First Impressions 10

Every time I think about it, I end up with the same conclusion. Highschools suck.

It's like it's a society within society. Dress codes, rules of conduct, unwritten do's and don'ts. Different layers of society altogether...the rich kids. The jocks. The nerds. The outcasts.

And Vince and me.

We stayed clear of all that bullshit for a very long time. We were never with any group or 'affiliation' if you will. In fact, we tried our best not to be part of that whole deal altogether. Because we hated it. And we still do.

Only more so, now...

Vince and me were always 'semi-popular'. Much like Scott, I guess. We had no fights, and we didn't hang out in groups, for the simple reason that we both hated it when we were told by the majority how to dress, how to act or what music to like. We could pull it off, because -let's face it- we looked good and our parents had some money to spend. But other kids weren't so lucky to steer clear of high school law for some reason...and can end up being miserable and depressed in what's supposed to be the best time of your life...some might even get beat up for no reason whatsoever. By assholes like that Jameson. Like he had assaulted Robbie, and whose goons he had assault Vince, just now.

Robbie was a shade of white. I put my hand on his shoulder.

"You're gonna be fine, Robbie....we're here for you. he's gotta get past us first.", I comforted.

Robbie sighed aloud. "That's what I'm worried about...I don't want to see either of you guys hurt. I'm just SO fuckin' pissed I can't stand up to these jerks myself..."

Vince threw Robbie a look. "What kind of bullshit is that. Sorry Rob, but nobody can fend off a group of bastards like that all by himself. Not you , not me, nobody! This has nothing to do with you..."

"It DOES...If I had just stood up to that jerk in the first place then--"

I grabbed Robbie by his shoulders and turned him around to face me. "Then WE wouldn't have MET! So stop it with the what if's..."

"I just feel like this is all my fault...", Robbie said. I could tell he was getting a bit teary. "I don't want to see you get hurt, Jace..."

"When that bastard touched you he touched US. WE chose to get involved.", Vince said.

"Yeah", I added, "And right now he's got a severe problem with ALL of us."

Robbie sighed again. "I'd just wish they could all just leave us ALONE..."

"You and me both, babe...", I said.

Right then, Scott walked up behind us, cheery as ever.

"Hey guys, how did you enjoy Pathetic Entertainm...Hey, what happened to you?", Scott said, looking at Vince.

Vince wiped his lip off. "What do you think...", he growled.

"You and Mrs. Jones duked it out. I thought Italians were such good boxers...", he grinned. "Is it some sort of Italian boxing tactic that you should take a million punches in the first few rounds and then beat your opponent in like ten seconds or something, coz Rocky does that all the ti--"

"Shut UP Scott!" I said surpressing a grin. "It's not funny. Vince was assaulted by some of Jameson's goons. He wants to get back at me, Vince and Robbie for getting him suspended..."

Something about Scott's face changed at the mention of Jameson's name. He went from smiling to foaming with anger in a flash.

"That FUCKING sonnovabitch!!", he almost screamed. "I'll personally wrap his intestines around his neck and hang him from the rafters by his balls...I'll pull his fuckin' tongue out the back of his cranium..."

"Yeah, before you let your imagination run wild...", I said, "You don't have to do anything, Jameson's only after the three of us..."

Scott raised his eyebrows at me. "If someone was threatening your friends wouldn't you go and kick their noses?"

I just played back the things I said to Robbie just now...and smiled widely at Scott. "Of course I would. Thanks for backing us up, man.", I grinned.

"As if there was ever any doubt!", Scott smiled. "So, what's your battleplan?"

"Uhm...we have none.", I said.

"Time and place of the showdown?", Scott asked.

I looked over at Vince.

"Nope...", he said.

"How many men are we up against?", Scott asked again.

"At least four..", Vince said. "Jameson, that tall guy he was with last time and two others who just gave me this bloody lip."

"You should head over to the Nurse's to put some ice on that...", I said.

"Yeah yeah, I'll live.", Vince said.

"Well you know Vince, your lips are kinda big as they ARE...", Scott said grinning.

"I have to agree with Scott, Vince, you don't want to end up talking with a lisp for a week...", Robbie said.

Vince looked at all of us. Then he shrugged. "Fine.", he said. Then he walked off.

"Vince is really pissed off, isn't he?", Robbie asked.

"Yeah, I think he just hates to lose face. It's not like him. But you're right, he crops up too much anger.", I said.

"I'm worried that he might do something stupid...", Robbie said.

"I'm more worried about you, Fremont.", I grinned. "You're not gonna do anything RASH again are you?"

"Me? Rash? When?", Scott grinned.

"Seriously Scott, I don't want you to get hurt either...", Robbie said.

"Robbie dude, I'm pretty able to take those guys.", Scott smiled.

I raised my eyebrows at Scott. "Against Jameson?"

Scott gave me a lopsided grin. "You've never seen me fight, Jace."

I thought back at the time we were playing around in the park together while Robbie was at the mall. Granted, Scott didn't really have much bicep power to pin me down, but his reflexes were awesome and he was fast on his legs. Add to that those shoulder muscles of his...

"I think I see what you mean...", I said.

"Yeah well anyway, if you think you had a bodyguard before, I'm not leaving any of you alone from now on.", Scott said.

"Are you THAT sure of yourself?", Robbie asked.

"I never doubt myself. That makes me invincible.", Scott said.

"But you're not, really.", Robbie returned.

"I know that... but if I want something done, I'll do it. I'll never quit, never stop and never give up till it's done. That's what I mean. Coz I KNOW I can do it... at some point in time. Get me?"

"Yeah... I think I do.", Robbie said.

"So, if Jameson threatens you guys... Consider his butt bruised."

Robbie sighed again. "If it were up to me this would all be over..."

I put my arm around Robbie's shoulder, and my other hand on Scott's. "Thanks, Scott.", I said. "I'm glad we can face this together."

"You didn't really think I was going to let you do this alone, did you?", he said.

"Not for a second.", I smiled. "Let's go check on Vince..."

The three of us walked over to the Nurse's. Our Nurse was a nice elderly lady named Mrs Griffin -said so on her nametag- and I never bothered to ask her first name. Don't know why, I guess you never address elderly ladies with their first name unless they insist. This one didn't.

Vince was in a chair with a small bag of ice held against his lip when we walked in. He was still looking kinda grim.

"You okay, Vince?", Robbie asked, concerned.

"Yeah. I think the swelling is going down.", he said. "But slowly."

"We'll get back at those guys, I promise...", Scott said.

"Now boys,", Mrs. Griffin started, "ya know y'all shouldn't fight..."

"I know, Mrs. Griffin...but sometimes you have little choice.", I said.

"I sometimes don't get you kids, I mean why can't y'all just be friends..."

She couldn't have put it any better...

After we had all attended our classes, we met up again in the cafeteria. Scott kinda demanded we would stick together, and I agreed that would be safest. It'd be better if we'd be able to face them altogether than be rounded up one by one. And I was worried to death about Robbie - just looking at him made me all sweaty...I couldn't even IMAGINE Robbie with a bloody lip, a black eye or god forbid, stitches over his brow... The mental image alone made me tremble..

"So", Scott said, "Anyone ran into trouble?"

"Nope,", I replied. "Lucky for us this school is kinda big."

"Lucky for Jameson you mean. If I get my hands on that piece of shit...", Vince growled.

"Well there's no sign of him now. We can just leave..", I said.

"I'm not sure...", Robbie said. "It's just like a bully to wait us up at the front door..."

"I'll go and look for you.", Scott smiled. "You guys have one advantage, Jameson doesn't know I'm in the fight yet. It'll be a surprise attack!"

I sort of shrugged. "Good point I guess...", I said.

Scott smiled at me. "Jace, you shouldn't WORRY that much!! It's all over your face again dude..."

Robbie then looked at me and gave me this "I love you" look...which was just all I needed to completely melt in a  puddle. I was getting frustrated that I couldn't exactly reach out and KISS him in the middle of the main hall with most of the kids exiting... so I opted to brush his hair about a bit with my hand and smile at him. The smile I got back was MORE than worth it...

As Scott went out to check, I thought about what he had said to Robbie about being 'invincible'...and only now his words started to make sense. I knew what he meant...because I felt the exact same way when Robbie was with me. When we were together, everything was perfect...everything felt right. And of course, every thought about something coming between us made my stomach churn. I guess that was my personal dilemma... I felt like I had to lock Robbie away to prevent anything bad happening to him, AND I wanted him in my life to enjoy the daily pleasures life had to offer with...I had faith in Robbie, and I knew that he loved me, but I was scared to death I might lose him...

Scott walked back inside and grinned. "Clear, from the looks of it. Although I'd rather come to blows at once with those guys..."

"Same here,", Vince said. "I wanna get back at those jerks asap."

"Well, I just wanna go home." , Robbie said.

"I don't mind leaving either.", I said.

Scott shrugged. "If they're not exactly here there's no point in waiting FOR them...and I don't really feel like going home yet anyway. Why don't we just go and hang out somewhere?"

"Yeah, I wanna wait till this lip looks a bit better anyways.", Vince said.

"Why?", Robbie asked.

"Well, my dad can get all 'man-like' and stuff over me if I get into a fight and come home with a mark on my face... I'd rather avoid that if you know what I mean...Less hassle. You know how my dad is, Jace..."

"Yeah, I  know.", I said. I'd have rather gone home with Robbie alone and maybe fooled around a bit before mom got back from work, but it looked like the four of us were together for a bit longer.

"'Scuse me, but can we GO already?? Either that or find those assholes and beat them up. ", Scott pushed.

"Right...", I said. "Better if we just leave."

"Then let's leave.", Scott pressed on. "Wanna head over to the mall or something?"

"After last week I'm sort of BROKE...", I grinned.

"I'm not going either.", Vince said. "I'm saving bigtime."

"What for?", Robbie asked.

"An awesome car...didn't Jace tell you?"

"No...", Robbie shook his head.

"Well,  Jace and me went over to look at it last weekend. A '67 red Camaro convertible."

Scott gave a wolf whistle.

"Sounds nice!", Robbie smiled. "I'll bet you'd like to get it before summer starts...?"

"Oh definitely,", Vince said. "There's tons of work I still have to do before she'll look good, and that's even IF I get her...So I can't go around spending good cash on sodas in the Mall..."

"Why don't you guys come over to my place?", Robbie asked.

I swallowed hard. WHAT did he say!? I've been nervous about meeting his parents all week and all of a sudden he drops the bomb out of nowhere?!

"Y-Your place? Bu...bu...", I stuttered.

"My parents are discussing stuff with their real estate broker about selling the old house this afternoon. They'll have to travel back to our old town for that. I'm pretty sure they're GONE, Jace..", Robbie smirked.

"Well..I was just, um...", I tried.

"What, deciding that this Spring's fashion color would be 'white-as-a-sheet' ?", Scott laughed. "Jeez-us, man!!"

"I think Jace is going with 'blushing crimson red', actually!", Robbie laughed.

"Well don't SCARE me like that next time.", I grinned back.

"What IS the big deal with your 'rents, anyway Rob? You go in, you say hello, blablah...", Vince said.

"Well...that's kind of a long story...", I said.

Scott tilted his head to look at Vince's wrist watch. "We appear to have plenty of time.", he smiled.

"How about I tell you guys what the big deal is after we arrive at my place?", Robbie interrupted. "I don't really feel like waiting out here for Jameson to show. The bus is going to arrive any second now..."

"Fine.", Vince conceded.

"Yeah,", Scott rapidly nodded. "We can wait."

"Why do I suddenly feel like we're on trial by the Inquisition or something...", I grinned as we walked out to the busstop.

Scott grinned wildly and threw his head up in the air. He cleared his throat and spoke in his heaviest voice: "The people versus Jennings and Mayflower, the Honorable Judge Fremont..."

"Dream ON..", I grinned.

"...will personally squeeze all relevant information out of the suspects by torturing them with endless questions and inquiries as to the nature of their, shall we say, intimate relationship..."

"Oh yeah, wouldn't you like to know...", Robbie smiled.

"...aided by D.A. representative Vincent Vichelli...

"I'll bet ya five bucks right now you don't even know what D.A. stands for, smartass!", I said.

"Hehehe you're ON, Jennings. It stands for Devil's Advocate.", Scott said.

Robbie, Vince and me burst out into giggles as the bus pulled up just then. We were still laughing when we got in.

"Of COURSE that's not what it stands for Scott!! You owe me an Abe."

"Umm...Dreaded Adversary?", Scott tried.


"Divine Argumentator?"


"Dumb Asshole then?"

"You actually don't know?", Vince asked.

"Course I do. I just think those names are all more appropriate than DISTRICT ATTORNEY.", Scott smiled. "Soooh... I'll have those five bucks anytime, Jacey..."

"In yer dreams, Fremont." I grinned. "Just sit there and look zany."

Scott grinned back at me. "That I can do..."


I'll have to admit, being on the same bus with Scott Fremont is an experience to never forget... Not only did he make it a point to scream 'Oh my GOD we're gonna DIE!!' with every stray bump the bus made, he also feigned death by choking in the back of the bus, graciously as ever commented on the terrible seating - I believe he used the words 'nailbeds are more comfy than THIS!!' - and upon exiting, he said to the driver: "Umm....nice tie. I suggest you hang yourself with it."

The man was so happy when we left, I can tell ya.

The bus had stopped in a fairly up-class part of town, I couldn't recall ever being here before, only in passing. The houses around us were expensive, elaborate buildings with impressive front lawns. Robbie's parents owned one of these buildings, now. I was impressed, but it wasn't exactly my taste. You can actually tell a lot about people by standing in their living room, so I'd get at least an impression about what Robbie's parents were like. Given the impression these deluxe houses gave me, I wasn't sure I was going to LIKE it...

"Wow.", Vince commented.

"You live HERE? Not bad at all.", Scott agreed.

Robbie just shrugged. "I don't really care. Our old house was fine. This new one is seriously big, but it's very...dunno...sort of unpersonal. I don't really feel at home."

I looked around the neighborhood as we followed Robbie across the street. "You'd get that here.", I nodded. "It's all a bit classy. Class can be very boring in the hands of the wrong people."

"And somehow," Robbie grinned, "they managed to gather up ALL the wrong people and cram them in this neighborhood. You should meet our neighbors.", he grinned.

"Uhm, let's get past your parents first...", I said.

"Like the dude said, they're not here!", Scott grinned.

"I know but I can't hide forever...I'll have to face them sooner or later.", I said.

"I just don't get you guys.", Vince said. "You're in love and that's IT. Parental consent or not. It's not like MY parents can choose my friends..."

"I know, but...", Robbie started.

"But nothing dude...", Vince returned.

"He's right you know...", Scott said, "You really ought to be yourself...."

"Tryin' tooo...", Robbie sighed, "but with parents like mine it's not easy."

"And I say that..", I said, while firmly grabbing Robbie's butt, "'s high time to get your balls outta your mom's purse."

"HEY!!", Robbie laughed.

"Three months and you're sixteen....", I  half whispered.

"I kno-hoow...", Robbie assured. "Allright guys...this is the one."

Robbie stopped in front of one of the big white houses in the street. "Whatcha think?", he asked.

"Nice.", I said. "That's your room?" I pointed at the highest window.

"Yeah,", Robbie said. "My room's huge. It stretches all across the second floor. It's almost like having a floor to myself...C'mon, let's go in!"

Robbie walked across the front lawn, up the porch and unlocked the front door. Scott, Vince and me followed. To say that I was a bit uneasy about this whole thing would have been a severe understatement. I was fully expecting to find Robbie's parents both at home, and about to kick my ass out back on the street....

I'm no expert on interior decorating but, from the look of it, the house's interior mirrored the outer impression. Classy. Sterile. White. Hospital-like. I must've swept my feet on the doormat about a million times....

"Well, I see what you mean with unpersonal. This is kinda scary", Scott grinned.

"Glad ya like it.", Robbie smiled back. "So Jace, what do you think?"

"It's, um...nice!", I lied. I had to agree with Scott on this matter. Robbie's parents, who ever they were, sure had a sterile taste. The furniture had this feeling of grandeur to it, dark and heavy. In contrast to this were the walls, which consisted of white plastering, and white alone. The only variation was the floor in the hallway and from the look of it, the kitchen as well, where the floors were tiled with a checkboard pattern. There was this impressive dinner table in the far side of the living room, sofa and saloon table in front of us and a large black piano to the left wall. A couple of plants here and there but that was basically IT. Oh yeah, and there was a clock somewhere, cause I could hear it ticking.

I glanced over at Robbie. His radiance seemed so out of place here. Those playful blonde locks of his, that heartmelting smile he gives me all the time. Even the way he dressed fell out of tone. He was wearing a big blue T-shirt which seemed to match the color of his eyes effortlessly. It was too big for Robbie's slender body, but that made it even more attractive...tight looked great on him, but the way this t-shirt hung loosely across his delicate shoulders gave Robbie a certain irresistableness as well...I looked up to his deep blue eyes and we just locked. Robbie smiled back at me warmly...and I almost started moving towards him...

...that's when I realized neither of us had said anything for a few minutes or so! I cleared my throat, and looked to my left to see Scott and Vince just sort of standing there, looking at us.

Robbie saw it too, and smiled, kind of  nervous.

Scott crossed his arms, tilted his head and put on an obviously fake puzzled look. "Did you guys just..have a moment?", he asked.

"I guess we, uh...DID!", Robbie smiled.

"You guys are truly pathetic.", Vince smiled.

"Yeah!", Scott laughed. "Look guys, if you want us to LEAVE..."

"NeverMIND, Fremont.", I grinned. "I'm out of the mood as it IS..."

Right then, Robbie threw me this 'Aww!' look! The kind of puppy dog eyed look that could give you the most incredible lump in your throat and cut off any and all air...and make you gasp in the process!

And I did. I gasped.

And Scott and Vince doubled up from laughing.

Robbie walked into the house's massive kitchen towards an equally massive fridge to pull out some cokes. He handed one can to each of us.

"Only other thing we've got is orange juice", he added, almost apologetic.

"This is fine.", I assured. "This kitchen is pretty impressive too..."

Robbie shrugged at me. "It's not like my parents will actually DO something with all this space..."

"Why not? What do your parents DO, exactly...?", Scott asked while sipping from his coke can.

I was kind of wondering that myself. They sure weren't lacking in financial resources...I just hope Robbie's dad isn't with the NSA or something. That way he'd have the resources to plant microphones in my room or tap our phonelines.... and after he finds out Robbie and I have sex without his consent he'll probably arrange for my 'dissappearance'or something....they'll take me to Siberia or feed me to Piranhas or other lethal fish...

Then again, his dad could just own a hardware store. From the look of this house, I'd say twenty hardware stores!

Our eyes were all locked on Robbie, awaiting his answer to our question. Words lacked to describe the surprise on all our faces when he thought a second, then shrugged and said:

"Beats me."

Oh god, his dad IS with the secret service!!!

"What do you mean 'beats me'?", Scott smiled. Surely you've got some idea what your dad does?", he asked with disbelief in his voice.

"I don't, really. He never actually talks about it. But he's in stocks or bonds or something like that."

"Ah, so he's a stock broker then. Or he just knows how to speculate well. That would explain how he could afford a place like this...", Vince said.

"Yeah, there's big bucks in stocks.", I added.

Robbie just shrugged it off. "I couldn't care less. I'd rather have a dad who'd play ball with me than one who just watches numbers all the time."

"Yeah, I guess..Sorry Robbie...", I said while putting my arm around me.

"I'm used to it.", he smiled at me. "Besides I've got you now. You guys, too. You've all been the greatest to me over the past weeks, I don't wanna sound mushy but... you've made me really really happy."

I was seriously moved, and pulled Robbie into me tightly. I buried my face deep in the slope of his tender neck. Scott stood there watching us for a second, but then he suddenly yelled 'GROUPHUG!!' and threw his arms around both of us. The three of us were snickering together for a second when I lifted my head out of the confines of Robbie's neck and said:

"You too, Vichelli."

"Aw, fuck it.", Vince shrugged and joined us.

I don't really know what happened but standing there with Robbie, Vince and Scott really made me reflect too on the last few weeks. If I had to sum up all that had happened, all that had changed because of Robbie being in my life, if you asked me to sum that all up, I couldn't. It was too much. I was more sure than anything, I was in love. Massive in love. It was almost hard to breathe. The emotion I felt was overwhelming. If compared to my life before I met Robbie, I couldn't remember anything I'd call a highlight in the few weeks before that. And after I met Robbie, my life became one big highlight. And that was why I couldn't live without Robbie anymore. I'd never let him go, I'd fight for him, I'd go to the very edge of Hell for him. Suddenly all those stupid song texts started to make sense!! And Robbie's parents...well. I guess they'll just have to adapt, because I wasn't going to let anything or anyone come between me and Robbie ever again. As in not ever. I swore that to myself, standing there.

The four of us broke our group hug. I looked at Robbie and said: "Can't wait for your parents to get home..."

Robbie looked at me in disbelief.

"Jace, is that really you talking?", Scott grinned.

"You bet, Scott. I'm sick of avoiding them all the time and sneaking around. I love Robbie and that's it. And I'm gonna tell his rents just THAT.", I said determined.

Vince slapped my shoulder. "Good for you, Jace. See, if you'd just listened to me in the first place...", he grinned.

"Yeah yeah, I guess I just had to come to terms with myself first.",  I said.

"So what are you gonna do?", Robbie asked. "Just TELL them we had sex already?"

"You mean they dunno?? Ooh, this is gonna be goood....", Scott grinned from ear to ear.

"Heheh, nope, we didn't exactly tell them up front...'specially not since they won't allow us to have sex.", I said.

"What kind of a lame rule is that, anyway?", Vince asked.

Robbie shrugged. "You talk to my mom for that, not me. She has this weird thing with ages."

"Like it's really gonna matter if you're fifteen or sixteen....we can take care of ourselves, right?!", Scott said.

"I just hope their attitude will change when they meet Jason and see what a nice guy he really is...", Robbie said.

"Yeah, Mr. Bad Influence there!!.", Vince laughed.

"I'll just have to convince them otherwise then. And I've got a pretty good idea how.", I said. "But enough worries for one day, we want our guided tour, Mr. Mayflower!", I grinned at Robbie.

Robbie smiled back. "Fine, but don't expect a lot of panash. It's just my room...besides I haven't unpacked half of my stuff..."

"Yeah but we wanna see!!", Scott pushed. "We wanna see where you live, what music you play, if you've got stuffed teddybears on your bed or not....I've got an Abe riding on it that you HAVE by the way...and when you're not looking I'm going to steal some of your dirty underwear so I can sell it on the web, you know how much those things go fo--"

"ALRIGHT already!", Robbie laughed. "But you're NOT stealing my underwear!!"

I grinned widely at Scott. "Selling, my ass. You just want it for yourself...pervert!"

Scott looked at me mischievously. "So how many of Robbie's shorts do YOU have, Jace?", he grinned.

"You guys are just sick.", Vince laughed. " I mean I wouldn't want to have a gal's used shorts..."

"Can we just forget about my laundry please!!", Robbie laughed.

"While we're on the subject...boxers or briefs?", Scott grinned.

"No comment.", Robbie smiled back.

Scott, Vince and me followed Robbie up the staircase. Once up, Robbie led us to a smaller stairway that led us up to his room. It was big! His room was right on top, sort of the attic. It was all pretty much raw woodwork simply coated in white paint (the house's roof was right overhead) ,but it stretched from the front of the house right to the back. Pretty impressive!

I glanced across Robbie's room for a second. He was right, most of his stuff was still in boxes, stacked up to the right of us. All the way in the back we could see Robbie's bed, about twenty to twenty-five feet away from where we were standing. Right behind us was a large central heating furnace. Robbie had put up some posters, but only a couple. Star Wars Episode 1, Texas, and a huge Spiderman poster. Right next to his bed was his nightstand with a digital alarm clock,  and a stereo set with CD rack a little bit further towards us. Light was shining in from two windows, one right next to Robbie's bed, looking out on the back yard, and one on the other wall behind us, which would enable us to look out over the street.

"Whoa!!", Scott exclaimed. "With a room like this you can install your own blade ramp!"

"Chill, Scott, my parents would kill me.", Robbie smirked.

Vince gave a thump with his boot on the wooden floor. "That", he said, "and your rents would go berserk from the noise!"

"I really like your room a lot, Robbie.", I said. "But you really should unpack some more, it looks like an empty warehouse now."

"Yeah but how cool is this!! Who has the capability to actually BLADE in your own room! It's freakin' awesome!", Scott cheered. He sat down on the floor, removed his blades from his backpack and kicked off his shoes to put his blades on.

"Scott, you're not gonna...", I started.

"If Robbie doesn't mind I sure as hell am!", Scott smiled. Then he looked up at Robbie.

"Well, my parents are gone, you might as well go for it!", he laughed.

"Excellent!", Scott grinned. "Party time at the Mayflower residence! Why don't you crank up that stereo set too, Robbie?"

"Oh sure!", Robbie smiled. "What kind of music would you like to hear?"

"What do you have?", Scott asked.

"I've got...most stuff of Texas, uhm, a couple of older CDs with just chart stuff on them..."

"Nah..nah..", Scott pondered while looking over Robbie's CDs. "Nothing you can blade on." Scott grabbed his backpack and dug out a portable diskman, then pressed eject and handed the CD to Robbie. "Here, play this one.", he added.

"What's this?", Robbie asked.

"It's a band I like called Arkarna. Sort of a techno - punkish mix. It's perfect!", Scott gleamed.

"Uhm...okay..", Robbie said.

"And it'll only work when you turn the volume WAY up.", Scott grinned.

"That's not gonna be a problem on this thing...", Robbie grinned. He turned the stereoset on and put the CD inside, and waited for the music to start playing. It wasn't bad music at all, just....typical. I guess it sorta defined Scott.

"Louder, dude!", Scott gestured. He got up off the floor and was on his blades now. Robbie walked back over to join me and Vince. He leaned in:

"Is he really as good as he thinks he is?"

"I don't really know, Robbie.", I said. "I've never seen him do actual stunts or stuff like that. I'm pretty curious too..."

"Yeah, cuz I was wondering, he never really hangs with us, does he? Do you think he just blades all the time?", Robbie asked.

"Why don't you ask him that yourself? Scott doesn't bite, you know.", I said.

"If he did, we'd all have rabies.", Vince commented.

The three of us watched as Scott slowly bladed away from us, towards Robbie's bed. When he reached around he did a slow U-turn, like he was planning on breaking the Olympic speed record. Which could very well be what he was planning...Scott seemed to take a deep breath for a sec and closed his eyes in concentration.

"Ohmigod, he's gonna jump isn't he?", Robbie yelled over the music, which was reaching a climax....

"I dunno!", I yelled back. "He might be..."

Right when the song playing reached its chorus, Scott took off! With powerful thrusts of his legs he bladed towards us, picking up more and more speed with each thrust me made. The wheels on his blades clattered because of the spaces in the rough wooden boards on the floor of Robbie's room....Scott bladed passed us, a tense expression on his face, then jumped up in the air about three feet, spun his torso around 180 degrees and landed backwards, so now facing us. He bladed backwards for a second, then swiveled around really fast and picked up some more speed on the way back towards where the three of us were standing. When Scott had picked up enough speed he crouched on his blades and passed us like that, his body low to the ground. A split second later, Scott jumped up, put his hands on the floor with a thump and somersaulted over them, landing on his blades hard once more!! His right blade slid out from under him and sent Scott rolling over the floor, but he immediately got on his feet again and did another wide U-turn, facing us again. Then he slowly started moving towards us.

Our jaws were really hanging open! I had never seen anyone make these kind of moves on blades before! On ice skates, yeah, or on ramps, but Scott did all this with just his own body strength! We were more than impressed!! We spontaneously started clapping and cheering for him!

"Whooooo, yeah!!", Robbie cheered.

Scott bladed to a halt in front of us. He exhaled heavily. "Thanks guys..", he sighed.

"That was really incredible, Scott!! Where'd you learn how to do that?"

"Practice, cuts, and bruises, Jace!", Scott smiled. "Without a ramp though, or a descending level floor, these moves take a whole freakin' lot out of me..", he panted. "Forgive me if I'm BEAT!!"

"I don't blame ya at all, Scott!!", I said, patting him on the back.

"With those moves you should enter a competition or something...", Vince said.

"Yeah, think about could win some prizes, easily!", Robbie said.

"Nah,", Scott said. "I've thought about it but I don't like playing by someone else's those matches they'll make me execute their moves, their way...that's not for me...these are MY moves!"

"I can understand that...", I agreed. One of the reasons I never joined a sports team myself, save for little league....

"Phew..", Scott said, wiping some sweat off his forehead, "Got any more of that coke, Robbie?"

" 'Fraid not, all we've got left in the fridge is some orange juice.", Robbie replied.

"A bit healthy, but right now I'd settle for battery acid if you had some, I'm thirsty as hell. Gimme gimme.", Scott smiled.

"Well, you'll have to walk downstairs with me then, wanna come?", Robbie asked.

"Sure.", Scott said and bladed Robbie's way.

"Aren't you gonna take those blades off?", I asked.

"Not if I don't have to.", Scott smiled. "I can blade off of stairs easily...blading UP the stairs, THAT's hard!!"

We all laughed at that remark as Robbie and Scott went down the stairs to get some more drinks. I gave Vince a smile, but he looked rather serious at me. I raised my eyebrows at him as to ask if something was up...

"Glad they're gone,", Vince said. "I've been meaning to talk to you alone."

"Why, what's up?"

"This stuff with Jameson. It's getting to me."

"Don't let it, man.", I said. "They're just a bunch of assholes...", I said.

"Yeah but I don't take SHIT from assholes easily! I was just about ready to pick up a gun this afternoon..."

"Whoa, whoa, STOP right there...that's not the answer and you know it.", I commented.

"Yeah, I wouldn't have DONE it...but you know what I mean. This pisses me OFF!! I didn't want to say anything in front of Scott or Robbie, cuz they might worry too much or do GOD knows what, but Jace man, I REALLY wanna get back at those jerks..."

"And we WILL,", I assured, "And we'll do it OUR way like we've always managed. We can take those guys, man to man."

Vince grimaced. "We're sort of outnumbered here, Jace. You don't really see Robbie throwing punches..DO you?"

"Not really..", I honestly replied, "but Scott can be a pretty viscious ally...Don't underestimate him!"

"Scott's just so immature..."

"I know what you mean but he's not like that all the time...I've seen a different side of him than you have, really should give him a chance.", I said.

"If you say so dude...but the times I've been alone with Scott he's like a twelve year old...which at times can be seriously cool, but when dealing with stuff like THIS...", Vince shook his head in frustration.

"Wanna know what I think? Scott's a pretty insecure guy on the inside. One with a very big heart at that.", I said.

Vince gave me a look.

"It's true", I continued, "This outrageous acting and stuff is really just a protective cover he has pulled over him..."

"Either that or he's just plain mad.", Vince smiled.

"Maybe, yeah!" I laughed. "But at any length, Scott can be serious enough to handle this and he knows what he's doing. Don't sweat it. I know the guy. And as for Jameson...he'll be sorry he ever messed with us."

Vince nodded, but he wasn't quite clamed down yet. I, on the other hand... I wish I was as confident about this whole mess as my words to Vince made it sound, but to be honest....I was worried to death myself....

Robbie walked down the stairs with Scott close behind him, still in blades. His blades gave a little thump each time they hit another step.

"Hope I didn't damage your floor up there, Robbie...", Scott said.

"Don't worry about that, Scott...that floor's so rough right now it has enough cracks and scratches on it.", Robbie said.

"I'll say! I think I've got a splinter!"

"I think I'll ask my dad for some carpet on those floors or something...", Robbie said.

"Then I couldn't come over and blade some more?", Scott smiled.

"Guess not - but you still can come over if you want..."

"Thanks Robbie!", Scott smiled. "I really like this place you've got here, it's pretty cool to hang out! You should get your rents to buy you some more stuff and all, maybe get a couch in your room, and a TV even..."

"Hmm, I'll think about it...", Robbie said.

"That's what I'd do. What else are you going to do with all this space anyhow! You've got room for two pooltables and a bar, for chrissake!", Scott smiled.

"You're seriously suffering from a case of too much imagination, Scott!", Robbie laughed.

"Yeah, I know...", Scott smiled back. "Hope I'm not putting you off with it..."

"Not at all!", Robbie shot back. "You're really fun to hang around with...but you know that, silly!"

"Well, you're a cool guy too...even though you sometimes think you're not."

"What makes you say that...", Robbie asked, cautiously.

Scott grinned. "You've only mentioned it, oh, like FIVE times or something!!"

Robbie blushed as he handed Scott some orange juice. "Well, it's just that at my old school... I was bullied a lot."

Scott sipped from his drink. "Were you outted?"

"No, not that...but I was an obvious target. I guess I just look gay..."

"Course you don't, don't be stupid,", Scott snickered. "you just look seriously cute, that's all. Some straight guys can get jealous of your looks and pick on you. It happens..."

"I just wish I'd look tougher..."

"Nah, wouldn't look good on you.", Scott grinned.

"You know what I mean, Scott..."

"With this whole Jameson thing now, you mean...", Scott shrugged, "Don't worry, we'll protect ya."

"Yeah but that's just it, I wish I didn't NEED your protection!!"

"It's like Vince said, you can't face four dudes alone. Besides, Jace wouldn't even let you do it alone if you COULD...", Scott said.

"I'm scared to death he gets hurt."

"You must love him a lot, huh...?"

"With all my heart, Scott, you can't imagine how much.", Robbie said. "He makes me feel alive, loved, wanted, popular...all the things I was missing."

"Yeah...from what I've heard, he feels the same. You should see him when you're not around...", Scott grinned.

"That's how I feel too, that's why I can't risk losing him... "

"You won't lose him, I think I've never seen two people this much in love..."

"Yeah...Jason's a really great guy...", Robbie sighed

"I know, I've had this HUGE crush on him...", Scott said.

Robbie raised his eyebrows and looked at Scott in amazement.........

"I wonder what's keeping Robbie...", I said to Vince as we sat down on Robbie's bed.

"You don't have to follow every move he makes, ya know.", Vince said, kinda annoyed.

"Yeah, I guess you're right. He's right downstairs..."

"Paranoid bastard.", Vince grinned. "He's just chatting with Scott..."

I glanced over. "That had better be all he's doing..."

"Heheh. Are we feeling a bit treathened by Scott...?"

"Hah, never...Besides Scott's more interested in getting in my pants than he is in Robbie's..."

"Do a threesome, that should be fun..."

I sat up straight. "Where'd you get that from??", I demanded.

"Nothing, Jace, chill. Did that hit close to home or something??", Vince shot back.

"Nope,", I lied. "Not at all."

Robbie was still glaring at Scott. Scott just smiled back:

"Too bad he's taken, huh? Soooh...Any idea when your rents will be back...?"

"Uhm...nope. They didn't say...", Robbie replied.

"Oh well, guess we have the place for ourselves for a bit longer. Do they ever plan trips or stuff like that, cuz you could throw big parties in here...."

"Hmm, nah... I've seen the movies, the house always ends up wrecked and the parents always seem to walk in at the height of the party...", Robbie smiled.

Scott threw his head up in the air "Ah, but that's the fun of it!! The risk!! At least you have the SPACE to do it!"

"I'm just not the type to throw a party!!", Robbie laughed.

"You keep saying that!! Says who? Bet you've never even been to one huh, and you're just nervous...", Scott said.

"Hmmm, well you're right...I've never been to a party...", Robbie conceded.

"Perfect!!", Scott grinned. "Next Spring Dance, and we are GOING!"

"Well...I'd have to ask Jason and Vince to come...", Robbie started.

"I'll GET them to come..."

"...and I'll have to talk about it with my parents first...", Robbie continued.

"Will you FORGET about your parents already!!", Scott almost screamed.

Robbie giggled nervously.

"SERiously man...I don't think I've ever met anyone who was as tight-assed as you make your parents out to be. If they come in here, I'll tell them a thing or two, dude..."

"Scott, ssshh for a bit...", Robbie whispered.

"Nah, lemme finish. Kids at fifteen should be able to do what ever they freakin' want, right? Sure there are rules, but they're there to be bent and if that doesn't work, broken!!"

"Scott, please, I think I hear something..", Robbie pleaded.

"Just like all that crap at school, you don't intend to take that seriously, do you? If you listen to even half the things those adults have to say, it'd be a miracle we're not all a bunch of brainwashed zombies...Trust me on this Robbie, it's like I always say, teens are supposed to get into trouble to mature into wiser human beings!! And by NOT listening to your parents you'll--


Scott swiveled around on his blades and came face to face with a well-built aging man, and a smaller woman with grey hair and a rather fragile build. Then he looked back at Robbie, who was looking nervously.

"Hi mom, hi dad...", he said.

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