First Impressions 6

by Frank Ryan


As I looked at myself in the mirror this morning, I realized the last week had totally swept me off my feet. So much had just felt totally amazing. I was still the same guy, but inside I had changed noticeably. I think for the first time in my life, all 16 years of it, I was in love. Deeply in love.

The last week had passed so fast, I could hardly keep up with what had happened. Only just this last monday, Robbie Mayflower had walked into my life and changed me for good. Next thing I know I'm in love, Vince and I pick up a new best buddy along the way and then Scott Fremont marches into our lives...and the four of us were inseparable.  Just like that, in the course of only a WEEK!! Sheesh.

Not only that, but I was having SEX!! And LOTS of it. I think I've lost count even, and I hadn't even SEEN Robbie over the weekend! His parents had kept him home to help with the moving. I offered to help, but Robbie thought it best if I met his parents in a more formal way, as he put it. I didn't really get what the fuss was about, but I couldn't do much about it at that point... Well, at least I'd see him in school again today. I'm thinking THIS is a first...I'm actually happy about going to school today!! How uncool is that!!

Anyways, I finished off spiffing up my hair and got dressed. I dug up a plain white shirt out of my wardrobe and put it on with some black jeans. Pretty basic but it looked okay. I headed over to mom's study and fired up the PC. I hit the Internet and surfed over to my mail address (can't have mom reading my mail, heheh...) and checked if I had some mail from Robbie. I didn't think so -- he'd called me twice yesterday -- but you never know.

The mail server took a few seconds to load and then revealed I had THREE messages from Scott! I'm guessing this guy is online a bit too much!! There was  one short one, sent on the day Robbie and me saw Scott in detention, some lame forward, and this really long mail which he wrote after our trip to the Mall last week...It turned out Scott really cared for us and really wanted our friendship, but one line in particular caught my attention...he wrote he was really happy he had finally come out to someone and didn't have to hide in front of us....Weird, somehow...I always thought Scott was OUT! The way he acted with just felt like it was the most natural thing in the world to him. I'm gonna have to talk to him about this....

"Jason Jennings, get your ass out of that bathroom!!!"

"Already out, mom!"

"What's keeping you then?? Come have breakfast and get to school! You'll miss the bus..."

"Yeah, yeah..."

I headed down the stairs and saw my mom at the stove.

"What do you want, dear? Eggs or toast?", she asked.

"This is new..."

"Yeah, I thought I'd have a go at a proper breakfast for once! There's orange juice in the fridge if you want..."

"Oh, okay..." I said, but my thoughts were somewhere else already. Guess where...

"So...", my mom pressured, "are you having some or what??"

"Nah, I was kinda feeling like having some cereal..."

The egg missed me by a few inches.


Since I was in a bit of a hurry to avoid my mom's food, I was a bit early for the bus and had to linger around the bus stop for a while. Usually I would look around and try to spot the cutest guys passing by in cars or on bikes, but not today. Today everything reminded me of Robbie!! I even compared the usual billboard babes to Robbie's radience, and none of them matched up! It was frustrating not to have a watch, cause I felt like checking the time every second. I wanted to be with Robbie again, and I was hoping for some sex today too, the weekend had been....less than stimulating. Nothing could match up to Robbie, his taste, the feel of his peach like skin, the smell of his hair, everything about him I'd closely studied over the course of the week, and more. Come on then, fucking bus!!

Finally the thing pulled up. Our bus was...kinda like a pinball machine on wheels, really. A big yellow pinball machine on wheels. I'm saying pinball cause you effectively FEEL like one when you're in it. Every single bump in the road feels like an earthquake, and I'm sure our beloved driver makes sure we'd all be "shakey-wakey" by the time we'd reached school. The back of the bus was considered "danger zone", because of the carbon monoxide smell that resided there and the fact that you'd fly out of your seats -- correction, plywood slabs -- if you hit a bump. And there were plenty of THOSE around...

Hesitantly, I approached the bus and eyed the driver as I got in. He gave me this typical "Step inside, you're in for a ride" smile as I flashed him my pass. I gave him a sarcastic grin back (yeah, like I wanna BE here in your cookie jar) and took a seat. Not too far in the back. The bus jerked into movement and traveled a few blocks as it stopped in front of the next stop. In walks this girl...

Now how should I put this, this girl, um....she wasn't a model. A quick glance estimated her weight at about...250 pounds? 300? Ah well, that happens... This particular one, though, was wearing way too much make up for a face that was basically a lost cause anyway, and she was wearing something that could only be defined as a New Age table cloth. She approached the seat I was in and promptly took the seat next to me, while she easily could have had another seat. But nooo...

"Mind if I sit here?", came her high pitched voice. So big, and she's got the vocal chords of a mouse. What was I gonna say?

"Sure...", I said. Great going, Jace.

"I'm Amanda...", she said.

I wasn't gonna argue. I really, really felt like asking her what a `Manda' was, but I chose not to provoke any more words from her...Robbie, Robbie, Robbie...

"So what's your name?, the Manda persisted.

Oh fuck, she's hitting on me! Think of something.... "I'm...VINCE!!", I quickly blurted out.

"Aww, that's sooo cute!!", the Manda pitched. "Vince...", she repeated.

"Yeah...want my address?", I grinned. Ooh, Vince is gonna LOVE this one...


After surviving 20 minutes of near-death by lethal Manda-squashing, (I'm not even gonna attempt to describe what happened when the bus hit a bump) the bus finally stopped in front of our school, which really seemed like a relief rather than the Hell on Earth it usually felt like. Robbie! Finally...

"Byieee, Vince!", the Manda squealed after me.

I entered the main hall in a hurry, eager to see Robbie again. I should have called him first, to get a fixed time set or something maybe, so I don't end up looking for him (or worse, missing him completely). I quickly glanced around the main hall which still was fairly empty. Then I heard a familiar voice call my name.

"Hey Jace!"

I turned around and saw Scott riding through the door on his blades. He looked happier than ever.

"Scott dude!" I said as I high fived him. "What's up!"

"I finally got my blades back this Friday man! Whooo!!"

"So I see dude! You just gotta be careful though, don't let your ass get busted by Smitthy again..."

"Aw, that crooked assed bastard's got nuthin' on me! Dude, I missed these things SO much! Missed you, babies!!", Scott said, as he crouched down to pat his blades. Scott was once again fully equipped with his blade gear, which included his black blades with bright green wheels, black knee caps and a black crash helmet. I looked down at his butt (hey, the guy's squatting down in front of me, can't expect me to look away!) which was covered in kaki bermudas but still toned his cheeks nicely. With that, Scott was wearing a black shirt with a yellow lighting bolt across his chest. I'd say, typical Scott-wear.

"So duuuude....WHOA!!", Scott said as he swiveled his torso up, and lost balance as his blades slid out from under him. Scott toppled backwards to land on his backpack. "Ooof....yeah....

"Hahah....Nice going Scott! I thought you were supposed to be `the King of Blades', or something here??"

"Hehe, well believe it or not Jacey, but even the Great Fremont must subject to gravity...I've got enough scars to proove it!"

"I'll bet you do!"

"I'll show you sometime..."

The thought of Scott stripping for me entered my head, which surprised me a bit, but I quickly snapped out of it. Scott grinned a bit. "Gimme a hand up...", he said.

I extended Scott a hand and pulled him back on his feet.

"So Jace, as I was going to ask, where are Robbie and Vince?", Scott asked.

"Hehehe, I'm not sure, I just got here. Vince may very well be in the cafeteria already. Robbie should walk through those doors in a minute. He's always in a bit later after me.", I said.

"You saw him over the weekend?"

"No, I didn't. Robbie's parents wanted him to help move some stuff. Robbie wanted me to meet his parents later on."

"So basically you haven't met the in-laws yet, huh? This should be good...I'm no shrink but, if Robbie keeps stalling about you meeting his folks, you can be sure it's gonna be awkward..."

"Somehow, I get the feeling you're right about that, Scott..."

"Yeah, and...oh FUCK!! Demon alert!" Scott said, as he backed out on his blades and bladed out the front door again. I soon saw why, because several teachers were descending down the stairs. Peterson, Jones and Aldon marched through the main hall, on their way to score some coffee no doubt (sans paying of course, they work here...grrr, I demand free coffee for everyone!!) But Aldon slowed down as he saw me standing.

Jones gave me a grim look. I just tried to look cool and nodded to her. It didn't work. Aldon approached me and started jabbing away in teacher talk.

"...are you LISTENING, Mr. Jennings? This is a serious matter!!"


"I'm contemplating about calling your mother again to have this skipping classes thing settled once and for all!"

To this, Peterson added:

I've noticed you were only in ONE of my classes last week, Mr. Jennings. This kind of conduct has to stop, or you WILL fail my class."

"We'll see...", I replied.

"And then there's another thing...", Mrs Jones stated.

Ah great, Mrs. Meatcleaver has to do her say again. "Oh?", I replied.

"Your friendship with Mr. Mayflower is undoubtedly a bad influence on him. I took the liberty of looking through his grade records of his old school, and they were of a very high average. He has had a minimum of absence hours, but so far this week, he has missed NINE of the classes he was supposed to be in already. I shall have to make a phone call to Mr. Mayflower's parents to inform them of this. I will also tell them I consider YOU responsible for their son's bad conduct. Good day to you, Mr. Jennings -- DON'T be late again."

Time just stopped. Right there. I just couldn't believe what I had just heard. I replayed Jones' words over and over again in my head. She was actually going to call Robbie's parents...and tell them I was a BAD INFLUENCE??? Fuck!! FUCKIN'!!!

Panic was swapped for rage. That BITCH!! I'm SURE she did it just to spite me, I'm sure. I was just about to go up there and tell that wench...when I felt a delicate hand touch my shoulder.

Startled, I turned around...and looked right into Robbie's deep blue eyes.

My god.

I immediately hugged him REALLY tight. Middle of school or not, this being was just too beautiful to leave untouched. I moved my hand up a bit to touch the back of his neck and feel the skin there, that soft peach like skin I had had the pleasure of touching many times the last week. The touch alone still made me shiver. My hand slowly stroked the short hairs on the back of his neck as they ran up to meet his golden blonde hair. I heard Robbie sigh deeply, and I knew he felt the same.

I broke the hug, and looked up into his eyes again.

"...Hi...", I smiled weakly.

"Fuck, I missed you..", Robbie said back.

"Me too babe...", I whispered. "Shit man, and this was just a weekend!"

"I KNOW! I wish I could have been with you, I wanted nothing else. But my parents..."

"I don't have to explain anything..."

"Well, I still don't like it...I want to be with you as much as I can...I'm only just getting to know you, but somehow I feel like I've known you forever...doesn't make any sense, huh?"

"Oh, believe me it does!!", I assured Robbie.

"At least I've called you as much as I could last weekend...but it's not the same..."

I grinned to that. "Yeah, I'm missing SOMETHING..."

"Heheh, yeah! Wonder what...", he said, letting his eyes travel down my chest before resting them on my crotch, and making sure I saw him do it. Crap, I felt the blood rushing towards my dick already!

My heart started to pound, really beating fast. It was everything, his look, his smile, his scent, everything was back again. My mind instantly filled with images of the two of us having sex, over and wasn't until then that I realized how much I had really missed him. Robbie was experiencing the same thing; he started breathing more rapidly than normal, and for a moment we just stood there, but then Robbie grabbed my wrist and pulled me by it. He had the most urgent look on his face, and I immediately got the hint!!

Robbie still held my wrist as the two of us sped off, heading towards the toilets. Robbie let go of my wrist and opened the boys' bathroom door, casually walking in at first, but when he saw all the stalls were empty, he pulled me towards him again, and pushed his tongue into my mouth, HARD.

I pushed Robbie into a stall and locked the door. I attacked his tongue with a vengeance, sucking and nibbling on it hard and pushing my own tongue as deep into his mouth as I could stretch it. Robbie's arms were completely relaxed around my neck, but my hands were frantically touching him all over. My right hand traveled down his chest, grabbed his shirt and pulled it out of his jeans--

Then the bathroom door opened.

We both froze!! Ohmigod, ohmigod...I could clearly make out a pair of footsteps on the tiled floor of the bathroom, then I heard a door to one of the stalls being opened, closed, and subsequently locked.

Meanwhile, we were trying our utmost bestest too keep quiet!! Did you ever notice that when you really try to keep still, you become really self conscious about even the slightest of sounds? It was really uncomfortable too!! Robbie and I were frozen in this weird position...My hand gripped his shirt tightly, still pulling it halfway up. Robbie had his mouth halfway open and our lips weren't touching, but my tongue was still in his mouth!! I was stuck too!!! Robbie had slightly bitten down on my tongue. It didn't hurt or anything but I was too fuckin' scared to move!! I was afraid the dude next to us was going to hear us blink or something!! Robbie was really cramped up himself and his hands, which a second ago had been totally relaxed, were now gripping my shoulders hard!!

We both were paralized as we listened to the guy in the stall next to us. It seemed to take forever!! Geez, how much piss can come out of one single guy??!!

Finally!! The dude zipped up, flushed, unlocked the door and left. Robbie finally relaxed his tensed grip and released my tongue from his mouth. He sighed deeply, and looked at me. I purposefully held my locked position for another second or two, tongue sticking out and all. Robbie saw it and burst out into giggles!! I couldn't help myself and followed shortly thereafter. But not before getting out of that stall first!!!

Once out, we really were laughing our asses off!!

"Hahah...oh man...heheh, geez dude, we gotta stop meeting like this!!", I giggled.

"Don't tell me!! I must have been scared half to death!!", Robbie replied.

"I'll say! You damn near bit my tongue off!!"

"WHA!! I couldn't help that!!"

"YOU bit down!!"

"Well you can't expect me to keep my mouth open forever!! Why didn't you pull your tongue out in the first place!!", Robbie grinned.

"Well, I...I don't know!!"

"Not that I blame you...mmmhh..." Robbie said as he licked his lips.

"I' m sure you don't!! Anyhow, let's not do this again, shall we!?", I grinned.

"Good plan. Shit, what if Vince is right?? That we DO have a tendency to get caught?"

"In that case...I'd better not run for President."

"Ooh, the first gay President, there's a thought..."

"Yeah, right, dream on Robbie! What am I supposed to be calling you then? My First boy??"

"Why're my first boy anyway!!"

"You mean that? I was your first?"

"Yeah....thought you knew."

"No, I didn't! You never told me!"

"Oh...well, you are. couldn't have been more perfect."

"Thanks, Robbie...that really means a lot."

"I can't imagine a better person to have lost my virginity to...", Robbie said as he leaned in to gave me a hug. Man that felt good.

"Thank you, Robbie, really. I love you..."

"Love you too Jason..."

The bell for first class interrupted our hug. We reluctantly broke it...

"We should get to class...", I said.

"Hmmm...can't we get Scott and Vince and go to the Mall again?", Robbie asked.

"NO!!....err, no. We can't. We really have to get to class..."

"Jace, is something wrong?"

"No! Nothing! Everything is fine, it's...I'm... fine."

"You sure?", Robbie asked, giving me the best puppy look I've ever seen. "If you're in trouble, you can tell me..."

"No dude, it's really nothing. I just don't think I can miss this class."

"Geography? Jace...It's all in the book!!" Robbie said, lifting one eyebrow at me.

"Yeah, I know...Let's just go, allright?"

"Okay...", Robbie said. "But I still think you're acting a bit weird. If you don't tell me I'm gonna ask Vince!!", Robbie grinned at me.

"Ooh, so go ahead!! I'm sure Vince will say exactly the same. Believe me dude...", I assured him, "I'm perfectly... fine."

"Mmmh, okay. But I want you to know that if there's anything troubling you it's okay to tell me man...I love you, I'll be here for you."

"I know you will. Love you too, Robbie.."

We exited the bathroom together and entered the main hall again. I don't know why I didn't tell Robbie about Mrs Jones' threats...I think I did it because I didn't want Robbie to worry. I didn't wanna spoil our day together because of this. The last thing I wanted was to see Robbie depressed...I know how he feels about his parents. I'm sure he has to find out sooner or later, just...not right now. Not today...I know I probably made a mistake by not telling him...but I was so afraid his parents would instantly ground Robbie if they'd found out he'd ditched because of me (and to be honest, he DID) that I really wanted him ignorant of the upcoming Doom. It sounds lame, I'm sure, but at that time it seemed the best way to handle this...

Upon entering the main hall we instantly saw Vince and Scott waiting for us.

"Oh no...", Vince said.

"What, Vince?", I asked.

"You two...coming out of the bathroom together...I don't wanna know..."

Robbie and I looked at eachother. We couldn't help but burst out in giggles again!!

 "Dude, it's Monday morning!!", Vince whined. "Do you have to start the week off by reminding me!!"

"Hah!! Get used to it Vince! And just so you know...You just lost your title."

"What!! Nooo....", Vince yelped.

"Dude!!", Scott said excitedly, "You actually mean the two of you know...DID it in there?"

Robbie smiled at Scott. I put my arm around Robbie's shoulder and just shrugged.

"Man!! That's SO cool!!", Scott chimed.

"Well, we did!", I lied. Well, bent the truth actually, cause we did do it in the bathroom stalls (the very same stall, no less) a couple of days back. No need to tell Vince that though, and Scott seems to enjoy this..."

"I mean, I just don't fuckin' believe that you two just...", Scott continued.

"BELIEVE it dude.", Vince sighed rather grimly. "These two guys will do anything.", he said, managing a weak smile.

"Wow.." Scott uttered.

"Yeah right Scott, like YOU have never done anything rash like that in YOUR life! You're always the dude taking all the risks here! And besides, you're not a virgin..."

"True...", Scott grinned, "but I'm not really a sexfiend either. not like the two of you..."

"NOTHING compares to the two of them." Vince shrugged. "Face it Scott, we're stuck with the world's most sex-starved couple, who just happen to be two guys and our best friends at that." Vince lifted his head up and yelled: "THANKS!!"

"Aw Vince, you're having fun with us...admit it, you love us nonetheless.", Robbie smiled.

"Save it Sunshine,  and please don't mention the words 'love' and 'us' in one sentence... 'Specially not if it's directed at me.", Vince grinned.

Robbie just smiled some more, walked up to Vince and gave him a real tight hug around his neck. Right in the middle of the main hall! He broke the hug after a few moments, leaving Vince with a bewildered look on his face, which just screamed 'why me'!!

"There...feel better now?", Robbie smiled.

"Hehe, knowing Vince, he'll feel worse!", Scott grinned.

"I need my coffee." Vince uttered.

" Heheh...wish I could join you but, we are running late!" I said.

"Hey, since when did you become the punctual type, Jace?", Scott asked.

"WHAT is it with you guys!!?", I said, annoyed. Whoops....

Scott looked startled, and Vince shrugged to Scott.

"No, what is it with YOU!!", Robbie insisted.

"Nothing already. Let's just forget about it and GO, shall we." I said as we started walking towards our class, with Scott and Vince following... Robbie threw me another worried look. Aw, he's so cute...Fuck this. Why can't I hide my feelings from Robbie!? And why did that Jones wench have to call Robbie's parents!! Fuck this whole thing....Why, you bitch, why!!?

Scott whispered to Vince: "Is that guy always an open book like that? SOMETHING is bothering him...."

"Ooh yeah,", Vince whispered back. "That guy never has problems showing his emotions. When he gets pissed, you'll know about it allright!"

"Hmm...Any idea what could be up with him?"

"Nope,", Vince sighed. "I only saw him just now. He seemed happy enough. He didn't even tell Robbie..."

"I hope they're still allright...."

"I think so. I don't think this has something to do with their relationship. Like I said, he seemed happy enough when he walked in."

"Maybe I should talk to him about this. Or you..."

"Hehe...Jace has this sticker on his back that reads: `Handle with care'...I wouldn't push too much, he might flame at you too. I've seen him do it before to me, best thing is to just leave him alone for a while.", Vince said.

"Well, we're his friends and he needs our support. I want us to talk to him. If you don't come with me I'll go alone..."

"Drama queen.", Vince grinned.

"Hehe. Insensitive bastard." Scott backfired.

"Like hell I am."

"Then come with me!"

"Sigh...a'ight....but this is gonna be on YOUR head, Fremont! And you can suck up to Jace afterwards if he flames us too!!"

"Fremont scores again, the crowd goes--"

"BUT don't expect a warm welcome on Jace's behalf!!", Vince warned. "Now piss off to your own class, stalker!!"

"Oh SHIT!! Yeah....see ya at luchtime, Vince!"


After some fun in the daily traffic jam, Robbie, Vince and I entered our Geography classroom. Robbie had put his bag on the desk next to me and was standing at my desk, talking to me and Vince. Then  another kid, Jeremy Philips entered the classroom. He glanced around for a bit, then took Robbie's bag and dropped it on the floor before sitting down. Jeremy was, for lack of a better word, a sleezeball. He had a lanky build with messy dark hair and a crooked nose. I think he once broke his nose or something...In any case, he was in Robbie's seat and wouldn't move.

"Jace, I can't sit next to you now...", Robbie regretfully said.

Vince and I grinned to eachother. "Why don't you pursuade that dude otherwise?"

"I don't think he'll listen to me..."

"You won't know if you don't try...", I smiled.

"Yeah,", Vince added, "Just tell that geek to bugger off!'

Robbie produced a weak smile and raised one eyebrow a bit. "If you say so..", he sighed.

"Nah dude,", Vince said, "YOU say so. You wanna sit there - the geek's in your seat."

"I'm no match for--"

"You're not gonna FIGHT him...Just tell him he's in your seat.", I said.

Robbie tentatively approached him. "I, uh...I'd really like to sit there."

"Piss off.", came Jeremy's reply.

Robbie turned to Vince and me and cast his eyes heavenwards. We got the hint, and approached Robbie from behind. Vince stood to his left and I stood at his right side, mimicing Vince's pose by crossing my arms in front of me. Vince leaned in and whispered something in Robbie's ear. Robbie smiled a bit, cleared his throat and then said to Jeremy:

"I'll rephrase that. Get OUT of my bloody seat!"

Jeremy looked at Robbie a bit startled, then to me, then to Vince. He then got up and took another seat in the front.

"Ha! It worked!", Robbie said to me.

"You just have to be assertive in these things, dude...just be confident about yourself.", Vince said.

"Yeah, like he'd ever listened to me if the two of you weren't behind me.", Robbie said.

"Well, at least now he knows you're not to be messed with, bad-ass!!", I said, messing up Robbie's hair with my hand.

"Knock it off!", Robbie smiled.

The three of us took our seats as Aldon walked into the classroom, beckoned for silence and began his epic tale of mud again. Of course, I wasn't listening. If I had had a choise I would have been in the cafeteria right now with Vince and Robbie, having some coffee. All because of that Jones woman - no. Because of me. I made Robbie ditch , I reasoned, so it's my fault that Jones will call Robbie's folks. I'll never see him again...
I glanced over at Robbie...he was sitting with his head in his hands, a sleepy and bored look over his face. And still he looked sexy as hell. He still had those boyish features about him, one hell of a babyface too. I was beginning to wonder what he would look like at he would look if he didn't shave for a probably sounds stupid, but those things just fascinated me. Robbie's eyes wandered off and met mine. Safe to say he caught me staring! He smiled that heartwarming smile of his again at me and just looked right into my eyes with that awesome eyes-half-open gaze. That gaze alone could get me hard. And it did. Oh god, please don't let me lose Robbie, please...

After the bell rang, the three of us were off to Physics, but I still wasn't in a very talkative mood. I was happy to be with Robbie, no doubts there, but I was still worried. I'm sure it showed, because Robbie kept flashing me these worried looks. We entered the class and Bowman commenced his lecture.

Robbie leaned over to me and said: "That teacher is wearing the same sweater as last week!"

I grinned. "You mean is STILL wearing that sweater. We're still not sure, our class is devided on this subject. Some think he never changes his clothes, others think he may have three or four identical sweaters..."

"Haha!! No way..."

"Yes way Rob,", Vince added. "And you'll see soon enough. Give it a few weeks or so, and count the classes Bowman gives wearing this sweater. You'll be surprised..."

"Hehe, I got a feeling I don't wanna know..."

"Get used to it, dude!", I grinned.

"Do you think he just washes it over the weekends?" , Vince asked.

"Maybe, but it's gotta be the most feistiest sweater I've ever seen! That means it has to be at least...3000 years old?"

Robbie bursted out in giggles.

"Mr. Mayflower, if you enjoy this class SO much I'd be happy to let you stay for another hour AFTER class!!", Bowman growled.

"Sorry Sir...", Robbie snickered.

Vince and I were not giving up our Scientific Study of the Indestructible Sweater yet though.

"Carbon dating has revealed very little information of actual value..", Vince said.

"...and we can be positive nothing of any kind appears in the fossil record...", I smiled.

"I'll bet you it's fireproof too...", Vince grinned.

"That's gotta be it, a new anti-nuclear protection programme by the NSA..."

By the end of the class, we were convinced Bowman was a secret agent for the NSA and was monitoring Russian activity in our region. His only protection for the Russian's new subatomic weapons was this sweater.

The bell rang, and Scott met up with us in the cafeteria for a small coffee break.

"Heya gang, how's it going!!", Scott smiled.

"We found out Bowman's an NSA agent.", Robbie smiled.

"What!!" Scott laughed.

"Seriously! You know that sweater he wears?', Robbie grinned.

Robbie filled Scott in on our discoveries while Vince and I headed over to the counter to get some drinks.

Vince hesitated a bit, then asked: "Jace, I gotta ask you. What was it that bothered you this morning? Scott is going nuts about it and so is Robbie..."

I sighed. "Dude, it's nothing...."

"Fuck nothing. Something is on your mind and we want to know. Period."

"What do you care all of a sudden!?"

Vince grinned. "Scott persuaded me to talk to ya."


"He only wants to help dude...."

"Then I'll eloquently inform him it's none of his bloody business."

Vince shrugged. "I tried."

We rejoined Scott and Robbie at our table and took our seats again. Robbie was running red with giggles while Scott was giving his professional opinions about the hairdo's of his favorite demons...

"...And you gotta admit, Bowman's hair is flea paradise!! If I were a flea, Bowman's head is the kind of place where I'd hang out."

"Yeah! He's gotta have at least three different flavors of soup in there from the looks of it!", Robbie laughed.

"And the teacher's lounge is where all the fleas book their flights to Aldon's head, the most popular skiing resort!", Scott grinned.

Robbie laughed out loud, and even Vince and me produced a good smile.

"If I were a flea and I was gonna commit suicide", Scott continued, "I'd pick Jones. I'd climb in the highest hair I could find and jump onto that pointy nose of hers to dive headfirst into a cup of steamy hot tea....what a way to go!!", Scott snickered.

Robbie, Vince and Scott were all laghing, but my smile died quickly at the mention of Jones's name...I almost felt like sobbing. I was having the time of my life, and she was just gonna take it away...

Robbie saw me, and carefully placed his hand on my shoulder. Vince and Scott quieted down as well, and looked at me with worried eyes...I couldn't hide from my best friends, I realized that. I felt so sad, yet so happy they were there for me. happy Robbie was with me, but scared beyond death that he might be taken away from me.

"Um...Jace...", Scott started.

Robbie leaned in on me. "Come on've got us all worried sick about you. Please tell us what's wrong...we'll see how we can help you've got to be honest..."

"Yeah dude. Just spit it out, you're bound to feel better.", Vince agreed.

"You can tell us anything, Jace...", Scott assured.

It just became too much to keep inside any longer. I just blurted it out to them, everything. How we ditched, how Jones, Aldon and Peterson approached me, how she said she would call Robbie's parents...that I was afraid to tell Robbie about it because i was so afraid to lose him. Everything. When I was finished, I had tears in my eyes. Vince was silent. Robbie was visibly trembling and Scott was on the verge of screaming at the top of his lungs.

"That BITCH!!", Scott exclaimed.

"I know..." I sighed.

" parents can't keep you from me, even if they try I won't let them! I won't let them..." Robbie was on the brink of tears too. Vince beckoned us to come and go to a more private place than the cafeteria. We got up and headed out the front door. Once outside, Scott said:

"She's not gonna get away with this....if she want's a war, she's gonna have one!!"

"Don't make this any worse than it already is..", I said.

"I won't, I know of ways to make her regret the day she ever messed with you and Robbie, Jace, trust me....vengeance WILL be ours."

Robbie hugged me tightly. he whispered: "It's not your fault I skipped class...I wanted to. Don't ever blame yourself.."

"Thanks Robbie...I love you..."

"I love you too...", Robbie said as he buried his face in my neck.

Vince grinned and gave us a good pat on the shoulders. He then turned to Scott.

"You said you had ways of making that bitch suffer. I'm listening..."

"Oooh, do I ever. Mrs. Jones....", Scott grinned, "you have yet to find out the true meaning...of Teacher's Terror."


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