Finding Love: A Journey II
By: Scotty
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Ten minutes later they arrived at their father's home.  They were immediately suspicious as there were few lights on in the house.  That was unusual as Arthur Grantford usually had many lights on in the house.  Many stayed on all night, probably a reflection of a deep-seated fear of the dark on their father's part.

After they were out of the limousine, they trooped to the door and Elsie rang the bell.  In a few minutes, which seemed to those waiting at the door half a lifetime, the door opened.  Tobias, their father's butler, stood silently there for a moment, and then asked,

"How might I help you?  Your father isn't here.  Didn't he tell you he would be away  tonight?  I'm sorry if you came far, but I will tell him you called when I see him tomorrow.  Is there anything else?"

"No, thanks Tobias.  Goodnight," said Everett.  Tobias closed the door and the outside lights flicked off as the limousine drove away.

"Foiled!" said Evan, but with a knowing smile.

Chapter 7

Seeing her husband lying in the hospital bed ashen and not moving made Beth feel faint and somewhat sick to her stomach. He was bandaged around the neck, so it was impossible to see what his neck looked like. Perhaps it was better than she could not see the damage, whatever it was, to Travis' neck. It took all her strength to walk to the bedside and take his hand in hers. Diane and Doug were in the room with her, but stood back apart from this private moment between the distraught wife and the injured husband.

Finally, even with all her attempts to prevent it, Beth Mason began to cry. Diane and Doug were quickly at her side. She leaned into Doug's arms and he quietly encircled her body and held her as she wept. Diane stroked Beth's hair and spoke softly to her, telling her that it was okay to cry, that what had happened was terrible and that seeing Travis was very emotional. As Diane spoke, Beth began to get control of her emotions. Just as she did, the four young men came into the room.

"How's he doing, Mom?" asked Brad.

"I don't really know. He seems the same as when we arrived, but it isn't likely that will change for sometime. He's in a coma, but the neurologist thinks that might disappear in time. They're not sure about how much damage was done to his throat and larynx. There's so much that they can't tell us at the moment. We have to be patient."

"Mom, why don't you take a break. The four of us will stay with Dad. Get some coffee or something," offered Chris.

Diane shook her head at her husband who received the message. "Come on, Beth, let's take a walk or get some coffee, or something. Your sons are here to be with their father, so it's fine if you leave for a bit."

"Mrs. Mason, I think it would be a good idea to let the boys have some private time with their dad," I said.

"I agree with Jacob, Mrs. Mason," added Peter.

Brad gave his mother a strong hug and kissed her cheek. "We'll take care to be quiet and respectful, Mom. Please don't worry."

Chris followed suit and hugged his mother, too. "We need some time alone with Dad. Jacob and Peter will leave in a bit, too, so we can be alone."

Beth nodded, and in the company of Diane and Doug, left the room. The four young men stood silently looking toward the bed where Travis Mason lay. Peter motioned to me to follow him and we left the room without any comment to Chris or Brad.

Brad and Chris stood next to each other, neither saying anything and not moving. Finally Chris took Brad's hand and led him to their father's bedside. The two young men looked down at the father they had loved for most of their lives. How could things change so drastically in such a short time? The two even understood the difficulty any parent might have when they were told or discovered that their sons were gay. But usually, in these times, and because they loved their children, they could accept, if perhaps not always easily, their sons' sexual preference.

Their father had been unable to accept them. As a result, the manner in which he treated them was horrible. But . . .

"He looks so little, so harmless. How could he be so filled with hate, Chris? How?" asked an emotional Brad.

Chris couldn't answer as his throat had seized up with emotion, and he had to work hard to speak. "I don't know, Brad. He was such a great dad. How love can change to hate so quickly just because we're gay, I won't ever understand. He might not have liked it, but he should not have behaved the way he did. I wonder sometimes if he ever loved us, or if it was just an act to play the good father. Maybe something in his being warped his view of life and the forces that often move it in an unexpected directions."

Brad fell to his knees at his father's bedside. Chris soon joined him. They looked at each other, and suddenly the terrible struggle that had been ravaging their beings for some time in an attempt to forgive their father reached the breaking point. Grabbing each other they hugged as they broke into a loud and and uncontrolled weeping. Their raw emotions rushed over both of them in torrents and yet without it they would never have been able to forgive their father. But now, with death an apparent possibility, they both knew that not to forgive him would create an inner demon that would follow them all of their lives, eating away at them, pushing them away from those they loved. So here and together, they forgave their father even though he did not know it, nor would any others except their mother and their lovers and partners, Jacob and Peter.

Brad and Chris collected themselves, wiped their eyes, and in a surprise move, Chris kissed his brother on the lips. "There," he said, "we both needed that." Brad just hugged his older brother.

Peter and I came into the room just as Chris kissed Brad. It didn't seem strange to either of us, but we could see that much emotion had been expended. "Are you two okay?" I asked.

Peter added, "You look a little mussed and red eyed. So . . ."

Chris walked over to Peter and kissed him hard on the mouth. I was doing the same to Brad. The room was filled with soft moaning which emanated from the four sexually charged young men. We broke apart, and Brad told us, "We have forgiven our father. We want both of you to know and we'll tell our mother. But it stops there. This is private stuff."

"Understood," came the unison reply by Peter and me.

Beth Mason had not wanted coffee, but did take a walk outside in the warm Florida night. The three of them talked about all sorts of things, leaving any discussion of Travis and what might happen to him for later. Right now, Diane and Doug were trying desperately to have Beth forget the present situation, and more importantly the possible outcome.

Finally Beth made it clear that she wanted to return to her husband's beside, so without any further resistance from the Neilsons they returned to the hospital and hurried to Travis Mason's room. They found the four young men sitting quietly around Travis' bed. Beth smiled, thinking about how they had always been a happy family, until . . ."

"Dad, Peter and I are leaving for a little while and we want you and Mom to come with us. We want to give Chris and Brad some private time with their mother and father," I said.

"Understood, let's go," my father said and we quickly left the room.

"Mom," said Chris, "Brad and I want you to know that we have been able to forgive Dad for all the things that he did to us. We can't tell him right now, but when he's better, we will tell him. We did want you to know, though, and we also have told Jacob and Peter. But, Mom, we don't want anyone else to know about this. It's private family stuff."

Beth Mason took her two sons into a huge hug, and with tears running down her cheeks, she told them, "You have learned to forgive, and for that your life will be better. I love you both very much, and even if your Dad did some terrible things, I think he loves you very much too. Thank you for forgiving him because in so doing, you are also forgiving me. I have much guilt about what has happened. I never intervened when your father behaved badly. So thank you, boys. Thank you." Again Beth Mason cried, but this time it was from joy.


Tim had not heard from Todd for three days. He had called his cell at least ten times and had texted him so many times that he had lost count. Even calling his home had provided nothing! Since they attended different high schools, he had not been able to find out anything at school. At work, he mentioned it to his employer, Mrs. Ranaldi, but she did not know what to tell him. Her only suggestion was that he might go to Todd's home, but if his parents didn't know about his sexual preference, that might cause serious problems.

Finally in exasperation, he decided to call Jacob. It was a little later than he wished, but he called anyway. Sadie answered.

"Hi Sadie, this is Tim. I was wondering if Jacob is around. I'm concerned about Todd. I haven't been able to contact him in two days, which isn't like him. I wondered it he had been at school, and I thought that maybe Jacob could tell me."

"Did you call his home?"

"Yes, I did, Sadie, and there was no answer and no answering machine. I'm worried."

"I understand, Tim. Hold on a minute and I'll get Jacob."

"Thanks, Sadie," Tim replied. He waited impatiently, walking back and forth in his bedroom. "Why? he wondered, "hadn't Todd let him know what was going on? Had he done something that pissed Todd off. No!" He hadn't been with him since last weekend and then only briefly. They had discussed what to get Jacob for his birthday and that they both were going to attend.

"Hey Tim!" I said, picking up the phone. On the other end of the line, a healf-hearted smile broke across Tim's face at hearing the familiar voice. "Sadie says you can't get in touch with Todd."

"I've tried for two or three days and nothing. I've tried his cell, texted him, tried IM and send him a number of e-mails, but nothing. Am I bothering you, Jacob?"

"No, I'm fine, just lying in bed with Brad. We're both naked, but he's nearly asleep `cause he's had a bad afternoon."

"Damn, I should have known better than to disturb you at home at this hour of the night. Forgive me. I'll let you go."

"Hold on, Tim. You don't have to hang up. We're not about to have sex, just enjoying quietly lying here in each other's arms. I'm concerned about Todd, too. As a matter of fact, I haven't seen him at school for a while. I don't how many days that would be, but its been a few. You have any idea what might be going on?"

I rolled away from Brad and sat up in the bed. I waited for Tim to say something, but I soon realized that he was feeling very emotional and probably couldn't answer immediately.

"Who the fuck's on the phone at this time of night?" asked a sleepy Brad.

"It's Tim; he's worried because he can't get in touch with Todd. Have you seen him at school, Brad?"

"Not in a few days."

I took a deep breath, and told Tim, "Brad hasn't seen Todd at school either."


No one said anything for a bit, then I asked, "Tim, now don't get pissed, but did you and Todd have a fight, a disagreement, anything that might have made him angry?"

There was an audible gasp coming from Tim's end of the phone connection, "No, no, I can't imagine anything that happened that would have made him angry with me. That's one of the reasons I'm so upset. I mean, fuck, I know I didn't do anything that would have kept Todd from contacting me. I just don't know what to do."

Brad was awake now and his hand was on my cock, getting me harder than nails. Then he began to kiss my naked back. I motioned for him to stop, knowing that was stupid because he would certainly continue just to get even more sexy. I had no more than thought that, when Brad threw off the bed covers and lay there, erect and beautiful, stroking his meat. `Fuck!' I thought, `I'll never be able to finish this conversation.'

"Tim, try not to worry. Come on over if you want and we three can chat some more. Brad may not be awake. His Dad tried to commit suicide earlier and we've been at the hospital, and . . ."

"Jacob?" Tim inquired.

I was overcome with pleasure as Brad's mouth engulfed my ragingly hard penis. `I'm here, but Brad is being very naughty. Come on over. Can you get a ride?"

"Yeah, my sister will bring me over. Should I plan to spend the night or what?"

"Sure you can bunk in my suite," said Jacob. "I'll let Sadie know you're coming over. 'Nite for now."

"'Nite, and thanks, Jacob. You're always such a good friend."


Tammy Davis was not happy with her brother Tim. Why wouldn't he discuss his problem with her? She had accepted so much about him, none of which she had shared with their brothers. But at this time in the evening, he wanted her to drive him over to a friend's house so that he could tell them his problem, and he planned to stay the night there.

It began as an uneasy ride to Jacob's. Somewhere along the way, Tim began to talk. At first it was just pleasantries, and questions about his brothers, and how work was going. But before they had gone half way, he began to tell his sister about his problem.

"I haven't heard from Todd in three days. I've tried every way I can think of to contact him, but nothing has worked. I'm scared, Sis, really scared!"

Tammy thought carefully about what she would ask. "He didn't tell you anything about being away?"


"That doesn't sound like Todd. Did you two have words?"

Tim could feel his anger growing, but he knew he couldn't take it out on Tammy, not after she gave up her life for his brothers and him. She had become the pillar that supported the family after they had lost their parents. "No, the last time we saw each other was last weekend and everything seemed fine. In fact, he was in a great mood, laughing and joking. We talked about college plans and the possibility that we might both go to Gainesville. We were both excited and we parted on the best of terms, the way we have said good bye since the night we met at Ranaldi's. That's why, Tammy, I think something must have happened to him. I feel it deep in my heart."

"Tim, don't jump to conclusions. You don't know anything. Perhaps there was a death in the family, or someone might have been hurt badly and the family just took off. There are a thousand reasons you haven't heard from him. Try to stay calm." Tim turned away from his sister so that she would not see the couple of errant tears that were sliding down his face.

Tammy knew without seeing that Timmy was emotional, so she decided to let the silence continue. Finally, it burst out of Tim, "My God, he could be dead! What would I do? It wouldn't be fair. God couldn't take away someone I love so deeply, not again. Not again!"

"Timothy Davis, don't you dare question God. We are not able to understand His plan. He's God, not you and not me! Do you understand, Tim, that there is a reason for what is happening. Because we can't understand it, or we wonder why, doesn't mean that God has made a mistake. We accept life with its joys and its profound sorrows, because when we do, we become better human beings."

Tim's anger finally exploded. "To hell with it all! I don't care what God's plans are. I just don't think it's fair. Why would he want to keep Todd away from me? Why?"

Tammy put on her motherly persona and addressed Tim in gentle, loving terms. "Look, Timmy, you don't have any idea what has happened to Todd. Don't ruin your relationship with God, until you have some real reasons to do so. Remember, whatever we may think, God loves all of us, and he takes no pleasure in hurting us. Please, please, calm down and try to think rationally."

Tim's anger was deflated like a balloon burst by a needle as he heard his sister speaking to him with such assurance and faith. He realized that he was embarrassed. He understood the truthfulness of what she said to him, and he silently asked God to forgive him. "I'm sorry, Tammy, please forgive me for the things I said. I've already asked God to forgive me. It's just that not knowing is more terrible, I guess, than actually knowing what's going on. I'll try to keep a check on my emotions."

"Forgiving you is easy, Tim, because I love you," she said as she stopped at the gate and pushed the button. Sadie answered the buzzer and let them in. Tammy parked the car and didn't intend to shut off the car, but Tim convinced her to come in and meet Sadie. Tammy hesitated for a second or two and them agreed. The sister and her youngest brother walked together into the Neilson home.

Sadie met them as the walked into the kitchen. She looked at Tammy and knew immediately that it must be Tim's sister, as he had told Sadie much of his history. Tim quickly introduced his sister, "Sadie this is my sister Tammy. I wanted you two to meet, because I love you both."

Sadie moved to Tammy and hugged her, "I'm so pleased to meet you. Tim has told me much about you. What you have done in raising your brothers is a wonderful thing."

Tammy smiled broadly as she returned Sadie's hug. "I have only heard your praises, Sadie. Tim thinks the world of you. I can't stay long, but it was nice to meet you."

"Tim, go up to Jacob's suite. I'll walk Tammy out to her car." Sadie instructed.

Tim kissed his sister quickly on the cheek and left the kitchen on his way to Jacob's suite. As soon as he was out of the room, Sadie said. "I don't know exactly what's going on. Jacob did tell me that Tim hadn't been able to contact Todd, but that's all I know."

Tammy sort of collapsed onto a stool. "I don't know much more than that, Sadie. Tim has tried everything he can think of to contact Todd, short of calling the police. He really can't do that because he doesn't know what's going on. The only thing, maybe someone should check the house. I mean, it's possible that something terrible has happened there and no one yet knows about it."

Sadie listened carefully to everything Tammy said, mulling it over. She told Tammy, "It may be a little early to call in the police, but I know someone who might be able to get some help for everyone. I'll chat with Jacob in a few minutes, and if he thinks the same way that I do, one of us will call Gary, a good friend and an FBI agent."

"Oh, thank you, Sadie, that makes me feel better. I do have to run though, as I have to be up early for work."

Sadie hugged Tammy, said good night, and walked her to her car. She watched as the car pulled out of the parking lot and then as the tail lights finally disappeared from sight. Sadie sighed deeply. She wondered if this would be another tragic happening in the lives of these young men. It seemed to her that they all had suffered enough, that it was time for some uninterrupted happiness. Then she scoffed at herself remembering that it wasn't up to her to arrange the lives of the young men she loved as her sons. Later she would chat with Tim, and they would decide what to do about contacting Gary.

When she was back in the house, she pushed the button that closed the gates.


Tim knocked quietly on the door to Jacob's suite, praying that he was not interrupting an intimate moment between Brad and Jacob. For a long moment no one answered, then Jacob called out to him,

"Come on in, Tim. The door's unlocked. Hey, lock it after you come in. We're in the bedroom, but you can join us. Tim locked the door and stared into the darkened suite. He could see a dim light coming from under the door to his right, and he recalled that was the bedroom.

He moved cautiously across the study room to the door. He opened the door slowly and looked into the room. A small bedside light was on, throwing a dim shaft of illumination across the bed where two bodies could be seen lying close to each other. Their torsos and arms were naked, but they were covered by the sheet up to their waists. As his eyes adjusted to the lighting in the room, he could make out Jacob whose head was resting on Brad's chest. Jacob was lying on his side and had his arms thrown across Brad. In turn, Brad had his arm under Jacob's back, so the two rested in a kind of embrace.

"Hi, guys. I really feel like an asshole interrupting you two, especially with what's happened to Brad's father," stammered Tim.

Brad laughed and joked, "If you were an asshole, Jacob would be fuckin' you."

I raised my head from Brad's chest and whacked him on his pecs. "God, Brad, you are a dirty-minded, hormone-driven, sex fiend," I said. Everyone was laughing now, but Tim still stood just inside the bedroom.

"Come on over and join us," said Brad.

Tim walked over and stood by Jacob's side of the bed. He looked at the two great looking guys lying in bed naked. He knew they were naked even though he couldn't see anything below their waists. He hesitated, not quite knowing what to do. Finally he sat down on the bed next to Jacob. I had turned and pulled myself up a little so that I could look at Tim. "So, Tim, what can you tell us about Todd."

"Shit, Jake, give the guy a minute to get comfortable. Tim, get those clothes off and get in bed with us. I promise I won't touch you, but I can't account for Jake. He's such a horny ole dog."

I laughed and hit Brad's semi-erect cock, "When in hell did you get a Southern accent?" I asked.

Tim had gotten up from the bed and was pulling off his T-shirt. "Guys, please no fighting over me. I'm getting naked and I'll be in bed as soon as there's some room."

"Jake, get your ass over here so Tim can get in bed with us."

"Yes, master."

"Glad you know who's in charge."


I slid over closer to Brad and Tim slipped into bed and under the sheet. I had taken a quick look at him and marveled at how hot he was, and such a cock! "Okay, Tim, tell us what's going on."

"Hold it!" commanded Brad. "Tim, get in between the two of us, `cause I don't trust my horny boyfriend."

"Fuck you, Sweetcakes!" I said.

"Don't you wish," replied Brad.

Before I could answer Brad, Tim moved over me and wedged himself between the two of us. He lay there, staring at the ceiling of the room. It didn't take a rocket scientist to notice the deep stress lines on his face, nor was a telescope needed to identify the glistening tears in the corners of his eyes. I was immediately ashamed of the little silliness of Brad and my exchange, and a quick look at my lover made it clear that he, too, was embarrassed. Tim said nothing, waiting, I supposed, for us to get to the reason he was here. I took it to be my responsibility to get to the problem.

"Forgive us, Tim, for our disregard to your serious problem with our silliness. Please don't think too harshly of us," I said.

"It's okay. It's just . . . I'm scared," Tim stammered.

I was surprised when Brad turned, and after kissing Tim gently on the cheek asked, "Why are you scared, Tim. What's happening?" That's when Tim lost it, rolling into Brad's arms and weeping Brad hugged him tightly and I moved to his back and hugged him, too.

"It's just that I can't find Todd. He doesn't answer his cell phone. No one answers when I call his home. He never responded on IM. My e-mails were returned with the message that the email address didn't exist. I know I used the correct one, so I assume that the account was canceled. You guys say he hasn't been at school for a couple of days. I went by the house and it seems empty. There are no curtains, the cars are not in the drive. I went after dark and just drove by, there were no lights on, nothing. It's like . . . like he disappeared. Oh, God, why would Todd not tell me what's going on? Why? Why?"

Brad took his arms from around Tim and looked him in the eyes, "Look, Tim, you need to stay as calm as possible. We won't get anywhere if you get too emotional. I know about how you feel because tonight I've had to deal with my father's attempted suicide. I want to know why, too. In my case I may never know, but we can find out about Todd. Did you call the police?"

Tim sat up in the bed and looked first at Brad and then at me. He sighed deeply. "No, I wanted to, but my sister Tammy told me to wait. She said I didn't know anything about what was happening so how could I go to the police. She said, and rightly so, that someone might have died or become very sick and the family had to hurry off and Todd didn't have time to let me know what was going on. I don't know what to do. I need your help. Please. please help me."

"Tim," I asked, did Tammy know that the house appeared to be deserted?"

"No, I never told her about that. She just knows that I haven't seen Todd or been able to contact him."

"Strange," suggested Brad.

I took Tim's hand into mine and looking him directly in the eyes, asked him, "Was everything okay between you two for the last week or so?"

"It was wonderful. I mean we made . . ."

"I understand, Tim. You don't need to say anything more. I can only think of two people who might be able to help us with this problem."

"Jim and Gary!" Brad practically shouted."

"Right!" I almost shouted back.

"I never thought of them. Of course, Jim and Gary. Let's call them in the morning `cause it's too late now," said Tim.

`Right on," was the unison agreement from Jake and Brad.


After Sadie had helped Devon and Adam make up the cot, she hugged them both, smiled at them, and left the room. The two young men looked at each other, smiled at each other, and then Devon laughed.

"What are we laughing about?" asked Adam.

"I don't think we fooled Sadie for a second."

"Whatcha' mean?"

Devon's face reddened slightly as he reached for Adam's hand. He held Adam's hand securely, but not uncomfortably tight. "I suspect Sadie thinks it was a waste of time to make up the cot?"

Adam looked into Devon's sparkling eyes, but didn't see there any indication of why Sadie thought it was a waste of time. He waited a beat or two, and then inquired,

"Why would she think . . . I get it! I get it! She thinks we're going to sleep together in the same bed. Right?"

"Right. Are we . . .?"

"Gonna' sleep in the same bed?"


"Depends." said Adam with a smirk.

"On what?" asked Devon who was also smirking.

"It depends on if I ask you."

"Are you gonna' ask me?"

With a nervous laugh, Adam replied, "I'm thinking about it."


"As they say, time will tell."

"Shit, Adam, that's no answer," said Devon a tinge of anger in his voice. He dropped Adam's hand and walked toward the cot where he sat down heavily.

"You're pissed, huh?"

"Damn right!"

"Why are you pissed, Dev? You already know the answer."

"I don't know the answer. You haven't told me what you want. I'll be okay here on the cot. We should get ready for bed, because we may have to get up suddenly if things go bad for Brad's dad."

"Please come here, Dev," asked Adam, his voice quiet but emotion-filled.

Devon looked across at Adam, every muscle in his body taught with anticipation and desire. He rose slowly from the cot and walked to Adam where he stopped and stood quietly waiting.

"Kiss me!" ordered Adam.

"But . . ."

"No buts, Devon McKay. Kiss me this minute!"

So Devon took Adam into his arms, kissed him with gentleness, until they were both stimulated to begin more powerful kissing, their tongues working diligently for supremacy. Needing to breathe, they broke apart.

"Does that answer your question, Devon?" asked Adam as he pulled his T-shirt off and dropped his shorts and underwear.

Dev followed suit, and soon the two young men stood naked, their cocks indicating by their stiffness that they both were very stimulated. Adam took Dev's hand and walked him to the bed where they both crawled onto the bed and into each other's arms.


"Hold me, Dev. I want to be in your arms because it makes me feel protected," Adam implored. Devon took his lover into his arms, and for both of them they were transported to a place of joy and peace.

"Do you have any idea how wonderful I feel with you in my arms?" Devon asked.

Adam kissed his lover gently, and whispered to him, "You can't feel any more wonderful than I do. May I touch your body anywhere I want?"

Devon giggled quietly, "If you didn't want to do that, I would be upset because I want to do the same to you."

Adam didn't answer immediately, but slowly stroked Devon's back. "Maybe you should go first because I really don't have any experience; you could teach me. I want to do it right `cause I want you to have pleasure."

"Adam, Adam, Adam, I am having pleasure right now, holding you and having you stroke my back. I don't think we're ready to go too far, so I think you will do wonderfully. When we want to get much more intimate, then we'll learn together. Just do what you want; I know that I will enjoy it," Devon replied as he kissed Adam's ear.

"I like that, Dev. When you kiss my ear, I get wonderful feelings all over my body and I want to giggle a little, but it makes my cock get hard. Is that foreplay? I've heard the word, but I'm not sure what it is."

"Yeah, that's foreplay, and so is stroking my back and when you whisper in my ear, I get goose bumps and my cock gets hard, too." Devon said.

"Let's French kiss. I like that a lot. It makes me want to do all sorts of things to you. I kinda' want to eat you up. Does that make me crazy?"

"No, it just makes you hot!" Devon said as he rolled on top of Adam. "By the way, I could eat you up, too."

Devon began kissing Adam's ears, then kissing his eyes and finally kissing his lips and chin. He then began licking his way down Adam's throat, leaving a wet trail to his left armpit. Dev pushed Adam's arm up, and luxuriated in the delicious scent of his lover. He licked and sucked Adam's sparsely haired pit. Dev was so stimulated that he felt his prick hardening. Adam began moaning lightly, as Dev licked his way to Adam's nipple and licked it, then sucked on it passionately and finally bit it tenderly.

"Oh, God! Oooooohhh!" groaned Adam. "Don't stop, please, oh, yes, yes." Encouraged by Adam's reaction, Dev moved to his right nipple and performed admirably there, causing Adam to arch his back and push his nipple deeply into Dev's mouth.

"Dev, I love you. You're making me so happy. I want you, Dev in any way you wish. Do you want me, Dev?"

Instead of answering, Dev licked down to Adam's pubes where he enjoyed the scent. Stopping only momentarily, he took his lover's cock into his hand and stroked it gently. He leaned forward and kissed the throbbing flesh, and then lowered his mouth over the bright pink head and swallowed all of Adam's cock. Adam literally screamed in delight! Dev hummed a little tune, causing Adam to tremble and moan loudly. Dev quickly removed his mouth from Adam's penis and Adam then began giggling softly.

"Shish, you're gonna' wake Sadie. But I love that you enjoy me," whispered Devon, "because I sure as fuck enjoy every square inch of you, Baby.

Adam had grabbed Dev's head and actually was pulling him closer to his junk. Dev loved it, and was quickly back sucking Adam's firm and ample penis.

"Dev, oh, it's so wonderful. You are making me feel so good. Oh, yes, yes, that's so hot. Suck me, please. Oh, oh, yessss!"

Dev continue bobbing on his prize and in one hand held Adam's balls, squeezing gently and them pulling on them. Adam groaned in appreciation. As Dev continued to suck and do his ball play, he slid his hand under Adam, and cautiously fingered the boy's tight orifice. Adam froze and pulled away from Dev.

"No!" he almost shouted. "No!"

Devon pulled away and sat up in the bed. He was astonished, and looked down at the trembling young man below him. Adam's face was ashen and was filled with fear. Devon suddenly understood and he knew the horror Adam must have recalled. "I'm so sorry, Adam. I love you and I don't want ever to hurt you. Can you forgive me?"

"I love you, too, Dev. It's just . . ."

"The Colony . . . I should have asked you before I touched you there. I was stupid." Adam reached up and pulled his lover down and kissed him hungrily. Devon returned the kiss with similar intensity.

"Some things happened to me at the Colony, and well, I can't get them out of my head at the moment. It was very painful, and no matter how much I fought, there were too many of them and so they had their way with me. It was awful!" At the juncture, Devon saw the tears in Adam's eyes, and his heart broke, knowing something of what Adam had experienced.

`Now,' he told himself, `is the time to tell Adam everything.' But did he have the strength to recall it all, something he had been trying to forget for a long time? He knew that he had to face it again and tell the man he loved everything about the terrible time in his life.

Dev moved slightly onto his side and off from Adam, making it possible for Adam to lie with his head on Dev's pecs. Adam kissed Dev's nipple causing him to gasp. He began stroking Adam's head as he spoke.

"I've wanted to tell you this all night, at the beach, in the car, and I was a coward. I didn't want to remember it, didn't want to revisit it. I'm not sure that I will be able to handle the memory which has been hidden deep in my soul for many years. It happened when I was thirteen years old, and I never felt safe until I was almost fifteen, when my grandparents moved to Florida."

Adam lifted himself, resting his head on his hand, and looked directly into Devon's eyes. He saw fear there and perhaps some regret, maybe because he had brought up the matter.
"You don't have to go on, Dev, I can see you really don't want to. You have no reason to tell me anything. I love you the way you are. If this is all happening because I reacted so strongly a couple of minutes ago, please don't say another word. I don't want you to be unhappy. I . . ."

"No, I have to tell you; I have to deal with it. It's been festering in my soul for years now. You've given me the strength to talk about it. After my folks were killed in the accident, I went to live with my grandparents in a small town outside of Detroit. My Grampa worked for GM in Detroit. He had worked for them for years and when he reached retirement age, he and Grandma cursed the winter and sold the house, packed up and moved to Florida. I came with them. They don't know about what I am going to tell you."

Adam leaned closer to Dev and kissed him gently. "You don't have to tell me anything, Dev. Not a word! Not a syllable! Nothing!"

Dev relaxed a little, smiled and assured Adam that he did need to tell him everything. He explained that if he didn't tell everything, then he wouldn't be able to continue with their relationship because he would be keeping some very important things about himself secret, and the relationship would falter.
Adam tried to interrupt, but Devon would not allow it. So he resumed.

"One summer, my grandparents had to travel to Minnesota to attend the funeral of an uncle of my father. They would be gone for almost two weeks. They chose not to allow me to go to the funeral, because they were afraid of what it might trigger off because of the death of my parents. So, they decided to leave me in the care of my mother's nephew, Keith. He was 25 and was working at a law office in Detroit. He was a nice looking guy who seemed to have many girlfriends. He had always been super nice to me, interested in what I was doing, willing to take me places. You know, a great guy. He would be caring for me at my grandparents' house. He dropped me off at school in the morning and I was picked up by a neighbor, Shelia, who made sure I was fine and in the house with the doors locked. Things went smoothly for the first two days. Keith even prepared some nice meals for me.

"The third night there, he told me to take a shower. I did what I was told without complaint. I had only been in the shower for a short time when Keith came into the bathroom. I could see him through the glass door on the shower, at least I could see his shadowy figure. I kept soaping my body and watching him. I could tell he was taking off his clothes. He walked over to the shower, pulled open the door and said he was going to take a shower with me. That way he said we wouldn't waste unnecessary water. I thought it strange, but said nothing.

"I'm afraid my eyes wandered to his crotch. His penis and testicles seemed so large to me, but again, I said nothing. He was whistling while he soaped himself; he was near the door while I was at the back of the shower. I wanted to rinse off, but it I did, I would have to get so close to him that we would touch bodies, maybe even his cock and balls against my ass cheeks. I didn't want to, but thinking about it made my penis begin to swell. By this time, Keith was soaping his cock and balls, and he was playing with them. As he did this, his cock grew in size and I couldn't take my eyes off it. Keith noticed and smiled.

`You like my cock, Devon?' he asked me. I was nearly choking with fear and embarrassment. `Well, do you like it?" I could only stammer, `It's big!' Keith laughed.

"All this time my cock was getting hard, and for a guy my age it wasn't small. It was perhaps five inches when it was erect, but had little bulk to it. I mean it was skinny. Keith reached over and took it in his hand. I gasped, and told him he shouldn't do that. He asked if it felt good. I just shook my head `yes'. He laughed and stroked it until it was really hard. I started to cry and told Keith I wanted to get out of the shower. He told me that he knew I wanted to touch his cock. I was still crying and said no. He opened the shower door and stood aside letting me out of the shower. I grabbed my towel and ran to my room, jumped in my bed and pulled the covers up over my head."

"Dev, you really don't have to tell me any more, I get the idea. Don't torture yourself remembering this shit. I don't need to know all of this," Adam murmured as he gently kissed Devon.

Devon pulled Adam into a tight embrace, kissed his ear and whispered, "I love you Adam, really. It's not some little high school romance, a fling thing. Fuck it, man, I love you. And, and, because I love you, I can't keep anything from you. If I tell you, maybe I won't have to carry the baggage any longer."

Adam slowly rolled away from Devon, sat up and spoke slowly and carefully, "I know we love each other, and I want you to do what you need to do. I'll listen to your story, but I want you to know that I don't need to hear it."

Devon reached out and took Adam's hand and raised it up to his lips and he kissed it. "You are my strength, Adam. I'll try to make the story short."

Adam smiled at Devon and told him, "Go on, Lover."

"That was all that happened that night. I didn't sleep well because I kept thinking about what had happened. I also feared that Keith might come to my room. In the morning, when Keith woke me up, he didn't mention the episode in the shower, but just told me to hurry and get to breakfast so we wouldn't be late. I did as he asked me, and we were off to school where he dropped me, continuing on to his job. Later Shelia picked me up and brought me home. She must have sensed something different because she asked me if I was feeling okay. I told I was fine, but that I had a lot of homework to do. After she made sure I was safely in the house with the doors locked, she left. I went to my room, thought about last night and cried myself to sleep.

"I was awakened by Keith who was rubbing my crotch. He just shushed me and unzipped my trousers and pulled them down. Next he pulled down my underwear and leaned forward and kissed my penis. Then he stroked it a couple of times and it got hard, very hard. And . . . and he . . . well . . . he took it into his mouth and sucked on it. It felt so good, I didn't push him away. That was a mistake, Adam, because he thought that meant I wanted him to do that, and I didn't. Anyway, he stopped long enough to take all his clothes off and he took my shirt off, too. We were both naked and his cock was hard and the head was shinny, but my penis was soft now."

"I hate him!" cried Adam.

Devon had gotten out of the bed and was pacing. His face was red, and he was embarrassed by what he had to tell Adam. "It got worse because Keith pulled me over to the edge of the bed and put his cock in my face rubbing it over my lips. `Kiss it, Devon. Please, kiss it.' And I don't know what happened, but I did; in fact, my lips had opened and he had pushed the head of his cock into my mouth. I could barely get the head in my mouth, but thankfully, Keith didn't try to push any more into my mouth."

Adam was now sitting on the edge of the bed watching Dev as he paced. He noticed how well developed he was, how his ass was perfectly formed, and how he had strange urges to feel Dev's ass, and maybe more. And Dev's cock was impressive even in its deflated state.

"Devon, please come here and sit next to me."

Devon stopped pacing and looked across the room at Adam. He was so beautiful, so right for him. He prayed that telling Adam all this about himself would not scare him away. He only knew that he had to tell the whole story, to inform Adam, and perhaps importantly to free himself from the horror of the experience. He walked slowly to Adam and sat on the bed next to him. Adam put his arms around Dev and pulled him tightly against his body.

"You are quite magnificent, you know. Your body is yummy, and your package is first rate, and that ass of yours is something to wish for, Dev. And you red hair is so sexy, especially around your cock and balls. Perhaps I would like that red hair around your anus, too, but I haven't seen that." Devon pushed Adam back onto the bed and kissed him urgently, soon both of them were hard again.

"Let me finish, please. Then maybe we can make love."

"I think I would like that. Go on, tell your story."

"It got worse, Adam, `cause Keith had other things he wanted to do to me. He told me, `I'm going to fuck you every morning and night, Devon; your ass is mine. And if you so much as mention any of this, I'll fix you so that you won't be able to rat on anyone else. Do you understand?' Adam, I was scared out of my mind and told him I understood and that I would never tell anyone. In fact, you're the first person I have ever told."

"So did he fuck you, Dev?"

"No, he raped me! Raped me, the bastard! Raped me many times before my grandparents came home. He hurt me so much, and I never enjoyed it. He asked me to walk him to his car the night he left and because I was afraid I walked out with him. When we got near the car, he stopped and told me that he was gay and he was sorry he had been rough with me, but he found me sexy and appealing. Finally he warned me again about telling anyone."

"I'm so sorry, baby. I'd like to beat the bastard so he couldn't walk for a week." Adam was angry, and Devon didn't like that side of his lover's personality.

"Don't talk like that Adam. It happened a long time ago, and now that I have told you about it, I feel better. I may never see Keith again, certainly not if I have anything to say about it. Come here and kiss me, please."

The two young men moved together into an intense embrace. Picking up Adam, Devon moved him to the center of the bed, crawled in beside him and again they drew together into an embrace. Emotionally drained, the two young lovers slowly fell asleep.


When the phone rang, Sadie jumped and was immediately wide awake. She picked up the receiver and spoke, "The Neilson residence, Sadie speaking."

"Sadie, this is Doug. You should wake up the boys and get them down here as soon as possible. It doesn't look as if Travis will make it. I have to get back in the room with Beth and Diane."

"I'll take care of everything at this end. Goodbye." Sadie wondered if Doug had heard her as she got no response. Her heart was heavy as she thought of all that Brad and Chris had already been through. She felt for Jacob, too, having seen his agony when Brad was in danger. But she knew her duty and hurried to the door of Jacob's suite. She knocked. There was no answer. She knocked again, louder this time. Then she heard someone moving and the door opened slowly. Jacob stood there in his boxers, sleep showing in his eyes.

"Jacob, your father called and he wants you boys at the hospital as soon as possible. It doesn't look good for Brad's dad."

Jacob staggered back away from the door as if Sadie was a monster of some sort stifling a cry. "Oh, my God, not this now. Brad doesn't need this, Sadie, he doesn't need this."

"I know sweetheart, I know. Are you going to be able to take care of this, or do you want me to tell Brad?"

The reply was quick and abrupt, "No, I'll take care of it. We'll be down in five minutes. You had better drive, Sadie. I don't think Brad or I should drive."

"Fine, now I'm gong to get dressed," said Sadie, as she turned to hurry down the hall.

I closed the door slowly and turned and walked into the bedroom. Tim was lying on my side of the bed and Brad was spooned up against Tim. I had been spooned against Brad when the knocking woke me up. I couldn't waste any time as Brad's dad was dying and every minute was valuable.

I crossed to the bed and sat. I reached out and stroked Brad's naked back. He murmured in appreciation, but didn't wake.

"Brad, Brad, please wake up," I whispered. Nothing.

"Brad, wake up, now!" I said with more volume.

"What's wrong?" asked a sleepy Tim.

"We have to get to the hospital. It's Brad's father."

Brad turned and faced me. He looked bewildered. Tim had sat up in the bed and was looking at me with sympathy knowing what I had to tell Brad.

"What's the matter?" asked Brad still confused and half awake.

I took a deep breath as I took Brad's hand in mine.

"It's your father. He's really bad. We have to get to the hospital. Sadie's going to drive us."

"Fuck!" screamed Brad as he fell into my arms.


Sadie had the presence of mind to call Father Jim. She had to wait a bit before anyone answered.

Gary was asleep, his head resting in the area below Jim's armpit and his pec. He thought he was dreaming, but eventually it dawned on him that the phone was ringing. His FBI training kicked in, and he went into full alert mode. Now fully awake, he answered the phone. It was Sadie and the news was not good. He told her they would be along shortly.

Gary looked back at the bed and his lover. Jim was still asleep, or at least he appeared to be. Without opening his eyes, Jim asked, "Who was that?" Gary had gone back to the bed and climbed onto it on his hand and knees. He leaned over and kissed Jim's naked back. "It's Travis, they don't think he'll make it the rest of the night." As Jim turned to face his partner, he sighed deeply. "It seems that trouble is always following poor Brad and Jacob. Only God knows for sure why. Gary, kiss me so I will have the strength to handle all of this tonight."

Gary embraced Jim, kissing him gently, but still with an urgency that bespoke the depth of the love in his heart and soul. "You didn't need that kiss, my sweet Jim to handle tonight. You will be spectacular as you always are. I regret that we won't get the sleep we need considering what's coming in the morning. Should I call the hospital and tell them we can't get there?"

"No! I can do anything if you're at my side, Gary. You give me strength; you make me feel invincible." Gary laughed and added, "Invincible, huh? That's why you're so magnificent in bed."

Jim didn't answer but swung his pillow and knocked Gary down and almost off the bed. Much laughter and horseplay ensued. However, the two lovers were soon dressing hurriedly and then running to the car and speeding away toward the hospital. Tomorrow and the meeting with Arthur Cole Grantford, the Bishop, and Father Crowley would have to wait.


Getting Brad quieted down and dressed was difficult. His emotions were raw, and he was struggling with the dilemma of loving and perhaps hating his father. But I am sure that he never wanted his father dead. I was glad that Tim was there as he helped a great deal. He ran to Adam's room and awakened the two of them. They jumped from bed, both naked, and Devon assured Tim that he would take his car to the hospital and that Tim could ride with them if he wished.
Seeing the two naked lovers together caused a pang in Tim's heart as he thought again about Todd. He pushed that agony into the darkest corner of his soul, knowing that sooner or later he would again have to revisit Todd's disappearance. Now, however, he had a friend in need and so that was where he would expend his energy. Tim left the room and quickly returned to Jacob's rooms.

We were practically dressed when Tim returned, but it was difficult because Brad was having a difficult time controlling his emotions. Tim sensed our need for privacy, so he went into the bathroom with his clothes. "Sweetcakes, what can I do to make this easier for you?" Brad was sitting on the sofa his head in his hands, his body shaking. He couldn't answer me for a bit, but he was able to stop weeping and he looked at me with eyes filled with tears and plaintively said, "Just stay with me. That's all I need." I went to him and hugged him tightly as he placed his head on my shoulder and wept, again unable to settle all the conflicting emotions at war in him.

Tim came out of the bathroom dressed and stopped and looked at the two of us. "What can I do to help, Jacob? Is there anything that I can do for Brad. I'm going to ride with Devon and Adam to the hospital."

"Please walk with us to the kitchen, just in case." Brad moved away from me, tears still running down his cheeks.

"I can walk by myself. I'm not going to faint or anything that stupid. Tim, you can go back and get those two to get their asses moving. Meet us in the waiting room, or whatever."

"Thanks, Tim. Come on Brad, Sadie must be waiting," I said as Tim hurried from the room. I helped Brad up from the sofa and embraced him. I kissed him gently on the lips and then whispered into his ear, "I love you, fantastic footballer and I'll be with you, close by, supporting you." Brad just gasped as he tried to hold in a sob. It was all the answer I needed.


Everyone was in the kitchen waiting for Sadie to tell us what to do. The orders came quickly.

"Brad and Jacob you come with me. I'll drive the Mustang. Devon, you take your car and Adam and Tim will go with you. You follow us. Now let's get going. Father Jim and Gary are going to be at the hospital. Drive carefully. Devon get out of the drive and wait on the road. I'll drive out and close the gates. Brad, are you okay?"

"Yeah. Let's go."

I looked at Sadie and my face told the whole story. Devon, Adam, and Tim had left. Sadie patted Brad on the head, and motioned to me to get him into the car. We two left as Sadie switched off the lights and locked the door.

Soon the two vehicles and their anxious passengers were on the way to the hospital.


To be continued...


"The measure of love is to love without measure"

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