By Jason

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Chapter 6

That simple statement set off a chain of events I hadn't expected. Looking back on it, I guess I should have expected what occurred next. In a short span of time, I witnessed my father's face change as each emotion he felt came to the surface. I saw a man suddenly go from a kind and caring person, to a man filled with so much rage and loathing; I hope to never witness again in my lifetime. I looked at my father and didn't recognize him. The change was so profound that I couldn't help but step back away from him.

He must have seen the look of shock on my face and felt me back away from him. The anger he felt was obviously still there, but the part of him that was concerned about me and loved me was present as well.

"Oh God Jason, I am so sorry Son!" he said to me, once again pulling me close to him in his loving embrace. I could feel a wetness spread on my shoulder and I realized that my father was crying. I had never known my father to cry. I didn't know what to do except hold him even more tightly.

He released me finally, only resting a hand on my shoulder. "Come on Son. We need to go downstairs," he said. I really didn't want to, and I'm certain that he could see that I didn't. "Don't worry Son. They are only concerned about you and care about you. No one is going to judge you, I promise. Your boyfriend loves you, and I know he'll be with you through this. I think that is the best thing for you right now. You won't be alone Son. We won't let you deal with this alone."

"You promise Daddy?" I asked him. It had been a long time since I called him that.

"Yes Son, I promise. We will never leave you. We'll be here for you always," he replied. He guided me to the door with me leaning into him for comfort. Opening the door, I could see Jon sitting in the hallway. As soon as he saw me, he picked himself up off the floor and pulled me to him. My father let me go and Jon and I just stood there hugging one another.

My father let us hold one another for a few minutes before gently guiding us back down the stairs to join my mother and Jon's mother. I couldn't believe the support I was getting from everyone. As soon as we came into the kitchen where they were sitting, I was immediately drawn into a large hug by both mothers. My mother had tears in her eyes as she squeezed me tightly. I felt so warm and safe in her arms and I melted into her embrace.

The next few hours were almost a blur to me. I remember sitting there at the kitchen table, my mother having made me some warm milk, as my father was on the phone. I could only presume that he was calling the police. I was right. A short time later, a police officer knocked on the door and was led into the kitchen where I was still sitting. Jon was standing beside me, his hand on my back, gently rubbing it.

The officer identified herself as Constable Vivian Caldwell to everyone, and brought out her notepad. Despite how I was feeling, I couldn't help but chuckle a bit as I saw her trying to find her pen. She must have checked every pocket at least twice before Jon's mother saved her by giving her one.

"Thank you. I must have lost my pen in the car," she said to Jon's mother, giving her a small wink. I didn't miss that and figured that the officer had pretended not to have a pen in an attempt to lighten the mood. It worked. I still felt miserable, but her easy demeanor and friendly smile helped relax me a bit.

"I know this is a difficult time for you Jason, but I want you to remember that we are going to do everything we can to make sure this doesn't happen to you again," she said. "Normally I would ask to speak with you alone, but I can see you have such a loving family here with you to support you and I know how important it is for you to have their support. If for whatever reason you are uncomfortable talking about this in front of them, let me know okay?" I nodded my head to tell her I understood.

Seeing that I wasn't asking to be alone with her, she started writing things down on her notepad before beginning again. "Okay Jason, I want you to take it slow and start from the beginning. Don't hold anything back. Even the smallest detail can help us prevent this from happening again."

I guess it was her easy demeanor that made me feel so comfortable, because I began to tell her everything. It was like no one else was in the room, but I could still feel the love and support around me. I just let it all out, starting with my lunch with Jon on Thursday, and how I was feeling, and kept on talking until I came to the part when Paul stopped me.

Now, most people would expect that I would end up an emotional wreck relaying the events as the unfolded that fateful day. Surprisingly though, I found myself distant and emotionless, as if I was talking about something as common as the weather. Everything came pouring out of me, I didn't even see the reactions on my family's faces, but I'm certain everyone in the room was in a state of shock. Who wouldn't be after hearing what I had to endure at the hands of Paul.

I relayed every detail, and described every feeling that went through my head during the assault. By the time I had finished, almost everyone had tears in their eyes, even the officer. Jon had wrapped his arms around me from behind and was resting his chin on my shoulder. Constable Caldwell kept writing stuff down on her notepad even after I had finished. Finally, she put the notepad down and looked at me.

"I'm going to be honest with you Jason, it's not going to be easy to prove that you were raped as even by your own admission Paul did not attempt to penetrate you anally or orally, nor did he touch your genitals, except to strike you. The law in this matter is quite clear however. Any unwanted sexual contact, or forced sexual activity constitutes a sexual assault. I want you to also understand that Paul will not be able to get near you again. I have enough evidence here to have Paul arrested. One last thing though, we need to get you to the hospital to get a rape kit done. Once that is done, you can return home," she said to me.

"I don't want to go home. I want to stay with my boyfriend," I told her. As safe as I felt with my mother when she hugged me, It was Jon that I felt the most comfortable with, and I wanted him to be with me.

She looked at me and Jon with a questioning eye and I could see the change on her face as she realized that Jon and I were more than just friends. "I see. You are a very lucky young man Jason. I think you two look really good together." After seeing the shocked look on my face she smiled at me and said, "I have a couple friends who are gay Jason. They have been some of the best friends I have ever had. Don't let anyone tell you that what you feel for Jon is wrong," she said, reaching out and ruffling up my hair.

She rose up from her chair, gathering up the notepad and returning the pen to Jon's mother. "Shall we then?" she asked me. I looked at my father who nodded, then at Jon who had unwrapped himself from me and was standing behind me with his hands on my shoulders.

"I want Jon to be with me," I stated.

"Of course, I wouldn't expect you not to. Your parent's will need to be there too to fill out some paperwork," she said.

In the end, both my parents, Jon, and Jon's mother all got into my father's car and we followed Constable Caldwell to the hospital. I guess she had called ahead since we were greeting at the emergency entrance by an older doctor, I'd have to guess that he was in his fifties to early sixties. He and Constable Caldwell talked for a short while before he walked up to me and asked me to follow him. I looked at Jon, wanting him to come with me, but the doctor told me that this procedure was going to be very invasive and that no one else would be able to be there with me to protect my privacy. To say I didn't like this answer was an understatement. I didn't have much choice though, as he led me through the waiting room and into a small room inside.

I was really beginning to hate hospitals, and in particular this doctor. It was almost as if he didn't care one bit for the procedure and if he had his choice, he would have passed it on to some underling. I really didn't like him, nor did I think he was very gentle with me. If you have never had to experience a rape kit test, it is not the most pleasant experience.

The first thing the doctor had me do was remove all my clothing. From which my underwear was taken away to be tested. I could have told him to not bother as Paul had never touched me, except to hit me, and almost break my arm. Once I had stripped down and my underwear put into an evidence bag, the doctor began to check my body for signs of damage. I knew he would see the bruising on my wrist from where Paul had grabbed me. He also checked my genitals where I knew there was some bruising due to the punch I had received in my groin.

During his examination I could see him gathering slides and making notes. Next came the blood sample, which wasn't so bad, but what he did next were some of the most uncomfortable things I have ever had to deal with. He proceeded to collect swabs of my mouth and rectum, both which weren't too bad, though I was embarrassed by him seeing and touching my most private of private areas. The worst was when he collected a sample from my cock. When he ran the swab inside the slit of my cock I jerked and cried out, tears running down my cheeks from the pain as it was pressed, not too gently, inside.

I lay there, rubbing my cock, trying to get the pain I felt out of it, while the doctor wrote some more stuff down. Then as if he noticed me for the first time, told me to get dressed. Not even hesitating for a second, I grabbed my clothes and put them on, minus the underwear which I had come in with.

In all this time, other than telling me to strip down and to get dressed again, he hadn't said a single word to me as he went about doing what he needed to do. So when he turned around and walked towards me, I was surprised to hear him ask me questions.

"Okay Jason. I have noticed the bruises you have sustained on your testicles and on your wrist, were both of these caused during the assault?" he asked me.

"Yes sir," I responded.

"I have also noted that there is some swelling on your shoulder which tells me that at some point during the attack that pressure was being applied to it.

"He twisted my arm behind my back and it really hurt," I told him.

"Of that I have no doubt. There isn't any serious damage and the swelling should go down in a day or two. I would recommend and ice pack for the shoulder to help with the swelling. The blood test I took is to check for STD's like HIV. You do know what that is right?" he asked, to which I nodded my head. "I took samples from your mouth, rectum, and penis to look for any clues that might help the police in their investigation. Do you have any questions at all about what we've done here?"

"No sir," I said. I just wanted to get out of that room and be back with Jon and my family.

"Alright then, let's get back out there so you can be with your family," he said, giving me the first genuine smile I had seen on his face. Putting his hand on my shoulder, he guided me to the door which he opened and we walked out to the waiting room.

As soon as we entered the waiting room, my father and mother stood up, along with Jon and his mother, and also Constable Caldwell. Jon didn't waste any time as he ran up to me and gave me a hug which lasted several minutes before he let me go. "I love you Jay," he whispered in my ear before pulling back.

"I love you too Jon," I whispered back.

"Okay you two, it's time to get you guys out of here. I know it's been a tiring day and you'll need your rest Jason." Constable Caldwell said to us.

"Thanks officer, for everything," Jon told her.

"Please, call me Vivian, or just Viv. And you are quite welcome young man. I hope the two of you can get past this soon and begin your lives together. If you ever need to talk though, I wrote my email address and home phone number on the back of this card," she said, handing Jon the card. "Don't hesitate to give me a shout if you need to."

"Thanks, we won't," Jon replied. With that Vivian left the hospital leaving Jon, Jon's mother, my parents, and myself standing in the waiting room.

"Let's go home," Jon told me, grabbing a hold of my hand and leading me out of the hospital. My parents and Jon's mother just smiled and shook their heads, and I swear I could hear a chuckle or two coming from them.

It didn't take us long to get back to Jon's house, my parent's and Jon's mother getting out of the car followed by Jon and myself, as we all headed for the front door. Jon's mother unlocked the door, opened it, and let everyone in before walking in herself and closing the door.

"Don, Karen, you are more than welcome to spend the night. We have a spare bedroom which is across the hall from Jon's room," Jon's mother said. "I know Jason wants to be near Jon, and you want to be near Jason and this way you both can be near each other." I had to smile at that as the way Jon's mother put it made it certain that my parent's would agree to her suggestion. I wasn't disappointed.

"Thank you Sarah," my father said. "I think Karen and I will take you up on your offer. I was supposed to go into work tomorrow, but after what happened today, I'm going to call in a sick day. Karen and I both want to be near our son."

"Jon dear," Jon's mother said. "Would you go up stairs and get clean sheets and a blanket for the bed upstairs?" Jon looked at his mother and then at me. I had sat down at the kitchen table again and Jon's mother had already put a cup of milk in the microwave for me to warm it up. "I know you want to be with Jason right now, but we have guests in this house and I think Jason's parents want to spend some time with him right now." I knew Jon didn't want to do as his mother wanted so when I saw Jon looking at me I smiled at him and nodded my head. He smiled back and took off like a shot to run the errand his mother had sent him on.

The microwave beeped and Jon's mother took the milk out and placed it in front of me. I think I was addicted to warm milk right then, because I could feel its' calming effects spread through my whole body.

"Jason, how are you feeling?" my father asked me.

"Okay I guess," I answered back. Amazingly enough, I didn't feel all that bad, it felt good actually to have shared what happened to me with my family, and it felt even better to know that everyone was there to support me. The only one I wanted the most to be with right now though, was Jon. I was glad for the support I felt from my family, it's just that I felt I would be more comfortable to just be with Jon. Since I had told everyone what had happened to me, I hadn't had much time to be with him. It was either my parents, or Vivian, or that doctor in the hospital who was with me. Jon, for some reason was always kept in the background, away from me.

That realization hit me causing me to begin to grow angry, and. I made my displeasure known to them. "Why are you keeping me away from Jon?" I asked, pointedly looking at each of them in the eye.

"Oh honey, it's not that we are keeping you away from Jon, we just want to make sure that you are okay and after what happened to you..." my mother began.

"Mom," I interrupted, "thanks for your concern, I appreciate it, really, but I need my boyfriend. All he wants is to be with me, and I want to be with him. Since you all found out what has happened to me, you've suddenly wanted the two of us to not be around each other. I love him Mom. I know he loves me, look at him. You can see the hurt in his eyes, not just because of what Paul did to me, but also because he feels he can't be near me like he wants to. Yes I was raped, and yes I appreciate the support everyone is giving me, however, I need to be with Jon."

I sat there, arms resting on the table, the cup of warm milk in my hands. The silence in the kitchen was almost deafening. My parent's and Jon's mother stared at each other in complete shock. No one but me saw Jon enter the kitchen as I had heard him coming down the stairs.

"Mom, Mrs. Finn, Mr. Finn. Jay's right. I over-heard what he said and I agree with him. Since he told me in the bathroom that he was raped I have felt that everyone has been keeping us apart. I love him very much, and it hurts both of us that we can't be together. I want to know why, and I want to know now." Jon stated looking at his mother and my parents.

"Son, I don't think..." Jon's mother started.

"No Mom. You know how I feel. I need a good reason why I can't be with him. I think we both deserve that," Jon interrupted.

"Very well Son," Jon's mother began. "We didn't want what happened to Jason to affect you. This is something that Jason is going to need time to deal with and he's going to need counseling to get through it."

"Don't you think I have the right to determine for myself what I am capable of dealing with? I'm fourteen years old Mom, going on fifteen. In another couple of years I'll be done with high school. I'm not a little child that needs to be coddled by his mother. And neither is Jason." Jon said. I couldn't help but smile as I had seen this part of Jon on a couple of occasions and knew that when he got worked up about something, he let someone know about it.

"Mom, I love you, and Ms. Fisher, I love you as well. In the short time I've been with you I think of you as my second mother. However, Jon is right, we're not little kids. Ms. Fisher you are right in saying that I will need counseling. What I also need, is for the people I love to be with me, and that means all the people I love. Especially Jon. You say you don't want what happened to me to affect Jon? Look at him. He's already been affected. He's hurting because I got hurt. And he's hurting even more because you won't let him be there for me. Believe me, if he got hurt I would want to be there for him just as much." I said. Silence once again permeated the kitchen but was quickly interrupted by a soft chuckle, which soon became a full out laugh. We all looked over towards my father, who was the source of the laughter.

"I'm sorry," my father said as he tried to stop laughing. "I couldn't help it. Karen, Sarah, I have to agree with the boys on this. It was just so funny seeing the two of them lecture you two like that," he said after which he immediately began to laugh again. I couldn't help it myself, and began to laugh with him, followed by Jon. Eventually the three of us settled down, wiping tears of laughter from our eyes.

"Well," Jon's mother said. "I think we've been told Karen." A small smile had also formed on her face.

"I guess so. I'm sorry Jason, Jon," my mother said. "I guess as mothers we can become over-protective sometimes, especially when something happens to out babies. I should have remembered that you are growing up." Then she turned to my father, "But you, dear husband, I seem to recall you sending Jon out into the hallway to talk to our son alone. So if we're in the wrong here, you are as much to blame in this as we are." she said, stabbing her finger into my father's chest.

My father was still chuckling a bit as she was doing this. He grabbed the finger that was on his chest and raised it to his mouth where he kissed it and looked at my mother. "I know dear, you're right," he said. Then looking at Jon he said, "I'm sorry Jon. I was just so worried about my son I didn't stop to think that you needed to be there with him too.

"I'm pretty tired," I spoke up.

"You go ahead and get some rest Jason," my mother replied, walking over to where I was sitting. I got up off the chair and gave her a hug. I then walked over to my father and gave him one too.

"Do I get one?" Jon's mother asked, still smiling. I smiled at her and gave her one also. Then I looked over at Jon.

"Don't worry babe," he said to me. "I'm going to be with you the whole time you are sleeping." He looked at his mother, almost daring her to tell him he couldn't which thankfully she didn't.

"You go ahead dear," she said to Jon. "I think Jason's parents and I have a few things to discuss with each other."

With that, Jon grabbed me by the hand and led me up the stairs to his room. Once we were in his room, he closed the door then turned and faced me, a smile on his face. His smile was so warm, and so comforting to me, I felt a love from him I hadn't felt from anyone before. My eyes quickly began to water with several tears managing to escape to run down my cheeks.

"Why the tears babe?" Jon asked me.

"Because, I love you so much Jon, and it is like a dream come true to me for you to be with me, loving me as much as I love you," I told him.

"I will always love you Jason, no matter what."

"Please hold me Jon. I need you close to me."

"I will babe, but first we have to get you out of those clothes," he said as he started to take off my shirt. I offered no resistance to his efforts and my shirt was soon on the floor by his bed. It's when his hands started to undo the button of my pants that I began to get uneasy.


"What is it babe? I'm sorry; did you want to leave them on? I just thought you would be more comfortable sleeping on the bed without them," Jon said, now unsure of how he should proceed.

"It's not that babe, I don't mind really. It's just... well, the doctor had to take my underwear and I'm not wearing any and..." I managed to get out.

Jon smiled at me. "Jay, I don't sleep with clothes on myself. It's not a big deal to me." He stopped when he noticed I wasn't looking up at his face. He followed my gaze down to the crotch of his pants where a very noticeable bulge was forming "Okay, I admit it, I like the idea of seeing you naked," he said looking back up at me.

I managed to pull my gaze away from his bulge. "Gee, I wonder what gave that away," I snickered.

"Wise ass," he replied, blushing slightly. I could feel his hands start to un-button my pants and this time I didn't stop him. I leaned forward and brought my lips to his. The kiss we shared was not one which was overly passionate, but it was one filled with a lot of love and tenderness. Sometime during that kiss, he had managed to pull my zipper down, and my pants had fallen to the floor.

Besides the socks that I still had on, I was now naked for the first time in front of my boyfriend. The close contact, and the kiss we were sharing began to have it's affect on me, and I felt my cock beginning to harden.

Jon broke away from me then and took off his shirt. He had the sexiest abs and chest I had ever lay my eyes on. He wasn't overly developed, and I could see that he had a slight amount of fat on his stomach, but in my opinion, he was perfect. I watched as he slowly unbuttoned his pants. I swear he was trying to put on a show for me. Turning around he bent over slightly and lowered his pants off, revealing bit by bit, his cute butt. It was full, yet firm, and was completely hairless. By now, my cock had risen to its' full length, sticking out from my body at a forty-five degree angle.

When Jon turned around I caught my first look at his teenage cock. It was, to put it bluntly, breathtaking. Jon was about my size but was uncut; I could see the head peeking from just under the folds of his foreskin. It was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen in my life, and I let him know it. This had the effect, of course, of causing Jon to blush, turning his face several shades of red very quickly.

Jon walked over to the side of his bed and pulled back the covers, then climbed in. He looked at me questioningly, obviously wanting me to climb in with him. Climbing into his bed, I lay down beside him, facing him. He pulled the covers over top of us as soon as I had settled in.

"You have a very beautiful body babe," Jon said. "I would love nothing more than to make love to you right now, but I know how much you are hurting and how tired you are. Go to sleep my angel and I will be here beside you while you do. I love you Jay," and with that, he gave me a quick kiss on the lips and pulled me towards him, my head resting in the crook of his arm with and my arm draped over his chest.

I was tired, Jon was right. I could only tell him softly, "I love you too, Jon," before I fell asleep.

* * *

Constable Vivian Caldwell really hated this part of the job. She had spent the later part of the day after talking to Jason, and gathering the evidence provided by the hospital, trying to question as many of Paul's classmates as she could find. What she had found out about him from those who were willing enough to talk, made her sick to her stomach. Paul was nothing more than a sleazy, good for nothing bully who seemed to have taken a sudden fascination with Jason and often bullied him when ever the chance was available.

She learned from school officials, both at the high school where both Jason and Paul attend, and from the elementary school which they both also attended, that the bullying inflicted upon Jason had steadily gotten worse.

To top things off, she had also had a chanced to do a background check on Paul. It seems that Paul has had a very active life causing mischief where ever he went. When she checked on his parents, she found that Paul lived solely with his father. She also noticed that Paul's father had an interesting life himself, with records dating back to his later teens.

With this information in hand, there was no way she was going to attempt and interview with Paul alone. The hostile environment she expected would not have made it wise for any officer to attempt and interview alone, which was why she was heading out to have a chat with Paul with her good friend, and co-worker Constable Jerry Benton.

Her first impression upon seeing the home in which Paul and his father lived helped cement her opinion about the situation she would most likely face within. The home itself was run down, with paint peeling from the majority of the wood siding. Large garbage bags were piled in front of the garage and the lawn looked brown and dead while the weeds seemed to be thriving in abundance. Most of the windows were covered by drapery so there was no way to see inside. If the outside was anything to go by, the inside of the house most likely would be in even worse shape.

In the driveway was an old four-door, green Cadillac. Brand new it must have been one of the most expensive cars on the market, but now, it looked like it belonged in a junk yard rather than in someone's driveway. Pulling into the driveway, she parked her patrol car behind the green junker. Looking at her friend, she sighed and opened the door and got out.

Jerry was not a happy camper in the least, Vivian saw, as he got out of the car. They both made their way past the junker, up the path leading to the front door of the house where Vivian pressed the doorbell. From within the house they could both hear shuffling and muffled voices, obviously getting louder as someone made their way to the front door. After what seemed like a few minutes, the door finally opened to reveal a disheveled man in his forties wearing a white t-shirt, which wasn't so white any more, and very worn blue jeans. The man had also been obviously drinking as the smell of liquor was evident on his breath.

"What do you want?" he asked in a surly voice.

"Mr. Hayes, my name is Constable Caldwell, and this is Constable Benton..." she began.

"So? What do you want?" he asked again, his voice getting even surlier, if that was at all possible.

"Sir, we'd like to have a word with your son, Paul." Jerry answered.

Sorry folks, cliffhanger time! A lot has happened to Jason in this chapter. The support he has is the kind of support all survivors of sexual assault need. Sadly this is not always the case. Sexual assault is not a crime of sex, it is a crime of power. The power to have control over another person. My one hope is that people who have had to suffer at the hands of their attackers find comfort in the arms of their family and friends. Keep on sending me those comments. You can reach me at: or