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Author's Message: Whenever I get writer's block on a story (Worthington High) I generally start another story or re-write a story I wrote long ago. This is a story I started a year ago but never finished so after the first few chapters you say you know this sort of seem familar well it probably is. This re-write has a lot more continuity than the earlier version.

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Chapter 1


Parents sometimes make mistakes. I know I did. Michael was a junior in high school when my wife, his mother died of cancer. Death is not something either Michael or I were prepared for. Suddenly, I became both Mother and Father of a teenage son who I thought was having a hard time dealing with the loss of his mother. I never suspected his sadness and his withdrawal was cause by anything else.

Michael spent nearly the whole summer at home. I was worried so, I decided to do something. I accepted an exchange student from Paris, France.

We were sitting at the breakfast table when I broached the subject.

"Mike, I have some good news. We will be having an exchange student from Paris, France staying with us for a year. His name is Claude Lamartine. He's almost 18. He will be arriving on Saturday."


"An exchange student will be staying with us. I understand he is quite good at fencing. I thought you'd be pleased."

"Why would you think that, Dad?"

"Because you have no friends -- you're becoming a recluse and it's not good!"

"Dad, it's summertime all my friends are on vacation! The last thing I need is some dumb French kid following me around."

"Oh." I didn't know what to say. Obviously, Michael resented having another person staying with us. We sat in silence eating. "Well, I'm sure he'll be disappoint but that's the breaks. I better call him and let him know your feelings about having him stay. He's already bought his ticket so he'll have to stay with us for a couple of days while I find him another family to stay with."

Michael nodded.

"Do you mind him sharing your room for a day or so as I hate having to move my office and then move it back after a day or so."

"Can't he sleep on the couch?"

"Michael, you have a twin bed in your room which if I recall you begged your mom and I to buy so you could have friends over. So the answer is NO! This boy is traveling three thousand miles. When he arrives he'll have no friends, no family and I am not going to treat him like he has the plague."

Michael refused to go with me to meet Claude at the airport.


My mom died last year. I miss her but I think I was more prepared for her death than my Dad. I know Dad worries about me. He thinks that what's wrong with me is that I haven't `dealt' with my mom's death but that is not the case.

So, many times I have wanted to tell him what was wrong but I can't. What's wrong with me is I think I am homosexual. When I masturbate I always think about being with a cute guy rather than a girl. I like girls but I'm really shy.

There's a boy at school that is always getting picked on and beaten up because people say he's a homo. He has no friends. I really feel bad for him, but I won't go to his rescue because others will know I'm that way.

This summer I kept pretty well to myself and I guess it worried Dad. I can't believe he invited an exchange student to stay with us without discussing it with me. We always discuss major occurrences. Having someone stay with us is a major occurrence.

The last thing I need is some French boy sleeping in my room. With my luck he'd probably turn out to be really good looking and totally in to himself. Then there is the chance that I would fall in love with him and he hating me for that and telling everyone at school. I'd be a total outcast.

I refused to go to the airport to me him. I was determined not to be his friend and to make his stay with us miserable as possible. As far as I was concerned he could go stay with another family.


I was so excited about going to America. For me it was the hope that things would be different. My last year in school has been the worse year of my life. Why? Because, I like boys not girls. I have known this my whole life. I'm hoping that my trip to America will free me from the cruelty that I have had to face this last year.

I know I will have to be careful so that others don't find out. At the same time I am hoping that I will meet the love of my life. I will be staying with a family. I have talked with Mr. Phillips. He sounds very nice. He has a son Michael who is seventeen and a fencing champion. I love fencing.

I hope he likes me.

As I exited the jetway I saw a very handsome man holding a sign with my name on it. This man was so good-looking.

"Mister Phillips?" I asked.

"Yes. You must be Claude," he said shaking my hand firmly, "Welcome to America!"

"Thank you. I am so excited to be here! Did your son not come?"

"No, he is at home. Uh, let's get your baggage. Did you have a good flight?" he asked.

We chatted all the way to the baggage claim and then on the way to their home. I really liked Mr. Phillips.

He helped me with my baggage into the house, which included my epée .

As we walked into the house I saw the most handsome boy I'd ever seen in my whole life. He was watching television.

"Michael," Mr. Phillips said, "I would like you to meet Claude Lamartine." The boy ignored his father and me. "Michael! At least have some manners -- it doesn't hurt to be polite," Mr. Phillips said.

The boy looked at his father then back at the TV. He totally ignored me. I felt very hurt. But I tried not to show it.

"It's okay Mr. Phillips," I said softly.

He showed me to a room that I would share with his son for the next few days until he found another family for me to stay with. He apologized for his son's rudeness.

"I think I will take a nap, sir. I'm a bit tired," I said. I was trying hard not to show my disappointment. If I could have I would have returned to France.



I can't believe I did what I did. I was so rude and instantly I knew I had just made the biggest mistake of my life. The hurt look on Claude's face. To make matters worse was after Dad took Claude upstairs he came back down alone.

"I have love you since you were born. I have always treated you with respect. I have always been proud of you and the things you have accomplished. But today, a few minutes ago, I was totally ashamed of your actions -- your rudeness. That boy is such a smart, nice and friendly person. He could be the best friend in your life but YOU are not even giving him a chance to try."

"There is something special about him -- I don't know what it is. All I know is he is deeply hurt by your actions. I am going out for a while -- to cool off so I don't say something to you I don't mean and then I have the task of finding him a place to live where he will be treated with friendship and kindness."

You always know when you do something wrong.

I went upstairs to my room and as I stood outside the door I heard someone softly crying. Quietly I opened my door. Sitting on the bed was Claude. He turned his face away from me to hide his tears.

I felt really bad.

"Claude, I'm sorry for being so rude."

He nodded -- still not looking at me.

"Okay, look I was an asshole. So, here's your chance to get your revenge -- a duel." He looked up at me. I smiled and picked up my epé e.

"En garde!" I took my stance.

He smiled. Oh man, he was cute.

"Put on your jacket and mask I would hate to hurt you too bad," he said with a slight smile.

I quickly donned my jacket and mask and so did he.

We began to fight. He was good. I mean really good! He won.

"You are very good," he said as he took his mask off.

"You are better. I like your style," I said, "Would you like a coke?"

"Yes, please." He replied. I love the sound of his voice and the more we talked the more I liked him.

By the time Dad got back we were fast friends.

I found out that Claude love biking. I knew he didn't have the money to buy a new bike. I asked Dad if he would buy me a new bike and I would give Claude my `old' bike -- it was less than a year old. Dad agreed and so we all went to the bike store.

While we were there Dad spied Claude looking at some biking shirts and shorts so we both got identical outfits. Claude looked really good in his tight shorts -- I could ride behind him for hours -- of course I'd have a permanent hardon while doing that. He was so sexy looking.

Everyday from that day until school started the following week Claude and I would get up early pack a lunch and be gone on our bikes until dinner. The first few days I was totally exhausted and could barely keep up with him.

I asked him to teach me to speak French and he agreed. He said tomorrow is Saturday and every Saturday would be French day. I was not allowed to speak one word of English to anyone.


What do you think so far- Sam.