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Chapter 14


"What am I going to do without Dawson?" I asked Alex as we lay in bed.

"Ian, Dawson inspired you to write but it was you who did the writing; besides it's time you weaned yourself from him, and he said so."

"Yes, but..."

Alex bopped me on the side of my head.


He laughed, "Dawson's instructions were to bop you if you invalidated yourself or your writing skills, and also for any `Yes buts'. Ian you are a fantastic writer. I say so and so does Dawson, Sven, and even Dieter. I love you Ian and I want you to write and I will do anything I can to help you become a success. We are not only sexual partners - I want you to quit working at the café. I want you to write full-time and start sending your stories out to publishers. I will continue to work and support us."

"Yes, but..." I started to say, and he bopped me again. Damn! I hate Dawson for telling him to do that.

"It will be hard living in my room, but we can do it."

I looked at Alex. "You really mean it, don't you?"


"I love you."

We kissed. Alex started nibbling on my nipples and then gently kissed me from my chest to my stomach down to my cock. He licked up and down my shaft. I moaned. He started licking my balls and gently sucking on each one. Then he licked behind my ball sack. I gasped.



He kept licking me behind my ball sack and moved to my anus. "Oh! Oh my God! OH! Alex fuck me, please!"

I felt his tongue continue to lick my anus and felt it sliding in an out. He put my legs on his shoulders and gently pushed his stiff rod into me. Alex always had so much precum that a lubricant was rarely needed.

Alex is perfect for me. His dick is just right for fucking me. When his dick starts hitting against my prostate it drives me into a frenzy of incredible sensations. I actually came twice before he emptied a monstrous load into me. I love being fucked by him.


Alex and I moved into his tiny room. I hated it, but I was willing to sacrifice.

I found that I could still write without Dawson and so I wrote and wrote and wrote. Alex was wonderful as an editor and sometimes I think even better than Dawson at encouraging me.

He began taking weekends to do freelance work to earn extra money for us. I knew he hated working at Henri's studio, so I worked even harder and finally I sent a story to a publisher. It took them a month to reply with a rejection notice. I cried and swore I'd never write again Alex simply bopped me on the head. Dawson's orders.

I think, though, it knocked something loose in my brain because I sent the story to another publisher and also I started writing another story - `The Adventures of Count Fleacula' I wrote as a script for a children's cartoon. I wrote as if I were Dawson telling the story to a child of 10 or 11.

I posted a treatment of the script on the Internet and literally forgot about it.

I receive a letter from the second publisher but I was scared to open it. I waited for Alex to arrive home.

When Alex opened the door, I was curled up on the bed.

"Sweetheart, are you okay?" he asked.

I nodded. "I received a letter from the publisher today. I wanted to wait until you were here to open it."

He looked over at the desk then back to me. "Scared?"


He smiled, picked up the letter, opened it and then read it. "Okay, I'll read it."

"Well, what did it say?" figuring that it was rejected.

He looked down so I couldn't see his face then looked up at me with the most gorgeous grin, "Accepted."

I sprang out of bed, grabbed the letter. My book had truly been accepted! "They are going to publish my book!" I yelled.

"I knew they would because your are the best! Come on I am taking you out to celebrate," he said.

Dinner was a meal at the café, steak and chips, which reminded us of Dawson's first meal here.

"I miss them you know. Have you heard from them recently?" Alex asked.

"I heard from Sven. He still hasn't told Dawson that he loves him more than a brother and Dawson has a new boyfriend, Roberto."

"Not another one. I swear, when is Dawson going to wake up the person he is looking for is right there and always has been."

"Yeah. Alex?"


"I want to go visit my family and I want you to go with me. I've been emailing my sister and she wants to meet you she says Mum and Dad have long since guessed that I am probably gay. I want to show you off the world's greatest photographer." Alex rolled his eyes. I reached over the table and bopped him a good one on the head.

"Ow!" he yelped but then he smiled. "Remind me to kill Dawson."

"You know in the beginning when Dawson first arrived my biggest fear was you would fall totally in love with him."

"I did fall totally in love with him but only as a friend. You were already there in my heart."

Sometimes Alex says things that are so sweet but so matter of fact that I get all teary eyed. I looked at him, tears escaping, "I love you, Alexis Rhineheart. Everyday I think how wonderfully lucky I am to be a part of your life."

Alex looked down then back up at me with a dimpled smile. "Me too. Ian, I've been thinking maybe someday we could get married. Would you marry me?"

Okay, okay sometimes I turn into one of those really emotional gay guys. This was one of those times. I barely got out `yes' before the floodgates opened.

Alex had some vacation time so he took it and off we went to London. We went to the publishers, handled everything thing there before we continued home. I was nervous as a cat in a dog pound.

Mum and Dad met us at the station.

"Well," said Dad to Alex before I had a chance to say a thing, "You must be Alex, the boy that stole my boy's heart." Dad looked at me, "He's a real hottie. That's the word, right? `hottie'." I blushed Alex blushed. Dad laughed. "Welcome to the family, Alex."

"Thank you, sir."

"Well, come on Alex, give us a hug," said Mum.

When we arrived home my sister Jenny was there with her husband Robert. They make a good couple and have a joint venture in making a baby. Robert's not particularly good-looking but he's a great guy with a great sense of humor.

Then there was my younger brother, Sean. Alex said he looks like a younger version of me. Sean seemed really shy.

We had the `guest room', which had been Jenny's room. Sean still had our old room. I'd sent him my old computer after I reformatted the hard drive essentially removing all the porno. Alex and I were unpacking when Alex asked, "Have you checked your email? I was wondering if you got any interest on the script. I really have a strong feeling about it."

"That's because you and Dawson are still little boys at heart." I called downstairs to Sean, "Hey, Sean, can I use your computer to check my email?"

"Yeah." He shouted back after a few seconds I could hear the beep-beeps from some game he was playing with.

I powered up his computer, brought up the browser and proceeded to hotmail. While I was waiting to be signed in an instant message popped up.

"Hey babe, I loved the pic you sent me. Want one of me?"

I thought what the heck, I'm sure Sean would say yes, so I answered, "sure J "

The picture downloaded and I clicked on the link. I was not prepared for what I saw.

Another message popped up "you got me so horny I had to do this! LOL"

"whoa! Nice. Oops g2g b4n" I quickly signed out of IM.

"Looking a porno, you should have called me," laughed Alex and I nearly jumped out of my skin.

"This kid just sent this to Sean."

"Cute kid, so I guess your brother is gay."


At that moment Sean arrived at the door.

"Instant message for you, Sean," I said.

Sudden shock and fear appeared on his face.

"Damn, you've got good taste, Sean," smiled Alex. I nodded in agreement.

"Please don't tell Mum and Dad," he said with a worried face.

"We won't but you will."

"No! I can't! They'll hate me."

"Sean, that's not true," said Alex, "Your mum and dad are fine about Ian and I. They'll be fine with you."

"He's right Sean."

"But I don't want to be gay!" he said.

"Join the club. Sean, I didn't either and I thought I would never find someone who loved me, but I did."

"Yeah, and so did I. It took me forever it seemed to come out to your brother but we have an awesome friend who gave me the courage to never stop loving your brother and who gave him the courage to tell me that he loved me." Alex gave me a peck on the cheek.

"Look you need us to be there when you tell Mum and Dad we will be there," I said.

Sean agreed. I went on to check my email. I had an email from someone whose name I didn't recognize. It was the subject line that made my heart skip a beat. "Your script" I opened the email.