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Chapter 13


Not long after we returned to Paris I moved in with Papa Claude. He was turning out to be a real papa. I had my own room, computer, and Internet connection. His place was awesome. He and my dad were very well off. I think Dieter was a little disappointed that I didn't move in with him but I think he sensed I needed a father in my life or he'd become the father. Claude was fairly relaxed in his rules: if Dieter wanted to sleep over it was fine; we just had to keep the moans quiet. He insisted I finish my schooling so I signed up for home schooling over the Internet, plus Claude insisted I learn investing. He said my dad, Michael, was an expert. Little did I know that Claude, who managed all my dad's financial affairs, had secured my inheritance in a bunch of common law trusts - at that time I had access to over ten million dollars.

When I moved in I told him I was willing to pay rent, which got a look of disapproval. "Where are you going to get the money, you are fifteen, you have no job."

I tossed him my bankbook, which showed I had $55,604.23. "Plus I have my paintings." He hadn't seen them so I took him to my mini gallery. An hour later he met me in the café. Papa was enthralled with my paintings.

"Dawson, I know you want to pay rent, but I am your father now and it would be wrong of me. Besides I have more money than you could imagine. Allow me this privilege," he pleaded and I gave in.

I continued my studies and painting, but spent time with Dieter and the rest. Our sword fighting shows continued. I loved the show we put on for the locals. The crowd had grown to at least a hundred people. There were now five of us, Sven, Dieter, Alex, a new boy, Andrew, and myself.

The locals loved the show we put on even though Andrew was pissed off with me but I didn't care because I don't like him the only reason I agreed to him being in the show was Dieter asked.

I didn't like Andrew because he was always flirting with Dieter and Dieter was lapping it up.

Over the next few months they became closer friends despite my efforts to get Andrew out of our lives. Dieter would say I was being paranoid when I claimed that Andrew was trying to split us up, and I had to continue to put up with him at our weekly show. I found I was spending more time with Sven than I had. I loved watching him sculpt. I loved being with him.


"Dieter, you are an idiot!" said Ian.

"Ian's right. You have someone wonderful as a boyfriend and yet you insist upon continuing your friendship with that that slimeball Andrew when you know Dawson can't stand him."

"So, I can't stand Sven always following Dawson around like a lost puppy! It's so obvious that he's in love with Dawson. I think Dawson spends more time with Sven than he does with me."

"Well, for one, they are both extremely talented artists; for two, you're always off on a photo shoot; for three, Dawson has eyes for you only he and Sven are more like brothers. And for your information he spends more time with Ian than he does with Sven," I argued, "You don't see me getting upset because Ian sees Dawson more he sees me!"

"Yes, but your boyfriend loves you and has sex with you. Mine says he loves me but we've never actually had sex."

"What!" said Ian, "You two have never had sex?"

"Not what I call sex. He's never sucked me or fucked me, and he won't let me do either to him. Look, I love Dawson. I really do. But he has issues. I need sex. I'm just trying to make him jealous. Besides, Andrew turns me on."

I shook my head, "I'm sorry, but you're going about it the wrong way. And one or both of you is going to get hurt."

"Alex is right," said Ian.

"Hi! Guys," I heard Dawson say, as he walked into the café.

He immediately gave Dieter a kiss a little on the passionate side.

"So, my love how was your day?" asked Dawson.

"It was okay, but not good because I missed you so much," said Dieter. They kissed again before Dieter asked, "How was your day?"

"Papa made me study all day, but I got an A on all my tests! So, that was good. Oh yeah, papa commissioned Sven to do a sculpture, so he had lunch with us today."

"Why is he always around you?" asked Dieter in an angry tone.

"He's not always around me. It was Papa who invited him over to lunch and besides he's our friend," Dawson said.

"He's your friend, not mine! I don't like him. I have never liked him. He is always talking behind my back," Dieter said in a slightly raised voice.

"That's not true! Sven has never done that to you or anybody else," snapped Dawson.

"Dawson's right," I said to Dieter, "Sven never talks bad about anyone and you know it!"

Dieter glowered at me. This was not like the cousin I knew.

"So, why did Claude let you out so early?" Dieter said snidely.

"I wanted to spend time with you," replied Dawson.

"Oh, right! And I always hang out here like you do."

"What is with you?" Dawson retorted, "I don't always hang out here! I went to your place and you weren't home! So, I came here looking for you."

"Oh, like I believe that! You were probably hoping Sven was here!"

"I don't understand what's going on with you. Sven is with Claude. Why are you so jealous of Sven?"

"Because you love him!"

"So. I love him and I love Ian and Alex. I could understand your jealousy if Sven were gay but he's not! He straight! And he's five years older than me I'm like his little brother. He and Claude are my only family."

"Fine! You have Sven and I'll have Andrew! And speak of the devil. He's here." Dieter said as Andrew walked in.

I could not stand Andrew, nor could Ian.

Not thirty seconds later Sven walked in, "Hey Guys!"

Ian jumped up, went to Sven and gave him a hug.

"I had a great day," cheered Sven.

"Yeah, I bet," muttered Dieter. Sven ignored Dieter's comment, and Dawson glared angrily at Dieter.

"Yes, Dawson said he commissioned you to do a sculpture. That's awesome!" I said.

"Ya, but the really good news is Claude's going to teach me investing!"

"Whoa! Alex I think we're looking at a future millionaire. Well, when you get really rich you can finance a movie of one of my books," Ian joked.

"You know it! I would definitely do it! And I would buy Alex a new bike too!" laughed Sven. Sven looked at Dawson and smiled.

Dawson's face immediately brightened, "That's awesome Sven. I'm really happy for you cuz you got the best."

"I thought you were already a millionaire," said Andrew sneeringly.

"Gee, Andrew I'm surprised you're not making passes at Sven," said Dawson derisively.

"Well, he's not gay. Or is he? Besides, I've seen dogs better looking than him," returned Andrew.

"You fucking asshole!" said Dawson full of anger. I swear if Sven hadn't said what he did I think Dawson would have killed him.

"Hey! You probably have," laughed Sven, but it was a forced laugh.

"Yeah," laughed Ian, "And you probably fucked them too." I couldn't help but laugh and so did Dawson.

"Hey guys the locals are gathering outside time for the show," I said.


"You almost cut me, you little asshole!" Andrew said in English with his South African accent.

"Yeah Kaffir? Maybe you should practice; I've seen twelve-year olds better than you. Next time pick some old fart from the crowd to be your opponent! Don't try to fence at my level - you'll lose! Meanwhile go suck somebody's dick - you'll be happier."

I think he would have punched me if Sven hadn't come between us and pulled me out of the way. Andrew who is 6'2'' would have pulverized me if he could, but I would have got in a couple of lucky punches.

"Well, I heard that's your stock in trade, especially with your brother!" He said under his breath.

I instantly broke free from Sven and rammed him in the gut with my head knocking him over, and knocking the breath out of him. I pounced on him, sitting on his chest and proceeded punching his face as hard as I could until Sven and Ian pulled me off him.

"What the hell is your problem!" yelled Dieter.

I glared at him and then said, "You told him! You fucking asshole! I hate you!"

Instant shock when it dawned on him what I meant. I turned and left.

Dieter ran after me as I hurried along on my way to the metro.

"Dawson! Please, let me explain."

"Dieter, there is nothing to explain. Clearly you guys had a good laugh about me. I told you to break off communication with him. I warned you that his only purpose was to split us up. Well, you didn't listen, so I guess that's what you wanted. You chose him over me. I never stopped loving you - it's time for you to get on with your life without me. Good-bye."

"No. No. Please. I'm sorry!"

I took off running. I knew he'd not even try to catch up.


We did our show. Luckily the crowd was small because Dawson and Andrew got into it and then the things we warned Dieter about happened. Dawson broke up with him. Dieter went off with Andrew whose face looked pretty beaten up. Of course, he was over-dramatizing and reeled Dieter in like a fish that had given up.

Dawson was right; he'd only wanted to split Dawson and Dieter up. I was thoroughly disgusted with Dieter.

"Do you think he'll be all right?" asked Sven.

"Who? Andrew?" asked Ian.

"No. Dawson," replied Sven, "I don't give a fuck about Andrew. He got what he deserved. And as far as your cuz, he can go fuck himself."

"I think he already did," said Ian.

"Yeah, you're right - you know how Dawson is about trust; but Dieter has changed," I said.

"I know," said Sven sadly, "Dawson, noticed it a few days ago. Dawson truly loved Dieter and Dieter blew it. He could have had the most wonderful person in his life and he let him slip through his fingers."

"You love him, don't you?" said Ian softly.

Sven nodded sadly as he walked away, "With all my heart and soul."

"God! I wish he and Dawson would wake up!" exclaimed Ian.

"Why doesn't Sven ever say anything? He's always been so totally in love with Dawson."

"Why didn't you?" Ian smiled.

"You have a point there." I said and then engaged Ian in a serious kiss.



I arrived home and, of course, Papa was waiting for me as I stormed in the door.

"What happened?"

I told him. Funny, I thought I'd be crying over breaking up with Dieter but I wasn't well, not until a little later, and Papa was there for me. I told him I wanted to leave Paris for a while and go to Italy or some place warm for the winter. We decided on Sicily. The next day I went to say good-bye to Alex, Ian and Sven. They told me how devastated Dieter was. I pretended I didn't care, and feigned excitement over going to Sicily or Sardinia where maybe I'd meet a wonderful Italian boy who would accept me for me. I knew Ian would pass my comment on to Dieter. I gave them all a hug and left.


"You know Alex if I loved someone I would never let them walk out of my life," I said.

"Go. Go be his friend and one day the two of you will realize that you were meant to be together," I said to Sven.

Sven didn't even hesitate.


I was half a block away when Sven caught up with me. He smiled, "So, when do we leave and how do we get there?"

I looked at him and didn't know what to say. I never thought he'd even consider going even though I hoped he would.

"Look Ian and Alex are a happy couple and I'm like a spare wheel or something and besides life just won't be life without my bro around! And also Paris in the winter sucks!"

"22:43 train to Napoli. You want me too come help you pack?" I asked.

"No. I'll be over at your place by 19:00. Can Papa Claude buy the ticket and I will pay him when I arrive?"

"Sure, no prob."


Five minutes later Sven ran into the café. I've never seen a happier face on Sven as that moment when he announced, "I'm off to Sicily with Dawson and Claude. I love you guys you're the best."

"It's about bloody time! And don't come back until you or Dawson is pregnant!" laughed Ian.

"Love you Sven, have a good time!" I said.

He was gone.

"You know last night I realized how much Sven loves Dawson," said Ian. I rolled my eyes, "What?"

"I knew the first day Dawson arrived. The day you decided you hated Dawson. When Sven came into Cinq Billiards looking for Dawson he had a look that said I'm totally in love with that guy."

"Well, it wasn't hate. It was jealousy. Besides Dawson forgave me and he knows I am madly in love with him just not as madly in love with him as I am with you," said Ian and then he kissed me.



When I got home I told Papa about what happened and that Sven would be joining us. He just smiled, a knowing smile.


"Nothing." He smiled again.

"Papa!" I whined, "Tell me!"

He laughed. "It's obvious!"

"What?" Whatever was obvious to Papa was not obvious to me.

"Sven is in love with you."

"Papa, we are like brothers. I'm his little brother; he's my big brother. That's all."

"Have it your way..."

I hate it when he does that, so I stuck my tongue out at him and went into my room.

My phone rang. Caller ID said it was Dieter. I debated whether to let it just ring, but at the same time I wanted to tell him I was leaving. I think I wanted to make him feel worse.


"Please don't hang up," he cried.

"Okay. I promise I won't hang up, at least until you have said what you want to say or it gets too late. I have a lot to do."

"I love you."

"Well, you certainly have an interesting way of showing it! Telling my deepest secrets to all and sundry. Gee, I feel so loved. NOT!"

He began crying harder and my heart was breaking. "I'm sorry Dieter, I'm not in the greatest mood. You probably always needed someone like Andrew not like me. I'm too screwed up. I'm the gay who can't be gay. I'm leaving tonight. I don't know when I will be back, probably spring. I need the time to paint, study, and grow up. For a while I hated you, at least two hours, but I realized I'm just too young to be in a relationship."

"Please give me another chance."

"Not today, maybe when I get over it. Not now, because I don't trust you. I'll write you and you think over whether you really want me as a mate - a one and only mate who I can trust and who can trust me...if you do, then you figure out how you repair my trust in you. If you can't do that then you're just another horny male model."

"I do want you and only you!"

"And you expect me to believe you. `fraid not!"

"But how can I prove it!"

"That's your problem, not mine. I wasn't the one who told that slimeball about me. You're the one who wanted to keep him as a friend.

"So, I got to finish packing I'll write. Anything else?"


"Well, then please hang up because I promised you I wouldn't hang up on you."

He hung up and I cried. Why? Because he didn't say goodbye or I love you.


When Dawson came in to the café and told us he was leaving Paris for a while I felt instantly sad. I know he's always been enamored by Dieter and Ian but I also know he likes me as a brother. I love him so much that I guess I really am gay. I like being around him because he's fun to be around and we're best friends.

When Ian told me to go nothing could have stopped me.

I ran after Dawson and caught up with him. I was so nervous I don't really know what I said to him but I knew I had to go with him.

We hugged! And he said `Yes' so now I have to call my parents and go to the bank and pack.

I've always loved it when he hugs me. I know I don't show it but it's always because...well it's because I never wanted to come between him and Dieter. I'm so confused about myself right now. I mean I'm not sure that I'm gay. I don't think I am...I don't look at guys and get a hardon! I just like being with Dawson, he's my best friend...he's almost my only friend that I can confide in. Dawson is my catalyst! That's it - he's my catalyst! It is like I come alive when he's around, he inspires me to work on my sculpting, and he says he loves my work. I know he's being honest because once I sculpted a sort of modern art thing and it was not that good and he looked at me and said, "You're joking, right? I hope you're joking because that is so far from your best that I won't even comment further."

One of these days I will show him a bust of him, just a head and shoulders. It's really pretty good; I'm just shy I guess. I spent weeks getting it just right. Sometimes, I know it's childish; I talk to the sculpture like it was really him. I've told that sculpture every secret about me and all my goals and desires. I just wish I could find it in myself to tell him those same things I told Dawson the sculpture.

I arrived at their place with my bags and money. And so much hope in my life.

"You look nearly as bad as I do," Dawson laughed.

"I didn't get any rest - too busy packing and cleaning up, going to the bank."

"Yeah, me too. I cried half the day I think, but I think I'm over it. I did a lot of thinking, bro."

"Yeah, me too sans crying. Well, maybe a few tears - when I dropped a hammer on my foot."

"Oh! Poor Sven!" he giggled. I love his giggle he is so damn cute when he scrunches up his nose.

We left for the station and soon were on our way to Italy, via Zurich then Bologna, Napoli and from Napoli to Palermo, Sicily by hydrofoil. We had a sleeper from Paris to Zurich - it was really only a double but Claude figured Dawson and I could share one bed. We got in bed by eleven and by eleven fifteen I was asleep. We arrived in Zurich right on time at 06:20.

I had never been to Switzerland or Italy and the trip from Zurich to Bologna was spectacular Dawson was already trying to learn Italian saying "Bella! Bellismo! Sven, it is so beautiful all my senses are on overload! Papa when we come back can we drive and take a year or two so I can paint it all!"

"Sure!" laughed Claude.

I really liked Claude from the first time we met in Nice. I think we stayed up half the night talking about Michael, Dawson, and Claude's life with Michael. He has had a wonderful life. A few heartaches, but from the time he met Michael it was full of love.

I think he knows I'm in love with Dawson. He's caught me a few times looking at Dawson with nothing but love on my mind.