So this is my first story, I didnŐt put too much detail in, just wanted to see if anyone wanted more of this story or not. Let me know what you think:

This is fictional work, not based off of real life. If your under 18 you know the drill, do not read further. If this is illegal in your country/state do not continue.

Please enjoy, and once again let me know what you think!

The Forbidden Love of a High School Boy: Chapter 1

Alex stood in front of the bathroom mirror, at 15 he was in his second year of high school, he was enjoying the first week of grade 10. He turned from the mirror and began going back to his last class of the day. High school hadnŐt changed anything. Alex was the same as always. He didnŐt look different. His blonde hair was short, flipped to the side, artfully modeled into the perfect surfers hairstyle, his skin was still lightly tanned from head to toe, he stood at 5Ő6. Wearing a tight white t-shirt and tight skinny blue jeans. His converse shoes squeaked quietly on the floor. He still felt the same. But for once accepted, normal. He didnŐt feel like the odd one out, his high school had five thousand students, he could finally not stand out, blend in, and not feel all the eyes on him. Though many did look at him, he was defined as a hottie, one of the better looking guys. He was skinny, his arms had a light muscle to them, his body was smooth, right down to his legs, his chest was strong, his stomach was covered in light muscle, a six pack faintly visible. He had caught people checking him out before, though he wasnŐt cocky about it, it was always girls, the odd guy here and there. His deep blue eyes had pulled many in, but none that he wanted. The only one he did want, sadly looked at him like he was a younger brother. His neighbor, who was in grade 11 this year, Jared, was exactly what he wanted. Since he was 12 he had been attracted to him, which only grew into a deeper feeling. Best friend his brother, Jared was always at AlexŐs home, and Alex had to go through that pain every day. Now, going to the same school, made it worse, he would see him everyday, bittersweet in his mind.

The bell broke Alex from his thoughts, he looked u to see his class emptying out, students smiling and grinning, a few friends calling Ňhave a good weekendÓ to him. Alex ran in and grabbed his bag and binder and quickly went to his locker. He grabbed his cell and plugged in his IPod and quickly left the emptying halls. He took the back route, walking past the football field, he knew Jared would be at his house with his brother, one thing he did not intend on going through right away. He walked quietly past the back of the bleachers, his music pounding in his head, he was lost within the thundering base of The White Stripes when he saw something move. He continued forwards to see Jared under the bleachers, clearing kissing someone. Alex winced slightly, his eyes suddenly widen though, as the bodies turned and the boy pushed his tongue into JaredŐs mouth. Tears formed in AlexŐs eyes.  If it was a girl it would have hurt less, but now Alex felt dumb, Jared was gayÉ or at least bi and Alex sat by for so long hurting so much. Tears began to flow from his eyes and in that moment he felt a twinge of regret, regret for never telling Jared, for not being honest with himself either.

ŇSee you laterÓ the boy said breaking the kiss and leaving the opposite way. Jared smiled and stepped out to see Alex, tears in his eyes. His face dropped, not out of being caught, but he almost looked worried Alex was so upset. He opened his mouth o speak, but Alex turned and ran. Coward! Alex thought to himself and he ran into the first door, winding up in the back entrance. HE quickly went through the hall and out the front doors of the school. Thankfully everyone was gone from the front lawn. Alex walked quickly home, the hot sun beating down on him quickly dried his eyes, and he began to try and breathe normally. Alex glanced behind him quickly too see a familiar car, it was JaredŐs. Alex ducked into an alley as fast as he could, the red Porsche went by fast past him, speeding off down the street and turned right onto their block. Alex took a deep breath. He knew Jared would be there waiting for him. Probably going to threaten him not to tell a living soul what he had seen. Alex had watch Jared and his brother Luke go out on a ton of dates, always with girls. Jared clearly wasnŐt out, not if they were hiding under the bleachers.

Alex took a deep breath and started forward, turning onto his street he could see the shiny red Porsche sitting in the driveway of JaredŐs house. As he got closer Alex realized that Jared was not, like he expected, waiting in front of either of their homes. As Alex got closer he finally relaxed, his car empty. Was he off the hook? Doubtful. But for now he could rest easy.

Alex quickly dashed across the road, pullout his keys from his pocket as he bounded up the steps to his home. He slammed the key into the lock and threw himself into the house, shutting it behind it quietly. He shook his head realizing how ridiculously paranoid he was being, he quickly went upstairs and collapsed on his bed when entering his room., He looked next to him to the clock. 4 pm. He sighed and looked next to the clock, in a frame was a photo of himself, Luke and Jared while on a camping trip, Alex stood next to Jared, arms around each other laughing as Jared had slapped Luke with a fish.

Alex felt his eyes begin to slowly water, he rolled over as a tear slowly rolled down his cheek. He felt like an idiot, being so upset over something so silly. He only had a crush on Jared. Right? Alex closed his eyes as reality began to set in and quickly fell asleep, doubtfully escaping images of Jared, but he could hope.

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