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Fly Me Away 07


"Hey, hey, calm down," Brandon said softly, grabbing me by the shoulders and staring into my eyes. "It's okay. They're both okay with it."

"B-but I wasn't rrready for them t-t-t-to know!" I cried into his shoulder.

"Danny, they already knew. Your mom heard us through the intercom on Thursday." He's being awfully calm about all this. Maybe calmness is just his thing. I've never actually seen him anything other than happy.

"When d-did she t-tell you?"

"Last night when I came over. She told me a whole bunch of things like when you were growing up and the middle school stuff."

"She t-told you all th-that?"

"Yeah," he sighed. "I was shocked you went through all of that, Danny. If anyone ever messes with you like that again, you tell me and I will handle it, okay?" I nodded my head slowly. "Well, the first movie was pretty cool last night. Can we watch number two today?"

There was a sudden tightening feeling in my head. I just ignored it. "Sh-shouldn't you b-be studying for the t-test tomorrow?" I gently pulled out of his grasp.

Brandon giggled. "Class today was study enough. Unless you don't want to cuddle, then we can just-"

"No," quickly I shouted, causing my head to throb. "I'll put t-two in."

Before Brandon came over last night, I felt so miserable and alone. It felt like no one could ever really like me, or love me even. Brandon betrayed my trust by lying to me and going to some party. But when he came over to apologize, it was like everything was okay again because he cared enough to at least try and make things right. We're still boyfriends and it feels great to still be able to say that about us.

Today at school was so boring. Me. Bored with school. That doesn't really happen ever, okay? But every waking minute all I could think about was spending time with Brandon. He's got this like spell over me or something. And when school was finally over and we met up at the bike racks, this instant sense of relief washed over me. Just seeing him puts me in this calming trance.

The two of us started the second movie in the series. Just as I liked, I was being held closely by Brandon. Every so often, he would 'ooh' at what was happening. I found it pretty entertaining actually. He was captivated by these movies like I first was. The tension in my head was getting worse. A migraine is definitely coming, but why ruin the moment between Brandon and I?

"Okay, so, they can't be in love?" Brandon asked.

"N-nope," softly I replied.

"Okay, that I don't get. Love doesn't distract you from things. I'm sure they can love and keep order at the same time. I do."

I giggled. "I d-don't really g-get it either,"

The action in the movie was making my head hurt pretty badly after a while. Brandon continued to be enthralled by the movie, but I had to keep closing my eyes every so often to try and dim the pain. The pain, however, only grew stronger. Before I even realized it, I gasped out in agony.

"Hey, what's wrong? Danny?" Brandon questioned, releasing me and sitting up.

I shut my eyes tightly and put a pillow over my face to block out, what seemed like, the sun shining only into my room. "Shut my blinds!" Brandon rushed from my bed and closed the blinds. "Turn the TV off, p-p-please! Oh, God, hurry!" The sound was making my head throb. But not a moment too soon, he shut it off. "I n-need you to g-g-get my mom."

Brandon ran out of my room. With all the caution in the world, I slowly pulled the pillow off my face, and even more slowly I opened my eyes. My head felt like it was literally being split in half right down the middle. Crap. This could totally ruin my birthday. I haven't even told Brandon about it, though. That should probably be mentioned soon, but today definitely isn't the right time now.


"Carmen, Danny needs you. He's having a migraine." I said in a panic. His migraine just came out of nowhere.

"Damn," she hissed. She went into the kitchen and retrieved two pills and a cup of water. "Take these to him, but, Brandon, you have to be extremely quiet. The slightest bit of noise makes him throw up like you've never seen before." I took the pills and the cup of water, then quickly made my way to the stairs. "Oh, and Brandon? I think it'd be best if you left after, okay? Danny needs to rest."

I walked into Danny's room trying my best to be as quiet as possible. He was lying away from the windows with his eyes shut. He looked so cute even though he's in pain. And then I felt bad for even thinking that while he's in such pain.

"Danny," I whispered softly. "Take these pills." He weakly stuck his hand out for me to give him the pills. I helped him sit up slowly so that he could swallow them. Once he did, he went right back down. "I'm gonna go, babe. I'll be back to check on you tomorrow." There was no argument from him at all. I kissed his cheek before leaving his room.

"Did you shut his door?" Carmen asked from the kitchen.

"Yeah," I sighed, walking in. "The migraines are always that bad?"

"Sometimes they're worse, sometimes they're not. Either way, he needs pain relievers at the first hint of pain and then he needs to sleep, or at least rest." Carmen explained. "I need to make him a doctor appointment for them. They just started a few months ago."

"What do you think is causing them? I mean, if they just start a few months ago, then maybe it has something to do with school."

"Well, there's only one way to find out for sure."

Carmen and I chatted for a few more minutes before I left for home. On the way, I couldn't stop thinking about Danny and the pain he appeared to be in. When he told me about them Friday night, never in a million years did I think they'd be as bad as what was witnessed earlier. I'll go by later and see how he's doing because I still don't have their house number and calling his cell phone is out. As if the migraine wasn't a surprise enough, when I pulled up to my house there was another car in the driveway. Dad's home.

I walked inside mentally preparing myself for a very awkward situation. It's been a week or so since the last time we saw each other. Things are bound to be awkward. I checked the kitchen and the living room for him, but there was no sign of anyone being home at all. Then I heard some noises coming from down the hall. Quietly, I snuck to my dad's room and pressed my ear against his door. The noises coming from his room suddenly disgusted me. He's having sex with someone in there.

You know, when he's gone for days at a time, I try to make sure he's happy when he returns. Usually there's some kind of dinner leftover in the fridge and the house is always clean. It's like this is literally my home and no one else's. But when he's actually home, it'd be nice to get a compliment every once in a while. Like take today for example, right this minute. There's still a whole bunch of chicken tortilla soup in the fridge and has he even noticed? I doubt it. He's probably been too busy screwing whoever he's screwing over. The house is spotless right now. Has he even taken the time to write me a quick thank you note or anything? No! And I am so sick of working my ass off in everything that I do for someone like him to not even care about me at all. Well, actually, he's got to care about me at least a little bit. He's given me a couple credit cards and he allows me to live in his house I guess. But what's the trade off? Credit cards for no dad? I'd rather have no credit cards and a dad.

I went back out to my truck and sat idle for quite a long time, pondering my life and its aspects. Except for Danny, everything seems to be kind of bland. My family is nonexistent and every time I see Mr. Turner I get like this envious feeling. He's such a great dad to Danny. For just one day, I'd like my dad to act like he actually cares about me. But that is such a fantasy.

For a few hours, I drove around and just looked at all the scenery the city had to offer. With nothing else to do, I figured I'd see how Danny was doing. Mr. Turner was taking out the trash when I pulled up. Hm, déjà vu.

"Hi, Mr. Turner," I said as I got out of my truck.

"Hey there, Brandon,"

"What're you up to?"

"Oh, I'm just checking the fluids of Carmen's car." he said, focusing on me instead of what he was doing. "What brings you here? You know Danny has a migraine, right?"

"Yeah, yeah, I know," softly I said. "I just came by to see how he was doing."

"Well, he hasn't really made any progress. Carmen and I mostly leave him alone. The less interaction he has the better. The slightest bit of noise or light can really nauseate him."

"He told me about them on Friday night. I never thought they'd be like this, though."

"Speaking of that night," Mr. Turner started. He's probably going to lecture me and threaten me that if I ever hurt Danny again he'll come after me with a vengeance. "Carmen told me that you two had a talk yesterday about Danny's past. And I just wanted to let you know that whatever you and Danny are, I'm okay with it. Boyfriends or just friends, it doesn't matter to me." There's a huge relief. He gave no threat or lecture.

"Thanks, Mr. Turner," I grinned. "I guess Carmen told you all about Saturday then?"

"Yeah, she did,"

"Um, were you mad?"

He sighed. "To be honest, I wasn't really mad. I thought what you did wasn't right, but it was understandable. But next time it'd be best to just be open and honest with Danny."

"I know that, and I still feel bad about everything. I promised him I wouldn't hurt him intentionally, though, and that's a promise I intend to keep." My mood suddenly saddened. Mr. Turner cares so much about Danny. "It's just that I've been hurt so... Um, never mind." He looked at me curiously. "Can I see him real quick?"

"If you can get past Ilsa, the wicked she-mother, then be my guest." he laughed.

I snuck inside of the house as to not let Carmen know that I was here. She probably wouldn't let me see Danny so I'm gonna have to pull some secret agent tricks out of my pocket. There was noise coming from the living. She must be watching TV. Perfect. On my tiptoes, I climbed the stairs and stood before Danny's door. With great caution, I turned the doorknob and slipped into his room, opening the door just enough for my body.

Danny was lying in the same position as when I left him earlier. The poor guy must be in that much pain to not even move during his sleep. Not wanting to disturb him at all, I stayed near the door and only for a few minutes. On my way back downstairs, Carmen was coming in through the front door.

"Oh, Brandon, what are you doing here?" Mrs. Turner asked kind of accusingly.

"Um, I just came to see how Danny was doing. Don't worry, I didn't disturb him at all." I threw that out there just to see if maybe her slight scowl would disappear.

"Are you hungry? Alan and I haven't eaten yet. I was just about to reheat us some leftovers." Her scowl disappeared slightly, which allowed me to be a little more at ease.

"No, thanks, Mrs. Turner," I replied politely. "I have to be going."

Dad and whoever weren't there when I got home. There was no note or anything. He just up and left and it was like nothing ever happened. The next morning started kind of slowly. Not wanting to get out of bed caused me to be late and I missed the entire first period. So much for being prepared for that damn test. I got a pass to second, though, and luckily psychology is my favorite class. Mrs. Dern is such an amazing teacher. James was sitting in his desk with a content look upon his face. He seems to have gotten over his girlfriend cheating on him. Good for him.

Mrs. Dern began a lecture on neurons. One thing that really stood out to me was the part when she talked about these monks that could move tables with their minds. The stuff she was going on about sounded like such fiction. She even said that some people can move things from one room to another like the transporters in Star Trek.

"Your body has over one hundred billion neurons." Mrs. Dern stated. "But when you take a shot, just one shot, you kill up to ten thousand."

"Do you drink, Mrs. Dern?" a student randomly asked.

Mrs. Dern chuckled. "What? Are you kidding? I can barely find my way around now. If I drank I'd probably walk in my shower, hit a tile, and say 'beam me up, Scotty!'" The class erupted into a fit of laughter. "No, no, I don't drink. But isn't all of this exciting?"

She continued on with that part of her lecture before moving on to emotions. This is the area of psychology that I love. Lately, I've been going through such a wide range of emotions. Uncertainty has been one of those that have stood out the most. Although, I think that that's not really an emotion, but whatever. Maybe Mrs. Dern can shed some light.

I raised my hand to ask a question. "How do people become so insecure? I mean, obviously because they've been hurt in the past, but is it just the fears that are holding them back?"

"Insecurity is such a broad topic. People can be insecure about their weight, their height, their smile, and even how they enter a car. You're talking just about relationship insecurities then?"

"Yeah, like why is jealousy such a big thing?"

"Jealousy stems from insecurity. Usually it happens because of past experiences where one ends up getting severely hurt. I'm gonna use you as an example. Say you just landed yourself this really hot girlfriend. She's smart and funny, but you've had other girlfriends who were similar. When you broke up with your ex's, it was because they were cheating on you or they just weren't emotionally available. So, you've built this barrier around your heart and you want to make sure that she won't hurt it when you take the barrier down. You begin to ask things of her like if she doesn't text back for several minutes you ask her to respond faster. You think that because she isn't responding faster, that she's texting someone else. Maybe even another guy. Or if you're out on the town one night you ask her not to dress too revealing. It's your fears of losing her that are causing your insecurities. And now, your girlfriend has to pay for the mistakes of others.

"It's not so much that you're jealous, but that you're just terrified of losing her. You like her so much that it pains you to think of whom could possibly steal her away. That's when jealousy begins, though. That's when your insecurities have taken over. If you're insecure you start to think that because in the past you've pushed people away with your insecurities that it will happen again. Arguments start and then come the apologies and forgiving. But really it's a vicious cycle. You constantly have these nagging fears and even if the new girlfriend does things to show you that she cares, sometimes it's not enough. In your mind, there's still that chance of losing her. And that scares the hell out of you." She paused for a second and stared at me, studying me like. "Class, read section one in your book." I wiped my eyes discreetly. Mrs. Dern wrote something on a piece of paper, then called my name. "Will you take this to the office for me?"

I got up from my seat, grabbed the paper, then walked out of class. The paper, though, was addressed to me, not the office.

'Brandon, meet me in my room at lunch. Let's chat. Walk to the office, then come back.'

Third and fourth period went be slowly. Both periods I failed to pay attention. Having absolutely no idea about what Mrs. Dern wants to talk about was driving me insane. I hadn't done anything wrong so being in trouble can't be possible. Maybe it's about my question today. But I didn't really give any signs that there were problems in my life. Sure, my eyes watered, but that could've been because a stifled yawn.

Finally lunch rolled around. On my way to her classroom, I got a call from Danny. He must be feeling a hell of a lot better to be able to call.

"Hey, Danny, how're you feeling?" I answered softly, not wanting to possibly hurt him any.

"I f-feel better, but I h-h-have a mild headache s-still." he replied just as softly as I did.

"I'm gonna be a little late today, okay?"

"W-why?" Danny asked worriedly.

"My psych teacher wants to talk to me about something. I have no idea about what, though."

"Mrs. Dern?"

"Yeah, you know her?"

"I h-had her l-last year. She w-was really nice to m-me."

"Well, that's good to hear. I'll call you when I'm done, okay?"

"O-okay, bye,"

I continued on to the classroom. Without knocking on the door, I stepped inside. Today was pretty cold so the warm rush of air when I entered felt really great.

"Oh, good, I thought you weren't gonna show." Mrs. Dern said, chomping on a carrot stick. She got up from her desk and locked the door from the outside. "Brandon, I know there was more than just curiosity behind your question this morning. Care to talk?"

I bit my lip, not wanting to spill any of my personal stuff. Mostly the stuff about Danny. I'll tell anyone I'm gay, but Danny is a different story. He's definitely not ready to be out. Mrs. Dern doesn't seem the type to care about sexuality, but it's just the fact that he's not here with me and he hasn't given me permission.

"I just got in a relationship on Friday. And when I'm with him everything is perfectly fine, but when we're apart I feel so unsure about him." I explained.

"So, you're gay," she said to herself. "Let me assure you that anything you say will be strictly between you and me."

"Well, the issue isn't about being gay. I know exactly who I am and I don't care what anyone else thinks about that. It's just about my boyfriend."

"That's great that you know who you are. So, what goes through your mind when you and your boyfriend are apart?"

"Why do you care?" Lately, my words come out a lot harsher than they're actually meant to be. "I'm sorry. I didn't mean it like that."

But Mrs. Dern let it pass. "I'm a part-time therapist. I can see that you're troubled much deeper than you let on." She moved a chair in front of her desk for me. "You don't have to say anything you don't want to, but I'd like to help you."

"Fine, it would be nice to have some professional insight." I sat down in the chair and began my story. "My boyfriend is such a great guy. He's cute and smart and very...tender. The problem is that he's lived a complicated life and at this point in my life I'd prefer to stay away from complication. Something just keeps me drawn to him, though."

"Have you had previous relationships with any gender?"

"I've had no girlfriends, but two boyfriends. Both cheated on me. The second cheated on me with the first."

"I see," she hummed. "Were you in love?"

Her question shocked me to the point of my jaw dropping. "I'm... I'm not...sure," Thinking back, I can't recall my feelings for my ex's. I don't think I ever fell in love with either of them.

"Tell me more about your current boyfriend. Does he remind you of your ex's in any-"

"No!" I loudly said, cutting her off. "He's different. I mean, my boyfriend is kind of mentally challenged. It's not major, but he has a huge self-confident issue and a terrible stutter. And that's where the complication comes in. He has all these problems. When I'm with him they're nothing, but at night when I'm home alone that's all I can think about."

"So, your boyfriend has mental problems. That's quite the plateful in itself. If you were unsure of him, then why are you in a relationship?"

"To be honest, I made it official in a spur of the moment kind of thing. Right when I said it I regretted it, but there's nothing to do but accept it now."

"What makes you feel sure when you're around him?"

"Danny is an amazing person and he really shines when he's calm and relaxed." Mrs. Dern sat up straight. Her eyes went wide for some reason. "And..."

"Wait, Brandon," she interrupted. "Danny Turner?"

My heart slowed. "What about him?"

"He's your boyfriend?"

I know I looked panicked. My heart started to race a mile a second, feeling ready to burst from my chest. The stinging of tears invaded my eyes. My head dropped in my hands on its own and the tears came full force then. I just outted Danny. How could I have done that?

Mrs. Dern let me cry my eyes out for a few minutes. When I looked back up, she had a box of tissues waiting for me. I wiped my eyes and then simply answered her.

"Yes," She already knew so there was no point in trying to lie. "And I like him so much, but I'm scared that in a month or two I might get annoyed by his problems."

"Do his parents know about this?"

"Yeah," I sniffled. "They're both okay with it. His mom even had a talk with me and explained Danny. She taught me that Danny is mentally challenged, but isn't a severe case."

Mrs. Dern nodded silently. "Yes, Danny is one of a kind. Although he is mentally challenged, he is able to function relatively normal. He had my class last year and I was always impressed by his knowledge. You know, he isn't all that bad. He just has that stutter, and the major self-confident issue can easily be minored."

"See, that's all I keep telling myself when I feel unsure. I tell myself that it isn't as bad as it could be and that he's this amazing kid that needs me as much as I need him. Those words rarely work for me, though."

"Subconsciously, you are fearful that Danny will leave you just as your previous boyfriends have. Even if you tell yourself that'll never happen, it doesn't lessen your pain. Brandon, can you see how much he likes you?"

There was no need to think about it. Danny obviously likes me a lot already. "Yeah, he seems to really like me."

"Classic. I've seen mentally challenged people attach themselves to others very securely. They're the ones terrified of their friend or lover leaving them. Brandon, you just have to tell yourself that Danny literally cannot leave you. You have to leave him in order to break that attachment."

"I don't plan on hurting him," I sighed. "I'm just scared of what I might do. I've already lied to him once." Mrs. Dern frowned. "But the truth came out and I'm redeeming myself. I felt like a dick, but at the time I wasn't thinking clearly. Everything was just so fucked in my head." The strong words that I used were the least of my concerns at that point.

"How's your home life?" she questioned.

"Home life? What home life!? My dad was home yesterday for the first time in days! But he wasn't by himself. Oh, no. He was with someone and they were having sex. I had to leave I felt so sick. But Danny had a migraine so I couldn't go back there so I basically drove around for a few hours before going back home."

"You're dad does this a lot? Not coming home for days at a time?"

"Yeah," I said sadly. "And seeing how Danny's dad cares so much about him that it hurt me to know that my dad probably doesn't even remember I exist. It sucks to not have anyone in my life that really cares for me." The tears came back and flooded my eyes.

"How serious are you about Danny?"

"I'm very serious. Why?"

"Well, how is your relationship with his parents?"

"His mom is starting to finally warm up to me. His dad never seemed to have a problem with me at all. He was always so nice and welcoming towards me. It'd be nice to just have that from my dad for just one day."

Mrs. Dern thought for a moment. "I have a suggestion. Why don't you try to get close to Danny's dad? I've met him quite a few times and he does seem to care about Danny quite a lot. What have you got to lose?" The bell suddenly sounded through the intercom. "Crap,"

"Well, I guess I should go." I stood up and moved the chair back to where it originally was. "Thanks for listening, Mrs. Dern."

She shuffled through her drawers, then handed me a business card. "My cell is on there. Call anytime. And, Brandon, I'm kind of thinking you need therapy to help with your insecurity."

"Thanks," I took the card and left.

When I got to my truck, I immediately called Danny and told him I'd be at his house in a few minutes. On my way, I found it amusing that out of the two of us, I'm the one having the issues in the relationship. Ironic since Danny's the one who's mentally challenged. Like, he isn't having any issues whatsoever. It's just me it seems.

Surprisingly, Mr. Turner was home when I arrived. I thought he worked during the days. "Hey, Brandon,"

"Hi, Mr. Turner, I'm surprised to see you home at this time."

"Carmen had to go to work today," he replied. "Oh, since I have you alone. Are you going to dinner with us for Danny's birthday next week?"

"What!? His birthday is next week?" This totally blew me away. "Danny never said anything about his birthday."

"Well, you're obviously more than welcome to join us."

The Turners' home let off a sense of, well, home. Seeing as how my dad is never at our house, it's nice to be able to come to Danny's and witness such a thing as a family. Even when Carmen was cold to me, it was still nice to be here. Why? Because it was still a family setting. You see, my mom left me and my dad when I was only ten. I got home from school one day and expected to be greeted with a nice lunch as usual, but there was nothing. Mom didn't even leave a note. Her closet was empty of all clothes and shoes. All her bathroom stuff was gone. A week later, dad showed up and didn't even acknowledge that mom had disappeared. Those first few months without a mom, and essentially without a dad, were the hardest months of my life. Maybe that's the main reason I'm insecure about Danny. No, that is the main reason. My ex's just added to the pressure. She's right though, Mrs. Dern that is, about needing therapy. I have a lot of issues that are now rising to the surface. I can't let Danny pay for the mistakes of others. I refuse to let him get hurt by my problems. I'll ask Mrs. Dern to refer me to a therapist.

Danny was lying on his bed when I walked into his room. The sweet scent of cherries filled my nostrils, igniting my happiness. He looked so peaceful just lying down. This is his escape. In his bedroom, there is no pressure, no stress. There are no people to pick on him, no worries. Just him and his mind.

"Hi, cute stuff," softly I spoke as to not frighten him. He calmly sat up and grinned at me. "How you doing?"

"I-I'm great," he gushed. A frown replaced his cute grin. I hated seeing anything but a smile on his face. "Y-you seem worried about s-something."

"Guess I'm just nervous about how I did on the test this morning. You weren't there so I wasn't exactly as collected as I would've liked." That was a total lie since I didn't even take the test, but he can't know about that or my issues just yet.

"W-w-well, I'm s-sure you did f-fine on it." Danny's sudden demeanor turned me on. Big time.

"Danny, do you wanna try something new today?" My mouth began to water at the prospect of having him. I took my backpack off and set it on the ground. He stood up from the bed, but stayed in place. "I mean, try something a little more fun?"

"W-w-w-what are yyyou t-talking about?" nervously he asked.

I walked in front of him and we kissed wildly. My hands roamed down his body, finding their way to his crotch. Danny tried to jump away, but I caught him.

"We don't have to do anything you don't want to, but would you like to try?"

"D-d-d-dad is..."

"Boys," Mr. Turner said through the intercom. "I have a few things to do. Will you be all right till I get back?"

Danny was frozen solid so I decided to answer him. "Yeah, we'll be fine."

I hungrily continued working on Danny. There was no resistance from him, silently assuring me that what I was doing was perfectly all right. When I tried taking his shirt off, that's when the hesitation began. He tensed up and tried to push me away.

"B-B-Brandon, wait," he tried, but I didn't feel like stopping.

I whispered in his ear, "Trust me, baby," He barely eased up, but he did allow me to remove his shirt. I went back to moving my tongue in and out of his mouth. It was time to go even further. Slowly and without breaking our kiss, I moved him onto his back on the bed. His breathing was growing faster, begging me to take a break. But I couldn't stop. Something inside of me just would not stop. My hands massaged his chest, occasionally breaking away and rubbing his cock.

Danny released small moans every few seconds. His soft whimpering wasn't helping my predicament. All his noises were doing was adding to my lust.

"O-o-okay, what are y-y-you doing?" He was referring to my hand snaking its way into his pants.

"I am going to give you," I started huskily, "the best blow job you will ever have."

"I-I-I-I-I don't think I'm rrrrready for th-that." he pleaded. But his plea went in one ear and out the other. The animalistic lust suddenly overtook me completely. I unbuttoned his pants and saw my prize. In his boxers was his...soft...

That's when reality struck hard. I looked up at Danny's face. He was staring up at the ceiling, sobbing lightly, tears streaming out of the sides of his eyes.

"Danny," I whispered almost inaudibly. My mood swung violently, straight to hell even. "Oh, my God, I'm sorry, baby. I'm so, so, so sorry!" And then I broke down. Sliding off the bed, I kneeled at his side. "Danny, I'm so sorry."

Danny sat up and grabbed me into a hug. I started sobbing hard into the crook of his neck. "Shh, i-it's all r-right,"

"N-no, it's not," I cried out. "Forgive me, Danny. I'm so sorry!"

The two of us crawled into bed where Danny held me tight and let me cry my guilt out. I don't know what possessed me to maul him like I did, but I'll make sure that never happens ever again. I don't know how long we lied there, but for once I was the one being held and it felt so nice. The crying and guilt had gradually diminished mostly thanks to Danny who kept whispering sweet things in my ear. Unfortunately, Mrs. Turner walked in on us at one point. Apparently, we'd been lying down longer than either of us realized. Danny was still shirtless when she did. Needless to say, I had never been so embarrassed in my life. Even though we were just lying in bed, covered up I might add, it was still mortifying. All three of us were bright red.

Carmen asked if I wanted to stay for dinner and of course I wanted to. Why go home to an empty house? Throughout dinner, which was pizza by the way, Danny and his dad started talking about how school was going. Mr. Turner even went as far as to ask how my grades were doing. He actually took an interest in everything I was saying.

The time rolled around when I felt like I needed to go home. Danny begged me to stay, but after what happened between us earlier it was just the right thing to do. After many kisses, Danny let me leave. Driving home was a difficult thing. With so much going through my mind it was a wonder I didn't crash into anything. Tomorrow will be a better day I hope. That's all one really has. Hope.

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I published Beautiful Lie! You can purchase it by following this link: Bobby's Storefront. It's exciting to have another one of my stories created into a book. If you do decide to purchase it, then I really hope you enjoy it. Speaking of purchasing, you must purchase the book in order to read the entire story. But (and I mean a big but!) if you cannot purchase the book for any reason and would like to read the entire story, then please contact me. Exceptions can and will be made for you. And please don't feel embarrassed if you can't buy it. I have had many hard times in my eighteen-and-a-half-year-old life. Thanks ahead of time!