The following is a work of fiction. Any similarities are entirely fortuitous. The story may contain profanity and references to gay sex. If such content offends you please leave now. The author retains all rights to the story. Do not copy or use without written authority from the author. Write Bobby at with your comments.

Fly Me Away 09

The following is a work of fiction. Any similarities are entirely fortuitous. The story may contain profanity and references to gay sex. If such content offends you please leave now. The author retains all rights to the story. Do not copy or use without written authority from the author. Write Bobby at with your comments.

Fly Me Away 09


Carmen was hesitant on letting me walk away without any of her money. But I assured her that the financial part of Danny's present tomorrow is taken care of. The past few days of being suspended have sucked big time. I'm used to seeing Danny first thing in the morning, not in the afternoon. His doctor appointment on Friday went smooth. The doctor drew some blood and off we went. Carmen took us to lunch after that. The weekend was pretty good. The two of us finished all the movies and even re-watched a couple of the ones that I really liked. Otherwise here we are on Tuesday night just itching to get on with tomorrow, especially Danny. He's close to exploding from excitement. Yeah, I know how that just sounded, but don't take it that way. He's up in his room because I told him to stay. Carmen wanted to talk to me about tomorrow and he definitely couldn't be around. Apparently, both she and Mr. Turner felt bad for letting me take him to... Well, that's a surprise still. To them it was about the money. Where I'm taking him definitely isn't the cheapest place in the world. One could easily spend a hundred dollars in food alone and they knew that. But I refused their money several times.

"Brandon, please," Carmen actually begged. "It is so expensive there for a teenager. Let Alan and I contribute something." She reached for her purse, but I stopped her.

"Carmen, really, money isn't an issue with me tomorrow. I have a lot of saved up money from my old job and plus my dad's given me a couple of credit cards." Her pushiness with the money issue didn't bug me. It really showed that she did care about me at least a little bit.

Carmen went upstairs to Danny's room with me to tell him good night. Mr. Turner was already asleep and she was on her way. Danny was practically bouncing off the walls when she walked out. And before I knew what was happening, he was forcing his tongue inside my mouth and feeling all around my body. I can't say I didn't like the attention, but it was peaking eleven and we needed to get to sleep. We have to wake up pretty early tomorrow to arrive at a good time.

"Danny," I moaned, grudgingly pulling back from him. "We need to get to sleep. We have to get up early."

He grinned devilishly. "C-come on, Brandon. Let's jjjust make out for f-f-five more minutes! Please?" He frowned so cutely I couldn't resist. But after a few minutes I stopped the fun and made him brush his teeth with me so we could sleep.

After our hygiene was taken care of, I crawled in his bed. By the way, this marks the first night Danny and I will be sleeping with each other. I'm not too nervous, but it's obvious he is terrified. Not only did he tell me that, but the way he's looking at me from his bathroom is a dead giveaway.

"What's wrong?" I asked, well aware of what.

"I-I'm just... Th-this is really nnnew territory." he said, fidgeting in his spot. He wasn't even looking in my direction.

"Would it help if the light was out?" Danny nodded, then walked over and flicked the switch. The room turned almost pitch black except for the dim moonlight shining in through the windows. "Can you see at all?" I laughed.

Danny found the bed and got under the covers. I stayed on my side, tightly wrapped in the blanket. Just as I was about to fall asleep, the bed shuddered from Danny scooting up next to me. This was taken as a hint by me to hold him. I readjusted my body and draped an arm over him. It only took another few seconds for me to completely fall asleep.

The next morning started sooner than I wanted it to. But Danny's surprise kept me motivated. I quietly got ready to go while giving Danny extra time to sleep. But finally the time came for me to wake him up so he could start getting ready. The way he was cuddled up in the blanket was almost too much, though.

"Danny, it's time to wake up," I softly said, sitting next to him gently. His eyes fluttered open. "Happy birthday,"

He grinned. "Thanks," Danny tiredly got out of bed and into the shower. I noticed while in the shower myself there were instructions on how to start the water. Guess Carmen wasn't joking when she told me about the instruction thing.

It only took Danny a few minutes to get completely ready. The two of us headed quietly down the stairs. Taped on the front door were a few twenty dollar bills and a note.

"Boys, parking and food are on me. Have a great time. Dad." I read aloud. Danny was grinning and curious looking at the same time.

"We're g-g-going somewhere with p-paid parking. Th-that could be s-so many things!" Danny pouted cutely. It was funny seeing him still trying to guess what his surprise is.

"We'll be there in a couple of hours." I stated calmly.


"Well, I'm taking you out to breakfast first."

"W-well, okay, I guess I a-a-am pretty hungry."

The weather was cold and gloomy, but that's perfect weather for where I'm taking him. The crowds should be small because it's Wednesday, but now they should be even smaller because of this weather. Danny kept his eyes glued at the scenery that we drove passed. An hour flew by in no time and I figured it'd be a good time to get some breakfast. When I pulled off the freeway, Danny immediately spoke up and said he wanted IHOP. So, I pulled into the parking lot and we walked inside. Our waiter was pretty cute, but the thought shook from me fast. My boyfriend is sitting right in front of me. And he is way cuter than the waiter. He ordered a big stack of pancakes and I ordered an omelet. We ate, well, Danny ate in a hurry, finishing in just a few minutes. I still had over half my omelet by the time he finished. He was becoming squirmy in his seat and it was too fun to watch. I kept giggling at him making him squirm even more.

We were back on the road much to the relief of Danny. He went back to his original position and stared out the window at all the passing scenery. I began to grow ever more familiar with my surroundings and figured maybe twenty more minutes until we reach his surprise. I kept that from him, though, since that would've created even more excitement than he's already holding in. Katella exit came up fast and my heart started to beat faster. Danny's present is just minutes away. By the way, here's a tip if you ever go to this place. If you exit on Katella instead of Ball Road, the parking is much easier and faster. But since we're arriving so early, I don't think Ball Road would've been crowded at all.

As we were driving down Katella, there was a Shell gas station on the right. I saw the event happening, but I couldn't do anything about it. The car was pulling out of the station and without looking, turned right in front of me while I was going about forty-five. I swerved to the left-thank God no one was next to me-and then swerved back into the right lane, but I turned so hard that the truck spun around. Now we were facing opposite the traffic. Enraged, I slammed the gear stick up into park and flung my door open. The car was just sitting where I swerved around it.

"What the fuck is your problem!?" I yelled loudly. The glass was tinted dark, making it impossible to see who was driving. Whoever was in the car wasn't getting out so I went up to the driver's window and slammed my hands against it. "Get the fuck out of the car, asshole! Now!" My anger probably stopped them from getting out or even rolling their window down, but I wanted them to apologize. All of a sudden, they screeched away leaving me in smoke.

On my way back to the truck, I noticed the skid marks on the street from my tires and the faint smoke coming from the back of the truck. Great, I probably need new fucking tires now. The ones I have now are already wearing out. Danny was wiping his eyes when I opened his door to check on him. The traffic was slowly going around us and some people even rolled down their windows to see if we needed help, but I told them it was fine.

"How're you doing, huh? Jeez, I'm so sorry about that, Danny." I said, holding him against me tightly.

"I-it's not your f-fault," he sighed. "And I'm f-f-fine."

"No, I mean I'm sorry for just leaving you. I should've made sure you were okay first."

He pulled away from me and smiled. "I'm r-r-really fine. Can w-we just get back to m-my surprise?"

"Sure, babe," I laughed.

I started the truck and turned around, heading back in our original direction. Another couple of blocks and there was a sign that read Disneyland Parks with an arrow pointing straight ahead. Danny saw the sign and snapped his head towards me. He got mega excited and asked if Disneyland is his surprise. I didn't even have to answer.

The parking fee cost twelve bucks. Every time I come to Disneyland I always wonder how much money they make a day in parking alone. The figure has to be in the hundreds of thousands, if not millions on the weekends. From the looks of the parking lots, the park isn't too crowded. Then again, it is very early. Once we were parked, Danny grabbed his jacket and jumped out of the truck. It's supposed to be cold all day today, but honestly it'll probably heat up around noon. Danny'll definitely want to stay until closing, not that that'll be hard to do. Disneyland closes at eight tonight and California Adventures closes at six. The temperature definitely drops around sunset so the jackets are a must. And if we don't need them later on, I'll rent us a locker.

"C-come on, B-Brandon," Danny excitedly said, pulling me towards the people movers. Even the lines to get on these weren't long at all. We managed to get on the next mover that came along. Danny started shivering a little bit.

Now, my biggest surprise for Danny is still coming up. True enough, his birthday surprise is Disneyland, but he's not just coming for his birthday.

"Danny," I started, once we were off the movers and on our way to the ticket lines. "I have one last surprise for you. I've thought long and hard about this part. I'm going to buy you a season pass, okay?"

Danny looked at me questioningly. "W-what does that m-mean?"

"Having a season pass means that you'd be able to come any day that you want to. But for now I can only buy you the lowest pass they have, which blocks weekends and most of the summer." I was worried about how he'd react to being blocked out on so many days. When he looked up at me, there were tears in his eyes.

"Thank you, B-B-Brandon," he sighed deeply. He gave me a quick hug, then looked back into my eyes. "Isn't that e-e-expensive, though?"

"Nope," I grinned. "You get in free today and we can use that to get about half off on the season pass. That way in case we don't get to do everything today we can just come back next week or whenever."

"This is the b-b-b-best gift e-ever!" Danny gushed.

The two of us got in one of the short lines for the ticket booth. Once we got to the window, I explained to the worker that it's Danny's birthday and I'd like to upgrade him to a season pass. The worker then asked for a whole bunch of information. Once all the info was taken, he gave us a temporary season pass and a birthday pin with Danny's name on it. He also gave Danny a pin that read 'First Time' on it. I put the pins on his shirt and off we went to enjoy our day.

By the time we walked through the entrance to Disneyland, quite a few people already told Danny happy birthday. It was obvious that he was getting embarrassed from all the attention, but deep down I knew he loved it. Who doesn't like to be told a thousand times happy birthday on their special day? Being as this was his first time here, I planned on making today extra special. Any kind of souvenir he wants, he's gonna get. I also plan on buying a few pictures from certain rides for Alan and Carmen.

Danny didn't know where he wanted to go first. I told him that most of the action is in Adventureland and then we can work our way from there. But first we had to go to the season pass processing center. There was also no line there so we were helped right away. Danny took his picture and got his season pass. He was so excited that he had his own card. We headed towards our first ride of the day: the Jungle Cruise. This ride isn't a thrilling one. It's a ride you really only go on once. We got on the small boat and waited for more people to join. The Jungle Cruise is a gentle boat ride that takes you along a winding river path and has animatronics scattered throughout the jungle scenery.

Indiana Jones was our next ride. Usually the line for the ride is about forty-five minutes, but since we were so early the wait time was only ten. Danny told me he was nervous about the ride since I stupidly told him that it's far underground, but I reassured him and said this would probably be one of his favorite rides. Honestly, this is my favorite ride in Disneyland. It jerks you around and is just an overall awesome ride. Sure enough, the entire way back up from the ride, Danny couldn't stop talking about it. He said that he wanted to go on it again, but there was a lot of time left and he still has so much to see.

Next I took him to Pirates of the Caribbean. This is the kind of ride you want to go on at the end of the day when your feet are in agony. It's probably ten minutes through the entire thing and it feels great to just sit in the boat and float along the water path. I'm telling you, at the end of the day this ride feels like heaven. And the funny thing about this ride in particular, is that no matter how long the estimated line time is, it takes maybe ten minutes to get on a boat. Not even joking. This one time I came with some friends, the wait time was over an hour. We got on a boat in fifteen minutes. The line is just constantly moving. Anyways, Danny was nervous on this one, too. There are two drops-one big one and one small one. Danny held onto me tightly on the first one, but only held my hand on the second. He was captivated by all the animatronics and lights and sounds. When it was over, he said that this one was his favorite. I just laughed.

The crowd was beginning to thicken just a little bit. On our way to the next attraction, Danny took in the scenery. Across the way in the middle of a giant lake is Tom Sawyer Island. It's really just a play place for kids, but I might take Danny to check it out. Going around the island is an old-fashioned riverboat. That is also a relax kind of thing that really only needs to be ridden when tired.

The Haunted Mansion. Need I say that Danny was nervous about this one? He liked the ride, though. He said that the chill in the building was one of the best things, but considering he kept tightly against me I don't know if he liked the cold itself or what the cold allowed him to do. Splash Mountain is a fun attraction, but since it's chilly out I decided to skip it and just take Danny to Thunder Mountain.

Disneyland had finally gotten more people. For a Wednesday, it was still very minimal, which I was grateful. Danny wanted to look in a gift shop before we headed to a different part of Disney. He liked some things here and there, but didn't really say he wanted anything. When a few people wished him a happy birthday, he said he wanted to leave.

I took him to Tomorrowland where there's actually not a whole heck of a lot to do. The only rides there are Star Tours, Space Mountain, Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters, and the Astro Orbiter. I don't consider Autopia a ride at all. It's more of an annoyance than anything. The smell of gasoline and idle hum of the motors can get on anyone's nerves and cause some headache.

So, first thing he wanted to do, which didn't surprise me, was ride Star Tours. Not that I minded or anything. Danny had a blast on the simulator and said he changed his mind about Pirates being his favorite ride. Next I took him to Space Mountain where the line is always at least forty-five minutes. Today the line was estimated at thirty minutes, but we'll see about that. While in line, Danny and I talked some.

"I'm glad you're having fun so far, babe." I smiled, rubbing his arm.

"Y-y-yeah, this is great! I s-still can't believe you're d-doing this for me." Danny smiled back, blushing.

"Well, you deserve a day of fun like this. And don't forget that if you want anything just tell me, okay? I want to buy you what ever you want. Today is your day."

"W-what is this r-ride like?" he asked. Dare I tell him that it's pitch black inside? There's really no way around it...

"Um, well, it's an indoor rollercoaster that's set in space. There're stars and lots of turns. That's really it."

"Is it b-bright? Are there p-planets?"

"Well, why spoil the surprise? You'll just have to wait and see."

The line did move pretty fast and we were getting put in the coaster trains before I knew it. Danny said he was nervous-big surprise-about the ride. Honestly, this one will probably be the scariest for him. It's pitch black inside and you can't see where you're going. Even I get a little nervous, but if I show it, then Danny will freak. So, here's to a fake smile.

The train crawled up an incline where the walls turned red and it appeared we were being beamed up. Once the coaster cleared the incline we went up a small one before plummeting down going through many sharp turns. Danny bent down and covered himself with my jacket. I felt bad for him, but there was nothing I could do.

"I'm sorry, Danny. I should've told you that it was that dark inside." I said, putting an arm across his shoulders as we walked out of the building.

"It w-wasn't the darkness that r-really scared me. I just c-couldn't see where we were g-going."

"Well, there're no more rides like that, okay?" We walked past the Pizza Port and I suddenly had an idea. "Hey, let's go to California Adventures now."

"What's there?"

"California Adventures is mostly a thrill kind of place. If you don't want to, though, we can just continue here."

"What d-do you want to do?"

"No, today is your day. I've been here tons of times."

"I g-guess we can go to the other p-place,"

I led him to the Disneyland Railroad and we rode it to the entrance. Danny mentioned that he was getting kind of hungry. I told him that after California Adventures we'd come back here and eat. Whenever I'm at Disneyland, the Pizza Port is the place to eat. Their chicken pasta and giant pizza slices are to die for! Oi, now I'm getting hungry, too.

The attendant at the entrance for California Adventures wished Danny a happy birthday and once again he blushed furiously. It's funny watching him get so embarrassed by just being wished happy birthday. In Cali Adventures, there's a lot to do, but to be honest it's no Disneyland. This park is more adventurous than Disneyland by far. With the California Screamin' coaster and the Tower of Terror, this park might not be the best for Danny, but we'll never know until we try. Cali Screamin' only has one loop and the rest is all fun, especially when it shoots you off at like sixty miles an hour.

I figured we'd start off with something nice and gentle first. So, we went to Soarin' Over California. There's a bakery on the way to the ride. The sweet, sweet smells filled our noses and made my mouth water, not sure about Danny. The line was short and soon we were inside waiting. Danny liked all of the flight stuff that was surrounding us like enlarged pictures of famous pilots and planes and plaques of historical flight facts. He asked about the ride and it was very easy to explain.

"All we do is sit in these rows of seats and get lifted up, then a giant screen turns on with all these different sceneries and it's like we're flying through them. Don't worry, babe, I have a feeling this is going to be a ride you're really going to like." This ride is so amazing. It's not thrilling at all, well, it is, but not like rollercoaster thrilling.

"Okay, I t-trust you,"

We finally got in and took our seats in one of the rows. The ride operators did the whole tug on your safety belt thing and then started the ride. The rows were lifted off the ground and the screen turned on. I don't want to spoil anything for those who haven't been here, but this ride is a must. At the end of the ride, everyone applauded. That should tell you just how great this ride is. Danny was just gushing about it saying he wanted to go on it again and again. On the way to the rollercoaster, Danny had a question.

"B-Brandon, what's the bear m-mountain about?" He pointed at the giant bear shaped mountain to our right.

"That is a water ride. We won't be going on it since it's cold, but come the warmer months it's a great ride to go on."

"And w-where are we going now?" he asked.

"We're going to California Screamin'," I grinned, slightly devilish. There's a big chance Danny will not like the coaster, but it really is just a lot of fun.

"U-u-uh, what is th-that?"

"Well, it's a rollercoaster of sorts,"

"I-I-I don't do r-roller coasters really,"

"This coaster is kind of like Thunder Mountain only it has one single loop."

"Loop!?" I had a feeling the loop part wouldn't smooth over too well with him. We were clearing a restaurant and got a clear view of the track. "Th-th-that's the r-r-r-roller coaster?"

"Danny, don't worry, okay? If you don't want to go on it, then I won't force you, but I promise you that nothing bad will happen to you." I stopped walking and pulled him off to the side of the walkway. "Do you trust me?"

"Riding that is n-not about trust. I d-don't think I c-can go on that." Danny's voice was soft and scared.

"Do you trust me?" I asked again.

Danny sighed, "Yes,"

"I promise nothing bad will happen. In fact, I'll almost bet money that you'll love this ride."

"If y-you say so,"

A ten minute wait was all there was before the two of us were sitting in one of the coaster cars. Danny had been extra quiet ever since we got in line. And now that we're finally on the train of cars, he looks downright terrified. To ease his fears, I grabbed his hand and smiled at him. He didn't look at me, though. He just kept staring straight ahead. The train moved forward and came to a stop on the launcher. I looked at Danny one last time before the countdown began. This time he looked at me and I couldn't believe it at first, but he barely smiled. The countdown began, shooting us off after one. When we went up the first incline, I expected to hear Danny screaming or even nothing at all from him. But he wasn't screaming or being silent. He was laughing! Throughout the ride he was laughing. Even when the loop came, Danny could not stop laughing. Near the end of the ride, there are cameras. I'm pretty sure I'll be buying us a copy since Danny was definitely smiling in the picture.

Back at the station, the shoulder restraints came up and Danny immediately gushed about the ride. While fixing his hair he said he wanted to go on it again. And this was totally okay with me, but I wanted to see our picture first. Sure enough, it was a great picture, but since we're riding again I probably should wait to see if maybe we can get a better one.

So, we got back in line and rode the coaster again. Just like the first time, Danny couldn't stop laughing during it, which caused me to be hysterical as well. The second picture wasn't good at all, but luckily he wanted to ride it again. The third picture was just as good as the first so I decided to buy it.

I figured I'd skip the boardwalk type rides and just take him straight to the Tower of Terror. Once again, the wait wasn't bad at all and we were in our seats quickly. Danny held on tight the entire time. He was so tense and so terrified. After the ride, he said he didn't care for that one too much. With the basics out of the way, lunch sounded pretty good. The two of us walked back into Disneyland and to the Pizza Port for lunch.

The crowds definitely increased, but it was still manageable. When we got to the Pizza Port, I noticed that the line for Space Mountain was over an hour. Danny got a slice of pizza and I got a plate of pasta and breadsticks plus two drinks for us. The total was, as usual, ridiculous, but Mr. Turner gave us more than enough. Besides, I have a lot of money for today just in case. Danny went wide-eyed when he realized the total, though.

The rest of our day went perfectly. It was at nine o'clock when Danny and I had a very romantic moment together. At that time, a fireworks show started, lighting up the sky with brilliant colors synced with Disney music. I stood behind him and wrapped my arms around his neck. Sure as I predicted earlier in the day, the temperature dropped significantly in the past three hours. The closeness of our bodies during the show kept us a little warmer, but it still wasn't enough. Once the show ended, Danny told me he wanted to ride Pirates again. This was a relief to me since my feet could definitely use a rest.

There was no line for the ride and we got on our own boat. Sitting down felt like an orgasm in my feet. They are so sore from walking around and standing all day. The first drop came and went followed by the second. Danny laid his head on my shoulder and halfway through the ride I was sure he was asleep. His soft breathing was a nice thing to hear against the loud singing of the pirates. Going up the chain ramp at the end woke him from his sleep.

"C-c-can we go home? I'm s-so tired." Danny whined cutely, just like a little kid.

"You sure? We've got a little while until the park closes. Don't you wanna ride the Haunted Mansion again?"

"P-please, Brandon, I'm r-really tired."

"Okay, no problem. I was just making sure."

We exited the ride and walked through Adventureland. Danny walked with my arm tightly around him, drawing in our warmth. There were barely any people left anyways, not that it was ever very crowded in the first place.

The people movers were waiting to take any remaining guests back to the parking structure. But Danny spotted a store that he wanted to go into before we left. The World of Disney is a grand store that basically features a part of every gift store in Disneyland and California Adventures. He already has a Disneyland sweater, a Star Wars pin, the picture from California Screamin', a pirate coin, a pirate flag, and a collectible cup. There are so many more things in the store, but what else could he possibly want? We walked that store three times and still Danny saw nothing that he wanted, but he didn't want to leave. I asked if he was looking for anything particular and he just said he didn't know. For the fourth time, the two of us walked through the store. Danny went to the pin section and tinkered through the various pins.

"Brandon," Danny said. I walked up next to him from a pole that I was leaning against. "L-look at these n-necklaces." He handed me two silver-chain necklaces with a small Mickey Mouse head charm attached at the bottom of each. One head was black and the other was red.

"Do you want them?" I asked.

"Y-yes, but I want you t-to wear one."

I grinned. "Okay, I'll buy them for us. Do you want the red or the black?" I looked on the rack he grabbed them from and noticed the same necklace, but with a white charm. "Or there's a white one."

"C-can I get the w-white one?"

"Of course you can," I yawned. "I'll get the black one. Are you ready to go now?"


The two of us walked to a register and I paid for the necklaces. We walked back out to the people movers. Back at the parking structure, I barely made it to my truck. My feet were killing me. Danny wasn't doing any better. He was lagging in step, barely able to keep his eyes open. I suddenly had an idea, a very smart idea. Since I'm so tired, it's a risk to drive two hours to get home. I wouldn't want to fall asleep at the wheel. I looked over at Danny who already fell asleep. I quietly stepped out of the truck and dialed Carmen's number on my cell phone.

"Hey, Brandon, everything okay?" Mrs. Turner answered.

"Yeah, yeah, everything is great. But I was wondering if you wouldn't mind if I rented a motel room for tonight. Today really drained me and I don't think I can drive home."

"Good idea, Brandon," Carmen said. "Thanks for calling. Did you guys have fun today?"

"I had a blast and Danny definitely did. But how about we talk tomorrow? I really need to find a motel."

"Sure," she chuckled. "We'll see you tomorrow."

The nearest motel was a Holiday Inn. It was fifty dollars for the night and I was more than happy to pay that fee. Danny tiredly walked into the room. Just before he collapsed on the bed, I stopped him.

"Wait, Danny," I grabbed a wash cloth and soaked it with warm water. Danny was slowly leaning side to side, eyes closed. I walked up to him and washed his face off along with his hands. Disneyland is a dirty place and there's no way I'm getting into bed with millions of germs. "I'm gonna take your clothes off, okay?" He grunted in response. Slowly, I stripped him from his sweater, shirt, and pants. He stood before me in all of his glory. His body screamed beauty. Even the bulge in his briefs looked nice. But what am I thinking?

I helped Danny into bed, then covered him up. I washed my face and hands and then joined him. It was chilly in the room so cuddling up next to him was an added bonus. Today was one of the best days of my life. I only hope it was one of Danny's as well.

"Happy birthday, baby. I love you." I whispered softly as I drifted off to sleep.

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