First Impressions 9

A sudden bump in the road shook me back into reality again. I was in the passenger seat of Vince's truck, with Vince driving. The truck's headlights beamed their way through the darkening skies while he drove us towards our destination. Which reminded me -

"So where the hell are we going, Vince?"

"I told you, you'll SEE when we GET there.", He was gleaming a bit. This was very un-Vince-like...I just wished he'd hurry up getting there.

"This had better be good. You know I could be having hot and steamy phone sex with Robbie right now...", I said.

"Don't remind me. I still can't believe you KISSED him right in the middle of that fucking store, Jace..."

"Shut up already.", I smiled. "Robbie just loved it. That was a very romantic kiss."

"Dude, that was downright embarrassing. If you wanna make a habit out of that, why don't you just go ahead and out yourself alltogether."

"You always have to make such a big deal out of everything, don't you."

"I'm looking after your ass, that's what. That store lady acted pretty tolerant to that whole scene, but for every one of those there's over a million assholes just waiting to kick your ass dude."

"Yeah, I know, I know...and relax, I'm not outing myself."


"Till Robbie and I are both good and ready."

"You don't really mean you?"

"Man, you wouldn't believe the sense of FREEDOM I felt, being able to kiss Robbie in public. I still feel like I'm forced to watch every move I make, you know..."

"Trust me Jace, if there's one thing the two of you are NOT doing..."

"Hehehe. Hey, it's not like I'm flashing my gay colors to every cute guy I see, like Scott did..."

"Talk about a lame idea. I've seen some whacky ideas come from Scott but that one beat 'em all. Have you talked to him about that yet?"

"Not yet...have you?"

"You're the gay one here, dude, he'll listen to you."

"That has nothing to do with anything, and you know could easily have talked to him too, you're his friend as well..."

"Just TRY getting through to that Energizer bunny. Good luck."

"Hey, Scott's got a good head on his shoulders. He's just a bit impulsive."

"A BIT...sheesh."

Vince pulled the steerring wheel and made a sharp veer to the right, sending me flying over to the door window. The road became a lot bumpier all of a sudden and from the looks of it we were driving down a private driveway filled with gravel.

"Will you be fuckin' careful already.", I growled at Vince.

"Sorry dude..."

"Say it and mean it."

"Fuck off...buckle up otherwise. You know I can drive well."

Vince pulled his truck clear of the gravel driveway and drove onto open terrain. It wasn't that I felt uncomfortable with Vince behind the wheel...Just the thought of driving itself...doesn't exactly thrill me. I would have worn a seatbelt, but...that gave me a certain stuck-in-a-truck feel as well.

"Well, I just don't like driving. So you take it easy..."

"I know you don't like it...but you gotta get used to it, man. This is America, you need a car to..."

"Yeah yeah. So what is this place?", I asked.

"I found this adress when I was delivering parts here last week. This guy has such a beauty standing in his barn and he doesn't even fucking know it!"

"A car? You drove me up here to see a CAR?"

"Not just ANY car.", Vince gleamed as he made another turn left and slowed his truck down. A dog started barking.

"I've seen you worked up over a car before, Vince, but never like this...", I smiled.

"You got that right.", Vince killed the engine and we both got out. Once we stepped outside, the both of us were approached by a bit of a chubby man in his late fifties or early sixties even. It was kind of hard to tell in this bad light. The man introduced himself as Chuck Madison to me and fired up a conversation with Vince, whom he undoubtedly had met before...

"Evenin' sir, I'm here to talk to you about that fixerupper you mentioned to me last week? This is a friend of mine, Jace Jennings."

"Howya doin' Jace.", the man smiled. "I suppose ya wanna take a better look right now."

"Yes please.", Vince said.

"Arright then. Come on over to the barn with me. That's where I keep her."

Carrying a flashlight, Mr. Madison walked over to a large barn and unlocked a heavy padlock. We approached him and waited for him to swing the large wooden doors open. It was kind of a chilly evening too, so I really wanted to get inside to see whatever it was that had Vince so worked up. I looked over at him, and he seemed to be anxious to get inside too.

Madison locked the doors in place and beckoned us forward. He hit a switch on the side of the barn's wall to turn a small light on the roof on, giving us a bit of better vision inside the darkened barn. We still couldn't see much.

Madison stepped inside the barn and asked us to follow him. Vince smiled at me and whispered: "Wait till you see this, man."

I couldn't help but feel a little queesy...We were kinda in an eerie atmosphere here and Madison himself kinda looked like some mad axe-murderer in this light! Just to be on the safe side I reached inside my jacket and put my cellphone on pre-dail...

The both of us walked inside the barn and now I could make out the outline of a large object in the back. It was large enough to be a car allright...and it seemed to be covered by a large dark green plastic sheet...not much unlike the ones the military uses to cover up large equipment.

Madison grabbed the sheet with both hands somewhere in the middle and pulled it off in one go. Beneath the dark green of the plastic was a dull-red colored machine...but when I saw the design, grill, headlights and silver colored mirror I could only say:


"Yup. A '67 Chevrolette Camaro convertible.", Madison said." Now she needs some work, but when you've patched this baby up I can assure ya, she's gonna be a beau-tay!"

I tried to imagine the paint on the Camaro's body, which was now clearly covered in only primer. Add some silver and maybe black...yeah, I could definitely see what Vince liked about this car...

"So what's the engine like?", Vince asked. Can you pop the hood for a sec?"

"Sure thing son...", Madison said as he opened the door and reached below the dashboard. With a click the hood popped up. Vince grabbed it with both hands to pull it all the way up. Vince bent forward to look at the engine more closely. I glanced through the car's window, to check if the interior was still intact.

"Will she run?", Vince asked.

"Right now she's not goin' anywhere. She's been standing here for quite some time now...needs oil and water. Some gas wouldn't hurt either..."

"Got some?", Vince asked.

"Hah-har...I'll fill 'er up if for ya if a buy her."

Vince casually smiled at Madison. "Test drive FIRST, money later."

"Now look, sonny, for the price I'm askin' ya for this thing--"

"I can always come back later, if it's too much trouble...", Vince said. Damned he was good at this. He was completely lusting over this thing not two minutes ago, now he's putting on the best poker face I've ever seen on anybody!

Madison clearly didn't like the idea of being played by Vince like this, but he reluctantly gave way. While he was fixing up the Camaro, I whispered to Vince:

"You can actually aford to buy this thing?'


I grinned. "Thought not."

"But shit, she's a beauty isn't she?"

"Stop drooling. By the by if you can't even afford to buy this thing, may I ask what we're doing here?

"I just couldn't resist the temptation of taking this baby for a drive...", Vince admitted.

I grinned widely. "And of course I just HAD to come even though you know how I feel about cars..."

Vince grinned back. "Yeah...but I kinda thought with THIS car you could make an exception..."


"Come on, Jace..."

"Of course I'll come.", I grinned. "But you'd better take it slow..."

"Of COURSE....not...", Vince grinned.

"Arright boys", Madison's voice came, "She's up and ready. Ya got ten minutes..."

Madison threw Vince a bush of keys, which Vince caught with one hand.

"And you'd better come back or that truck of yours is goin' to the chop-shop.", Madison continued. The guy gave me the creeps.

Vince and I approached the Camaro. "Whaddaya think, Jace...topless?" ,Vince grinned.

"What, are you kidding? Have you even noticed how chilly it is out there?", I protested.

Vince leaned in close and whispered: "Just call Robbie to make ya hot.", while patting me on my jacket's pocket.

"You BAS--"


I just rolled my eyes at Vince.

"You'll LIKE it, dude."

"No I won't."

"You'll even thank me later..."

"No I won't."

"This will completely cure you from your anxiety towards cars..."

"No it won't..."

"We'll see..."

"No we wo--HEY!!"

Vince grabbed me by the shoulders with both his hands and shoved me over to to Camaro. He then pushed me down in the passenger seat. Even though I didn't want to go, I figured, it meant a lot to Vince. But I wasn't gonna like it...

Vince got in beside me and fired up the engine. It gave a ROAR.

"Whoa! Is it supposed to sound like this?", I asked.

"Yeah, it is!", Vince gleamed.

"Now, boys, easy with the--" Madison tried, but Vince floored the gas and the Camaro sped out into the chilly evening.

"WHOOOOOAA!", I yelled.

"Yeeeeh-haw!", Vince returned.

"Slow down, slow the fuck down..."

"This baby is RAD!", Vince said as he shifted gear.

"This a pub..lic...WHOAA!!!", I tried as Vince took a sharp curve.

"She's good on the axles, the engine is SUPERB, let's check...Jace, buckle up dude."

I reached for the safety belt and fastened it. "What fo--AARRRGGHH!!!"

Vince slammed on the brakes, HARD. It threw me forward with one sickening jolt. I felt the fabric of the safety belt strap tight across my chest as it prevented my head from impacting with the Camaro's windshield at an incredible rate. My head ended up only inches away from the glass before my whole body was violently slammed back into the car's seat again. Dust was blowing up as the Camaro schreeched itself to a grinding standstill.

I immediatly unfastened and got out of the car. "You are a total bastard, you know that??"

"What!!", Vince laughed. "Come on Jace, this is totally cool!"

"I'm not getting back into that car."

"I had to try it out..."

"I'm not amused."

"Sorry. Now get your butt back in the car."


"What do you wanna do, walk back?"


"Then GET in the CAR. I said I was sorry. And quit acting like a baby."

"You know I don't like this."

"Yes, I know. And I'm sorry. But I also know you have absolutely nothing to be afraid about."

"Well, it's just...after my dad died..."

"'ve been scared of cars, I know.", Vince got out of the car and walked around it. "But that was more then ten years ago. You need to let it go, dude."

"I don't know if I can."

"Why don't you try. Take the wheel."

"I don't have a license!"

"Just to get a feel, I'm not asking you to drive to Canada! Just give it a go. It feels like a rollercoaster. I know you kinda enjoy those. This isn't much different, just that you're in total control."

"Maybe later, Vince..."

"Aw, come on.."

"No, seriously. Let's get back. It's getting late as it is."

"Hmm, okay. But I'll GET this car...and then you'll drive. Promise me that."

"If you ever buy this car, I'll TRY and drive it for a bit, deal?"

"Deal. No hard feelings for dragging you out here?"



"That guy gave me the creeps."

"You are so damned paranoid. What did you think he was gonna do, rape us or something?"

"For a moment, yeah."

"Not every guy you visit is a homocidal maniac. Let alone a homosexual homocidal..."

"Okay, okay. Just get me back, Vinnie."

"You know I hate it when you call me that..."

"Why did you think I called you that?", I grinned.

"Oh SHUT up...Jayjay!"

"Bastard...I'll kick your ass for that!!"

"I can take ya.", Vince said as he turned around. Before he reached the Camaro I pounced him on his back, imitating Scott's near-death pounce. Vince's knees gave way and we both rolled over the damp grass on the side of the road. Vince and I both struggled, But pretty soon I had him pinned down. To be honest, I think he let me win, though...

"See, you're toast, Vinnie."

"Don't bet on it Jayjay.", Vince said as he tried to get up, but I straddled his chest and pushed him down with my full body weight.

"Now what shall I do to make you regret this...", I smiled.

"Oh no, he's gonna hug me...", Vince ssaid sarcastically.

"Better yet, I'll have Scott do something cruel and inhuman.", I returned.

"NOOO!! Not Scott--"





"If you value your hair you'll apologise."

"NOT the hair!!! Okay, okay. I'm sorry."

"So can we drive back safely now? Obeying all speed limits?", I asked.

"Sigh...ALL of 'em?"


"You ARE a bastard, Jennings.", Vince grinned.

"And you're kinda cute when you're not on top.", I smiled.

"Oh shut up...."

Vince drove the Camaro back to the lot. He thanked Madison and told him he'd give the Camaro some thought. Pretty soon we were driving back home in Vince's truck.

"Sooh...", I sighed, "You're really serious about getting that car?"

"Sure am,", Vince said. "I've been looking for a set of wheels like that all my life. She needs major body work but the engine is excellent..."

"So what are your plans?", I asked.

"Work my ASS off for my dad...and beg him for a lone or something.", Vince said.

"At least you can use your dad's garage to store it while you work on it..."

"That is, if he'll let me."

"You know what my mom once told me? If you really, REALLY want something to happen it will."

"I don't really believe in Fate and all that, Jace.."

"Well, sometimes you have to kick Fate's ass.", I smiled.

"Like you did with Robbie, huh?"

"Hmm, nah...", I grinned. "I was just lucky."

"You know it kinda takes me by surprise you haven't called him on that mobile as yet..I thought you'd be chatting away with him every chance you'd get..."

"I think I'm going to, as soon as I get home...get him pshyched up for his first PE class tomorrow."

"That's gonna be something. You two in the same shower...", Vince grinned.

"No way am I gonna take that risk!", I laughed.

"What will you do? Not shower at all?"

"If needs be!"

"I thought you'd be used to seeing him naked by now."

"Yeah but he never fails to get me hard. He doesn't even have to BE naked to do that."

"Hmm...When you are naked too along with the rest of the class that MIGHT be a prob...", Vince snickered.

"Don't I know it..."

"But tell me honestly. Did you like the Camaro?"

"Oh yeah, sure. It's a nice car."


"Sorry if I still don't drool over it like you do. Besides concentrate on getting some money first..."

"I KNOW. I'd better hurry too. It's not gonna be long till someone else finds that thing. I'm thinking about the summer too. I don't wanna spend another summer cruising in this pile of junk....what are YOU smiling about?"

"I was just thinking about all the time I have yet to spend with Robbie..."

"I don't get this soft, not even with girls! You are truly pathetic.", Vince grinned.

"I never felt better, Vince...never better."

"Descending angel, descending angel, stand by my side..and face the night...Descending angel, ooh guard the gates of Hell just one more night....for in the morning...will bring the light..."

Hmmm, there is nothing like waking up to your own choice of music! I turned off my alarm clock and the Misfits stopped playing. Luckily my mom didn't take the extra expenses I made for the alarm clock and the dual cellphones too seriously... She only bitched about it for 6 minutes or something. Useful trick I learned: If you keep track of the amount of time parents actually spend on bitching at you, you can make up a hierarchy. And buying these cellphones ranged between playing my music really really loud and blowing up my neighbor's mailbox on the fourth of July. Overall, not bad...

I got out of bed, slipped out of my briefs and proceeded towards the shower. I decided I could use some practice controlling myself under the shower in PE. I stepped inside the shower and turned the water on. A little cold at first but it gradually got warmer. I tried to imagine what I'd do if Robbie was here with me and we were both naked... Everyone would be looking at us of course...Mostly at him. The first chance to scope out what the new kid is packing...of course they'd all look...But Robbie would only look at me..his hair slowly getting soaked with water, clinging to his face...

I was hard as a rock. This isn't working. Shit.

I got out of the shower and dried off. I was still pretty much hard. I thought for a second...maybe I should just jerk off. That should get the sexual energy out of me, at least for a while...then maybe I wouldn't get hard so soon. Good idea...

I walked back to my room, still naked. And still hard...I walked over to my bed and layed down again, starting to stroke myself slowly. It hit me - the last time I had actually done stuff to myself was on the day I met Robbie! Geez, over two weeks aready! I've never gone that long without...then again, I was getting SEX with Robbie Mayflower in return so I'm not complaining at ALL...

As I moved my hand up and down the length of my dick, I pictured Robbie sitting on his knees in front of me naked, his eyes closed like he did not long ago... he's so beautiful...Come to think of it...I'd better go and develop those photos I took of him!

Robbie opens his eyes and leans in on me, unbuttoning my jeans...He pulls my cock out and looks up at me innocently, his blonde hair falling into his eyes... He looks down at my cock and slowly runs the tip of his tongue across my shaft, then looks up at me again. It's driving me crazy just looking in his eyes...

"Jason!!", My mom hollared. "Breakfast's ready!!"

"In a MINUTE!!", I shouted back.

I kept going at my cock though. I really wanted to cum now...I thought about Robbie again, how he looked, how he tasted...

"Ever thought about...having a threesome, Jace?"

Scott's voice just appeared inside my head out of nowhere. That moment we had in the park...shit that was hot. I'd never cheat on Robbie, not EVER, but...the idea of a threesome with Scott had crossed my mind before. I'm sure he'd like it. And Robbie..he likes him too. Scott would probably be real good with his mouth...he'd lick every inch of our bodies...Starting at our toes, and work his way up licking our legs...First mine, then Robbie's... then mine again...Robbie and I would both stand up and french eachother passionately...while Scott would be on his knees in front of us, sucking on both our cocks and licking them. He'd try to suck them both at the same time...I'll bet he could, even.. oh wow that would be soooh hot....

I sped up my pace of jerking off, going as fast as I could. It felt really good, and I was SO hot from that fantasy...Scott and Robbie in action...Seeing Scott naked, tasting him... What if he is as big as he says he is...Maybe I should ask Robbie if he'd be interested...

I tensed up, gripped my balls tight with my left hand and stroked myself rapidly...I could feel my orgasm approaching quickly...Ooh yeah, I'm gonna--

"Jason, are you COMING or not!!", My mom yelled.


"And don't yell at me."

I pumped cum all over my chest...The first spurt hit me across my shoulder, the second hit my nipple. The rest ended up somewhere near my bellybutton...Ooh fuck that was scooped some cum off my shoulder and licked it up. It's always strange, doing that...but it tasted okay. I quickly licked the rest up, ran back to the bathroom to towel the rest of my chest off, and slipped on some clothes quickly. Then I sped down the stairs at top speed.

"GOOD morning mom!", I smiled.

"What took you so long...", my mom asked.

"Oh! I uh, I was just...uh..."

My mom gave me this look. "Don't answer that.", she smiled and poured me some orange juice. I really felt caught again...

"Now hurry up dear or you'll miss the bus.", she said.

"Oh! Yeah.. um that reminds me, where's my sporting gear?"

"You need your sporting gear?", mom asked, laughing.

"Yeah, um, PE today..."

"And you're actually GOING?"

"Yup,", I grinned. "it's Robbie's first PE class."

"Ahh, now I get it.", she smiled. "Top shelf in my room, packed and ready. And HURRY..."

"Yeah yeah mom, and thanks", I said as I speeded up the stairs again.

Upon entering the bus, I pulled out my cellphone and called Robbie's. He answered it instantly.

"Hi Jason!"

"Hey baby, it's me. How are you?"

"I'm perfect. This new house is awesome. You really have to come and see this. My room is HUGE!"

"I can't wait!", I lied. I wasn't really looking forward to meeting Robbie's parents at ALL...

"Great...I'm in the bus now, I'll see you in a few minutes?"

"Yeah, fifteen or something. Oh and you didn't forget your sportswear for today, did you?"

"No I've got it... But I'm really nervous..."

"Don't worry, I'm gonna be right there. Just have some fun..."

"Mmmhh okay. I'll see you soon okay? Love you..."

"Love you too babe..."


I broke the connection. I noticed some of the girls in the bus looking at me, then hastily looking away again...I think some of those girls are in my class...oh dear. And of course they had only eavesdropped on one side of the conversation...

There were hefty debates going on now in the front of the bus. No doubt about me. I grinned to myself. They'd never guess who I was in love with...but in the meantime, Vince was right. Now that word is out that I'm in love with someone, I'd have to keep myself in check when I'm around Robbie... which was just what I didn't need right now.

Once the bus pulled up in front of the school, I got up and got out. Some girls were giggling behind me. Somehow I felt frustrated, I'd much rather turned around and yelled 'Okay!! Mea Culpa! Wanna know whom I'm in love with!!? Wanna know!!? It's Robbie Mayflower!! I LOVE him!! I'm GAY!! Now get away from me...', But of course, I grinned to myself, I couldn't do that.

I walked inside the main hall and almost bumped into Scott, bladed and all.

"Hey Jacey dude!", Scott smiled. "I see you've got your fanclub with you...", he said, eyeing the pack of girls walking behind me. I turned around, and instantly three or four girls started blushing. They all quickly moved away like a pack of hyenas which just encountered a lion. In this case, Scott.

"Thaaat's it, ", Scott hissed. "Shoo!! Geez man. One of these days you're gonna have to tell me how you do it, Jace.."

"Scott, I seriously do not know what they see in me."

"I do...", Scott grinned.

For a moment there I thought about pursueing that threesome for real...but I instantly regretted having that fantasy at ALL. I mean what the hell am I thinking... Scott is cute and all but seeing him in the flesh here, kinda flirting with me...I dunno. I'm only seeing Robbie for a little more than two weeks for chrissake! And I'm already thinking about sex with others? With one of my best friends no less?!? Some boyfriend I am.

I sighed to myself. "Let's not go there shall we, Fremont?", I said.

"Just havin' know me...", Scott said.

"Yeah...but sometimes you're just a little bit TOO obvious."

"Do you...mean anything by that?"

"Well kinda. Let's talk in private for a moment..."


Scott followed me over to a secluded corner of the main hall where he leaned up against the wall.

"So what's up Jace? Anything...serious?", Scott cringed.

"Well, I've been having a chat with're not out, are you Scott?"

"No way...Only four peeps in the entire world know. You guys and my ex..."

"Well what I mean is, don't you think it's kinda risky flashing that rainbow logo to every cute guy who comes along? You could be outted easily!"

"Nah... I wear them selectively. If I have reason to believe a guy might be gay or..."

"Yeah but you can never BE sure!! I just think you shouldn't wear it."

"My ex did it all the time, he said..."

"And you believed him? Did you trust him?"

"Well, no..."

"Well trust US. I'm just concerned.", I said.

"Uhm..okay. I'll take it off. Thanks for worrying about me, Jace..."

"I just don't want to see you get hurt. I mean you can out yourself if you want you?

"Fuck no..If my parents would ever find out I don't know WHAT I'd do..."

"Well trust me, your parents are probably the easiest..."

"Hmm...not mine, Jace.."

"Anyway be careful with that stuff. C'mon, let's go find Robbie and Vince..."

Scott smiled warmly at me. "Yeah. Enough seriousness for one day already. I'm already planning my next wave of terror against Jones!", Scott grinned as we headed towards the cafeteria.

"I thought she had suffered enough already!!", I laughed.

"Hahah no way. She's gonna suffer to the max. That thing she did was, like, Dr. Ruthless if ya know what I mean...Say, how did Robbie's parents react anyway?"

"I wouldn't know, Robbie hasn't mentioned anything..."

"Scary...Maybe they are secretly planning to assassinate you, Jace..."

"In that case I could use a bodyguard...", I smiled at Scott.

"Hah, don't you worry, you're protected by a Fremonster. One that bites, too!"

Scott flashed his teeth at me. I grinned back at him. "Has anybody ever told you you're completely out of this world, Scott?"

"Yeah, lotsa people. I take it as a compliment!!"

"You should...", I smiled.

Scott and I entered the cafeteria and walked (well, Scott bladed) to our corner. Vince and Robbie were already there.

"Hey Jace!", Robbie cheered. "Guess I'm earlier than you now, huh?"

"Yeah!", I smiled. "I didn't really expect it..."

"So how's it going?", Vince asked.

"Jace just drilled me about THIS.", Scott smiled as he removed the rainbow logo button from his backpack and put it inside.

"So you finally came to your senses. Good.", Vince said.

"Not in your life...", Scott said with an evil grin on his face.

"You'd better not!", Robbie smiled. "Don't tell anyone, but we like ya that way.."

"Aww thanks Robbie!", Scott said. "See, at least ONE person that appreciates me..."

"Oh and guys..", I whispered, "Bad news.."

"What?', Robbie and Vince chorussed.

"Word is out. The Girl Gossip Group knows I'm in love."

"Ohmigod...", Robbie blushed.

"What do you mean? You didn't...", Vince leaned in, "OUT yourself did ya?"

"Nooh!", I whispered. "but the girls on the bus overheard me saying 'I love you' over the cellphone...

Scott smirked up. Robbie blushed intensely and Vince shook his head. "And you said you hated attention from the gals. Man, you sure have a feel for dramatics...", he said. "You know they're not gonna rest until they find out, don't you?"

"Of course I realise that."

"Yeah but knowing Jace he'll give 'em a good run for their money!", Scott grinned.

"Heheh..", I grinned, "I'll leave that to my BODYGUARD..."

Scott grinned intensely. He got up, dug into his backpack and pulled out a black magic marker. He then pulled his bright red shirt off -in the middle of the cafeteria!!- and started writing on it!

I had to gasp - I saw Scott shirtless for the first time. He had a clear sixpack....a couple of nicely toned pecs and his shoulder muscles were intense! He had the poster example of a perfect teenage chest...Not really muscular, but defined as hell...

Robbie was sort of looking as well, and he blushed, I could tell. The others wouldn't been able to, but I can tell when Robbie's blushing even if it doesn't clearly show on the outside. I think he was just embarrassed...

"Scott, you're insane!!", Vince said. "Put your shirt back on!!"

"After I finish this...", Scott said and kept writing. He didn't even look up. I doubt he was doing this on purpose...But he couldn't have done it at a more lousy time! I was feeling kind of guilty even looking at him, after this morning....

Scott finished scribbing the final letters on his shirt. He put it back on and tucked it in his jeans. It read: "FREMONSTER"

"", Robbie chuckled. "That you'd just DO that to a good shirt..."

"I have tons of shirts like this. I lose two or three blading each month or so. They're not really wear 'n' tear proof."

"My mom would kill me if I did something like this..."

"I'm actually surprised you're still alive with parents like that.", Scott frowned.

"Yeah well with friends like you guys who needs parents.", Robbie smiled. Then he looked at me.

"Awww..." Vince and Scott chorussed.

"Thanks Robbie.", I said. "We'd better get to class now. We've got a double Geography class...after that, we've got PE.

"Oh dear..", Robbie smiled.

"It'll be just fine once you get used to the Coach.", I said.

Scott smiled widely."Another old enemy of mine ever since I took that spin around in the gym with my blades..."

"Hehehe yeah, Jetski will skin you alive if you pull that again...", Vince grinned.

Robbie cracked up. "You have a Coach named Jetski?"

"Well...not really.", Scott explained. "The dude's name is Gers..Gerzj.."

"Gerzjetsky." I corrected. Which is way too hard to pronounce anyway so everyone dubbs him Jetski.", I explained.

"I don't suppose you can say that to his face...", Robbie asked.

"Not unless you like gazillions of push-ups, no...", Scott cringed.

"Even some teachers call him that.", I said.

Right then, the bell for first period echoed through the cafeteria. Robbie and I looked at eachother, and Vince let out a sigh. "Here we go..", he added.

"What are you guys havin'?", Scott asked.

"Aldon for two hours.", Vince growled.

"Give Baldie my regards. I've got a MATH class...I freeakin' HATE Math."

"Yeah we know, Scott.", Robbie smiled. "See ya at break..."

After beating about in the traffic jam Vince, Robbie and me neared the classroom we were supposed to have Geography in. If I remembered correctly...the topic for this week was...

"Sludge.", I pondered as I gazed at the geography book I was holding while walking into the classroom. "This entire chapter deals with SLUDGE!"

"Last week sand, the week before that mud, right? And now sludge.", Robbie grinned. "Interesting course..."

"What's gonna be next, AIR or something?", Vince said.

"Nah, air would be Chemisty. Gaseous forms and stuff like that.", Robbie said.

"Didn't know you took Chemistry.", I said.

"Yeah, I do. But I haven't been in that class YET...I ditched both times, remember?"

"Oh yeah...", I said. "Sorry..."

"Don't be!", Robbie smiled. "What I got in return was much more...interesting...", he smiled while looking me over. Wow...I just came three quarters of an hour ago and already I'm severely HOT for Robbie. I won't make it through PE alive, I can feel it...

Vince lounged back on his desk. "Dude,", he said to me, "That Shulman chick is seriously eyeing you."

I looked over and could just catch a glimpse of Linda before she quickly looked away...

Robbie leaned in and whispered: "I'm getting jealous. Maybe I should tell her you're taken..."

"With the speed the Girl Gossip Group works around here she KNOWS I'm taken.", I smiled. "Just not by whom."

Aldon paraded into the classroom and beckoned us all to sit down. Most of us didn't. He cleared his throat. Only some of the frontbenchers took their seats. I remained seated on my desk till the very last moment, when Aldon angrily waved his hand to me, forcing me to sit down.

"I'm sorry Sir, I never took signlang--"


"Ah, very good Sir.", I smiled politely. Of course Aldon and me both knew my words were oozing with sarcasm....

"Do you REALLY have to start the Monday morning by trying to get the blood out from under my nails, Jennings!?"

"Well if you'd only be clear about your intensions, Sir...", I said while the whole class was smirking.

"SIT down, just sit down, Jennings. Open your books, look at the blackboard and keep your mouth shut for the rest of this class, is that understood?"

"Yessir." I wasn't about to push my luck cause I wasn't really feeling like detention today... I was already looking forward to taking Robbie back home with me and having hot sex with him for an hour or so...

Aldon commenced his lecture. Summarized, it really was about sludge. Swamp sludge. How thrilling...All throughout the class, though, I noticed Linda stealing glances at me. It made me feel a little nervous. I kept glancing at Robbie, naturally , but I knew I had to be careful with the way HOW I looked at him...That my eyes didn't trail down to his butt too much... yet they always did. I knew eyes were pointed at me, not only Linda's. During the five-minute break we are allowed between the hours, the inevitable happened. Three of the girls approached me while I was chatting away with Robbie and Vince.

"Hiiii, Jaaayson.", it sounded behind me. Not even cautiously. THIS hi was matter-of-factly. Great...

I turned around and saw three of the girls standing there. Attractive girls, and they knew they were.

Hi, umm...", I started. Vince helped me out by stating their names for me.

"Jenna, Tiffany and...Chasey, right?", he smiled.

"Yeah,", the middle one said. "So Jayyce, what's this I've heard, hmmm?"

"I wouldn't know, uh, Tiffany?", I said.

"Well word has it...that you are seeing someone...behind our backs!"

I raised my eyebrows at her

"So who is it Jayyce? Who's the lucky gal? Anny-one we know?"

"Girls, girls, GIRLS!!", I smiled. "Even if there WAS any truth to that...silly rumor, don't you think I'd tell you lovely ladies FIRST?"

"Cmon Jayyce, Brenda heard ya on the bus. You said the L word."

"All you need to know Tiffany, is that it's NOT you.", I said, getting annoyed. Where's Scott when I need him...

Tiffanny and her backup withdrew from the battlefield. This kind of stuff can really give me a headache...I sighed towards Robbie, and he smiled back at me.

"Don't you worry Robbie,", Vince grinned, "You'll have your share of females soon enough...", Vince grinned.

"What do you mean?", Robbie asked.

"With the way you look? Girls will be over you like flies."

"Girls were never 'over' me...they don't like me."

"You were getting looks too, I could tell."

"I don't want their looks. I just want ONE."

That made me smile. Robbie would always be there, no matter how much secrets were out or how many girls wanted to get into my pants. No way am I even going to think about jeopardizing my relationship with Robbie by staging a threesome with Scott. No way...

After the second hour, we met up with Scott again for lunch. I forced myself not to look at him. And having Robbie there made that really easy, I can tell ya.

"Scott, you're never there when I need a Fremonster to protect me..", I said.

"Why? What happened? Let me at 'em!!"


"Ooh, the blonde bimbo with too much makeup...She's a bitch."

"Don't I know it.", I grinned.

"She's got a nice set of woodworks. I'd definitely do her.", Vince grinned.

"You can have her. What fun would an arrogant twat like that be.", Scott said.

"You're not finding her even remotely attractive? You like girls, don'tcha?", Vince asked.

"Yeah...she's just not my type.", Scott said.

"What IS your type then?"

"Less arrogant, less makeup... less fake hair...", Scott grinned.

"You think that hair is fake?", Robbie asked.

"Ooh yeah gotta be - unless she's using industrial strength superglue to get it to go all explosive like that...I wouldn't be surprised if her boobs are fake too."

"NAH!!", Vince said. "At 16!! Ya can't have an operation like that at 16!"

"I've seen it done before...", I said.

"Eeeew", Robbie said.

"Yeah," Scott agreed. "So, what's up next for you guys, Jetski, right?"

"Yup, in fact we'd better get going..."

"Oh no sweat, I'll walk ya there.", Scott said.

The three of us walked out of the cafeteria to head over to the gym. Vince stayed behind in the cafeteria.

"Isn't Vince coming?", Robbie asked.

"Nah, he hasn't been to Painful Endurance for ages.", I smiled.

Robbie grinned. "Isn't PE mandatory?"

"Yeah it is - but Vince has ditched for so long now Jetski doesn't even notice he isn't there. He doesn't even bother to write it donw anymore.", I said.

"Coolness, maybe I should do that too...", Scott grinned.

"Believe me Scott, you are kinda hard to miss.", Robbie smiled. "So tell me about this Coach..."

"Built like a brick shithouse and kinda smells like one too--"

"Shut up Scott!", I smiled. "Jetski is okay, he's just a bit LOUD..."

"He barks like a Rottweiler on the rag...", Scott added.

"He can be kind of intimidating...", I continued.

"We think he eats children, too...", Scott grinned.

"Don't take any of his shit though. Don't let him get to you.", I said while placing my hand on Robbie's shoulder.

"Well, I don't have pleasant memories about my former Coach. This one sounds even worse..."

"You'll do fine. Just play ball or something, it'll be cool..."

"Yeah, you can play sports can't you?", Scott asked.

"Of course..."

"Well, then you have nothing to worry about.", I smiled.

The three of us entered the locker room. Robbie and me both walked to our lockers while Scott tagged along. I wasn't sure but maybe he was just tagging along to watch us least that's what it felt like. There were lots of guys there changing, and noone thought twice about Scott being there. I couldn't ask him to leave... I just figured I'd ignore it for now. Although I really didn't want to innuendo Scott any more than I already had, I kinda figured since I'd seen him shirtless, I should return the favor...Save that he would see me strip to my boxers.

If he looks at Robbie though, I'll kick him in the nads.

I hung my denim jacket inside my locker. Scott wasn't looking yet...I said down and started taking my shoes off.

"When you guys are enjoying Pestering Excersises, I'll be thinking about how to torment Jones further...", he started.

"She's had enough Scott, I'm calling you off."

"Are ya sure? I mean I can do lots of cool things to her if you want me to."

Robbie slipped his shirt off at that moment. I had to look up. Scott eyed Robbie's chest quickly. Maybe he was as selfconcious about this as I was...I stood up quickly and pulled my own shirt off too. Scott gave my chest a much longer look...

"I'm pretty sure Scott, I mean I don't want you to get caught on my behalf either.", I said. While I said this I decided to give Scott a run for his money. I unzipped my jeans and pulled them down too, before pulling on my gym shirt. I was basically naked, save for my boxers. I glanced over at Robbie, and..he did exactly the same! Oh, NO...

Scott didn't know where too look. I smiled, cleared my throat and covered my crotch with both hands. Robbie noticed, smiled and did the same while griining widely at Scott. Scott seriously had to blush. it gave me a good excuse to to cover a certain part of my anatomy I could feel stirring already...

"Ahem...", I grinned. At that moment, we heard the door to the gym slam hard, and the blasting voice of the Coach as he pased through the locker room. He walked past us.

"Jennings, GIT yer kit on!!", he commanded. Then he noticed Scott.

"FREMONT!! GIT outta my locker room!!!"

Scott looked at the Coach, startled. He then jumped up, saluted and said: "SIR-yes-SIR-drill-SER-geant SIR!!!", before taking off at top speed!!

Jetski eyed the other kids in the locker room. "You girls get a move on, let's play BALL!!!"

Robbie quickly slipped into his gym clothes. I did the same, and quickly ran onto the court for a game of basketball.

The Coach had us line up to pick teams. While looking at his attendance list he suddenly yelled:


Robbie swallowed hard. "HERE...sir."

"I can SEE that, Mayflower...You're NEW?"


"You've been here for two weeks and you're only in my class NOW?"

"Uh, yessir..."


"MOVING, sir.."

Jetski turned to the entore lineup now. "Moving, shit. There's NO exuse for NOT playing a good game of sports. NOW, GIT out there and show some ACTION, ladies!!!! MOVE!!!"

We all scattered, half of the class took the bench and half in field. Game on...

Robbie and I were on the same team, and I have to say he was pretty good too! He even scored a point. He wasn't good at defence, but he could snatch the ball out of rebound quickly and pass to the other side of the field before the other team could even be there. He was fast. From the look of it he was having fun too...I didn't expect him to be as exuberant as he was...I dunno, I guess because he was always describing himself as the innocent pretty boy it kinda took me by surprise he did so well. Maybe it took him by surprise too...

After the game, the class hit the showers. This was it... Robbie and me proceeded to our lockers, and pulled our swaety gym clothes off...

"Are you having a shower, Jason?", Robbie asked.

"Uhm, uh, dunno....are you?"

"Uh, I'd think I'd better..."

"Yeah, we'd better..."

We both sighed deeply. This was going to be a challenge indeed. I wrapped my towel along my waist and slipped my boxers off. Robbie followed my lead. Some of the other guys from our group just casually stripped buck-naked, flung their towes over their shoulder and walked to the showers like it was the normallest thing to do. Being gay, it can be torture!!

While aproaching the showers I finally let my towel slip off my waist. Our shower was a huge tiled square room, so everyone could see everyone. I decided I'd better et it over with quick and walked in, took the nearest shower, and faced the wall. Robbie took the shower right next to me...

He was naked...totally. I had to look, I could not not look, I had to!! I could see the water running down his arched back and over his perfectly shaped bubble butt, streaming down his crack. And yet I didn't get hard. With so many guys out there I was much too jittery even being there!!

At one point, Robbie turned around and faced the center of the showers so his dick was in plain view. He was soft too. Most guys there allowed their eyes to graze past Robbie's crotch, I could tell. I didn't blame them...I did the same many times before when a cute guy was in the showers. There were some pretty hung guys here from the look of it, a couple bigger than me. One guy was uncut, even! That looked a little strange...

It occured to me I had been in the showers long enough already and jetted out. No 'accidents' had happened. The competition had sized up Robbie allright, as I suspected...and MAN did he have a gorgeous body. We were over by our lockers, toweling off. I really felt the urge to reach out and do it for him, but I couldn't...I got a semi hardon as I rubed my pubes dry with my towel, but most guys had that. So did Robbie...his cock was starting to rise a bit. He noticed and quickly slipped his briefs on, blushing.

The both of us exited the locker room, relieved.

"See, that wasn't so bad, was it?"

"Nah, it was okay. I didn't really like the Coach, though..."

"He takes getting used to..", I said as we were headed back to the cafeteria. "You played a great game..."

"You thought so?"

"Yeah. You're pretty fast on your feet you know!"

As we walked towards the cafeteria, we noticed Vince. When he saw us, he ran over to us. I gave Vince a lookover- his lip was bleeding!!

"What happened to you, dude..."

"I just had a run-in with some friends of ours..", Vince growled.

"Who?", Robbie asked.

"Sidekicks of our pal Jameson. It seems that bastard got suspended for fighting with us. That is, until now."

"He's back?"

"Yeah, and his goons left a message. He's planning on getting back at you, me AND Robbie..."

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