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Fly Me Away 02


The events of Friday afternoon continually replayed in my mind all weekend. I must've gone through a million different emotions ranging from anger to sadness to self-pity to confusion. The way Danny reacted to me kissing him was a shock to say the least. Whenever I'd 'accidentally' touch him, he wouldn't budge at all. And then when I told him I was gay, he didn't say anything about it. So the way he freaked out was totally unexpected.

Danny is a really cute guy. Although he has mental problems, obviously, it doesn't really seem to deter me from him. That's unusual because like I previously stated, I don't like complication. I don't know what it is, but Danny is different. I've only known him for a day and here I am falling for him already.

Here it is Monday morning and I'm sitting in my car in the school parking lot. A lot of questions were zooming through my mind. What will Danny say to me? Will he even speak to me anymore? Could there be any chance between us? The most important question right now is probably the question of if he'll speak to me. After all, if he won't talk to me, then all the other questions would be inept anyways.

Off in the distance I heard the first bell ring. I grabbed my backpack from the backseat and stepped out of my car.

"Hey, Brandon," someone said from behind me.

I turned around to find James Walker advancing towards me. "Hey, what up?"

"Not much," he sighed, sticking his hand out.

I slap tapped his hand while saying, "Weekend a bummer or something?" We started to walk to our class.

"You could say that. My girlfriend wouldn't put out like she normally does. I'm kind of starting to think she's steppin' out on me." James said dejectedly.

"Oh, wow, man. I doubt she'd be stepping out on you, though." I said in hopes of making him feel a little better.

"Hope not,"

The two of us walked through the quad area talking about more random things. I saw Danny coming from the café. Seeing as how I knew really nothing about him, I'd see if James knew anything.

"You know anything about that kid?" I pointed at Danny discreetly.

"The retard kid?" An angry look immediately grew on my face. "Yeah, he's weird for sure. I have him in my English class. All he does is sit and listen."

"Yeah, there's a weird thing to do in school." very sarcastically I replied. "I have him in my Government class right now. He doesn't seem that bad; just has that stutter."

James chuckled arrogantly. "That guy just needs to quit high school and check himself into a nice mental institute."

I couldn't believe what was coming out of James' mouth. How could he judge so harshly against someone he doesn't even know? I guess that's the definition of an asshole, though. Figures he'd say something like that. He is a football jock after all. Is that stereotypical of me to say that about a football jock? Hmm, maybe just a little bit so I'll take it back. Surely there are football jocks out there that are less full of themselves than their other teammates.

"He's not a stupid guy. He has a 3.4 GPA." I sharply replied in Danny's defense.

"How would you know?" he asked accusingly.

"Because I asked if he could tutor me in the class. I'm not good at the government at all. And the entire time he helped me, he really knew what he was talking about."

"Well, whatever." The two-minute bell rang loudly throughout the campus. "I'll see you in an hour."

James went his separate way, which was completely opposite of my way. Miss Sheeba was outside holding the door open when I arrived. She seemed cheerful even though it's Monday morning. Teachers from my old high school were like the students on Monday mornings: zombies.

"Morning, Brandon," she smiled. "How was your first day?"

"It went..." I stopped midsentence as my eyes came in contact with Danny's. "Um, it went okay." I faked a smile, then strode into class. Just as I sat down in my seat, the final bell rang.

"All right, people, get your books out and turn to the glossary. We're going to start studying for final exams." Miss Sheeba spoke.

"But it's only April. Finals aren't until the week of graduation." a girl said rather boldly.

"And this class needs all the help it can get. Starting early doesn't hurt anything and certainly won't hurt anyone's grades. The only person who doesn't even need to be studying is Danny."

All of a sudden, most of the students shot Danny a mean glare. Okay, first James was being judgmental this morning and now pretty much the entire class is basically doing the same thing. What the hell is wrong with all of these people? At that moment, I felt so bad for Danny. I could feel his discomfort. With as much discreetness as possible, I brushed a finger across the lowest part of his back that I could reach without moving my arm. He instantly sat forward out of reach. Great, I probably just freaked him out even more.

Class went okay for having to do a boatload of work. Miss Sheeba had us do every other word in the glossary until the bell rang. I got two pages of them done so that made less homework for me tonight. Danny was quick to leave once the bell finally did ring. That made me feel even worse than I already do. As if that was even possible, though.

The rest of the day went as smoothly as Friday, except there was more work today. James and I partnered up in Psychology second period. I had to start an essay in English third period. And for Environmental Science the teacher began explanation on a lab we're doing on Thursday.

Dad, of course, wasn't home when I got home. So, since I had to fend for myself for dinner, I had a scrumptious meal of canned chili and some stale saltine crackers. It'd be nice to eat dinner with someone every once in a while. Maybe if Danny decides to forgive me I can make him an apology dinner.


Walking through my front door after mom picked me up from school, an immediate wave of relief hit me. Well, more like it slammed into me. Mom asked me several times if I was okay while she drove me home considering I hadn't said but two words to her. I didn't dare tell her that the memory of Brandon's kiss has been haunting me ever since it happened last Friday. And then during class when he ran his finger across my back, it made me freak out on the inside. After class wasn't any better. I had to be sure to be out of there before Brandon even had a chance to open his mouth.

My feelings have always been a huge whirlwind. At one moment I could be completely happy, but just seconds later I can fall into this deep depression that takes a lot to snap out of. Psychologists have tried prescribing me with anti-depressants, however, nothing worked. And another bad thing that happens to me more often than usual as of late: migraines.

"M-mom, can I h-h-have a Tylenol? A m-m-migraine is starting I-I think." I groaned softly. The migraine was coming in faster than normal. Brandon could possibly be the cause of it in the first place.

"Yeah," mom whispered as to not stimulate the pain. She handed me two pills and a cup of water. She then led me upstairs to my room where she made sure that I would heal ASAP. There are three windows in my room, all along the wall facing the street, separated by several feet. Yeah, my room is rather large. So, anyways, she closed all the blinds and turned my intercom off before leaving.

My room is one of a kind. When dad first bought this house, the room was pretty big already, but right next door to it down the hall was an office. Dad decided he wanted me to have an even bigger room so he got builders to take down the wall between my room and the office. He also had them put in a decent sized bathroom for me. So, in the end my room turned out to be almost half of this part of the upstairs. Across the hall is their bedroom and bathroom and a guest bedroom along with a bathroom. Downstairs has an office, the dining room, two living rooms, the kitchen, and a utility room. Like I said before, our house is really nice.

An hour passed before my migraine began to slowly decrease in misery. Whenever I get a migraine, I seize up into a rock and lie down until the pain goes away. The stupid things can ruin up to three days of my life. There's no going to school when I get them, either. Mom can barely get me to eat much less get out of bed. She learned to bring me soup in a plastic bowl with a plastic spoon so it wouldn't make any noise. Noise and light are my worst enemies whenever a migraine hits. The smallest bit of light makes me throw up. Any slight sound makes my head throb, and then I throw up. I'm telling you that these aches are killer. I think this migraine has to do with Brandon. All these thoughts kept whirling around in my head causing me to over think, which has been a trigger for migraines in the past.

The dog came in to lay with me some time during the day. I lose track of everything when I'm down and out. He didn't seem to mind, though. I still haven't even thought of a name for him. It's really starting to bug me that I can't. I'm just worried that I'll choose a bad name and then want to change it when it's too late. Oh well, I guess. A good name will pop up soon.

I fell asleep for several hours. I know this because when I opened my eyes, the tiniest glow was filtering through my blinds. Suddenly it hit me. My migraine is gone. Completely. I got out of bed and went downstairs to see what time it is. Mom greeted me as my body cleared the stairs. She was just coming from the front yard.

"Morning, sweetheart," she said very softly. "You must be feeling much better to even be out of bed." She reached a hand out and caressed my cheek.

"I'm f-fine now," I said in a normal voice, proving I was in deed fine. "W-w-what time is i-it?"

"It's almost one o'clock." mom replied after glancing at her watch. She led me into the kitchen and asked what I wanted to eat.

"I'm a-a-actually not h-h-hungry right now."

"Maybe you should let Brandon know that he can't come over for tutoring today." mom said.

I grimaced when she said his name. "Yeah, I'll c-call him later."

"He seems like an okay kid. I hope he and his parents are growing accustomed to their new life here."

After Brandon bolted from my room on Friday, dad came to check on me a little while after that. He asked why Brandon was in such a hurry to leave. I lied and said his dad needed help moving something really, really heavy. By that time, luckily, my eyes were dried and no longer puffy from crying. He bought it and definitely told mom.

"Y-yeah, he's ni-nice."

All day I just stayed in my room watching movies and looking through my books to try and figure out what I missed in class today. Odd enough, I couldn't concentrate on studying. Brandon kept popping in my mind. The memory of the way his lips felt against mine did something to me. I don't really know how to explain it other than a good feeling. My, um, well my...penis got hard thinking about this. And I really don't know what that's about. I've heard guys talk about something called jacking off before, but I don't know what that is. The internet would be useful, but I'm terrified of typing that in. Erasing it would be easy, but I know that it's something sexual so I'm not taking any chances.

Dad came home around five-thirty and then we ate dinner. The three of us chatted lightly while eating. I mentioned to them how I still hadn't chosen a name for my dog yet. They just told me I would figure one out eventually.

"Oh, honey, before I forget. Your brother called from Reno this morning and wanted to know if we wanted to buy a ranch up there. I kind of laughed at his idea and said we'd discuss it, but clearly there's nothing to discuss." mom said comically. Dad shook his head and chuckled.

An idea suddenly struck me. "That's it!" I jumped from my seat. They both looked at me taken aback by my sudden outburst. "His n-name! R-R-Reno!"

"You want to name your dog Reno?" dad asked, clearly puzzled.

"Danny, are you sure?" mom asked. I nodded my reply. "Okay then,"

"Is th-that okay?" I asked, unsure of what they thought of it since their expressions didn't seem too happy.

"It's your dog so you can name him Reno if you want to." dad stated. A smile finally appeared on his face. I looked over at mom who also had a smile however small.

I looked over at my dog who was staring at me with confusion. His head was titled and his ears were stiff. "Y-yeah, Reno,"

After dinner, I hooked Reno to his leash so we could go for a walk. He absolutely adored going for walks. I guess all dogs do, but Reno seems to be extra excited every time he sees me with his leash. Our usual route was out of the neighborhood along the main road, which leads to a huge park. A lot of little kids are always at the park because of its extensive playgrounds so I take Reno by there so he can get even more attention. The kids love it, too. One of the best things about walking Reno this way is that there's a huge pond towards the center of the park where ducks and swans wade across the water. There's also gigantic fish that swim in the pond. Other ponds are throughout the park, but they're not as big or great as the center pond. Like I said before, this park is huge.

Upon returning home, this feeling of dread was growing inside of me. Tomorrow is something called Block Day. What that means is that instead of school starting at seven-thirty, it'll start at eight giving more time for students to go to their teachers' rooms to make up tests or homework or discuss grades. The extra time is mainly used for extra sleep, though. And instead of having all six periods, students only have periods one, three, and five for two hours each, give or take a few minutes. Thursday is the same way, but with only periods two, four, and six. Luckily for me, I can leave after the fourth hour both days anyways. The problem with all of this is that Brandon will be sitting behind me for nearly two hours tomorrow morning. Who knows what's going to happen.


Danny wasn't at school today. I kept thinking maybe he got sick or hurt, but then the thought of him completely avoiding me crossed my mind as well. That night I ate dinner alone again. While I was lying in bed, I made a major decision. Tomorrow would be the day that I apologize to Danny for my actions. I'll corner him if I have to, but tomorrow will be the day he knows how sorry I am for kissing him. If it is at all possible, I'd like our friendship to continue as well as his tutoring. Miss Sheeba gave a small quiz today and I did fairly well, but I'd like to do so much better.

Wednesday morning is finally here and I am totally confused. The high school has a Block Day today. Apparently, I only go to periods one, three, and five. Lucky for me I don't have a fifth or sixth period, though. School starts later, too, which kind of sucks because I don't know what Danny is doing. I know his normal routine-kind of-but I'm not sure about this routine. I hurriedly ate, showered, and dressed, then drove to school. I figured I'd wait where Danny normally walks to class and hopefully catch him.

Several minutes passed by and still there was no Danny. The bell eventually rang causing the student body to flurry with motion. I began to move with the rest of them, but that's when I spotted Danny coming from his usual way. Kicking myself mentally, I walked up to him. He froze when he saw me.

"Hey, Danny,"

"H-h-h-h-hi, B-Brandon," he stuttered nervously. The fear that was apparent on this kid was amazing. I felt so fucking bad.

"I just want you to know how sorry I am for Friday. And I swear to you that it was never my intention to hurt you or anything." feverishly I spoke. He didn't relax. "I'm also sorry that I sprung my sexuality on you like that."


"And, um, would it be possible to be friends again and our tutoring to continue?"

Danny finally seemed to calm down a little bit. "I-I-I don't know,"

"Please, I really need your help in class. Miss Sheeba gave a short quiz yesterday and I didn't do so well. Unless of course you're not comfortable with my sexuality in which case I'd totally understand if you didn't want to tutor me anymore." But hopefully that wasn't the case.

"N-n-no, I'm okay w-w-with you. When d-d-do you want to m-meet again?"

"How about today? I don't have a fifth so maybe right after school? I'll even drive us to your house."

"Well, my m-mom usually picks m-me u-up."

"Today is her day off. I owe it to you to drive you home. Call her and tell her she can take the afternoon off."

Danny cracked a small smile before calling his mom on his cell phone. The conversation was short, but he assured me I could take him home. We walked to class together talking the entire way. My feelings for him grew a little since seeing him this morning, but I had to make sure not to let those feelings come between our friendship again.

"Good morning, people," Miss Sheeba said a little too loudly for being eight in the morning. "Today I have a surprise for y'all. We will be starting on an in-class project." She handed out an instruction sheet and then continued on. "You'll be working with a partner. I expect nothing except work today, but as long as you keep the volume down to a minimum, then I don't have a problem with some talkin'. So, find a partner and get started."

Danny appeared to be hesitant about this whole thing. Everyone around us had pretty much already gotten a partner, but I immediately knew who mine was going to be. In fact, it was Danny that made the first move. He turned around looking like a little boy who didn't know what to do. I had a huge smile on my face.

"Do you even have to ask?" I said jokingly.

Danny chuckled, "Th-thanks again,"

Miss Sheeba walked back to her desk. "Oh, Danny, um, never mind. I was going to pair you and Brandon up, but I guess you both beat me to it."

I pulled my desk up next to his. The two of us started talking about what we were going to be doing. The project consisted of two parts. The first part is to explain the three types of laws like federal, state, and local, and how they all correspond with each other. The second part is to give an example of an offense in each one and the repercussions that'd be faced. We had to put all this info on a fifteen by eleven piece of paper. Our info will definitely have to be downsized.

Class went by super fast. Danny and I gathered all the information we needed and began on our little poster. The way he was interacting with me made it seem like we never even had our little spat. He's a really nice guy and I can't wait for our friendship to grow more.

The rest of the day went by, what seemed like, just as fast as first period. In English third period, the essay we started on Monday was the main topic. The teacher handed back our rough drafts we turned in yesterday and explained more of what she wanted in them. Essays, like government, aren't my strong point, but I can do decent on an essay as long as I really try my best at it. School in general is difficult for me. Not because I'm stupid or slow. It's just a weakness of mine. The only strong point I have in school is science I think.

Finally the end of the day was here. I told Danny to meet me by the bike racks before we separated after class this morning. As I approached him at our meeting spot, he seemed awfully nervous.


"Are you okay?" Brandon asked as he stood next to me.

There were a couple ways to answer that question. I could be honest and say I'm nervous as heck or I could lie and say nothing at all. All in all it really doesn't matter, but for some reason I just can't bring myself to lie to him.

"I-I'm just nervous," I stuttered out.

"Aww, don't worry. I promise not to touch you at all, okay?" Brandon let out a quick laugh. He escorted me to his truck and told me to put my backpack in the back because there's only enough room for two in the front.

On the way home, the two of us discussed what our short day had been like. He made a joke about his English class saying that at his old high school he failed English but passed Spanish. How is that even possible? Being in the truck with him gave me a sense of warmth. I'm not sure why, but with him sitting only about a foot away made me feel safe.

Mom was gardening when we arrived at my house. I guess having the day off from picking me up gave her extra time to do one of the things she did best.

"Hi, Mrs. Turner, it's good to see you again." Brandon politely said while taking his backpack from the back.

"Same, Brandon," mom said weirdly. She kind of shot Brandon a glare.

"M-mom, are there any m-m-macaroons left?"

"No, Danny, you ate them all." I blushed furiously when she said that. Her and Brandon laughed at my embarrassment.

"Well, we're gonna be super busy working on our homework. Have fun gardening." Brandon said to her.

"Have fun studying, boys."

Brandon just scoffed and laughed. "As if that's possible," he muttered under his breath. We hauled our stuff upstairs to my room. Reno was lying on my bed, but came to greet me at the door. I'm glad I chose the name for him. It suits him perfectly.

"S-s-so, what do you w-w-want to do f-first?"

"Let's start on the project just to get that out of the way."

Over the course of thirty minutes, Brandon and I finished our little poster. The piece of paper was covered with information, but we did leave a couple of blank spaces for small pictures that he said he'd take care of. Unlike Friday, he didn't touch me at all. That would've been a good thing if I hadn't begun to feel warmth around him. Now I kind of want him to touch me. Gosh, never mind, I shouldn't even be thinking like that!

Next we started studying. He started to go through the book and read around. I'd ask him questions from my notes and he'd answer them quickly-without the book of course. It impressed me at how much he had improved in such a little time. Maybe he just needed someone to tell him that he was doing a good job. I'm that kind of person. I think one reason I do so well nowadays is because I have mom and dad telling me they're proud of me. Without that encouragement, who knows where my education would be today.

Reno eventually made us take a break from studying. He started to bark at us signaling that he wanted one of us to rub him. Brandon took the initiative and gave Reno a thorough rub down. I laughed at how Reno was reacting to his affection.

Brandon checked the time on his cell and gasped. "Wow, we've been studying for three hours. I need to get home and have myself some dinner. My dad won't be home tonight, again, so it's just me for the third night in a row."

Oh, man, he's leaving. I have to think of something to get him to stay. "I c-c-can ask mom if i-i-it's okay if you s-stay for dinner."

He stopped packing his backpack. "Really?"

"Y-yeah," I replied happily. "G-g-go put your stuff i-in your t-truck and I'll ask m-m-my mom."


Danny was really excited about me staying for dinner, but I'm nervous as hell for it. I don't know how much he told his parents about Friday. Mrs. Turner didn't seem to act any differently around me when we first arrived, but that could've just been a polite act. Even if he didn't tell them anything, I haven't eaten dinner in a family setting in... Ever actually.

As I started down the stairway, I overheard his parents talking and my name being spoken.

"I'm just not sure about him, Alan." Mrs. Turner said to, I'm assuming, Mr. Turner.

"He seems like a great kid, Carmen." Yeah, that voice is definitely Mr. Turner's. "Besides, Danny is a smart one so I don't think he'd get involved with someone he didn't trust."

"Maybe, but what if Brandon is just using him? I mean, he seems nice and polite now, but what happens when he no longer needs help. Will he still come over and spend time with Danny?"

"That is for them to decide. Come on, what are you worrying about? Danny is finally socializing. I think it's great! Brandon doesn't look like he does drugs or drinks. Hell, he's probably a football star or something." Mr. Turner argued in my defense. It felt kind of good to have him say those nice things about me.

But then Mrs. Turner started again. "Even more reason to be weary of him! Do you honestly think a football player would want any kind of friendship with Danny after their tutoring ends? Brandon probably has tons of friends already for having just moved here."

"Carmen, you're being ridiculous now. This is what we are going to do. We will talk to Danny to see how he and Brandon are getting along. Based on what he tells us, we can then decide for ourselves what is going on. We can't judge Brandon without knowing him at all."

All of these spiteful things Mrs. Turner kept saying about me were starting to upset me. She has every right to be cautious of me, but judging me like that was unfair. And she's being kind of hypocritical. I'm not faking my politeness, but apparently she was earlier today.

"Fine, Alan, I'll play by your way this time." I heard her walking towards the stairway so I ran back up to Danny's room.

Danny looked at me funny and asked, "Forget s-something?"

I had to think of a lie quick. "Um, did I leave my cell in here?"

He looked around. "Doesn't look l-like it."

I took on a defeated look. "Oh, wait," I said, perking up instantly. "It was in my pocket the whole time!" Danny laughed at my 'incompetence.'

Just then, Mrs. Turner walked in the room, "Danny, dinner is ready." She then looked at me. I could see in her eyes that something awkward is soon coming.

"Okay, thanks, m-m-mom," Danny said.

"Brandon, would you like to stay for dinner?" she asked me. The awkwardness was definitely surrounding the whole situation.

"Only if it's no trouble to you." politely I said.

"It's no trouble at all. Just be down in a few minutes." Mrs. Turner turned around and walked out of the room.


Brandon set his backpack down on my bed next to Reno. He looked back at me and smiled. "You know, Danny, I really am grateful for how you're tutoring me. You've truly helped me memorize some of this stuff."

"I-it's no problem a-a-at all." I modestly replied. Once more, my cheeks felt like they were on fire.

"And I know I promised not to touch you at all, but do you think I can just give you a hug?" His cheeks suddenly turned red, too. He looked, cute? That might be the right word, but I've never said something like that so I wouldn't know. This is my chance, though! I finally get to touch him. But this isn't just a brush of a hand or bump of a knee. This is going to be a hug!

"I-I don't m-mind,"

Brandon stepped up to me, wrapping his arms around my back. The moment he came in contact with me, I almost stopped breathing. His scent was so delicious. Without any warning, hard fast, almost instantly. And just like that he pulled away. He turned around and started for the door, but I grabbed him by the arm and swung him around.

"What're y-" He tried to speak, but I cut him off with my lips. My eyelids closed automatically and I pushed forcefully against his face. Our kiss lasted only a few seconds, but it was just as good as the first one.

I jumped away from him in shock. And fear. A lot of fear. What had I just done? Oh, my God, I kissed Brandon. My eyes filled with water. "I'm s-s-s-s-so sorry, B-B-Brandon. I d-d-don't know wwwwhat I was thinking!"

He stepped back up to me and wrapped me in his arms again. "Hey, don't worry, Danny. I liked it. I'm gay remember?" He let out a small chuckle.

I sighed heavily, but cried in his shoulder. We stood embraced in a hug until mom called us from the intercom. Brandon wiped away stray tears on my face, then gave me a quick kiss.

"U-u-um, I d-don't know what t-t-t-to do." I said nervously.

"Don't worry. We'll talk about it after dinner." Brandon's calmness was soothing to me. I immediately felt calm myself. Dinner should definitely be interesting now.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

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