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Chapter 3


I think the worst thing I could have done at that time was to have left, but I was stunned by the fact that Michael had had sex with Sharon. I was upset and pissed that he would betray our love and friendship.

I needed someone to talk to and that someone was Alice Jenkins. I had told her earlier that evening about Michael and me and the fact that we loved each other and were lovers. She was cool about it. I called her.

"Alice, Claude. I need someone to talk to."

"Come on over."

She only lived a block from us.

"So, what's wrong?"

I told her about Michael seeing us and then about what he did.

"Claude, earlier you told me you were gay and in love with Michael. Do you still love him?"


"Does he love Sharon?"

"I don't think so."

"Okay then go talk to him find out if he does. If he doesn't then you have nothing to worry about. I'm tired and I want to go to sleep. So, goodnight," she smiled.

When I got back Michael was just as I left him. I almost couldn't believe he was still sobbing. I had been gone for almost an hour. I went over and sat on his bed next to him.

"Do you love Sharon?"

With his face buried in his pillow he shook his head no.

"Michael, do you want this to be over?"

"No, I love you only you, Claude. I don't even like Sharon. I was upset with you and Alice and she knew I was upset over you and Alice. She kept rubbing against me I was scared if I didn't fuck her she'd know that I was gay and that I loved you. I'm so sorry, Claude."

"Baby, I love you. I know you didn't love her. I'll never put you in that position again."

We embraced.

"I never want to have sex with anybody other than you Claude EVER!"

"Moi aussi."

We fell asleep in each other's arms.


We had a great graduation. I was returning to Paris and Michael would be coming with me as he was going to be attending the Sorbonne.

Up until graduation we had remained pretty closed about our relationship.


I had everything ready to leave for France a week before graduation. My French was not too bad Claude and I mostly conversed in French namely because I wanted to be ready for living in Paris.

I had no idea how Dad was going to react to the fact that Claude and I are lovers and had been since shortly after Claude came to stay with us. A week before graduation I move our two beds together after all, Dad had never come into my room in two years and my door was always closed.

My Dad was a pretty understanding guy so I really didn't worry.

Sunday morning after graduation Claude and I slept in late. Of course we always slept in the nude and normally cuddled together. Sunday morning was no exception. Dad didn't bother to knock he just open the door and we were both awakened by his voice yelling out.

"What the hell are you two doing?"

"Huh?" I said groggily, `Sleeping."




"NO. I WON'T SHUT UP! Claude didn't make me queer. I've always been queer. You thought I was upset about mom's death. Well, I wasn't. IT WAS ME DAD I KNEW I WAS QUEER! I NEVER THOUGHT ANYONE WOULD EVER LOVE ME. Claude loves ME and I love him!"

"YOU AREN'T MY SON GET THE FUCK OUT OF MY HOUSE!" he yelled then turned and slammed the door.

"I'm sorry Michael, I "

"You have nothing to be sorry for."

We packed our things and left for Paris.



I was not the perfect parent I don't think there really is such a thing. When I walked into Michael's room and saw him and Claude cuddled together naked I was shocked and I reacted the way I guess I had been brought up to react.

I left the house soon after I told them to get out and drove to Michael's `thinking park'. That was what he called it. At first I was so angry not just with Michael but also with Claude. For a while I cried my heart out. Finally, reason and logic settled in as they always do with me. I love my son. For that matter I loved Claude. It all started making sense and had I really been there as a father I think I would have realized way sooner that there was more to their relationship than just being best friends.

I knew that I had been wrong in getting angry. When I got home the house was empty. No note, letter, or message had been left. Their room was neat and tidy that was Michael! His epee and fencing gear was gone.

I went looking for them but I was too late. They had caught an early flight. The next flight available was two days away so I booked it. I return home and cried for two days. When I got to Paris I searched all the places I knew that Claude had mentioned.

One place, a café, in the Latin Quarter had seen him and another boy the day before I arrived. I waited at that café for three days they never showed up. I left a letter for Claude with the owner in case they showed up. I also left a letter for Michael with the American Embassy in case he showed up there.

Finally after almost a week I return to an empty home. I had lost my wife due to an illness. I had lost my son due to stupidity. I don't think I have ever been closer to suicide than at that time, but in my humble opinion a miracle happened. The parents of Sharon Finsley called me and told me that Sharon was pregnant. They were Roman Catholic so abortion was not an option. As it turned out Sharon didn't want a child whose father was a queer so I was now the legal guardian and proud grandfather of Jason Dawson Phillips born February 14 th 1989 and weighing 6lbs 4ounces.

I had been given a second chance...as far as I was concerned I was given an angel.


His birthday will be a clue to his personality - Sam.