First Impressions 11

I was just relaxing on Robbie's bed with Vince, looking at Robbie's room, trying to memorise  everything in there. After all, you can tell a lot from a person's bedroom. At least, if that person's a teen. Adults tend to be kind of boring.

Jut then....I heard this noise. My heart skipped a beat.

"Vince, did you just...hear a DOOR open?!", I asked.

"Hmm?", Vince replied while sitting slouched back on Robbie's bed. "Prolly just Scott or Robbie downstairs..."

"Yeah but this sounded like the outter door...and I thought I heard a car pull up just now too...", I continued as I got up from Robbie's bed and walked across the room.

Vince got the idea. "Oooh dear...", he grinned, "Time to face the dreaded Mayflowers for real this time, huh? I thought you were planning on jumping to the chance."

"Yeah but can I at least be nervous??", I asked.

"Sure. I think it's pretty amazing that you're not thinking up one of your Doom-scenarios again...", Vince smiled.

"Who says I'm not??", I returned, grinning.

Vince got up from Robbie's bed. "Tell you what...", he said while he walked towards me, "...we're just gonna go down there and say hi."

"I should have brought my bulletproof vest...", I grinned.

"Uhm, I think you should have brought your bulletproof cup.", Vince grinned. "Cause if I were Robbie's dad, that's where I'd be aiming!!"

"Bastard!", I shuddered while Vince took me by the arm and guided me towards the stairs..........

"Hi mom, hi dad...", Robbie said.

Scott was just staring at the Mayflowers at the point Vince and me walked in, and Robbie was looking severely nervous. I'd have to admit, I felt pretty caught myself. After all, imagine. There's three strange kids in your house, draining all the fluids out of your fridge, and one of 'em's blading all over your new floor. Yeah, I suppose I'd like an explanation too...

So there they were in person...the Mayflowers. Robbie's dad was a rotund man, well over fourty, and his wife looked even older...about a head and a half shorter than her husband, who really overshadowed her, she sort of had the look of a small rodent. Robbie clearly had his eyes from his mother's side, though, but I failed to detect where he'd gotten those gorgeous blonde locks, cause both his parents were least, the hair his dad had left, cause he was rapidly losing his hair. Not to the extend of Aldon though, who'd manage to make Captain Picard look pretty hairy, but still.

The clothes they wore were classy. You'd think they just got home from a High School Reunion and gone there with the sole purpose to show off their amassed wealth to the rest of the class...A large tan suit and one of those purple-ish blue dresses designed for women in high know the type, I'm sure. Somehow it suited the arrogant, slightly annoyed look on their faces...mostly aimed at Scott, I might add, grin...

Scott, no doubt sensing the tension the sudden silence created, tried to break the ice the only way he knew how:

" about that NASDAQ, huh?", Scott chimed.

Robbie's dad went "ahum!" again. Guess Scott's approach wasn't working in the right direction. While I didn't think the sour look on the man's head could get any more grimmer, somehow he managed to do just that. Luckily for us Robbie's mom spoke up next:

"Robbie dear, why aren't you in school! And who are all these, um, young men?, She said, looking at us.

"These are my friends from school, mom!", Robbie answered. "We got the day off early because history was cancelled, so we decided to head over here to get a drink..."

A look from Mr. Mayflower made Scott rapidly finish his orange juice drink and slowly blade backwards....

"Nice to meet you Sir, Ma'am....", I nodded to them. Might as wel make a good first impression, I figured....

"So you boys are in Robbie's class?" his dad asked. A deep voice, fitting his posture...

"Yup,", I responded. "We've been showing him around a little..."

"Well, that's nice.", Robbie's dad said.

"Robbie's never had many friends...", his mom added.

I glanced over at Robbie and could almost see him wince. I'm sure he felt embarrased...and don't parents know that you don't discuss your son's social life in front of his friends??

"Well, Jason has been really nice...", he said, while looking over at me.

"So you're the famous Jason we've heard so much about! Pleased to finally meet you, son.", Robbie's dad suddenly said. He walked over and shook my hand rigorously, then patted me on the shoulder and continued to move towards the living room....Well, that certainly went smoothly!!

"So...", Robbie's mom said, "Why don't you boys head over to Robbie's room, I'll stop by to bring you some milk and cookies later on!" After that, she left the kitchen too.

I frowned. I looked at Vince and Scott and saw the same reaction. Milk and cookies?? Where has this woman been??

Vince symbolically patted Robbie on his back. He sighed.

"Well", Scott said, "That went....uhm..uh..."

Robbie winced again. "You can't find the word either huh? Sorry guys...glad that's over with."

"Your dad seems to like me. I dunno what you told them, Robbie, but..."

Robbie shrugged. "Nothing special or anything...Just that you are my boyfriend."

"Guess he's just happy for you then?", Vince asked.

"Probably...well, wanna go back to my room again...?", Robbie asked.

"Yeah,", Scott smirked as he bladed towards the stairs, "don't wanna miss the 'milk and cookies' later on..."

"Oh shut up...", Robbie smirked back.

"Yeah," Vince cut in, "your dazzling presence didn't seem to help make a shining impression!"

"What did I do...", Scott laughed.

"You and your BLADES...", I grinned.

"Hey, my blades are holy. They're my expression of feelings. They're my form of art..."




"Hey, I'm serious!", Scott hit back.

"Howabout you and your art get back up on those stairs again then! We're waiting.", I said while crossing my arms.

"Well, um, uh...", Scott started. He couldn't complete the sentece he had in mind because Vince grabbed him from behind, threw him over his shoulder and carried him back up the stairs. Robbie and I both laughed at the sight. Scott wisely decided to keep his mouth shut.

With a slight thump Scott was deposited on the floor of Robbie's room by Vince. Robbie and me shortly followed. Scott just pouted and started to take his blades off again.

"You guys realize all my upcoming performances are cancelled right?", he pouted, "and you can forget about that US Tour too..."

"Oh dear, my heart just broke into a thousand pieces.", Vince grinned.

"Heheh,", Robbie grinned, "My dad looked like he was ready to kill you, Scott."

"He looked like he might have EATEN me. You take after your mom, dude.", Scott responded.

"He's right babe.", I added. "You have her eyes but yours are deeper."

"Mom always says I have my grandmother's looks." Robbie said. He blushed a little.

I suddenly felt the need to hug him, so I did. "Well, you're beautiful."

"Touching.", Vince muttered.

"And you're beautiful, too!", Scott cheered at Vince. "Life's just so beautiful!!"

"Oh shut up, zane-brain.", Vince said back.

Robbie and me crashed on his bed. Robbie slouched back with his head resting on my chest and my arms wrapped around him so I could feel his abs and his belly button through the fabric of his T-shirt. Comfy position!

Scott had put his black sneakers back on and headed over. "Okay Rob, so what you need is a TV, we got that covered. A couch would be cool, king size if possible, cause you wanna have room for four guys. That is..."

With that Scott crashed on Robbie's bed too and flung his legs in the air, his head resting on Robbie's lap.

"...if Vince isn't afraid to sit with us.", He continued while smirking heavily.

"I'm sure I'll live.", Vince smiled back.

"You sure?", Scott continued. "Might get itchy."


"Yeah, I have headlice.", Scott said.

"EWWW!!!" Robbie hollared. "Offa my bed, Fremont!!!"

Scott turned around and attacked Robbie's sides, tickling his ribcage wildly! "You can FEEL them crawling along your SPINE.!!!!

"AARGHHSTOPITSTOPIT!!!", Robbie screamed. He shook heavily and since my arms were wrapped around him, I shook with him. I was laughing my ass off, but Scott's attack was contagious!! I joined in tickling Robbie:

"Oh god, They're in YOUR HAIRR!!!!", I screamed.

Robbie kicked and screamed and bucked his hips uncontrollably, knocking Scott off of him, who, of course, tumbled off the bed with his long hair all over his face.

Vince just stood there smiling with his arms crossed. "Should I leave?", he grinned. "So you guys can engage in your threesome peacefully??"

The bastard looked me right in the eye when he said that! And I sure as hell detected the emphasis on that word. Vince was on to me...

'Shut up', I signalled with my eyes. He just smiled. In fact, his smile got wider when he saw me react.

Robbie just responded with a "Dream ON, Vince!" Luckily Robbie wasn't embarrassed or anything...At least I didn't think so. As for Scott...I glanced over to the pile of hair beside the bed...I doubt he would take it seriously. He wouldn't take seriousness serious if it bit him square in the nuts. I'm probably thinking too much of this again, but if it was only so easy to assure myself of just isn't.

"Well guys," Robbie said, "sorry I can't entertain you guys just yet,'s just that everything's still unpacked and all..."

"Yeah we know babe,", I assured, "those boxes over there are kinda hard to miss!"

"You don't have to impress us. We're not like that.", Vince said.

"I know. Just what I'm used to, that's all." Robbie sighed. "We can always go to the Mall or something. It's not too far from here."

"No way, I'm staying here for the milk and cookies.", Scott grinned.

"Don't they feed you at home?", Vince grinned.

"Actually my high metabolism consumes a lot of energy which I have to replenish regularly..."

"Expensive words for the likes of you, Scott!", I said. "Off the internet again?"

"Where else...I can say it but I can't spell it", he smiled.

"I'm sure.", I responded.

"Actually I wanna see if his mom really does come up with one of those trays, 'n' stuff...", Scott grinned at Robbie. He responded:

"Don't get her started! Next thing you know she'll pull out the coloring-book!!"

"What's wrong with that? *I* have a coloring-book!!", I laughed.

"Me too.", Scott added.

"Same here.", Vince grinned.

"You guys scare me.", Robbie laughed.

"What I wanna see..", I said, "is baby-photos of you, Robbie! I'm SURE your mom will be more than happy to..."

"Don't you dare!", Robbie grinned at me. "I was SUCH a geek when I was little...."

"I don't buy it.", Scott said.

"Yeah, proove it...", I grinned.

"The hell I will, you guys are not seeing those pictures.", Robbie persisted.

"Fine. Then I'll ask your mom.", I grinned back.

"Yeah, just imagine, Robbie's mom voluntarily showing  you, of all people, pics of Robbie, as a baby, butt-naked!!", Scott laughed.

"Knowing my mom, she'll just freak.", Robbie said. "Remember, as far as she's concerned, I'm too young to have sex."

"Biologically speaking, that's bullshit. You produce sperm, so you can have sex. There's no arguing with nature.", Scott said.

"Someday Scott, you'll have to show me the internet site where you get those wonderful arguments.", I grinned.

"Dude,", Robbie said to Scott, "this is my MOM we're talking about. As far as I'm concerned she's never even pronounced the word sperm before."

"Well, you know parents kinda have trouble accepting their children having sex...", I told Robbie.

"Feeling's mutual...", Scott shivered.

"At any rate I can understand where your mom's coming from. She'll have to get used to the idea.", I continued.

"I'd wish she'd hurry with it. I'm not really planning on waiting for her to get her mind in the right place.", Robbie said.

"What's your dad's opinion?", Vince asked.

"He doesn't have any.", Robbie responded bitterly.

"That's good,", I commented. "At least he can't DISagree that way."

"Usually he'll agree to whatever my mom comes up with.", Robbie sighed.

"I still don't see what the big deal is.", Vince muttered. "If I'm counting correctly, you guys have had sex like, what, sixty-two thousand ninehundred and fourty one times? It's not like they can STOP you..."

Robbie smiled to that. "I guess you're right..."

I thought about that for a while. Vince was right about that, of course, but somehow I'd be a lot happier if we somehow had Robbie's parents' consent. I'm getting a little tired of this whole cloak and dagger stuff as it is...The options, I figured, would be that A) we'd outright TELL Robbie's parents we have sex and let them deal with it, B) don't tell them at all and 'just do it', or C) find some way to get parental consent...I had to think about what my mom told me the other day... about making Robbie's parents agree without them actually knowing what they're agreeing to...

"I might have a plan...", I said.

Scott jumped up. His hair danced in front of his face. "Grreeaattt...", he chanted. "Actionnnnn..."

"Sorry Scott, this one's something only I can do.", I said.

"So what's your plan?", Robbie asked curiously.

"I'm going to talk to your mom and dad and convince them."

"Riiiight...", Robbie said, in doubt. "Jason, you don't know my mom...she doesn't even know YOU...what can you possibly tell her to even CONSIDER..."

"I'm not quite sure just  yet...", I grinned. "But trust me...just this once...I know what to do."

I slowly walked down the stairs...alone. I was slightly hesitant at first but I decided now would be as good a time as any to fire up that "first impressions" conversation with Robbie's folks, and of course I had to do it without Robbie, Vince or most of all Scott with me. Sometimes, when you really want to get through to a person, it's gotta be just you and him, face to face. Or you and her, whatever's the preference, hehehe...Well, my preference would certainly be to go one-on-one with Robbie right now, but to make sure that our relationship remains safe, this is what needs to be done, and I'm the only one who can do it. Of course I'm jittery as hell, 'specially since I'm using one of the oldest tricks in the book...I'm gonna ask Robbie's parents...

...where their bathroom is.


"A bribe.", Scott offered. "He's going to offer your parents a bribe in return for sexual privileges."

"His parents are loaded.", Vince returned. "What's he going to bribe them with, doing dishes?"

"We have a maid that comes by every Tuesday and a dishwasher at that. No dice.", Robbie said.

"That and Jace hates doing dishes.", Vince said.

"It's not like he can offer anything else...", Scott shrugged.

"I don't get it either...", Vince replied. "Jace has never been the most talkative dude in the world. He's paranoid as hell too."

Robbie winced. "I just hope he gets out of there alive."

Scott looked back at Vince. "That's one thing he's got a knack for.", Vince smiled. "If there's a pesky situation, you can bet good money on it Jace can get out."

"Kind of like Han Solo.", Robbie commented.

Scott smiled at Vince. "That would make you Chewbacca!!"

"And that must make you the annoying little Ewok whom everybody wished had died during the battle of Endor.", Vince grinned back.

"Ouch.", Scott said. "That means I'm short, fat, wobbly and have a furry bottom."

"Heehee. No wonder you don't get laid.", Robbie grinned.

"Double ouch.", Scott murmurred. "But if the analogy's that Jace is Han Solo...would that make your dad Jabba the Hutt and your mom that little chattering critter in front of him? And...can we expect Jace back frozen in carbonite?!"

Robbie shivered visibly. "I sure hope not...."

I don't think I've EVER taken this long to walk down a staircase.

The thing seemed to go on forever and my mind made it seem like every step I took gave this gigantic squeak that seemed to echo off the walls of the hallway and was audible three blocks away. Okay Jace, just relax, this is not a senior citizens home - you know how old people tend to bitch about noise - but just a happy, all-american family type of home. Cozy, fireplace, put your feet up, vote Republican, something from the adds....

Like hell it is, Robbie's mom is some fretty menopause pshycho armed with knitting pins and his dad shoots at squirrels and sparrows from his bedroom window with a 12 gauge doublebarreled Remington. Right....

I finished the staircase, finally, and walked into the kitchen. From there I could walk into the living room, but first I had to cross the kitchen where his mom was no doubt fretting about...

"Hellooow!", Robbie's mom cheerfully squeaked from behind me.

"Uhm, hi Mrs Mayflower...", I started.

"Now let's see dear, which one are you....oh yes, I remember, you're..."

"Jason.", I added.

"Riiight, you're Robbie's special friend.", she said.

I cringed. That doesn't sound right! Makes me feel like I have a handicap or something. Oh well, old lady, I suppose.

"Yes, we, uh...", I started

Have sex! Have sex! We fuck eachother's brains out! We drink eachother's sperm like it's the best fuckin' thing on this whole planet!!!  Say it!!! SAY IT!!! SAY IT!!!

"...We're dating.", I said instead. Gee, it's a good thing we don't have to say what we think all the time.

"Robbie said you've been very nice to him, helping him get accustomed to his new school and all.", Mrs Mayflower said.

I've been more than nice to him, actually...

"It's nice to see children helping eachother out like that,", she mused, "after all, the world would be a far better place if we all took care of eachother..."

I took good care of his virginity...nah, that's something Scott would say.

"Well, it's been my pleasure, Ma'am.", I cheerfully said. "I'm planning on doing a lot more FUN stuff with Robbie."

"That's good, dear.", she responded. Geez, this woman hasn't got a clue, has she?

"I'm planning on really showing him the ropes and I must say that he's a fast learner. You can be proud of him, Ma'am!", I said. Let's see when she starts to look awkward....

Robbie's mom just smiled to me and went on with her kitchen business.

"I mean, don't all parents want their children to be happy?", I tried.

"Of course, Jason. And I'm glad he's found you. He speaks about you a lot."

"So you're okay with us spending time together?", I asked.

"Of course, dear. You're welcome to come over as often as you like."

Not exactly what I asked, but I'll take that as a yes...."Thanks Ma'am, I'm sure Robbie will be very pleased and with your permission,  I'd like to make sure he stays that way. Now, of you don't mind me asking, where's the bathroom?"

Robbie's mom smiled and answered: "Second door on the left, dear."

"Thank you.", I replied. Well, that one went okay. I hope that Robbie's dad will be just as... cooperative as Robbie's mom was. However, with Robbie's dad I have a slightly different strategy in mind...He seemed to like me, so I think I can sit down with him man to man...dads usually like that sort of stuff.

I hope this one does too....

"What IS he doing down there??", Robbie asked.

"Dunno.", Scott answered. "All I can hear are faint voices. Your mom, from the sound of it."

"If you can't tell the difference between his mom's voice and his dad's, Fremont, you need to get your hearing checked.", Vince muttered.

"What was that? I need to get my hearing checked.", Scott grinned.

"Shut up, Fremont." And get up, you look ridiculous lying on the floor like that.", Vince grinned back.

"I'm just curious, I wanna hear what they're saying.", Scott replied.

"Must be a gay thing, sticking your ass in the air whenever you get the chance..."

"Ooooh...", Scott growled as he turned over. "Eat dirty tampon and DIE, Vichelli!!, You gonna take that one sitting down, Robbie?"

"No way, Scott.", Robbie grinned.

Scott got to his feet. " it's just you, me...and ONE dead italian!!"

Vince gave a broad smile and crossed his arms. "Bring it on, you two. If you surrender now I won't tell Jace I kicked both your asses with one eye closed."

"Robbie, go for his jugular on the count of three.", Scott grinned.""

"One, two....three.", I sighed to myself and pressed the 'flush' button on the toilet. This toilet looked good enough to have sex in. I don't know if it's just me, but once you have had sex in a toilet, public or not, you judge all toilets like that. A good toilet must be spacious enough to accomodate two people. It needs to have enough space between the door and the toilet bowl so one person can sit down and blow the other. The side walls shouldn't have cold tiles so you can lean against them with your bare skin, and it needs to smell okay and...well, you get the idea.

This toilet could handle both of us lying down on the floor, because it had a white fluffy carpet in front of the toilet bowl and about five feet from the wall to the sink on the other side. Spacious, indeed. But so was the rest of the place so I kinda got the idea the Mayflowers wouldn't settle for a toilet Mr. Mayflower couldn't cram his monumental ass in....

Images of Mr. Mayflower stuck between the walls of our school toilet stalls with his expensive pants around his ancles filled my head and made me giggle for a moment... but I was inside this toilet long enough already, I needed to confront Mr. Mayflower. Here goes nothing...

I opened the door and stepped out into the hallway. Robbie's living room wasn't that far from the toilet, only a few steps of kitchen were all that lay between me and Mr. Mayflower himself. I headed over, determined to make a good impression. I think Mr Mayflower is the brains in this family, so I think he'll at least give me a chance and listen to good reason. Yeah, like Mrs Mayflower was a-okay with me 'seeing' more of Robbie. The poor woman really didn't have a clue whatsoever. With people like these, you have to wonder: were they ever young themselves? Have they gotten themselves into the same sorts of messes me and my friends have? And if so, what caused all of that to change? What trauma could possibly have transformed jumpy, cheerful teens like us into clueless old bores like Robbie's parents? I mean, MY mom isn't like that at all... Well, whatever the case may be, I'm going to make DAMN sure it doesn't happen to me and Robbie. Or Vince. I don't think I need to worry about Scott. The day HE turns into a bore is the day the last smile on Earth fades away and dies.

I walked out of the hall and into the living room, to find Mr. Mayflower sitting in a  - rather big - chair reading a newspaper.

The business section. Dear me, doesn't this man know the meaning of the word 'fun'? Okay, oddball, have it your way. We two are going to sit down...and talk business.

I wiped off the grave look that must have undoubtedly crept its way onto my face and proceeded towards the chair, echoes of that blasted Star Wars soundtrack playing in my head. In particular, the scene where the Millenium Falcon is stuck in the Death Star's tractor beam and is being hauled in closer towards the immense thing. 'That's no's a space station."

Oh, yeah, I forgot. Grave look. Offa face. Gotcha.

I approached Mr. Mayflower's chair and made my presence known. A slight sniff of my nose did the trick, and had Mr. Mayflower look up from his newspaper to notice me. He gave me a measured smile and nodded to me. No doubt a little bit surprised as to why I was standing next to him, and with reason. As far as he was concerrned, I was upstairs with Robbie and the rest, and had no business being here.

"Afternoon, sir.", I nodded back. "I was just wondering, um..."

That got his attention. He put down his paper on his his lap. "Yes?"

"I, uh, feel a little stupid, but I think I lost sight of the staircase on my way back. You place is rather big.", I said.

Mr. Mayflower smiled broad at me. "Yes, I suppose it is.", he said. "back the way you came, and then go left straight away. Can't miss it."

"Thanks, sir.", I smiled back. "I hope you don't feel we're imposing or anything."

"Oh no, not at all.", he said.

"I was a bit worried after Scott and all...",

"Scott? You mean that rascall with the rollerskates? Why the devil was he wearing those in the first place...", he mumbled.

"Scott can be a bit impulsive, but he's a nice boy. Very friendly. I can vouch for him, and I'm sure Robbie will say the same thing."

"Yes, Robbie has, in fact.", Mr. Mayflower said. "It seems Robbie's been quite happy to have met you lot."

"We got that impression too, and for me, the feeling's very mutual.", I said, putting some stress on that last part.

"Ah, yes, um...", Mr. Mayflower mumbled.

"I assume that means he has told about us?"

"Yes, he has..."

"I just wanted to make sure that there's no objection from your side, sir..."

Mr. Mayflower measured me up carefully. Then said: "No. There isn't."

Phew! Well, that's a relief!! "Well, I AM dating your son.", I smiled.

"Who Robbie decides to see is essentially his business. His mother and I were just being worried he would start getting the WRONG ideas and all, spending time with the WRONG sort of kids. We've been reading some magazines about, uhm...HIS sort of boys and we've come across some pretty disturbing things. As for dating my son, I just want to press the following.", he said.

I swallowed and nodded.

"You're to keep Robbie away from drugs of any kind.", he said sternly.

"Oh absoLUTEly.", I assured him.

"I don't want him going to any of those special discotheques or other places either. He is to be home every night."

"Oh, I wasn't planning on taking him out to THOSE...wait, can he stay over at my place?", I asked.

"Of course. I just don't want him ending up in one of THOSE places.", he emphasised. Hmm, I'm not sure what kind of gay-youth-horror mag these two have been reading, but they certainly have the wrong ideas in their heads. No wonder they said Robbie wa too young for all this... hell, even I am too young for stuff like that!

"Don't worry, I'm not taking Robbie out to clubs. But I do want to spend time with him. I was hoping there'd be no objection to THAT, sir."

"Of course not. You seem to be a decent young man."

"And of course, you would want what's best for Robbie.", I said.


"For him to be happy."


"Then we seem to want the same thing. I'll do my very BEST to see that Robbie keeps that smile on his face, Mr. Mayflower.", I said.

"Do that, and you won't find an enemy in me, son."

"Thank you, sir.", I nodded. "I'll go and find that staircase now."

Mr. Mayflower smiled. "You do that.", he said, and resumed his reading.

I turned around, let out a heavy sigh, and returned to the staircase of which I knew very well where it was, of course, and dashed up back to Robbie's room quickly. I was smiling all the way! I was exhilarated, this turned out to be a bump in the road that was easy to overcome, and why not? I wasn't going to hurt Robbie in any way, and I certainly wasn't going to introduce him to gay clubs or drugs any time soon. Noooh sir. I'm just going to keep him really, really happy by giving him really, really good sex on a regular basis. Being with Robbie is the best drug ever for me, and who needs clubs to go to when I can have a party right here at this place with Robbie, Vince, Scott and myself? Shit, this place is big enough for twenty kids or more. Now if only the Mayflowers would go on a business trip or something, hehehe. Scott certainly has a point with that whacky party idea....I'll have to keep it in mind.

Pretty soon, I reached Robbie's room and found Scott, Robbie and Vince on the floor in one big tangled heap, and all breathing heavily.

"What's this?", I laughed. "I leave you guys alone for like ONE minute and you immediately have a threesome??" I was well aware of the double meaning this would have for both Scott and Vince, but I was too giddy to worry over petty stuff like that now. The whole Robbie-parents-sex thing had been a giant weight on my shoulders, and I was dead happy to be able to drop it. To be honest, I had been preoccupied with it every time Robbie and I had sex since he said it, so it felt like ages ago that him and me actually made love passionately. I was already looking forward to doing it again with him....and again... and hell, again after that. I'm sixteen, I'm good for three times non-stop, at least!!

"Hehehe...noooh....", Vince grinned. "I was just showing these two wussies here how to eat dirt properly."

"Fat chance, Vichelli...", Scott struggled, being pinned down by Vince's left leg, "Once I get my steroids shot, I'll kick your ass. This is so unfair!"

"You know steriods shrink your testicles, don't you Scott?", Robbie asked, trying to pry loose Vince's right arm from his slender waist.

"They do? Shit, scratch that plan. Okay Vince, once I get my bionic implants..."

"Riiight, Scott. You just come back when you're a grown-up little boy...", Vince teased as he swivelled his leg up so Scott could escape.

"Anyways, how did it GO, Jace? Did you get diplomatic immunity?", Scott asked.

"Dunno what you mean by that, but things went fine, dude.", I said while I looked at Robbie. I could see his blue eyes sparkle at that...

"You mean, like, they actually APPROVED of us having sex?", Robbie asked, ready to explode.

"Well, not as much that, but it seems it wasn't what they were afraid of in the first place."

"How so?" Robbie asked, while getting to his feet.

"Well, when they told you you were, quote-un-quote, too young, did they litterally say for what?", I asked.

"Well, that business, my dad said. And we were talking about boys then...and dating and stuff...", Robbie hesitated. He wasn't that sure.

"Well, the thing they really seemed to fear was that I was going to take you to gay dancings and take drugs with you and stuff. Really freaky. Your dad made me swear I wouldn't do that. He nad your mum probably read some sort of magazine that has a really weird idea about what young gay guys do in these towns...."

Scott cracked up. "So THAT's what all the fuss was about? A silly magaZINE? HA!!"

I shrugged. "In any case, I think I made a pretty good impression on your dad. He seemed to like me."

"Really?", Robbie asked."

"Yeah. He said he was just glad you weren't dating 'that punk brat with blades on'"

Scott stopped laughing. At that point, Robbie, Vince and me cracked up instead. Scott gave his most hurt look ever.

"Pout!!", he said.

"In any case,", I said, ", cranck up that stereo, Robbie, I feel like jumping on your bed!!"

Robbie gave me a look of disbelief. "No way, my 'rents are right downstairs!!"

"So fuckin' what, man.", I said. Scott, smelling a party, pranced over to the stereo and started turning the knobs. Pretty soon he came across a radio network and just as the last song ended - Eminem, I believe  - 'It's Raining Men' from that one Spice Girl started.

"Hold that Scott, that's excellent!!", I cheered and grabbed Robbie, dragging him towards his bed.

Vince gave me a look. "Jason, you are now officially gay."

"GOOD!! I cheered. I don't care, man. You know why not? Coz WE'VE GOT PARENTAL CONSENT! YEAAHHH!!"

With that, Robbie and I lost our heads and started jumping on his bed wildly. Scott just looked on with a silly grin on his face, and started banging his head along with us. Vince, even though he felt this was all a bit too campy for his tastes, had to smile. He couldn't help but get swept along in all of it, and although he'd never admit it, I think he felt happy too. He would have left otherwise.

Robbie and me were in bliss - Adrenaline pumping through our veins, jumping up and down wildly, and giggling like hyenas, on the edge all the way. His floppy hair was swooshing up and down like a giant silk butterfly, and the fun was radiating out of his eyes, out of his heart. I was simply melted by his smile, and a bit overcome. I reached out and pressed my lips to his, while trying to match Robbie's jumps. Kissing with a smile prooved near impossible, but I just needed to touch him. I needed to have him.

Scott saw it, and looked at Vince. Vince caught Scott's look and shrugged. "Just this once, then.", he smiled.

Robbie and me both slowed our jumping, and concentrated more on eachother. The tips of our noses touched, and as of that second, Scott, Vince and that Spice Girl just weren't there anymore. Neither were his parents or the room we were in. It was just me and him, and that seemed all that mattered at that point. I could feel his breath on my lips, I could see that anticipating look of his. His moist lips drew closer to mine, my hands moved up to caress his shoulders. Then we locked, and our tongues pushed into eachother like a pair of stags, their antlers colliding  in battle. My hand pushed against his neck, his hands wrapped themselves around my waist. We were spinning, we were one. He tasted sweeter than he looked. He felt so warm and moist. Our hardness pressed against the other's in a stag-battle of their own. I reached down and squeezed his ass, when Scott yelled out:

"We have exceeded PG-13 and moved on to R!! Yess!!!"

We broke our kiss, slowly, as if biting off a piece of delicate chocolate and savoring the taste for seconds. The song had ended, and the room had stopped spinning. Just one problem, my hardness wasn't going down anytime soon, so I kept Robbie close to me. He seemed glad I did so, because he seemed to have the same problem....

"Sorry for that, guys...", I said. Robbie blushed a bit.

Vince smiled. "You looked like you needed it. I'm glad you're happy. And besides, anybody who can lose his head so spontaneously as you two did is okay in my book."

"And *I*'m certainly not complaining.", Scott grinned. "Next time, strip."

Robbie pulled his shirt up and flashed Scott his belly button, causing Scott to actually look a bit startled. Whoa...Who'd have thought? Looking at Scott's reaction, I was wondering if he liked me, Robbie, both of us, or was he just being desperate? I'd have to ask him about it some time, no doubt about that...

After another hour or so, we left Robbie's house. Scott had to get back to his house, all the way across town, and Vince had to do some errands for his dad as well so we offered to escort them back. In the mean time I was planning on sneaking Robbie past my house for some sex before my mom got back from work, because I was certainly up for it.

"So what sort of stuff do you have to do, Vince?", Robbie asked.

"Just some parts that need to get picked up for my dad. Spark plugs I think."

"Why doesn't he do it?", Scott asked. "Seems like an unimportant thing to me..."

"Yeah,", Vince returned, "but he's paying me. I'm still saving for that car, remember Jace?"

"How could I forget.", I sighed. "I'll never understand your fascination for cars, Vince."

"Well, I guess you wouldn't, with your....whoa, check that baby out.", Vince said.

"What?", I asked. I looked, and saw what Vince was looking at. A shining, black convertable was driving by and pulled in on the driveway of one of the houses down the street from where we were walking.

"Geez, a Mercedes 2000. You know how much those things cost??", Vince drooled.

I was more interested in the driver. A blonde guy, in his early twenties maybe, with a face to die for. And that arrogant look as he got out of the car, MAN, some guys DO have it all....

Suddenly, Scott took off at high speed, crossed the road in one perillous leap, and started waving his hands around frantically.

"Is this his idea of making a pass?", Vince asked.

Robbie looked equally puzzeled, as our eyes followed Scott, who ran towards this blonde guy. Then, he started yelling.


I raised my eyebrows. He obviously knew more about this guy than we do.

This could get interesting.......

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