Finding Love: A Journey II
By: Scotty
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Chris had his arm around his mother's shoulders as Brad moved up and stood on the other side of her. I stood back in the group with Peter, and my dad and mom.

"I'll have to ask you all to leave the room for a few minutes. Please go to the waiting room. When we're finished, I'll send a nurse to get you or I'll be out to chat with you," Dr. Stanley said.

Father Jim moved forward and whispered in Dr. Stanley's ear. He then spoke, "Please hold hands and join me in a prayer." The assembled group moved into a tight circle and joined hands.

"Almighty Father, we ask that you comfort your servant, Travis, and in Your infinite mercy, You find forgiveness for him. Amen."

I watched as Mrs. Mason, Chris and Brad went to the bedside and leaned in and kissed the pale man who was have increasing difficulty breathing.

Everyone quietly left the room.

Chapter 9


Craydon Buckminster ignored the ringing phone as he rammed his throbbing cock into the young, blond whore who was moaning in pleasure as he fucked her hard.  He also sucked on her nipples which only increased their mutual pleasure.  The girl's legs were wrapped around Buckminster's lower back, occasionally slipping down to his bubble ass.  He could feel the high-priced prostitute's nails digging into his back which  stimulated him more as he pounded his engorged penis deep into the slippery cunt of his prize for the  night.  She could also suck cock like an expert and had pleasured him once or twice already.  But she fucked like a rabbit, and he was hot to fuck her many times before she left.  The damn phone would not stop ringing, and when he pulled away from her she cried out to him not to stop, to fuck her hard, to cum deep in her.  Nonetheless, he pulled out of her, and as he reached for the phone, he swore like a sailor.

"Fuck!  Fuck!  Fuck!  Who the fuck needs to talk to me now?" How he wished he hadn't disconnected the answering machine.  Usually that got rid of the assholes he didn't want to speak to, but it hadn't happened tonight when all he had on his mind was cunt and fucking.

He practically shouted into the phone, "Buckminster here."

"Hello, this is Sheriff Lascoster in Stuart.  There's been a mishap at the jail."

"What do you mean a mishap?" asked  Bruckminster.

"Your client, Mr. Mason, well, he tried . . ."

"What the hell happened to Travis?" demanded the now irate attorney.  The was a moment of silence in which the only sounds were the slurping sounds coming from Craydon's crotch as the prostitute sucked his cock.

"He tried to kill himself.  Tried hanging himself."

"I'll be a son-of-a-bitch!" exclaimed the frustrated attorney.

"How the hell did that happen?  Don't you guys have any rules about belts, sheets, that kind of shit?"

"Mr. Buckminster, perhaps if you could drive up here as soon as possible, we could get this entire matter satisfactorily settled."

"I fucking doubt that.  There's sure as shit gonna be a lawsuit, especially if Mason dies.  Where is he now and how's he doing?"

"He's at hospital and is in critical condition.  The faster you could get here the better."

"I'll be there in a short time.  I'll use the firm's helicopter.  Have a car at the airport to take me to the hospital."  Before Lascoster could reply, Buckminster slammed the receiver into the cradle, rolled over and fucked the whore's mouth and throat until he shot off a heavy load of cum.

"Okay, Honey, that's it for tonight."  The blond looked disappointed and was about to protest, when Buckminster handed her a thousand dollars.

"Here," he said, "that should cover our fun.  Remember me, and I'll ask for you next time.  I have some ideas we haven't tried yet."  He smirked as he moved to the bathroom.

The young woman watched naked Buckminster's firm ass as he left the room.  `He's hot," she thought, `and he fucks really good.'  She slipped out of bed and began to pull on her panties and then her bra.  She had a short skirt  and an attractive top which had obviously been selected by the madam and not by the young whore.  Her high heel black boots reached mid calf. 

She picked up her earrings and soon had decorated her ears.  She slipped on various rings, grabbed her leather coat, strode across the room and left.  `Another day, another dollar,' she thought and laughed rather loudly. In the shower, Buckminster heard none of it. 

He was thinking of Travis and the new wrinkle in their partnership.  As he stroked his hardening cock, he contemplated what would happen to the firm.  How much would Beth Mason want from the firm?  What about the two gay sons?  `Shit,' he thought, `I never imagined anything this fucking stupid would happen.  Travis was an asshole about his son's sexual preferences, but to do what he had done, suggests a mental condition.  Fuck, he was a little off!  No, it was just  the stupid overpowering religious right, or at least his pastor, who had poisoned him against his own flesh and blood.'

He rinsed off, stepped out of the shower, grabbed a towel, and quickly dried himself.  He had called the helicopter service before he began his shower.  There would be a car to pick him up in a few minutes.  He realized he had to hurry.  He wondered what he would find.


Everything went according to Craydon's plan: the car arrived promptly to pick him up, the helicopter was waiting and quickly made the short flight to the landing area at the hospital where the authorized helicopter landed.  He hurried into the building where he was met by an  administrator who was on alert after authorizing the landing of the helicopter.  As the two men hurried down the corridor, the helicopter lifted off and flew away into the night sky.

All Buckminster could pry from the hospital administrator was that Mr. Mason had been rushed to the hospital from the jail, arrived in poor shape and had been placed in a guarded room and was under the care of Dr. Stanley, a qualified member of the medical staff.  Family had arrived in waves, some immediately, including his wife, and others shortly thereafter.

"Dr. Stanley has finished speaking with the family, and Mrs. Mason has given permission to perform a tracheotomy. That procedure is probably finished by now. The family is in the waiting room where I am taking you now."

"What's the  prognosis on Mason?" asked  Buckminster.

"I'm sorry, Mr. Buckminster, but I'm not allowed to divulge that information to anyone other than Mrs. Mason," said the cautious man.

"Shit!" was all that Craydon said as they approached the waiting room.

Buckminster wasn't sure who all the assembled group were, but he moved immediately to Beth Mason and took her into a bear hug, whispering in her ear a message that only she head.

"I'm so sorry, Beth.  So sorry.  How's he doing?"

With a deep sigh, Beth said, "Not very good, Cray.  He was having difficulty breathing because of the swelling in his neck, so they recommended a tracheotomy.  I agreed.  They must be about finished."

"Have the doctors given you any odds about his survival?"

Brad stepped forward, followed by Chris; they stopped on either side of their mother.

"We think this is an inappropriate time to be asking that kind of question of our Mom, " said an irritated Chris.

"I agree," chimed in Brad, "Mom has been through a great deal already without having to handle that kind of question."

"Boys, it's fine." said Beth.  She continued, "Cray, all they've said is that he's in critical condition.  That's why all the family is here.  They're not sure what might happen.  Who called you?"

"The sheriff.  He's trying to cover his ass, if you ask me.  Oops, sorry ladies, I didn't mean to be offensive."

"Don't worry about it," Beth assured Buckminster.  "Let me introduce people.  Everyone, this is Craydon Buckminster, a partner in Travis' law firm.  Cray, this is Chris our oldest son and his partner, Peter Li.  This is Brad and his partner, Jacob Neilson.  These two are  Jacob's parents Diane and Douglas Neilson.  This is Sadie, a most wonderful woman who watches over all of us, and this is Father Jim, our pastor, and his friend Gary."

Jim had stepped forward past Beth and stood directly in from of Buckminister, reaching out his hand he shook the attorney's hand.  Jim spoke quietly,  "I'm happy to meet you, sir.  I'm hopeful that you will be able to assist Beth.  It's been a difficult time for her and Chris and Brad.  They're all good people.

Buckminster smiled broadly as he shook the priest's hand.  "It's a pleasure to meet you Father.  And Gary, you too," he said as he reached for Gary's hand and shook it firmly.  Continuing, Buckminster said, "How long have you known Gary, Father Jim?"

Gary looked momentarily at Jim, but said nothing.  Jim decided not to let the question go unanswered, so he pulled his frame into it's tallest position, and in a soft, but firm emotion-filled voice, told Buckminster,

"Gary is more than my friend.  He's much more than that.  Since I met him, he has been the person I wanted to be with for as long as he wants me.  He's my lover and partner.  Don't think less of us, because we have learned that love is too important to cast away because of some shallow societal views."  Gary was now with Jim and they were holding hands. 

I found my voice and said, "Mr. Buckminster, we are three gay couples and proud of it.  Those three young men standing over there are also gay men.  One of them has lost connection with his lover.  He doesn't know where he is or if he is all right.  And believe me, the agony he feels is as real as any husband or wife might feel if they didn't know the whereabouts of their spouse.  My parents, Mrs. Mason and  Sadie accept us for who we are and I hope that you will be able to do the same."

Buckminster was not put off by anything that had been said.  He spoke softly but with the firmness of an attorney,

"I accept people for what they are, what they do, and how they wish to be.  I don't buy into all the falderal about the harm of sexuality whether it's heterosexual, homosexual, bisexual, or some other sexual mixture I'm not familiar with.  I'm not a fan of pedophiles, or rapists, but those are different kettles of fish as those bastards prey on others.  Adults who enjoy sex are not odd or sinners.  The urge for sex is universal and healthy.  That's my view, so I'm glad to meet all of you.  And you young man, maybe I can help in some way in finding your partner."

"Thank you so much, sir.  That would be wonderful," said a smiling Tim.

"And, Tim, I'm sure I can be of some  help to you, too," added Gary.

At that point, Dr. Stanley came into the room.  He went directly to Beth and her sons.

"He weathered the procedure exceptionally well.  We have sedated him so that he won't hurt from the surgery or attempt to pull out the tube.  He's unconscious, and the next few hours, perhaps even days will reveal much to us about his potential for recovery.  Not more than three people at a time in the room, at least not for tonight.  Any questions?"


"Then I'll leave you," continued the physician.  "I'll check on the patient from time to time all night long.  There are nurses who will be with him full time until I change that.  Good night to all of you."  Dr. Stanley, as with any busy and overworked doctor, hurried from the waiting room.

Doug Neilson took Diane's hand and moved up to  Beth,  "Why don't you and the boys go in first.  Then perhaps Craydon can join you with Father Jim and Gary. After that Peter and Jacob can join their partners and be together for a bit.  Later Sadie, Diane and I will stay with him.  And when appropriate, everyone else can take turns."

There was general agreement within the the group, and just as Beth and her sons were about to leave, John and Lorraine. Li practically ran into the room.
"How is he, Beth?  We're so sorry.  Doug called.  We came as quickly as we could," said Lorraine.

"Calm down, sweet one," chided John, "We'll get all that information in time.  We're both worried Beth.  How are you, Chris and Brad doing?"

"I don't think I could have made it without Chris and Brad.  Jacob and Peter are helpful, too.  And of course, Doug, Diane, and Sadie have helped so much.  Father Jim and Gary  have been a godsend," Beth said.

"We're also okay , but it helps that Peter and Jacob are with us," suggested Chris.

"Understandable," said John Li.

"We're going in to see Travis now.  Someone here will fill you in with all the details," said Beth with a sigh.  She, Chris and Brad left. 

Buckminister, Gary and Father Jim sought out Tim.  Gary spoke first, "What can you tell us about your boyfriend, Tim?"

Tim sighed and spoke softly, "I can't tell you much because I don't know much.  Todd's a great guy and his family has been so wonderful to us.  Nothing to suggest that they were displeased with him.  I saw him in school and we planned to go to the movies on Saturday.  When he didn't call the next day, I called him on his cell but got no answer.  I left a voice message.

"And?" inquired Craydon.

"I kept trying.  I  sent him e-mails which were returned.  I tried IM, but he didn't respond, because IM said he was off-line.  Nothing! Then I called Jacob and asked him if he had seen Todd at school."

"Why would you do that, Tim?  Wouldn't you have seen him at school, yourself?" asked Buckminster.

"No, we don't go to the same high school.  I first met him at the restaurant where I work after school and on weekends."

"Go on, Tim.  What else can you tell us?" Gary said.

"Jacob and Brad hadn't seen him in school for at least two days, and that fit exactly with my inability to reach him.  I wanted to go to his house, but my sister suggested that I wait another day since he might have been called away by a death in the family or something like that.  I didn't believe that for a minute, `cause if that was the situation, Todd would have called me."

"Did you finally check his  home ?"  Jim asked,   "I'm curious what you found," .

"Yeah, I did.  There were no lights on, no cars in the driveway.  No one answered the doorbell.  I looked in one window, and . . .and there was no furniture.  The house was empty!  I don't know what to think.  Why would they just disappear?  It sounds really bad to me.  I mean, why would that happen?  How could that happen?  Where is he?  Where's his family? I . . . I don't think I can deal with this much longer.  It's driving me crazy.  Father Jim, I love Todd, and yet I can't do anything about this mess.  I feel inadequate, unnecessary, extraneous."  By now tears were streaking Tim's face.

"Tim don't even think that stuff.  You're a wonderful young man who has immense potential.  I know that we'll be able to help you find Todd," Father Jim said as he  hugged Tim.  It was then that Tim finally lost it.  As he began to weep, the group of four moved into the corridor.  Adam and Devon looked at them, wondering what was the matter.  Then they turned their attention to the Li's, Peter, Sadie, Doug and Diane.

Doug began explaining most of the details of what had happened.  Peter added a little, and Diane and Sadie remained quiet. The Li's were astonished by all that had happened.  Peter had his arm around his mother's shoulders.  Tears were in the corner of Lorraine's eyes, but she did not break down.  John Li finally said,

"It doesn't seem possible that such awful things can happen to such nice people.  But that's the way of the world, I guess.  Lorraine and I know all about that, of course.  No life is without trauma of some kind.  But, damn it, this is too much!  Where's our benevolent God?"

Father Jim  heard John Li's last comment as he reentered the waiting room from the corridor.  He spoke immediately,

"John, our benevolent God is where He always is, watching and hoping that each of us will do the right thing.  God doesn't cause anything.  It's just not that way.  Because we all have free will, God allows things to happen that are the result of some decision an individual or even a government makes.  Some of the things are unimaginably terrible, but He does not interfere.  In a real sense, free will rules."

A red-faced John Li answered, "I know all that Jim.  It's just that humans get frustrated when their lives are pulled apart, separated, and nearly destroyed, and not because they made any weird decisions.  It make me angry because I feel so powerless.  I nearly lost it when my daughter was killed.  Lorraine and I couldn't imagine what we had done to deserve  that.  And then Peter is almost taken from us by a wild man who found nothing of value in other lives.  And then what happened to Jacob and Brad and now this.  Look what was found at the Colony.  I can't imagine such terrible things being allowed to happen.  It's not right!  I . . . I want to try . . ."

"John, remember what we learned from our tragedy.  Stay calm.  Remember what the good father said, `God doesn't cause it, He allows it," Lorraine said.

Father Jim had gone to John and hugged him.  As he did he said, "John, it is difficult to understand.  Probably we aren't supposed to understand it all.  We have to have faith that we'll someday understand.  I guess it calls for a large amount of faith."  Peter and Lorraine joined the young priest in a group hug.  Devon and Adam looked on in astonishment.


Outside in the corridor,  Gary and Buckminster continued to discuss Todd's disappearance with Tim.  It became clearer to both of the men that this wasn't something that was ordinary or usual.  There was an air of mystery about it.  Yet in both minds the same thought was swirling around: the government was involved.  Neither was sure how, but both were certain.  they pledged to themselves that they would find out.

"Tim, this is a strange occurrence.  I'm not sure what has happened, but I think that we'll find that Todd is alive and well, but unable to contact you for reasons that we don't yet understand.  But we will find out what's going on."

Buckminister added, "Trust us young man to solve this riddle, because that is surely what it is.  Try not to worry because what Gary just said is certainly true.  I agree with him that we'll find Todd alive and well."

"I do trust you.  I have to  trust you as I have no other option.  Thank you both for helping me.  God bless you."  He turned and went back into the waiting room and joined Adam and Devon.  They were filled with questions which Tim answered slowly and softly.  The two boys, gave Tim a quick hug in recognition of his agony.


Todd's head hurt and his mouth was dry and tasted terrible.  He moved just a little on the bed upon which he found himself.  He didn't know where he was or why he was there.  How did he get here?  Where were his dad and mom?  Why hadn't Tim called him?   He didn't have any answers, just a myriad of questions.  He tried to sit up, tried to remember. When he did, his head felt like it might explode, so he quickly laid back down again.

"Mom, Dad, what's happening?  Please somebody help me," he whimpered.

There was just  silence!   Then his mother was there, at his side, a cool cloth in her hand.  She placed it on his forehead, bent down and kissed him on the cheek.  She was pale and her face seemed more wrinkled than usual; even her hair seemed grayer.

"Mom?" Todd asked in a raspy voice.

"Shhhh," his mother replied.

"But Mom," he pleaded.

As she tried to console him, his mother told him gently, "Your dad will be here shortly to explain everything.  Would you like some breakfast?"

"No, I don't think I could keep anything down.  Maybe some water."

"I'll be right back with some water.  Your dad should be here shortly.  Todd, try to sleep," she said as she hurried out of the nondescript room.

`What the hell was happening?  He wanted Tim with him.  He wanted Tim's arms around him.  Tim could make it right.  Why wasn't Tim there to help him?  Have I been kidnapped like Brad was?  I'm tired.'  His eyes closed and as his vision dimmed from light to dark; he soon saw nothing and fell asleep again.


After Tim went back into the waiting room, Buckminster and Gary walked down the long corridor, quietly discussing both Travis' attempt to kill himself, and the strange disappearance of Todd and his family.

"The sheriff is supposed to meet me here to discuss what happened at the jail.  I think they fucked up, Gary.  Someone wasn't on the ball.  Suicide happens too often in jails, and it always seems that the people in charge are  exonerated.  It pisses me off, not because I represent those who are hurt, but because it seems that police and the like are never at fault.  I don't want to ever undermine the good work those folks do, but it seems wrong to me that they are never responsible for what they do."

Gary was a little astonished at Craydon's language and his point of view.  Being an FBI agent, he had seen situations where it would look to the public as if a police officer was wrong, but the facts usually proved otherwise.  What had happened was that in some cases, guilty officers got little punishment for what they had done.  Aside from the injustice
involved, that was a bad thing for the good officers, because it undermined confidence in the authorities, especially when the public realizes that it would be a different story if the perpetrator was a young black man.

The two men stopped and sat on the bench near the elevators.  Buckminister was a handsome man, large and big boned, very much a man's man.  Gary thought `He's got the body of a wrestler or heavyweight boxer, not what he would have imagined as a lawyer.'  He smiled inwardly as he reminded himself that FBI agents and spies are not all clones of James Bond.  `In fact,' he thought, `some resembled Inspector
Clouseau more accurately.'  His thoughts were interrupted by Buckminster's question,

"What do you think happened to the boy and his parents?"

Without hesitation, Gary replied, "Some kind of government protection.  The dad is either a very important witness, a spy who's been revealed, or some other operative whose life, and even the lives of his family must be in jeopardy."

"Right on, Gary.  That's exactly what I think.  Now the thing is, how do we find out what's going on?"

"Well, I can make some quiet inquiries, but that may not bring any real answers.  I may be able to find out why they all disappeared, but I doubt that I'll find out where they are. Especially if my colleagues are involved.  It  will be even more difficult to get information if the CIA is involved.  I may not be able to get the information we need."

Craydon got up and strode a few yards away, turned, and when he was facing Gary, smiled.  "You guys have to do everything by the book, but me... well, I can take a few liberties, call in some chits.  I have some really good detectives that work for the firm.  You'd be surprised by what they are able to discover.  Before you say anything, I know this isn't getting the dirt on an unfaithful spouse, but they do have some amazing techniques.  Maybe together we can get some stuff."

Gary stood, ready to head back to Jim and the others.  But he paused momentarily and said,  "Even if we find out why and maybe even where, it may not do Tim much good.  It will probably be impossible to contact Todd with all the  electronic devices that will be in place to protect them all from assassination.  But we can cover that contingency when and if we have to do so."

"Yep, right on my friend.  Let's give it a try `cause that poor kid is an emotional wreck.  I'd like to help him," Craydon said.

"So would I, Cray, so would I."

Just as they started back toward the hospital room, Sheriff Locaster walked off the elevator.

To be continued...


"The measure of love is to love without measure"

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