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Fly Me Away 08


"Brandon and Danny, I'm gonna need you both to come in after school today, tomorrow, or Friday to make-up the test." Miss Sheeba said before starting to discussion.

I turned around and gave Brandon a questioning look. He told me he took the test yesterday. Why would Miss Sheeba say he needed to make it up? Unless he didn't take the test and lied to me. He said he'd never lie to me, though. What if... What if he wasn't even at school yesterday? What if he was with someone else!? No, no, that's dumb. He told me Mrs. Dern had to talk with him about something. That could've been a decoy, though. Okay, no, Brandon promised he'd never lie to me. I know he wouldn't hurt me on purpose.

All class I couldn't concentrate on what Miss Sheeba was talking about. My mind continued to think about why Brandon lied to me. Even though our final is coming up and I should've been paying attention, I just couldn't.

Finally, the bell rang actually causing me to jump slightly. I was so deep in thought that I hadn't even noticed the time at all.

"Well, that was exciting, huh?" Brandon asked, sarcastically I think. "I'm so glad we don't have block days this week." He was walking me to my second class.

"C-can I ask you s-something?" This wasn't the best time to talk about him lying, but if not now, then after school? I don't think so. There is no way I'm going to be able to just sit on this until after school, which is still three hours away.

"Yeah, ask me anything," he responded happily.

"U-um, w-w-why did yyyou l-lie to m-me?" Gosh, that came out so pathetically. Stupid stutter!

Brandon stopped walking. "Whoa, whoa, whoa," he said. "I never lied to you about anything, Danny."

"I know y-you did," sadly I spoke. "I'll w-walk myself t-to class." I left Brandon quickly so that he wouldn't try to stop me.

Biology was fun enough to take my mind off of Brandon's lie. Mr. Harper showed us a video of the ten most venomous animals in the world. How ironic is that? A lie is kind of like venom if you think about it. I'm kind of sure he didn't lie to me to do something like he did on Saturday. But let's be honest, my trust in him is still growing. Any kind of lie regardless of how small is going to affect me. Brandon doesn't even know everything about me yet. He got a nice preview of my migraines, but that isn't the least of my problems. I still have to tell him I cannot be left home alone. That isn't such a big deal since I'll never really be alone anyways, but that is far from the point.

Statistics and English were far from exciting. In English, though, I at least got an A on an essay Mr. Debber had the class turn in a few weeks ago. The rest of the time was spent listening to how he graded them and what he thought. When class ended, I dreaded having to meet Brandon. After I just walked away from him this morning chances are he's a little mad. Maybe that was a little overly dramatic, but I was so upset with him. Lying is something I just cannot tolerate.

Sure as the sky is blue, Brandon was waiting for me in our usual spot. He didn't appear mad, but rather he seemed to be nervous. He was holding one of his arms and actually appeared to be sad. When I was standing in front of him, he gave me the saddest look I think I've ever seen on him.

"Danny," he sighed. "I did lie to you yesterday, but only because the time wasn't right to tell you the truth. Yesterday morning, I only overslept and missed first period. I swear that's all." Brandon looked ready to cry. Now I felt bad for doing this to him.

"I'm s-sorry, Brandon. I didn't m-mean to walk away f-from you this morning, but I w-was so upset. But I b-believe you."

Brandon sighed, almost wrapping his arms around me. I stepped back and looked fearfully in his eyes. "Right, sorry,"

We stared at each other in an awkward silence. "So, a-are you gonna come o-over?"

He chuckled. "Do you even have to ask? I'll meet you there in a few." Brandon walked away towards his truck.

On the way home, mom asked how school was. I left out the part about mine and Brandon's little misunderstanding. He wasn't there when we arrived, which was unusual for him. Mom started some lunch for us and by the time it was done, Brandon was knocking on the front door. He said he was sorry he's late, but he had to stop by the store first, wouldn't say for what, though.

During lunch, mom was much more talkative towards Brandon than she normally is. I guess that talk they had really did the trick or something. The entire time they were talking, I just listened, not wanting to ruin their small little moment of peace. I'm so happy that my mom has finally accepted Brandon. Although neither she nor dad has spoken about my sexuality, it obviously isn't a problem. For some reason, it doesn't even feel necessary to talk about it. Ever since I met Brandon, I've definitely grown more confident in some ways. My stutter is still horrible, but maybe it'll at least lessen in severity the longer we're together. He's doing me a lot of good.

I still feel bad about this morning, walking away from him and all. I was totally overreacting to his innocent lie. I'll just have to make it up to him somehow...

"Thanks for lunch, Carmen," Brandon said, placing his plate in the sink. "That really hit the spot."

"No problem, Brandon," mom replied, still recovering from her fit of laughter. "Oh, boys, I have to run out real quick. Will you two be okay?"

"Y-yeah, mom," I said, dragging my boyfriend upstairs. There was a lot of touching that I wanted to do with him. The feeling of running my hands over his chest and around his back makes me think I'm invincible. Incredible isn't it? And then when he holds me tight against that strong chest of his, invincible doesn't even describe how I feel. Safe? Well, yeah, but there's something more that I just can't explain.

I pushed my tongue inside of his mouth and began to explore. That feeling of invincibility came when I caressed his back. What's more is that he wrapped his arms around my back and held me close. We probed each others' mouths with an unspoken passion, testing to see how far the other could get his tongue down the other's throat. Brandon is an amazing kisser. Every kiss is a balance between not too wet and amazing. Of course, how would I know what a good kisser is? He's been my first kiss all along.

When we separated, Brandon had a huge smile on his face. "You're getting really good. It won't be long now before your training is complete, my young Padawan."

I giggled. "W-wanna watch some more?"


I started the DVD player and it played the part exactly where we left off. Brandon was already comfy on my bed waiting for me to lie next to him. I figured this was the perfect time to bring up my birthday. After all, the movie is on a slow part.

"My birthday i-i-is coming up. It's n-next Wednesday."

"Your dad said something about that yesterday. Why didn't you tell me sooner?" Brandon asked, rubbing his fingers through my hair.

"I j-just forgot," I sighed. "I'm f-f-finally going to be eighteen."

He kissed the back of my head. "I already thought of the perfect present for you."

"And l-l-let me guess," I sarcastically started. "I have t-to wait until my b-b-birthday to find out?"

"Wow, you must be psychic or something." Brandon laughed. He kissed the back of my head again.

The two of us continued watching the movie. In about an hour or so, it ended and I wanted to put in the third one, but then mom was heard coming through the front door. Brandon said he needed to talk to her about something. He told me that if I waited up here we'd watch the entire third movie today. Of course this kept me glued to my bed.

Mom and him didn't talk that long. Brandon wouldn't tell me anything they talked about other than the fact it was about my birthday present and that he has mom's approval. I pushed the play button and the movie started. Trying not to focus on my surprise, I told Brandon how he'd probably like this one the best, although, it is the saddest of all six.


Jeez, Danny was right about this one being the saddest. There is a lot of pain and death in it. But he tells me that this is what shapes the three made a couple decades ago. I'm actually more excited to see the older ones. I've heard they're the best, but then again I'm sure people say the new ones are better. It's all personal opinions and stuff. Even through the sadness I managed to hold Danny tightly against my body. He really loves when I hold him close. It's cute too because when I do this sometimes he'll emit a small whimper, which honestly turns me on a little, but also makes me want to hold him even closer.

The countdown is on for his birthday. Yesterday when Mr. Turner told me about it I already began planning my present to him. This will be a birthday he'll never forget. Carmen needed to know about my plans first, though, considering his present will be starting very early that morning. She approved my plans and told me that we could just go out to dinner the following Friday. I went as far as inviting her and Mr. Turner, but she declined saying it should just be between Danny and me.

Around nine I decided to head on home. Danny tried to get me to stay longer, but to be honest, there was a personal thing I needed to take care of if you know what I mean. He walked me out to my truck where we engaged in some more kissing.

"You know, we need to take the government test still. How about tomorrow after school? And what about the essay? I don't even know what it's on." I said, breaking off a nice kiss.

Danny sighed sadly. "Y-yeah,"

"Maybe Miss Sheeba will let us slide on the essay."

"I d-d-don't think so, Brandon," Danny giggled.

"Well, it's a nice thought," I laughed. "Okay, Danny, I'm tired and I'd really like to go to sleep. I'll see you in the morning."

"Fine," he pouted. "I g-g-guess I'll see you i-in the morning." He gave me a quick peck on the lips before racing back up to his house.

When I got home, I immediately went straight to my room and undressed. I'm going to keep the details to myself, but the personal thing that needed to be taken care of was definitely taken care of.

The following morning was pretty awesome. Miss Sheeba said she'd allow Danny and me to make up the test after school and also give us the essay prompt much to my dismay. Mrs. Dern was extra happy today, but I'm not too clear on why. Maybe she had an ultrasound today? The rest of my day went pretty well. At least, it was going pretty well until Danny met me at our spot. He looked very shook up about something.

"Hey, Danny, are you okay?" I asked. He had his arms crossed and he wouldn't look me in the eye.

"I-I-I-I'm fffine," he said sadly. "I j-j-just want to g-go home." He started for where Carmen would normally be parked, but I told her I'd take Danny home today seeing as how we had the test after school, and that I'd buy him some lunch. That could easily kill an hour since we have a couple before school is actually over. We get out at lunch, remember?

"Whoa, whoa, whoa, Danny," I said, placing my hand on his shoulder gently. "We're going to get lunch remember? We won't be going home until after the test today."

"C-c-can't you just take mmme home until th-then?" That was it. I saw the water in his eyes.

I stared into his deep pools of blue. "What is wrong, Danny? You're on the verge of crying. Please, tell me what's wrong. Let me help you." It sounded less corny in my head I promise!

Danny sobbed, wiping his eyes. "H-h-h-hhhh..."

"Just breathe, okay? Just come down, Danny."

"H-h-he picked on m-me again," The tears streamed from his eyes, dripping off of his chin. "A-a-a-a-and he sssaid that next t-t-time I won't b-be so llllucky." He started to shake and sob violently.

The anger raged inside of me like a forest fire during August. "Danny, who said that to you?" Whoever the guy is, he's about to get his ass kicked. Nobody messes with my fucking boyfriend!

"I c-can't tell yyyou that," His voice was so small, so soft and shaky. "P-p-please just t-take me home."

I walked him to my truck and got him inside. "Danny, I am not leaving here until you tell me who said that to you."

Danny sniffled and nodded. "F-fine," he sighed. "It wwwas your f-friend James."

"James!? That dumb fuck! Danny, stay here and wait for me, okay? I will be back as soon as I can." I gave him my keys and closed the door.

The rage I felt earlier was nothing compared to what was fueling throughout my body now. I can't believe James could be such a dick. He doesn't know anything about Danny and me, but that is not the point. He's about to learn that you just don't get to pick on someone because they're different. That son of a bitch is about to get his ass kicked.

James was sitting and laughing with his football buddies when I ran up and stood him up by his shirt collar.

"You son of a bitch," I shouted, shaking him roughly. Some of his friends tried to pry me off him, but I wasn't about to let him get away with anything. I kneed him in the gut as hard as I possibly could. "Stay the fuck away from him!"

Security came rushing up and tore me away from him. They walked me to the principal's office and sat me in a chair. No punishment is going to stop me from protecting Danny, though. And so help me God if I get suspended and Danny is harassed during that time, I will kick James' ass so fucking bad.

"Brandon, Mr. Yale will see you now." the receptionist said nicely.

I walked into his office and took a seat. He didn't appear to be too angry, but then again he looked anything but fine. "So, care to explain why you attacked James?"

"He threatened my..." This was tricky. I could say my boyfriend Danny, but that would be twice I've outted him without his permission. Mr. Yale has to be even more private than Mrs. Dern, but it's the fact that Danny is at stake here. "James threatened my boyfriend and I was not going to just stand by and let it happen again."

"Son, you can't go beating people up for your boyfriend, not that he should either. If he was having a problem, then here is the place to come. I'm sorry, Brandon, I know you're new here, but we have no tolerance for this kind of violence. You're suspended the rest of this week and all of next week."

I sighed and rolled my eyes. "Fine, I guess that's what I deserve."

Mr. Yale leaned over his desk slightly. "So, who is your boyfriend? Maybe if you bring him in we can help him, too. We have a zero tolerance for any kind of harassment after all." It was obvious that Yale was being sincere, but I cannot out Danny again.

"I... I can't tell you that. He has enough trouble as it is."

"Well, my door is always open. If he has any more trouble, I hope you or him will come here instead of turning to violence." Mr. Yale stood from his desk. "Now, you understand that you cannot even step foot on school property until your suspension is over?"

"Yeah, I know," I also stood up, walking towards the exit.

Danny was patiently waiting in my truck. He looked a little more together than he previously did, but I knew he was still scared on the inside. When I sat in the driver's seat, he reached over and rubbed my cheek.

"What h-happened to your face?" he asked.

I looked in the mirror and saw I had a couple small bruises on my face. I had no idea where those came from, though. Maybe through all the excitement I accidentally hit myself of something. "Don't know,"

"Where d-did you gggo?"

"Let's talk about that after lunch, okay?"

Danny said he wanted breakfast so I took him to this pancake restaurant that served breakfast all day. He ordered a big stack of pancakes whereas I just ordered a side of hash browns. Thanks to my suspension, my appetite had vanished. I don't really know how to tell Danny about what happened. He's probably going to freak out and blame himself. But nothing was his fault. I'm the idiot who went up and attacked James. I'm kind of surprised that my suspension is a week and a half. You'd think that for a new student it wouldn't be that bad. Whatever, though, but now I can't take the government test. Danny'll have to at least get an extra essay prompt sheet.

By the time Danny and I left the restaurant, we only had about forty-five minutes until school is over. Err, wait, I mean Danny only had about forty-five minutes left. Either way, we managed to kill a nice amount of time. Sitting in the parking lot seemed to be the perfect time to tell him that I wouldn't go going with him to take the test.

"Danny, we need to talk about something." I started slowly. He immediately took on a fearful demeanor. "When I left you in the truck, I kind of got in a fight with James of got suspended for the rest of this week and next."

"B-B-Brandon," Danny cried. "Without y-y-you James is gggoing to do it a-a-again!"

"No, he's not, Danny. And if he even looks at you funny, I want you to tell me, okay?" It was depressing me having to tell Danny that I can't protect him. James should've gotten the message, though.

"Yyyes, he will! He's been p-p-picking on me all yyyear." he cried hysterically.

There was nothing I could do but pull him close to me and wrap my arms around him. "Why haven't you told anyone about this?"

"He's nnnever touched me b-before today. And if y-y-"

"Wait a minute. He touched you today?" That anger raged inside of me once more.

"He j-j-just shoved m-me out of hhhis way." I wiped some of his tears away. "P-please, don't get i-i-in any more t-trouble. I nnneed you."

I gently squeezed him. "Don't worry. I won't do anything stupid. You just have to promise me that you'll tell me if he does anything to you again."

The time it took for Danny to answer worried me. If James does do anything to him, he probably won't say a word about it. "I p-promise,"


Brandon said he'd wait for me at a local store since he couldn't be on school grounds whatsoever. I felt very nervous about walking across the campus by myself, but the thought of my boyfriend being only a few blocks away kind of kept me sane. When I walked through her door, Miss Sheeba asked where he was and I told her he got suspended. She gave me the test and two copies of the essay prompt. It only took about thirty minutes for me to finish the test, then I was heading back to the parking lot. Brandon hadn't come back yet so I called him and told him I was ready.

We got home a few minutes later. Mom wanted to know how everything went. Brandon filled her in leaving out the suspension part. She told me that I have a doctor's appointment on Friday for my migraines. I'm not a particular fan of going to the doctors, but these migraines definitely aren't normal.

Only twenty minutes after the two of us arrived home, Brandon said that he wanted to go to his own house so he could go to bed. I whined for a few minutes saying I didn't want him to leave, but I finally let him. Just as I always do, I walked him out to his truck. We kissed for a little while before he drove off down the street.

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