First Impressions 5

By Frank Ryan

    Something was wrong...something was VERY wrong here. I agreed to play a sort of cybersex game with Scott here, to get my mind off of Robbie. Sure, it worked for a while...actually I thought it was a lot of fun! Scott was good at what he did...his mouth felt incredible around my fingers, and when he licked over my lips ever so slightly, I even got a taste of him. You could definitely say I was enjoying this...

    Until now.

    Scott had just whispered "kiss me", RIGHT after licking my lips. Either this guy got really carried away by his own fantasy, or he really wants to kiss me here. I don't think it's part of the game didn't SOUND like it was part of it. To think that I actually would have cheated on Robbie...My Robbie...god I miss him. I miss him SO much. As cute as Scott is though, he doesn't cut it. Not like Robbie makes me feel. Not by a long shot. I had warned Scott in advance about not cheating on Robbie, and he thinks he can pull this off? BIG mistake...

    I pushed Scott away from me, HARD. I then stood up and walked away from the park bench, but Scott yelled after me.

    "Jason!! Wait..."

    "Fuck off Scott. I WARNED you. If you can't handle this, then that's too bad. Now if you'll excuse me...I've got BETTER things to do.", I said rather tonelessly. Then I continued to walk away from the bench.

    I took a few steps...then...I swore I could hear a sob. Aw, fuck it. I'm not gonna... So I just kept walking. But then I heard it again. Just a quiet sob. I easily could have walked on....but somehow, something stopped me. Forcing me to turn around, just to take a look. I said to myself I'd take ONE quick look, then walk away. So, slowly I let my head turn.

    I could see Scott sitting on the bench with his legs pulled up closely to his chest, and his head in his arms. He wasn't crying over this was he? The Scott I know would never...

    Then it hit me. The Scott I knew was sitting right there on that bench. And he's crying, over me. If I walk away now...I'd lose him. Maybe forever...I owe him as much as an apology at least. Come off it Jace, imagine what goes on in that kid's head here. 15 years old, and he's bisexual. You of all people should know how hard it is to feel that way, and you yelling at him isn't helping him cope with this. Sure Scott's a big mouthed kid with an attitude, but underneath all that...there's more. Much more...and you'll never get to see all that if you leave him like this. Hehe, damn this thing you know I'll be talking to myself.

    So of course, I turned around and slowly approached the bench again. I don't think Scott had heard or seen me, cause he was still sitting with his head in his arms.

    I sat down on the bench next to Scott again, and gently touched his shoulder. Scott jerked his head up, startled, and I could see the tears glistening in his eyes as mine met his. Then, he got this look of sheer terror over his face for a moment, as if he feared I was going to hurt him some more, either verbally or physically. When he saw I just looked at him, his gaze turned to confusion.

    "Look...", I started. "I...I'm sorry."

    Scott's waterworks were triggered again. He sobbed: "oh, Jason...I...I never meant to hurt you...or Robbie...It's just...I'm SO sorry..."

    I gently took a hold of Scott's head and pulled him towards me, hugging him tightly.

    "Please don't hate me for this...I...I don't want you to hate me..." Scott whispered.

    "I don't hate you Scott...But you have to stop acting on impulse like this! It's really hard for me, being away from Robbie, feeling the way I do...and knowing how you feel. I should never have let you come this far, it's all my fault."

    "No, it's me. I...I just feel SO lonely sometimes...then I meet the three of you...and for the first time, I really connect with someone. I haven't felt like this since...since I first kissed a guy."

    "Really? Wow..."

    "I mean it. Remember what I said about kindred spirits? That's how I feel...I just'd be OK with me...touching you."

    "I AM ok with that. But not...not in the way you wanted. If you're gonna kiss me, do a friend. Like this..."

    I lifted Scott's chin up a little and let my lips gently touch his. Then I pulled back again. Scott's eyes really cleared up after this...

    "So...",he started, "So we're still friends? Really?"

    "Of course we are. You just have to understand where I stand on this..."

    "Y-yeah...I know...again, I'm sorry."

    I smiled at Scott. Time to snap him out of it.

    "Of course, Scott, if you ever feel like sucking my finger again, just say so...", I grinned.

    Scott's eyes widened, and a huge grin broke out on his face. "You DID like that, didn't you?"

    "I can't deny're good, dude!"

    " good?"

    "Hmm...compared to Robbie?"


    "On a scale of one to ten, One being a jerkoff and ten being Robbie, you'd score somewhere along the lines of...a moderate...six."

    "SIX???" Scott exclaimed, and playfully punched me in the arm.

    "Heheh...I didn't cum..."

    "You bastard...", Scott grinned.

    "Sooo....what do we do now?

    "Well, speaking of Robbie...where IS that kid?????"


    Robbie placed his hand on Vince's shoulder....and slowly tried to glance over Vince's back, at the cops. The both of them were hiding behind Surf Dude, the cardboard cutout, after they saw Jason and Scott take off, one of the cops in pursuit. The cop in question came back empty handed and resumed his course with his partner, and while approaching Robbie and Vince, called in a possible shoplifter sighting over his mike.

    "You hear that?", Robbie whispered. They're NOT looking for us!"

    "Yeah," Vince agreed. "It's a miracle. Why'd you think Jace took off like that? "

    "I think the cop saw him. That's why he ran. I don't think he got caught, that cop is back without him.", Robbie said.

    "Yep. No, I'm sure he's allright. Let's just act normal, then those cops won't bother us."


    "Just don't look at them like Jace did.", Vince said.

    Thus instructed, Vince and Robbie got up from behind the cardboard cutie and just resumed acting casual. The two officers walked past them, glanced a bit, and sure enough, just kept walking.

    "Phew...", Robbie sighed.

    "See, it worked." Vince grinned.

    "Yeah, Guess it did. Where do you think Jace is?"

    "That's the hard part. I have NO idea."

    "Hey, this is your mall...don't you guys have some sort of...I dunno, Rendez vous point ?"

    "Not that I know of, Rob.", Vince shrugged. "Most of the time we don't know what to do. We just know, basically do nothing."

    "Hmmm...and you never do nothing at some particular place?" Robbie pleaded.

    "Nope. I guess, if I know Jace,he'll stay low to avoid running into the cops. So I don't think he'll be coming back here any time soon. But now that Scott's with him, I'm not really sure what he'll do."

    "I just hope he didn't get caught...", Robbie sighed.

    "Scott probably took care of that bit. As far as I can tell, he's the leading expert on authority-avoiding..."

    "Like that's a word...."

    "It is now. Come on, let's go and see if we can find those guys...."

    "Where do you think we should go first?", Robbie asked.

    " me. I guess it depends. We can be sure Scott and Jace are somewhere in the east wing. There's two ways to get there, really."

    "How's that?"

    "Basically, this Mall is...kinda like a big 8. Just that there's a passageway between the two circles as well. Since we're in the West circle, we should head to the center first and then figure out whether Jace took the North East passageway or the South East passageway....get it?"


    "Nevermind. Just follow me." Vince grinned.

    Vince and Robbie wandered through a corridor of the mall, occasionally stopping at certain shops or boutiques. Robbie kept an eye out for Jason or Scott, but Vince just seemed to glance at girls that walked by.

    "Shit....Walking with you is not really helping me here, Robbie! You're attracting all attention..."

    "Wha...I am NOT..."

    "Yes you are. Face it, girls dig you."

    Robbie blushed slightly at that.

    "You mean to tell me you've never thought about doing a girl before? As in not ever?", Vince asked.

    "Hehehe....NO!! I just...I never looked at girls. As in not ever, yeah.", Robbie snickered.

    "Hard to imagine..."

    "Well, you don't think about boys, that's the same..."

    "No it's not..."

    "To me it is."

    "Geez. Weird..."

    "Guess you could say I'm a pureblood gay...", Robbie smiled.

    "Heheh...Look, as long as you don't dress a drag and do the hoola while you're with me I'm ok with that."

    "Hahaha!! Didn't think you were the type to watch Disneys! But don't you worry...I won't."

    "Goood...", Vince grinned.

    "Can I wear makeup and dress in pink?"


    "Heheh...but...on a serious note...If Jason and me are do seem upset."

    "Hmm...usually he's just teasing me. Jace can be..stubborn as hell sometimes.", Vince said.

    " do you really feel?"

    "I guess I can look past it. But, sometimes, I'll admit I can get annoyed. Like Jace's whole fucking universe is suddenly centered around his sexuality...but then he backfires that mine is too, I just don't notice it. I guess that's true..."


    "I mean, the day we met you...Jace and I just had a fight about that.", Vince said.

    "You did?"

    "Yeah...he was looking at you the whole fucking time that day...didn't he tell you?"

    "Come to think of it, no! Did he know...look at me?"

    "Dude...From the VERY moment you walked through the cafeteria's doors his eyes were on you. He's head over heels for you, man..."

    Robbie blushed some more. "Well, I'm sure you noticed the feeling's mutual!"

    "How DID that happen, after I left the two of you?"

    "Umm...I guess it just did. I had...I guess I told Jace I was gay before I got into that fight. Then I..."

    "Huh? You told him before that? Why?", Vince interrupted.

    " first I thought Jace was just another asshole coming to harass me. So I...I got angry."

    "YOU got angry? Wish I was there to see that!"

    "It's nothing to look at, don't worry.", Robbie grinned.

    "Yeah...actually, it's pretty funny. Jace thought you were gay from the start! Or actually...I did."

    "Well, don't have to ask you WHY..."

    "Nope. Guess you just look TOO cute for your own good."

    "Do I, Vince? Awww...thanks."

    "Don't push it."

    "Well, to be honest, I think YOU look too tough!", Robbie said, smiling.

    "Seriously? I don't look tough..."

    "Yes you do. In fact, I'd say it works against you. Loosen up a little..."

    "Hmmm...Seeing the way girls are looking at you...any suggestions?"

    "I'm not a fashion expert but...What's your hair like when you don't use gel?"

    "How the hell should I know...normal."

    "Is it parted in the middle?"

    "I think it is..."

    "Then stop using gel! Your hair'll look better without it, trust me..."

    "Hmm...I'll see. Anything else?"

    "Well...don't frown your eyebrows as much!"

    "Get outta here..."

    "No, really. Eyes are important...and yours are really dark. You them off more. Look at people more directly, you know..."

    "Like THIS?"

    "Ugh...don't overdo it."

    "Heheh...ok then."

    "Soo...any suggestions on making me look tougher?", Robbie asked.

    "Are you sure you want to?"

    "Umm, I think so...Or should I ask what Jace thinks first?"

    "NO, definitely NOT! I know Jace's type, and you're it. At least, you're close. You should...get one of those silver necklaces, or maybe an earring. And stop wearing that white spandex stuff. You look much better like the way you look in this Terminator shirt of Jace's...."

    "Oh SHIT!!! I totally forgot!! I left my shirt at Jace's house...I have to get my shirt back or my mom will know I...oh I have to find Jason...come on..."

    "Whoa, whoa, WHOA! Easy!! If we don't find him I can drop you off at Jace's place if you want to..."

    "No, no...Jace's mom works till five. I can't get in without Jace. Oh man we have to find mom will kill me."

    "Because of your shirt?"

    "No, because I slept with Jason!"

    "Cool it, we're getting looks here...."

    "I don't care. I wanna find Jace, and really soon. Come on!"

    "Doesn't you mom know you're into guys?"

    "Yeah...but you don't know my mom. I'll explain later. Now let's go!!"


    Scott and I wandered around the park for a while, deciding what to do. Scott had proposed three options: Either we stay here and wait for Robbie and Vince to show, or we go back to the mall and look for them again there, or we return to school. We both weren't too thrilled about the third option...

    "You do NOT have to worry, because Robbie isn't caught. I guarantee that.", Scott said.

    "We've been through this, Scott...I can't be sure. Not until we find them..."

    "Something still doesn't jive. They should have been at the mall. It could be possible we just missed them there..."

    "Then why did you opt to return to the park??"

    "At the time it seemed logical...plusss...", Scott trailed off.

    "What?", I sighed.

    "I really wanted some time alone with you...Wait, don't get me wrong here...alone without people. Not without Robbie...I never intended—"

    "I know. Just drop it. Let's return to the mall then. The way we came..."

    "Okay.", Scott agreed.

    While we were walking, Scott went really quiet. This wasn't really like the Scott I knew...but then again, I wasn't saying much either. I was filled with feelings of remorse. I felt sorry for Scott, but I didn't want to betray Robbie in ANY way...AND I feel sorry for not staying with Robbie in the mall, AND I felt worried Robbie might not be okay. All this...yeah, this'd quiet you down allright!

    I glanced over at Scott again. He couldn't help but occasionally sneak a glance at me. God, I hope I can still salvage his friendship out of this...the last thing I'd want is to lose him too...oh great, now I'm talking as if I'll never see Robbie again, ever....Robbie....sigh.

    "Jason...can I ask you something?", Scott started.

    "Sure Scott."

    "Well...when you and Robbie just did you'd feel this strong about eachother?"

    "We didn't. It just kinda happened, you know? Not instantly or anything, cause Robbie turned me down FLAT the first time I talked to him..."

    "He what??", Scott exclaimed.

    "Yeah...he thought I just wanted to bully him."


    "I think he's been through some very rough times before moving here."

    "You think? You don't really know him all that well do you?", Scott asked.

    "I know his inner feelings better than anyone... We've shared things together that we haven't shared with anyone our whole lives. But, as for background or past, well....he's always very secluded about that. I assume something or someone hurt him pretty bad. I intend to find out though..."

    "Yeah! He would probably need your support then..."

    "I don't know...maybe he just wants to forget it all. Whatever it is or was."

    "If you ask me honestly, Robbie is loosening up bigtime, but he's not there yet. You should talk to him about it."

    "I think we all should. You and Vince too. He needs you guys in his life too."

    "You really think so?", Scott asked, touched.

    "Yeah, man..."

    Scott smiled warmly at me. "Okay Jace", he sighed, "if we have to infiltrate the Pentagon to get Robbie back, we will. You're no fun like this, anyway..."

    "What's that supposed to mean?" I snickered.

    "You know very well...", Scott winked at me.


    "No really. I think what you said makes sense. You don't feel whole without Robbie. And you sure act absent. When's your birthday?

    "May 22nd...why?"

    "I'm gonna get you and Robbie handcuffs so you two lovebirds'll never lose eachother again..."

    I grinned. "You're pushing it awfully far, Fremont..."

    "...and if that doesn't work, maybe the two of you can superglue your lips together...all you seem to do all day is kiss, anyway..."

    "DIE, FREMONT!!"

    I pounced at Scott, but he easily avoided my assault, due to trained blade reflexes no doubt. I flew right past him and landed headfirst in a pile of leaves near the side of the path. I struggled up, wiping leaves from my jeans, while Scott laughed:

    "Oh yeah...beautiful landing know maybe next time we could have you do a somersault!!"

    I got up, pretended to casually walk towards Scott, then suddenly bursted at him at full speed! The dude STILL saw me coming and managed to turn around and started running. I was on his tail in hot pursuit, and my outstretched hand could almost touch his backpack...The two of us sprinted across a field, and this time, I aimed for Scott's hips and tackled him down in the grass, the two of us rolling over the grass until I had Scott pinned down firmly.

    "Heheh....give up?"

    "Oooh...I surrender....", Scott said in a high voice.

    "Good....and if you like that voice I can make it...PERMANENT!!", I said, while planting my knee in Scott's crotch. He got the message...

    "YEEEAARRGGH!!! Ahh, ahhnonononooo...."

    "Do you yield?", I said, applying some more pressure.


    "And one more thing..."


    "If you get hard I'll crush `em."

    Scott's face suddenly went blank. Then he blushed. Bigtime.

    "You WERE getting hard, huh? Pervert."

    "NO, no! I swear...."

    "Hehe...face it Fremont, you're caught!", I said, as I stood up again.

    "I'll get back to you for DO realize that, dontcha Jennings?" Scott grinned.

    "Ooh, yeah, heheh...I'm counting on it!"

    "Excellent! I'll make it sinister...."

    "But seriously, we should head for the Mall. I don't want to miss Robbie and Vince AGAIN...."

    "No, you're right. Let's get going.", Scott said as he got on his feet again.

    Scott and I started walking towards the senior citizen condos again. Scott's face grimaced at the thought of being forced to run from Tarzan the Dreaded Monstermutt. I think he took it personally....

    "Scott, what are you thinking?", I asked.

    "I was just figuring, maybe we should ring that woman's door and just ask her if she called the cops. If she didn't, we'd know Robbie wasn't arrested."

    Images of Tarzan answering the door and ferociously chomping me in the nuts filled my head. "Err...NO. Let's NOT do that..."

    "That WOULD be a bit drastic, yeah...", Scott grinned. would work."

    "Somehow, I don't think that old woman will extend full cooperation."

    "Old HAG is more like it. Okay...then what do we do. Kidnap Tarzan and hold him for ransom?"

    "That thing'd bite your head off...", I said.

    "Among other things. Okay...hack into the phone network and check her numbers for 911?"

    "Hehe....can you hack?", I asked.


    "Then that's not an option."

    "Then...Um, hey. His last name was Mayflower right? Can't we just call to the police station and ASK if they have him? Pose as his father if needs be..."

    "Nah, they'd probably...hey...there's an idea..."

    "What??", Scott informed."

    "I've got it!!'s actually an idea so simple it's just GOTTA work!! Yes!!! Oh man why didn't I think of this before!! Stoopid...."

    "Well, what is it??!?"

    "I'll tell you when we get to the Mall. Come on, we gotta hurry!" I said, and with that I started running towards the mall once more at top speed, with Scott close behind me. Within no time we had reached the fence and climbed over it, and were heading towards the mall's entrance.....

   Robbie leaned back in his chair, sipping on some much-required fluids. He was a bit tired, and thirsty. Vince had opted to take a break from cruising the entire mall and had offered to buy Robbie a drink. Robbie happily accepted...

    "Jeez, Vince, my feet are killing me. Where the hell is Jason?"

    "Where the hell, huh? You're starting to sound like me!"

    Robbie blushed. "I umm...I did that one on purpose. Did"

    " You really don't need to change the way you talk, man. You're just fine the way you are. Just be yourself."

    "Yeah...Jason doesn't seem to have any problems with me the way I am now..."

    "Heheh...I think not. Last time I checked, anyway..."

    "Yeah...", Robbie smiled. Still, I like some of the things you said. And I DO want to change, honest! I'm a little tired of being the silent outcast kid. I really want to start over...Just of the guys for once you know."

    "Well, I know what you mean...but I doubt you'll actually be able to change WHO you are. In any case, you're one of us now. Whatever the school jocks or the local girl gossip group may think of you doesn't matter. Fuck `em! Who needs those kids anyway."

    "Yeah...well all I realy want is to be accepted, you know..."

    "I think you've got that part covered. It's all about selfconfidence, man...And I'll tell you true, When I saw you walk in the cafeteria that day, I took you for a shy kid as well. You had that look over you, like you were really nervous and uncertain. When I look at you when you're with Jason, I see something else. I see a good-looking guy with potential to be whatever you want to be, dude...and girls react to that. So do guys, I guess..."

    "Well, I only need Jason..."

    "That's what I'm saying. Jason fell for you for a reason, man...don't ever forget that."

    "I won't, thanks Vince...for everything."

    "Aw man...enough with the sentimental shit already!!"

    "I was talking about the drink, Vince..."

    "Oh...well I thou—"

    "Gotcha!!", Robbie smilingly interrupted.

    "Heheh....okay, I fell for that.", Vince grinned.

    "But still...if Jace isn't here anymore, where could he be? We just checked this entire mall...and didn't see him. Any ideas?"

    "Nope.", Vince sighed. "But if he isn't here, and he isn't caught, he's looking for you allright. Maybe we missed him in this huge building, or maybe he went to the park. In any case, If we sit tight for a while we shou—"

    Suddenly, a woman's voice sounded over the speakers.


    Robbie instantly let his coke drop to the floor and jumped out of his chair. With his eyes full of amazement and his mouth wide open, he looked at Vince. Vince smiled widely and said:

    "Ooh...Jace, brilliant!!"

    Robbie did not waste any more time and grabbed Vince by his arm as the two of them sped off.


    I was more nervous than ever. If Robbie's in this mall, he heard this announcement and is bound to show up within a minute. If not...sigh...I guess he WAS caught by the cops. Desperately trying to keep my eyes on ALL the corridors at the same time, I glanced at all the different heads and faces that were passing by. To me, it was a faceless crowd, compared to Robbie. None of the kids I saw could match Robbie's beauty, his elegnace, his gentle movements, that shy but playful look in his eyes...Everything about him just seemed romantic in my mind, and none of the people in the crowd in front of me could match Robbie's appearance. Well, maybe that kid...waitaminnit...

    No way. No fucking way—

    As I saw the blond kid moving towards me in the far off distance, my heart began pumping heavily in my chest, pounding in my throat. I moved forward to glance at the crowd, where he had dissapeared into again. Then, all of a sudden, two deep blue eyes locked with mine, followed by a lock of blonde hair.


    Many of the heads turned to me, but I just did not care!! I sped towards Robbie, my heart pounding faster than my legs were moving, high on happiness and love. The bag of bricks had been lifted, and nothing could prevent my heart from soaring at that moment.

    Robbie met up with me halfway, as we flew in eachother's arms. I never felt more contented, being here, holding Robbie, knowing that everything was going to be allright after a morning of panic and worries...I ran my hand down his spine and back up again, through his hair. I sighed deeply...and just let the emotions flow as tears broke their way out of my eyes. Middle of a crowded mall or not, Robbie was here!!

    Scott approached me from the back and Vince followed shortly, the both of them a little uncomfortable with our rampant display of affection again. Vince even felt the need to apologize to one of the bystanders: "They're, um..old friends." Whatever. Say what you want, Vince...Tell the truth for all I care. Tattoo his name on my forehead, whatever it takes...just don't let me be seperated form this beautiful person again.

    I finally lifted my chin off from Robbie's shoulder, and glanced deep into his teary eyes, into his soul. He felt the same, I could sense that point, I knew exactly what he was thinking, what he was feeling...our emotions were the same, complete.

    "W-where...", I tried to whisper through the sobs.

    Robbie just brought his hand to my cheek and softly touched it. "I'm here...I'm here now."

    For a moment, we stood there, basically just gazing in eachothers eyes. After a few moments of this, Scott cleared his throat, thanked the lady behind the desk and beckoned us to follow him out of the mall. For a moment we mantained eyecontact. Vince then placed his hands on both our shoulders and guided us towards the exit.

    With my arm firmly around Robbie's shoulder, the four of us neared the exit. Once outside, Robbie and I immediately pressed our lips tightly together and engaged in a wild and passionate french kiss.

    Vince tried to say something, but Scott stopped him.

    "Sshh...", he whispered. "Let them enjoy their time together."

    Vince just grinned. Then he turned and walked off with Scott by his side, back into the Mall.

    Robbie and I wasted no time at all as we spun around the parking lot together and ended up in a corner behind a large red dumpster on the side of the collossal Mall. Not the most romantic place in the world, but neither of us really cared. We needed eachother, and we needed eachother BAD. I pushed Robbie up against the brick wall and placed his hands above his head, holding them there with one of my hands while the other frantically touched, groped and explored his body. Our lips were still fused together, and our tongues rapidly swapped saliva between our hungry mouths. I bit Robbie's bottom lip softly, and nibbled the pink skin of his lip, sucking it into my mouth occasionally. My tongue gently brushed up against the hard and smooth surface of Robbie's teeth before being reunited with his tongue once again. Robbie pushed his tongue deeply underneath my own and I wrapped my lips tightly around his tongue in return, practically giving it a blowjob. Robbie responded by pulling his hands free and grabbing my ass from behind, pushing me towards him, HARD. My erection pushed into his crotch, and I could easily feel Robbie was already hard as well. I placed my hands at Robbie's slender hips and started grinding into him, while the two of us continued licking eachother's tongues and lips. Occasionally we couldn't help but smile, and believe me, we had a good reason to! Have you ever tried to kiss someone while smiling? We were basically mashing our noses together and trying to stretch our tongues out as far as possible, our lips pulled back by the spontaneous smiles.

    While I pushed my hardon into his harder and harder, Robbie gripped my butt tightly and buried his face in the slope of my neck, kissing my skin and licking it, giving me goosebumps. I'm sure he did it on purpose, but I loved it!! In return, I pulled Robbie's shirt up and stuck my hand inside, rubbing his chest before letting my fingertips glide past his sensitive ribcage. Robbie gasped loudly and I felt his body spasm under my touch. His hand clutched my wrist, but I continued my assault on his senses. Robbie let out a yelp as he twitched and twirled his body in near-impossible angles. I finally pulled off his chest, and Robbie tilted his head and looked up at me with those two incredibly gorgeous eyes of his...I was just lost in them as always and for a while could do nothing but stare, Robbie had hypnotized me. He whiped a lock of blonde hair from his eyes seductively slowly, and smiled up to me lovingly. I swear, this kid was just TOO good to be true...

    My hands lifted Robbie's head up slightly and I placed my lips on his again. Again we frenched, and this time, Robbie's hands moved down to my crotch. He grabbed my cock firmly through my jeans, broke the kiss, and whispered:

    " you want me to..."

    I forced myself back in reality for a moment.

    "Ooohh...", I silently moaned, "Believe me I do.'s better we don't do it here. My mom's off to work already...we could go to my place..."

    "Mmhh...okay. You're right...I'm so hot for you though..."

    "Me too baby...I missed you sooo much..."

    Robbie pushed his tongue inside my mouth again. For a moment we kissed deeply. Then, I suggested we'd get Vince and Scott back, who were probably still waiting for us.

    Upon re-entering the Mall we saw Scott and Vince leaning against the wall, and Vince punched his watch out of stopwatch-mode.

    "Twelve minutes, fifteen seconds! Nice!"

    "Oh, shut it!", I grinned.

    Vince grinned some more. Let's just say that for a kiss, that was pretty lame, Jace...What do you think, Scott?"

    "Umm..." Scott said, glancing at me nervously. "I'd say, a jerkoff.", he smiled, kinda shyly.

    Vince gave Scott a look, but didn't really think anything of it. He turned to me again and said: "Probably. It's a bit too fast for a bounceabout."

    Robbie's jaw dropped. "Jason, your friends are perverts!!", he laughed.

    "TELL me about it...", I grinned.

    The four of us laughed about the whole thing for a few more minutes. It felt SO good being together with Robbie and Vince again. I felt so relieved inside, and Robbie seemed so happy too...I swear, looking back at it all...I was amazed I missed Robbie so much...that I actually felt sick to my stomach when he was gone. I gues I just had to ask...

    "Robbie, WHERE were you??"

    "Hehe...I guess I could ask you the same thing really. We probably just missed eachother.", he grinned.

    I'll say that I missed him allright...but to me it felt like he was taking this a bit lightly...maybe a bit too light compared to my state.

    "Anyways, what time is it, Vince?", Robbie continued.

    "Almost a quarter past two. Classes will be finished in about half an hour or so..."

    "Oh...well, in that case, I really have to get going...I still need to pick up my shirt and my mom will expect me home right after class...sorry guys."

    "Don't worry about it Robbie.", Scott smiled.

    "Yeah, it's been a great day nonetheless. We'll have to do this again some time!!", Vince said.

    You bet guys!! Only next time, I hope we'll be able to spend it through the afternoon without losing eachother!", Robbie said.

    Scott grinned widely. "If I don't get another zany idea that places us on the Most Wanted list that shouldn't be too difficult..."

    "Actually, I hope you do! It's been the most fun I've ever had...", Robbie smiled.

    Did he really mean that? That he had fun while I was away? Maybe I'm just being paranoid again here...yeah. That's gotta be it.

    "Are you coming, Jason?", Robbie asked.


    "You have to drop me off at your place to get my have the key, you know!"

    "Oh, yeah! Let's go then. See you guys.", I said, and Robbie and I walked away together.

    Vince turned to Scott, and whispered: "What's wrong with him all of a sudden?"

    Scott just grinned. "He' love."


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