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Dave MacMillan

The Foreign Exchange Student And The Funeral Home

Weeks' Funeral Home was the only facility of its kind in the Soul of 1960. At least it was for the white people of the town and the county that it served. It was also the only building in town with a basement and a second story. The Weeks family lived on the second floor and bodies were prepared in the basement and shown in the rooms of the first floor.

Jimmy and Henry were identical twins who'd grown up with dead bodies and the smell of formaldehyde. But they got paid more than any other kid in Soul for helping their daddy prepare the bodies and always had money. They also were smart and inquisitive - and were easily the most popular guys in their graduating class. Only, most kids sort of shied away from an invitation to their home and, from an early age, they'd had to meet up with their friends anywhere else but their mom's kitchen.

They were blond and fair. They were the track and swim teams for their four years at Bacon County High. They also always came as a couple because nobody could tell them apart. And that was how they wanted it.

One or both of them had got interested in Europe somewhere through their years of school and, as they began their senior year, the Weeks family signed up to accept a foreign exchange student as a cultural exercise.

Jean Pierre arrived in Soul in mid-April to begin a two month stay in the deepest part of Dixie. With black curly hair, twinkling blue eyes, an innocent face, and a very French accent, the light-complexioned nineteen year old Parisian was an instant hit with the girls of Soul and its surrounding county. The fact that the Weeks were sponsoring him made him acceptable to even the redneck boys who became quickly and suddenly possessive of their female possessions. Even the adults liked Jean Pierre. The tricolor found its way into every classroom of the high school and nobody complained. Henry and Jimmy became even more popular overnight.

The first person to die in Soul since before Jean Pierre arrived showed up in the basement of Weeks' Funeral Home two days after France invaded Dixie. He had been a twenty-year old sharecropper whose grandma had taken out a weekly burial policy on him the day he was born. He'd been drinking Georgia moon, fell out of the top of the tree he'd inexplicably decided to climb, and broke his neck and a number of other bones.

Jean Pierre was more than slightly curious about the American way of death. He stood and watched as Henry pulled the corpse's clothes off. Jimmy hosed the body off, and both of them laid it on a table and started straightening broken bones. "He is aroused!" Jean Pierre finally observed, unable to hide his surprise any longer.

"Yeah," Jimmy answered without looking up. "They all get a hard-on when they die." His hand brushed the corpse's balls as he forced a thigh down on the table.

"He is so big!"

Henry glanced at the dead man's equipment and snickered. "I bet he gave a real good fuck!" Jimmy glanced over at his brother with disapproval.

"I can imagine it!" Both the twins caught the longing in the Frenchman's voice then and looked over at him at the same time.

Jimmy's hand gripped the dead dick and started pulling on it like he would a teat. "What are you doing?" Jean Pierre demanded, his eyes growing larger.

"Massaging it." Jimmy grinned, starting to get an idea of the fun he and his brother could have if Jean Pierre's interest continued to hold. He let go of the dead cock. "It's the only way to get it to go down."

The French boy nodded. "Mais oui, mes amis, that is always the way of it!"

"Yeah, but live ones are more fun," Henry offered and Jean Pierre looked up to see him gazing at him.

"That is true." He grinned slowly. "Are yours available?"

The twins stared at him. They'd only gone out to Auntie Clyde's a couple of times, but the constant hint that everybody in town knew what they were doing there left them feeling slightly uncomfortable about the trips. Their minds worked in unison as they realized the Frenchman could give them everything Clyde did and none of the other kids would even suspect it.

"You want them?" Jimmy asked.

Jean Pierre grinned. "Very much, mes amis! I had hoped but knew no way comfortably to broach this matter - you would help out my need?"

"Yeah," Henry answered and grinned. "We'll help you out, old buddy."

"Let's get this fucking corpse laid out and covered, Henry!" Jimmy growled. "I think we got a real good time waiting for us upstairs."

Jean Pierre laughed and looked again at the dead man's dick. And he hoped les Americains each had as much. It had been a long fortnight since he'd last had a big cock with that Swedish boy back in Calais. "Could we not start our good times here?" he asked and his eyes moved to Henry's jeans to emphasize his intent.

Henry glanced at Jimmy and grinned before he pulled his shirt over his head. "Let's get naked, boys!" he yelped and started to work his zipper down over an already growing bulge.

"Both of you shall help Jean Pierre, yes?" the Frenchman asked as he started to strip.

"We'll both fill you up at the same time - you take dick up the ass?" Jimmy asked as he began to pull his clothes off.

"I would like that, mon ami." His eyes rounded as they saw their first example of prime American beef. "You are big!" he mewed as Henry moved beside him.

"Go ahead and touch it, Jean Pierre - tonight, it's all yours!"

He reached out and cupped the dickshaft, pulling the skin off its head. "Only tonight?" he asked and knelt before Henry's tool. He opened his mouth and leaned forward, taking it as his lips clamped down on its shaft.

"Oh, damn, that's sure fine!" Henry grunted and pulled Jean Pierre's face further onto him. "Shit, you can do this any old time you want to!"

Jimmy pulled a small table out into the center of the room while American dick found its way past French tonsils. "Let's move the action over here, guys," he called huskily. "Jean Pierre can lie over it to suck your lollypop, Henry; and I can give him help at the other end!"

The Frenchman reluctantly let the slab of American meat escape his lips and rose. His cock was hard and thick, his foreskin already slid back to frame his dickhead. He smiled when he saw Jimmy's pole. "The same - and so very nice!" he moaned and leaned across the table as Henry moved to stand before him.

He buried his nose in Henry's thatch and cradled his balls. Behind him, Jimmy kneaded his asscheeks and grinned at his brother as he brought his dick to the Frenchman's asslips. He pressed against them and they opened easily to admit him. He watched those lips take inch after inch of his dick and open up for more. The French ass slowly ground itself on his bush in friendly welcome.

"Jack his dick for him, Jimmy!"

"Yeah." He looked down at his coupling with the Frenchman and, then, at his brother's. "I guess that would be the neighborly thing to do." He reached around Jean Pierre's hip and found his rod.

His fingers encircled it and started to pump it as he began to plow the Frenchman's ass. Jean Pierre was grinding his ass around like crazy and humping up to meet Jimmy's every lunge. He felt warm goo spread over his hand and he suddenly wondered what it was about getting fucked in the ass that could make a guy shoot a wad so quick and still want more.

He continued to stroke Jean Pierre's meat and ground his thatch against his asslips. He felt his balls bounce off Parisian asscheeks with his every plunge and the boy's ass gripped at his dick as he pulled it back.

Henry's fingers were entwined in the black curls, pulling Jean Pierre onto his dick as far as his balls and, then pushing him away. The Frenchman was pulling on his balls but they were still tightening up fast. He knew he was going to shoot and wondered if fucking an ass felt any better than getting a blow job. Jimmy sure did look like he was having fun over there behind the boy.

He humped the face on his dick harder, his thrusts becoming shorter and shorter. His legs felt like rubber and his dick grew larger as his first rope of goo barreled down it toward Jean Pierre's tonsils. "Jesus!" he groaned and shuddered.

Jean Pierre shot another load into Jimmy's hand as Henry came down his throat. Jimmy's balls tightened and he started to grind his bush against the boy's ass hard. "Mon Dieu!" the boy mewed under him and Jimmy was coating his guts for him.

Jean Pierre kissed them both on the cheek when he stood up. "We do this often, no?" he asked as he cupped Jimmy's assglobes possessively.

"You really liked getting cornholed?" the twin asked and found himself again wondering what it'd be like to take a dick in the ass. He looked down at the Frenchman's dick speculatively.

"I love it - cock is so good!"

Henry laughed. "We'll feed you plenty of it, boy. Hell! We'll wear your ass out before you get back to France!"

"You will?" Henry nodded. "Thank you, Henri."

Henry laughed. "Look, let's work out the arrangements here and now - one of us can slip into your room and give you dick after everybody's gone to bed and the other one can give it to you in the mornings - the rest of the day, it's whoever's available. You'll get plenty of dick and the two of us can get our rocks off all the time."

"This will be most fine, mes amis." He grinned and Jimmy noticed his dick twitched in anticipation.

"You can put him to bed, Henry," Jimmy offered and glanced over at the dead boy whose cock was tenting the sheet. "I've had mine."

"Yeah. Come on, Jean Pierre, let's get our clothes on and go upstairs." His face was a leer. "I'll show you which one of us can give you the best fuck!"

"I'll finish up down here, boys," Jimmy offered and starting for the table where the dead boy lay, his still half-hard dick slapping one thigh and then the other.

He pulled back the sheet as the other two left the room and looked at the dick jutting out of its black bush for a long time. His curiosity grew unabated and he kept remembering how much Jean Pierre had been enjoying it. Slowly, he wrapped his fingers around the boy's dick and forced its foreskin down its shaft where it stayed. "Jean Pierre sure seemed to like what one of these things can do," he muttered to himself as he straightened the corpse's other leg. He looked around the room and felt his solitude and his curiosity kept growing.

"Fuck!" he grunted and returned his eyes to the dick in his hand. "You sure don't care what I do with your old thing - not any more, you don't!" His eyes widened as he skirted close to the decision that kept drawing him. "You sure were a big one, boy!" he grunted then. "And it's too damn big for my little ass!" He pulled the sheet back up the boy's body, backing away from his curiosity and the decision it'd been forcing on him.

"I could grease it up though." His face brightened as he accepted the thought and went in search of the lubricant his daddy used to slide the thermostats up the cadavers' asses when there was a question about when and how they'd died. Bringing the jar back to the table, he threw the sheet back again and proceeded to coat the dead dick. The foreskin stayed a ripple along its thick shaft. He climbed up on the table slowly

He was going to do it. There wasn't friggin' doubt about that. But, still, he sure hoped trying it out didn't end up making him a queer like the Frenchman. Straddling the body, he began to lower himself onto the pole waiting there for him.

It felt funny and even cold as it pressed up through his asslips. "Greasy shit!" Jimmy grunted and began to pull on himself. He forced himself further onto the dick beneath him and gasped as it pushed through his assring.

"That fucking hurts!" he groaned and held himself in place to adjust to the dick inside him as his own pole momentarily lost interest. He knew it had to start feeling good soon or, else, Jean Pierre wouldn't have been going crazy on his.

The pain in his ass quickly ebbed as the muscles of his ass adjusted to the dead dick inside it and he was able to lower himself all the way down on the body beneath him. He ground his ass around on the cock in it and grinned. His manhood came back to life and he started to fist it.

Jimmy grinned as he sat all the way back on the hard body beneath him. "Yeah!" He ground his ass around on the rod inside him. "Oh, yeah!" Experimentally, he raised his ass several inches along the hard pole impaling him and sat back down on it. "Lord have mercy! That does ever more feel good!"

He grinned and pushed his feet out to the edges of the table. He slapped the hard flank behind him and started to ride the cock inside him. "Ride 'em, cowboy!" he grunted as he shot a wad that hit the dead boy's knees. "Yeah!"

He'd already shot two loads when he realized he was no longer alone in the room. He froze and, as his eyes turned toward the door, he prayed his daddy was still in bed because this wouldn't be easy to explain.

"Feel good, Jimmy?" Henry asked, his voice silky, as he stepped slowly into the center of the room. He was grinning as his brother sat back on the dead boy's dick and forced his mind back from the purple sage he'd been riding that dick through.

Jimmy turned the color of cut beets. "Yeah," he admitted and met his brother's eyes.

"You like that old dick up your ass?"


"Don't let me stop you. Ride that thing good - give him something he probably never had in this life!" Jimmy tentatively returned to grinding his ass against the dead man and smiled sheepishly at his brother.

Henry studied his brother's rod with interest and saw it was leaking. He felt himself growing hard. And he realized he'd really like to make it with Jimmy; somehow, that would be even better than cornholing Jean Pierre. "Wouldn't you like one that was full of life and that could coat your guts with a wad?" he asked slowly.

"You offering yours?"

"Yeah. I think it'd be fun as shit to go to sleep with my dick up your ass."

"You going to give me your ass too?" Jimmy asked as he lifted himself off the dead boy and sprang off the table.

Henry studied his brother and didn't get mad. For eighteen years, anything he liked, Jimmy liked too - and the reverse was just as true. If Jimmy liked cock, then, he probably would too. "Maybe. I'll clean his old dick off while you get your clothes on - then, let's go to bed, Jimmy."

His twin got into his clothes while Henry wiped the dead boy's nearly limber pole and pulled the sheet back over him. Picking up the jar of lubricant, he followed Jimmy up the stairs.

They undressed quickly and climbed into Jimmy's bed. "I feel funny as hell," Jimmy mumbled as his brother rubbed his dick over his asscheeks.


"Letting you ball my ass. It was one thing with that boy down there - he didn't have any ideas about it and sure wasn't going to talk - but I know you and ..."

"Shit! You're my brother, Jimmy - we've always shared everything and I don't see any sense in stopping now."

"But it's only going to be a partial sharing, Henry, isn't it?" His twin positioned his pole between his cheeks.

"How's that?"

"It's going to be your dick and my ass from now on out, isn't it?"

Henry chuckled and pushed through his brother's asslips. "I brought the lubricant up for later. Now, shut up, and let's fuck."

"Jesus!" Jimmy grunted as Henry's cockhead bumped against his lovegland and he was spewing balljuice all over his sheets. "Fuck that ass good, honey!" he whispered in the closeness that was their bedroom. "Give it to me!"

Jimmy was a lot tighter than Jean Pierre had been when he and the other boy had got upstairs and into the guest bedroom. Before he knew it, Henry's balls were tight and he was grinding his bush against his brother's asslips in anticipation of shooting his load. "I'm going to shoot!" he growled against Jimmy's shoulder and speeded up his movement. A moment later he was filling his brother's ass with goo.

"You're going to kiss me now," Jimmy said as he turned to face him. "And it's not going to be one of those little pecks on the cheek like Jean Pierre gives. You're going to French kiss my mouth, Henry."

"Before or after you cornhole me?"

Jimmy chuckled. "How about both?" He felt Henry's lips brush his in the dark of their room and opened up to find his tongue.

Jimmy was greasing his pole and Henry was smearing his asslips. "You think our French boy can handle the new kind of threeways we're going to give him tomorrow?" Henry asked.

"He does sort of have a nice dick, doesn't he?"


"Which one of us is going to get him first?"

"We'll toss for it in the morning." Jimmy crept between his legs. "You just take it slow and easy going in there."

"I share what I get."

"And I was slow and easy when I took you." Henry felt his brother's cockhead at his asslips. He looked up between his legs and saw his brother smiling back at him. "You'd better kiss me while you're going in - I might wake up the dead otherwise."