This is a work of complete fiction any similarities between the characters and real people is purely accident. If it is illegal for you to read this or you are under the age of 18 please do not read this story.

This story is not one that will get you off quickly. It's a coming of sexuality story and one of love. Therefore I'm not exactly sure if there will be sex scene's or not but who knows.

This is also my first attempt at writing so please forgive any grammatical errors or anything of that nature.

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Finding Love

Part 2

I awoke to the sound of my cell phone going off. I could still feel Chase's arms around me so I gently scooted over and grabbed my it from the charger. I noticed that I had forgot to turn off the alarm setting before I went to bed last night. I groaned at my stupid mistake turned the phone off and turned over in time to see Chase slowly start to awaken.

I smiled softly "Good mourning beautiful" was all I could say as I watched him stretch and look at me with his gently blue eyes.

"Good mourning yourself" he smiled turned on his back and looked at my blank ceiling. A few minutes past before he spoke again " did you sleep?"

I smiled a stupid looking grin and asked "Before or after you wrapped me up in ur arms?"

Chase closed his eyes and slowly looked over at me.

"Both" He said.

I didn't know what made me do it but I moved over by his side laid my head down on his chest and listened to his heart beat for what seemed like eternity before I felt his hand rubbing alone my shoulder. "I don't know what's going on with me Chase but I felt great having you hold me last night. I know your not looking for some play toy or to be someone's "experiment" as you put it but I hope that maybe you will help me figure this all out." I looked into his eyes before continuing "Your all I can think about chase..." I was cut off by his soft lips pressing themselves against mine. I was stunned but once I realized what was happening I softly kissed back putting my hand on the back of his head and kissing him with more passion.

He broke the kiss and looked into my eyes with and said three words I'll never forget. " I love you" and with hose words said he pulled me into another embrace and we laid there listening to the birds outside my window. I wanted to say that I loved him 2 but I couldn't not yet.

"sorry babe but I need to go to the bathroom." Sadly I got up and let Chase go to the bathroom. I was a little glad because with him gone I had a chance to sit back and thank. What is going on? Was I gay and just not figuring it out or what? What would my parents think? Should I tell them or should I just go about things like they always were? For that did Chases' parents know? My thought process was interrupted by the sound of Chase returning from the bathroom. "welcome back"

"Thanks, you looked deep in thought anything you want to share?" he asked as he said down on the edge of my bed and played with spanks a green stuffed monkey that was given to me as a present when I was 9. He was tense almost nervous which was odd for him.

I smiled while talking not directly to him but in his direction "Of course there's things I want to talk about just I don't know I mean with all this going on and Me trying to figure out what it means and worrying about my parents and your parents and....Damn it why does life have to be so fucking confusing?" I turned over on my side and silently let the tears fall from my eyes. When a heard a soft whisper in my ear.


Eric, listen to me. I know what your going thru and if you don't want anyone to know or if your not sure then don't tell anyone I'll be here for you until the end no matter what. As far as my parents go you don't have to worry about them that's my job bud." as he said this he wrapped his arms around me and pulled me into him and continued " I do like you and I didn't mean to say something I shouldn't have last night but I like holding you and I want to continue to do so but I don't want to get attached to being with you only to find out you were having a case of insanity."

Slowly I turned over and looked Chase the guy I had known for years the guy who I had grown up with and as I saw the tears in his eyes I knew I wasn't crazy this was how I felt and I knew what I had to do. I leaned into him and softly kissed him on the lips. we kissed for a few seconds before I whispered "It's not a moment of insanity Chase it's I don't know what it is all I know is how I feel and I feel like being with you." Our romantic Moment was interrupted by the sound of my parents walking around the house. I have to remember to tell them they can't get up before I do anymore. So reluctantly I left Chase's arms and we began to get dressed. Maybe it was because I had just admitted to how I felt or maybe I was just more awake but I realized that part of my closet had Chase's clothes in it. Probably from where he had stayed at my house so much and left his clothes by accident when he went home. Noticing this made me smile again, something I knew I would be doing more of.

"What's that shit eating grin for mr.?"

'The simple fact that if you look in my closer half of the clothes in there are yours."

Chase walked over to my closet and grabbed a Tommy shirt and Jeans after which he threw the matching pair at me. "Here where this I want us to match today."

"Just because I like you doesn't mean you can pick out my clothes for me." I stated while getting dressed and laughing.

"I'm not picking out all of your clothes. Just we both work for a few hours today and I figured we could pull a trick on everyone else. Seeing as how they always get us confused it could be hella fun." I finished dressing as he ended his explanation of his wonderful plan to piss everyone off at work.

" I guess it's a good thing we took our showers last night then. So whose driving me or you?" I asked him as we walked down the stairs and into the kitchen where my parents sat laughing and talking over breakfast. "Hey mom Hey dad" we said in unison. Being as we practically lived at each others houses it was just kind of a thing that ended up calling each other's parents our own. I sat down beside my mother and grabbed a piece of toast.

"So Boys how did you 2 sleep last night?" My mother asked with a smile on her face.

"Fine, why do you ask?' I questions scarred of the answer and yet wondering if my mother had walked in on us cuddled up together last night. Looking at my father I saw he had the same smile. So either they knew something they were planning something or me and Chase were in for it.

"Nothing, well actually something. Well........we kind of saw you 2 this mourning. I accidentally walked into your room before you woke up." She looked at me with a smile on her face and busted out laughing I'm guessing from the look on my face cause I felt like I was as red as a firework and my mouth was gaping.

" did....really...yeah" was all I could get out but luckily Chase came to my rescue.

"Yeah were sorry about that we didn't mean it to happen we just gotta got situated like that in our sleep." he said with a calmness I couldn't have mustered at that moment.

"Don't worry boys if there's something going on between you then it's fine with us. The truth of the matter is that Your Aunt Domenesca is a lesbian. The lady she always brings to Family get gatherings is not only her roommate but her girlfriend." Well that was a huge relief.

"But mom the only thing is I'm not for sure I am gay. I mean the only guy I've ever been attracted to is Chase." I said and kind of lowered my head for fear of what Chase's face looked like then.

"Eric you can't help who you have feelings for labels are stupid we always taught you this no matter what if you meant to be with a guy you will even if it's just one guy you find attractive or a hundred same with girls. Fact is you can't help who you fall in love with."

Well this certainly was turning into one hell of a Breakfast club. "Thanks mom, I think I'm going back upstairs for a few I've got to go wash my face." I got up and headed up the stairs to my room and went into my bathroom and just stared in the mirror. It seemed like hours passed of just me staring into that mirror. I wasn't aware of anything I was out of it I didn't hear chase come up behind me and I didn't know he was there until he wrapped his arms around my waste and laid his head on my shoulder.

"You okay"

"I will be. I just don't know Chase this is all so confusing. I really like you but.." I felt tears running down the side of my face so I moved my head to the side to keep Chase from seeing but he turned me around locked his hands around my waste pulled me against him and let me cry. Damnit I thought why the hell is this all so fucking confusing. Chase put a few inches of room in-between us and looked into my eyes before he moved forward and gently kissed me on my lips......

Sorry about the delay this story is kind of weird because it's almost writing itself. So I can really only work on it at certain times. It might sound strange but that's the truth. Also I'm not totally for sure if there will be any sex at all at least not yet. Chase is just beginning all of this and there is no way he's ready for sex.

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