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Fly Me Away 10


The morning sun streamed in through gaps in the curtains. I blinked my eyes open and took in my surroundings. For a few seconds, I had no idea where I was. Danny was still sleeping in my arms, but the room looked so unfamiliar. And then I realized that we were in a hotel. The clock on the nightstand showed 10:37. He'll be missing school again today. Hopefully Carmen won't be too mad at me, but missing another day of school is better than being in the hospital, which might've happened last night had I not rented a room.

Yesterday was so amazing. Danny had so much fun and me too because of him. I don't think I've ever had as much fun there. And the best part is that now we can go any time we'd like. The only bad thing is, just about all summer we're blocked out so we have to go at least one more time before that happens. The summer won't be such a loss, though, since I'd hate to go during a hot day. The crowds, the long waits, they just aren't worth it when it's hot out. The heat alone drives me insane and I do whatever it takes to stay cool.

Danny was shivering a little bit. The room did have a slight chill to it, but we were wrapped in three layers plus we had our body heat. Grudgingly, I got out of bed and turned the heater on. When I turned back around, I saw that Danny wasn't sleeping at all. He was very much awake and...crying.

"Hey, what's wrong?" I asked, while laying back down next to him.

"Nothing's wrong," Danny giggled. "I w-was just thinking about y-yesterday and how h-happy yyyou made me." He scooted in closer, our bodies completely together now.

"Well, I'm glad you had a lot of fun yesterday. And just think about this. We can go back pretty much whenever we want to. But don't think we'll be getting a room every time." I started laughing softly. "Yesterday you really tired me out. It was really weird."

After another hour of talking, I figured it was time to get home. We could've taken a shower, but there was no point in that seeing as how our clothes were dirty. Danny waited in the truck while I checked us out. At least my hair wasn't really messed up. I managed to fix it by just combing my fingers through it. Before heading on the freeway, I stopped and went through the drive-thru at a McDonalds. All the way home, Danny kept talking about all the things he loved about Disneyland. He came to the conclusion that Star Tours is his favorite ride followed by Pirates of the Caribbean and Indiana Jones. It was cute how he kept going on and on about the rides. I can't wait to take him back again.

I dropped him off at home, then went back to my own house to take a shower. Before I even got dressed, Danny called and asked when I was coming back over. A nap sounded really awesome and if he hadn't called I probably would've fallen asleep.

"So, boys, how was Disneyland?" Carmen asked, sipping on some coffee. "You guys must've had a busy day to be so tired."

Danny answered for me. Thank God. "It w-was so much fun, m-mom! And the b-best part is that he bought me a s-season pass!"

Carmen choked on her coffee. "Season pass?" She looked at me with apprehension. We had talked about letting me take him to Disneyland for the day, but I failed to mention I was buying him a pass. It was a surprise for her, too, I guess. But like always she put on a smile and continued listening to Danny rant and rave about yesterday. When asked about what souvenirs he bought, he ran up to his room to get them. "A season pass? Brandon, we talked about going for the day."

"I know, but it was half off because of his birthday and I figured it'd be really fun to go back again. And I already told you money wasn't an issue for yesterday."

"Well, look, we need to talk later. Danny's doctor called back with the test results and he wants to give Danny an MRI."

The MRI thing scared me a little. "What does he think is wrong with him?"

"He said that's what the MRI is for."

Danny came barreling down the stairs and back into the kitchen. Carmen loved the picture of us from the rollercoaster. She immediately put it up in the living room next to some other pictures. Mr. Turner came home a little while later. He asked if I'd like to join them for Danny's birthday dinner tonight and of course I said yes. While he and Carmen talked privately in the living room leaving me and Danny in the kitchen, I decided to kiss my boyfriend.

"S-so..." I interrupted him with a kiss. He closed his eyes, pressing into me with more force. "Mmm, I l-liked that," A few strands of hair fell down into his eyes, blocking the beautiful gems.

"I love your eyes so much," I softly spoke. "They're so bright and beautiful." His cheeks turned a dark shade of red. I leaned in for another kiss, but then we heard footsteps coming so we separated.

Carmen walked in the kitchen, head held high with a smug look on her face. "Where do you want to go to dinner, Danny?"

He thought about it for a minute. "C-can we go to the Gourmet P-Pizza Shoppe?"

Just then, Alan came running into the kitchen with a huge grin plastered on his face. "Gourmet Pizza Shoppe? Great! I'm dying to get one of their calzones!"

Danny and I went up to his room. He said he needed to study for a biology test that's tomorrow. The peace and quiet was more than welcomed by me since this was going to give me a chance to take a nap. So, with Danny studying at his desk and me on his bed, wrapped in his blankets smelling his scent, I fell asleep.


Biology isn't my strong point, but it isn't a weak one either. It falls right in the category of normal for me. As long as I do the assigned work and at least read the chapters, then the tests come fairly easy for me. Brandon on the other hand says he can do biology with his eyes closed. I would ask for his help, but as luck would have it his eyes are in fact closed. He's been sleeping ever since I started studying, which has been like an hour by now. It's taking a lot of effort on my part not to just crawl in next to him and hold on tight.

The pain I've gone through in my life seems to have been for Brandon. Well, that sounded not like I wanted it to. I just mean that it has led me up to this point. I'm happier than I've ever been and it's all thanks to that amazing guy sleeping in my bed. Some day when and if I become more normal, then Brandon will finally get treated like he deserves to be treated. And by that I mean I'll give him what he needs. It's no secret that he wants to do sexual stuff, but I'm just not ready for something like that. Poor Brandon has to suffer in the meantime.

Just then, his phone rang. I was about to jump up and answer it, but he beat me to it. "Hello?" I wanted to know who was calling him when he suddenly said, "Hey, butthead! How've you been you big goof?" Whoever was on the other line was apparently someone from his old city. The way he was talking to him didn't make it sound like an ex. Brandon laughed, "No, Dave, we haven't done it yet."

Brandon definitely needs sexual attention. What if he starts to look elsewhere for it? Am I really going to just keep him at arm's length? I trust him with my heart so why can't I trust him with my body? This is all so complicated. I wish I was normal.

"Yeah, I'd love to go! When is it? Okay, I will be there tomorrow night then. Later, Dave." Brandon closed his cell phone, then looked up at me. "Do you want to go to a club tomorrow night? It's back in my old city."

"A c-c-c-club?" I nervously repeated.

"My good pal Dave is going to be there. And I even know the bartender pretty well. We could easily get in for free." Brandon seemed pretty excited about tomorrow night. Why would he want to ruin his night with me tagging along? I can't even dance. Jeez, I'm a sucky boyfriend. I can't dance. I won't do anything sexual with him. I'm shy. I stutter. Why is he still with me!?

I rushed into my bathroom and slammed the door shut, locking it. I started sobbing, sliding down the door with my back against it. Brandon tried opening the door, but it was locked so there was really no point.

"G-go away, Brandon," Sobbing, I said.

He jiggled the door knob a few more times. "Danny, what's wrong? What did I do that upset you?"

I sobbed harder when he blamed himself for this. That's his nature I guess. It's so like him to take the blame, but like all the other times this is my fault because I'm so messed up in the head.

"I'm sssorry that I'm a l-lousy boyfriend,"

"What are you talking about? You're an amazing boyfriend, Danny! Why would you say that about yourself?"

"I cccan't dance,"

"You think you're a bad boyfriend because you can't dance? Danny that is the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard. Dancing is pretty easy; I could teach you."

"I won't d-d-do anything s-sexual,"

"I don't care about that stuff! If you're not ready, then you're not ready. There's no pressure to do any of that."

"I s-s-stutter and am hhhorribly shy,"

"Both of those things I find adorable. Without those two things, you aren't you. And someday I'm sure you'll get over both. But for now they are super cute and I love them about you."

"Yyyou can do s-s-so much better than mmme, Brandon,"

"Don't talk like that, Danny. You're everything that I want and need. You're beautiful and so special to me. I wouldn't trade you for anyone!" I could hear the sincerity in his voice. It kind of sounded like he was about to cry. "P-please, don't second guess yourself with me, babe. You're everything to me."

He called me beautiful. Me. Beautiful. No one has ever called me beautiful before. Then again I haven't had anyone to call me that. Brandon obviously cares about me a lot. I mean, how many people would've actually stuck around with me this long? Not a lot that's for sure. But Brandon has been here basically every single day. I unlocked the door and opened it. He was leaning against the wall. When he looked up at me I noticed his eyes were watery and red.

"I'm s-sorry," I softly said, almost in whisper.

Brandon pulled me into him and hugged me tightly. He buried his face in the crook of my neck. I held onto him, but stayed silent. The moment between us was nice, very calming. He pulled back and looked me in the eye. I leaned forward and placed my lips on his. He pushed his tongue in my mouth and we made out like we never had before. Slowly, we inched backwards toward my bed. When we got to my bed, he stopped kissing me and took his shirt off.

"Brandon, I want y-you,"

Brandon helped me take my clothes off. Well, he didn't really help. More like he nearly ripped them off. He stopped at my briefs, though. "Are you sure, Danny? I told you there's no pressure."

"You c-called me beautiful. You have nnno idea what that did f-f-for me." I grabbed his head and pulled it back to mine to share a kiss. He pulled my briefs down all the way. I tensed up and stopped kissing him, but stayed holding his head. Then he took his shorts off, revealing his erection. I tensed up even more at that point. Although I wanted to do this, that doesn't mean I'm still not nervous as heck.

"I'll only give you oral, okay? You don't have to do anything to me." He eased me onto my back on the bed. We kissed again while he massaged my throbbing erection.

The time came when he stopped kissing and massaging and went straight to taking me in his mouth. The warmth was overwhelming and I let out a long moan. I hadn't expected it to feel this amazing. He swirled his tongue around my head, causing me to buck my hips. My back arched and I grabbed onto the sheets as tight as I could. He placed his hands on my hips, keeping them anchored to the bed. As the pleasure increased the moaning did, too. I had to bite my lip to keep from being too loud. My parents are home and that's the last thing I need is for them to hear my first sexual act.

The pleasure was becoming more and more intense as the seconds passed. All I could focus on was Brandon bobbing up and down along my rigid penis. This burning feeling started in my lower groin, then started to move upwards. The feeling kept getting hotter the closer it got to the top of my erection when finally I felt something gush out of it.

"Brandon!" I called out breathlessly.

When it happened, this amazing pleasure feeling shook my body. I arched my back and kept thrusting upwards into his mouth not wanting the pleasure to stop.

Brandon laid next to me as soon as I went soft. "So, was it good?" he giggled. "It sure sounded like it was."

I was panting heavily. I couldn't catch my breath at all. "Th-that was mmmy first time d-d-doing that,"

"I know that, babe,"

"N-no, I mean that wwwas my first time that I-I had that f-feeling."

Suddenly, he sat straight up. "That was your first orgasm ever?" I only nodded in response. Between my breathlessness and the embarrassment of my confession, I couldn't talk. "Wow," He then laid back down.

"Um, w-what about you?"

"Me? I don't need to get off right now. I'll just do it later tonight." he chuckled.

The two of us snuggled up next to each other. There was no talking between us, just silence. A good kind of silence, though. It gave me the opportunity to think about what Brandon did for me today and where it took us. He definitely got some of what he wanted... I think. I'm sure he wants reciprocation, but for me that'll take more time. I don't feel weird about anything, though. Lying together naked didn't even feel weird. It's amazing what he can do to me. My orgasm literally and figuratively brought the two of us together. We eventually had to get dressed to go to dinner.

At the Gourmet Pizza Shoppe, it got just a little bit awkward. Usually when my parents and I go out to eat, they share a booth and I get my own. But this time there was Brandon to share a seat with me. It wasn't the fact that he had to share with me, but the fact that we were at dinner with my parents. My boyfriend and I at dinner with my parents. That's what was awkward, at least to me. Of course this didn't even faze Brandon. He was as cheery and talkative as ever. Mom and dad have really grown close to him over the past couple of weeks. Even though it took a while for mom, she obviously now trusts him enough with me. And that's a very good thing, too, because now she can have more of a life without worrying about me all the time.

Back at the house, Brandon said that he'd see me tomorrow. I stayed inside as I watched him drive away, but only because it was raining. I was kind of hoping he'd tell me good luck on my test tomorrow. Guess I can't get everything that I want, huh? I took Reno up to my room and studied a little bit more. Around ten o'clock, my eyes were barely able to stay open. Just as I was about to drift off to sleep, I received a text.

'good luck on your test tomorrow!'


Dave called me three times before four o'clock even rolled around. He was really excited to see me again. To be honest, I'm stoked to see him again, too. Out of all the fake friends that I had, Dave was the one honest one. The One Hundred is a fairly old club, but it has the energy of a new one. Dave and I would go there and party at least once a week. The bartender, Steve, would always hook us up with some free drinks. There won't be any drinking tonight, though, since I'll have Danny with me. Hopefully Dave likes Danny. He liked my last two ex's, but we all know how that went over.

Danny was super nervous about going to the club. I told him that we'd only stay for an hour or two, then go around the city and just look around. Maybe I'll see some old friends or something, not that it matters or anything. We're supposed to be leaving for the club at six, but I want to take him out to dinner before we go. The time is slowly inching by.

"Come on, Danny, we need to go out to eat. I want to be at the club by at least eight. That's when all the people start coming and stuff." He's been in the bathroom way longer than normal. I was sitting on his bed when he walked out. It's a very good thing I was.

"H-how do I look?"

For a moment, I couldn't say a word. I just wanted to take in the sight before me. Danny looked so fucking hot it took a lot of self-control not to rip his clothes off.

"You look so incredibly hot," I said lustfully. God, so much self-restraint!

Danny did a profile for me. "Really? I th-thought the shirt was t-t-too tight. And what about the p-pants? I wasn't going to w-where them, but they mmmatched the shirt pretty well."

After wiping the drool from the corner of my lip, I said, "No, you look perfect." I stood up from the bed and kissed him.

"Perfect, huh?" he giggled.

"Ready for some dinner?"

"Yeah, l-let's go," He grabbed a jacket on his way out.

We said our goodbyes to his parents, then went out to my truck and drove off. Danny didn't object when I pulled into Outback. During dinner, we talked a little more about the club and what it's gonna be like. He also told me that he ran into Mrs. Dern at school today. She asked how I was doing and stuff. Monday I can return to school and it couldn't come any slower. Believe it or not, school is the ultimate place for me. Sure, having vacations and days off are great, but high school is the best time of most peoples' lives. Once you're out in the world, there're bills and stress and weird stuff. College is a stage in my life that I'm really excited for. The freedom to come and go as I please is going to be great.

Danny and I finished our meal quickly. He suddenly got very excited to get to the club. It takes about an hour to get to my old city. On the way, I called Dave and told him we were coming. Traffic was light on the freeway so we made it there in a little under an hour. Danny kept saying how excited he was. His excitement, however, completely died away when I pulled into the club's parking lot. The thumping of the music could be heard from far out in the lot. He looked at me very nervously.

"I-I don't know if I c-c-can do this,"

"Come on, Danny, I'm here with you and I promise nothing bad will happen, okay?" I squeezed his thigh, assuring him that I'm right here next to him. He flashed me a small smile and got out of the truck.

Dave met us at the front of the club. Right when he saw me, he ran up and gave me a big hug. The one thing about him that I love is his security as a straight guy. Giving me a hug is nothing unnatural to him.

"Don't ever fucking leave and not call!" Dave said sternly. True enough, I haven't talked to him since I moved. "Now, is this Danny?"

"Yeah," I sighed happily. "Danny, this is my best friend Dave."

Although very timid, Danny stuck his hand out and shook Dave's. "N-nice to meet you,"

Dave gave me a glance, but it was a friendly one. Earlier in the day, I called and told him everything about Danny. He said that he'd be on his best behavior and also that he'd make sure my boyfriend felt very included. The bouncer let the three of us through with no trouble at all. Dave took us to the bar where I saw Steve pouring some drinks. Steve is a really great guy; older-set in his looks, but not in his spirit. Watch out when he has a couple of drinks in him. Guaranteed you'll be the butt of a few jokes, but it's always in good fun.

The club tonight was filled to its limits. The music was loud, vibrating the deepest recesses of my insides. This isn't a gay club by the way. It's a straight club, but Steve makes sure that everyone is welcome. Not only is he the bartender, but he's also the owner, which easily explains the drinks he's given to me and my friend in the past. He saw us walking towards him and came out from behind the bar.

"Hey, guy," Steve shouted. There's no way that any normal tone could be heard in this place. The only way to talk is to shout.

"Steve!" I shouted back. "This is my boyfriend Danny." Speaking of Danny, he was staying pressed up tight against me. I could tell he was already very uncomfortable in this environment. But to be honest, I was already feeling the adrenaline.

"Come on, I'll get you guys a drink." Steve went back behind the bar and started pouring some Coke in a glass.

"Wait, I can't drink tonight! My boyfriend isn't into that kind of stuff."

"No problem,"

For a few minutes, Dave and I shot the shit. Danny managed to get a seat near us and I was keeping a very sharp eye on him. Dave would occasionally bring Danny into our convo, but mostly it was just me and him. My friend took a big swig from his strong drink and went out to the dance floor.

"Want to dance?" I asked Danny. He shook his head no. "Can I dance with Dave real quick? I'll make sure you can see me the entire time."

"Sure," He flashed me another half-smile.

I rushed to the dance floor and started dancing with Dave who already had two girls with him. This wasn't awkward at all since this is how we always used to dance. It's kind of funny actually. At one point, one of the girls started to rub on me, but I put the brakes on that faster than it started. Every once in a while, I'd look over at Danny to make sure he was doing okay. Surprisingly enough, he looked like he was enjoying himself. He was laughing at us. After a few songs, I decided to take a break. Danny had a cup of water waiting for me.

I talked to my boyfriend for a little while before feeling enough energy to go back up on the dance floor. And this time I didn't ask for Danny to dance. I simply dragged his ass over there. His rhythm started out awkward, but he quickly learned how to move and keep up with me. Dave smiled at me before turning his attention to the two girls on him. Danny wanted to take a break for a while so I walked him back to his seat and then went back up to dance. Several more songs passed by when the tiredness started to sink in again. But when I looked over at Danny again, my energy suddenly shot through the roof. Talking to my boyfriend was another guy. But this was no ordinary guy. He's a known druggie. I rushed to his side and told the guy to get lost.

"Are you okay?"

"I-I'm fine," Danny smiled. "That g-guy was just t-t-talking to me." He lifted his cup up to take a drink.

"Don't!" I smacked the cup from his hands. "We have to go!" I pulled him from his seat and rushed him out of the club.

"Brandon, yyyou're scaring me. W-what's going on?"

We got to my truck in seconds. My rage was controlling me, but I didn't care. "Just get in the fucking truck! Now!" I unlocked it and pushed him in. "Do not get out. Do you understand me? I'm going to lock you inside. I will be right back out."

"B-but what-" I slammed the door shut and set the alarm.

Dave walked through the entrance with a look of confusion plastered across his face. He must've not seen the druggie talking to Danny. "Dude, what's going on? Why do you look so pissed?"

"That fucking drug dealer slipped something in Danny's drink!" I fiercely shouted. My rage was boiling inside of me. No one fucks with my boyfriend, especially like that.

"Wait, wait, wait, we can just call the cops and let them handle this." Dave said, holding me back from running into the club.

"No," I shouted. "You're going in there and getting that son of a bitch. Bring him into the alley."

I grudgingly walked away from him and went into the darkness of the alley next to the club. A few minutes later, Dave appeared with the drug dealer joking and laughing acting like a customer. When the dealer saw me, he tried to turn and run, but Dave caught him by surprise with a right hand to the jaw. He tried to run away again, but Dave grabbed him by his jacket and shoved him towards me.

I kicked him in the stomach as hard as I could. I wanted this motherfucker to pay for what he tried to do to Danny. The dealer tried to tackle me to the ground. Pfft, what a joke that was. First of all, he tripped trying to do so. Secondly, there was no way in hell he could've taken me off my feet. I punched him in the face as hard as I could. Then I picked him up by his neck and held him against the building.

"I saw what you did to my boyfriend's drink!" Oh, at this point I was on fire. "You are so fucking lucky that he's waiting for me otherwise you'd be dead right now!"

Then my rage consumed me for the final time. This time was the worst, though. I started to impale the guy with blows. Right hand after right hand connected with his face, his gut, whatever I could hit was hit.

"Brandon! Brandon, you're gonna kill him!" Dave tried pulling me off the poor fucker, but nothing was going to stop me from beating this lowlife senseless. "Brandon, think of Danny! Stop!" He finally managed pulled me off the druggie. "We have to get out of here. I'll call an ambulance anonymously."

The two of us ran to my truck. I was about to get in the driver's seat, but Dave stopped me and took my keys away. "What do you think you're doing!?"

"You are not driving like this! Get your fucking ass in the back before I put it there for you!" Dave ordered angrily. His angry demeanor was kind of a turn on, but I wasn't one to argue, though, because he was right.

I jumped in the backseat and tried to catch my breath. Danny turned around and looked at me. "W-what's going on?" His voice was shaky and he looked completely terrified.

"Wait, Dave," I said softer than it normally would have been. "Danny, come back here with me." Danny got out of the front and joined me in the back. He whimpered as he snuggled up next to me. "All right, dude, get me the fuck out of here."

Dave drove us to the downtown district, which housed all the shops and small food places. Everyone came downtown to hang out with friends or family or whatever. It's where everything takes place. I can't count the number of times I've chilled there with people on a nightly basis, especially on the weekends. I used to work in one of the suit stores, which would explain my own personal loaded bank account. A salesman career isn't for everyone, but I can sell anything to anyone. In fact, I need to start looking for a job. Although I've got enough money in my account to last me another couple of months, that can run out faster than expected. Besides, summer is just around the corner and I refuse to sit at home all day long with the exception of being with Danny of course.

We pulled into a parking lot in one of the plazas. Danny walked between me and Dave. I was surprised at how well the two of them were getting along. I mean, I knew Dave would make special effort to get along with my boyfriend, but this didn't even seem like he was trying. They were talking like they've known each other for years. With the two of them talking, though, it gave me a chance to regain my energy. Between the club and kicking that druggie's ass my energy took a major hit. The strong scent of cinnamon filled the air and made the three of us suddenly crave a cinnamon roll. While me and Danny ordered the sweets, Dave made a call to the paramedics and police for the drug dealer. He came back to the table that Danny got and gave me a discreet nod.

A few hours later of walking around and talking, Danny said he was really tired. I offered to drive Dave home, but he told me he needed to go back to the club for his car. Right after we dropped him off, Danny fell asleep against the window. It was hard for me to focus on the road on the drive home. From all the dancing I was exhausted. Not until one did we finally make it home. Just like at the motel room, I washed Danny's hands and face, then did my own before crawling into bed next to him.

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