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He walked in. He didn't know what to expect. There was a tall woman that he hadn't seen before. If it weren't for the wrinkles under her eyes, he would have sworn she was a Harsh sister that he hadn't met before. He figured she had to be the mother though.

He couldn't help but to see Cornelius's face light up a little bit. He knew for sure Nelly wasn't going to say anything about how excited he was...but he could tell.

They had so many conversations where Nelly's face lit up. He knew how he looked when he was excited. Priscilla on the other hand was giving Claudia this pissed off look rather than looking at him.

It was the first time he had seen Priscilla without make up. She was obviously embarrassed about it.

"Kendrick?" she stated looking over at Claudia, "I'm going to kill you..."

"Hey Kendrick," Cornelius stated.

"I thought I would invite him over after we ran into each other today," Claudia continued, "Isn't that funny?"

"Real hilarious," Priscilla stated, doing everything but hiding her face under the table cloth, "Real fucking hilarious."

Nelly still had his eyes stuck on Kendrick. Kendrick didn't even notice the whole time. He was too busy finding it amusing how Priscilla was blushing so red for him.

It wasn't until Nelly spoke that Kendrick turned his head, "It felt like I haven't seen you in forever."
"I's weird isn't it?" Kendrick stated looked back at Nelly.

"Can I be excused?" Priscilla stated.

She disappeared up into her room all of a sudden. Kendrick watched her go up the steps. He thought Priscilla was actually even prettier without the pounds of make up that she wore. He would never tell her that though. Girls were sensitive about things like that and he knew from experience.

Claudia looked over at her mother, "Mom, this is Kendrick. He's been tutoring Corny. Isn't that nice?"

Kendrick looked at Mrs. Harsh. Her eyes looked lost so that when she looked at him, it seemed almost as though she was staring past him. It was the same exact look that his own mother had given him so many times when she was high off some type of drugs. He knew for sure that this woman wasn't high of drugs though.

"Nice to meet you ma'am," Kendrick said, stretching out his arm.

Mrs. Harsh didn't accept his arm. She did worse. She gave a forced fractured smile to him and nodded before stating, "So nice to meet you. Now I hope you don't mind if I cut this dinner short. I'm sure Priscilla will be back to entertain."

She got up and walked off away from the table, taking her dish with her. Mrs. Harsh disappeared up the steps leaving an awkward trail of curiosity sitting weird with Kendrick. The way she had looked at him was almost like she knew something. He wasn't sure though. She did smile, but she did seem so awkward. Why would she smile at all though if she knew something.

"Was it something I did?" Kendrick joked around, hoping to break the cold shrill of awkward feeling floating around in the air.

"That is the same question I've been asking myself for a while now too..." Nelly stated.

Kendrick gave Nelly a hard stare as Nelly put his head down over the food. He kept wondering what exactly it was he must have meant by that comment. For something it reminded him of his own mother.

Claudia quickly changed the subject, "Priscilla is taking such a long time in the bathroom. Let me go check up on her."

She got up off the table and walked away, patting me on the back at that moment. Kendrick looked over at the bathroom. He was wondering the same thing that she was. Priscilla didn't seem that happy to see him. He just kept thinking about how to please her or how to make her really want to be with him. It seemed like she was just a tough person to get with.

His attention turned over to Nelly as soon as Claudia left the room.

He was turning to say something to Nelly when Nelly immediately cut him off, "I missed hanging out with you."

He looked at Nelly. He didn't know why it seemed like the kid was glowing like that. It was clear he must not have had a lot of friends. He did kind of miss kicking it with Nelly but he doubted if he would have ever just come out and say some gay shit as "I miss you."

However since Nelly already said it, Kendrick nodded his head, coolly trying to maintain his swagger, "True. Aye...I wasn't trying play you real talk, it's just I had things I had to deal with ok."

"Cool. Whatever you say," Nelly said still smiling like a kid, "I'm just glad you came over."

The way Nelly was staring at him at that moment kind of made him uncomfortable. He didn't think much of it, but he did feel like he needed to kind of put the correct emphasis on the conversation.

"Man of course I came. Priscilla your sister, but I got to tell you, shawty is bad..."

Nelly nodded.

"So you just came to see her."

Kendrick looked at him confused, "Yeah. Of course. Man haven't you been paying attention? I've been trying hook up with your sister for the longest time."
Just at that moment the girls walked back in the room. Priscilla had completely piled make up on her face. She looked still really stunning. Her face was painted like some type of Barbie or something. She seemed to have a lot more confidence and stared Kendrick right in the eyes as she turned the corner. He couldn't help but keep looking at her. She had to be the most beautiful girl he'd seen out this part of the Bottom.

"Sorry, I had to put on my face," she said in her normal girly way.

"Oh it's cool, you're as beautiful as ever..." Kendrick said.

He smiled. His dimples showed and his eyes lit up a little bit. He knew the smile that had everyone as the table completely dazzled. They had eye contact so just as he licked his curvy pink lips that everyone said reminded them of Bow Wow's lips, he knew he had her. He knew how to work a female. He knew damn sure by the way her hands suddenly dropped down to her lap that he probably made her wet. Mission accomplished.

"How do you like the food?" Claudia asked him, "Priscilla made it."

Was she trying to play Cupid? He kind of smiled at the thought of it. He knew damn well Claudia seemed like a know-it-all. She probably helped him do it.

"Oh...damn ok, I like it even more," He continued to flirt raising his eyebrows a little, "I was thinking for a minute that I scared everyone off. Your mother ran off...and where are your two sisters."
Nelly answered quickly, "Out with him..."

Kendrick looked over at Nelly, "Whose him."

"You got a problem with that nigga Tray?" Kendrick asked, almost wanting to break out into Spanish like would for one of his homies, "Cause I think there something you ain't saying."

"Tray is cool. We don't need to get that whole west/east thing started tonight ok?" Claudia asked, obviously annoyed by this.

"But your little brother clearly has a problem with him," Kendrick stated.
Priscilla rolled his eyes, "Tray is actually nice to Corny, compared to everyone else. He's been even nicer lately. Hasn't he Corny?"

"Man I don't believe see how he looks everytime you mention Tray."

"Tray and him are cool. I would know better than you, I am his sister," Priscilla argued.

Kendrick looked over at Corny. He didn't understand what Priscilla wasn't seeing. It was the same face that Kendrick had when his dad used to abuse his mom. He would act like he didn't have a problem with it, but his facial expression said it all no matter how angry it was. There was one more thing that happened. Every time he pretended like everything was ok, his eye would twitch.

He could have sworn he saw Corny's eye twitch before.

"Cornelius, do you have a problem with Tray?" Claudia asked, really interested all of a sudden, "Is there something maybe you want to tell us?"
Before he could even answer Kendrick looked over at him and decided to add his own disclaimer, "No one here will say anything about it. We won't just bust off and confront him. We just need to know has something he's done upset you."
Kendrick seemed to be able to almost read Nelly's thoughts. He seemed to be screaming that something was wrong, but he wasn't admitting it.

Cornelius smiled, "Yeah we are cool."

Priscilla smiled with this giddy smile, "I knew I was right. I know my brother."

Priscilla went on to start boasting about her food. Sooner or later Kendrick found himself engaged in eye wars with Nelly. They would listen to what Priscilla stated, look at each other and exchange amused smirks. It kept happening all night. He didn't know how to feel about Priscilla. He was physically attracted to her more than probably any other female he'd ever been with, but the conversation was just dull. He couldn't believe she could sit there and talk about stupid girly stuff for this long.

"...And can you believe everywhere I go, they keep trying to confuse me for Rihanna," Priscilla stated laughing as though what she said was the funniest in the world, "What if I cut my hair? I can probably book some clubs out South Beach."

She found herself so interesting. Claudia was intent on arguing with Priscilla and letting her know that she looked nothing like Kendrick just kept looking at the facial expressions that Nelly made every time his Priscilla would say something narcissistic right before Claudia main a useless attempt to shut her down.

"What if I got a swoop...Kendrick you think I'd look nice with a swoop?"

"Girl...oh my god..." Claudia continued.

"Kendrick thinks I'd look nice, don't you Kendrick?" Priscilla asked.

Claudia rolled her eyes, "Bitch, good luck finding someone in the hood to do that for you."

"AY, why you always got to try to clown?"

Kendrick just looked over at Nelly who had his eyebrows raised almost as though his eyes were bleeding. He almost could read Nelly's thoughts. It was the same thing that he was thinking. These Harsh sisters were a complete trip. The arguing back and forth.

Kendrick wondered how Nelly dealt with it.

"Cause its so easy," Claudia continued.

Kendrick looked over at Nelly. He couldn't take it no more. He started busting out laughing. He had been holding it back all night but he couldn't any longer. He was glad when he realized he wasn't the only one holding back. Nelly was laughing too.

The two were sitting at the table laughing uncontrollably and it was clear the laughing got to Priscilla by the way she looked over at Kendrick.

"What's so funny? What are you two laughing at?"


"Inside jokes are lame," Claudia continued.

Kendrick could see the two were starting to gang up, "It wasn't an inside joke, I promise you. I was just thinking about something funny."

"So how come he laughed too?"

"I guess we both think a like..."

"That is really alike, damn near the same person," Priscilla complained rolling her eyes, annoyed that she didn't understand what was going on.

Kendrick just decided to stop arguing. He had learned a long time ago not to argue too much with women because you couldn't win. Besides he wasn't completely sure what he was laughing about anyway. He had found it funny but he had found Nelly's reaction to his sisters even more funny.

There was some sort wasn't even sure people made a word for it yet.


Two hours later the beers came out.

Kendrick thought by now he would be all over Priscilla, putting his moves on her, but she seemed to have an attitude still about the fact that him and Nelly were laughing together all the time. He didn't like the whole high maintenance thing. He didn't know how to deal with it.

He spent some time chilling with Claudia and Nelly on the porch. Claudia was kind of just there listening and while him and Nelly talked.

She was out of the loop for most of it. When people had so much in common, the conversation was really easy but it would have took too much explaining to get Claudia in the conversation.

For a minute Kendrick even forgot Claudia was there until she said something.

"It's kind of getting late, you going to stay over?" she asked Kendrick.

Kendrick looked over at the table of beers that he had drunk. The total was 8. Still...this was the east side. He wasn't comfortable on this side regardless of if they didn't expect any guests to come or not. It was better to be safe then sorry.

He got up slowly, " I'm cool."

As he got up he tumbled forward almost cracking his head open if Nelly hadn't reached out and grabbed him just in time.

"You ok?" Nelly asked him.

Kendrick nodded, but he knew he was lying. He wasn't ok. 10 beers would do it to you, regardless of where you were. He looked over at Claudia who was still on her 6th. Claudia definitely was feeling tipsy as well and for a moment he couldn't help but think she was probably pretty as Priscilla but without all the extra glamour. Maybe he needed a plain girl. How fucked up would it be to hit on Claudia though when he obviously let Priscilla know he liked her.

He shook the thought ahead. He wouldn't do anything that grimy.

"You can sleep in my room," Nelly stated.

"I'll take the couch."


"I'm not trying to intrude or anything like that."

"Man you let me sleep on your bed?"

"You guys shared beds before?" Claudia asked raising her eyebrow, "What?"

"I mean it was a big bed," Nelly stated, almost immediately.

Kendrick didn't get what they were arguing about exactly, "Yeah hope you got a big bed tonight man."

"," Claudia responded, "Good night you guys..."
"Goodnight," Kendrick said, "Hurry up Cornelisaur, I'm tired, we still got to talk about Saturday morning cartoons."

"Nelly...I mean...Corny...can I talk to you for a minute before you go in."
Kendrick looked at him. Nelly looked a little concerned for a minute but he didn't say anything. Kendrick wondered what exactly it was he was concerned about but before he could inquire into it he saw Corny put his hand on his shoulder.

"Go ahead Kendrick. I'll be up in a second." Nelly replied.





"Is there anything I should know about?" Claudia asked me.

I looked at her puzzled. I knew exactly what she meant but I wasn't going to say anything until she spelled it out. I didn't think she had the nerve to spell it out, but then I didn't think she had the nerve to sit here and beat around the bush about it either.

"What do you mean?" I asked her, raising my eyebrow in an insulted way.

"I'm not trying to call you a homo, " she replied, "I was just saying bro like how long have you guys known each other. You are reading each other's thoughts and conversing for hours. It's just weird bro..."

"If you got something on your mind, why don't you just come the fuck out and say it," I asked, feeling like I was being pressed up against a wall.

"No I don't."


I rolled my eyes and walked away. I hated how nosey Claudia was all the damn time. It was like she thought she was my mother. I couldn't stand it. I hated every part of even being around her sometimes.

I walked into the house, thinking for a minute whether or not she was right. Kendrick and I we knew each other. Every time I saw him now my heart kind of melted away. I never had that connection with a human being. I never felt like it was even possible to care about someone so quick and to think the world of someone. In my eyes Kendrick was something so big and important. He was something so grand and I was something so small. The fact that he even wanted to deal with me seemed like a miracle because he was so out of this world and I was so normal.

As I walked in the house, my heart kind of racing,, I turned to the living room before I went upstairs. Just as I turned , I saw the two sitting there.

Kendrick and Priscilla were kissing.

It wasn't light kissing either. Their bodies were slammed up against each other. Priscilla's tongue was down Kendrick's throat

They were down MY Kendrick's throat. I couldn't take it. My skin started to heat up as I watched them kiss. It seemed like the day slowed down. All I could see were their lips touching. I had just let him out of my sight for a second.

I couldn't believe his was happening to me.

I charge up the staircase. My eyes e