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Fly Me Away 03


Okay, so, let's recap. I kiss Danny on Friday. He freaks out. I apologize on Wednesday. He kisses me. Is anyone else as confused as I am here? Don't get me wrong. The kiss he gave me was totally enjoyable, but it just seems unfair. He gets to decide one moment he hates it, but the next he wants to try again? Maybe I'm just being selfish. All I know is that the first time I kissed a boy I couldn't get enough after that point. I especially couldn't get enough sex after the first time I did it with a guy. Let's see... One... Two... Oh, I've only been with two people. Not so bad. At least they were both my boyfriends at the time.

My first boyfriend was a good one. The relationship was even good, at least until it ended. Our split was messy. I caught him cheating on me during school nonetheless. And get this. He blamed it on me! Accusing me of not fucking him enough! Um, hello!? We had sex just about every single day! The days we didn't have sex were literally because one of us was sick or out of town. But looking past the pain and resentment of our break up, the sex was mind-blowing. Every day at school would be torturous having to wait for that damn bell to ring. Hell, sometimes we couldn't even wait to get to a house. Sometimes we'd do it at school. Those were the fun times. The thrill of being caught mostly naked and completely vulnerable was always more of a turn-on for me.

Then the second boyfriend came along. He was really cute and what seemed like hornier than the first. He was constantly grabbing at me and making advances towards me throughout the days. He loved doing things at school even more than I did. You don't know what it feels like to know that you might get caught being 'naughty' at school. It is a completely different experience than just doing it in a bed; unless it's a bed of someone else's-not that I would ever go that far! Our break-up was worse than the first. He also cheated on me also at school. But that's not the worst part. Nope. Can you guess who he was cheating on me with? Bingo. He was cheating on me with my ex.

So, those are the only two relationships I've ever been in. Both were in the same year, too. Can you see now why I don't like complication? I just want something simple. I'm beginning to wonder whether or not being with Danny will be simple or not. He's admitted to having a stuttering problem-like it was so hard to guess he did any ways-and I know that the stuttering is stemmed off of a mental disability. Do I really want to get involved with that? Danny is really cute and he is even cuter on the inside, but I want something simple. Something I don't have to work too hard at. And I definitely want no more infidelity.

"So, Brandon, you must be quite settled in now, huh?" Mr. Turner asked me. He is such a cool guy from what I've learned so far. Oddly enough, he seems to actually trust me more than Mrs. Turner does. I'd think they should both be on the same page.

"Yeah, I've pretty much grown used to everything. I'm a quick learner when it comes to something I can't change." I replied, taking another bite of my fajita.

"Why'd you and your family move out here in the first place?" he continued.

"Well, dad works with some kind of international company and their corporate office is here so it just made sense."

"International stuff, huh? I bet that is some pretty high-end stuff there. What about your mom? Does she work or stay home?"

I really didn't know how to answer that at all. It kind of pains me to even think about her. Danny must've sensed my uneasiness, so he changed the subject. "M-mom, these f-f-fajitas are really g-good."

"Thank you, Danny." Mrs. Turner said quietly.

If Mrs. Turner were any more transparent, then I could easily call her Casper's mother. Now that I have to just sit here and take her awkwardness, it's an entirely different thing. It's completely understandable why she is weary of me. She's just trying to protect Danny. But I have not given her any reason to be suspicious of me like the way she's being.

"You look like you play some kind of sport." Mr. Turner commented.

"I played a little bit of football at my old school, but it just wasn't for me." I said coolly. I'm not a big guy at all. A little on the tall side, my body has some nice tone to it from the little working out that I did, but that's as far as it goes. I quit football for two reasons. The first is because they wanted me to cut my hair. There was no way in hell anyone could convince me to cut my hair. It's long and blonde and that's the way it's going to stay until I say so. Besides, it's not like it's down to my ass or anything. It's barely at the base of my neck. The second reason is because a lot of the guys had a problem with me being gay. My coaches were somewhat supportive, but it wasn't their battle to fight. And don't think for a minute that I ran away scared! I quit because I just got tired of all the staring. I got sick of the talking behind my back. So, no, there was no running away for me, just a mere sidestep.

The four of us continued dinner with me telling some more about my old life. I must admit that it was really nice being able to talk about my life for a change. None of my friends were ever deep or connected so it was like talking to a wall. Besides, I know a lot of them were just friends with me because I usually paid for everything; food, drinks, movie tickets, parking, gas. And I know for a fact that some of them just liked me because of my old car. Dad bought me a 2004 Mercedes-Benz convertible. I wanted to sell it only a year after having it because it was drawing too much attention. I opted for a brand new Frontier instead.

Mrs. Turner didn't really speak much during everyone else's conversation. I was being such an annoyance to her. It was actually way too obvious. Even Danny sensed her bitterness towards me because he kept rubbing my feet with his. Or that could've just been some innocent flirting. Once we finished eating, we cleaned our plates off and then went upstairs to his room.

"So, I have to ask you something. Are you gay?" I quickly asked Danny.

He shifted nervously, staring at his feet instead of at me. "I-I don't know,"

"Well, you kissed me earlier. I really wasn't expecting that, especially since you freaked out on Friday."

"I know a-a-and I'm s-sorry about th-that." he said sadly. "I d-d-don't know w-what to do." He finally looked up at me and I saw the tears in his eyes. I grabbed his hands and made him sit next to me on his bed.

"You have to be honest with yourself. That is always the first step." I told him. "If you're not sure if you're gay or not, then you must figure that out. I'm sorry, but I don't want to fall for you and in the end you tell me that you're not gay after all."

"I th-think I am," he sighed. "D-does this m-m-mean that w-we are g-g-g-g-going out?"

"That's something maybe we should just work into. If you just jump into something, it can be pretty scary, especially something like this."

"I've thought about i-i-it a lot s-since Friday, th-though. I l-l-liked the k-kiss so much, B-Brandon." Danny said in a small voice. It was so freaking adorable.

"Why don't you sleep on it, okay? Then when I come over tomorrow for some more tutoring, we'll talk more." I suggested. Actually, there was really no room for argument. "I promise we'll talk about it."

"I-if you s-s-say so," he replied sadly.

"Hey, don't worry, okay?" Danny didn't seem to let any of his worries leave him, though. So, I thought of one way that might reassure him. "Can I kiss you?"

He instantly brightened up. "Y-yeah,"

I leaned in slowly, letting him lean in also. Our lips met, sending shock waves all throughout me. My eyes closed instantly and I sighed happily in my mind. Danny's lips felt so soft and warm. They're what I've been looking for for a long time. None of my ex's made me feel this way when we kissed. It was always just a kiss. But this was not just a kiss with Danny. It's something else that I can't even describe.

Even slower than I leaned in, I pulled away from him. His eyes were sealed tight. He looked like he enjoyed the kiss more than I did. "That was awesome, Danny."

He giggled, "It w-was,"

"Okay, so, I'll call you later. Think hard about this stuff."


Danny and I kissed one more time before I walked out of his room. On the way out, just to be polite, I thanked Mrs. Turner one last time for the delicious dinner she cooked. Mr. Turner walked me outside and thanked me for coming over. I found that odd considering it should've been the other way around.

Once again, dad wasn't home when I got home. There was no note, no voicemail, no text saying he'd be out. I am left to fend for myself. You'd think I'd be used to it by now, right? Wrong. After living with dad pretty much my entire life, it's hard to admit that he's rarely home now. I still haven't grown accustomed to just being left on my own, particularly while still in high school. Most kids would probably be partying every night or going out and getting laid, but me? I'm sitting home alone with nothing to do. So far I don't have many friends that I can just call up and hang out with. There's always James, but after the comment he said about Danny I'm a little weary of him now.

Danny. Tomorrow could be the start of a relationship with him. But I'm not entirely sure that I want us to be together. Sure, he's cute on the outside and the inside, but he seems complicated. If I pursue a relationship with him, who knows what hardships might await me. I may be thinking selfishly, but with my previous two ex's I can't help but be careful. Besides that, Danny deserves someone better than me. Even if we do date, who's to say that I won't lose interest? That would devastate him I'm sure. Danny just doesn't seem to be my kind of guy. Then again, I don't really know him. All I do know is that he has a major stuttering problem and is confused. Fuck. I don't know. I have a lot of thinking to do about this.

When I'm with Danny everything is perfectly fine. I really do like him. But as soon as I leave him it's like reality crashes down hard. The negative thoughts of what our relationship would be like floats carelessly through my mind. God, listening to myself I realize how selfish I really am being. Maybe I should just date him and try my hardest to like it. But then wouldn't that be wrong? Not only to him, but also to me. This shit is so confusing. One minute I like Danny and the next I don't.

A couple of hours passed by. The entire time I was thinking of Danny; his beautiful long brown hair; the way his eyes seem to radiate energy; the firmness of his body pressed against mine. When I got home earlier, I think I just over thought some things. Maybe Danny and I will be a great couple. No one, not even me, can predict the future. So, I decided to call him.

"Hello?" he answered.

"Hey, Danny," I gushed excitedly. "Whatcha doing?" I don't know what just happened, but I'm all of a sudden super excited to hear his voice. Fuck I'm weird.

"U-u-um, I-I'm not d-doing anything." he said nervously.

I giggled. "You seem kind of nervous."

"I-I am, B-Brandon,"

"Aww, don't be nervous. What're you so nervous about?"

"I-I thought about w-w-what you want m-me to. A-and I r-realized I a-am g-gay." His words caught me off guard for a sec. I know I told him to think about things, but I hadn't expected an answer so soon. In fact, I was kind of hoping he wouldn't mention this again for a few days so that my own mind could get a grip with itself. "H-hello?"

"What? Oh, sorry, Danny. I guess I kind of zoned out there for a second." My mood went from excited to unsure in an instant. What the hell is going on with me?!

"S-so, does th-that mean we are d-dating now?" God, his voice is so cute.

"No, it doesn't mean that we're dating now." harshly I replied.

"O-o-oh," I heard Danny sniffle softly. "I-I have t-to go nnnow." And just like that, he hung up. I tried calling back, several times actually, but he ignored every single call.

Great, I crushed him and we're not even going out yet. What came out of my mouth wasn't what was supposed to. All I meant was that we needed to get to know each other better before jumping into a relationship. That's what happened to me with my second boyfriend. The two of us hardly knew each other at all. The only thing we did know about each other is that each of us liked sex a lot. Still can't figure out why he cheated on me. Maybe he liked sex a little too much.

I grabbed my wallet and keys, then headed to Danny's house. A lot of wrong turns were made, though, and my arrival time wasn't as fast as I'd have liked. Navigating in a new city during the day is one thing, but at night it's a bit more difficult. Mr. Turner was taking the trash out as I pulled up.

"Hey, Brandon," he called out.

"Hi, Mr. Turner," I replied with a smile. "I just came by to pick something up that I left here earlier."

"Oh, okay, just go on in. Danny's up in his room."

"Thanks, Mr. Turner," He walked back into the garage and started tinkering with something.

I walked through the front door and was instantly welcomed by the sweet scent of coconut. Mrs. Turner is probably baking more macaroons for Danny. Jeez, that kid can eat whatever he wants to and is yet still firm to the touch. Damn lucky if you ask me. There're people like me who have to work to keep a firm body. Anyways, let's not take a stroll down Jealousy Drive. Walking up the stairs another scent invaded my nose. It was the sweet smell of cherries. It's his room. I remember that. He has a cherry candle on his desk. Guess he only lights it at night.

Danny was lying on his bed, hands clasped behind his head, staring up at the ceiling. With the faint glow of the cherry candle's flame, it was evident he'd been crying, or still is crying. Either way isn't a good thing. Reno was also lying on the bed with him, looking kind of sad himself.

"Danny," I called out softly.

Reno rocketed off the bed and began to growl at me. Danny stood up and quickly wiped his eyes. "B-B-Brandon, w-what are y-you doing h-h-here?"

"I, uh, just came over to..." Reno was so defensive I was afraid to move. "Can you calm him down first?"

"R-R-Reno, come h-here, boy." Danny softly said, patting his bed. Reno obeyed, jumping up on the bed and lying down, but not taking his eyes off of me.

"Anyways, I came over to explain what I meant. Because I didn't mean that I don't want to go out with you."

Danny instantly perked up. "Y-you want t-t-to go out?"

I took a moment to answer. I'm still unsure about whether or not I do want to date him. The mixed feelings that go through my mind cannot happen if we go out. That wouldn't be right. I have to be absolutely positive before I say yes. And guess what?

"Yeah, Danny, I do want to go out, but we need to know each other more, okay? That's all that I meant on the phone earlier. It just came out wrong."

He sighed, "O-okay,"

"Something wrong?"

"N-n-no, it's j-just that I'm really s-starting to l-like you. And I d-d-don't know what t-to do next."

Chuckling lightly, I said, "Don't worry, I'll help you figure things out."

I moved in front of Danny. He was trembling he was so nervous. Finding this exceptionally cute, I knew I needed to kiss him. I placed a hand behind his head and connected our lips. The sensual feeling of our lips touching lingered, but then I decided to get bolder. My tongue slid out of my mouth, touching Danny's lips waiting to be allowed in. He hesitated a moment, but accepted it and pushed his own tongue in. Although sloppy at first, Danny quickly began to figure out what to do. I was actually surprised that he learned so fast. Not that kissing is a hard thing to do. For someone like him, as nervous as he was, I just expected it to take a few tries.

"W-w-wow," Danny breathed in.

"Yeah," I giggled, giving him a quick peck. "That was pretty awesome if I do say so myself."

"D-do we get to d-do more of th-that?" he shyly asked. It was obvious he was horny considering his member was practically drilling a hole in my thigh.

"That and so much more," I reached down and grabbed his rock hard member through his jeans. He jumped and pushed me away. Reno let out a short bark. "Sorry, guess you're not ready for that, huh?"

"I-I-I don't know a-anything about that k-k-kind of stuff."

"It's okay," I assured him. "We won't do anything you're not ready for. I promise you that."

Danny and I talked for a little while longer before I decided to head home. The two of us went out to my truck and just stood talking. I learned that he liked to swim a lot, which definitely explains why he stays so fit while eating all those damn macaroons. I also found out that he hasn't had the stutter his whole life, just since the beginning of middle school. Apparently he grew so nervous transitioning from elementary to junior high, the stutter just randomly started one day. It grew from a few words a day to a few words a sentence. That's also about the time that he was picked on relentlessly. The subject wasn't easy for him to talk about so I changed topics for him. We started talking more about us. He was so nervous.

From the few things he's told me about his life, I gathered that he hasn't had a very easy one. Kids at school I know for a fact torment him mentally. My friend James is among them, which will either stop or our friendship will. Next time he says something about Danny I'll be sure to tell him what's up. I feel very protective of Danny now. Like it's my job to shield him from all the pain that he may face. That to me sounds like complication. But this might be the kind of complication that is very simple.

"I n-n-need to g-g-go in now." Danny whispered.

"Okay," I smiled.

He fidgeted, staring down at his feet. "C-can I ask y-you something?"

"You can ask me anything you want to."

Still not looking up at me, he said, "W-would it b-b-be all right if we k-kissed one m-more time?" Danny's cheeks lit up like fireworks on the Fourth of July. I wanted to take him right there.

I looked around to make sure no one was watching us. Not that I would care, but for Danny's sake. The last thing he needs is the stress of coming out right now. Seeing as how no one was around nor watching, I lifted his head up gently. He gave me a sheepish smile before leaning forward and placing his lips on mine. We shared no tongue, but it didn't matter. Our kiss was soft and special. I can't wait to kiss him some more.

"You don't have to ask to kiss me." I said to him. "I'm yours to kiss whenever you want."

Out of nowhere, Danny threw himself on me, wrapping his arms around my neck and drilling his head into my shoulder. He wasn't crying, but I wasn't sure what was going on with him all of a sudden.

"Y-y-you know, I feel s-s-so safe with y-you, B-Brandon." delicately he said. "I r-really hope you d-d-decide to go out w-w-with me. I p-promise to do m-my best."

Danny's words sank into me slowly. I've never been told anything so special before. No one has ever shared something so deep with me. I had no idea how to respond to him either. It was like I was at a loss for words. No words could describe how his just made me feel. Who am I kidding? There's the probability that we'll be boyfriends in a matter of days. Then again, we could be a couple right now if I ask him...

"Thanks, Danny," I sighed. "That makes me feel good." Okay, so that isn't quite what I had planned to say, but work with me here.

"S-s-so, I'll see y-you tomorrow, r-right?" he asked, not letting me go from his grasp.

"For sure,"


"I'll surprise you," I moved out of his grasp, looked around, and gave him a quick kiss. "See you tomorrow, Danny."

Danny blushed, then walked back up to his front door. We stared at each other for a few seconds, and just as he was about to open the door, Mrs. Turner appeared in the doorway and flashed me a smile, showing off her pearly whites. I returned her smile, but only as a mere smirk. Danny grinned at me before I drove off looking forward to tomorrow morning.

There is nothing more deceptive than a smile. And no one knows this better than the people who hide behind them. Some flash their teeth as a polite warning to their enemies. Some put on beaming faces to keep their tears from falling. Others wear silly grins to mask their fear. But then there is that rare smile that is actually genuine. It's the smile of a person who knows his troubles will soon be over.*

* by Marc Cherry, 2007

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