Finding Love: A Journey – II
By: Scotty
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"Jim, I have to leave.  I don't want to be the cause of your leaving the church, of your giving up your priesthood.  I can't.  I just can't."

Jim was angry, "You shut the fuck up.  Understand?  We settled this shit last night.  You're not going anywhere, not without me.  If there are bigoted bastards that don't want me around here, then I'll go somewhere else, but not without you.  I couldn't live without you, Gary; don't you understand that?  Please, please, don't do this to me again.  Just love me, Gary, just love me."

They were in each other's arms and their lovemaking became filled with passion and a deep need.  Soon their naked bodies were entwined and Gary was deep in Jim, showing his lover that he did love him, that he would stay, and that he would never bring up leaving again.


Chapter 4

The drive to the mall and to the theater was uneventful.  Devon led the conversation, and the two chatted about school, the game, and Jacob and Brad.  Devon told Adam that he really liked Sadie and how lucky Adam was to have her as a friend.  Adam listened more than he spoke, but he enjoyed the sound of Devon's voice.  Also when Devon was talking, Adam could watch him and enjoy his good looks, and his smile.

Adam had an overbearing desire to reach out and touch Devon.  He really couldn't understand why, but he knew that he wanted to do it.  He didn't care if Devon had someone else he was falling in love with, or already loved.  He was determined to let Devon know how he felt.  Perhaps not tonight but some other time.  He probably should be a gentleman tonight.  He still remembered what he saw when he went into Jacob's suite and found Brad and Jake having sex.  He had found it titillating, and that made him feel guilty.

When they arrived at the mall and found a parking place, Devon smiled at Adam and suggested that they go in and get tickets and popcorn and soda and get a seat as a large crowd had been at the previous showings according to the local news.  Adam was happy to get into the theater and into a seat, hopefully a long way from the majority of theater goers.

Devon bought a large popcorn with butter and two large colas.  Adam tried to pay for some of it, or all of it, but Devon simply said, "No, this is my treat."  The same thing had happened at the ticket booth, only this time, Adam wasn't holding the popcorn and his large drink. Still he couldn't get to his wallet.  He fumed a little at Devon who simply smiled and repeated his mantra, "No, this is my treat."

The theater was already partially filled and it was still fifteen minutes to start.  Adam decided he would let Devon select the seats, so he dutifully followed him to near the back of the theater.  Devon stopped and asked if this was okay.

"It's fine, Dev, it's fine," said Adam.

"Hey, I like it when you call me Dev.  Not many people do, but I especially like it when you do.  Please call me that," said Devon as he moved across the row of seats to the end of the row which ended against the wall.  He stopped two seats from the end and asked Adam to pass him and sit in the end seat.  Without hesitation, Adam did as he was asked.

The two young men settled into their comfortable seats, depositing their cups of drink in the holders on the seats.  Adam tried to hand the popcorn to Devon but he quickly suggested that Adam hold it.

"Are you comfortable, Adam?" asked Devon.

"Yes, are you?"

"Yes.  Adam, let's speak German as much as possible so that we don't have to worry about being overheard.  Is that okay with you?" Devon quietly asked.

Adam laughed a little, turned and looked directly at Devon.  "I'll try, but you know that my German isn't the came caliber as yours."

Devon answered with a slight giggle, "Don't worry, Adam, this isn't in Mr. Kent's class.  I'll understand you.  Now let's eat this popcorn while it's warm."

Without an answer Adam held out the popcorn container.  Devon took a handful and tossed some into his mouth.  Adam laughed and did the same.  As they waited for the previews to begin, they quickly devoured the popcorn and drank most of the soda.  The lights began to dim, and the screen came alive with the coming events.

As the two young men relaxed in their seats, Adam felt Devon's naked leg against his.  He didn't move, and he was more intent on feeling Devon's leg than he was on watching the film.  After a few minutes of this, Devon asked,

"Darf ich deine Hand halten?" ("May I hold your hand?")

Adam hesitated for only a single moment, then smiled and said,


Devon quietly and gently reached across and took Adam's hand in his, but only after he practically had to pull Adam's hands apart.  He wanted so much to lean closer to Adam and to kiss him on the cheek, but he knew he couldn't do that yet.  Adam was still struggling with some demons that Devon didn't understand and wasn't ready to ask about.

"Ist dir das angenehm?" asked Devon. ("Are you comfortable?")

In a quick staccato reply, Adam said,


When Devon heard Adam's firm `yes', he sighed in a moment of nervous release.  If he could only tell Adam how he felt, if he could only tell Adam that he was the one who he wanted to be with, now and forever.  But he wasn't sure, there was this nagging concern, something he felt but couldn't understand that made him cautious.  He decided to ask Adam another question.

"Ich möchte meine Hand auf dein Bein legen. Würde dir das gefallen?"  ("I want to put my hand on your leg.  Would you like that?")

Before he answered, Adam squeezed Devon's hand tightly, then he said,

"Oh ja. Das wäre schön. Ich würde dir gern zwischen die Beine fassen und deinen Penis fühlen. Ist das okay für dich?"  ("Oh, yes.  That will be fine.  I would like to put my hand on your crotch and feel your penis.  Is that acceptable to you?")

Ja, das würde mir sehr gefallen."  ("Yes, I would like that very much, Adam.")

Adam placed his hand on Devon's crotch where he could feel the increasing hardness.  His entire body tingled at the firmness of Devon's penis, because it meant that Dev liked him.  Adam thought he might scream aloud how he felt,

"Ich mag, was ich fühle."  ("I like what I feel.")

For Devon this moment was something he had fantasized about for the last couple of weeks, actually from the first moment he had seen Adam across the room in German class.  He wanted to touch Adam in a very personal way, too, so he asked,

"Darf ich dir zwischen die Beine greifen?"  ("May I touch your crotch?")

Adam's quick reply was simply, "Ja."

Devon placed his hand on Adam's penis, and as he did, Adam gasped.  For a moment he almost removed his hand, but instead he said,

"Ich kann fühlen, dass du hart bist. Du bist auch erregt."  ("I can feel your hardness.  You are excited, too.")

"Ja, bin ich."  ("Yes, I am.") said Adam.

Devon's courage increased with Adam's reply.  He thought only for a moment and was bold enough to tell Adam something that he really felt, that he really wanted.

"Ich möchte mit dir zusammen sein, wenn wir beide nackt und zusammen auf meinem Bett sind."  ("I want to be with you when we are both naked together on my bed.")

Adam slowly removed his hand from Devon's penis, and he pulled his leg away so that it no longer touched Dev's leg.  He was frightened, not because he didn't really like Dev.  It was more than that.  He wanted everything that Devon had suggested, but he didn't know if he was ready for that.  Wanting something and being ready for it was a dilemma that he was facing and he needed time.  So he told Devon,

"Devon, können wir es etwas langsamer angehen? Mir könnte bang werden, wenn wir es zu schnell angehen."  ("Devon, could we slow down a little.  If we go too fast, I might be frightened.")

This was the last thing that Devon had wanted to happen.  He was disgusted with himself for pushing too hard.  He had to let Adam know he could wait and be patient.

"Ich würde das nie wollen. Ich kann auf dich warten, Adam. Ich finde dich charmant, sexy und schön. Ich möchte dich nicht verschrecken. Ich kann geduldig sein und dich mehr in unsere Beziehung hineinwachsen lassen."  ("I would never want to do that.  I can wait for you, Adam.  I find you charming and sexy and handsome.  Don't let me frighten you away.  I can be patient and let you grow more into our relationship.

Now Adam wondered if he had been stupid to say what he had.  He wanted Dev to know how he felt, at least partially how he felt.  He told him,

"Ich habe sehr starke Gefühle für dich, Devon. I bezweifle, dass diese schnell verschwinden werden. Ich muss es einfach nur langsam angehen."  ("I have very strong feelings for you, Devon.  I doubt that they will go away quickly.  I just need to take things slowly.")

Devon wondered, almost feverishly, how he could save this special time with Adam.  He feared that perhaps he had already ruined everything.  He quickly asked,

"Nach dem Film kann ich zum Strand fahren, wo we spazieren gehen und reden können."   ("After the movie, when we get the car, may I drive to the beach where we can take a walk and talk?")

Adam was also worried that perhaps he had screwed up his friendship with Devon.  He answered quietly,
"Das klingt super, ganz romantisch."  ("Yes, that sounds fine, even romantic.")

Forgetting his apprehension as his hormones took over again and his desire to show Adam how he really felt about him, Dev turned toward Adam, who with each passing moment, became his boyfriend.  He knew that Adam hadn't made that transition from good friend to boy friend, but he needed to tell him what he wanted.

"Was, wenn ich versuchen würde dich zu küssen?"  ("What if I tried to kiss you?")

`Should he tell Dev what he really would do, or should he just let it stand out there and not really answer him,' thought Adam.  In a millisecond he would be on the side of truth.

"Dann würde ich versuchen, den Kuss zu erwidern."   ("I would try to return your kiss.")

Now Devon was floating.  Did Adam feel just as strongly as he did?  God, how he hoped that might be the case.  He would have to tell him who it is that he had fallen in love with.  He had to.  But for now he had to rein in his strong desires.

"Ich möchte dich fest in die Arme nehmen genau jetzt, aber das ist nicht der richtige Ort."  ("I want to hug you tightly right this minute, but this is not the place.")

All Adam's barriers, real and imagined, began to crumble.  He was beginning to know how much he cared for Dev.  He might not be the one Devon would finally want as his boyfriend, but at least he would let him know that he cared for him.  No, he thought, that was bullshit: he loved him.

"Wir können uns am Strand umarmen."  ("We can hug on the beach.")

Although he could hardly contain himself, Devon told Adam,
"Lass uns den Film anschauen."  ("Lets watch the flick.")

Adam nearly giggled aloud as he put his hand back on Dev's penis.  When Dev returned the favor, Adam whispered,

"Gute Idee."  ("Good Idea.")

As the movie played out to its end, both of them were anxious for it to finish.  It was not that the movie wasn't great.  It was; rather, they wanted to be alone on the beach where they could talk and better show how they felt about each other.


Chris and Peter returned from the "joy" ride in the Camry to find Jacob and Brad eating desserts.  When they asked about Adam, I told them that he was at the movies with a friend from school.  They were soon filling their plates from the food that were still on the buffet.  Brad, still working on a piece of chocolate cake, said little.

"So, who's this guy Adam went to the movies with?" asked Peter.

I smiled at little as I told them, "His name is Devon McKay.  He's a football player and an excellent student.  He and Adam are in the same German class at school."

"What's he look like?" inquired Chris.

"He's okay, but not anywhere as cute as Jake; he's a redhead" said Brad after he drank some milk so he could talk.  I began to laugh and gave my honey a kiss.

"Get a room you two sex fiends," Peter said with a laugh.

I immediately reminded them of our discussion out by the pool earlier in the day.  They both looked at each other. smiled and kissed as Sadie came into the dining room carrying some hot rolls.

She winked at Brad and me and said, "Well, well, gentlemen, don't let the fraternization get too passionate.  That is, at least not here in the dining room.  That's better kept for the bedroom."

I nearly choked on the chocolate macadamia cookie I was eating.  Poor Brad, did choke on a mouth full of milk, luckily he caught most of it in his napkin.  We were both almost in hysterics.  Sadie just stood there smiling at Peter and Chris.

"What about those two, Sadie?  They're always making out.  Good grief, they're worse than newlyweds," Peter said, spitting it out in small bits interspersed with laughter.

"But they're my favorites," answered a laughing Sadie.

"Oh, please," interjected Chris, "those two are your favorites.  How could that be, Sadie, when Peter and I are here.  I mean, we're older, wiser, more handsome, more intelligent, more..."

Brad was giggling but said, "and full of . . ."

"Don't your dare, Bradley Mason, or I'll put you on my list, and you know what that means," suggested Sadie.


I was leaning back in my chair relaxing after a fine meal, my lover was still devouring desserts.  Chris and Peter were eating, and for a moment or two the room was quiet, except for the sounds of eating.

Sadie sat in a chair near the door to the kitchen.  Her face was serious now, and I suspected she was interested in finding out more about Adam.  I was right.

"Did Adam happen to mention what time he expected to be home after the movies?  He didn't mention it to me."

"No, Sadie, he didn't mention any time to me.  Did he say anything to you, Brad?" I said.

"No, he didn't say a word about what time he'd be home.  But I wouldn't worry, because Devon is a great guy.  I know he'll take good care of Adam," Brad reassured Sadie.

I knew I had to add something to put Sadie's mind to rest.  She was our surrogate mother and all of us loved her because of her concern for our welfare.  She didn't replace Diane, or Mrs. Mason or Mrs. Li; it's just that by her nature she was a mother.  I always wondered if she had married what would her children have been like.  I told her,

"They'll probably go get some pizza or something like that.  They might also play some games in the arcade, or they might take a drive to the beach for a look around."

"Why would they want to go to the beach at night.  I don't understand that," offered Sadie.

Brad was glaring at me, but it was Chris who moved to Sadie and put his arm around her.  He hugged her tightly and in his gentle voice assured her that the beach was the least likely of all the activities they might do.  Peter chimed in joining Chris in the belief that they would not be going to the beach.

As Peter and Chris were talking, Brad grabbed my thigh and squeezed.  He gave me a knowing smile and I almost laughed aloud, but I held it in.  How I could have been so stupid as to bring up the beach at night.  All four of the young men in the room knew that the beach at night was a place of romance, and in some instances much more.  I wondered if Adam and Devon would go there and I was even more curious about what would happen if they did.

I was secure in knowing that Devon would know how to handle matters, but I was apprehensive about any moves that Devon might put on Adam.  I hoped that Devon was mature enough, and controlled enough, not to take it too far or too fast.  I kept seeing his shocked face as he stood in the door of the suite seeing Brad and me in such a compromising moment.  I blushed even now.

Sadie seemed to accept what Chris had said.  She was pouring a cup of tea when my dad and Diane came into the dining room.  They both looked tired and tousled.  It was obvious that they had spend a long, demanding day.

"Difficult day, Dad?" I asked.  I got out of my chair and went to Diane and gave her a hug and a kiss on the cheek.  She smiled at me telling me that my hug and kiss gave her a second wind.  Dad laughed as I went to him and hugged him and planted a kiss on his cheek.  He really hugged me tightly.  How different this was than what I had experienced only a couple of years before!

"It was difficult, but interesting.  We had two especially good clients.  They're married gay men from New England.  They have adopted three very well-behaved young men with them. It was easy to see how much they loved their adopted children.  Ryan Taylor, a college professor, and Sean Kelly, a student at the college, fell in love.  They had to overcome some serious problems, but their love got them through it. They adopted the three boys to assure that they would not be split up and because they fell in love with them. 

"After their marriage Sean took Taylor for a last name.  The adopted boys also have Taylor as a last name.  They want a place here for vacations when they wish.  Ryan's parents had a lovely home in this area, so they were drawn here by remembrance and nostalgia.

"Sean indicated to us that they home school the boys.  There have been some hassles with local and state laws which they worked out.  Their attorneys handled the majority of the legal matters," Dad told us.

"So how did it go, Mr. Neilson?" asked Peter.

"They bought a great place.  It was rather expensive, but apparently they are both millionaires in their own right.  They will surely meet any financial means test.  But I doubt they will want to borrow money or have a mortgage.  I understood from what Sean said that they would have a cashier's check at the closing."

Everyone in the room had questions to ask, but it was Sadie who asked the first one.  "Do they plan to live here much of the time?

Diane laughed, telling us, "I doubt it.  They have a beautiful home in Massachusetts, and two cottages in Vermont.  One of the cottages is older, and where Sean spent early years before the death of his parents.  The other is one was built to their specifications on the same land.  Both are on a lake in the wilds of Vermont.  From what Ryan said, both places have all the amenities that one would expect in the nicest home."

"Wow!" said Chris.

"Sound like a place I might like to spend a week or two, but not without you, Sweetcakes," I said.


"You, Baby, could never get away without me," Brad quickly added.

Chris and Peter were having another of their secretive discussions, both smiling and actually laughing.  Finally they pumped fists and Peter said,

"Jake and Brad, you wouldn't mind if we joined you up in Vermont when you vacation there.  We could share the cottage, go hunting and fishing, and generally have a great time."

I was fuming, but Brad patted my thigh and smiled at me.  I took a deep breath, smiled at the two assholes across the dining room table.  There was nearly a half a chocolate cake within easy reach and I had to concentrate on what I wanted to say, rather then imagine the cake smashing into Peter's cute face.
Dad and Diane were eating now, and Brad kept reaching for the cookies.  I fantasized how it would feel for him to be lying on me his heavy body pressed against mine, our lips meeting in a sexy, passionate kiss while our hard cocks rubbed against each other.  For that moment, I complete forgot what I wanted to say.  I just told everyone,

"Fine, if we ever go, you two are invited.  You two can do the cooking and cleaning while Sweetcakes and I rest, take nature walks, swim naked in the pond, and enjoy our time together."

"Well, thank you, dear sir.  Although we are not worthy to be in your resplendent light, we will accept your most kind and benevolent invitation," responded Peter.

Diane seemed to love the silliness of the exchange, and even my Dad was smiling broadly.  But it was Sadie who most enjoyed it, laughing loudly and until her eyes watered.  Not wanting to lose the audience, Brad stood and turned to Chris,

"And you my mature and sophisticated brother, are to teach my man and me the intricacies of love making, of finding the key to passion."

<More general laughter.>

"Oh, most noble brother, your wish is our command.  We shall show you the way, dear sibling.  After we have completed your education, you will both be consummate lovers whose equal cannot be found.  Your sublime worthies, we are but your lowly servants," said Chris as he bowed deeply.

I was laughing too, and Brad was actually chortling.  He sat heavily into the chair and soon laid his head on my arm.  I leaned over and kissed his ear, whispering as I did.  "Let's go make whoopee."  Just as he was about to stand his mother came into the room, her face ashen and her hands shaking.  All frivolity ended immediately.

Chris got to her first, but Brad was there almost simultaneously.  I was third.

"Mom, what's the matter?  You look like you saw a ghost," said Chris.  Brad had his arm around his mother's waist and she put her head on his shoulder.

"Mrs. Neilson," I pleaded, "tell us what's the matter."

Diane and Sadie were now in our group.  Beth left her son's strong arms and ran to Diane where she was greeted with open arms.  Sadie said, "Come with me and sit down, Beth.  I'll get you a cup of tea.  Then maybe you will be able to tell us what has troubled you so much.  She did as she was told, with all the group moving with her, but with we three young men forming a phalanx.

She reached for Chris and Brad's hand grabbing them tightly.  Holding back a sob, she said, 

"It's your father!  Oh, God,  it's your father!"


Jim was dozing on the sofa his bare feet sticking over the arm of the couch.  Gary was seated in the overstuffed chair, reading the newspaper.  They had enjoyed a quiet lunch that Gary had prepared. They had kept touching hands during lunch, and more than once they had stopped chewing and lightly kissed each other.  Interestingly few words had been spoken.

When lunch was finished they had a short friendly argument over who would take care of the dishes.  Gary won and sent Jim into the living room to rest.  As he washed and dried the few dishes dirtied at lunch, Gary thought of his great fortune in meeting Jim.  It could have been anyone who would have met him, fell in love with him, and could be here with him now.  But thankfully it had been Gary and his heart skipped a beat as he remembered their lovemaking, and the sense of completeness that each engendered in the other.

He came into the room and found Jim asleep.  Would he go to him and kiss him, push him toward the back of the sofa and join him, hopefully holding him in his arms.  He decided no, he could let his lover sleep.  He'd read today's paper.  On page eight he noticed a short article indicating that the FBI would be announcing changes in assignment for division chiefs.  Gary signed with relief, that wouldn't affect him.  He was safe.  He would stay with Jim.

He glanced around the edge of the newspaper and saw Jim's feet, perfect as was the rest of his lover's body.  He closed the newspaper and put it down alongside the chair.  Getting on his hands and keens he crawled to the sofa where he kissed the sole of Jim's foot.  There was no reaction.  He licked Jim's big toe then taking it into his mouth. He briefly sucked on it.  Jim moved, but didn't appear to awaken.  `Damn,' thought Gary, `what do I have to do to get his attention?'  He stuck out his tongue and licked Jim's sole from heal to toe.  That did it!  Jim sat up with a start; he looked down at his feet where he found Gary kneeling, giggling.

"You silly, wonderful, sexy man.  Come here and kiss me and make me want you even more than I do now.  Come on, don't keep me waiting,"  Jim's command came with a laugh.

Gary crawled on hands and knees to Jim's face.  He glanced at his lover for a moment before throwing himself onto Jim and covering his lover's mouth with his, then  pushing his tongue into his Jim's mouth.  Jim sucked on that tongue as his hands pulled at Gary's shorts.  Gary pulled away from Jim and in seconds they were both naked.

"I love you, good priest, more than I can say or do.  I would die for you," Gary whispered into Jim's ear before plunging his tongue in causing Jim to moan with pleasure.  In fact, Jim had dug his fingernails into Gary's back, leaving a discernibly mark there.  Gary didn't object.

"I want to ride you until we both reach ultimate pleasure, dear Jim.  I want to feel you in me, and I want your seed deep in my guts.  No condoms, please.  Dr. Norris says were both clean of any STD's, so can we do it naturally, my beautiful lover? asked Gary.

For an answer, Jim rolled Gary onto his back, pushed his legs back until his knees were beside his ears, and plunged his face into his lover's ass, licking, biting, and tonguing.  Gary was writhing in pleasure.

Begging, Gary said, "Please, Jim, let me ride your beautiful cock."  Jim reached for the lube on the coffee table nearby, squeezed a plentiful amount into his hand and dipped his fingers into the puddle of lube.  He carefully inserted one finger and then moments later, two, and finally with Gary begging loudly for his cock, he pushed three fingers in twisting them so that they would brush against the plump prostate.  Finally, he worked a good amount of lube along his steel hard cock, and laid on his back on the floor.

Gary joined him, straddling his lover's midsection and then moving backward until Jim's cock moved back and forth in his ass crack.  He took Jim's hard cock into his hand, moved back and aligned his hole with the cock he wanted in him, and slowly and deliberately lowered himself on the fuck pole until he was sitting on Jim's pubes.

"My good God," murmured Jim, "you're so tight.  It feels so right, so good."

Smiling, even thought Jim didn't see it as his eyes were closed, Gary whispered in a hoarseness which accompanied the sexual arousal he was entering.

"Oh, my sweet partner, you have no idea how wonderful this is for me.  Now I'm gonna ride your cock, man.  I want to fuck your pole until we both shoot."  Thus speaking, he began the up and down movement which continued at a faster and faster pace until they were both groaning, and finally almost screaming in pleasure as they spewed their cum, one into the other, and one on the other.

Gary fell forward as Jims cock popped out of his ass, their bodies coming together mashing Jim's seed between them.  For a long moment there was no talk, just heavy breathing which slowly returned to normal as did the rapid heartbeat.  Both men were covered in perspiration, but neither was aware of any of this as their lips were locked in a long passionate kiss.

Finally Jim spoke softly but firmly, "Do you understand why I never want to hear you speak of leaving me.  What would I do without you to make love, to travel, to sit and read together, to eat together, to pray together.  All these things and many more simple joys of living, I want to spent my life experiencing with you, and only you."

Gary began to kiss Jim starting at his ear and moving down to his eyes and then his nose, his lips, his chin, and then licking down his throat to his nipples, where he kissed and licked and bit gently.  Jim was squirming and groaning, finally he blurted out,

"Stop!  Please stop!  I'm not ready for this again right now."

Gary laughed and moved back up and pushing Jim's arm back, began licking his lover's pit, exhilarated by the scent of the man he loved.  "I can't stop, Jim, I can't I want to be in you.  Do you understand my need?"

In answer, Jim pulled Gary's head up to his and began kissing him passionately and with tongue.  "Yes, yes, please, I want you in me, Gary.  Now!"

In a fury of movement without and additional foreplay, Gary was deep in Jim whose legs were wrapped firmly around his lover, keeping him deep inside.  They continued their lovemaking for only a short time as both of them climaxed quickly, again sharing their seed in different, but important ways.  Exhausted, but in this attitude of love, they fell asleep.

It was an hour later that the telephone rang.  On the first ring neither man moved.  But on the second ring, Gary extricated himself from the tangle of limbs and rolled to the 
side table and reached up, pulling the phone from its cradle.  He answered in a sleep-filled voice,

"Yes, this is Gary.  Oh, hello Father Crowley.  Yes, he's here.  Just a minute, please."

Gary rolled back to Jim and kissed him on the back, then murmured, "It's Father Crowley, he wants to speak with you.  Get your ass over to the phone.  I'll be in he shower waiting for you to wash my back."  Jim kissed him, and got up and sat on the sofa as he picked up the phone.

"Hello, Father, this is Jim.  Is there a problem?"

Sitting in his office, Father Crowley, thought carefully about what he wanted to say, taking a deep breath he said,

"No, Jim, it isn't actually a problem, at least not at the moment, but it could become one.  It's about Arthur Coles Grantford."

Gary had just come into the room carrying a towel for Jim, but he stopped quietly, and listened.  Jim's face was white and the wrinkles, normally shallow and nearly unnoticeable, now showed deeply in his forehead and etched in the frown lines.

"What's the matter with Grantford?"

"He's called a meeting with his sons and daughter for the sole purpose of finding a way to get rid of me and you.  I'm not worried about myself, but you, young man, are important to me and to the church of the future.  He doesn't know it yet, but his son Edgar called me and wants us both at the meeting.  He told me that Evan, Everett, and Elsie all want us there, too.  I told him I would ask you, but that I couldn't command you to be there."

"I see.  Father, I won't go to the meeting unless Gary can be there.  That's the only way I will do it.  I don't mean to be obstinate, but this is about our life together so I cannot in any way exclude him for such an important moment in our life." 

Gary had sat next to Jim on the sofa and had put his arm around Jim.  He kissed his shoulder as he listened to this side of the conversation.

"Jim, I totally understand.  I'll tell Edgar what the conditions of the meeting are.  If he doesn't accept that Gary will be there, then don't attend.  In fact, if that happens, I may not attend either.  There's one other thing that you should know, Jim.  Bishop William Goodfellow has been invited, too, but not by Edgar or me, but by Arthur Grantford.  From some things that Edgar said, I assume that his father may be in for some surprises, but I couldn't fathom exactly what else he was hinting at.  The meeting is set for ten tomorrow morning.  Can you both make it?"

Jim turned to Gary and kissed him quickly on the lips.  "Yes, we'll both be there.  Count on us, Father.  If there is any change, please let me know."

"I will, Jim. "God bless you and Gary.  Goodbye."

"Goodbye, Father, and God bless you, too."  Jim put the phone back in its cradle.  He turned and pulled Gary into his arms.  He kissed him with immense feeling.

"Arthur Grantford has called for an inquisition tomorrow for Father Crowley and me.  I told him I wouldn't attend unless you came with me.  This is our life, Gary.  Will you come with me?"

Gary kissed Jim again, then pulled away enough so that he could look into this lover's eyes.  Both men had glistening eyes, but Gary was able to tell Jim, "I certainly will come, Jim.  I would follow you and support you if you ended up in front of the Pope."  Before he could continue, Jim began laughing.

"What's so funny, Baby?" Gary asked.

"A nice picture, Gary, but hardly accurate.  We don't answer to the Pope.  That's a Roman Catholic thing.  We just sort of stumble along with bishops."

Gary laughed now, and after kissing Jim again, he continued,

"Okay, no Pope, but wherever you are sent, I will be with you.  Always!  I will always be by your side. I will always protect  your back, and I will always hold you in your sad moments and always rejoice in your joy.  Do you understand?"

"Yes, I understand.  Now come on, let's get to the shower."

To be continued...


"The measure of love is to love without measure"

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