The following story is based partially on a reality, but mainly on what I wish would happen. This is in no way insinuating that these events happened, nor do I expect them to happen. Hope you all enjoy the story!

First Aid Squad - Introduction

My name's Eric. I'm 16, and an Emergency Medical Technician on the local first aid squad. I have black hair, brown eyes, am 5' 11", and an average semi-athletic build. I'm half Asian and half German. Thank god, because that makes my dick not be a half inch long when hard. I've known I was gay since I was in elementary school and have been in the closet ever since.

This all started innocently enough. My first aid squad got toned out for a simple call for someone falling down. I responded to the building by the second set of tones and sat around with a 14 year old, who was also on the squad, named Mike and his friend, who was the same age and not on the squad, named Hunter. After sitting around for about 15 minutes, the call was cancelled. I made Mike fill out the chart saying that we were cancelled and then we all went in the back room to watch TV, drink sodas, and play some pool.

We soon got tired of that and Mike suggested that we go into the front of the building to mess around with the ambulances. He started opening the bay doors, and it was kind of cold so I wanted the doors shut. Now there are four doors in our bay, controlled by buttons next to each one to open and close them. In order to stop a bay door from closing, you can either press the button again or stick your foot in front of the motion sensor. What I'm trying to say is that Mike had the easier job. For about 30 minutes we were running back and forth fighting for the bay doors to be open or closed, while Hunter was sitting there playing with the intercom on one of the ambulances.

After I had won by closing all the doors, Mike opened one of them and yelled, "Let's wrestle!!"
I shrugged and went at him to wrestle with him, thinking nothing of it. I lost the first match by a mile, although I put up a good fight.

Now would be a good time to describe Mike and Hunter. Both of them are 14 as I said. Mike has brown hair, brown eyes, is about 5' 5", and a slightly pudgy athletic build. Hunter has brown hair with tinges of blonde, green eyes, and is about 6' 1", and has a slim athletic build. Both of them were damn cute and I honestly would have loved to be with either of them.

Just before the second match, Mike said, "It's too damned hot; I need to take off my shirt." I figured that was a good idea so I followed suit and we began our second round. The second round lasted a long time, and I loved feeling his naked body against mine. I couldn't shake the feeling that every time he would go for my waist he was grabbing my ass. But I knew he had a girlfriend and I was sure that it was just my hopeful imagination. Mind you, I knew I was definitely grabbing his ass because it was just too damn hot to resist. Once again he won the match, but I swear it was only because I was distracted by the ounce of the crack I could see.

This time before the match, Mike didn't say anything, but just slipped off his jeans. I kind of just stared at his body in those tight bright red boxer briefs that left absolutely nothing to my imagination.

Hunter said, "Alright, I'm going to head home. Dad just called saying it was time for dinner." Somehow I didn't think anything of it, even though it was 4:00 and I didn't hear his phone ring.

Mike eyed me and said, "Dude, am I going to feel retarded here or are you going to take off your pants and wrestle me?" Again, I just stared completely in awe that this amazingly cute boy was going to wrestle me in just his underwear. Time stood still as I debated whether to take off my pants and basically have crotch to crotch action with nothing but a bit of cloth between it. I decided to say fuck it all, and unbuttoned my pants. What I did not notice, was how Mike had been staring at me bend down to take them all the way off.

As soon as I took them off, I was standing there in a very tight pair of bright green briefs (Normally I wear boxers, but I hadn't done the laundry in a while so I only had my old briefs). I grinned at Mike and laughed, "Haha, together we're Christmas colors." He grinned back, and charged with his head at my crotch.

My reaction time is a bit slow, so his head rammed just above my crotch and his hands wrapped around my waist. I grabbed at his bare shoulders and tried to pry him off my. All of a sudden I felt his tongue poke just below my belly button. I felt a shiver run down my spine, but since I was kind of turned on at this, I continued the match. I finally got Mike off my waist, and then charged him the same way. He didn't seem to have a very good grip on the ground, so he fell down and we tumbled around for a bit. Our crotches were grinding against each others for quite a while, however, I barely noticed it because his head was just below my chin, nuzzling me. I shoved him off me, and he winked at me and grinned.

I asked, "Dude, were you just nuzzling my fucking shoulder??"

Mike replied with as much of his southern accent (Oh, I forgot to mention that Mikey just moved from Myrtle Beach 2 months ago and had the sexiest southern accent possible), and as sexily as possible, "No way man, that would just be gaayyyy!!! Am I right?!" I frowned at him, and then we charged each other at the same exact time.

We collided head on and he fell backwards and stopped moving. I got up pretty fast and was expecting him to have done the same to tackle me. I looked down at him and panicked. Mikey didn't seem to be breathing, because his chest wasn't moving. Forgetting everything that was happening, my EMT training kicked in and I ran in to check on him. Exactly as I thought, he was not breathing, so I started with my two rescue breaths. As soon as I started in with the second, Mikey's tongue jumped into my mouth and started dancing. Not knowing what to do, I just closed my eyes and kissed him back.

There we were, a 16 and a 14 year old sitting in front of an open bay door of a first aid squad in our underwear kissing passionately. After about a minute, I came out of my trance brought on by the kiss and pulled back and punched him lightly in the arm, "You gave me the fucking scare of my life! I thought you were dying because of us wrestling."

Mikey replied simply, "No, you just stopped my heart."

I have a number of chapters already written, I just felt that that was a really good spot to end this one. I'll have more posted soon.