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Author's Message: Again another long chapter.


Sam (sam_lakes@hotmail.com)

Chapter 7


When I walked into Cinq Billiards I was hoping I'd see Dawson sitting alone, but that was not the case. They were all laughing and enjoying themselves. I thought perhaps I should go, but then Dawson saw me. He was positively glowing with happiness, in fact that was something I noticed about Sven, Alex and Ian. They all looked so happy and different. I guess the word is `alive'. Usually when I've seen them they seemed less alive. I realized that the only difference was Dawson. Dawson is like a catalyst.

Dawson seems a little uneasily around me. Maybe he doesn't like me. When the three guys started arguing over Dawson it was so funny and Dawson was giggling and laughing so much I just wanted to grab him and hold him so tight. Every time he'd look at me I'd get nervous and look away. I wanted to join in but I was afraid he didn't really like me and would be offended by something I'd say and the next thing that I knew everybody was leaving.

I said, "Well, I have to get off to work too."

"Oh, yeah work," and he sounded really disappointed.

I left and was walking with Alex to the Metro.

"He's so quick witted," I said.

Alex said nothing.

"What's wrong, Alex?"

Alex continued his silence.

"Alex, please!"

"Why did you leave with me? If you love him so much, why? You don't have to work today! Ian, who I'd never expect to apologize to anyone no matter how wrong he was apologized for last night - he wrote a damn good story for Dawson. I couldn't believe it, he wrote a story and gave it to him - Sven went and apologized last night and they spent the night together talking. I don't know what they talked about but Sven has changed! He's alive! He's actually going to work on a sculpture! And then there is YOU! You walk in and Dawson lights up like a light bulb and gradually that light bulb dims and when you said you had to work it went out. Dieter, I saw it, but you're still too interested in yourself to care!"

"Alex, I'm scared! I'm scared I'll screw up. I'm scared he won't like me. I'm scared he's straight and he'll hate me! Alex I don't know what to do or how to act - I just get so nervous when I'm near him. What if he's straight?"

"Does it matter? Be his friend first - that's what you told me to do with Ian. Yeah, and some times it's hell to be in love with someone and not be able to express it. If sex is all you want then I guess it is important but then would the friendship really matter if all you want is the sex part?"

"Dieter, go spend a day with a friend!"

I went back to Cinq Billiards. I saw Dawson staring into his cup. He looked sad and lonely. I guess he was really lost in thought because I stood in front of him for thirty seconds before he looked up.

"Miss your bus?" he said.


"Did you miss your bus? You said you had to go to work."

"I changed my mind, I, uh, thought I'd spend the day with you...I mean you're new here and I just thought I'd show you around. If you want."

"Oh really! I'd love that!" he said and then blushed. Oh my god is he cute when he blushes. He then jumped up and grabbed my hand and he all but drug me out the door of Cinq Billiards. When we got half way to the Metro he stopped and released my hand and giggled, "Dieter, where are we going?"

"I don't know. I was following you," I laughed, "What were you planning on?"

"Well, I need to go to school to learn French and then I was hoping to get some art supplies."

"Well, then I know where to go. Come on", I said as I ventured to take his hand and lead him along as he had been leading me. I was so scared that he would object to me doing that but he didn't. I think with every second that I held his hand my love for him exploded. I didn't ever want to not be a part of his life and that's when I realized that Dawson was the one for me...it was the fact that I wanted to be a part of his life not that he had to be a part of my life whereas before I was always looking for someone to be a part of my life with me in control.

He needed to go to a bank and open an account. I saw a surprise on the banker's face when he handed him a check. I have no idea how much it was for but it must have been more than the banker expected from such a young boy.

I got him signed up in school and then took him to an art supply. We talked constantly about our likes and dislikes and I found there were very few places where we differed in opinion and then they were very weak and unimportant.

The art store was incredible! Dawson was like a kid in a candy shop. He is incredibly knowledgeable for someone as young as he. I think I learned more about art in that time than I have in my whole life.


When Dieter said he wanted to spend the day with me. That was the beginning of a great day for me. I couldn't believe it and yet from the moment I saw him in my room I thought that we would be life long friends even though it had a rough start. He got me enrolled in French class I started the next day at 9a.m. and finished at 3pm. Then we went to an art supply where I went crazy buying all the things I needed. Again I could believe how much interest he was taking in me.

I think I told him almost everything I knew about art and he still kept interested. After the art supply we stopped at a Bistro, had lunch, and talked. Not that we hadn't talked ourselves silly before the bistro. I really like Dieter a lot. I hope he likes me too. He was very mature for his age. He's seventeen.

"You are so lucky," he said.


"You can draw. Me, my stick figures ugly," he laughed.

"You can draw too, you know."

"No, I can't."

"Yes you can and I can prove it!"

He looked at me and smiled the most gorgeous smile I've ever seen. "Prove it."

I smiled back as I got up and moved my chair behind him on his left because he is right-handed. "Drawing has very little to do with the hand and everything to do with the eyes. How you look at things. Okay." I leaned over, reached past him and moved a cup. "Look at this what do you see?"

"A cup on a table."

"And so you should, but now I want you to look at the cup again and look only at the edges." Using my finger I pointed out or traced each line. Checking that he followed my finger and could see the lines I was pointing out. We did this exercise for about five minutes, then I moved the cup and made him trace out the lines with his finger until I knew he'd got it.

"Now the fun part - real eye-hand coordination. Follow the line with your eyes and let you hand follow." He drew his first cup and we both laughed at it.

"See I told you I was terrible!"

I slapped him alongside his head, "None of that! No self-invalidation! Do it again!"

He did and it was better. By the fifth drawing it was looking pretty good.

"I can draw," he finally said with a huge smile.

"Okay now we switch objects," said as I switched the cup for a rose, "Just do the outlines."

He started drawing and after a few minutes a rested my chin on his shoulder, I don't know why I did it except that it seemed the natural thing to do. Life seemed to feel so right at that moment, so perfect and all my troubles vanished for that moment.

Dieter turned his head, smiled at me and then went back to his drawing. I think if he had kissed me I wouldn't have been afraid. After a while he finished and it was damn good.

"Wow! We've been here four hours! We better leave a nice tip and get this stuff back to my wonderful suite!"

We made our way back to my room, deposited everything, and went to the café where we joined Sven and Alex. We were all joking around and laughing.

"Dawson, that performance last night, do you know how to fence?" asked Sven.

"Yes, and I'm very good. Not the best but good."

"Wow! Could you teach me?" asked Sven.

"Absolutely!" I said a little to enthusiastically and then I know I blushed. Sven smiled at me and winked, I blushed again, and he giggled.

"What?" asked Alex.

"Oh, nothing, just a cute thought. Hey, Alex I worked all day sculpting!"

"Cool! Sven. I'll be right back guys," said Alex and he rushed of in the direction of our hotel.

Ian came over to take our order.

"Yo Yank! Wassup?" asked Ian.

I laughed.


"It's just funny hearing waasupp spoken with and English accent."

"Funny. Anyway, I wrote a chapter on a novel I've been working on would you like to read it and give me your opinion on it?"

"I love to! Where is it?"

"In my room but why not just drop by tomorrow during the day?"

"Well, I'll be in school tomorrow until three o'clock but after I'll be around it that okay?"

"I think that will be right nice of you pardner."

"Ian, stick to speaking Brit you just murder an American accent," I laughed.

Dieter was telling Sven about the art store when an epee landed at my feet.

I looked to see Alex standing there in full fencing gear holding an extra mask and jacket, which he promptly threw to me. "Ready to loose, Yank?"

"Are you Kraut?"

We began the match. "On guard!" I said. I five minutes it was over with a score 15-5. My win.

"It's because Papa Alex, you're getting old," I laughed, "Come on let's play Hollywood."


No jacket, no mask, no touch. All show."

"All show?"


"Then, if it's all show, I get to win!"


I pick up the epee then shouted, "Clochard!"

"Abruti!" shouted Alex and I had no idea what he called me.

"On guard!" and we began putting on the show for the locals which amounted to about ten people.

Back and forth we fenced yelling, screaming, and laughing at each other. I was jumping on and off benches and tables. I decided to try something that would wow everybody!

"Advance towards me, parry it and I'll loose my grip the epee will land behind me keep advancing I'll jump on the chair - play like you are going to cut my balls off! Do not raise the epee above your head," I instructed Alex as we fenced. I put on a good act and at the last moment I sprung from the chair did a forward flip over Alex much to the amazement of Alex and the crowd and ran for my sword I purposely slipped and rolled and landed inches from my sword which I then grabbed, stood up and I bowed deeply towards Alex and threw him my epee. The crowd, which was now about twenty people, applauded and cheered both of us and so did our friends.

I proceed to give Sven his first fencing lesson he was a natural. Sven was so special to me, I knew that he loved me that was so obvious but it was a brotherly love because he said he wasn't gay. I love Sven so much. I know Dieter likes me too. He's gay and I could love him too, I guess.


Aw! too bad Sven is not gay or is he? And if he is why doesn't say something to Dawson before it's too late. - Sam.