because Gary strode up to Jim, hugged him firmly and whispered something in his ear that brought a wide smile to Jim's face.  I could only imagine, but my suspicions were high that it centered on the mutual pleasure.


Brad pulled me aside a little and whispered to me, "You wanna bet the Gary told Jim he could expect some intense sex later on?"


I laughed, adding, "My idea, too."


"Jacob, Brad, thanks for coming this morning.  I wanted to tell all of you about what was to happen, but I was asked not to reveal anything about it.  I hope you understand."


"Of course, we understand, Father Jim.  Congratulations!  St. Augustine's is indeed fortunate to have you as its new pastor," Sadie told the young priest.


There were a number of affirmations of what Sadie had just said which made Jim's face reddened slightly.  A hug from Gary about Jim's shoulders calmed the nervousness of his lover.


The Li's had been chatting with Father Crowley and when they finished, they walked over to Jim.  "We couldn't be prouder of you Jim even if you were our son.  We hope that you will join us later to celebrate our return home.  Peter and Chris are coming with us for a little while.  Then they'll be going back to Gainesville to finish up this year.  Maybe they'll have to stay for the summer to catch up


I looked at Brad with what I assumed looked like disbelief.  Everyone was now chatting with the two priests while the bishop attended to the wealthy church members.  Brad put his hand in the small of my back and ushered me away from the group.


"What's the matter, Jake?  You look bewildered."

"I'm confused.  I thought the party was a surprise, but the Li's know about it.  How come?"


Brad's hand moved down to my ass where he gently squeezed one of cheek.  "Not to worry your cute head about it, Babe.  My mom had to tell them because they were about to plan something else for today."


"That's funny!"


"Not really, Jake, you know how they are, especially Mr. Li.  He's impetuous and he wants things done his way."


"Yeah, I suppose so, but I still think it's peculiar."  Before I could say anything more, Sadie moved over to us.  She was smiling, but it was a singularly strange smile, almost a grin.


"Boys, let's get back to the house as I have a thousand things to do, and perhaps you can help as we want this to be a special celebration for the Li's, even if they know what's happening.  Is it okay if I ride home with you two in the Mustang?" she asked.


Brad gave her a big hug, and told her.  "You certainly may; you can even sit up front with me.  Jake won't mind sitting in the back, will you Jacob? He shot me a smirk indicating that I was not to complain.  So I didn't.


"Sadie," I said, you can sit anywhere you want.  In fact you can drive us home and Brad will join me in the back.  How's that sound?"


Sadie laughed, "That's quite a suggestion, but I'm not sure Brad would approve of my driving his favorite chariot."


Brad moved back to me hugging me, "Sadie, take us home."  He tossed the keys to Sadie and the three of us left immediately after telling my father our plans.  He said they would be along shortly.




On the way home, Brad messed with my junk almost continually.  Not only that, but he would put his tongue in my ear, which caused me to harden instantly.  He loved that, as it gave him more to play with.  Sadie kept her eyes on the road, as we knew she would, but we didn't fool ourselves into thinking that she wasn't aware of our hanky-panky in the back of the Mustang.


Finally I couldn't resist any longer, so I pulled Brad's head down and rubbed his face against my crotch.  He moaned.  I suppressed a mighty urge to laugh.  Sadie asked if everything was okay.  Brad, took a deep breath and answered,


"Everything is fine.  Nothing could be better.  We're fine, Sadie," he told Sadie.  Then he quietly opened my zipper and pulled my cock out of my shorts.  Instantly his lips wrapped around my cock causing it to increase in hardness.  The car fell silent except for the noise as we sped toward home.


"You two are being awfully quiet.  Why don't we talk about the Li's party?  Is there anything you two would enjoy doing?  Are there any foods you really like?  It's not too late to get what you would enjoy," Sadie said.  We stopped at the last red light before getting to Bougainvillea, the street that would take us to the house.


Because we needed to answer Sadie, our little episode came to an immediate end.  "You know me, Sadie, I love a good steak."


"That sounds pretty good to me, but I also hope we have some grilled chicken and a load of potato salad.  I also love those great rolls you make, Sadie.  I wouldn't mind some Red Velvet Cake, and loads of cheese and perhaps chips."


"Yeah, and I would enjoy some barbecued ribs and maybe some dips, lots of soda and milk, and we both would certainly enjoy some ice cream."


Sadie was giggling as she asked, "Is there anything else you two starving guys would like?"


"I wouldn't mind some baked potatoes with loads of butter and sour cream.  I like chives, too."


"Shouldn't we serve some Chinese food?  Perhaps we could order it and you two could go and pick it up," offered Sadie.


Brad and I looked at each other, smiled, and I told Sadie, "We'll be happy to go pick it up."


Brad added, "With the swimming pool, the boat, the tennis court and everything else, we will have plenty to do.  I wouldn't worry about that."


As we stopped at the gate and waited for Sadie to punch in the numbers to open the gate, Brad reached over and squeezed my cock.  `Wow!' I thought, `We're not going to make it to the bedroom.




Before we could rush off to the bedroom, Sadie began to give us orders about moving the outside furniture, helping her with cleaning up the breakfast dishes, and skimming the swimming pool, we decided sex would have to wait a bit.


Soon my dad and mom, Beth, Croydon, Adam, the Li's, and Peter and Chris arrived.  There was a great deal of confusion, and everyone seemed to know what they were supposed to be doing, that is with the exception of me.  I felt a little like I was being left out, but soon, Diane had me in tow having me help her with a multitude of things.  Chris and Peter went to their room to change into bathing suits.  I was envious of them for their time away from the hubbub in the kitchen, dining room, and outside.


Finally Brad came over to me and whispered to me, "Why don't we head out to the beach and come back in a couple of hours?  Before we leave, I'll ask your dad if it's okay."


Brad cornered my dad for a brief moment and I saw them chatting away.  It seemed serious to me, but then my dad smiled and I could tell that it was okay for us to leave.  Brad returned to me and told me to go with him to the suite so we could get out beach stuff.  I hurried to the suite. Brad closed the door and pulled me roughly into his arms planting an enormous and powerful kiss on my lips and then he insisted on invading my mouth with his talented tongue.  I was lost in a fury of sexual desire.  Brad had kicked off his shoes and unbuckled his dress pants which dropped to the floor.  I loved Brad because he usually went commando and today was no different.  His jacket, shirt and tie joined his pants on the floor.  He stood naked and erect before me.  Now it was my turn.


I was removing my necktie when there was a knock at the suite door.  Brad looked pissed and I thought at first he was going to open the door immediately.  I moved quickly to his side, stroked him a couple of times and quietly told him to go into the bedroom.  He didn't like it, but he did as I had asked.  I was probably more disappointed than he was.


I opened the door and there stood Adam.  He seemed aware that he had interrupted something, but he just looked at me with those big, sad eyes, and I was ready to help him with whatever his problem was.  I suspected it was Devon, but I decided to be patient.


"So, Adam, what can I do for you?" I asked.


He looked quickly at the floor, and then stammered, "Did I break up something?"


"Well sort of, but it's not a problem.  What can I help you with?"


"It's Devon.  What I actually mean, it isn't Devon."


"That sounds like mumble-jumble, Adam."


"Can I come in?" he asked.


"Sure," I said, as I ushered him into the suite."


"Where's Brad?"


"He's in the bedroom, why?  Do you want to talk with him?  Why don't I get him out here?"


Adam raised his hand palm out to indicate no.  So I waited, hoping that wouldn't take too long.


"It's just; well, I don't know how to act with Devon today.  He's coming over to the party.  I really like him a lot, and he says he loves me.  I think he does, but I don't know how to know for sure.  Can I put my arm around him?  What if he wants to kiss me and I want to kiss him?  Is that okay behavior?"


By now we were sitting next to each other.  I could sense his confusion and his desire.  I took his hand in mine, and quietly told him, "Adam, you have to be yourself and follow your own instincts and values.  There are times when you can be very intimate with Devon, and there are times when you have to control your impulses.  Not everyone will accept your affectionate behavior if it gets too sexual."


"I guess I understand," he said.


"Adam, let me show you something.  This would not be appropriate.  Brad come out here I want Adam to see how I left you.  Don't change anything."


"Yeah, yeah, I understand.  Give me a second or two," was Brad's guttural reply.


"Just watch and say nothing.  Let me do the talking.  Brad may have something he wants to say, too."


Brad strode into the room naked as a jaybird and erect as the Eiffel Tower.  Adam's eyes grew wide and he couldn't take his eyes off from Brad's pulsing cock.


"This," I said, "would not be appropriate at the party.  However, between Brad and me, it would be.  I know this is extreme, but if you feel kissing Devon at the party makes you uncomfortable, then don't do it.  If you can feel him up under the table and he likes it, then do it, but with care.  In our room, it's perfectly okay for us to be naked together."


"Yeah," interrupted Brad, "and it's okay if we have sex.  I thought we were going to get it on, but you knocked on the door.  Hey, stop staring at my cock.  It's just like yours."


"No, it ain't," offered Adam, "it's much bigger."


Brad began to laugh and I joined him as did Adam.  Soon the room was filled with friendly laughter.  As things quieted down, I asked Adam, "Do you understand what I was trying to say?"


"Yeah, you made it pretty clear.  Now, I want to get out of here before I do something I would regret.  Bye!"  And he was out the door.  I had followed him and locked the door behind him.  I turned and faced Brad.  He smiled as I walked to him, dropped to my knees and took Brad's throbbing cock into my mouth and after a moment when I had covered it with saliva, I took it deeper and into my throat.


"Oh, shit, Baby, you're so good at sucking cock.  Get naked so we can really fuck and suck!"


It came more as a command than a request, but I was ready.  As I enjoyed sucking him, I began to remove my clothes with his help.  My cock was dripping precum by now, and I was so horny, I would have done anything he wanted.  He pulled his cock from my mouth, helped me to my feet and was leading me to the bedroom, when another knock came on the door.  This time the person identified themselves.


"Jacob, this is your father.  I need to talk to you and Brad.  May I come in?"


"Just a minute dad," I said as I pulled on my trousers sans the underwear and Brad grabbed all the other clothes and dashed into the bedroom.  I went to the door and opened it.  My dad stood there, slightly irritated I thought, but with a kind of knowing smile on his face.


"Where's Brad?" asked my father.


"I'm right here," answered Brad, as he came into the room in his bathing suit.  "We were getting ready to go to the beach.  Is there a problem?  Have plans changed?"


"No, you can go to the beach.  It's almost noon, so be sure you're back here by two this afternoon.  I came to speak to you because the ladies want to have some Chinese food on the menu, but failed to order it.  So, they took care of that a few minutes ago.  Jacob, you know where Fung's restaurant is, don't you?"


"Yeah, we both know," I said.


"Here's a hundred dollars to pay the bill.  Be sure to give them ten dollars more than the bill.  You have to pick the stuff up at 1:45.  You have any problem with that?"


"No problem, we'll take care of it," said Brad.


"Good.  I'll see you back here at two," said my father as he left the suite.


I closed the door and locked it again.  Brad walked over to me, undid my trousers, knelt down, and enveloped my soft prick in his warm and talented mouth.  I so wanted him to continue, but I interrupted the sensational feelings I was having to announce to him,


"Stop it, Brad!"


"What the fuck?" he gasped, saliva running down his chin.


I pulled him to his feet, kissed him gently and whispered in his ear.  "Let's get to the beach; there are the dunes.  We'll have time to really enjoy each other."


Brad laughed, "Sometimes I think you're a slut, and I love it.  You can take me in the dunes.  Yeah, I like that.   Get your ass moving so we can get there quickly and you can fuck me long and deep."


We both laughed as we went into the bedroom to finish getting ready for the beach.




It took an eternally long time for all the conversations and congratulations from many of the congregation.  Gary was slowly getting impatient, but he endured because he loved Jim and this was his moment.  Finally, Bishop Goodfellow was saying goodbye to the other clergy and he and Father Crowley were returning to the parsonage.  Jim came over to Gary.


"I bet you thought this would never end," he said.


"I wasn't counting time except I want to get you into my arms and offer my congratulations."


"That sounds promising," said the smiling young clergyman.


Gary stood close to Jim, facing him.  He moved his right hand in between the two of them, and seductively rubbed Jim's penis.  "Did you get instructions on what's next with your appointment?"


Jim sighed as he felt his cock swell slightly; Gary continued to stroke it slowly but firmly. 


"Nothing specific, but I'm to meet with Father Crowley next week on Wednesday to begin the transfer.  I need to go over the parish financials, meet with the special boards, etc.  And later, perhaps in a couple of weeks, actually begin administering the parish.  I also suspect that I'll have some meetings with Goodfellow, but I'm not sure when or where.  Gary, when do you have to report for regular assignment?"


The two young men walked toward the rectory so that Jim could leave his robes.  They made a handsome couple, but they realized that not everyone in the parish would be their supporters; and in fact, there were even more in the community at large who would be opposed to them.  They had both thought back to all the agony that Jacob and Brad had endured, and anticipated that they could also meet with resistance and ridicule. Before Gary could answer, and as if on cue, a convertible loaded with teenagers roared by the church.  Several young men in the car shouted,


"Faggots!  Get out of town or you'll be sorry, you miserable cocksuckers!"  The car screeched around the corner and disappeared.


"That was a wonderful welcome, Jim.  Does it bother you?"


"No, I suspect I might have felt that way as a teenager who was afraid to admit to himself that he was gay.  I try to understand why some people are bigots and hate mongers."


Gary stopped.  Jim turned and looked quizzically at him. Gary hissed,


"It sure as hell bothers me.  If I could get my hands on those little bastards, I would punch them out.  I can't condone their behavior, no matter what they have for shitty reasons.  They're just teenage jerks."


Jim returned to stand in front of Gary.  He wasn't smiling.  He looked at Gary, took his lover's hand and speaking slowly and softly, said,


"My dear Gary, don't stoop to their level.  Don't listen to their jeers and catcalls.  They cannot hurt us with words, nor can you do anything to them because you would be facing all kinds of accusations and probably legal problems."


Gary said nothing in reply.  The two walked slowly to the door of the rectory, both quiet as they contemplated what would be their future at St. Augustine's.




Sadie was busy in the kitchen when Diane, Beth and Lorraine came hurrying in.  They were a little flushed and jabbering away like frightened birds.  Sadie laughed softly, and asked,


"Are you happy that we finally got Jacob out of here so that we could get things finally setup for his party.  Both Jacob and Brad helped.  I don't think Jacob has figured out what's really happening today, but I noticed that he looked a little bewildered a couple of times."


Beth began pouring coffee for Diane and herself.  "Lorraine, would you like a cup of tea? asked Sadie.


"That would be wonderful, Sadie.  John, Doug and Croydon just left to get the jeep so that we can decorate it."


The four women stood at the counter, each enjoying their beverage while discussing what still had to be done and when they expected Brad to bring Jacob home.


Diane laughingly replied, "I thought we'd never get rid of Jacob.  Brad was certainly trying, Beth, but things kept happening to delay their trip to the beach.  I'm glad we ordered the take out from Fung's because that will assure that Jacob and Brad will be back here by two when the party is supposed to begin.  I'd hate to have everyone here waiting.  I'm sure everyone will be famished."


Chris and Peter came ambling into the kitchen.  The women all looked at them, each individually, sizing them up as virile young men. There was nothing sexual about it; they simply could see how well the two young men had come into maturity.  For Beth and Lorraine it was an especially poignant moment, seeing their sons as grown men and as a loving couple.  For Sadie it was also a special moment as she thought of her brother's untimely death and the fragile nature of life.  Diane, unlike the others, saw in them, older models of Jacob and Brad; she hoped that all of them could find love and happiness in the future.


"Mom," Peter said, "we're headed out to the pool for a dip.  Is there anything we can do to help?"


"Yeah," added Chris, "we can always swim later.  This is an important day for Jacob and we want to be sure that everything is just the way you want it."


Sadie moved to the two young men and put her arms around their naked shoulders.  "You could keep an eye out for the caterers, and when they arrive, come back in to help."


"Sure thing," Peter said, `you can count on us.  See you later."  The two guys left the house for the pool.


Lorraine finished her tea, picked up the cups and brought them to the sink.  As she walked away, Lorraine whispered, "I'm going to miss her so much.  She's a great friend to all of us."


"Agreed!"  the other women whispered.


When they were outside and as they walked to the pool, Peter jabbed Chris gently in the side.  They looked at each other causing Peter to smile. 


"I know its Jacob's day, Chris, but . . ."


"You don't need to say anything more, Lover.  I know what's eating you and it bothers me, too.  We want everyone here to know about us, about our commitment, about our desire to get married.  We'll just have to wait until after Jacob has his day, or at least part of it."


"Yeah, yeah, I know; but I'd love to tell them we are going to get married.  But fuck it, we'll have to wait."


"We will wait," said Chris as he kissed his lover gently on the cheek."




The ride to the beach had been strangely irritating.  Brad had fallen into a major funk and had become quiet, and I thought he acted nervous.  I knew it couldn't be because we planned to have sex in the dunes.  Having sex with Brad was never anything except hot and wonderful and I knew he felt the same way.  I was befuddled by everything.  I had noticed how most of the family kept its distance from me, only talking to me when it was absolutely necessary.


"Are you okay, Baby?" I asked Brad.


"I'm fine.  I'm just keeping my eyes on the road; there's a lot of traffic headed to the beach.  It's Sunday.  There's always more traffic on the weekend, especially headed to the beach."


"I realize that, Brad.  It's just that you're quiet and not yourself, and well, everyone was a little strange at the house after church.  I'm a little put off by it all.  What the hell's going on?"


As they pulled into the crowded beach parking lot, Brad grunted,


"You're a worry wart, Babe.  Think about rolling in the dunes having your way with me."


I laughed, but I was still slightly distressed, but I choose not to show too much of my uneasiness.  I just knew that something wasn't right, but I also knew Brad and that he wouldn't tell me anything until he was ready.


"Fuck," he said, "there's not a single fuckin' parking place.  Whatcha wanna do?"


I laughed again, saying, "We could find a secluded turn off up the road from here and have mad sex.  You'd like that wouldn't you?"


Brad said nothing, but I could almost see smoke coming out of his ears.  I really wanted to laugh, but I knew better.  Brad pulled the Mustang out of the beach parking lot and sped up the highway.  He was driving too fast, so I cautioned him to slow down.


He snarled at me, "I'm in a hurry to ride your fabulous cock, okay?"




"Fine!" Brad replied.


I looked at Brad as he glanced in my direction.  I smiled.  We both laughed.


"I like you better when you smile and laugh.  I don't like it when you snarl and shout," I told him as I ran my hand up his naked thigh and stroked his growing cock through the fabric of his swim suit.  I was getting hard, too.


Brad pulled the Mustang into a turn off with a firm, worn car path which led through the dunes and would have gone to the ocean, but ended in a small place to park cars.  There were two other cars already parked there.


"Hmm," said my dirty-minded lover, "this could be interesting."


"Yeah, probably two families with five squealing kids.  That would certainly be interesting."


Brad was laughing loudly; he almost chocked as he said, "That's not exactly what I was hoping for, Jake."


As Brad parked the Mustang, I reminded him that I wasn't a fan of group sex, or for that matter, three-ways.  He just laughed and roughly grabbed my cock through my shorts and my Speedo.


"We'll see, my lovely, we'll see.  Now let's get down to the ocean for a quick dip before we have to turn around and head home," he told me as we left the Mustang and began walking through some dunes toward the beach.


The closer we got to the beach the more evident it was that there were the voices of excited kids wafting toward us.  I almost snickered, but held in my glee, as I did not wish to destroy Brad's visions of exciting sexual activity.  There were a number of paths that lead in various directions into the dunes.  I wondered what might be happening, but when we emerged on the beach, I had no doubt that all the action was on the beach as the two families were enjoying their Sunday here.


"Crap!" Brad breathed between his teeth.  I hiccupped which suppressed a giggle.  Brad glared at me.


"What did I do?" I asked.


"You laughed, asshole," he suggested.


"Not at you, Babe, at the situation.  It's not what we expected is it?"


"Sure as shit it's not."


The parents of the young folks gave us a glance and then returned to the chatter and beer drinking.  We dropped our towels on the sand and ran like gazelles into the water, first Brad and then myself diving into the surf.  We came up laughing and sputtering, water dripping off our already tanned bodies.


We ended up a few feet step apart.  I watched as Brad dived under, as he surfaced in front of me, he intentionally grabbed my nuts.  Laughing, I fell backward, just as a large wave pushed me head over tea kettles toward shore and I got a good roughing up by the sand.  When I didn't get up immediately, Brad was quickly at my side helping me to feet.  He supported me, and I knew he wanted to hug me and surely kiss me to make me feel better.  He didn't though, but instead helped me toward our towels.


"Is he okay?" one of the fathers asked as he came to meet us.


"Yeah, I'm okay, just a little scraped up, but I'll be fine," I said.


"It's my fault.  I surprised him coming up like that in front of him.  This wouldn't have happened if I hadn't been trying to be funny," insisted Brad.


"I don't think it was your fault, son," said the father to Brad.  We saw everything; you two were just enjoying the water.  If everyone is fine, then I'll get back to my family." Just as he turned, a woman was screaming.


"Ellie, Ellie, where are you?  Someone help, please.  I think she's in the water, but I can't see her." 


It was at that moment that the little girl's head popped up out of the water.  She was struggling.  Neither of us hesitated, but rushed into the water, the older man following us.  I got to her first and as soon as I did, she grabbed on to me, pulling me under.  Brad was right behind me, and quickly pulled both of us up.  The girl was crying and spitting out water, but she seemed okay.

Her father had reached us; he was obviously shaken.  I handed his child to him just as another large wave swept over us.  Again Brad was helping to keep the father and child upright as we all moved to the shore.


The mother met us in the calf-high water.  She took the child into her arms and hugged her tightly to her ample bosoms.  The father had his arm around them both and they stood there hugging and crying, realizing how differently things might have been.  Brad and I quickly found our towels and ran to the Mustang.  As we were driving out, the family was hurrying toward us.


"Wait, wait," shouted the father.


"We want to thank you," added the mother who was still holding the girl.  But we didn't stop. 


As we made the turn onto the main road, I looked at my handsome lover and my heart was filled with thanks that I had met him.  He was a hero and yet he didn't want any accolades, not even a thank you.  I wanted to hold him in my arms and kiss him and tell him how much I loved him, but now was not the moment.


"You're a hero; I hope you know that," Brad said was a wide smile and the damnedest cute wink I had ever seen.  "I'm so proud of you," he continued, "and I want to make love to you right now."


"No way," I told him.


"What do you mean, `no way'?" he demanded.  "You don't want to make love with me?"


"No; yes, of course I do.  I meant there was no way I was a hero; you were the hero!"


"You saved the girl, so how can I be the hero?"


"You're the hero because you saved me, too.  If you hadn't been there, then we might both have been swept out further, and the way she was struggling, I don't know if I would have been able to save her or myself.  Brad, I love you so much for saving me."


I was surprised that we had arrived at Fong's at the correct time.  "You coming in, or do you want me to take care of everything?" Brad asked.


"I'm coming, too.  We don't want to forget to add ten dollars to the bill.  If we do, we'll catch the devil's wrath when we get home.  We hurried into the restaurant.




"Damn!" said the father as the Mustang drove rapidly away from them as they had yelled for them to stop.


"Frank, what are we going to do?  Those two boys need to be thanked.  If they hadn't reached Ellie as quickly as they did, she would be dead by now.  Why wouldn't they stop?" the distraught mother asked.


"Norma, I don't know.  Probably they didn't want to get any thanks.  Or maybe they didn't want their parents to know they were here.  Remember, there's no lifeguard here.  The slighter one could be a lifeguard.  He swam like a fish out to Effie.


Norma set Effie down.  She ran to her father.  "Daddy, I want to thank the boys who got me out of the water."


"I know you do, Sweetie.  So do mommy and me.  We'll find a way to get in touch of them."


"But how?" asked Norma.


"I got his plate number and your brother works as a Deputy Sheriff.  I know he'll help us find the owner of that Mustang.




We were only in Fong's for a couple of minutes.  Everything was ready when we arrived.  When we paid the bill and included the extra ten dollars, Mr. Fong objected.  We told him it was my father's wish that we do so.  He agreed to keep the money, but he seemed a little surprised that anyone would give such an extra amount for a pickup order.


I put the food in the back of the Mustang, and we were soon on our way.  Brad seemed preoccupied again.  `What the hell is going on,' I wondered.


"You're pretty quiet," I ventured.  There was no immediate response.  I decided to try another tactic.


"Did I say something to upset you, Brad?   Are you thinking about what happened at the beach?  I know it's something I said or did, but how can I make amends if you won't tell me."


Brad pulled the Mustang into the parking lot of a used car dealer.  It was empty of customers or salespeople as it was Sunday.  He parked away from the street.  After he turned off the engine and removed his seat belt, he turned in looked directly into my eyes.  He didn't look angry, but I guessed what I saw was uncertainty in those beautiful eyes.


"Please listen to me, Jake.  I'm not angry.  You haven't done anything or said anything that upset me.  I'm not troubled by what happened at the beach, except that you're the hero and not me.  I guess I wanted to stay at the beach with you so that we could enjoy some private time together.  At the house, it's very difficult to spend time alone.  There are always interruptions.  Maybe that's what my mood is all about, but for God's sake, Jake, it's not you.  Don't you realize that I love you?"


I waited a beat or two and told him, "Brad, as long as it's not me, I'm fine with it all.  I just want you to be happy because I love you so much.  When you're silent and withdrawn, I always think I did something.  I'm sorry that I do that because it must piss you off."


Brad leaned across the seats and kissed me.  It was one of the wonderful, gentle soul inspiring kisses that wash away everything except being with the one you love.  I got so emotional from the kiss that a couple of tears ran down my face.  Brad noticed immediately.


"Why the tears, Baby?  Have I hurt you?"


"No, no.  It's just that kiss was so wonderful that I couldn't contain my joy and happiness being with you.  I'm sorry."


That's when Brad crossed over and ended up on top of me giving me a tongue-filled kiss that took care of all our silly little problems.


"Just wait until I get you home alone.  God help me, Jake, I so want you."


"Ditto!" I said.


We laughed together as Brad started the engine and we headed home.  The ride home was quick and as we traveled down the street toward the house, I noticed a number of cars parked along the sides of the street.  I wondered for a moment, but soon forgot it as we were at the gate.  Brad punched in the code in and the gates opened.


There were a couple of familiar cars in the compound, but they were there for the Li's going away party.  We got out of the car and went into the house.  The kitchen was empty.  My Dad called out from the pool area,


"Jacob, would you and Brad bring out the food you picked up?"


"Okay, Dad, we'll be right there.  Brad handed me some of the bags and I went ahead of him out to the pool."


"SURPRISE!" all the folks I know and love shouted.  I was stunned!  Then it dawned on me.  I turned to Brad whose smile melted any apprehension I had about the gathering.


"You, devil, Brad Mason, is this the reason for your strange behavior that last week or so?"


"Yes, I'm guilty as charged, but you do realize that it's difficult to keep a secret from you."


By that time I was surrounded by family and friends, all of them wishing me a Happy Birthday.  So many wonderful people were here to remember my birthday.  I had never had a party except for Sadie and me.  I almost cried, but my Dad hugged me tightly and I just enjoyed everything.


I held it all together until Sadie took me into her arms, kissed me on the forehead, and said,


"Although we've had some parties for your birthday, it was always just the two of us.  See how many people love you, but not one of them, with the exception of Brad, loves you as much as I do.  Happy Birthday, Jacob!"


Some tears began to run down my face, but Brad, as always diligent took me into his arms, and after a quick kiss, whispered to me, "Baby, everyone here loves you and wants to see you happy; no tears now, that has to wait for later.


Kids from school, teammates, Chris, Peter, everyone seemed delighted to be here.  I steeled myself for some difficult moments where joy would be so great that my emotions would be strained.  With Brad by my side, I would manage.


I was talking with Father Jim and Gary, when I noticed that everyone was being ushered out to the compound.  I wondered about it, but suspected it had something to do with me.  My Dad came over to the four of us and asked us to follow him.


I whispered a question to Brad about what was going on.  He seemed truthful when he told me he didn't know.  Everyone was in a semicircle around the garages, facing toward them.  I tugged Brad's arm, but he didn't respond.  I supposed he was as confused as I was.  Jim and Gary joined the immediate family.  Even Croydon was here.  He was standing with Beth and he had his arm around her.


My father moved to the front of everyone.  "Jacob," he said, would you and Brad come up here and join me?"  Before I could respond, Brad was ushering me up to where my father stood.


My Dad smiled at me, and then began speaking.


"Jacob, you have been through a great deal in your young life.  You lost your mother, a sister and brother.  You were forced to move away from the only home you had ever known to a place that was not particularly welcoming to you, especially at school.  Then you met Brad and your world changed for the better.


"Your happiness was short lived as terrible things happened to you and Brad and Chris and Peter.  You learned how cruel the world can be to lovers, especially gay lovers.  But you prevailed.  With the help of everyone here, but especially Brad, you survived as did he.  You have both suffered for loving each other which is a difficult to understand.


"This party is to thank you for your understanding, to apologize for my short comings as your father, to assure you of the many friends you have, to be in the warm embrace of a family that loves you dearly.  I marvel that you and Brad have managed to keep smiling, have kept going with no complaints.  I thank you both for accepting Adam as your brother and for helping him in his difficult transition.


"But I guess most of all I want you to know that I love you, Jacob.  Diane and Sadie, please join us."


Diane and Beth came forward, smiling.  After a quick hug from them to Brad and me, they stood silently by.  It was then that I noticed Adam coming toward us carrying something in his hand.  He smiled at us as he passed and went and stood by my father.  I could feel the gathered group staring at us.


"Jacob, here's a gift from Diane, Sadie, Adam and me."


Adam handed my father what I now recognized as a remote garage door opener.  "Watch the center door, Jacob," my father suggested.  I felt Brad's arm tighten around me.


The garage door slid silently up, and I saw it.  It was beautiful; it was everything I could imagine never getting as a birthday present.  The yellow Jeep Wrangler glinted in the sunlight.   A large red bow was on the hood of the Jeep and balloons were tied to door handles, mirrors and every other place where when one could be tied. I know there was applause and whistles from high school friends.  My knees got weak and I couldn't find my voice.  Brad supported me in his arms and kissed me gently on the lips.


Finally I yelled or screamed.  I jumped quite high, ran to my father and hugged him.


"Well, Jacob, aren't you going to look at it more closely.  Go on, take Brad and Adam with you, but for heaven's sake get in there and see if it meets your approval."


"Dad, Diane, Adam and Sadie, I can't really tell you how special you have made me feel today.  I never expected to have a car of my own, and now I have this terrific Jeep.  Thank you, thank you, and thank you!" I said.


Brad was pulling me quite unceremoniously into the garage with Adam behind me pushing.  I was aware of the laughter, but wasn't really too conscious of much.  They brought me to the driver's side of the Jeep.


"Get in, Baby; it's yours.  See how it feels," Brad urged.


"Yeah, Jacob, it's a beauty.  Now you can take me to school with you and Brad.  They'll be a lot of school mates who will be envious.  It's the perfect car for the beach, for joy riding, for a teenager."


I got in and sat in the seat, running my hands over the steering wheel, stunned, but joyful.


"Is this a dream?" I asked.


"No, it's really yours, Jake.  Now we can take turns driving to school.  I can't wait," said Brad.


"We can take it for a spin right now, if you want," suggested Adam.


"I don't think so, Adam," Brad interjected, "we can't keep the guests waiting.  Devon must be wondering if you got lost."


Even though I didn't want to leave the driver's seat in my Jeep, I did.  Some of the guests had wandered back to the pool; many stayed to take a closer look at the Jeep.  Our high school friends were the most interested and joked about how Brad and I might use the Jeep.  Their snide, but quiet remarks didn't go unnoticed.  Kevin, it seemed, led the whole group.  More and more, I was certain that Kevin had become a best friend to Brad and me.   Adam had gone immediately to Devon who was waiting for him.  Devon put his arm around Adam, and without thinking about it, gave him a quick kiss.  Nobody noticed, or if they did, they didn't care.  I did notice; and I was happy that it appeared natural and easy.


Finally the group moved to the pool area with Brad and me following. When we arrived, I saw a chair had been placed near the diving board end of the pool.  Near it was a table loaded with gifts.  I was embarrassed, but I followed Brad who brought me to the chair and had me sit.  Then it began.


First, there was the GPS from Brad which garnered him a big kiss.  Then I was presented all sorts of items.  Adam gave me a digital camera; something I had wanted, but hadn't yet purchased.  Brad's mother and Croydon presented me a great watch.  My friends from school gave me computer software and concert tickets.  Chris and Peter gave me an IOU for spending weekends with Brad at their apartment in Gainesville. 


It was Kevin who provided the most fun.  When I opened his gift, I found seven pair of underwear which was actually thong-like.  They had the days of the week printed on them and they were all in bright colors.  I was a little embarrassed by what was printed across the fly.  There were things like `maybe', `later, I'm sleepy', `it's been five times already', and so on.  I wondered if the briefs would embarrass anyone, but they just laughed and took it in stride.  Father Jim and Gary presented me with a cash card worth one hundred dollars.  I was overwhelmed by everyone's generosity and my throat was getting hoarse from all the laughter and my extending thank you so many times.   


When I thought there could not be any more gifts, Mr. Li stepped forward.


"If I may just take a moment before we party, I want to tell Jacob about his gift from Mrs. Li and me.  Actually, Jacob, it's your gift, but others are involved, too.  I have arranged for you and Brad, Chris and Peter, and Adam and Devon to spend two weeks in Vermont with our friends Ryan and Sean and their children.  You'll fly up in my private business jet and stay in a separate cabin on their property.  They will make sure that there are many things for you to do.  They are happy that you will be coming.  When you go, depends on when you all can do it.  Perhaps this summer might be best because school will be finished."


There was wild applause as Mr. and Mrs. Li came to me and hugged me.  I didn't know what to say, but Brad saved the day.


"He's a little overwhelmed by all this, but I assure you that Jacob thanks you from the bottom of his soul.  You are so kind to do this.  I know the six of us will enjoy our time together.  It will be a major vacation, and I'll be able to get to know the New England that was home to Jacob.  Now I'll going to scoot him away to our suite so that he can catch his breath, change into some shorts and maybe take a shower.  We won't be gone long."


With a loud laugh as we started to leave, Adam jeered, "Sure you'll be back in a short time, probably by tomorrow."  There was more good natured laughter.  It didn't matter as we were on our way to our place for a few moments alone on what had turned into a fantastic day.  There was nothing that could top what had happened to me so far.




As soon as we were in the suite, we were in each other's arms nearly ravaging each other.

"I've wanted this all morning," said a breathless Brad.


"Just hold me, Brad.  I love you," I said.


"Shower," directed Brad.  We walked to the bathroom, wiggled out of our Speedos and climbed into the shower.


"No fooling around, Baby," ordered Brad, "we can save that for later.  Now it's time to wash our sweaty balls."


I groaned, but said nothing.  When Brad began to soap my balls, I had a quick notion that he might say no fooling around, but he couldn't help himself.  Soon I held his balls in my hands, and then I began stroking his growing manhood.  He was groaning, too.


I wanted to suck him to climax, but when I got on my knees and was about to take him into my waiting mouth, he moved away.


"What's the matter," I asked.


"Nothing is wrong, Jake.  It's just that I have something very important to tell you, and I can't wait to get to it.  I think you'll forgive me.  Later we can have that special sex we've been wanting for so long.  It will be just the two of us skin to skin, no condom to interfere with our juices being really shared."


I was instantly hard, and when Brad began to towel me off, I thought I might have a premature ejaculation.  He noticed my heightened sexual growth and smiled that devilish smile.  He spun me around and toweled my ass cheeks, running the towel up my crack, and then using just his hand and fingers, he massaged my hot, twitching anus.


I couldn't help myself so I jumped up into his arms and wrapped my legs tightly round him.  I could feel his hard cock rubbing against me.  I knew he could feel my hardness moving up and down on his hard abdomen.  We were both groaning.


"Stop, please, Jake.  Please stop, at least for the moment.  Come with me into the bedroom."


I followed Brad as he took my hand and led me to the bed.  "Sit, please, Jake.  Be patient because I have to get something."


"Okay, Brad, but this is all so strange and unlike you.  By now we could be fully involved in some very hot sex."


As he walked out of the bedroom and into the living area, he spoke in a strangely emotional way, "This is important, probably the most important thing I have ever done.  The sex has to wait."


I was naked so I lay back on the bed and entertained myself looking at ceiling and occasionally stroking my still hard penis.  Once I ran my finger between my legs and to my anus, gently rubbing it while I imagined Brad prepping me for intercourse.


"Sit up, Jake, and listen carefully."


I did as he requested.  He stood in front of me with two small boxes.  He seemed very emotional.


"Brad, are you okay?  I don't know what's happening, but you seem tense and uncomfortable."


Brad knelt down in front of me, actually between my wide-spread legs.  For a moment I thought he was going to suck me off, but that didn't happen.  Instead, he began speaking.


"Jacob, you mean more to me than I have the language ability to tell you.  My love is deep and abiding; my desire to care for you tangible, my hope is that I can spend my life with you.  I want you with me always; I want no one else, even though at times I act like I want sex with you and someone else; that's just horniness coming out.  I ask you to forgive me for that.


"I have thought about this for a long time; I guess from shortly after our fun in the theatre.  I waited to be sure, and I am certain now. I am certain!"


I watched as he opened one of the boxes and withdrew a silver-colored medallion which hung on a sparkling silver chain.  There was something inscribed on the medallion, but I couldn't read it.  Brad held it lovingly in his hand.


"You will see this on one side.  It says, Ai which is Chinese for Love.  On the other side it is engraved with these words, Jacob and Brad.  Our love began in September, it will go on eternally.  I give this token to you as a sign of my love for you, but it has a condition that goes with it.  I want you to be my boy friend; I want you to be exclusively mine, Jacob.  Will you accept that?"


I was trembling now; my stomach was agitated and tears were streaming down my face.  I gulped, and then threw myself on Brad kissing him wildly.


I choked out my reply as I felt the metal medallion on my back, "Yes, yes, my darling, wonderful Brad.  I want to be with you forever; please always love me as you do now, and I promise I will love you with just the same intensity.  I was sniffling and my nose was running.


Now tears were running down Brad's face; soon we were both red eyed and emotionally drained.  He placed the medallion around my neck.


"You know, Jake, I was scared that you wouldn't want to be my boyfriend exclusively.  I had to try hard not to reveal the surprise party plan, and on top of that was the uneasiness and fear that you might refuse me.  We're both young, but I believe that our love is mature and will only grow in the future.  I'm not stupid enough to believe that we won't have some rough spots, but that's to be expected.  So, Jake, believe me when I say you have made me the happiest man alive."


Somehow the bedroom seemed to be bathed in a bright light, a beacon as it were, drawing both of us to a long, happy relationship.  I wanted to tell the world.


"Let's get dressed; wait a minute.  Brad, what's in the other box?"                     


"It's just the same as yours, Jake."


 I took the box from Brad's hands, took out the medallion and put it around his neck.


"We can look at these as a kind of engagement ring only in our case we both have one," he said


As we hurriedly pulled on our clothes, I told Brad with a laugh, "Just wait until tonight, Baby, and I'll prove to you just how much I want to be your boyfriend.  I'll make you groan with pleasure."




When we arrived at the pool area, we found all of our school friends, Father Jim, Gary, Chris and Peter in the pool, enjoying a pickup game of water polo.


Mr. Li, Brad's mom, Croydon, and my father and Diane were seated at a table watching the game in the pool.  Sadie and Mrs. Li were working at one of the long buffet tables.  At first no one noticed us, until Kevin yelled from the pool.  "Hey, the lovers are back!"


 Amidst the good natured laughter was some warm applause.  Thankfully, Brad had convinced me that we should wear dry Speedos under our shorts.  From the looks of the fun everyone was having in the pool, it was apparent that both of us would soon be cavorting in the pool.  My dad and Diane welcomed us back with hugs and light kisses.  Mr. Li was sitting in the shade at a table; in shorts and a t-shirt, he looked slightly strange.  Croydon and Beth were nowhere to be seen.  Working at the buffet tables, Sadie and Mrs. Li were busy, but took a moment to wave at us.


Father Jim pulled himself out of the pool displaying his great body.  He wore the familiar white Speedo which revealed a first class package.  Gary followed him out of the pool, his hard, muscled body glistening in the early afternoon sun.  They were a hot sexy couple; I was slightly embarrassed thinking about them sexually, but I was horny as hell.  Once or twice Brad's hand found his way to my ass which he stroked quickly but firmly.  `So,' I thought, `Brad's as horny as I am.'  The two hunky men, shook the water from the hair, smiled at each other and then at us.  Jim waved us over to them.


As soon as we arrived across the pool area, Jim extended his hand.  I took his hand and we shook.  Brad and Gary were doing the same.


"We just wanted to offer our private wishes to you for a Happy Birthday, Jacob.  You deserve many happy birthdays."  Jim looked carefully at me as if he was seeing me for the first time.


"What are those beautiful medallions you two are wearing?  They're gorgeous!" Father Jim said.


"Yes," added Gary, "I noticed them, too.  What's the meaning?"


My face reddened, but Brad simply told them, "They have a Japanese word "Ai" on them."


"Ah, yes," interrupted Gary, "If I'm not mistaken that means `love' or something equivalent to that."


Brad put his arm around me and pulled me close to him.  "That's exactly what it means.  We're both wearing them because Jacob agreed to be my boyfriend."


Finally I exploded with excitement.  "Yes, it means love and we love each other!  I'm so happy that we are boyfriends exclusively. Brad gave me mine as a special birthday present.  And he was wise enough to get an identical one for himself.  Later, who knows what we will decide to do, but for now we want everyone who cares to know that we have made this commitment."


"Congratulations!" was Jim and Gary's unanimous reply.


"Everybody," shouted Jim, "come and see Brad's special birthday gift to Jacob.  It's not only beautiful, but very meaningful."


Almost immediately, everyone had circled around us.  Even Mr. Li came over.  Brad took over explaining the medallion and what it said and what it means.  We got hugs and kisses from most everyone.  Sadie had tears in her eyes when she hugged us.  "I'm convinced this is the correct path for you two to follow.  I am so happy for you."  As she raised his apron to wipe her eyes, she walked swiftly away.  My throat had a lump the size of Vesuvius in it, so I couldn't speak, but I hoped my strong hug convinced Sadie of how much I appreciated what she said.


Beth and Croydon had joined everyone. Brad hugged his mother and told her everything.  She smiled and hugged me, too.  Croydon looked on, but said little.  Beth told Brad that she and Croydon had been to see his father.  They had some things to discuss, and she wanted to see him.  Before anything else could happen, Sadie, Lorraine, and Diane called everyone to the buffet.


Before anyone was allowed to go through the line, Jim said grace,


"Almighty father, we thank you for what has been an amazing day for Jacob and Brad and for Gary and me and St. Augustine's.  The joy that we have witnessed we thank you for, dear Father.  We appreciate Your concern for Your people, and the provision You have made to bring us to this food.  Guide us all in our lives.  We are thankful for all our family and friends gathered here today.  We ask all this in Jesus' name.  Amen."


And the feasting began!




The afternoon flew by with pool games, a wonderful birthday cake and great times with family and friends.  Brad and I took anyone who wanted to go for rides in the Jeep.  I took my father and Diane for a ride, letting my dad drive us back to the house.


I guess that person I most enjoyed taking for a ride in the Jeep was Sadie.  She was thrilled at my asking her to come with Brad and me for a ride in my new Jeep.  Jim and Gary had us laughing when we took them for a ride.  They feigned fear at my driving, hugging each other and squealing and crying out.  Brad finally joined them, leaving me as the driver to stay on the road and control my hysteria.  It was great fun.


In late afternoon, Peter asked for everyone's attention.  Everyone quieted down and listened as he spoke.  Chris was by his side and they were both smiling broadly, but I could also sense nervousness.  Peter began speaking:


"I have an announcement to make.  It's something that gives both Chris and me great pleasure.  We did not do this quickly or without thinking about it for some time.  At least I sort of planned on it, taking Chris to the beach at near sunset, and asking him to marry me.  He said yes, and so I want to announce our engagement and our plan to marry in the very near future.  Maybe it can be arranged to have the wedding in Vermont, New Hampshire or Massachusetts when we're visiting Ryan and Sean.  Maybe we can marry in some other state that is friendly toward same-sex marriage, but whatever we have to do, we'll do it.  We love each other so much and we want to be together for life.  Thanks."  Before anyone could applaud, Chris began speaking.


"I know the downside of being gay.  I paid for it by losing my family or being the focus of bigotry and hatred by my own father.  I am so happy and so lucky to have met Peter and to have fallen in love with him.  He is the center of my universe; he has my back; he soothes my soul; he quiets my anger.  I would die for him.  Mom, I hope you can approve of this, but if you cannot, I will understand, but I will marry Peter."


Mr. and Mrs. Li hurried to the young couple taking them into warm hugs, Mrs. Li planting huge kisses on both of them.  Beth went to Chris and hugged him and kissed him on the cheek; she did the same to Peter.  All this time there was wild, enthusiastic applause from everyone else.  As Father Jim and Gary went to them, Brad leaned over and whispered into my ear,


"I wish we were at this point, Jake.  I can wait.  I can plan.  I can hope.  I will marry you someday in the future when we both feel it is time."


Except for what had happened earlier in our suite, I had never heard more wonderful words.  We joined everyone else in wishing the best to Peter and Chris.


There was more eating, and as the light from day began to wane, people began to leave.  The first to go were the kids from school, led as usual by Kevin.  He stopped and spoke softly to Brad and me, "So, you're officially boyfriends.  Congratulations!  I know that someday I will be best man at your wedding.  Just take it slow and be sure.  I bet tonight will be a special bed banging night."


"You'll never know," I said laughing.  Brad poked Kevin in the arm, telling him, "You have no idea what I have planned for tonight.  You'll just have to imagine."


Kevin was laughing lightly.  "Don't think of me tonight.  I know you won't and that's a good thing.  See you later, you two.  Goodnight."


After most of the guests had left we began helping with the cleanup.  All the adults told us we didn't have to help, but we wouldn't hear of it.  Sadie kept urging us to leave.  "Go to the late movie or to the beach for a late night walk.  Go where you can be by yourselves and enjoy talking about today."


"After all that you all have done to make this such a remarkable birthday, we have to help pick up.  There's no point in trying to get rid of us," I said.


Brad agreed, but before he could help much, his mother called him into the living room so that they could have a private chat.  I noticed that Croydon went with them and I wondered momentarily why I had not been invited to be part of the conversation.  I soon forgot about it when my father suggested that Brad and I take the Jeep for a late night spin and maybe get a burger or some pizza.  I thought it a fine idea, but then when I saw Brad return from the chat, I immediately saw that he was in a different mood than when he had gone with his mother.


"Come with me," I practically ordered Brad.  Taking him by the hand, I pulled him out into the garage.  "Get in the Jeep," I told him.


"But . . ." he began.


I interrupted him, "Just get in the Jeep.  We can talk on the way to wherever you want to go."


"Okay!  Okay!" he said.  But he was still sullen and he wouldn't look directly at me.  I drove out of the compound, probably a little faster than my father would approve.


"Bradley Mason, what the fuck's wrong with you?  I don't want to hear any shit.  Just fuckin' tell me or I'll . . ."


"She's getting a divorce."




"My mother, who the hell did you think I was talking about?"


"I didn't know for sure.  When is that going to happen?"


"It will happen very soon.  Croydon's handling the legal part."


"That's interesting, Brad.  What's your father's reaction to all this?"


"What can he do?  They went to give him the news today.  That's why they were a little late for the party."


"You seem angry, Brad."


"You're damn right I'm pissed.  She should have told Chris and me before she went to tell my father."


"Do you think either you or Chris would have tried to change her mind?"


"No, she decided sometime ago.  That's not the worst or best of it?"


"What do you mean?"


"She's fuckin' marrying Croydon."


"I'll be a fuckin' cocksucker.  You're shitting me, right?"


"You are and I'm not!"


We were both laughing went I drove into Ranaldi's.  "Let's get a pizza."


We jumped out of the Jeep and headed for the restaurant. Mrs. Ranaldi greeted us with a warm hug.  She showed us to a booth and told us that she'd send over the cutest waiter in the place.  This made both of us smile.  While we waited, I asked Brad,


"Do you like Croydon?"


"He can never be my father."


I took Brad's hand.  Of course, he can't be your father.  He knows that; your mother knows that.  He's going to be your mother's mate, not your father."


"Hey!  Great to see you two," said a smiling Tim.


"You're the cutest waiter at Ranaldi's?  That's hard to believe," Brad said.


"Jacob, Happy Birthday.  Sorry I wasn't at the party, but . . ."


Brad looked at me, his eyes asking me to say something.  "I understand, Tim.  This is a difficult time for you.  We're sorry you weren't there with us, but we realize that you probably wouldn't have a good time."


As Tim handed us the menus, he started giving a painful update on his missing Todd.  There was a glassy sheen in his eyes and his words same out in a choked and emotional way.  "As you may know, Todd just disappeared with his mom and dad.  Croydon and Gary are working to find out more of what has happened.  Gary reports that Todd's father was working for the US Government in some sort of secret way.  There was some fear for his and his family's well being.  So, as far as anyone knows at the moment, they are in a witness protection program.  Gary and Croydon continue to look for answers, but both have told me that breaking the secrecy of the witness protection program is not an easy matter.  In fact, the warned me that we may never know what happened to them."


Since Tim was standing nearest to me, I took his hand in mine and squeezed it tightly.  He looked down at me, and not there were actual tears in his eyes.  "That's shit," I said, "I know a little about how you feel. When Brad was abducted by his father and disappeared off the face of the earth, I wanted to die.  I couldn't imagine going on without him, but we found out where he was and what his father had intended to have happen to him.  So, Tim, I sympathize with you, but I know nothing Brad or I can say will change your agony.  All that will cure you heartache will be to know where Todd is and that he is safe and happy."


"I guess," Tim mumbled.


"You have to keep the faith so to speak," Brad continued, "because Todd must be frantic wondering about you."


We both heard the small sob catch in Tim's throat.  I couldn't take it any longer, so I stood up and pulled Tim into my arms for the best hug I could muster.  Brad joined me, and the three of us stood there in a group hug.  Tim now was letting go of some of his pent up emotion.  None of this went unnoticed by other customers or Mrs. Ranaldi.  She came swiftly to our table and told us,


"Sit down Tim.  I'll take care of your customers for a while; you rest here and talk with your friends.  They understand what you are going through; they are good people and remarkable friends.  I'll be back for your order in a little bit.  Please be patient."  And she hurried away.


Tim ended up seated between Brad and me.  He had collected himself and dabbed the wetness from his eyes with one of the napkins.  His eyes were red and as he blew his nose, one of his wonderful smiles began to grow.  "You two guys are wonderful; talking with you has helped me a great deal.  There is something else, though."


Brad and I exchanged quizzical looks and I encouraged Tim to tell us whatever he wanted.  He smiled again.  Clearing his throat first, he began again to talk.


"I feel guilty.  What I'm trying to tell you is that, well there's someone else in the equation.  It's been some time since Todd disappeared, and well, I wasn't trying or looking or anything like that, but one night a group of guys from West Palm came in for pizza.  They were funny and filled with enthusiasm.  All of them seemed content with the group, but one of them, an absolutely handsome guy, kept giving me the eye, and well when I came back to the table with their drinks, this guy said `So hottie, how long have you worked here?'"


"He called you a hottie?  I would have punched him in his wiseass face," injected Brad.


"No, no; it wasn't like that.  He smiled when he asked and the other guys didn't give cat calls or anything like that; they just waited for my response."


"What did you say," I asked.


"I told them that I had been working here for a few months and although I didn't mind being called a hottie, I would prefer that name be used in private.  That generated some laughter.  I was about to say something else, but the light flashed that the food was ready.  I returned in a couple of minutes with the three pizzas they had ordered.  I couldn't resist adding a comment as I placed the pizzas on the table.  `These pizzas are certainly hotter than I could ever be.'  Before they could respond I went quickly back to the kitchen to pick up an order for another table."


"Man, that was a quick response and would have gotten my attention if I had been the guy who made the remark," I told Tim.


Brad being the guy who wants details asked, "Did anything else happen?"


"Kinda." was Tim's reply.


"What you guys want?" Mrs. Ranaldi asked as she appeared at tableside.  We were all a bit startled, but I sprang into action. 


"We want a medium house specialty pizza and three large Cokes."


"No Coke for me," said Tim, "I'm going back to work."


"Not until you finish your story," I reminded him.


"Okay, you want a medium house specialty pizza and three cokes.  I bring a Coke for Tim anyway in case he stays longer," Mrs. Ranaldi told us.  Then she scurried away toward the kitchen.


Tim was slowly relaxing which made me feel better about the situation.   Brad, in his usual blunt way wasn't about to let Tim off the hook.


"Details, details," Brad demanded.


"Relax, honey; Tim will tell us in due time," I cautioned.


By now, Brad was rearranging the condiments on the booth table in an attempt I thought to get his mind off what Tim hadn't told us.  After about the third time of this activity, I reached out and took his hand, smiling as I did.  He got the message and settled back into the soft back of the booth bench.


Obviously all of this did not escape Tim's scrutiny.  He took a deep breath and continued the story.  "There were no other comments and the group of guys enjoyed the pizza.  But I did notice that every time I passed the table, the same guy looked my way and smiled.  I'll admit he had a beautiful smile, and man oh man he was sexy and handsome and . . ."


Brad laughed.  "He was giving you a rise, was he, Tim?" he asked.


We all were laughing softly now.  "I don't know what you mean, Brad?" said Tim.


"Don't buy that crap," I laughingly warned.  "I bet he got a stiffy."


"Maybe, but that's not what was important," said Tim.


"Meaning?" I asked.


They paid their bill with Mrs. Ranaldi at the cashier's station.  I was beginning to clear their table when he showed up with my tip.  He was alone.  "Here's you tip; you're a great waiter.  My name's Kent.  I want you to know that I wasn't kidding earlier.  You're hot and you're handsome, and I want to ask you out.  Would you go out with me?"


"I don't even know you," I told him.


"That's why I want to take you out.  Look, Tim, I'm gay and all my friends accept that.  I think you may be gay, too.  If we have a date, we can discuss all this."


"How did you know my name?" I asked Kent.


He laughed.  "You wear a name tag."


"You're right!" I said.


"So what's your answer?"


"Yes, I'll go out with you.  But you should know I'm trying to get over someone else at the moment.  I'm gay, too."


Brad was taken aback; his eyes were bugging out of his head.  Then he really laughed aloud.


"You did get a rise out of him; apparently he got a big hard rise out of you.  So, Tim, what happened?"


I squirmed in my seat and was about to tell Brad we had heard enough, but before I could say anything, our pizza and Cokes arrived, delivered by a new waiter.  His name tag read Ambrose.


"I really have to get back to work," Tim said, "Thanks for listening.  Oh, we're still seeing each other and it's getting pretty heavy.  We've had lots of making out and preliminaries, but no real sex.  He knows all about Todd and he understands my hesitancy.  We'll work it out.  I'll see you around."


"I'll be a monkey's illegitimate offspring," said a baffled Brad.


I laughed and told Brad, "Let's eat this terrific pizza to get some strength.  I have some `wild and crazy' plans for tonight.  And you my, Sweetie, are right in the center of it all.




Our ride home went quickly and we didn't say much to each other.  I suspect that we both were thinking about bedtime and what we hoped would happen.  It had been a wonderful day, but now that I felt that I was Brad's and Brad's alone, I knew that I wanted to go the distance tonight in bed.  What we had talked about many times seemed to be on the cusp of happening.  After we had parked the Jeep in the garage and closed the door, went hurried into the house.  We found Sadie in the kitchen sitting at her usual place at the counter enjoying her proverbial cup of tea.  She smiled broadly when she saw us and asked quietly if we had enjoyed our ride in my Jeep.


"We certainly did.  We went to Ranaldi's for pizza," Brad told her.


I sat on the stool next to hers, gave her a hug and told her, "Mrs. Ranaldi wanted to be remembered to you.  We also saw Tim and chatted with him.  He said hi, too and wanted everyone to know how sorry he was that he couldn't be here.  Tim's really confused about his feelings for Todd.  He doesn't even know where he is or why he left in the dark of night.  He's met someone else, but at the present they're just good friends.  The other guy understands what's going on, so he's happy just being Tim's friend.  Maybe later on more will come of it."


"Does this new young man have a name?" asked Sadie.


"Yeah," Brad said, "his name's Kent."


Sadie crinkled her nose and looked at us with sparkling eyes.  "All I want for Tim is happiness.  He's a wonderful young man.  He deserves to find the right person who will bring joy into his life."


Brad gave Sadie a hug and a kiss on the cheek.  "You'll get no argument from us on that score.  We hope he and Kent make it."


"I agree," I said, "I'm a little sorry for Todd, but I also think Tim has to go on with his life."


Sadie got up, saying as she did, "You two are thoughtful, but it's no surprise knowing all that you have been through.  I need to get some sleep; I'm a little tired from all the activity today."


"Brad, I think we should get some sleep, too.  We have school tomorrow."


"You're right. Night, Sadie."  Brad gave Sadie another hug and big kiss on the cheek.  Sadie loved it.  I followed Brad giving Sadie a loud juicy smacker which caused all of us to laugh.


When she collected herself, Sadie said, "You two should stop in the living room which is where the other adults are chatting.  I'm on my way to bed now."


We headed to the living room.  As we left the kitchen, Sadie had moved to the sink and placed her cup on the counter.  She quickly switched off the lights, leaving the kitchen bathed in the pinkish glow of the night light.


We could hear the laughter of obviously happy people.  When we arrived, they all shouted various invitations to come and join them.  We stopped in the doorway, however, and told them that we were headed to bed.


"It's been a wonderful day, filled with happiness and joy.  But now we need rest because we are off to school tomorrow. Thanks for everything; you all made this a perfect birthday.  Good night everyone," I said.


"Good night, Mom," Brad said as we walked down the hall to the other side of the house and to our suite.


I thought more than once as the day went on, that tonight would almost be like a just-married couple who are about to enjoy their honeymoon night.  `My God,' I thought, `what a romantic ass I am.'


While my mind was dealing with these erotic thoughts we had arrived at the suite.  Brad opened the door, pulled me inside, locked the door and took me into his arms kissing me with most of his tongue thrust down my throat.


This was promising.


Then an amazing thing happened, Brad seemed to become shy and his kisses became tender and almost tentative.  `Holy crap,' I thought, `he can be romantic!  You ass, of course he can be: remember the medallions?  What about his desire to have me exclusively as his boyfriend?  Of course, he's romantic!'  Suddenly I was overcome by emotion, probably more than I would normally have, but it had been such an amazing day, so much had happened that my emotions we on edge, or maybe even raw.


I could feel the tears welling up in the corners of my eyes, and I tried to contain them as I did not want to worry Brad.  But a couple of errant drops slid down my cheeks, one making it to our lips.  The kiss stopped immediately.


"Are you okay, Baby?" Brad asked, his voice filled with concern.


I couldn't speak at that moment, so I clutched myself tightly to Brad and kissed him immediately, more firmly that he had been kissing me.  He returned the kiss in a way that let me know he was on fire.  While we were in this hot embrace, Brad began to push down my shorts.  I kicked off my sandals and then the shorts.  I did this while I worked at Brad's shorts.  Soon his lower body was as naked as mine.


"Baby, baby," he whispered, as he broke our kiss and he quickly pulled my shirt off.  I did the same for him, and there we stood, naked and stimulated, our cocks sticking out hard and moist.  Our medallions glistened in the low light of the room.


"Please come with me," he whispered his voice filled with controlled emotion.  He took my hand and led me to the bathroom.  He turned the shower on and adjusted the water temperature and then gently pulled me into the shower and into his arms.  I grabbed him around the neck and pulled myself up wrapping my legs around his waist.  I could feel his hard cock rubbing against my ass crack.  The friction only increased my desire to be his completely.  He was moaning and as he changed his position slightly, the movement caused my hard cock to rub against his six pack.  I thought for a hot moment that I would cum, but he had other ideas.


Again he spoke to me, "Get down, Jake.  We have to bath carefully and make sure that all of our body openings are clean and ready for whatever happens in our bed tonight."


Just hearing that threw me into a kind of sexual frenzy and I found myself on my knees with his beautiful cock in my mouth on its way into my throat.  I so wanted to suck my lover, but he pulled away.


"Save it, Sweetie," he whispered as he pulled me to my feet and ran his hands over my wet body, softy massaging the round hot mounds of my ass.


I was high above it all wanting only one thing, "Fuck me!  Brad, fuck me right here.  I want you in me.  Please!"


"No I won't fuck you here.  I want you in our bed. I want your hole clean and ready for our ultimate moment of love making."


"Shit, Brad, do you know how horny I am?"


"I sure do, Jake, probably a little less then I am."


I complied with his requests and we washing each other, enjoying the feel of the other's body.  Running my hands over Brad's well muscled body only increased my desire.  Then I remembered our anus and rectum and then need to be sure everything was proper.  "Brad," I asked, "do we do the enema thing?"


He chuckled.  "It might be a good idea; do you mind?  It is a little demeaning, I think, but it's important."


"I'm okay with it," I told him.


"Fine, let's finish here and then we can take care of the other stuff."  Our shower together came quickly to an end.  After we dried each other, Brad got the necessary materials out of their hiding place and we began.


"You go first," I suggested.


"No, I want to mix the stuff, get it pleasantly warm and them give you the first enema," he said as he continued to work with everything.  I watched as he poured the required amount of liquid into the beaker, then got the water in the sink to the desired temperature and added warm water up to the mark on the beaker.


"Are you ready?" he asked.


"Yeah, let's do it."


"Bend over," he said.  I did that.  Then I felt him put a cold substance on my hole and then get his middle finger into my ass.  He was lubricating me so it wouldn't hurt.  I didn't dare tell him I liked what he was doing.


"Get ready," he cautioned.  He slid the end of the device up into my ass and when he was sure it was in far enough, he opened the valve and the solution flowed down the tube and into me.  I could feel myself getting filled and when the feeling began to get painful, I told him.  He closed the valve, and told me to sit on the stool and relieve myself.


The first time was explosive and not at all pleasant.  The second time was not as bad, but still a little foul.  It got increasingly better until when I relieved myself after the fourth time, the solution ran clear and there was no annoying smell.  I was glad that was over.  Together we prepared the solution for Brad and then I administered it.  He took the same number of applications and was finally clear and ready after the fourth time.  We hurriedly took another quick shower making certain that there were no traces of anything on our bodies.  After we toweled off, we applied a pleasant smelling lotion all over each other's bodies.  We kissed tenderly and then walked naked to the bedroom.  Brad checked the door to the suite to make sure it was locked.


We were pleasantly surprised when we reached the bedroom to learn that Sadie had changed the bed linens and had even pulled back the covers so that we could easily get in the bed.  Brad picked me up and tenderly placed me near the middle of the bed.  Brad went to the foot of the bed and crawled up between my legs.  He started kissing my feet and continued to kiss as he slowly moved up my legs to my crotch.  He stopped and looked up at me.


"You're so beautiful, Jake.  I can't begin to tell you how you make me feel.  I want to make love to you," he whispered.


I was filled with emotion and had to take my time to even say what I finally did say.  "Please, I want to make love to you, too.  I want to be first since I know you have been wishing for this for a long time, and you were especially intent on it today."


By now Brad was lying next to me and shortly after the exchange about making love, we were entwined in a magical, sexual embrace, discovering it seemed for the first time, the wonderful nature of our bodies as they pressed against each other, every softness, every hardness becoming more a stimulant.  Without thinking about it, I was suddenly on top of Brad who was moaning and kissing me in a wildly erotic fashion. 


I broke out kiss and began kissing him first on the neck, then his ears, and I moved to his chin which I took into my mouth and licked it.  By now Brad was squirming.


"Oh. Jake you are so fucking hot.  I want you to fuck me, please, please.  Shove that big cock of yours deep into me.  Cum in me, Jake, fill me with your seed."


"Shush," I said as I licked his left nipple, biting gently on it.  He raised his chest, pushing the already swollen nip deeper into my mouth.  My licking continued down Brad's chest and rock hard abs soon following the hair trail to his carefully trimmed pubes.  He smelled of soap, perspiration, and maleness.  I inhaled deeply, my cock jumping slightly as I thought of what was about to happen.  I licked the base of his cock, then licked down the hardening and throbbing rod.  I luxuriated in his scent, his nearness, his horniness; I want him; I wanted to be in him; I wanted to share my seed with him, in him.


I rolled Brad onto his back and pushed his legs back.  He held them back, exposing his pink rosebud almost winking in a kind of invitation to fuck him.  I had another thing that I had read about on the internet.  I took a deep breath and leaned forward.  I blew a soft breath and Brad jumped a little.


"What the fuck is that all about?" he asked.


"Just be patient, lover boy.  I want to pleasure you a little and then I'm going to fuck you hard, deep and long.  Do you understand?"


At first Brad said nothing, but then he whispered in his sexiest voice, "Okay, Babe, just make me happy.  You are already making me happy just by being here with me.  Jake, I really love you." his voice cracking a little with emotion.


I put my face in Brad's crack, licking around his anus, and as he squirmed a little, I tried to push my tongue into him.  He responded immediately by pulling his ass cheeks wider apart and by spreading his legs.  I began rimming him and the more I worked his hole the more he moaned.  Eventually he began to pull my face tighter against his beautiful ass.  Strangely, I was really enjoying rimming Brad, but I was getting hotter by the moment and knew that what I desired more and more was to fuck my lover, to make love in a special way.


To indicate that I was ready, I began inserting my finger into his hole.  At first he resisted a little, then before I could go further, he reached into the drawer of the bed side table and pulled out what at first looked like a tub of margarine.


"Here," he said, "I read about this on the internet.  I sent for some.  It's called Boy Butter.  It should make this more pleasurable for both of us."  He pulled me down and kissed me to the point of ravishing my mouth.  I flipped off the cover of the tub, took a large gob on the lubricant on my finger and returned to fingering Brad's blinking hole.  Before long and without any real effort, I had three of my fingers deep in my lover's rectum.  In a moment, I touched his love button and he rose up from the bed his cock jerking around.


"Please, Jake, please fuck me." He pleaded.


Because I am big, I wanted to take it slowly, but I sensed that Brad just wanted to feel me deep in his ass.  I took more Boy Butter and covered my throbbing cock with it.  I leaned forward and kissed Brad and then whispered, "Are you ready?"


Laughing lightly, Brad responded, "I've been ready since the day I met you and fell in love with you.  Please make love to me.  Please."


I rubbed my hard cock up and down his ass crack, stopped at his anus and applied a little pressure.  One more time up and down his crack, and when I stopped at his hole this time, I pushed into him.  Just a small groan from him and I stopped, just my cock's head past the anus.


"Don't you fucking stop, Jake.  Give it all to me, now!


Being a good boy, I crammed my cock all the way into him until my balls were slapping against his ass.  It felt so good.  He was warm and tight and the friction of my cock moving in and out of him increased my desire.  I picked up my speed and intensity.  He only moaned sexily telling me to go on.  I hesitated for a second which brought an immediate reaction and comment from Brad.  First he grabbed my ass and pulled me deeply into him, the he told me, "Fuck me, Jake, hard long and deep.


I did as he wanted and as I also desired, and began pounding his ass, my cock working like a hammer.  By now his legs were around me and his arms joined them in keeping me close to him.  With every in stroke, his cock rubbed against our two bodies.  Soon he was panting, his eyes closed as he was lost in the pleasure of the moment as was I.  I wondered which of us would reach the pinnacle of enjoyment and being unable to continue, would cum?  I found myself groaning and speaking in a dirty but sexy way to my lover.


"I'm gonna fuck you so hard that my cock will end up in your mouth.  Take that, lover.  I'm gonna plant my seed deep in you.  You like that, my hot, sexy man?


"Don't stop, don't stop.  Oh, Jake, you feel just right deep in me; I'm almost ready to cum.  Cum with me lover."


He had no sooner said that, when he began to shoot.  As he did his ass muscles tightened around my intruding cock, and I spewed my seed deep into Brad.  I fell upon him, our sweat drenched bodies making a smacking sound as we involuntarily moved against each other.  Our kisses were deep, erotic, and forceful.  We were catching out breath and we were no longer gasping for air.  Our kisses became gentle and we slowly stroked each other.


I began to pull my softening dick out of Brad, but he protested.


"Leave it in me, Jake.  Let's fall asleep this way.  You were wonderful; I feel complete now I know that a real part of you is in me."


"You, my lover, were what I also knew you would be.  I love you Brad."


A moment later we were both asleep.




Some hours later I awoke.  My softened cock had slipped out of Brad, who was asleep on his back.  His legs were spread a little and his cock and balls lay a little on his left leg.  I had moved a little away from him, but lying on my side.  He looked as handsome as I had ever seen him or even imagined him.  My juice began to flow again and I was immediately aware that I was getting hard.  I also knew that I wanted Brad to deposit his seed in me.


I moved a little closer to him, also moving down so that my face was now at the same level as his genitals.  First I reached out and slowly and gently stoked his cock and nuts.  He murmured a little but did not awake.  Confident that he would stay asleep for a little longer, I got on my knees and leaning forward, took his soft cock into my mouth.  I sucked his cock gently and in short order it began to swell in my mouth.  I loved the feel of his cock in my mouth.  I had sucked him many times before and I never tired of the feel of his throbbing prick in my mouth.


As his cock hardened and the intensity of my blow job increased, he stirred, but still did not awaken.  I fished for the still opened tub of Boy Butter and as I sucked him, I began to work the lubricant into my ass.  When I felt I was ready to accept my lover's cock into me, I took his cock out my mouth, and took a generous amount of Boy Butter applied it to his stiff rod.  When I did this he almost turned away, but after the initial movement quieted down and laid still, his very hard cock in my hand.


I let go of his cock and moved between his legs.  When I got as close as I could, I raised myself up and moved over his crotch.  When I thought I was in the correct position, I reached back and took his cock and moved it to my hole.  I slowly sat on it, taking it inch by inch into me, moaning softly as I enjoyed his presence in me.  I had almost made it so that I would be completely full of him, my eyes closed in pleasure, when he spoke.


"So, Baby, you want me to fuck you?"


I laughed.  "No, Asshole, I'm sitting here knitting.  Of course I want us to fuck.  Do you think I went to all this for nothing?"  With that I began to bounce on his dick.  He joined the fun, his hands under my ass, helping on the up motion and slowing my lowering onto his penis.  He got our rhythm worked out.  I looked at Brad who was now wide awake and saw his smile and the glint in his eyes.  I fell forward, nearly losing his cock, but I kept it in as I kissed him with intense passion.  He returned the kiss and I could feel my cock jumping between our now touching bodies. 


Brad was near the side of the bed and he swung his feet to the floor and holding me stood up.  I quickly clasped him with my legs.  We stood there for a moment, and Brad told me,


"I've always wanted to do this.  I'm gonna fuck you while I carry you into the exercise room, where I'll finish my job."


"That sounds delicious," I said as he walked slowly out of the bed room through the sitting room and into the exercise room.  All the way he continued to fuck me, almost bringing me to a climax, but the slowing, or one time just stopping. 


When we reached the exercise room, Brad walked to the bench where we lifted weights.  He slowly placed me on the bench and at this moment not removing his dick from my ass.  As much as I had enjoyed getting fucked as he carried me here, the feel of the bench on my back was an additional pleasure.  I unwrapped my legs from around Brad.  He grabbed my legs and pushed them back so that each of them was held back by the side posts of the weight bench.  By this time his cock had popped out of me.


Once he had me situated that way we wanted, he plunged his cock balls deep into my now fully exposed hole.  I grunted, not in pain but in reaction to the swiftness of his action.  I looked up at him and noticed an almost mischievous smile.


"I've fantasized about this for a long time, Jake.  Nearly every time we worked out in here, I imagined what it would be like to fuck you like this.  Are you comfortable?"


"I'm okay, but I'll feel better when you fuck me, Sweetheart."


"You are so handsome, Jake.  I guess I think you're actually beautiful.  I'm gonna cum in you so that you will know how I felt a few hours ago."


"That's what I want, so do it, Brad; fuck me hard."


True to his word he began fucking me hard, so hard, in fact, my legs kept falling away from the side posts.  Brad did not notice.  I watched him with increasing pleasure.  His eyes were closed and as he pounded my ass and regularly brushed my love button, I fell into a place of pure pleasure.  As the frenzy of our love making increased, I was aware that I would cum momentarily, but I couldn't speak to warn Brad.


Like a long dormant volcano, I suddened erupted, feeling things I had not felt before, my body almost beyond my ability to control.  My climax caused Brad to explode in a furious ejaculation.  It was so powerful that I was able to feel and to count his spurts of semen hit against my insides.  Sometime during the fury of our love making we had rolled to the floor where we now lay in an exhausted heap of twisted and sweating bodies.


"My God, that was fucking hot, Jake.  Wow!"


"Hmmm," was all I could say for a moment, followed by kissing my lover gently.  Then I continued, "What just happened to us was magical, special, almost spiritual, my Brad. I think we have found love.


The End of Book 2  or the end of this story.




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