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Chapter 16


The flight was great - we flew first-class, but the closer we got to Stockholm the more nervous I got and then we landed. At that moment I wanted to go back to Claude in Sicily, but I could see Sven was excited to see his parents. I thought it was neat. I was scared that they wouldn't like me or worse hate me. When we got passed security to the baggage claim area Sven spotted his mom and virtually dragged me over to meet her. She gave her son hugs and kisses and then turned towards me.

"You must be Dawson."

"Yes, ma'am," said timidly.

"Well, Sven, I can see why you love Dawson, he is gorgeous!" I blushed. Sven laughed and she laughed because she thought I was so sweet and I blushed again. Then she hugged me. "Dawson, welcome to our family and thank you for making my son so happy," she whispered in my ear.

"Thank you ma'am for having such a wonder son," I whispered back and she kissed me on the cheek.

We got our bags and were soon riding to Sven's home with his mom and dad. Sven and I sat in the back seat and Sven was holding my hand. I was so nervous because Mr. Petersen had said very little.

"When did you meet Sven?" he asked.

"Almost a year and a half ago in Paris."

"You must have been quite young, were you traveling with your parents?"

"No, sir. I was on my own, I didn't have any parents at the time - well, none that I would claim." He frowned and I could see the cogs turning, "I suppose you would like the whole story," I said nervously.

I guess he saw something in my face and he smiled, "Yes, but only if you care to tell it now."

Began telling them how Sam had raised me from a baby and that my dad was killed in an auto accident a week before I was to meet him. I told them about having to live with my mother and her family and about the beatings and my half-bothers actions against me. I don't think either of Sven's parents expected me to be so open and there were a couple of times I got really teary eyed and they noticed.

"I thought things would be fine, that I'd be able to live a decent life after they were in jail but two-weeks before I was suppose to appear with Sam's lawyers against them I was threatened by two of my half brothers friends they held a knife to my throat and told me to disappear and not show up at the trial. I was terrified so I wrote to the lawyer and told him I was scared and I was going to go into hiding and why. Sam and I had a safety deposit box at a small bank and they were used to me coming in there alone without Sam...he had planned it that way..." a tear rolled down my cheek followed by another and another and another. I quickly tried to wipe them away. "I had a signed check for fifty-five thousand dollars and ten thousand dollars cash and my passport. I had the bank form for a bank wire to a bank and a debit card. The money the fifty thousand went to my bank account. I bought a ticket over the Internet two days later and flew to Paris where I met Sven."

No one said anything for a few moments. Sven gave my hand a gentle squeeze.

"Have you spent all your money?" Mr. Petersen asked.

"No, sir. I'd spent almost all of the ten thousand when I met Claude." I then explained how I met Claude and how much of a father he has been to me. "Anyway, Claude started teaching me about investing - that's what he and my dad did, they were investors. Claude says that I'm like my dad picky. But I do alright I do some day trading but I like to roll things over on a monthly basis - I have a lot to learn before Claude will trust me with my dad's portfolio." I knew what he wanted to know and I thought it was funny - "I suppose he's right dad's portfolio is worth a lot. But my portfolio is - Sven what did we calculate it's worth at?"

Sven smiled, "I think Friday it was worth six hundred and forty."

"Yeah, six hundred and forty thousand US dollars." Mr. Petersen's jaw dropped. "Sven and I have a contest on," I giggled, "which of us will reach millionaire status first, right now he's got a narrow lead."

"Narrow, my ass! Oops, sorry mom, ten thousand dollars is not narrow!" laughed Sven.

"You play the market, Sven?" asked a surprised but happy Mr. Petersen.

"No, Dad, we don't play," said Sven and he looked at me and in unison, "We work the market!"

"My papa says, playing is for children and non-serious investors," I chimed in.

I had relaxed a lot since figuring out why Mr. Petersen was so inquisitive. I wanted to make sure his son was not getting himself into a situation where who ever he married drained his son of Mr. Petersen hard earned money. He realized that I was or would someday be worth way more than him.

Sven leaned over and kissed me on the cheek. I smiled because I saw Mr. Petersen smile at what he saw Sven do. Then I turned and kissed Sven on the cheek and he winked at me.

Dinner was great! And Mr. Petersen was now to be addressed as Erik or Papa Erik, which was my choice and Mrs. Petersen Mama Helena.

I knew Sven wanted to speak with his parents alone so I made an excuse and went to take a shower and get ready for bed. Sven whispered something to his mom and she giggled.

"You will be sharing Sven's room right? Not the guest room?" asked Mama Helena and for some reason I blushed. Sven broke out laughing and so did Mama Helena. I stuck my tongue out at both of then and walked out of the room.

I puttered around in Sven's room. I found a picture of two young boys one I recognized as Sven and the other I figured must have been Johan. He was a cute kid. Both of them were. I took out my wallet and looked at my pictures, one of my Dad, one of Sam and I and one of Merribear and me.

I had never showed anyone these pictures except Claude. I left my wallet open so Sven could see my private gallery of special pictures and went to take a shower.

I had just gotten into the shower when Sven joined me. "They love you, but I love you more," he said and held me. I began to cry. I turned around and he took me in his arms. "My love what's the matter?"

"Just hold me for a while, I'll be okay in a minute or two." He held me and I held him. "I love you so much and I never want it to end."

"It will never end, I will always be here for you. Always. I will never leave you," he said softly and kissed me. After a few minutes I could feel him getting hard and had to giggle.


"You horny boy you!" I said and kissed him passionately. We of course had sex and it was good. I love the feel of Sven's naked body against mine, the heat the pressure, the motions, I love his penis whether it's soft or hard - the skin is so soft and smooth, I love the softness of his ear lobes and the feel of his lips against mine in a gently kiss. I love the roughness of his cheeks when he hasn't shaved. I love the feel of his balls as I gently lick them or suck on them. I love the taste of his cum and the feel of his tongue when he's licking my balls, my nipples, or my penis or when we are kissing. I love every physical part of him but most of all I love him.

As we entered the bedroom from the bathroom he spied my little gallery and we walked over to it.

"That's Johan and you, right?" He nodded.

"Well, this is your dad, because he looks like and older version of you. He was good looking, besides I've seen Claude's picture too. This must be Sam and you. And who is this boy on a bear?" He looked closely, "It's you with long hair and riding naked on a bear! Aren't they dangerous?"

"Yes. Sam loved this picture he called it `Bare boy on a bear'. Her name was, Merribear, she was a black bear. I was twelve years old. It was taken about two months before my dad died. Claude loves this picture too. I want you to have the picture and I want to tell you how it happened that I was riding naked on a bear."


As we lay in bed I turned towards Dawson and said, "Tell me your story with the boy on the bear."

"It's a long story, you might fall asleep," he said.

"No way, I love your stories."

"This one is a true story not one bit is made up - the picture is the proof."

I sat up and crossed my legs leaned forward and kissed his nose, "See I'm sitting up, now I won't fall asleep. Tell me the story! I know you're dying to tell me."

"Yes you're right. But I want to lie with my head in your lap." So we move around and got comfortable.

"If something pokes you in the ear, it's not my fault." We giggled.

There was a knock at the door.

"Come in," I said.

It was my dad. "Your mama wants to know if you'd like some milk and chocolate cake."

Dawson's eyes lit up and he wiggled his I brows.

"Ooh yessss!" exclaimed Dawson.

"Sure we'll be right out," I said.

"Or you and mama can come in here. I was about to tell Sven the story of how I met Merribear," said Dawson.

"Meribear?" queried papa.

"She's a black bear. See," Dawson leaned over and took the picture of him and Merribear and handed it to my papa.

My father's eyes got as big as saucers, "This story I have to hear!" Five minutes later my mother and father were cuddled at the foot of our bead and we were cuddled at the head of the bed.


"Sam was the best person in my life until I met Sven. Before you Sam was my life. Oh we had our arguments and sometimes I would win and most of the time he would win. As you know I only went to school twice in my life. He home schooled me and was better than any of the teachers I had. Both times I went to school I begged him to home school me again. I think he decided that he needed a break from me. As you know I was ten when I went off to Camp Wilderness."

"It was my tenth day in the wilderness. I wasn't too worried because I had realized that they might not realize I was gone until Sam came to pick me up. Of course I would hate to be in their shoes.

My daily schedule was pretty much the same everyday and I whittled a lot when I wasn't drawing I'd check out the landing area to make sure that my HELP sign I made out of logs, sticks and rocks hadn't been destroyed. It had rained twice during the time I was there. The first time I lost my fire and you can't imagine how scared I was that night.

My second fire took me all day to start because I used a bow and stick to start the fire rather than use my last match. I finally got the fire going and I stayed up half the night making sure it didn't go out. The second time it rained I just kept making the fire bigger. I'm surprised the forestry people didn't come to put it out.

Anyway on my tenth day after I made sure my fire was okay and all the fish guts were buried well away from my camp about a half-mile away from camp, I went fishing. I caught this huge trout and decided to let it go. I threw my line back in I felt someone or something watching me. I slowly turned around and ten feet was this young bear looking at me.

Now I had been told how dangerous bears were. Bears were equivalent to sharks and you don't mess with them. Well, that's what the experts said. So being me I disregarded their words. I knew the worst thing to do with any animal was to show fear or anger.

"You're a cute one I said gently as I reached out to let the bear smell my hand. I figured that if you show hatred or fear it got a back bad reaction from wild creatures then if I showed kindness and love maybe I'd get that back. We were less than five feet apart.

"Hi. Come here, let's be friends." I said as I moved my arm and hand towards the bear for her to smell my scent.

She slowly crept closer to me. I was a little nervous, but I maintained a warm affection towards her.

I felt her desire to be friends. All the warnings I'd been told about bears had no meaning now. I remained calm and in control of myself. "Don't be afraid. I could never harm you," I said softly. Until that moment I hadn't realized just how lonely I'd been.

She moved closer and closer. She sniffed my hand and then licked it. She liked it.

I slowly moved my hand to behind her ear and gently scratched. She loved it. I leaned toward her and sniffed her nose. She licked me in the face. It tickled and I giggled. She drew back to watch me. She must have known I liked it. She licked me again. I squealed and laughed. Then I tickled her and scratched her.

She smacked me with her paw. I yelled at her and it scared her so she jumped away from me. She sensed my upset. She was sad, put her head down, and started walking away slowly.

"Stop! Come back, I'm sorry I yelled. Please don't leave. I know you didn't mean to hurt me on purpose." I said to her "Come on stay, don't leave".

She stopped and looked at me. I smiled and reached out to her again. "Please. You're such a merry little bear - I think I will call you Merribear. Come on, Merribear."

She ran back over to me when I squatted down. She licked my face and I hugged her and kissed her wet nose.

There was this feeling of excitement between us. "Come on Merribear, let's run!" I said as I took off running.

She followed me and we ran around the meadow like two children calling out in their own foreign languages, but understanding each other fully. For several hours we played tag, hide'n'seek, a number of other made up games like, find-the-grub and chase-the-butterflies. We were rolling about on the ground gently wrestling both tired, but both trying to keep going. In a matter of minutes we collapsed against each other falling quickly into a peaceful sleep.

I fished for her and then something I found hard to believe she fished for me. We were inseparable for the next few days. She slept with me; well she was next to me when I was going to sleep and when I woke up I was no longer afraid at night because I felt like she would protect me.

On the fifteenth day she and I had been playing hard again as usual and lay down to take a nap.

She must have been awakened by a weird sound, sort of a rhythmic beating, getting louder and louder. It began to frighten her. She nudged me with her nose.

"What, Merribear?" I asked sleepily.

I knew instantly it was the noise.

My expression changed. I became very excited. "Merribear, it's the helicopter!" I hugged her tightly. She could feel my excitement. She watched the helicopter fly over us and hover. She was getting scared so I told her I would be okay and for her to run to the woods. She did that.

I ran to pick up my art pad and then to the landing area. I stopped before I reached the woods turn to see Merribear standing and looking at me. "I love you, Merribear!" I yelled. She paused and I know I felt her love come back to me. There had been a bond of friendship and love. I was certain of that. There had been a special connection between us.

When I got to the helicopter Sam was there and so was Paul I was so happy to see both of them I hugged them both. I didn't know it then but Paul had cancer and died late the following year but right up until his death we remained best friends. Most people don't believe the story and it doesn't really matter to me. What mattered was that Paul knew it was true; he, Sam, and several others had seen me hugging Merribear and telling her to run to the woods.

I went to Paul's funeral. I met his parents. It was a very emotional for me, I gave them a picture I had painted of Paul and I and Merribear. They thanked me and that's when I cried buckets well you know how I am. It was after that that I think I realized for the first time I might be gay because I had this huge crush on him."

"A fantastic story!" exclaimed Papa Erik.

"It's sad that your friend died," said Mama Helena.

"Yes. If not for him though I probably would never have seen her a third time, Merribear. Paul taught me a lot about the wild and Merribear taught me a lot too."

"You saw the bear again?" asked Papa Erik.

"Yes, I saw her four times in all," I yawned, "Excuse me."

"Well, I think it is time everyone went to sleep," said Mama Helena, "There is plenty of time tomorrow for more stories." She and Papa Erik got up from the bed and gave both of us goodnight kisses and hugs.

After they left the room I looked at Sven, "You must have had a great childhood. It must have been great having two parents like yours. I love them so much and I've just met them."

"They love you too. Dawson, I am happier than I have ever been in my whole life. I love you."

I was going to say I love you too, but what distracted by two lovely lips that took my breath away.

"Dawson, uh, well, I, uh oh nevermind."

"Uh-uh, no. Out with it, Sven." He blushed.

I giggled, "Now you really have to tell me or NO SEX! Hmmm, no not no sex because with you I have a problem I can't get enough!" I rolled over on top of him and started kissing him. After a few minutes I stopped, wiggled a bit; he was hard and then looked him in the eye, "Okay, Petersen, out with it."

"Out with what?" he replied.

"With whatever it was you were too embarrassed to say."

"Ich wünsche Sie mich bumsen," he giggled.

"That's not fair! I don't know German!" I laughed. I gave him my most mischievous look, "But I bet your mom does!" I started to get up but his arms wrapped around me. "Come on tell me."

"It's embarrassing!"

"So! Tell me."

He sighed, "Well, I was on the Internet and I read these stories gay stories and," he really blushed. I kissed him. "Well, in some of the stories they two lovers uh, fuck you know uh anal intercourse. I can't."

"You can't what?"

"It was before I knew you were raped. Look, I should have never brought this up. Please let's just change the subject."

"No. You look, I love you and you love me. We cannot and should not avoid talking about things just because they are difficult things to talk about," I said sternly then lightened it up by saying, "Did these stories make big boy down there stand up?"

"Yeah, okay you're right. I wondered what it would feel like to be fucked by you and I really want to feel you in me. It's about the most intimated kind of sex guys can have according to Claude. I asked him if it hurt and he said only if it's forced or you don't know how to do it right. I was too shy to ask him how to do it right, but I think he knew I was too shy to ask so he told me."

"Well he's right when it's forced it hurts bad."

"Dawson, I want you to fuck me," he said softly. I think I went instant hardon.

"I don't want to hurt you, Sven. I couldn't stand it if I hurt you."

"You won't we'll take it slow and easy. Claude says if you do it right it's the most incredible sex there is."

"You sure you want me to do this?"

Sven kissed me passionately and then said, "Yes, I want you in me."

"Okay, but promise me if it hurts, you'll tell me to stop."

"I promise."

We got naked. He got out a tube of stuff and spread it on my cock. God that felt good. He put some on my fingers and his anus and told me to like finger fuck him with one finger, then as he relaxed two fingers and then finally my cock.

I stuck my middle finger up his anus slowly I could feel the sphincter muscle relax so insert the second finger. I felt my finger touch is prostrate and he gasped and moaned. I touched it again and got the same reaction.

"Please, Dawson, I need your dick in me."

I had so much precum dripping out of me that I think it would have lubed us up pretty good. I positioned the head of my cock and slowly eased it in.

He grimaced. I stopped and started to pull out.

"No, don't pull out, just take it a little slower."

I did and finally I was all the way in. It felt awesome. So hot! We kissed and I began to pump slowly.

"Oh God Dawson you feel so good. Oh fuck me Dawson, fuck me harder!"

I did. It was so incredible I knew I was about to cum. I couldn't last much longer.

"Sven! I'm cumming! Oh! Oh! OH MY GOD I'm cumming!" I felt his sphincter muscle tighten.

"OH! OH! OH Dawson I love you!"

I could feel his seed pumping out between us five or six times.

I collapsed on him.

I lay on top of him for ten minutes without saying anything. I had never felt anything so intense. I decided then as I drifted off to sleep that I wanted Sven to fuck me.