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The Forest of Shadows, Kyle's Nightmare...
Prologue: The Last Day...

I had no idea where me and my buddies were going. All I knew was that I was really bored and couldn't wait to get there. While completely unaware of how I was responding to his friends, Jesse and Michael, and my vision just a blur, I moved my head in what seemed to me to be a completely natural direction. I was thinking so many things at the time I couldn't keep any of them straight. I decided I was too bored to and couldn't wait any longer, I had to know how much further the place we were going was. As I looked over to get their attention, they were already looking at me almost in a state of shock.

"Um... D... Did you just turn your head to look at that guy?" Jesse stammered. I didn't know what in the hell he was talking about. As far as I was concerned, I just turned my head.

"Huh. Why would you think that?" I said, I was kinda annoyed. "Do you like think I'm some fag or something?" I felt kinda bad saying this... Well let me explain a bit about myself.

I am a 14 year old freshman in high school. I have blond hair, really bright emerald eyes, you know the kind that seem to suck up all the light in the room and force you to stare at them? At least that's what people tell me. I find it annoying, I can't ever sit with people without them complimenting my eyes. I mean give it a rest already. I have really pale skin, which sucks cause I always get a nasty sunburn every summer honestly I think the sun has something against me, cause it gets me whether I wear sun screen or not. Oh well, anyway I really hate being an asshole to people. Any people no matter how misguided they are. How could someone be gay? In fact how could someone like guys at all? I cannot see how having a large blunt object stuffed inside of you could be pleasurable. Especially when it's the same tube that he pisses out of. I know the physical and biological things about sex, I was in all the classes and I heard all the gossip. But still, ew... Even though, how can you be mean to someone for what they like? It's none of my business if you like something. But that's just my way of looking at thinks.

Anyway, but I know that Jesse is a real homophobe and Michael doesn't seem to keen on this either. So that's why I said what I said. But the nerve of those two, even considering me gay, I was really offended.

"Hmm... Well I guess it must have been my imagination then." Jesse caught himself real quickly. I was a year older then him and even though I never fought at all he was still kinda scared of me. Even though I'm nothing to be scared of. I'm a 4'11" 85 pound weakling. My parents say I'll grow more. And I hope so, well sort of. I'll miss my old clothes but that's about it. "Jess lee's drop it and get going. I can't wait to get to your house to watch those videos." Michael's enthusiasm had knocked me out of that random tangent.

"Are we gonna watch more of THOSE?" I asked, they new I meant porn, I knew they did, they ALWAYS did. Most of it actually bored me. How can you like two people having sex?

"Yep, cool huh?" Jesse responded.

"Yeah, cool!" I said, I was actually thinking 'Damn it all, why do I have to have such perverts as friends?' I think they bought it. These two jerks are the closest things I have to friends my own age. All the other people I know are either adults or upperclassman and they are mainly just acquaintances. Oh well, I'll just go to their stupid porn session again.

The rest of the trip was very uneventful. I stared at my feet to avoid any contact with my "friends" who seemed quite okay with just ignoring me. I was pondering many things. Hmpf, gay... Yeah right, if I were gay I wouldn't even think of hanging out with these bozos.

When we got there the house was empty, as usual on a Sunday afternoon. Jesse's father worked all weekend as the pastor of a church who doesn't give his last sermon till like 11:00pm and his mother is always out with friends for one reason or another. So we had the whole house to ourselves when we hung out there on Sundays. So we always did.

Bleh, was all I could say about the first video. Lesbian sex, how boring. I cannot see how anyone can like watching this at all. I mean their not DOING ANYTHING! I sat there for like an hour spacing out while Jesse and Michael stared at the T.V. in captivated by Jesse's fathers tape, at least that's what I assumed they were doing after all I was spacing out. After that they put in the regular stuff that we usually watched. It was slightly more interesting then the other tape was. But I couldn't really pay that much attention to it. I felt odd, just like something bad was about to happen. Also it seemed like Jesse and Michael were paying more attention to me then to the tape. What could they be thinking?

After that they did something I never would have expected, they put on a video and left the room. I thought about leaving with them to see what they were doing, but I really didn't feel like getting up and they were probably getting food or something. When I saw what the video was my eyes widened. They had put on a video of gay sex. I wanted to get up, to ask them why, but I just sat there. I was in shock with one question on my mind. How did Jesse get hold of this tape. After about 20 minutes of halfway watching it while repeating that question I turned off the T.V. and stopped the tape and decided it was a fluke, Jesse must have put in the wrong video. I decided to go see what they were doing. When I got upstair Jesse was there and Michael wasn't. "Michael went home." He said, I wasn't all that surprised it was almost 9:00, although we had stayed out later. I said bye to him and not really wanting to wit there for a ride with just Jesse I decided to take the long way home and walk.

The long like 45 minute walk home was mostly uneventful, there wasn't like any big car accident or anything which would have made it a lot more interesting. After I finally got home I went straight to sleep.

I had an odd dream that night. I was let out of a cage and then I ran through nothing but shadows. All the while being chased... All that went through my head was... "This was the last day..."

To Be Continued...

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