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Author's Message: My friend Andrew reminded me that I hadn't finished this story! I got so busy with my other story One Person at a Time that I forgot all about this story.

I lived in Paris for 6 months when I was a teen. I lived there just long enough to understand a toothpaste commerical on the radio. I was young and confused then. I was a wannabe artist - I did a few sketches but lacked any talent - I didn't consider my cartoons and doodles were art.

I liked Paris for the most part - what I enjoyed the most was running around Paris pretending I was a cute French boy and speaking to English and American tourists in very broken English and a heavy French sounding accent. Sometimes giving them the right directions to somewhere and sometimes not(hehe - hey I was a kid and it was fun sending someone in the wrong direction - I would tell people I was Jean-Jacques Dumas the great-great grandson of Alexandre Dumas. I had a pretty good imagination.

Sam (sam_lakes@hotmail.com)

Chapter 19


I feel like the world's greatest idiot. I could have had Dawson but I screwed up. I guess it wasn't meant to be. I'd like to say that I fell into drugs when he left but I was doing them before he left. Actually from the time I met Andrew. It started out as just doing weed but after a while it turned to other stuff, shrooms, LSD, peyote, crack, blue pills, green ones, red and orange ones. I lost my job and my money and almost any will to live.

I always had a sixth sense about Dawson and that's how Andrew and I ended up in the café. Dawson looked so good, so happy. I knew he had always love Sven more than me. Maybe that's why I hooked up with Andrew. I can't really blame Andrew for how I ended up. I did it to me.

Those first few weeks Dawson never let me out of his sight. He was always there. We talked more than we'd ever talked before. He had told the story about the spirit of the bear and had I not seen the picture of him I would not have believed him.

Once we found the gallery Dawson and Sven had me up with the sun. Dawson would cook us all a big breakfast and then he'd make me work cleaning, sanding, scraping, painting and even cooking. In my life I had never had to do physical labor.

At first I hated it. I hated Dawson. I hated Sven. I hated everyone. I'd get angry throw a tantrum. I'd say a lot of hurtful things to Dawson. Things I should have never said in front of the others. I knew it pissed Sven, Alex and Ian off.

One night I tried sneaking out.

"Going some place?" said Dawson's voice.

"I need to go for a walk," I lied. I thought maybe I could find Andrew because he had what I needed.

"Cool, I need to walk too."

"I need some time alone. I'm tired of you trying to control my life. I don't need you and I'm sick and tired of listening to your fucking words of wisdom or your little anecdotes of life. Get out of my life!"

"No. I can't do that."

I went bezerk!

I remember screaming, yelling, and trying to kill the person stopping me. It was almost like I was hallucinating - I didn't really see Dawson as Dawson. He ducked most of my punches. He never hit back. There were some punches that connected. Before the others pulled me off of him. I don't know if someone knocked me out or if I passed out.

The next thing I knew I was in my bed with someone's arms wrapped around me. I turned around to see who it was and was horrified with what I saw. It was Dawson. He looked like he'd been beaten to a pulp.

"Hey, you okay?" he whispered.

I had never been a person of violence. I avoided fights because I was afraid of hurting my looks. I tried not to believe that I had done this to Dawson, however I knew that I had.

"If you think this is bad you should see the other person," said Dawson. I guess he was trying to lighten the situation.

"Why Dawson? Why? Why don't you just let me go? I'm not worth it!" I began to cry.

Whack! He bopped me on the head.

"None of that 'I'm not worth it' crap. As to why, I will tell you one of my silly anecdotes. Cut the blubbering and feeling sorry for yourself because it doesn't become you," he said softly.

I wiped the tears from my eyes and took a deep breath.

"You know the story of me, the bear and the rattlesnake. I thought about that incident for a whole year. I was eleven. I was very fast on my feet. I could have jumped a million different ways. Why did I freeze? In all honesty I don't know because I do not have any particular fear of snakes."

"I mentioned this to Sam one day many months after the happening because he asked me what was troubling me. He laughed and said "Dawson you worry about the stupidest things." "But Sam, why didn't I do something different." His reply "Sometimes Dawson we do stupid things to ourselves and others. We are humans, we make dumb decisions, and we do dumb things like not moving out of the way of a striking snake. Try and learn from the dumb mistakes. You're not perfect Dawson and that's what I love about you. Dawson if you were perfect - I wouldn't love you nearly as much. Like I always say don't sweat the small shit because there is a whole load of manure waiting around the corner for you."

"I know you guys probably think I'm nuts or I was eating too many shrooms out in the wilderness but I swear what happened - happened. I could communicate with the bear. I don't understand why or how."

"I learned so much about life, friendship and love from Merribear. I asked her why she stepped in front of me knowing full well that it meant her life. First came the friendship, then the love and finally the responsibility. I was in her territory. I was her friend. She loved me."

"I asked her if I did something stupid again would she still try to protect me even if it meant her life. Her answer was yes she would do it no matter how many times. She died protecting me. I am doing the same for you. Why? Friendship, love and responsibility, you are in my territory and I am responsible for you. But I am not alone in this. Sven, Alex and Ian feel the same."

I think I finally understood Dawson. I think I actually understood what real love is.


At the end of May Ian's brother arrived. Damn! He was a cutie. He was working at the café and living above it like Ian had done. He'd come over everyday to help out. I had a really hard - I mean hard time working with him. No matter what whenever I would look at him I'd get an instant hardon.

Neither he nor I said much to each other. I don't think he likes me much. I always seem to get tongue-tied or saying something really stupid and pointless. He probably thinks I'm a dork.


I am in charge of promotion for the gallery and making all the arrangements for the Grand Opening on September the 15th.

The first thing I did was to find a printer to print the poster. The galley proofs came back a couple weeks later and were fantastic - I made one change the Poster now read Dawson = INTENSE, Dawson's picture then 'Seeing is Believing… 'Five Boys Gallery' and the address.

I thought I was getting a tremendous deal until I arrived to pay and pickup the order.

"You can have your truck go to the loading dock."

"I don't have a truck. I thought I could pick them up and go."

The man laughed, "Sir, two hundred and fifty thousand posters - you need a truck."

"Two hundred and fifty thousand! I only ordered 250 posters."

"Sir, we would never print that few. We have big presses and only print large volume."

We argued back and forth. I lost and I had no idea how I was going to pay for that many posters let alone get rid of them. He said he could deliver them Friday and would give me sixty days to pay. I was given fifty posters to take with me.

I entered the café because I had nowhere to go. Dawson would ask about the posters if I went back to the gallery. I am such a loser.

Sean Roberts

It was great to be in Paris. Dawson and Sven are great and I get along with all of them except Dieter. It's not that I don't get along with him I don't know what to say to him. I can hardly look at him without getting a boner. When I first met him he was in these really short cutoffs - he's got the kind of bod I drool over. He is pure eye candy.

Alex and Ian tease me about him and I blush.

I think Dieter thinks I'm a young immature kid because I never know what to say when I am around him. He's got the greatest dimpled smile and the bluest eyes. I think I have a weakness for blonds. Alex told me Dieter is Dawson's ex-boyfriend. It's funny most ex-boyfriends can't stand each other but it is obvious to me there is a lot of love between them. Hell, there's a lot of love between all of them.

I saw Dieter come into the café. He looked very worried. I plucked up my courage to go talk to him because he really looked like he needed a friend.

"Hi, Dieter. Can I join you?"

"Oh, uh Sean, hi. Yeah, sure, but I don't promise to be great company," he half mumbled.

I sat down. He said nothing. I said nothing.

"You want another cup of coffee?" I asked.

"Huh, oh, no thanks."

"You don't like me that much do you," I said.

"Huh, no. No that's not true, I'm a screw up - a fucking loser."

"Yeah, well join the club. I just got my notice."


"Yeah, laid off - fired whatever. Maurice said after I fucked up three times last night that he'd have to let me go. I guess I'm not the waitering kind. So what or how did you screw up?"

He told me and my problem didn't seem anything but funny.

"Well, there's not much I can do about my problem - I mean it's the fourth time I dropped a tray of food. The last one I dropped on some customer's lap. I'm sure Dawson can help figure out what to do. Why don't we go talk with him?" I suggested.

"No. I can't."

"Okay, then we'll have to figure it out ourselves. Right!"

He looked at me and smiled for the first time since I had sat down, "We?"

I blushed. "Well, uh, <blush>, yeah, <blush>I mean if you want - uh. Bad idea, huh?"

"Damn! You're cute."

"Don't say that!" I giggled.

"Why? It's true and I've wanted to say it since I met you."

Blush. I looked away. I looked back at him. He was smiling. Blush. "Stop that!"

"Stop what?" he giggled. I couldn't take it I got up and walked out of the café. I can't believe the way he makes me feel.

I felt his hand on my shoulder.

"Sean, I'm sorry. It's just - fuck I don't know what to say around you. I get all flustered. I-uh-"

I turned around. He was blushing.

"Gee, I must be contagious!" I said.

He laughed. We laughed and sat back down at an outside table.

"I want to be your friend - boyfriend." There I said it and closed my eyes figuring that he'd leave.

He didn't. "Sean, open your eyes."


"Sean, I want that too." I still had my eyes closed.

"You're saying that to be kind."

The next thing I knew was his lips were pressed gently against mine. He kissed me. He really did mean it. I opened my eyes.

I had a boner. I glanced down. He looked like he had one too.

"About that problem. We have to find someone who will buy the posters," I said trying to get my mind off sex.

"Yeah," He became sad again.

"Everyone says Dawson is great about solving problems -," he started to object, "let me finish." He nodded. "If you were Dawson how would you solve the problem?"

"Hmm. Well, Dawson would seek advise from - Claude. Hmm," Dieter smiled, "I love you. Come on let's go."


"To see Claude."


I can't believe the way Sean makes me feel - happy. He is so damn cute! This is different than with Dawson. I went through that stage where I worried what people thought about me. And not being gay, now everyone that matters knows I'm gay and I know Sean is gay. He wants to be my boyfriend. I couldn't refuse. He got hard when I kissed him - I saw him glance to see if I was hard. I was and I didn't hide it.

While we were on the metro to Claude's I thought, "It's hard to stay down when he's around." It made me giggle when I thought that statement had a double meaning.

"What? He asked.

"Nothing, just a funny thought."

"Tell me!"

I told him. He giggled and rolled his eyes. I kissed him. He kissed back. Oh boy!

I saw Claude carrying two shopping bags full of food about a half block from his apartment. "Claude," I called out as I grabbed Sean's hand and ran to meet Claude.

"Dieter, it's good to see you and who is this with you. Wait! Of course, you must be Sean, Ian's brother."

"Yes sir. Pleasure to meet you sir."

Claude looked at my hand, which had Sean's hand clutched in it and smiled. I took one of the bags and handed it to Sean and I took the other and continued on with Claude to his apartment.

"You came all the way from the Latin Quarter to help me with my groceries?" Claude laughed.

"Yes sir, well you know it gets a bit boring being around Dawson," I laughed, "No. Actually, we - I."

"We," said Sean.

"Okay. We need some business advice as you know Dawson put me in charge of the gallery's promotion - I fucked up."

Whack! Sean hit the side of my head. I glared at him. He smiled back and winked. I melted on the spot and Claude laughed.

"I see he is already picking up Dawson's habits," laughed Claude.

"Well, sir, -" Sean started to say.

"Cut the sir stuff, I'm Claude. You're Sean and we are all family."

"Okay, Claude, he did not fuck up as I see it - he merely created an opportunity."

"Okay, I created an opportunity that if I -WE - don't do the right thing will be a really big fuck up."

"Let's have some lunch and then you can explain this opportunity," said Claude.

Claude fixed us lunch and then I explained to him what happened.

Claude started laughing when he heard I had 250,000 posters of Dawson. "I didn't think you were that much in love with him," laughed Claude.

"Claude," I whined.

"Honestly, Dieter when you fuck up you carry it to the extreme," he continued to laugh.

"He's not a fuck up!" said Sean testily.

Claude stopped laughing and looked at Sean for a moment then to me, smiled saying, "You are right, Sean. What's the bottom line, Dieter?"

"Forty-one thousand euro," I said glumly. I began to sink into to despair.

"Stop that!" Sean said as he elbowed me.

Claude smiled, "Yes, stop that. Dieter, you are not only a pretty face. You are smart and resourceful. If anyone can turn this opportunity into a success it is you. Why do you think Dawson and the rest never gave up on you? The reason was they never saw you as anything but a success. Sven and Alex have told me that you have a natural sense of business which none of the other four have. Let's get to work."

Sean and I with Claude's help mapped out a plan. It required a lot of research. Sean suggested the Internet. I have to follow his lead because although I am not computer illiterate I have not spent much time using the Internet for much more that looking at porn and reading gay stories. To say the least I was surprised how much information could be research.

We had only had one break for dinner with Claude. I called Dawson and told him that Sean and I were working together on the promotion plan.

"We figured Sean must be with you. You make a good couple," said Dawson.

"Yeah, he's so fantastic and we work well together. We hope to have a presentation ready for you tomorrow."

"A presentation?"

"Yes. Our promotional plan," I said as my stomach did flips.

"Cool. See you two tomorrow."

It was well past midnight when we finally were too tired to continue. I know Sean was tired because one second he was talking to me and the next minute he was fast asleep. As he was asleep on the bed I pulled the covers over him and kissed him goodnight.

I ended up strategizing with Claude until three a.m. when Claude went to bed. I was excited about our plan. Claude said he would back Sean and I financially. I stretched out on the couch and dozed off.

About six a.m. was woken by gentle kisses from Sean.

I smiled.

"Come on to bed," he said taking my hand, leading me to the bedroom and began undressing me. Soon we were both naked and we kissed. Our bodies were soon grinding together passionately as we stood embraced in each other's arm. He sank to his knees and took my hardened penis into his mouth. His tongue gently pushed back my foreskin as his hands play with my balls.

I looked down at him bobbing up and down on my cock in his left hand he was slowly jacking off his own cock. His cock looked so delicious. I reached down and pulled him up. His face showed concern.

"Did I do something wrong?"

"No. I want to do you at the same time. I love you Sean." We lay down on the bed in a sixty-nine position and began to suck each other's cock. With a wetted finger I slipped it into his anus and gently maneuvered it around and in deeper until I felt his prostrate. He gasped and moaned.

I felt his finger moving up my love chute. He found my prostrate. Oh man! We both entered into a frenzy of sex driving our fingers up each other's ass and madly devouring our partner's dick. I heard him squeal, his asshole tightened around my finger and volleys of hot cum shot into my mouth and down my throat. That was all I need to bring me to the most fantastic and awesome climax of my life. I thought I'd never stop cumming.

We lay on the bed with our partner's softening member in our mouth too spent to move. I heard soft cries coming from Sean and quickly changed my position to see what was the matter and why he was crying.

"Babe, sweetheart, what's the matter?"

He threw his arms around me - we embraced and through his tears he cried, "Never let me go Dieter. Promise me, we will always be together. I never thought I would ever - could ever love someone so much. I never thought sex could be so awesome. I love your Dieter."

I kissed him passionately. Threw my own tears of joy I swore to him, "Sean, I promise. I promise."

I knew I had found my lifemate. I knew with Sean by my side we would be a success. I fell into the happiest, most relaxed sleep - I felt complete.