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Chapter 20


When Dieter and Sean arrived I knew things had changed for the good for him. He was positively glowing - they both were but Dieter looked the image of success dressed in his best and now only Armani suit.

"Whoa! Dieter!" said Ian.

"Gentlemen," he greeted.

"Sean! Where did you get that suit! You look so, so professional," remarked Ian.

Sean beamed. "It belongs to Dawson. Claude said it was too big for him and he was sure Dawson wouldn't mind. You don't, do you, Dawson?"

"Not at all! It's yours. It never looked that good on me but you make it look good," I said, "So, what's this all about?"

"Dawson, here is the business plan and proposal," he said handing me some papers, "Once you give us your approval, we will be on our way with step 2." His voice was full of certainty. I knew the plan was good. I knew he would have gone over it with Claude and had Claude not been in agreement with it he wouldn't be here.

I started reading over the proposal. "Two hundred and fifty thousand posters!" I exclaimed.

"Yes, sir," smiled Dieter.

"And that's just the beginning order," added Sean cheerfully. Dieter's arm wrapped around Sean's waist pulling Sean closer to him. I continued to read. They had done their homework. The plan looked great. They had even received some front money from Claude, which was the final clincher for me.

When I looked up Sean had his arm around Dieter's waist. They were both smiling.

"You got it, I approved," I said, "You are amazing - the two of you. I'm overwhelmed and WOW!!"


I felt totally confident with our plan as soon as Dawson gave his approval we knew it would be approved by Sven, Ian and Alex. It was and Sean and I left. For the rest of the day Sean and I did a market survey on the poster stopping school kids, young adults and older people. Every teenage girl and nearly every boy loved the poster in fact some of them beg us to let them buy one from us.

We were ecstatic from our day's work and the results but really worn out by the time we returned to the apartment. We immediately change to more casual wear. Claude was there for dinner. Claude and everyone else were excited on our report of our day's activity.

"I would like to propose a toast," Ian said and everyone picked up their glass of wine, "To our new couple. May your love and happiness last forever."
Sean and I blushed. I gave Sean a quick kiss on the lips after we drank to the toast.

"I would like to like to propose a toast," said Dawson, "To our new gallery partner, Sean."

"Me a partner, really?" said Sean emotionally.

"Yes, really. Alex, Ian, Sven and I voted on it this afternoon. I'm sure Dieter would have voted in favor," Dawson said and looked at me. I shook my head yes because I was overcome with emotion.

"But why?" Sean queried - tears streaming down his cheeks.

"Because you are a most valuable asset. We've seen your poetry. We've seen the work you've done. We've seen and know of the work you helped Dieter with," spoke Dawson.

"Hear! Hear!" said Claude.

"And finally because we and especially Dieter love you. So, gentlemen raise your glasses to our new partner!"

We all drank to our new business partner.


The next day was not such a good day. I had thought for sure we could have gotten one radio station to do a promotional giveaway but they all turned us down Dawson wasn't a rock star or even a musician and new artist in Paris was not newsworthy no matter how good he was in their opinion. They were all very nice especially the last radio guy we saw - he loved the poster so I gave him a couple. He suggested that we might try television and gave us the name of someone he knew and said the guy was a bit of a bastard but it was the best he could do for us. He took our phone number in case he came up with a bright idea.

The TV guy was a bastard, an arrogant asshole and several other demeaning names I thought of calling him. He was immediately put off by the fact that I was Dutch and Sean was of all things English. He acted like it was an insult to bring Sean who spoke very little French into his office. He liked the poster and thought the French boy in it was very attractive. I told him Dawson was American.

He made some snide comment about Dawson and Sean. I stood up, rolled up the poster, and said to Sean, "Let's go."

The man had the audacity to ask for a poster. My reply was in English and something I remembered Dawson saying to Andrew, "Dude, I wouldn't give you the sweat off my balls if you were dying of thirst." The look on his face was my reward - he understood English.

The whole day had been a bust. I was feeling really down as we rode the Metro back to the gallery in silence. Sean suddenly got up two stops before our stop.

"Come on. We're getting off here."

"Why?" I pouted.

"Because it's been a shitty day; we're both depressed; I don't want to go back to the gallery like this; and most of all I want to walk along the Seine with the guy I love." He gave me that special smile. It was his goofy smile - it always made me laugh. It always made me love him even more.

As we walked along the river in silence holding hands Sean spoke again, "It doesn't fucking matter. So, we had a bad day. Bad days happen. So, it doesn't fucking matter. Everybody has a bad day. It doesn't mean we are losers. It was our turn to have a bad day and that's all."

I stopped and looked at him. I forced a smile. He knew it. He gave me his goofy look again. I didn't laugh.

"I know you're think maybe it's the poster."

I nodded. I was my idea. Yeah, Dawson helped but it was my idea.

He smacked the back of my head saying, "Stop that! The poster is great. I'll prove it." He grabbed one of the posters I was carrying and started unrolling it. "Here, hold this open," he ordered then looked around and spotted a group of six boys in their early teens, walked over to them and beckoned them over. They were French. "Dieter, ask them what they think of the poster."

I asked them what they thought of the poster. Four of the boys looked at one of the boys and said, "There you go Andre a boy you can make Pierre jealous of" laughed the boy who seemed to be the leader. The boy Andre blushed and giggled. "Andre likes it. If I were into boys I'm sure hang it on my wall. George's sister Michelle would like it." One of the boys nodded and said, "True."

I rolled up the poster and gave it to the boy Andre who blushed again and accepted the poster. I got another poster and gave it to the boy who said his sister would like it. The leader then said, "Hey, how about giving each of us one?" I gave them each one. They seemed really pleased.

Meanwhile Sean had brought over two teenage girls. They too liked the poster. I started to give them one and Sean said, "Dieter, find out where they go to school and tell them if they spread the word around school tomorrow we will give them a copy if at least we sell five to their friends." I told them. The girls agreed.

After the girls left Sean smiled saying, "quod erat demonstrandum" (QED).

I kissed him passionately.

The next day we went to the school and a block from the school was a newsstand. As I walked past the newsstand I had an idea.

"Sean, hold up a second." I returned to the newsstand and talked to the news man who was maybe a couple of years older than me and got him to agree to take our posters. I explained that we were going to sell these posters to the kids at the school for five euros but if he sold them he'd give us 2.50 and he'd keep 2.50. At first he thought I was crazy but then I told him if he sold out and wanted more he would have to persuade his distributor to buy them from us in bulk and we would make sure his price would never be more than 2.50 per poster. He saw my logic.

Sean got the gist of what I was doing. We saw the two girls and they plus a crowd of other girls and a couple of boys came over to us. We unrolled a poster and told them the newsstand had a supply of posters and to buy them from him. The swarm of kids headed to the newsstand. We gave the two girls a poster each.

What we didn't know was that these two girls were probably the most popular girls in the school. We chatted a while and I felt Sean take hold of my hand. They noticed it and smiled. One girl said to me in sort of a giggle, "We saw you two kiss yesterday. You looked so sweet. That's when we decided would tell all our friends about the poster. You see we are best friends and our two brothers are lovers."

When we got back to the newsstand the young man had sold all but two of the twenty-five posters we collected our money from him for the posters and left. By the time we got back to the gallery the distributor had called and left his number. I called the distributor. He ordered a thousand and was sending one of his trucks to get them from the printer.

As soon as I hung up I turned to Sean. "He's going to send his truck to the printer to pick up a thousand posters."


"NO! WE DID IT!" I said back enthusiastically.

The others rushed in to see what Sean and I were so excited about and we told them.

"I knew you two could do it!" exclaimed Dawson.

In true Ian fashion he added, "Now you only have 249,000 left to get rid of." Dawson shot him a irritated look and Ian smiled as if to say to Dawson 'Gotch!' then added, "But I am positive by the end of the month you'll be ordering more."

The fact is by the time of our gala opening we had only managed to get rid of twenty-five thousand posters. The gallery's opening was incredible and we sold almost a thousand posters that night. No one was disappointed by Sean and my efforts except me.

Nearly two months after the gallery opened Dawson decided to close the gallery one night a week and tonight we were having dinner as a family. As we all sat down to eat Dawson came over to me, bent down and kissed me on the lips. It wasn't a passionate kiss. Just a simple kiss. He returned to his seat next to Sven.

"That was from all of us to you, Dawson was simply the messenger," Sven said softly.

"Hear-hear," the others said.

"We all love you, Dieter, especially me," added Sean.

"The gallery is a total success. We never expected to see the media and dignitaries and celebrities at the opening," said Alex, "That was totally your efforts with Sean's help."

"Hear-hear," they all repeated. I could feel my emotions getting out of control.

"As you know because you keep the books the gallery has made a huge profit. Something most businesses struggle to make in a few years you have done in two months," Sven said.

"Yes, Dawson has sold paintings, Alex has sold photographs, I have sold books and we constantly have people coming to our open evenings of poetry by Sean. And if that is not good enough you negotiated the most awesome deal with the Yanks for my Fleacula script."

"So, Dieter we owe our success to you and so rightly you should be the President and CEO of Five Boys Gallery," said Dawson.

Oh, boy my floodgates opened and tears poured down my cheeks.

"BUT," Dawson continued, "If you ever walk into the backroom to look at the pallets of posters and come out of there with a look of defeat and failure. WE WILL KICK YOUR BEAUTIFUL ASS FROM HERE TO HALIFAX!"

"Hear-hear," they all said cheerfully.

I don't know how a person can cry and laugh at the same time but I managed it. It took me a while but I managed to get my emotions back under control and we all had a great meal and I think just maybe a little too much wine. We cleaned up the dishes and the kitchen and all ended up in the living room.

Sean and I snuggled together in the love seat. Alex and Ian were snuggled together on the sofa and Dawson was sitting in Sven's lap all close and comfy.

I closed my eyes enjoying the comfort of Sean's body next to me feeling his gentle kisses. I heard a moan from the couch, opened my eyes to see what was going on. Ian and Alex were half naked making out and humping each other. I looked over to Dawson and Sven. They were in the same state as Ian and Alex.

I smiled at Sean who wasted no time in getting completely naked and neither did I. Then we virtually lunged for each other's cock. I loved being sucked by Sean and I loved the taste and feel of his cock in my mouth.

The moans from the other couples were getting louder. I was so turned on. Sean started rimming me. I was going crazy. I wanted him in me. "Fuck me Sean," I pleaded. Then heard Alex say to Ian, Fuck me harder, babe." I heard Dawson say, "Oh! Baby, fuck me."

I loved the feel of Sean's dick up my ass. He was going wild as only a sixteen year old can.

"Dieter, I can't stop! I'm cummmmmmmming!" The volleys of his hot teen juice set me off like a roman candle. I came harder than I had ever come in my life. I'm not sure if I screamed or not but it was pure pleasure. I think we set off the other two couples because I was vaguely aware of other cries of pleasure.

There was silence except for heavy breathing from six totally spent guys. After a few minutes Sean started laughing but not out loud - his body just giggled on top of me and his soften penis came out of me.

"Dawson giggled from across the room,"Damn! It smells like a sperm factory in here!"

We all began laughing and giggling.

Sean said, "That was so hot guys. I don't think I ever came so much in my life."

"Me too," I said and gave him a kiss. "Hearing and seeing you guys was a real turn on for me. Is that kinky or what?"

"Kinky or not it was great!" said Dawson.

"Yeah, seeing my bro pumping away on your ass and then hearing him scream I'm cumming and then you going wild and screaming drove me over the edge. Bro you're right it was hot!" Ian kissed Alex.

"Hear-hear," giggled Alex.

"We should do it again," said Sven in his soft voice.


A year later I recycled all but a thousand posters. I had to keep them for some reason. The Gallery had done so well we had to open a larger place. A couple of artist friends are running the show now because Ian was needed in LA for the feature length film. We decided to buy a large condominium in Santa Monica.

Sadly, Claude past away quietly in his sleep a few months before we left for America. We were all sad. In his belongings Dawson found a video tape Claude had made three months after we opened the Gallery. We watched it together we all sobbed out hearts out. But in the end we realized he had live a great life and the time he had with us and especially Dawson was more happiness than he ever expected.

Sven won the millionaire contest he had going with Dawson but the next week Dawson did a deal that placed him ahead of Sven by $300,000 dollars.

We occasionally have sex together but never swap partners - we're not quiet that kinky.

We've become good friends with the actor who is doing the voice of Count Fleacula. He's eighteen. His name is Hawken Sugarstone. He's so hot and his boyfriend Alex is a great musician with a wild sense of humor.

We though of opening a Gallery there but for now it's just a thought. Who knows? Maybe we'll will end up doing something in the film industry. Ya never know or do you?

The End.