First Impressions 7

Robbie wrapped his hands tightly around my neck. He moaned that quiet 'mmmhh...' of his as he slowly pushed his tongue into my mouth. I gladly received his warm tongue and instantly gave it a welcoming embrace with my own. I felt Robbie's cool breath flow across my cheek in quick but relaxed huffs as he breathed through his nose. I felt all my muscles become increasingly relaxed except one - you guessed it. My cock was growing rapidly and soon became too hard to fit comfortably in my tight black jeans. I hugged him tight, real tight, as I inhaled the scent of his blond hair. I was so totally in love with this kid I just couldn't believe it myself if I tried. We kissed again and it felt magical...but I decided I was going to have some fun with him and pulled away. Robbie sucked my tongue out of my mouth and try to keep it inside his, but I was backing away and unless he bit down on my tongue there was no way his lips could retain it. It slipped out.

Robbie looked at me with anticipation. I think I saw some amazement in his eyes too. He was clearly wondering what was going to happen next.

I was glad we finally had some time alone again. This afternoon had been really hectic, with Mrs. Jones threatening to call Robbie's being caught in the bathroom...Scott and Vince trying to find out what was wrong with me...but I was glad to be here now. Robbie was standing opposite me, clearly very aroused, breathing in short huffs. I looked him up and down for a while. As far as I was concerned this could very well have been our last sex session together, and I was determined to make it last. Robbie was standing in front of me, his hips slanted slightly. He was wearing his white sneakers and white tennis socks with them. His slender legs were covered in tight denim, pale blue jeans. My eyes traveled up his legs and scanned his crotch. I could make out his erect cock in his jeans, a visible bulge to the right. His delicate waist was still slanted, and he didn't wear a belt. He simply didn't need to. The denim hugged his butt so perfectly there was no chance of a belt holding it in place even better. My eyes traveled up more, to his chest covered in a tight T-shirt. I studied the way he had crossed his arms in front of his chest, awaiting my move. His lean neck seemed to ease its way up to his head, where my eyes were greeted by the most kissable lips, the cutest nose and the deepest blue eyes imaginable. Covered only by a few astray strands of perfectly blond hair. Parted in the center and hanging down to his cheekbones. Robbie slowly lifted up one arm and whiped some of his hair out of his eyes while grinning. He knew I loved that. It made my knees tremble and my skin crawl.

"Hey, cutie..", he grinned.

"Hey, gorgeous..", I grinned back.

I was playing with him now, and he knew it. I was just standing there and usually I would have been all over him by now. I was waiting for him to make the move. But somehow, he wouldn't. He was returning my game; to see how long I could keep it up, the bastard! A contest...

Robbie's eyes softened. His arms slowly, but seductively, started to move. His left hand grabbed his hip while his right hand slowly stroked his left arm upwards to meet his shoulder...he was hugging himself now. He tilted his head slightly to the right, locked eyes with me and just gazed...My stomach knotted. Whoa!!

But I didn't move...not yet. This was going to be my game...I was going to make the rules. I just smiled at Robbie, making sure he knew he hadn't won yet.

Robbie's seductiveness didn't end with that particular pose though. He swayed his hips at me, and he lowered his hands to the bottom of his shirt. In slow-motion he grabbed it then pulled it over his head. He stretched out, every detail of his torso showing. I had never seen him do this, I was completely mesmerized! His ribcage pushed against his smooth skin, his muscles were showing themselves. There was no doubt his body would be as nicely toned as Vince's within a few years or so. But Robbie will always remain delicate, no doubt there...

The cotton fabric of his shirt glided over his head and his blonde hair resumed its former position again, covering most of Robbie's eyes. He left it like that, threw his shirt aside and started touching himself all over his naked chest, letting his fingers run across his ribcage and nipples. I could swear I could actually SEE his nips get hard. And speaking of hard...whoa...

My cock was straining in my jeans. I had to adjust myself a bit...but Robbie wasn't giving me any slack. He continued stripping. He unbuttoned his jeans and pulled them wide open and down a bit, Just enough for me to see the band of his briefs. He then let his fingertips slip inside his briefs for a bit and pushed it down some more so I could see some of his pubes. His pubic hairs showed he was a natural blonde. They had a color that was darker than his hair allright but nowhere even near brown. After a few moments of standing like this, Robbe lifted up one leg. How he managed to keep his balance like that is beyond me, but he graciously lifted up one leg and brought his foot up to his hands, pulled his shoe off, then his sock. Slowly. He then did the same with his other leg. It was simply breathtaking, and even seeing him barefoot turned me on to no end. I was determined to see the rest of him now...if Robbie was planning on granting me that pleasure that is.

Robbie studied me for a moment, and after that continued his assault on my senses. He grabbed the band of his jeans and stripped them off his legs like a second layer of skin, pulling them inside out as they went down the surface of his near-hairless legs. He knew this was risky; he could never get his pants on again in time if someone (like my mom!) were to enter. But I don't think he cared and to be honest, I didn't either. Robbie continued easing his tight jeans off his bare ankles one by one, then tossed them aside. He scanned me again, but I stood my ground. I decided to commend his efforts at least a little, and I answered his searching glance with a smile, then proceeded by dropping my denim jacket to the floor. But only the jacket.

Robbie knew he was having the desired effect on me, I don't doubt that. In fact, I could feel my cock spasm in my jeans, my briefs getting damp with precum no doubt, but I refrained myself from pouncing Robbie. One side of me wanted nothing else, but another part of me couldn't wait to see what Robbie would do, how he would respond to my static response. I found out when Robbie saw I still wasn't moving. I just looked at his splendor, his near-naked beauty. He was only wearing his white briefs now, clearly showing his hardness through the thin fabric. His hands moved down and rubbed his bulge, squeezing it. He was aching for release himself, I could tell. Robbie sighed, cast his eyes heavenwards for a brief second, then focussed on my emeralds and took a step back. I thought I had won the match, for sure...

...but Robbie wasn't done. What he did next baffled me. He eased his fingers below the band of his briefs and slowly slid them down his legs, kicking them off. He was naked now, his cock proudly standing out in front of him, that slight curve to the right. It made my mouth water...but Robbie then dropped to his knees, stretched his arms backwards to grab his ankles from behind, tilted his head up to me and closed his eyes, awaiting my move. ...Checkmate.

Robbie's eyes were still closed and his cock was rockhard and pulsing in time with his heartbeat. I bent down, and caressed his cheek with my hand. My thumb grazed over his moist lips and Robbie made a short gasp. I leant in and whispered:

"Don't move a muscle.", and sped out of the room.

I bursted into my mom's study, dug open a few drawers before finding the desired object. With the object in my hands I raced back to my room at top speed. Before entering I hid it behind my back in case Robbie had his eyes open.

Robbie was till in the same pose as I had left him. He heard me enter, his eyes still fully closed. his cock still rock-hard...I had to hurry before we both exploded. After Robbie noticed I was back in the room he gasped:

"There you are... I can't wai--"


"Perfect...", I grinned.

Robbie jerked his eyes open and saw me standing there with my mom's camera. His jaw dropped a few inches.

"You...y-you bastard...", he grinned.

((FLASH)) "Sorry babe, you look SOOOoooh....", I never finished my sentence. Robbie smiled at me, got back up his feet and did the "hugging himself" pose again. I shot another picture. Then he turned around, bent forward with his legs spread and pushed his hard cock down in a typical porn pose. I shot again, but this was all too much. I threw the camera aside, pulled my shirt over my head and kicked my shoes off, but that's as far as I got. Robbie took care of the rest.

Within second he had dropped to his knees in front of me and clawed my jeans open. He pulled them down to my knees along with my briefs in one go, grabbed hold of my cock as it jumped out and thrusted his open mouth forward. His moist lips wrapped around my shaft as his tongue played with my piss-slit and tasted the precum that was oozing out of it. He thrusted his head forward and let his nose brush against my pubes as he held my thighs with both hands, forcing my hips forward. He did it again and again, slightly less deeper, bobbing his head back and forth. Robbie was the most awesome blowjob I ever had. Better than...

Then he did it. He swallowed again while my cock was deep inside his mouth. I gasped out loud, loud enough for the neighbors to hear! Cool trick too, since our house was free-standing.


"Like that, huh?" Robbie gasped.

Robbie swiveled around on the floor, his back now towards me. He then grabbed my butt from behind and leant backwards, his head between my legs. He started to nibble on my balls, licking the area behind them and occasionally sucking on my balls. Not only that, but he treated me to an excellent view of his body sitting down in front of me! The camera was out of grabbing range though and I certainly wasn't gonna ask him to stop!!

Robbie buried his face between my legs and I bent down a bit so I could touch him. I just couldn't resist, I needed to touch him so bad! My hands stroked his bare shoulders, his slender neck and his gracious jawline, which I could feel pushing down each time Robbie's tongue pushed outwards. I slowly let myself drop to my knees, softly pushing Robbie's body down on the floor. I straddled his face as I bent forward to grab hold of his cock. I shuddered with delight as I felt Robbie place his hands on my butt, spread my cheeks apart and let his tongue glide across my hole. I quivered; I knew this felt good, but I never had anybody actually DO it!! The fact that this was Robbie's tongue that was giving me so much pleasure only increased the experience by tenfold! I gasped loudly, and squeezed Robbie's cock in time with my own heartbeat. I started grinding my own cock against Robbie's heaving chest as I eyed his cock in my hand. The skin on his pink head looked so soft, so tasteful. I squeezed again, a bit harder this time, and a drop of clear liquid appeared on the tip of his dickhead. I extended my tongue and licked it off, tasting it the best I could. It was addictive. My tongue ached for more of his taste and I allowed my tongue to explore his head fully this time, licking it all over. I could feel Robbie's cock spasm when my tongue hit the extreme sensitive spot on the back of his cockhead. He gasped beneath me and sqeezed my buttcheeks gently as he continued licking my butthole. I kept my tounge on that sensitive spot and wrapped my lips around his shaft. Robbie bucked his hips up, and I started sucking good. My own precum was oozing from my cock, creating a slippery patch on Robbie's chest as I kept grinding my cock into him. I rested my weight on him fully as I grabbed his thighs and pulled them, pulling his crotch towards my face in the process. I nearly lifted his butt off the ground as his cock buried itself in my mouth to the hilt. I finally tasted Robbie fully again and I let my tongue run over his smooth skin with delight. I sucked gently a few times and probed his cockhead with my tongue. I reached around his thigh and cupped his balls from behind. Robbie's ballsack was nearly hairless to the touch but contained some blonde fuzz nonetheless. It felt ever so soft in my hands as I rolled each of his balls with my fingers. My cock was grinding into Robbie's chest hard now, and Robbie's breathing was rapid as he continued to rim me. I sucked on his cock harder and bobbed my head up and down on him, blind with delight and lust. Robbie started whimpering, I knew he was close. I squeezed my lips around his cock as tight as I could as I felt his cock expand slightly in my mouth. Within seconds after this Robbie gasped out and came hard in my mouth! He bucked his hips up high off the floor into my mouth, and I was trying my best to keep my lips wrapped around his shaft, trying to keep Robbie's load from spilling. Robbie pumped out a good  five spurts of cum in my mouth and a few small dribbles after that. I sucked my lips vacuum and pulled off his cock with a slight slurping sound. I hadn't come yet myself so I swiveled around on Robbie's chest and straddled him. I looked down into his deep seablue eyes as I swallowed his cum, two swallows, and smiled at him. I grabbed my aching cock with my handand started stroking it,  and Robbie grinned back, before opening his mouth for me and closing his eyes. He just relaxed as he waited as I jerked myself to orgasm, and it was pretty clear what he wanted me to do with it! The sight of this angel waiting for me to come into his open mouth was all too much for me, and within a few seconds I came hard!! I pushed my cock down but the first spurt shot out almost vertically and landed on Robbie's cheek. The following jets of cum shot against Robbie's throat and on his tongue. After the last few drops of my cum had dribbled into his mouth he closed and swallowed too, opened his eyes and smiled softly at me. I bent down to his face, licked my own cum off his cheek and frenched him deeply, allowing him to suck some more of my cum off my tongue, which he gladly did!!

After this, we were both wasted. I collapsed beside Robbie on my bed, my left leg across his stomach. I stroked his chest nad slender neck slowly. Sex with Robbie just kept getting better, each time we did. I felt so peaceful beside him here, i wish it wouldn't end. But the ever-present danger of our relationship being in jeopardy remained, and it worried me. I needed Robbie in my life, in my room, in my mouth, and the thought of that being impossible terrified me.

I sat up straight and sighed deeply. Robbie noticed.

"Jace?", he asked.

"Robbie, it''s still bothering me. I can't help it."

"You still worried about Mrs. Jones?", he asked.


"Well there's nothing to worry. I'll just tell my parents I won't skip agai-"

"No, that's not it. Jones deliberately said she was gonna make sure your parents know I am the blame. That they'll stop you from seeing me. And I haven't even met them yet either. Maybe I should. Before they get that call from Jones."


"I mean, maybe then they'll see I'm a nice kid and they'll still let me see you..."

"I haven't told them we have sex."


"They don't know...I never told you. But they...they don't know.", Robbie said with a worried look. I returned it with some amazement in my eyes...

"Oh fuck...Robbie..."

"I know, I should have told..."

"Why...why didn't you tell me!!"

"I...I was scared..."

"Jeez, Robbie! You're out, what were you thinking!!"

"Jason, they..."

"What do your parents expect you'd do...they DO know you're seeing me don't they?", I asked.


"Well what's the prob then??"

"They don't WANT me to have sex!!"

"What? Why not? You're..."

"I'm fifteen that's what!! They think I'm too young to have sex. They won't allow it. That's why I didn't say..."

"Oh shit...fuck...", I sighed.

"See? That's why I didn't want you to meet my parents...You're sixteen, it's okay for YOU, but..."

"This never even occurred to me as a problem...Why would it even matter if you're fifteen or sixteen?

"Well, I don't know, they just brought it up all of a sudden! I didn't ask them where they got it from..."

"Shit...uhm, when's your birthday?"

"17th of August..."

"That's more than three months from now!!", I exclaimed.

"That's what I mean, I'm not waiting that long!!"

"Me neither, heheh...", I grinned.

"Shit Jason, what are we gonna do?"

"Well, one thing's for sure, your parents are not gonna like this. I don't even know if I should meet them or not now! I don't think they'll trust me...I think it would have been better if you hadn't told them we were dating..."

"Yeah, I know..but they didn't tell me I couldn't have sex until after I stayed over...I'm sorry I... didn't tell you sooner..."

"It's okay Robbie..but we do need to deal with this."

"I know...but how?", Robbie asked.

"Sigh....that's the tricky bit. But we'll think of something. Don't worry..."

"I AM worried. You don't know my parents..."

"True, but what do you think, should I meet them now or not?"

"Well, they know I'm seeing you. They'll get that call from Jones...they'll tell me to stay away from you...which I won't..."

"Inevitably that will get you into trouble."

"What are they going to do anyhow, they can't ground me for life.", he said.

"I know but hey can pull you out of this school just as easily and then I'll never see you again..."

"You will see me again...I won't let them do that...I'll run away if needs be."

"That's not gonna solve anything..."

"Well, as long as I'm with you I don't care. Whatever it takes."

"...That's good to hear...I love you..."

"Love you too Jace...More than you'd know..."

"I think I got a pretty good idea just now..."

"Yeah, I should hope so!"

"Hehehe...anyways Robbie, I think the first step would be to wait till after the call from Jones. Then we can always arrange for me to meet them, and I'll just hear what they have to say..."

"You're lucky you know? YOU don't have to live with them."

"If I could move out and live together with you I would."


"Of course I would! And one day we will...I  hope..."

"That...that'd be so cool..."

I scooted over to Robbie and hugged him closely. He sighed deeply and we both collapsed back onto my bed. He ran his hands over my bare back and I rested my head on his chest. I could feel his chest heave with each breath and his heart beating. I looked up to Robbie's face through my eyelids but instead, my eyes focussed on something in the background: My alarm clock. It read 16: 46 and I knew what that meant....

"Robbie, we'd better get dressed again...Mom's gonna be home soon..."

"Mmhh...yeah... Oh fuck, I'd better get home too. My mom will worry what's taking so long..."

"Just tell her you were hanging with some friends. Scott and Vince will cover..."

"As far as my mom's concerned she thinks I don't HAVE any friends.", Robbie smiled.

"Heheh, you must have the weirdest folks on Earth dude.", I grinned.

"Don't we all?", Robbie snickered as he crawled off my bed. "Shit, where's my other sock..."

I pulled on my own pants as I searched around the room. "There it is.", I pointed.

"How did it ever end up there!", Robbie grinned as he walked over to my stereo and got his sock off it. He stopped for a minute to go over my CD collection.

"You've got the weirdest taste in music I've ever seen, Jace!"

"Huh? Why?"

"Well, you've got some metal CDs here like Metallica and stuff but at the same time you listen to Genesis? You've even got a classical music CD!"

"What can I say!", I grinned. "I'm a versatile person. What's your music style then?"

"Well...ususally whatever's in the charts...Ohmigod Jace...HANSON??"

I blushed, bigtime! "I...I'm, uh..."

"Don't even try to explain!! If I tell Scott about this he'll crack up!", he said, as he put on the CD and selected Mmmbop. "Don't you just love this song!!", he giggled as he started swaying through my room while pulling his pants and shirt back on.

"Well would you just not tell anyone! I mean Vince doesn't even know I have this..."

"Why not! I think it's good music. And Tay is just gorgeous."

"He's got nuthin' on you and you know it.", I smiled. I walked up to the stereo and turned it off. "Want something that'll wake up the neighbors? Try this...", and within seconds the loud guitar riffs of the Misfits came blasting out my speakers. Robbie was a bit taken back by it at first but when he heard the rhythm, melody and Graves' vocals to top it off he had to agree:

"This isn't that bad..."

"No it isn't...even my mom likes this band!"

"She does? No way..."

"Yeah she does. She even knows the lyrics to some of the choruses..."

"Heheh see? YOU've got an awesome mom. Mine would kill me. Not to mention what she would have done if she'd caught us..."

"I know, she's pretty amazing yeah. I love her a lot."

"You should. But I'll bet I love you more..."

I walked over and kissed his lips once more. "I love you too babe..."

"Mmmhh...mmm shit, gotta go. I can still get the 54 bus."

"Better hurry then. I'll call you..."

"Not if I call you first. I really gotta run tho...see ya!", he said as he kissed me quickly and sped out my room, down the stairs and out my front door. I watched as he ran off to the end of the street and was only just in time for the bus. I couldn't help but smile. Man, I really loved this kid. I couldn't explain it but when he wasn't there it left a void in my heart. I felt warm inside now, though. It wouldn't be long before I saw him again. I'd hear his voice again tonight. That made me feel happy, although I wished he could stay the night here and wake up in my arms every morning...but circumstances wouldn't allow it. For now, at least.

I sat there for a while listening to the remainder of the Misfits CD. After a few minutes I heard the door open and my mom enter. I turned off the CD player and went downstairs to greet her.

"Hey mom!"

"Hi dear. How was school today?"

My gut twisted. "Fine."

"Just fine huh?"

"Yep. How"

"Boring. I had to persuade an insurance company that our venture was not prone to large public lawsuits..."

"In other words, boring!", I grinned.

She walked into the kitchen and grabbed some orange juice for the both of us. "Still some left from this morning.", she grinned.


"'s Robbie? Did you see him today?"

"Oh, uh...yeah, he's fine."

"Whoops. Something's the matter. Wanna talk about it?"

"What! Nothing's wrong, nothing!"

"Jason, you are one bad liar if ever I saw one."

I gave mom a weak smile. "What makes you think something's wrong?"

"Well, all week it's been Robbie this, Robbie that, and now you're avoiding talking about him. I'm sure that's for a reason..."

I sighed.

"Does this have anything to do with that call I got from Mrs. Jones this morning?"

She called already! Faster than I thought....

"Yeah, it kinda does..."

"Well? I'm waiting..."

"I've been skipping class..."

"That's nothing new, we've been through this..."

"I know...but Robbie has been skipping with me. Jones is going to call Robbie's parents to tell them I'm the cause of his skipping."

"Are you?"


"Don't you think he skips because he wants to be with you?"


"Then...if you don't skip he won't skip. Problem solved!"

"If only it was that simple..."

"What's the problem then?"

"Robbie's parents are the problem. We think they'll stop us from seeing each other."

"Why would they want to do that?"

"They don't want us having sex...Robbie said so...Not till he's 16."

"Well it's a little too late for that now I think..."

"They don't know yet. Robbie hasn't told them we had sex."

"Ah! That's clever..."

"See why I'm worried now!", I sighed.

"And waiting it out..."

"...Is not an option!", I grinned.

"Well I can't say that I blame you Jason. But if this is Robbie's parent's wish then I'm afraid you'll have to respect that."


"OR...convince them to wish otherwise.", my mom smiled, as she winked at me.

"Wait...what are you saying?"

"I'm a PR woman, I deal with this stuff everyday. The trick is to make Robbie's parents believe it's okay to have sex without them knowing what they're actually approving to....get it?"


"Let's say I forbid drink any coke. What would you do?"

"Drink it anyway..."

"Then you'd be punished. Bend the rules..."

" how?"

"Well...What did I just say?"

"That I couldn't have any coke."

"Can you have Pepsi then?"

"No, uh...ah, I see....", I grinned.

My mom patted me on the shoulder. "You are adult enough to handle this type of thing and so is Robbie. You've got my consent but I can't help you with this. However you two are in love. I can clearly see that. If you can't have sex...make love whenever you want."

"Heheh. I can see why they're paying you so much. Tricky...."

My mom gave me a lopsided grin. "Your old lady isn't half bad and don't you forget it! Now, what do you want for dinner?"


We both bursted out in heavy giggles. At the end of the evening I decided I had the best mom in the world.



And thus ended the life of my old alarm clock, I thought as I blinked some sand out of my eyes. As my focus cleared, I saw the machine I just smashed lying on the floor. The black plastic encasement had broken and the circuitry was visible inside like a wounded creature whose intestines are showing. Good riddance.

Giving the thing an extra kick, I got out of bed. I regretted it instantly cause I was on my bare feet so it hurt! I limped over to the bathroom but limped back out quickly cause the floor was freezing! I got back to my room and pulled some socks on before entering the bathroom again. I turned the shower water on and felt  -

"Yeearrgh! Mom? MOM!!"

"Yeah Jason?" My mom's voice sounded from downstairs.

"The water's freezing cold!!!"

"The boiler shut off. There's no central heating either. I've called to have it fixed but for now you'll have to take a cold shower hon! Sorry..."

I tentatively glanced over to the dripping shower. Well, I suppose this'd wake me up for sure...

I turned on the shower full strength. I think I could actually feel the cold radiating from the water. I took a deep breath and hopped in. For exactly one second before I hightailed it out of there again! It was fucking freezing!!

Shivering, I searched for a towel and got myself dry again. I ran to my wardrobe and quickly pulled on whatever was on top. Blue jeans, black shirt. Just fine.

I sat down on my bed and pulled some socks on again. My left toe still hurt from kicking the remains of the alarm clock which was still lying beside my bed. I picked it up, and the thing gave one last dying "Bwwwpp..." before remaining silent.

I walked downstairs. "Mom, I need a new alarm clock.", I grinned.

"Finally tired of that beep huh?",

"Ooh yeah!", I smiled as I dumped the remains in the thrash.

"Here's my credit card. You know the number right?"

"MM-hmm!", I smiled.

"And don't do anything stupid with it!"

"You know me, mom..."

"Exactly. Anyhow, good morning."

"Good morning to you too. Where's breakfast?"

"Top Cupboard."

"Oh, cereal...Why don't we have a real breakfast sometime, you know, eggs, toast, maybe some orange..."

Mom closed the door behind her with a SLAM!!

"...Juice.", I grinned.

Luckily the bus to school remained Manda-free this morning. With Mom's credit card in my pocket I was tempted to stop by the Mall later on and pick up a Discman as well as a new alarmclock, but I figured that would be pushing the limit a bit. I was planning on having some fun with these newly acquired financial resources though...

The bus stopped in front of the school and I got out. I walked through the front door and saw Scott standing in the main hall already. He had his eyes on the stairs.

"Hey Scott!", I said.


"What for?"

"See those stairs?", Scott grinned.


"And see those freshmen there?"

"You mean those two? Man, did they bring the entire library or what?"

"That's what I mean, now just keep your eyes on them..."

The two kids Scott was referring to couldn't have been older than 12 or 13 at tops. They were both carrying a backpack which probably weighed more than the kids themselves. They had problems even standing upright because of the weight of their backs and were waiting for first class to start. These kids are always around when the year first starts I guess. They start off with bringing every single book for every single class they have that day, which makes their bags weigh a ton. As the year progresses they'll undoubtedly obtain the "fuck em" attitude that's normal in a highschool and take the essentials only like they should have done in the first place. But these two kids clearly hadn't reached that stage yet...

"What am I supposed to be looking for, Scott?"

"This should be fun, I boobytrapped the stairs. I was gonna do this with Jones and I still may if it works, but when I saw these kids come in I couldn't resist...", Scott smiled satanically.

"What did you do?", I asked.

"I placed small marbles on the first steps of the stairs over there. You can hardly notice them. I overheard what classes they have next so I know they're gonna go there as soon as the bell rings..."

"Scott, they'll fall! They could get hurt...", I said.

"I'm counting on the falling part but I don't think that they'll...", Scott checked a bandless watch. "Ah! Five more seconds....two, one..."

The bell for first period chimed allright, and both the heavy loaded kids were moving towards the staircase. I held my breath...

Both the freshmen started to ascend the stairs. The first step went fine. Then one of the kids put his foot on the second step and immediately slid off it. He lost his balance and tried to grab his friend to hold on to but dragged him along in the process! The two fell backwards, pulled down by the enormous weight of their backpacks, on which they landed with a thump. Like turtles on their back, they had trouble getting up.

"Perfect!", Scott cheered. "At least an A minus! What do you think, Jace?"

"I think you're cruel and immoral."

" But..."

"But damn fuckin' funny!", I smiled.

"Heheh. Thanks, I guess. Wait till you see what I've got in store for a certain hag we both have a strong disliking for..."

"Hmmm...", I smiled. "Go easy on her though."

"Of course I won't!", Scott smiled.

"Hey guys.", came a familiar voice behind us. It was Vince.

"Hiya Vince!", Scott smiled.

"What are those kids doing on their backs?"

"Beats me.", Scott grinned.

Scott and me joined Vince in the cafeteria for some coffee. First class had already started, but none of us really felt like showing up on time...

"Where's Robbie?", Scott asked. "Isn't he in your class?"

"He should be. I don't know what's keeping him. I saw him yesterday..."

"You look worried.", Vince commented.

"Yeah I am. Jones has already called my mom so I'm pretty sure Robbie's rents have been called too. Who knows what they said or did."

"Well don't worry too much. I doubt his parents are so lame that they'll pull him out of school or anything like that... You shouldn't start thinking doom-scenarios again.", Vince said.

"Who says I...."

"Hehe, WE do. You should have seen yourself yesterday.", Scott grinned.

"Well I'm feeling better now. But I'm still worried."

"He's entitled to oversleep, like the rest of us.", Vince smiled.

"I know, I know..."

"Give him a few more minutes, Jace! You're still on your 'no ditching' diet I assume?", Scott asked.

"Heheh, yeah. I don't care, it's Robbie I'm worried about."

"True, but he's not here..."

"Exactly, the only reason why I'm not in class yet."

"Ooh, thanks Jace, love ya too.", Scott pouted.

"Hehehe, bite me."

"Hey! Who's helping you out by making Jones' life living hell here?"

"I'm not even sure I want you to do that yet."

"It's no longer your choice!", Scott grinned.

"You're nuts, Scott! What are you planning?"

"Ok, if you're looking for terror there's three ways..."

"I'm listening..."

"One, material damage. Like slicing tires..."

"Hmm, not sure we should..."

"Lemme finish. Two, physical damage. That means thumb tacks on her seat and stuff. And three, psychological damage."

"What's that?", Vince asked.

"Cruel stuff. Dead fish in her briefcase, um, maggots in her lunch, maybe spray-paint 'bitch' on her front door..."

"Heheh.", Vince grinned. "That stuff would get the message across allright!"

"That stuff's all a bit too heavy for my taste.", I said.

Scott smiled. "Well, you want this done right, right?"

"I'm not even sure if I want to at all.", I smiled.

"Don't get all mushy on us, Jace.", Vince grinned.

"Well, don't do anything too cruel, I don't want you sending her chopped off lamb heads through the mail or something...", I said.

"Oooh, good one!", Scott grinned. "I'll keep that one in mind!"

"Seriously, Scott..."

"Allright already! I'll keep it basic for now. You game, Vince?", Scott asked.

"Sure. What do you need me for?"

"I may need some help getting certain things in the right place. Come with me for a sec, I'll show you..."

"Okay. You wanna come, Jace?"

"Nah, you two go. I'll stay for a few more minutes to see if Robbie shows up and if not I'll go to class. You guys...have fun."

"I'll be sure to let you know what we did, Ok?", Scott said as he and Vince walked off. I sighed deeply. I wasn't gonna deny it, I was worried again. I keep telling myself I shouldn't worry, but...I can't help it. What if he's pulled out of school? What if he's sick? What if he's hit by a truck? What if I never see him can be a pain. I've felt better. When Robbie's with me I feel awesome, when he's not I feel like a wreck! Somehow, I wish this worrying would just end. I wish I could be with Robbie every living second of my life!!  I just hope...I can ONLY hope... that he's allright.

"Oooh-kay. What am I doing here, Scott?", Vince asked.

"Well, you're helping me bring Jones to her knees right?"

"Yeah, but I wasn't exactly planning on walking straight into the teachers lounge. There IS a thing like detention, you know?"

"Don't worry, you're my diversion.", Scott smiled.

"Heheh...what have I gotten myself into..."

"We're getting back at the bitch, that's what! You said you would help..."

"I'm here, ain't I?"

"Yeah...well stop bitching then.", Scott commented.

"I'm not..."

"Yes you are. Don't worry about being caught, because this place should be empty. I checked the duty schedules, the only one that's supposed to be here is Jones. I saw her enter, I'm pretty sure she doesn't have class now."

"What's she doing here then?"

"Who knows, probably correcting stuff or something. Imagine, she must have a pretty boring life if she can't wait to come to this place..."

"Tell me about it. So, what do you want me to do?"

"Ok, I need you to go in and talk to Jones.", Scott said.

"Huh? Talk to her? About what?"

"Anything you can come up with. But I need you to distract her while I plant the goods on her... Think you can manage?"

"I think so...what are you planning?"

"Mrs. Jones' tea is gonna get an extra ingredient today...with some luck her classes will be canceled too."

"That'd be kinda what's this secret ingredient then?", Vince asked.

"Baby laxative."

"No fucking way..."

"You'd better not be anywhere near her when this stuff starts working!! Ok, now go in and see her, I'll sneak in and slip her one. Just make sure she's away from her desk."


Vince entered the teacher's lounge and looked around. It was nearly empty. Only Jones was visible a few desks away from the door. Vince tentatively approached her.

"Mr. Vichelli. What ever brings YOU here. And why aren't you in your class?", Jones stated.

"I...I have a, uhm, question."

"And I trust it couldn't wait."

" Mr. Aldon sent me to ask you...for some...uh, cable!!"


"Uh, yeah, the TV set in his classroom isn't working, and, uh... because the input\output cable is broke and he sent me..."

"Well, I have no idea where the extra cables are kept, Mr Vichelli. You should be talking to janitor Smith for that, and not me. Off you go."

"Smith isn't there and his office is locked..."

"And what exactly does this have to do with me?"

"Well um...isn't there a spare key around here...somewhere?"

"Perhaps yes. I'll have to look."

Jones got up and walked across the room to the key cabinet. Vince quickly signalled Scott who silently entered, and slowly moved to Jones' desk...

"This will have to do.", Jones stated.

Vince quickly glanced back at Scott who was just putting the laxative in Jones' teacup. His eyes signalled 'keep her busy!'

'Hurry!' , Vince signalled back.

"Errm, yeah, this is the key to the...", Vince stuttered, making sure he was blocking the way for Jones.

"The key to Mr. Smith's office seems to be gone. This is the master key. You should be able to get in."

"Yeah, but...", Vince repositioned himself in front of the short woman again.

"Mr. Vichelli, I really have to get back to work, if you please..."

"Uhm, wait. Where do I look for the cable?"

"I do not know where Mr. Smith keeps his cables. Now please, get out of my..."

"That reminds me, umm, are the grades for the last History test out yet?"

"The grades for the test are on the message board as always.", Jones said as she pushed Vince aside and headed back towards her desk.

"Uh, wait!!", Vince exclaimed.

Mrs. Jones walked over to her desk and took her seat again. Scott was nowhere to be seen.

"What, Mr. Vichelli?", Jones sighed.

"Umm...have a nice day."

"See you in class, Mr. Vichelli..." Jones said as she took a sip of her tea....

'Not likely' , Vince thought to himself as he walked out.

Just outside the teacher's lounge Scott was slumped back against the wall. He sighed deeply when he saw Vince exit.

"Guess we did it!"

"Yeah,", Scott sighed," but was it ever close!"

"Yeah, it was! You were lucky I could keep her busy as long as I did!"

"Yeah...and by the way, did I hear that right, you have the..."

"...Master key!", Vince grinned as he held up the little metal object.

Scott grabbed the thing and cherished it like a diamant. "This, Vince, is THE way to get Jones on her knees!!"

"You think so?"

"Just imagine what we can do with this...", Scott gleamed.

"I gotta feeling I don't wanna know. Anhow I just saw Jones take a huge sip of her tea..."

"Hehehe, perfect. She'll be running back and forth to the toilets within no time. And that gives us a perfect window of opportunity for some more mayhem, grinnn..."

"You're sure enjoying this, Scott..."

"Well aren't you? For my next plan we need...THIS!", Scott said as he dug up a small bottle of clear liquid from his backpack.

"And that is..."

Scott grinned. "My trustworthy bottle of Industrial Strength Superglue."

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