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Chapter 17


I never knew sex could be that intense. I could feel Dawson pumping his seed into me. It drove me over the edge. I have never had an orgasm that long or intense. I don't think Dawson has either. I love feeling his naked body lying on top of me. He totally relaxed and fell asleep. I felt his penis finally slip out of my rectum. Even that felt nice.

I rolled him off of me, got up cleaned myself up and then cleaned up Dawson. He was sound asleep.

I soon fell asleep too.

When I woke up I opened my eyes to see his smiling face.

"I love you, Sven. I want to grow old and gray with you." Then he gave me his I-want-to-ask-you-a-question look.


"Is your ass sore? Does it hurt because of what we did last night?"

I smiled, "No, my ass feels fine." I laughed.

He rolled on top of me. Looked me in the eye, kissed me passionately, looked at me again, "Good. I decided last night that I want you to do the same to me you know fuck me."

"Are you sure?" I asked

"I am positive!"

"Only fools are positive!" I said.

"Are you sure?" he asked.

"I'm positive!" I gasped, "I fell for it! I should have known!" we laughed.

"Honestly, Sven, last night was the best ever. I want you to experience what I experienced and I want to experience what you experience. I realized that before it was horrible because there wasn't love. It was horrible because it wasn't you."

He rolled off me, got off the bed, saying "So let's take a shower, and have breakfast no sex until tonight." He wiggled his eyebrows.

Having a shower with Dawson it is impossible for us not to end up having sex. We ended up sixty-nining it.


I swear being in the shower with Sven I can't resist having sex. We start kissing, we get hard and then he goes down on me or I go down on him and we seem to naturally lie down in the tub and do each other. Sex with Sven seems like the natural thing to do.

I wonder if we will ever run out of cum. That would be disastrous! In my bad times when sex was force the taste, the smell was vile; with Sven I craved every drop. I wonder why that is.

We eventually got dress and had breakfast with his parents. Of course the first words out of Papa Erik's mouth was asking me to tell him more about the bear.

"Helena, please another pot of coffee then Dawson can continue."

"While I'm making the coffee why don't you gentleman move to the family room I am sure the two boys would prefer sitting next to each other," suggested Mama Helena.

"Of course! Let's go boys."

Sven sat on the couch with his legs stretched out so I had no option than to sit between his legs and lean back into him, not that I wanted any other option. Papa Erik smiled, "You two truly love each other...and that's good. So what are your plans? I mean this is a lifetime commitment, is it not."

"Definitely!" exclaimed Sven.

"Forever!" I exclaimed at the same time.

Papa Erik laughed at our enthusiasm.

"And we plan on having children too, but we'd haven't decided on whose going to be the one to get pregnant!" I laughingly added.

"Yes we have, you are!" laughed Sven.

"Are you two always this way?"

"I think so, laughing is contagious and I caught it from my grandfather when I was very young. And interesting story if I do say so myself. I know Sven must have gotten his from you."

"Hey! One story at a time!" laughed Sven.

Mama Helena walked in with the coffee and served us then sat down in her husbands lap.

"So, continue your story," said Papa Erik.

"I had spent a year studying bears and survival I knew Sam would not let me go unless he knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that I could survive. I learned to read a map. Finally, I made my fifteenth presentation to Sam."

"A presentation?" asked Papa Erik.

"Yes. You see if I knew I wanted something really bad and I knew Sam would not normally go for what I wanted I had to make a presentation to convince him to see things my way. Well, letting an eleven-year-old boy venture out into the wilderness in hopes of finding his bear on his own is not something that often happens. This was my fifteenth presentation to Sam on the subject of me going to see Merribear."

"I would have made a thousand presentations and Sam knew it. My presentation took me four hours. I had acquired aerial photographs, geological survey maps of Dawson's meadow. I had a list of equipment like GPS, emergency beacon, satellite phone, first aid kit that I would have with me. Basically I went through a four-hour test of my knowledge, which required me to demonstrate my skills. Sam would think up problems and situations and I had to answer them correctly."

"In the end I passed and he said okay. I asked to spend three months there but he gave me three weeks. I was to call him twice a day and he would call me during the day to make sure I was ok. I had to carry the satellite phone with me at all times."

"I arrived at the meadow after a day hike from the drop-off/pickup point. It was nearly dark and I was tired. Within half an hour I was sound asleep. I woke the next morning staring into the eyes of a huge bear. I nearly pissed myself but then the bear licked my face. It was Merribear.

I sat up and looked at her she had easily doubled in size. "My, how you've grown, you're bigger than me. Humans don't grow that fast. Let's go look for some food".

We both got up and walked to the stream. It was full of trout. I tried several times to catch one, but they kept getting away from me. Merribear on the other hand had already devoured three. I got frustrated and went and sat on a rock by the stream.

A minute later Merribear dropped a trout at my feet then walked back into the water. "Well, thank you Merribear!" I said as my took out my Swiss Army knife. I gutted and filleted the trout and proceeded to eat the raw trout.

She came back with another and wondered why I'd left the best parts - the head and guts.

"Sushi is one thing Merribear but I just can't get over the idea of eating the head and innards, you can have them."

And she did. I think she thought they were delicious!

I had managed to eat two and a half raw trout and Merribear had polished of at least eight plus the parts I left.

By eleven o'clock it was quite hot and Merribear help convince me that clothes held in the moisture and that promoted bacteria, which in turn caused body odor or a stronger scent, which was annoying. We went for a swim in the lake and I wash my jeans and underwear, laid them on a rock to dry, and did not bother to put them back on until the day I left.

I worn my Swiss Army knife around my neck on a makeshift necklace and the satellite phone.

Most days we spent doing the same things playing games, exploring, eating, fishing and sleeping. I spent a lot of hours drawing pictures mainly of Merribear. Strangely enough she enjoyed watching me draw pictures, but usually after a few minutes of watching she go do something else mainly eating. She ate considerably more than I did, but then she had to fatten up for winter and I didn't.

On the fourth day we were walking in the woods and found a fallen tree trunk. Merribear could smell the fine grubs under this partially rotting tree trunk and began rocking it so she could get at them. A large Diamond back slithered out and for whatever reason decided to coil up. It was poised to attack me.

I froze. Just as the snake struck Merribear step in the way as if she intended to protect me from certain death. The snake's fangs sank into Merribear's leg and she let out a yell. The snake slithered away.

She seemed to know that her time was short as she sadly looked at me. I felt her horror and pain. I had to do something. Quickly, I took off my knife, opened it to my sharpest blade, and shaved the hair from around the wound. I could easily see the two puncture holes. I quickly cut an X on each hole without thinking that Merribear might react to my painful cuts but the sharpness of the blade and my speed did a lot to camouflage the pain. I sucked out as much poison as I could.

Next I ran off to my supplies, got the First Aid kit, and returned. I bandaged her leg and gave her an injection of snakebite serum.

She was getting weaker by the minute. She couldn't get up. She couldn't move. She fell over then closed her eyes.

I could see she was not doing well. I knew that in the woods away from my fire we would possibly end up being a fine feast for some predator. How could I carry her out? She weighed at least two hundred pounds. I thought for a few minutes and decided the only way was to build a stretcher where I could drag her out.

I needed to long poles. I found two slender trees, which were long enough and slender enough. I tried to push them over but they were too strong. I took out my knife and started sawing on one. After an hour of sawing I had finally cut through one enough I could break it off. Even though my hands were raw with blisters I started on the second tree. The second tree took me almost an hour. I had constantly been checking up on Merribear, she wasn't doing well.

I needed to fasten my sleeping bag to the two poles. I got my jeans and cut them into long strips and using these strips managed to use them to crudely sew each side of the sleeping bag to each pole. I made myself a makeshift harness. It was almost nightfall.

I managed to roll Merribear's body on to the stretcher. She was running a fever. I soaked my shirt in the lake then squeezed some water into her mouth slowly so she wouldn't choke. Finally, I tested out the stretcher to see if I could pull her. I could. It was hard work as I was carrying about a third of her weight.

About the time I got her to the fire Sam called. I was near hysterics. But hearing Sam's voice did a lot to calm me down. I hadn't given her enough of the antidote so I gave her another shot. Sam was great. He called me back every hour to see how she was. Her fever broke about four in the morning. He told me to get some sleep.

When I woke Merribear was awake but too weak to move. I was her nursemaid for the day. I fetched her water, berries, grubs, and fish a lot of fish.

I'd been there at Dawson's Meadow for twenty-five days. Merribear was doing great; it's as if she'd never been bitten by the rattler. We fish, actually, she fishes and I eat; we play our usual games.

August was a particularly hot month. It's even hot at night and sometimes I found it really hard to sleep especially if there is no breeze. Even though I'm still a little scared of the dark when I can't sleep I walk around with Merribear while she forges for food. One night she was being mean and ran off, leaving me all alone in the dark in the woods. At first I was angry, but that quickly changed after a screech owl let out a screech. I started crying and she soon came back to me and led me back to the camp. I think she thought I was a wimp - I was.

The nights were usually so clear; it seems like there are a million more stars out there. I'd try counting the stars, but I usually fell asleep before I even get to a hundred; then the next night, I'd start all over again, because I could never remember which ones I'd already counted.

When I woke Merribear was gone, probably foraging for food in the forest. It was another hot and sticky day, even though it was cloudy. I hoped it would rain and cool things off, but in the meantime the next best thing to a cool shower is a dip in the lake.

I was swimming in the lake; when all of a sudden, I saw Merribear running towards me, she looked frightened. Something told me I needed to get out of the water and find out what was wrong. I was a few feet from the shore, when I heard a huge crashing, crackling explosion behind me!

Bam! I felt my body flying through the air and as if in slow motion, I saw my body twist mid-air then crash to the ground five feet from the waters edge. I felt nothing as my body lay there face up. It was really weird! I was about ten feet above my body and although most of my attention was on my body below me I had three hundred and sixty degree spherical peripheral vision! It was dreamlike, yet not!

"Dawson! Dawson! Oh! Dawson!" she said.

Who was talking to me? All I could see was Merribear; I was still above my body and Merribear.

She licked my face. "Dawson! Dawson! Please be okay!" she said as she licked my face. Voom! I was back in my body, looking out of my eyes at Merribear.

"Oh, Dawson! Are you okay?" she asked.

Merribear was talking to me! Well, not really talking like talking! It was like I could hear her thoughts! But not really thoughts! I don't know I was so confused! "Oh God!" I thought. "I've died or something! She was communicating to me and I understood her!"

She continued licking my face.

"Stop licking my face, Merribear," I thought as I was trying to make sense of things.

She stopped!

"What's wrong, Dawson?" she asked. "I can sense something is wrong!"

"What happened to me?" I asked.

"I saw you were in danger being in the lake; I was trying to warn you. You were almost struck by lightening; you could have died, you know?"

"I can understand you! This shouldn't be happening. I mean it's weird! I'm weird! What's wrong with me?"

"Dawson, I thought you were a little odd before. Well, maybe not odd, but at least a little slow or dumb; you know not able to communicate with other life forms. Are all humans as dumb as you? I mean as dumb as you used to be?" she asked.

"So, I was stupid when I saved your life?"

"No, I didn't say `stupid'; I said dumb as in can't communicate. But now that you mention it, you were stupid when you stepped in front of the snake and even more stupid when you just stood there."

"And you were smart?"

"No, I just did what I had to do, which wasn't stupid; it was love. And I felt responsible for you and your life."

"Love me?"

"Yes and I still feel responsible for you."

"Why? Why do you feel responsible for me?"

"Because you're in my territory and not to insult you, but I'm smarter than you. Anyway, I'm hungry," she said as she started walking away.

"Wait! I just got struck by lightening, nearly died! I discover that I can talk to a bear that thinks I'm stupid!"

She looked back at me. "Come on youngster! Walk with me and we'll talk." The communication came across as a sort of giggle of happiness. I got up and followed her.


"Yes, when I first met you, we played like children, you still play the same, you haven't change much since then, but I have and someday I will have children and I think you will still be a human child."

"How come I can understand you and you can understand me?"

"I have always understood you, you are different and special; you emanate love and friendship. You have shown that to me; and you have shown you care. I think caring is your most important quality you have. I have seen other humans and they seem to care less about others. Some seem to kill for pleasure and not for survival."

"But why has this happened to me?"

"I do not know, but I think that it is good. Maybe someday you can help other humans to see what you see and to have the same respect for other life that you have. Care for a fish?"

"Thanks," I replied. I automatically filleted the fish and started eating. I kept thinking any second I would wake up, but I didn't. I started to say something and `whack!'

She hit me with her paw!

"Ow! That hurt! Why did you hit me?" I said half stunned.

She stood over me and roared in my face. It was a deafening roar, but strangely enough I did not feel any anger coming from her. She put her head down to my face. We were nose to nose.

Then laughingly she said, "You are awake now, right?"

"Yes," I smiled, "But I'm going to have one heck of a bruise!"

"You see that plant over there. Chew the leaves, don't eat them, just chew them then spit them out and place them were I hit you. No bruise."

I followed her instructions.

"Many, many years ago men respected us," she said as she ate her fish, "They would follow us, watch us and learn from us. They learned how to heal their sick."

"Indian Medicine Men," I said.

"Yes, a few of them were like you, full of love and caring for all life forms. They respected nature they helped keep things in balance. If you want, I could tell you some of the stories that have been passed down through the ages by my ancestors. You are confused now because you have suddenly been awakened, maybe these stories will help to answer your questions."

"Yes, perhaps, but I am not an Indian much less a Medicine Man," I said.

"Learn to listen, I did not say you were an Indian Medicine Man, I said that a few of them were like you, meaning they could communicate with us."

"I would like to hear your stories, Merribear."

She began to tell me a story, which I listened to intently. Perhaps someday, I will tell others these stories. I learned a lot over the next two days about her, and about myself, and about caring for our planet. Everything is supposed to be in balance, man has upset that balance!

The day before I had to leave we said our goodbyes. She said she had to leave too because she had been in this part of her territory too long. I was sad to see her go, but I understood. It was because of the balance.

I cleaned up after myself; I worked hard at returning Dawson's Meadow back to nature. When I left, you would have never known anyone had been there.

"An amazing story," commented Papa Erik, "So, you really talked with the bear?"

"Yes, well, it's hard to explain because it wasn't thoughts like we have more like feelings and impressions I knew what she wanted to communicate to me. I know you don't believe me. But it did happen there was a witness."

"A witness?" said Mama Helena.

"Yes ma'am. You see. Despite all my work and preparations Sam had someone watching me the whole time. An Indian called Silent Eagle . Of course I didn't know until my last visit to Dawson's Meadow. He was a Nature photographer. He was the one who took the picture of me on the bear."

"Oh, tell us about that time," said Papa Erik.

I knew I could not talk about that time without crying, "Maybe later, it was a very sad part of my life. I would probably cry a lot if I told you about it and it's too nice a day to put you through the ordeal of seeing me cry."

"Well, perhaps another time. Dawson, I thoroughly enjoyed your stories. You are a remarkable boy and I for one and I think I speak for my wife, am honored to have you as a son-in-law."

"Papa, I thought I would like to take Dawson sightseeing," said Sven.

"Of course, Take your mother's car and enjoy yourself."