Finding Love: A Journey II
By: Scotty
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Chapter 2

The shopping excursion turned into a day of confusion, excitement, revelation, and fun.  It also brought together Doug, Diane, Beth and Sadie since the three women decided that they wanted to be part of the trip.  Brad didn't  care if they came along, but Doug playfully reminded the women that they really wanted to shop for themselves.  None of them denied this.

The first thing on the agenda was to take Brad to the dealership and to the bright yellow Wrangler Jeep they had purchased for Jacob's birthday.  It was shortly after the terrible day when he was shot that Diane who had the presence of mind to call the dealership and have them keep the car aside.  She found time, when all the craziness was going on in Georgia, to get to the dealership and pay for the vehicle.

Brad was astonished and delighted with the jeep.  He knew that Jacob would love it, would care for it, and would love to drive it.  Secretly he wondered about driving to school and whether they would both take their cars or if it would remain his responsibility to take Jacob to school in his Mustang.  He thought  that it would be fun to ride into the parking lot in the Wrangler, especially with Jacob driving.

Once Brad knew about the Wrangler he gravitated toward the GPS, although his heart strings pulled him toward the ipod so that Jacob would be able to always have the music he loved with him. Finally he confided in his mother,

"Mom, I have two things I want to give Jake at the party, but I don't want to give him the GPS until his parents give him the Wrangler.  Is it okay if I give him the GPS and earlier give him the ipod Nano?"  His mother smiled at him and said,

"He deserves both of them and much more.  Because of him I have you safely back here with me.  Brad, he's suffered a great deal for you which is certainly a strong statement of his love for you.  Go ahead and purchase both of them.  I'll help you wrap  them."

"Mom, I love you," Brad blurted out.  He ran to his mother and hugged her and kissed her on the cheek.  She smiled at her youngest son, proud of his strength and his total commitment to the person he loved.  `Where," she wondered, "did he learn that?'  If she had asked Brad he would have told her he learned that kind of love from her.

The shopping spree got confusing when Brad asked to be dropped off at the mall to shop by himself for a couple of hours.  Beth didn't think it wise for him to be alone at the mall, especially since he still had to be very careful of his shoulder.  Sadie quickly agreed and thought his mother should accompany him.  Diane, however, didn't agree, telling everyone,

"For goodness sake, just remember what he's been through.  He wants some private time to purchase something special and very personal to give to Jacob.   As difficult as that may be for all of us, we really have to give him that latitude.  Heaven's sake, he's a young man."  No one said anything for a few moments, but Doug took over, telling Brad he'd give him two hours and then they would be back for him.  He was to meet them at the west entrance in Sears.  There was no argument from anyone; in fact, the women all smiled, acknowledging Doug's leadership.  Brad giggled quietly thinking of what Jacob's reaction would be to his dad's take charge decision.

After some hugs and kisses, the adults left Brad standing in the center of the Food Court.  He waved one last time as the group turned a slight corner.  He sighed, and for a quick moment felt alone, and his thoughts turned to Jacob.  How he wished he was here with him now.  `That was silly," he thought, `if he was here, I wouldn't be able to find something to surprise and please him on his birthday.  He walked to  McDonald's and ordered a large Coke.  He brought it to a small table and set it down.  He sat in a chair and began to drink the soda.

He looked around the busy Food Court, but recognized that it wasn't the same for him.  He remembered the first time he brought Jacob to the mall to get some Florida clothes and the fun they had here.  He remembered the ice cream episode, and then the movie.  He also recalled that first magical kiss and he yearned for that wonderful feeling, a sense of completeness, of comfort, of peace.  His desire to be with Jacob at this moment in this place was almost palpable.  He shook all the reminiscence away, got up, tossed the soda cup into the trash container, and walked away.

He had not gone very far when he came upon Zales Jewelry Store.  It looked fine, but he wanted to go further to see what else he might find.  He passed familiar stores: The Gap, The Foot Locker, The Kitchen Store,  Border's Bookstore, and then he was standing before Kay's Jewelers.  This might be the place to find what he was looking for, and if it wasn't, he knew there was at least one other jewelry store to check out.  As he entered, a young well dressed man looked up from his paper work, smiled, but returned to his papers, ignoring Brad.  Brad was slightly pissed and was ready to leave when a perky blond hurried to him.  Her smile was infectious and he found himself smiling back.

"Is there anything I can help you with?" the blond asked.

"Thanks, I hope you can.  I'm looking for something special to give to my lover, and I'm not certain what I should select."

Smiling again, `Annette' her stylish name tag read, said, "I'm sure I can be of help.  Please follow me over to the counter where you can sit and we can chat.  What can you tell me about her?"


"What does she like?  Is she into gold or  silver?  Doe she wear bracelets?  Sir, is something wrong?"

Brad cleared his throat and murmured, "My lover is a man.  He's my boyfriend."

A red-faced Annette looked at the floor, a couple of tears appearing in the corner of her eyes.  She looked up, embarrassment written in her every look and movement.  "I'm so sorry, Sir.  I'll find someone else to help you."

"Why would you do that?" Brad asked.

Annette gently patted her eyes, "I insulted you, Sir."

"Please don't refer to me as `Sir'.  My name's Brad, and you didn't insult me.  So can we get on with this, can you help me?"

"Yes, Brad.  I'll try to help you in the best way I can.  What can you tell me about him?"

Leaning on the counter top and smiling, Brad  said the only thing that came into his mind.  "Wow! that's difficult."


"Because he's so wonderful, so handsome, so sexy, and believe me I  know, he's very, very brave."

"What's his name?" asked Annette.

"His name is Jacob, but I call him Jake.  He's saved my life twice in the last few weeks.  Once he took a bullet for me, and later he stayed with me in a dungeon where I had fallen and badly damaged my shoulder and sustained other injuries.  He never thought of leaving me, and if he hadn't been there with me, I don't know what would have happened.  By the way, many other people were searching for me, but he's the one who found me.

"He's gentle and loving, he laughs when he isn't giggling, and when I was in the hospital, he stayed with me all the time.  He expresses his love often and in a variety of ways.  I love him so much, Annette, that if anything terrible happened and I lost him, I don't think I could go on."

"He sounds like a remarkable young man.  You're fortunate you found him."

"That's another story," Brad replied with a belly  laugh, "but it would take too much time.  So any ideas?"

"What does he wear for jewelry?"

"He doesn't!"

"So why are you here in a jewelry store."

"Because I want him to have something from me that shows the depth of my love for him, and I want it to represent my assurance that I want to be with him for all of my life."

"Have you thought of a ring?"

"Yeah, but it's not what I want, at least not at the moment.  Maybe later when we take vows to spend our lives together."

"How about an engraved ID bracelet?"

"That a possibility, but I wondered about a masculine chain, perhaps silver with an engraved disc, or something.  I know he'd wear that."

Annette sat on a stool behind the counter.  She reached out and patted Brad's hand.  "You really have thought about this, haven't you?  Give me a half hour to get some things together for you to look at.  Can you come back  later?"

"Sure can, Annette, but I need to have it today.  Will that be possible?"

"I can't truthfully answer that until I see what you select."

"Okay, I'll be back in a half hour or so.  Thanks, Annette."

"Brad, I think Jacob is a very lucky man to have you as his partner; no, make that his lover."

Brad got up and walked toward the opening into the mall.  He turned and looked directly into Annette's eyes,

"You don't understand; I'm the lucky man.  God knows: I am the luckiest man alive." 

Brad walked into the mall, leaving Annette standing there in awe of the young man she had just met and got to know.  He was a fine young man.  She wished she could meet Jacob.


In the half hour Brad had, he went to Radio Shack where he purchased a Garmin GPS.  At the Apple Reseller store he purchased a 60 gigabyte ipod Classic.  He felt good, but he missed Jacob more each  minute that passed.  He began to think about their early relationship when it was Jacob who couldn't deal without being with him.  He laughed softly as he walked back to the jewelry store, his hopes high that Annette would come up with something he would like, something that said how much he loved Jake.

When Brad walked into the store, Annette was talking to the young man who had originally ignored him.  He and Annette came over to greet Brad. 

"I'm the manager here," said the young man, "My name is Karl Martingale.  You've already met Annette.  I'm pleased to meet you, Brad.  Annette has told me what you are looking for, and I think between the two of us we can find something that will appeal to you."

"Brad, if you would please go with Mr. Martingale to the private showing room, I'll be with you in about ten minutes," advised Annette.  Brad followed Martingale to the small room on the side of the store.   He noticed that there were now two other clerks.

Karl Martingale ushered Brad into the room, asking him to take a seat on the far side of the table.  There were two chairs on the other side, Martingale sitting in one of them.  "Annette has told me a little about what you are looking for and I think we can meet your expectations.  Annette has been working with us for about three years.  She has a special talent for the extraordinary  design of unusual jewelry."

"I'm pleased to hear that, " said Brad.

Martingale cleared his throat, leaned across the table, smiled at Brad and asked, "How long have you been gay?"


"How long have you been gay?"

"I think I'll find another store to leave my money at.  You have no reason to ask that question.  I think I'll leave, please tell Annette I'm sorry," said an angry Brad.

"Wait, please.  Forgive me, Brad, but I'm gay and I wondered how long you  knew.  I knew when I was thirteen.  My high school years were hell, and college was much better.  I'm so pleased that you have found a mate.  I envy you.  Don't leave, please.  As soon as Annette arrives, I'll leave.  I'm so sorry."

Martingale hung his head, not daring to look directly at Brad.  As Karl had spoken, Brad's anger slowly turned to sympathy as he heard more from the man.  "Look, I'm sorry for getting angry.  I'll stay.  To answer your question, I began to think I was gay early in high school.  I knew that I was gay when my brother was kicked out of the house and disowned.  He got out of the house and went to college, but I had to stay there with a father who was almost insane in his hatred for gay men.  He had done much to alienate himself from our family.  Just this, and then no more information.  My boyfriend was shot by my father because he was trying to give me time to  escape as my dad was kidnapping me."

"My God!" 

Annette came into the room just as Martingale expressed his disbelief.  "Is there a problem?" she asked as she set down some leather boxes of jewelry.

"No, I was just leaving," Martingale informed her.  "Good meeting you, Brad, and you know that I wish you the very best."  With that, Martingale left the private viewing room.

Annette watched her boss leave the room, then turned to Brad and asked, "Are you ready to look at some of these?"

Brad smiled, got comfortable, and told her that he was ready to see what she had found.

She opened the first box which held a lovely gold chain, and a single round gold medallion.  It was plain, but obviously could be engraved.  She removed it from the box and handed it to Brad who examined it carefully, moving it from one hand to the other and laying the chain over the back of his hand. He  returned it to her, saying,

"That's attractive, but I'd like to see what else you have."

Taking the second box, she opened it and took out a gold chain with an octagon shaped disk which said in large script, "Only You".  She handed it to Brad who glanced at it and quickly returned it to her.

"I really don't like that, not at all.  I'm sorry, but that just isn't what I am thinking of.  I hope I didn't offend you."

Annette smiled as she replaced the necklace and disk back into the box.  "You didn't upset me, Brad.  I realize that not all of these will please you, but I didn't know which ones you would like or dislike.  Please give me your honest reaction to what I show you.  My job is to find something that will suit you and which you will be happy to present to Jake."

Brad twisted on the stool and looked directly at Annette.  He smiled,and leaned on his elbows on the  countertop.  "You are a wonderful salesperson, Annette.  I don't feel the least bit pressured which is important to me.  What else have you got to show me?"

Annette pushed the two boxes which she had already opened to the side, and opened the third of the four boxes she had brought with her. `I hope she has something I'll like,' thought Brad, `since she only has four to show me and I've already seen two.'  Annette removed a lovely silver chain with a fairly large circular medallion attached.  She handed it to Brad.  "It's sterling silver, and the eyes on the two swans are diamond chips.  There are many other chains which would look terrific with the medallion. 

Brad was impressed with what he saw: two swans, their necks entwined, each with one eye showing which held a diamond chip.  Below it, in small block letters, were the words: "Love is Eternal."  He like this one a great  deal.  He could see it lying against Jake's chest; it would look great.

"Annette, I really like this one, but before I decide I want to see the last one.  He didn't hand the necklace back to her, but kept it on the countertop.

"That's not a problem, Brad.  When I show you this, you may think that it's sterling silver, but it isn't. It's platinum and is very strong and won't tarnish and dent easily. The shine will only improve with age taking on a brushed look making it a bit more subtle." 

She handed it to Brad, who when he saw it, let out a quiet gasp.  It was absolutely gorgeous.  The chain sparkled like it was covered with gems.  "What makes the chain sort of sparkle?

"It's called a diamond cut which gives it that appearance."

Brad continued to examine the piece.  The moderately large perfectly round disk had an Oriental form, letter, he wasn't sure what to call it.  It was black against  the silvery surface.  There was on word under it, also in black.  It read "Ai".  Brad kept feeling the chain, running his thumb across the smooth back of the disk.  He was mesmerized!  "Annette, please tell me all about this one.  It's almost magical."

"You already know that it's platinum and that the chain is diamond cut, the symbol on the disk is the Chinese symbol for "Love."  The Chinese word below is "Ai" which means love.  There are actually three different representative forms for "Ai" this being what is referred to as the engraving form.  Another very special thing about this is that the black of the symbol and the word are beautifully crafted enameling.  You have a good eye, Brad.  This is an extraordinary piece of jewelry." 

"It . . . it almost takes my breath away.  It's beautiful and  subtle.  Most people won't recognize the symbol and that's fine.  I want it to be  between Jake and me.  Annette, do you have two of these in the store?"

Annette looked puzzled and asked, "Why would you want two of them, Brad?"

"Because," he replied, "I want both of us to wear them to show our love and commitment to each other."

"You are so romantic, Brad.  I wish more men of the other sexual persuasion were like you.  As a matter of fact there is another one in the safe, but I will have to ask Mr. Martingale if I can sell them both to you.  It will deplete our inventory."

"I understand that, Annette, but I only want this one if I can get two alike.  That goes for any of them.  Perhaps I should have made that clear to you before we started," responded Brad with a tinge of irritation in his voice.

Annette pushed the button just below the top of the counter.  In a moment Martingale was in the room.

"What's the problem, Annette?"

"Our customer wants both of the chains and  disks with the Chinese symbol for love.  I told him I would have to ask you because it would deplete our inventory."

Martingale looked meaningfully at Brad, giving off an almost sexual aura as he said,

"It's a little irregular, but in this case, it will be okay.  I'll contact headquarters and ask them to replenish our stock.  Good luck, Brad.  Excuse me, but I have to get back to another client."

"Thank you," Brad called out to the departing Martingale who waved his hand in a kind of dismissive manner which said `okay'.

"Brad, you haven't asked the price.  Does it matter that these are quite expensive?"

"No, not in this case.  This is very important to me and I want the best for Jake.  Total it up and give me the bad news."

Annette went to the calculator and began the pricing.  "Each chain and medallion is $1,075.00 making the total $2,150.00.  The sales tax is 6.5% which is $139.75 or  a total of $2,289.75."

Annette examined her figures again, and then practically shouted,  "Wait a minute!  That's incorrect!  For the month of October, if you buy two of any item, there's a 15% discount.  Let me figure it again.  That's a discount of $322.50 making the total before sales tax $1827.50.  The sales tax on that would be $118.75 for a grand total of $1946.25.  That's a savings of $343.50." 

Brad had been smiling all through Annette's demonstration of mathematical skill.  When she finished, he remembered something.  "Annette, can this be engraved on the back.  It's important and I forgot."

"Of course it can, and there's no charge.  Mr. Kennison, our engraver, is here so he can get it done in twenty minutes.  Will that be okay?"

"That's fine."

Taking a pad and pen, she asked, "What would you like it to say?"

Brad had been thinking about this for some  time so he was ready to answer her.  "I want it to say, `Jacob and Brad.  Our love began in September.  It will be eternal.'"

With glistening eyes, Annette told Brad,  "That's so beautiful.  How lucky Jacob is to have you.  Brad, do you realize how remarkable you are?  I bet Jacob could give me a litany of your good points.   They will be in individual presentation boxes.  Do you want me to gift wrap them?"

"No that won't be necessary.  Here's my credit card.  I think I'll wander down to the food court and get myself a cold drink.  Can I get anything for you, Annette?"

"No, thank you.  I'm all set, but thank you.  If you could wait a moment, I'll be back with your receipt and a slip to sign."

"I'll wait."  `God,' thought Brad, `I hope Jacob likes this idea.'

Almost  immediately Annette returned, "Here's your receipt and please sign here."  She waited as Brad scrawled his signature on the slip. 

"Thanks, Brad, there's just one more thing.  I want to read back to you what you want engraved on the necklaces."  She quietly read back what Brad has told her.

"Yup, that's right.  I'll be back in a few."  Brad left the store.


I was convinced that this day at school was one of the longest days of my life.  I thought I would go crazy, the only thing that helped was that my father hadn't called or come to get me, so I knew that all was well with Brad.  I giggled to myself remembering how much I enjoyed meeting Brad during the school day.  Even if we only passed in the corridor each going to a different class, Brad's smile was enough to prop up any of my sagging spirits.

Interestingly, lunch had been fun as I had eaten at the usual table with many of Brad's football teammates and friends.  They were now my friends too, because of their intense desire to help find Brad.  There was no doubt about it: Brad had many good friends, and much to my good fortune, they were now mine.  So lunch went well, even though I couldn't answer the multitude of questions coming to me from the guys about Brad's need to see the doctor.  Since I didn't know anything, I wasn't much help.  I could only say that because my Dad hadn't come to get me, that Brad must be fine.

Physical Education class was interminably long.  Even with Mr. Kimball's good humor and constant prodding, swimming didn't hold much interest for me and I didn't do much, probably because I kept thinking of Brad.  I remembered our aborted love making of the morning, and as I did my desire grew.  I wanted to be with my lover, to hold him, to be held by him.  I wanted to enter Brad and show my love, and I wanted Brad to be in me demonstrating his strength and power.  Without realizing it, my Speedo was being stretched, as my cock had filled with blood and desire.  `Brad had better be ready for some heavy action tonight,' I thought, `because I'm going to finish what I started this morning.'

I was brought back to reality by Mr. Kimball's whistle signifying it was time for showers and dressing.  I took my time getting out of the pool and in cooperation with me, my penis had slowly deflated even though my desire was still intense.  After a quick shower and pulling on a T and some shorts, I was soon outside walking toward Brad's Mustang.

I was intercepted by Greg who came up behind me intending to give me a poke behind my knees.  But I saw his shadow and turned at the precise moment of the intended horseplay, and with a guffaw, grabbed Greg and pulled him to the grassy area near the parking lot.  There was a lot of laughing  and ass grabbing, and I wondered for a moment if Greg was grabbing ass a little more than was necessary.

That thought was dashed, as Carol Hackies, Greg's latest squeeze, came running up.  "Greg, don't you dare hurt Jacob.  He's a hero, so be careful.  Both Greg and I were now laughing, but I managed to get out, "Don't worry, Carol, I can take care of Greg."

"Good," she continued, "give him a couple of whacks for me because lately he's been pretty fresh .  He thinks I'm his toy and just there for his pleasure."  Now she was laughing, too.  That's when we heard Mr. Kimball's bass voice,

"Enough, you two!  Somebody will get hurt, and I don't think Jacob needs that.  Greg, you should be hurrying to practice; so get going.

"Sorry, Coach, we're just fooling around the way good friends do sometimes.  I would never hurt Jacob.  Never!  Hey, Jacob, I'll see you at the . . ."

"See me  where? 

Greg quickly filled in with something having almost let the cat out of the bag about the birthday party, "Ah . . . at the game tomorrow afternoon.  You and Brad will be there, won't you?"

As I brushed off my shorts, I told Greg and Carol, "Sure, as far as I know, Brad's dressing for the game even though he can't play."  Coach Kimball looked at both young men, and seeing no more crazy behavior, walked away while whistling some tune that the three young people couldn't identify.

"Serves you both right acting like third graders.  Greg, remember, you're to pick me up tonight so we can spend an hour or so together.  I know you have to meet game curfew, so I'll be good."

I laughed, as I told her, "Don't be too good, Carol, or Greg will consider it a losing night."

"Shut up, shit for brains," Greg said with a laugh.

"I'm leaving.  Got to get home and help with chores.  See you later, you later than Greg, Jacob."  And she kind of skipped to her car.

"Hot stuff," I whispered to Greg.

"You'll never know," came Greg's laughing retort.

As Greg hurried to practice, I ran to the Mustang, got in, and drove away toward Brad and home.


Brad was on time meeting Doug and the ladies.  Everyone was smiling and happy.  Brad was carrying some packages, but no one asked specifically about the contents.  Diane did inquire if he found what he wanted.  He told her that he had, and that took care of the shopping spree.

When they arrived home, they had barely gotten into the house when Jacob drove into the yard.

"Sadie, please keep Jacob down here for a minute of two so that I can hide this stuff," said Brad.

"Sure will.  How about some tea ladies, and Doug you might like a cold  beer."

"Tea sounds great," chimed in Beth and Diane.

"Beer sounds better," Doug reminded them.  Everyone laughed as Jacob came flying through the door.

"Where's Brad?  Is he okay?  What was the matter with him?  Why did the doctor want to see him on such short notice?"

"Hello to you, too," said Diane with a laugh.

"Brad's fine.  It was just a checkup on that shoulder.  Dr. Oliphant wanted to be sure the healing was going well, and he checked everything else.  Brad will be okay," Doug said with calm authority.

"Brad's up in your suite, but why don't you have a cold soda.  He may be napping and probably you should let him sleep a bit," advised Brad's mother.

"I'm sorry, but I've waited all day to see him.  I won't be happy that all is well until I see him.  So,  thanks for the offer of a cold soda and the information, but I'm heading to the suite to check on him," said an impatient Jacob.

"Fine.  We plan to go out tonight for some Mexican food.  You're both invited to join us," said Sadie.

"Thanks for the invitation.  I'll check with Brad and we'll let you know."  Finally cleared of all responsibility in the kitchen, Jacob left the kitchen.

"Do you think we held him here long enough?" asked Beth.

"We would have had to tie him to the stove to keep him here any longer," answered a bemused Doug.  Everyone agreed with that.

I hurried to the suite.  I almost screamed at everyone in the kitchen.  It's almost as if they didn't know how much I needed to see Brad.  I felt a little like they were keeping me from him and that really pissed me off.  When I arrived at the suite, the door was closed and it was quiet.  I tried the door and it was unlocked so I  carefully pushed it  open.

The sitting room was empty and the blinds had been closed.  It was comfortable because of the air conditioning.  I slipped off my sandals so that I could move quietly into the bedroom.  Brad was lying on his stomach on the bed.  He was wearing only his underwear.  Now I felt like a jerk for thinking that I was being held in the kitchen.

I moved closer to the bed and admired Brad's remarkably well defined body.  He was beautiful.  I pulled off my T-shirt and dropped my outer shorts.  I quietly climbed onto the bed, and almost like a serpent slithered up beside him. He seemed to be sleeping soundly, so I carefully moved closer and kissed his shoulder.

"Hmmm, nice, but I want more," said Brad.  I giggled.

"What can I do for you, sweet cakes?" I asked.

Brad laughed and turned toward me. "What did you just call me?"

"Sweet  cakes."

"Where the hell did that come from?"

I reached over and squeezed one of Brad's ass cheeks.  "It's like this: you have sweet buns which I love to feel, and I kinda want to eat, so there you have it: sweet cakes.  Pretty good, huh?"  Brad just looked at me his face a mask of amusement and disbelief.

"That's the biggest crock of shit I ever heard.  But wait a minute, let's see if I can come up with a new nickname for you, Jake.  How about Big can?   Yeah, Big can will do."

"That's stupid!  Cripes, where did that come from?"

"As if you didn't know," said Brad with a giggle, "I happen to like this" and he grabbed my cock, "and it's big and it's like a cola can, so Big can.  Like it?"

"No, I don't like it.  Well, I suppose it's a compliment, but it's not very loving, I told Brad with a  grimace.

"But I love your big can cock, Baby," he said as he moved down.  Fishing my cock out of my boxers, he enveloped it in his mouth, using his tongue to give me pleasure and cause my cock to grow in size and hardness.  He took it out of his mouth and kissed the head, then continued down the shaft to my balls where he kissed and licked them.  Without remembering how it happened, I realized that I had his head in my hands holding him securely against my cock and balls.  We were both moaning.

"Stop, Brad, please stop or I'm gonna cum," I pleaded. 

"I'll only stop if you finish what you started this morning," he told me, taking my cock back into his mouth and sucking me again.

"Okay, okay, I'll do it.  First, I want to lock the door.  Second I want us to get naked, third  I want to make out with you for a long time, fourth I want to have a long time when I can pleasure your ass, and finally, I'm gonna fuck you silly.  How's that sound?" I said.

"Fine.  So get going, cause I want you in me deep and hard," said Brad with a kind of mischievous smile on his face.

I jumped off the bed, ran to the door of the suite and locked it.  Then I grabbed the lube and some condoms and was back in the bed in seconds, my boxers on the floor.  I put the necessaries on the night stand and then quickly pulled off Brad's boxers.  Then I laid on top of Brad and we began to rub our cocks against each other.  I was highly charged sexually, and from Brad's moaning, I knew he also was.  Somehow in our mutually  increasing stimulation, Brad's legs were on my shoulders.

With his tight butt now mine to enjoy, I pushed him further on to his shoulders and my face was immediately in his ass, licking and kissing.  I was soon tonguing his anus, which was pink and tight.  I reached for the lube, squeezed some into my hand, and then on my fingers.  Soon I was working diligently on opening my lover's anus.  Brad's continuing sighs, moans, and words of encouragement provided me with the impetus to finally be able to enter him and provide him with the pleasure he wanted and so rightfully deserved. 

I slipped a condom on my cock, covered it with lubricant, and pushed Brad back on his shoulders as I pulled a pillow under him for his comfort and my advantage. I rubbed my cock head on his anus and he sighed and pushed against me.  I didn't wait any longer, but pushed quickly and deeply into him.  There was no sound of distress from Brad.  In fact, he  urged me on,

"Oh, yes, Baby, fuck me.  Harder!  Harder!  Deep, Jake.  When you go deep, you rub my fucking love button.  Yeah, like that.  Faster, Baby, harder, deeper.  By now with every in movement I made, Brad pushed his hot ass back against me.  I was pounding him hard and fast and we were both groaning.

"Jake, Jake, I'm gonna shoot, oh fuck yes," Brad cried out as he began to pump his hot cum all over both of us.  His tightening sphincter set me off and I began to spill my seed into the condom which was deep inside my lover.

Our long return to normal was accompanied by kissing and our exchange of love messages.  Finally we fell apart and looked at each other.

"That was spectacular!"  I said.

"Awesome!" replied Brad, "Now let's take a shower and get downstairs before they conclude that we're up here fucking away.

"We are," I laughed, "but getting you in the shower naked as  you are, well, that promises to be good."  I took Brad's hand and led him into the shower where we enjoyed each other's bodies again.

All this made today a pretty good one!


Gary had been thinking about the turmoil that Jim's announcement had begun at St. Augustine's.  When Father Crowley called Jim to meet with him, Jim was concerned. At the meeting, the good priest had informed Jim of the threats from the parishes' formidable philanthropist, Arthur Coles Grantford. 

When Jim returned from his meeting with Father Crowley, he was devastated.  Gary was sitting on the sofa reading the latest edition of Newsweek.  The moment Jim walked into the room, Gary knew that things had not gone well.  Jim was pale and his hands were shaking.  He looked at Gary and ran to the sofa and fell onto his lover, finally letting out the pent up emotions of the weeks he had dealt with their relationship and his position at St.  Augustines.  He wept, and Gary was unable to placate his agony.  He simply patted Jim's back, held his head against his chest, and kissed the top of his head.

Finally, Jim began to get control of his ravaged emotions.  Gary chose to wait until Jim spoke.  "What am I to do, Gary?  What am I to do?" he asked holding back sobs that were fighting to escape his pained chest.

"If you wish, Lover, I'll go away.  If I'm not here, then you won't have me to explain.  That's what I think I should do.  I can't deal with the depth of your agony.  You are too good a man, too wonderful a human being, too devout a priest.  You will go on, and if not here, at some other parish where your sexuality won't be an issue.  I've caused all this chaos in your life for which I will never forgive myself."

Gary pulled away from Jim and scrambled out of the room and into the bedroom where he began to pull clothing out of  drawers and throwing them onto the bed in a messy pile.  He fought back the tears that were hot in his eyes, not seeing what he actually was doing, but more importantly not caring.  His heart was breaking, but he continued.

"What are you doing, Gary?  What the hell are you doing?" asked an angry Jim.

Gary didn't answer, but continued to throw socks and underwear, shirts and shorts on to the bed.  Jim moved quickly from the doorway, grabbed Gary and together they fell on the clothing-littered bed.  Jim kissed Gary so hard that their teeth were pushing against their lips.  Holding Gary down, Jim sat on his chest, seething. 

"You asshole!  How could you even think of leaving me?  It's not your fault, Baby.  It's the fault of the bigots, of the people too long persuaded that the only way is their way.  I love you, and I won't let you go.   Listen to me, and listen carefully.  First of all, if anyone has to leave it's me.  Why?  Because, Dipstick, this is your apartment, not mine.  Secondly, I made the error of thinking I could tell the parishioners of St. Augustine's that I was gay rather than staying in the closet.  I thought that in today's world these people would understand and we could continue our life together.  I was wrong.

"It's not the majority by any means, Gary.  But the people who are opposed to me are very influential in the parish.  One of them in particular is wealthy and because of his generosity, we are able to offer so many different groups of people the help they need.  If he withholds that money, then I don't see how the parish will be able to take care of those needs.  So I should leave St. Augustine's and then we can move somewhere and live our lives."

Gary suddenly pushed hard throwing Jim onto  his back on the bed.  He quickly straddled him and held his arms down.  He smiled,  "Asshole, Dipstick!  Aren't those a little strong coming from a man of the cloth?"

Jim was smiling back, "Maybe asshole was, but Dipstick was fine."

Gary leaned forward and kissed Jim tenderly on the lips.  He sat up on Jim's firm stomach, smiled and his eyes glistened, "Jim, don't you realize how much I love you?  When I was getting ready to leave just now, my heart was breaking and I was close to breaking out in sobs.  If I ever have to leave you, I don't think I would be able to continue.  I'd want to just sit and let the world go by."

Jim reached up, as Gary had let go of his arms, and ran his finger across Gary's lips.  He stopped that movement, and simply pulled Gary down to him where he began to kiss Gary's face, his neck, his ears.  Gary was moaning which encouraged his lover.  Jim moved one hand up under Gary's shirt and began to tweak his nipples. As he continued, Jim could feel Gary's member hardening against his body.  "I need you now more than ever before," Jim murmured as he pulled off Gary's shirt, "and I want you now."

Gary pulled the black dickey off Jim, and then pulled the white collar off, not caring what ripped or tore. Then their naked chests were together and both of them were struggling with belts and zippers, with shoe and socks, until they were rolling about on Gary's clothing, not caring about anything except their desire for each other.

Jim pushed Gary's legs onto his shoulders, lined up his hard cock and as he pushed into Gary bareback, he leaned down and began kissing him passionately as he also rolled Gary's nipples between his fingers.  Soon he was pounding his lover deeply and with force.  He pulled his lips away from Gary and told him, "Don't you ever think of leaving  me again.  Understand?"

After groaning his pleasure, Gary murmured, "If you fuck me like this on a regular basis, you'll never get rid of me."

"Then you're mine forever," gasped Jim as he began to explode in his lover who was already in the midst of a monumental climax.

Lying there on the bed, gasping and breathing hard, hearts beating rapidly and perspiration mixing with the semen on both their bodies from Gary's cum, they luxuriated in their love and comfort with each other.

"We'll get through this together," Jim whispered.

"I promise you, Jim, that I will never think of leaving you again," added a satisfied Gary as he kissed Jim's chin.

Weary and fulfilled, the two lovers fell asleep.

To be continued...


"The measure of love is to love without measure"

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