First Impressions 12

Vince, Robbie and me were standing in the midst of Robbie's street, looking at Scott, whom had just darted across that very street, to get the attention of some blonde-movie-star-look-alike, driving a Mercedes 2000 as far as Vince was concerned (and trust me, he knows those things) and obviously on first name basis with Scott, whom had just yelled out 'Shane' just now.

'Shane' it was, then. From the look of it, this Shane guy knew Scott as well, because there was definitely some sort of talk going on between the two.

"So who is this guy, Robbie? You know him?", Vince asked.

"Nope, I've never seen him before...but then, I haven't had a chance to go around the neighborhood or anything...", Robbie replied.

"Good point.", Vince conceded.

"Well, he's obviously a friend of Scott's of some sort, so I guess we should say hi.", I said.

"You two can look at the dude, I want a better look at that CAR.", Vince smiled.

Thus, the three of us crossed the street together to see why Scott went mental over this Shane dude. We headed over to the house the car was parked in front - the same sort of house that Robbie's parents lived in, monumental - and approached the car. Scott was rambling.

"Shane man, I haven't seen you around in like FOREVER, I mean I tried to - oh hey guys."

I gave Scott a measured smile. He seemed rather absent so I don't think he even noticed me. Or maybe absent isn't the right term to describe it...let's just say his mind was....somewhere else than here. Namely, in the passenger seat of that car, trying to get into Shane's pants. Scott was, for lack of a better word, drooling over Shane. That soft look someone gets, like his brain is about to seep out of his ears and run down his legs out of his pants to form a puddle on the street, that was going on with Scott. And Shane? He knew it. He could NOT have missed it. The way he looked at Scott and played with his sunglasses...Shane owned Scott at that moment, and that's when it hit me. They have had sex before. It was the only explanation for the obvious chemistry going on between the two.

"So, aren't you going to introduce us, Scott?", I asked. I wanted to know the hows and whens now.

"Oh, right...", Scott answered, still a bit abroad with his mind. "Guys, this is my ex-boyfriend Shane."

I gave Robbie a quick 'I-thought-so' glance.

"Shane,", Scott continued while indicating, "This is Jason, and Robbie. They're a couple."

I suddenly got a jab of uneasyness when Scott said that. He had just 'outted' Robbie and me to a total stranger here. Still, he HAD called Shane his ex-boyfriend as well, but knowing Scott...he can always be a bit over-enthusiastic.

Shane lifted his eyebrows, giving Robbie and me the once-over. "Cute.", he said.

Well, coming from a guy with the looks Shane had, I'd take that as a compliment. Still though, Shane's charm wasn't exactly in the way he looked. Of course he couldn't go WRONG with it.... Sandy blonde hair, obviously tanned skin - probably from a solarium, cause my skin hadn't seen the sun for ages - with one silver earring in his right ear, a classy suede leather jacket with a white button-down shirt underneath, not-quite-Matrix-style sunglasses and an ever so slight stubble. It only added to the charm. Like I said, his looks weren't all that was his attitude, his selfconfidence that made him sexy. It was the air of 'I'm something' this guy had over him that made him so compelling to look at. Much like Brad Pitt isn't all that sexy at ALL, 'specially not since he has that 'Friends' chick as a wife, but the fact that this is BRAD makes him just...well...want-able.

In short, the guy was hot.

"And this", Scott continued, "Is Vince."

Vince was the next to get the once-over from Shane. Shane threw Vince a look, and Vince caught it, immediately sensing what it meant. He had seen me throw the same look at Robbie a million times before.

"And I'm straight, should you wonder.", Vince said as he extended his hand to Shane.

Shane took it. "Actually, I was. You don't often see gay guys like you."

Vince gave a lopsided grin. "You aren't seeing one now either, bro."

"You sure?"

"I'm sure."

"You seem pretty close to Jason and Robbie here.", Shane grinned.

"They're my best friends. YOU seem awfully close to Scott, or did I see that wrong, just now?"

Shane looked back at Scott, who was acting a bit shy now. I'm writing that in my diary tonight, hehehe.

" didn't see that wrong. Me and Scott have dated. I hadn't seen him in a while, which explains why he got all enthusiastic on me and all.", Shane said.

"So I saw,", I said. "I've heard him mention you a few times before..."

"Hmmm, well, I'm glad Scott hasn't forgotten about me just YET..", he said while throwing Scott a certain look that I couldn't pick up. Whatever it did, it did it all for Scott. I studied him for a bit. He gasped slightly, hardly unnoticable, and shifted his weight to his other foot. I'm guessing he had a hard on.As far as I know, Scott's been aching for sex for quite some time now Luckily for him he was on the other side of Shane's car, so none of us could see if he really WAS sporting a woodie.. Heh, knowing the type of fabric Scott's clothing is made of, even a semi in those pants would stand out like a flag on a dung pile.

Vince broke the awkward silence that followed by changing the subject to a less gay one: "nice set of wheels, dude."

"Thanks. I've had it for a few months now. It rides like the sun."

"It looks like it cost you quite a bit.", Robbie said. Shane gave him a warm smile.

"I don't really worry that much about that.", Shane shrugged. I looked at Vince; that really stung for him. I know how hard he's been saving for that Camaro. Still though, Vince didn't want to lose face to Shane, so he started giving Shane the rundown about the amount of horsepower a Mercedes 2000 had, how much Mph it could run, hell, I think he even knew the retail value.

"Hehehe, I'm beginning to believe you're actually straight. Noone I know knows that much about cars."

"My dad owns a garage, so it's kinda what I grew up with.", Vince said.

"Cool...You don't feel like taking a ride with me, do you? You guys can come too, there's room for three back there."

Vince was really eager to go, I could tell. But I was in no hurry at all to go into that car.

"I think I'll pass. You guys can go." I looked at Robbie.

"I'm staying too.", he smiled at me. I don't know if he knew it or not, but that meant a lot.

"Hmmm, okay. I'll be seeing you guys then. You coming, Scott?"

"Uhh....yeah! Yeah...", Scott cheered and took the back seat, energetic as he always is.

Vince took the passenger seat. "So what are you guys doing?"

"I'm just going to hang with Robbie some more. I'll see you tomorrow at school, Vince. Then we'll discuss our little Jameson problem."

"Right...kay, deal. See ya tomorrow, you too Robbie. It's been fun.", Vince said.

"Bye Vince! See you, Scott."

"Later guys!", Scott yelled as Shane shifted gear and let his Mercedes roar out the street loudly, take the corner with great speed and disappear out of our sight. Soon the only sound left was a dog barking.

"So...", I started.

"So...", Robbie answered. "Alone at last, hmm?"

I put my arm around my blonde boyfriend. "Yeah. It's been a big day. What do you wanna do?"

"Like you said, just hang with you.", Robbie answered.

"Hmmm, thanks for not going with Shane and his hot-rod."

"Think I would just let you go on your own? You don't know me well enough.", Robbie grinned.

"No, I'd be really dissapointed if you did go.", I said.

Robbie nodded. "I'd have gone if you wanted to. But rides in cars are not really my thing."

"I don't like cars at all. Has Vince told you?"

"No, what?", Robbie asked.

"Well, ever since my dad died in a car crash, I've been kinda stand-offish with cars...put it mildly..."

"Oh, honey, you never said...I'm sorry...", he said, and rested his head on my shoulder for a moment.

"It's's been ten years now, I just...I need to get over it. I can't dissapoint Vince once he has his Camaro."

"If you don't want to go, I won't let you go...", Robbie said, all concerned.

"Well, I'm not totally scared or auto-mobilo-phobic or whatever....I just don't like the really fast riding stuff. I can get into a car if I must."

"I'll keep a watch on Vince, then. If you can manage cruising speed we should be okay. We can go out for ice-cream or something, the four of us.", Robbie said.

"Think our foursome will last, now that Scott has found Shane again? Did you see, he was all over him..."

"I saw, allright. If that's the way I look at you, tell me. It's gushing.", he said.

"Sometimes you gush.", I teased.

"You too.", Robbie smirked. "But I just think that's sweet. And kinda hot.", he smiled.

"Well, as long as I'm not at Scott-level we shouldn't be too obvious."

"Vince would say we're well past the obvious stage.", Robbie grinned.

"Hehehe. Speaking of obvious, did you see Shane give Vince that once-over?"

"Oh, most def. I think he would have tried to hit on Vince in a heartbeat."

"I thought he had renewed interest in Scott, though.", I said.

"Hmmm, you know...I hate to say it, but... I don't believe Shane and Scott know...compatible.", Robbie said, hesitantly.

"Thinkin' the same thing.", I assured. "But they do have a history together. I guess that's worth SOMEthing. He seemed friendly enough."

"Yes, but to go with Scott? I dunno...", Robbie said.

"Ah, but could ANYONE survive with Scott? Who would be a match for Scott?"

"You know he's had a crush on you?", Robbie smiled.

My breath got stuck in my throat. Robbie knows about this?? That's not supposed to be!! Shit!!

"Wha...uh...", I mumbled. It was about the only thing I could get out of my throat.

"Oh, you didn't know that?", Robbie giggled. He was taking this lightly, it seemed.

", I didn't. I knew he tried to hit on me with those buttons of his." Nice save, Jace.

"He told me when we were in the kitchen, just before mom and dad walked in. I couldn't believe it! I mean, what would have happened, if he had known you were gay? Or if you knew what those buttons meant? I mean, you two could have been a couple for a year already and I would have never stood a chance...", Robbie said.

"Uhm, and exactly where do you get the intelligence from that I so much as fancy Scott?", I asked. "C'mon, I'd have made a pass centuries ago if that were true."

"Yeah but you didn't know he was gay..."

"Bi", I corrected. Rather pointlessly.

"Bi.", Robbie said. "I've yet to see him look at a single girl. He's gay, I'm sure."

"Knowing Scott, he's just bi to keep both sides of the market open for him, ya know? Scott is....I guess he's just....desperate."

"To have sex?", Robbie grinned. "I can't blame him for that...", he smiled. Seductively. And what was worse, he knew it.

"Are you pulling a Shane on me now?", I grinned.

"Pulling a...oh! I get it. No....pulling a Shane would be something more like this...." Robbie said, then continued to lift up his blue shirt, so that his abs were fully exposed to me. And as if that wasn't enough, the bastart opened the button of his jeans. Just the top button. He then reached inside with his free hand and gave himself a good grope. In the middle of the bloody street!! I gasped.

"Wanna come...over to your place...and...mmmhhh...."

No, please, not the 'mmmhhh'. He KNOWS I can't stand the--

Then, Robbie moved in quickly and stuck his tongue between my lips, just for a fraction of a second or so. I gasped again. He then backed away, his shirt falling in front of his half-open jeans.

"You're hard.", he said. "Is that a yes?", and an impish grin lit him up.

I just stared at him with my mouth half open. Jeez, this boy was hot. This boy was...totally mine!! Fuck me, I'm dating HIM!! YESS!!!

"NOW you're gushing.", Robbie laughed.

"You're worth gushing over. Besides, of you keep that attitude up, something else will be gushing all over you when we get to my place.", I grinned back.

"Is that a promise?", Robbie teased.

"More like a fact.", I said. "What time is it?"

Robbie pulled out his cell phone and punched up the time."Three thirtyfive.", he said.

"Hour and a half till my mom comes back. Wanna chance getting caught naked again?"

"Well...", Robbie pondered, "Why don't I go back in and ask if I can sleep over. Your mom will let us, anyway."

"Good idea!", I smiled while I put my arms around his neck. "After the whole thing with your parents, I think we deserve a little celebration, don't you?"

"Definitely! Stay here, cutey, I'll be back in a bit!", and darted off.

As I watched him take off, I couldn't help but smile, and sigh to myself. Aren't I the luckiest boy on the planet right now? Hehehe..... I can't wait to get Robbie back to my place to have some serious stress-relieving sex. It's been a while since we last did it and with all the worries I've been through, it's been a bit hard to think about anything else. But Robbie and me were together, and it looked like there wasn't anything that could come between us at this point. Not even  Jameson and his goons. I won't let him touch Robbie, no way. Not in a million years.....

I was about ready to take him on right then and there in the street if he was there when I realised Robbie had gotten back already.

"Hey, what's wrong, Jace?", he asked.


"You had that look again, like something's bothering you. I just wanna make sure....."

"Nah, nothing really. C'mon, let's get to my place."

"Mmmmhh, yes please. I know a thing or two to take your mind off of....whatever is bothering you.", he grinned.

I smiled. That sounded very, very good indeed...........

Robbie let his moist cock slide in and out of my mouth by slowly and rhythmically moving his hips towards my face. We were both on our sides, and both sucking cock. He was good.....oh man....his mouth felt like velvet, only with added warmth and even softer moistness. His dick was something, too. It was firm, fleshy, soft to the touch and throbbing. He was leaking precum too. With every slow thrust he gave, I made sure my lips tightened around his dick. It was like milking him, almost.  Robbie was focussing more on giving my shaft a thorough tongue job while holding my dick securely inside his mouth. I reached out with my hand to grab his butt and gently squeeze it, coaxing him to thrust a bit deeper. I was so hot for him, I wouldn't have minded if he went all the way down my throat with it.... I moved my head closer to his body and let him slide deeper, past my tongue. I was very relaxed so I hardly got a gag reflex as his head slid past my tongue and up against my throat. It felt kinda hot, and I allowed Robbie to gently fuck my mouth that way.

He started going a bit faster, and breathing harder. He was close, I could tell. This new sensation probably got him over the edge a little more quickly....

After a few more gasps and some harder thrusts, I could feel him reach orgasm. His breathing accellerated, he thrusted his dick inside my mouth even harder, and with a smothered, but still verly loud scream, he shot his load into me with a strength that was too much to contain. I gagged, but let him stay inside and finish shooting. After he was done, I swallowed.....Mmm, he tastes VERY good......

"Uhhh....", Robbie gasped, "Mmmmhhh......Oooh...that was NIIIICE........uhh.....I'm sorry, honey..."

"Hehehe, don't be. It felt great. I'm proud I made you come like that.", I grinned.

"Hmmm, I have a feeling you can make me come any way you want to.", he said.

"I dunno, but I'm eager to find out!"

"Mmmhh, yes please. In the mean time....", he said while grabbing my dick and started jerking me off with that excellent technique of his, "why don't you....relax and let me take care of you."

"Uhh....", I panted, "I don't think, ahhh....relaxing is what I want."

He kept looking me in the eye, smiling that playful, sensual smile of his while he kept at it, then grabbed my head with his free hand and locked lips with me, kissing me passionately with lots of saliva. His tongue carressed mine lovingly while Robbie sped up the pace on my dick. I grabbed his head with both my hands, and started kissing him as deep as I could. I was madly in love with him, and let my built up eagerness show. Within a few more seconds, he had me over the edge as I shot cum over both our chests. We collapsed on top of eachother, both panting, but grinning ear to ear.

"Heheh....we're a mess.", Robbie said.

"Heh, we'd be an even larger mess if I hadn't swallowed yours.", I grinned.

"I would have taken yours, but I was too busy kissing. I love kissing you.....", Robbie grinned back.

Right then, I heard my mom open the front door. She was home already! Ah, fuck, not again....Robbie climbed off of me instantly, but our chests were still both covered in sticky cum that started to lose cohesion already.

"Uhm, what can we get this off with?", Robbie quickly asked.

"Err...towel! Bathroom!", I said.

"Right!" Robbie darted out to the bathroom butt naked, and came back into my room like the wind. He slammed my door behind him.

"You're FAST when you need to be! No wonder you were so good at basketball during P.E."

"Heheh....thanks!", he said while he quickly wiped his chest off and tossed me the towel. I quickly did the same. We got some clothes on as quickly as we could, and then went downstairs to say hi to my mom, trying to keep up pokerfaces and pretending that nothing had happened. Even though my mom knows we have sex,  I'd still consider it kinda rude to have her walk in on us every time. I wouldn't like it if she'd do it, either! Yuck! Parents don't have sex. Period.

My mom greeted us with a smile.

"Hi Jason. I see Robbie's here. I should have guessed when I heard the door slam."

My mom just grinned as she left us both standing there with faces like lobsters.

Since mom was pretty tired and wanted to spend a quiet evening, she ordered pizza for us and left us to have a nice, quiet night of our own. We just sat on my bed, with some music playing, chatting away with our bellies full of pizza and coke. After a few cuddles, I challenged Robbie to a game of Mortal Kombat II on my old computer. He kicked my ass a couple of times, too!!

"Heehee. Five-three.", Robbie smirked.

"You're pretty good! You played this game before, right?"

" I just push a lot of buttons really quickly.", Robbie smiled.

"You're doing pretty fine so far....but watch THIS!", I said. After a few quick moves on my pad, Reptile ate Kung Lao's head.

"Whoa! I didn't know you could do that!", Robbie gawked.

"Seriously? Now I'm beginning to believe you've never played this game before. Everyone knows about the fatalities."

"Heheh....sorry...My mom just never let me have a game console when it was THE thing to have. Said I was too young for such games. You know her."

"Hmmm, yeah, she's a bit control-ish, right?", I said.

"Yeah, and my dad doesn't care.", Robbie added.

"And you've never seen it in the arcades either?"

"Noone to go with. You know me.", Robbie sighed.

"Heh. No more of that, honey. If you wanna go to the arcade some time, just say so. Might be fun. I can show you off.", I said while I playfully nudged him.

"I'll show YOU off you mean. But what's up then with the arcade, do a lot of girls hang out there?"

"Girls and computergames? Hehehe, no way. Only if they're dragged along by their boyfriends. Nah, I'm taking you to make the guys jealous.", I smirked.

"Hah! You serious? Is the arcade some sort of cruising area or what?"

"Well, if you're looking for close contact with cute guys, that's the place."

"I've got enough close contact for ya right HERE!", Robbie said, and pounced me. We tossled on the bed for a bit, until Robbie ended on top and hypnotised me with his deep blue eyes. "Soooh, loverboy,", he said, "you must have had a lot of dates from the arcade, then, huh?"

"No way,", I said while struggling to regain top position, "Ughh... Vince never wanted to go. He hates computer games."

"Hehehe, so you didn't have anyone to go either, hmm?", Robbie smiled sweetly.

"Heheh, no. But don't worry, none of the guys there match you.", I grinned.

"Likewise, Jace. I wanna go to show you off now!", Robbie grinned.

"You're on!!", I laughed, and tossed Robbie back on his side. We struggled some more, till both of us were out of breath and were basically just trying to keep moving just to touch eachother's bodies. We quickly just ended up hugging.

I turned around and moved over to hug Robbie from behind, and quietly giggled to myself.

Robbie caught it, though.

"Hehehe...what?", he asked.

"I was just thinking....I can't wait to see the look on Vince's face tomorrow when he finds out that he's the only one of our little gang that didn't get laid tonight."

"Heheh, you mean Shane....", Robbie giggled back. "You really think Scott and Shane did it?"

"I'm sure of it. You saw the way Scott looked at Shane."

"Everyone did! And if not, the puddle of drool around his ankles gave it away.", Robbie grinned.

"It looked like that. Well, I'm happy for Scott, if it did happen.", I said.

"I guess I am too. He really wanted a boyfriend badly. I just hope this Shane guy lives up to that."

"They're ex-boyfriends, so they must have found something they liked in eachother.", I said.

"Then again, you could say they're ex-boyfriends for a reason.", Robbie countered. He had me there.....

"I think we'll just see tomorrow. I doubt a Scott that got laid is not that much different from a Scott that didn't. I'm sure tomorrow's going to be business as usual."

"I hope so, I really wanna get to know Scott better. He's just so funny to have around!", Robbie smiled.

"I agree with ya there!", I smirked, thinking back on some of his antics. To be honest, I was ambiguous about it. If Scott and Shane got together, it'd take some pressure off of all the attention Scott has been giving me since he's found out I liked boys. Still though, that's not to say I didn't LIKE the attention he was giving. I wouldn't trade Robbie for a million Scotts, but if I hadn't met Robbie...I'll admit, I'd have dated Scott in a heartbeat. But then, if I hadn't met Robbie I wouldn't have found out Scott was interested in me. So much for that hypothesis, then. But of course, it's always flattering to be liked, especially by a hottie like Scott.

Still, I won't lose him as a friend..... I hope.

Robbie snuggled up to me closer, and I softly kissed his neck. Having him with me felt wonderful. I felt relaxed, peaceful, happy, privileged, the works. Giddy, too. He was in love with me, and that felt great. I thought back on what I thought when I first saw him walk into our cafeteria, and how at that moment I could never have guessed what would happen afterwards, or how I would feel now.

Robbie turned around, kissed me on the lips with a quiet smile, and gently pushed me down on the bed. He cuddled up to me and rested his head on my shoulder, his right arm around my chest. I then sighed deeply. I suppose he was feeling happy too, just like me. Yeah, things were looking better for the two of us now. Little problems like Mrs Jones or even Patrick Jameson's threats seemed far away now. Being with my boyfriend was like this warm blanket of bliss that covered me completely, and let me feel things a sarcastic bastard like myself would never have felt normally.

Inevitably, our eyelids closed and sleep wrapped itself around us. And we spent yet another night sleeping in eachother's arms....

The next morning, after having morning-hard-on sex (it's pretty incredible how two boys can be completely unconcious yet both get a boner at the same time) I shared a shower with Robbie. Don't even let me begin to describe how that went. Even though we both just had an orgasm....well.....let's just say we both brought our own towel racks. Before long Robbie dropped the soap, one thing led to another and....

We arrived at school exhausted.

"Phew,", Robbie said as we walked into the school's main lobby together. "My testikels still kinda ache from that second time. Ow!"

"Uhh, mine too.", I whimpered. "You won't be seeing THEM for the rest of the day, I think they're on strike!."

"Mmmhh, I hear you. Well, perhaps that means I can sit through Geography for once without constantly thinking about you.", Robbie grinned.

"Sorry babe, but you keep distracting me, no matter how drained my prostate is.", I smiled.

"Yeah, I don't really have much hope either.", Robbie said.

Right then we spotted Vince, who gave us a look.

"Great. You two walk in together too. This must be piss-on-Vince-day. I only just arrived or guess who pulls up in his Mercedes 2000 to drop off a certain Energizer Bunny we all know."

"No way.", I said.

"Way.", Vince said. "I've been hearing about it for over fifteen minutes now. I only managed to send him off by telling him to go check if Jones' locker is still glued shut. he'll be back any minute now...then you two can listen to his raves."

"Sorry Vince, didn't mean to put you off....", Robbie said.

"Ah, it's not you two, Rob. I was afraid for a moment you two would go all happy-happy-joy-joy over eachother too."

"We'll try to keep it down for ya, bud.", I said.

"Thanks.", Vince said, as if someone who had just run him over with a car offered him a band-aid.

Suddenly, something hit both Robbie and me from behind, hard. The insane half native American battle cry that went with it could only mean one thing....Scott had just pounced us.

"Whooooooooeeeeeeyyyyy!!!!!!!!", he cheered. "GOOOOOD fuckin' mornin', Jacey and Robbie!"

"Heheheh...good morning to you too, Scott!", Robbie snickered.

"Hmmm, I had THE most wonderful night.....", Scott kept on blabbering.

"Not again.", Vince sighed. "I'm off, I'll see you guys next break."

"Sure thing bud.", I said. Vince gave me a nod and walked off.

"Heh, he just doesn't have the stomach for REAL excitement.", Scott pouted. "GUESS what *I* was doing last night?"

Robbie and I looked at eachother, and grinned. "Shane.", we chorussed.

"Aw, crap! Vince told! I'll get him for that. Noone ruins a surprise from Scott Fremont.", he mock-growled.

"Hehehe, actually, it didn't come as a surprise, man.", I said.

"Yeah, ", Robbie added. "We would have guessed even if Vince hadn't told us."

"Really? HeheheheHE!! Yup, me and Shane are nuts about eachother...."

"I thought he was your EX-boyfriend?", I emphasised.

"Heh, well not anymore. You wouldn't believe all the things we did last night!", Scott still grinned.

"I can imagine..", I grinned back.

"And we did all that...TWICE! Hehehe!", Scott cheered.

"Three times for us.", Robbie countered and gave Scott one of his adorable inncocent smiles.

"Gawd! What WILL it take to beat you guys!", Scott exclaimed, raising his hands above his head.

"Get some more practice, Ms. Melodramatic.", I winked at Scott.

"Ooh, but that's already taken care of.", Scott drooled. "I've got Shane's cell phone number. We'll be seeing LOTS of eachother now. Inside and out! Woo-Hooh!!"

"So, you're still gonna hang around us, or what?", I asked.

"Oh, of course! You guys are great. Why don't you guys come with me after school. Shane's coming to pick me up! We'll go cruising. He said I should ask you guys.", Scott rambled on.

"We get the message. We'll...see if we can make it. We don't know what we're going to do yet after school....", I said.

"If you've got no plans, why not come with us! It'll be fun, man! Shane's car is rad.", Scott glowed.

"We'll ask Vince.", Robbie said. "Otherwise, say hi to Shane for us when he picks you up."

"Will do, sunshine. Oh and Jace, I haven't forgotten about Jones yet. I'll think of something really cool. Promise! Scott's honor."

Right then, the bell chimed in first period. We said to meet Scott in the break again and were off to class. The usual traffic jam started forming in the usual spot already. Robbie and I looked at eachother, and slowly went along with the crowd.

"Heehee. I had forgotten how FAST Scott can actually talk.", Robbie smiled.

"Ooh yeah, he just goes on and on. He's like the Cookie Monster with a shot of speed up his ass.", I grinned.

"I can see why Vince called him the Energizer Bunny. He just keeps going. After last night, my head wasn't really up for it. Gave me a bit of a headache!"

"I know what you mean! Same here!"

"Don't tell Scott that, okay? I don't want him to think I don't like him or anything...", Robbie hesitated.

"Relax!", I said as I pushed a kid in front of me to get a move on."I won't tell, and even if I did, Scott's used to that kind of thing."

Right then, I felt something. The distinct sensation in my butt I recognised immediately.

"Hey!", I exclaimed.

"What?", Robbie asked.

I leaned in closer to him and whispered: "You just pinced my butt! Cutie!"

"I did not!", Robbie laughed.

"Well, someone pinched my butt.", I whispered.

"Look, Jace. Left hand on my backpack. Right hand in my pocket. I did not pinch your butt!", Robbie whispered back.

"Well, someone pinched my butt.", I persisted.

"You're hopeless. Like that's never happened to you befo-- Hey!!"

"What?", I asked.

"Now someone pinched MY butt!"

"I know. That was me.", I grinned.

Next up was an uber-boring class of Geography. What made the usual ordeal worse is that our Geography teacher Aldon made us all do assignments while he sat at his desk and did his own stuff. I'm sure it was something he had to do in his spare time, but he figured he could do it in class and think up some annoying assignment to keep us busy. It wasn't even going to be graded, for fuck's sake.

Inevitably, during such a boring class, you start looking around. Pretty soon you've made eyecontact with the person next to you, or behind you. You try to communicate through looks, which works great up to a certain point. I mean, you can convey I'm bored to a person with a simple look. I could manage to express I really, really like you to Robbie. I even managed to comfort Vince by giving him a look that said it'll all be over soon. However, when it comes to more complex sentences like Wanna go down to the Subway and get one of those sandwiches later on?...Well, let's just say class culture has devised an easier yet risky way of communication under these circumstances........

Passing notes.

Now, there's a certain risk involved. If you get caught passing notes you can be sure it's detention time. If your note falls in the wrong hands while passing you can be sure that whatever was on that note was public knowledge. So I wasn't going to hand Robbie a note telling him how much I loved him, that's for sure. But other things that needed to be discussed, were good enough to kill the time.

Robbie slipped me a note. "So, any idea yet who pinched your butt? *Smile*"

I quickly wrote on the back of the note: "Probably the usual suspects. Don't look now, but they're all in the row behind me." I was referring to a few blonde bimbos that always tried to get into my pants, up to the point I seriously wanted to punch one of them in the face. Hmmm...looking straight has its disadvantages, I suppose. Those girls are just SO not my type. Not that I was into girls or whatever, but they don't get much trashier than Tiffany, Chasey and Allyssa, over there. Too much make up, too big earrings, too much hair, and I thoroughly dislike pink nail polish. Oh, and if you're gonna do a belly button piercing, make sure you have a belly button to speak of, not a gorge of fat. Ick.

Right then, Robbie passed me a note that read "Yuck!! Look what someone passed me!!", and in someone else's handwriting: "Wanna buy me a drink tonight, sugar?"

I quickly wrote back: "Don't reply. It's probably Melissa. She's the only one who uses that 'sugar' word." I know from experience that Melissa was always out for new Man-Flesh. She's tried asking me out a couple of times. She was a colored girl who always bought all of her clothing WAY too SMALL. She wasn't a walrus like that chick that tried to smother me on the bus, but she certainly had that patented J-LO ass thing going on, if you catch my drift. Aside from her ass, there was one other thing that wasn't small and that happened to be a gold, glittering crucifix with what was made to look like diamonds all over. Of course we all knew she couldn't afford diamants, so it was polished glass most likely, but still. The thing was the size of a handgrenade and would wave backwards and forwards everytime she moved, making the chain on which it hung rattle. You could hear her coming a mile away. Good thing too, cause it gave you time to get the hell out of there.

Right then, one of the bimbo's slipped me a note from the back. Not wanting to be conspicuous, I took it quickly before Aldon spotted it.  As I thought. It read: "So when are you gonna interduce us to your blonde friend, Jay? XXX, Tiff."

Ugh, now this is getting annoying. She can't even spell for shit, and for fuck's sake, my name is Jason, or Jace. NOT Jay. I didn't reply, and when the period was over, I got questioning looks from all three girls. I wasn't going to indulge them and made sure Robbie and I were long gone by the time the three stooges or the Crucifixed Slug of Doom got near. Luckily, Scott was already waiting in the cafeteria and these days Scott was as good a girl-repellant as Anti-Female pesticides would be. If they existed, hehehe....

"Hmmm, hey guys. I can't wait for classes to be over, and my boyfriend picking me up....."

"Scott, you wanna keep it down? I'm sure you don't want the whole school to know you're dating Shane.", I whispered.

"Mmm? Oh! Crap, I wasn't even aware of that....", Scott jolted.

"That happens to you regularly. Good thing we're here to help.", Robbie smiled.

Vince joined us with a coffee, two chocolate milk and a 7-Up for Scott. "On me.", he said.

"Thanks! What got you into a cheery mood today, Vince?", Scott chimed.

"I agree, this morning sure was different.", I said.

"Heh, well you know how I can be in the morning, Jace. What with Blabbermouth there chatting my ears off, I just wasn't in a social mood.", Vince said.

"You're feeling better now, I hope?', Robbie asked.

"Hell yeah. My dad was really supportive yesterday with helping me save for that Camaro. He gave me a load of extra cash yesterday.  Man, when I finally finish with her,  that Mercedes that Shane has won't have nuthin' on MY car.", Vince gleamed.

"Hehehe, that's gotta be some car then.", Scott grinned.

"You bet!", Vince said. "Plus, Shane couldn't drive his car for shit."

"No way, Vichelli, You're just jealous!", Scott grinned.

"Maybe...", Vince grinned back, ", but I'm more for classic beauties than all that modern stuff. By the time that Mercedes is 30 years old, it'll just be a pair of wheels and a lot of plastic.

"Can we drop the car talk here!", I smirked. This was getting a bit too straight for my tastes. "Next thing you know you two will be comparing football scores."

"Speaking of which, what's your favorite beer, Scott?", Vince grinned at me.

"Uhm....", Scott replied in his most childish, high-pitched voice, "I, the commerical with the frogs, um... does that count?"

We all had a good laugh over that. Shifting the topic of conversation to one I was curious about, I leaned in on Scott and asked: "So what was the deal with Jones' locker, Scott?"

"Mmm? Oh that! It was open already. Like I said, the stuff I use always softens up after a day or so. You'll be able to pry the door right open then."

"Hmmm, so I guess Jones' classes are still business as usual?", I asked.

"Wel, I hope not. I was planning on ditching if they weren't , anyway. She might suspect me.", Vince said.

"I don't think Jason and I can ditch after my parents. Why don't we go and ask?", Robbie asked.

"Call me overly cautious but don't you think that's gonna be a bit suspicious? The four of us going over to Smitthy's to specifically ask about Jones?", Scott said.

"That's why I'm going alone!", Robbie said. He darted off before we could stop him.

"You sure that's a good idea with Jameson around?", Vince asked.

"Good point.", Scott and I were just about to get up when Robbie darted back in as quick as he left.

"Yup, still cancelled.", Robbie smiled. "Whatever you did, Scott, it did it all. You sure that you didn't put her in hospital care or something?"

"Naw, naw. That baby laxative I use never hurt anybody. I use it on my parents all the time if they are really shitty at me."

"You WHAT?", we chorussed.

"What? Like it's such a big deal.", Scott sulked.

"Don't you think it's cruel?", Robbie asked. "I mean, my parents can be a pain, but...."

"My rents are more than a pain, sunshine. I can't wait to move out. Seriously.", Scott shuddered.

Right then, the bell chimed for third period. Scott asked us to meet up at sixth period so we could all go with him and Shane now that Jones' class was out again. Before we could give any promises, he was off.

"You feel like coming with them, Vince?"

"For a bit, sure. If it doesn't turn into a queer muck-fest."

"I take offence, sir!! Robbie and I never muck.", I grinned.

"I believe the word you're looking for is S--", Robbie tried, but Vince interrupted him with a good "NEVermind!!!" before he could finish.

Math class was boring as ever. I don't know what some people see in math. If we're to believe Enterprise, THIS is the future, I thought to myself. THIS is going to save humanity and advance the human race.

To me, it still looked like a bunch of numbers.

Robbie being with me helped to ease the time, but it was still boring as hell. No matter how many Wesley Crushers they throw in, I'm not taking math as a major. I quickly wrote a note to Robbie: "PLEASE tell me you don't plan on taking math as a major."

He wrote back: "No way. Why?"

I replied: "Good. You're the only reason I can think of to do so. Now I don't have to. *grin*"

Robbie then passed me a drawing of a heart with an R and a J across. Call me mushy, but it was the first time anyone ever did that for me.

I kept that note.

After classes were over we finally had the rest of the day off again to spend some time in peace and quiet, away from stupid classes and obnoxious chicks. I still wasn't sure yet if I was ready to go along with Scott and Shane, though. I'm not sure why. Maybe it was the car that had me worried, or maybe it was Shane himself. He just had a certain smugness about him that on the one hand made him very compelling to look at, but on the other hand urged you to shy away from him.

When I explained this to Robbie as we walked into the main hall, he just smiled, and said: "You know, you were doing the exact same thing to ME when I just met you. Why did you think I ran away so fast? I wasn't sure if you were there to pick on me or not.... and I just couldn't look at you. I was afraid I'd blush or do something stupid."

"Hmm, well, I definitely don't have a crush on Shane, you know.", I replied.

"I'm not worried about that. I know what you mean. He's just a bit in-your-face about his own looks and all. I can understand why it would make someone feel insecure.", Robbie added.

"On the other hand, he could just be a cool guy and all.", I said.

"Well, it's up to you, Jace. I'll just tag along with you.", Robbie shrugged. "As long as you're okay with that whole car thing."

"Well, that's part of it.", I said.

"Vince hasn't given an answer yet, has he?", Robbie asked.

"No, he's got a different class. He shouldn't be long---", I stopped mid-sentence. Patrick Jameson had just walked around the corner and was almost eye to eye with me. he had two of his pals with him, and I was sure that he wasn't going to let this opportunity pass. Dammit!! Scott, Vince, where are you guys!!

"Well, if it ain't Jennings and his pet runt. Ah told ya I'd get back to ya for that stunt yer pulled on me.", he growled.

"Back off, Jameson. It was your own doing.", I shot back, trying to stand my ground.

"Ya know how much detention ah got out of that? Gimme one good reason why ah shouldn't crack yer skull in!"

"Leave us alone, asshole!", Robbie yelled. Okay, just hearing Robbie's slightly panicked intonation sent me over the edge. I stepped forward, ready to give Jameson and his two pals a good run for his money, as long as Robbie would be okay. Jameson grabbed me by the shirt and tried to pin me against the wall. I struggled back, but he used his full body weight to push me aside. At that point, the two other guys started to move in on Robbie.

Right then, someone came up behind Jameson and grabbed him by his jacket from behind. He forcefully pulled him off of me and tossed him down the hallway.

"Playtime's over, kids.", he said.

I looked at him, it was Shane. He had strategically positioned himself between me and Robbie. That's when I first noticed he was a lot taller than I was, and a lot more defined too, like someone who's definitely out of puberty. His attitude hadn't changed, though. He wasn't showing any sign of panic, held his chin up and looked down on the kids who, in comparisson, were almost overshadowed. With enough authority and a hint of mockery in his voice, he said: "Get out of here, losers."

The two other kids backed away. Jameson reluctantly got up and growled: "This ain't over.", and left too.

I let out a deep sigh. Of all the things, I certainly didn't expect Shane to save the day for us....

"Shane....thanks, man.", I said.

"No problem. I got into trouble myself every once in a while. I just don't let them intimidate me anymore. So should you two."

"Yeah well, he's been on our backs for a while.", Robbie said.

"Hmmm. So were you two holding hands or something?", Shane grinned.

"No, no....we're know....OUT... he's just a prick."

Right then. Scott and Vince entered the main hall as well, just a minute too late for the whole thing.

"Hey guys. You just missed how Shane saved our asses from Jameson.", I said.

"Really? Nice job, bro.", Vince said and offered Shane his hand. Shane took it.

"My pleasure.", he smiled.

"Are they still out here?",  Scott jolted. "Now that there's five of us, maybe we should--"

"No, I think they've seen enough action for one day, honey.", Shane said, while putting his arm around Scott. Only then did it struck me again that the two were a couple. Standing there, they seemed the unlikeliest match ever, seemed to work, cause Scott eased down and almost snuggled up against Shane.

"Why don't we just get out of here.", Vince said. "I've had enough school shit for one day."

"I promised you could pop the hood of my car.", Shane said to Vince. "You still interested?"

"You bet!", Vince gleamed So much for Vince..

"So, what about you two,", Shane smiled, "are you coming with or what?"

I thought it over. I still had no real desire to go into that car of his, but seeing as Scott was there, Vince was with us, and most importantly, I'd have Robbie at my side to think about when I started feeling uneasy, I figured there wasn't any real reason why I shouldn't give Shane the benefit of the doubt and tag along. After all, he did save our lives just now. We'll just see what he's like to hang out with. I looked at Robbie, and he smiled at me. It was obvious the choice was mine.

I looked at Shane and said: "Sure. We'll come."

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