By Jason

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Chapter 9

There are some things that I just hate doing, waking up in the morning is one of them, mind you, waking up beside the most beautiful sight in the world does make things a lot more appealing. I lay there in Jon's bed, watching him as he slept, snoring softly. He was on his side facing me. I couldn't help but smile as I looked at him. He looked so beautiful, so perfect. I put my hand on his naked arm, and softly began to rub it. Even in his sleep Jon must have been able to feel what I was doing because a smile began to form on his face.

After several minutes of this, Jon started to wake up. I watched as his body stiffened as he stretched his muscles. Then I saw his eyes open, the smile on his face still present. I always loved the look of his eyes, so emotive. Removing my hand from his arm, I moved it up to his face where I ran my fingers softly down his cheek.

"I love you Jon," I told him.

"I love you too Jay," he replied, and brought his face up to mine, our lips touching in a gentle kiss.

"I'd love to stay here with you all day long, but I have to go to the bathroom," I said, finally noticing the urgent feelings that had begun to build up in my groin. My morning wood, painfully reminding me of my body's need to relive itself, made it impossible for me to stay in bed any longer. I threw the covers off of me and got out of bed, not even caring that I was naked as the day I was born.

"Me too," Jon said, and he too got out from under the covers. I couldn't help but stare at him, his naked body, almost completely devoid of body hair, was so beautiful to me. His own morning wood looking so enticing, that if it wasn't for our mutual need to relieve our bladders, I am sure I would have taken him inside my mouth at that moment.

The two of us silently and quickly made our way to the bathroom where we both stood over the toilet and waited for our bodies to do what needed to be done. Being fourteen, we of course couldn't resist a little playful pee fighting. Grabbing some toilet paper from the roll, I handed it to Jon, and I grabbed some for myself to clean off any remaining urine. Next it was to the sink, where both Jon and I began to wash our faces and brush our teeth.

I was in an especially playful mood and couldn't resist the temptation of grabbing Jon's butt every now and then. It was even more fun to watch his face when I ran a finger along the crack of his butt all the way down between his legs, causing him to giggle and squirm. Jon, of course, couldn't let that pass without payback of some kind, and he playfully took my right nipple between his fingers and squeezed it gently. I had never played with my nips before, and I was surprised how sensitive they were. His playing with my nipple caused me to moan softly, and I was unable to concentrate on anything else at that moment. After a few seconds of this, he decided that he had sufficiently paid me back for my playfulness, returning to the task of brushing his teeth.

Getting out of the bathroom once we had finished, we quickly made our way back to his room. I noticed that it was still quite early, not even half past seven in the morning. Jon noticed this as well, and guided me back towards his bed where we promptly lay down and snuggled up close to each other, my head resting on his chest.

His body turned me on greatly, and I noticed that his nips were hard, an irresistible target for my affections. Lowering my head even more than it was, I brought his nipple to my mouth, gently grasping it between my lips. I could sense his jerk as he felt my lips close on his nipple, and I could feel his breathing and heart quicken. These made me continue, bringing my tongue into play, as I flicked his nipple in my mouth with it.

Jon was moaning softly as I was doing this, his hands that once were still on my body, now rubbing me, encouraging me to continue what I was doing. I brought the rest of his nipple into my mouth, and applied a gently suction which caused him to jerk even more, and his moaning to get even louder.

With my other hand, I brought it up to his other nipple, and teased it gently between my fingers. I looked down towards his crotch, and I could see his once flaccid cock now hard as a rock, and resting flat against his stomach, throbbing with each beat of his heart.

The work I had done to his nipples had caused him to squirm with pleasure. I could see pre-cum leaking from the head of his cock. It was too tempting for me. I let him go and lowered myself down the bed so that my face was lined up with his cock. I reached out with my tongue and licked the pre-cum from it. His cock jerked at the touch of my tongue, and I grasped it with my hand and continued licking the head.

Once I was satisfied that I had drank all that he had released, I moved my mouth over the head of his cock, closed my lips, and began to suck him gently. I could feel his cock throbbing in my mouth, growing bigger every time I applied some suction. Then I watched as I slowly lowered my head down, putting more of his cock inside my mouth, until I had all of his cock inside me with my face pressed up against his pubic hair.

His scent was intoxicating, his body beginning to sweat, and I inhaled as deeply as I could. I raised my head up until only the head of his cock was in my mouth, applying suction all the way up, and then lowering my head back down until he was once again fully inside me. He was moaning and squirming in pleasure the whole time.

"My God, baby, please, let me have you too. I want to taste your cock as well my love," he said between breaths. Without letting his cock go, I turned my body around and swung my leg over his head. My cock was now in front of his face, and without hesitation, he raised his head and took my hard, leaking cock all the way into his mouth. I could feel it as he began to suck on my cock, moving his mouth up and down my hard shaft, his tongue rubbing the head of my cock.

His legs had spread wide open by this time, and with his jerking and thrusting up into my mouth, I could see the beginnings of his tight asshole, which was nice and pink. Letting go of his cock, I stuck my right index finger into my mouth, coating it with as much saliva as I could, and then I took it out and replaced it with his cock, once again moving my head up and down his shaft, milking it with as much love as I had. Taking my finger, I pressed it up against his hole, gently rubbing it around the wrinkled skin. Once he felt my finger, he stopped what he was doing to my cock for a second, and then moaned, before he went right back to work on it. I took this as him accepting my finger there, and I pressed firmly at his hole. I could feel my finger sliding into his tight hole. It was so warm inside. He made no move to stop me and I pressed harder, my finger sliding deeper into his hole.

My finger was finally inside him all the way, and I moved my finger slowly in and out, his moaning around my cock getting louder and longer. His cock was now throbbing madly in my mouth as I continued to make love to it. I felt a small lump inside him, and upon my finger touching this, his cock jerked in my mouth and his whole body became rigid, my cock slipping out of his mouth as I heard him gasp.

I let go of his cock. "What's the matter babe?" I asked. "Did I hurt you?"

"Oh God no!" he exclaimed. "That felt incredible! Do it again please!"

Nothing more was said as I took his cock back into my mouth at the same time he took mine into his. I continued to make love to his cock, and I once again sought out that small bump inside him. Finding it, I rubbed gently back and forth against it, each time I could taste more and more of his pre-cum leaking into my mouth.

Then with a tremendous heave, he raised his ass off the bed, his cock jerking wildly in my mouth as I could feel jet after jet of his sweet teenage cum filling my mouth. It had to have been the longest cum he had ever had, and I had trouble keeping up with all he emptied into my mouth. I swallowed as much as I could, managing to make sure none of it escaped. Jon was utterly exhausted, but that didn't stop him from making love to my cock, and in almost no time at all, I could feel my balls pull up against my body.

"I'm cumming my love!" I announced, to which he simply worked harder at milking the cum from my cock. His efforts paid off in quick order as my orgasm took hold of me, cum shooting from my cock and filling his mouth. I could feel him swallowing as my cock jerked deep in his mouth.

Our orgasms over, I got off of him, turned around and lay down beside him. Both of us were breathing pretty hard, sweat running off our foreheads. We just lay like that for a few minutes, trying to catch our breaths and recover from one of the best experiences we had ever had together.

* * *

Sarah was busy downstairs getting the coffee going and preparing to make breakfast for everyone. When she had woken up and walked past her son's door, she smiled as she could hear from inside, the unmistakable sounds of two people making love. She was happy that her son had found someone to love. She wasn't happy that her son was gay, but she loved him very much and would do everything she could to support him and his boyfriend. Something was bothering her, however. She found in herself the stirrings of emotions which she had only felt once before. She thought long ago that those feeling would never surface again, but she realized now that this was not the case. She needed time to think, which was why she was up so early in the morning.

The rest of the household was quiet as Sarah took a mug from the cupboard and filled it with freshly brewed coffee. She preferred her coffee black as she loved to savor the full taste that could only be had when nothing was added to it. She was sitting at the kitchen table, occasionally taking a sip from the still steaming coffee, when she noticed that she was no longer alone in the room.

"Good morning Sarah," Karen said, walking into the kitchen and heading for the coffee pot. "Is this a fresh brew?"

"Uh huh," Sarah mumbled. "I mean, yes it is Karen," she said, more clearly this time. "I'm sorry. I had something on my mind."

Karen got a mug for herself and poured herself a cup, adding two teaspoons of sugar to it before sitting down at the table beside Sarah. "Oh, I'm sorry," Karen said. "I didn't mean to interrupt. I just woke up smelling coffee and naturally made my way to the source. I find its aroma so addictive, don't you?" she said with a smile, looking at Sarah.

Sarah thought the Finn family must all blessed with contagious smiles as she couldn't help but smile back at her. "Not at all Karen. Believe me, I don't mind you interrupting me at all. It's nice to have some company in the morning. I'm usually an early riser, but never this early unless I have to go into work."

"Well, I'm usually up around this time anyway," Karen said.

The two of them sat in the kitchen, sipping their coffees, and occasionally looking at one another. Sarah suddenly became aware that their arms were touching, and she hurriedly jerked her arm away and got up from the table.

"I need to get a re-fill," she mumbled, hoping that her sudden reaction wasn't noticed by Karen. She went to the coffee pot and poured herself another mug of coffee. Instead of returning to the table, Sarah simply stood there. "Why do I have these feelings?" she asked herself in her mind. There was no denying it, she felt the way she did and there wasn't anything she could do about it. As the realization sunk in, tears began to form in her eyes. Soon she was standing there openly crying, finally accepting the truth about herself.

Karen heard the sobs coming from Sarah and she got up from the table, and walked over to Sarah who was sobbing and leaning against the counter top, her mug of coffee all but forgotten. She put a hand on Sarah's shoulder which caused Karen to flinch. Sarah looked up at Karen, and immediately stood up straight and wrapped her arms around her, crying uncontrollably onto Karen's shoulder.

"Shhhh. Hey. Come on now. What's wrong Sarah?" Karen asked as she rubbed her friends back. Getting her sobs under control a bit, Sarah responded, "I'm afraid to tell you Karen. I want to, but I can't, and it hurts so much!"

The two of them stood there in the kitchen like that for a few minutes, Karen rubbing Sarah's back soothingly. Karen was really worried now about her friend. Since the hospital, she had been acting differently, but she couldn't put her finger on what could be bothering her.

Finally Sarah's sobs had come under control. Sarah felt so comfortable in her friend's arms.

"Look Sarah, whatever it is, we can work it out together. I'm your friend and I want to help."

"Karen, I wish I could tell you, but if I do, I'm afraid someone will get hurt, and I couldn't do that."

"Hey! I'm a big girl now. I think I can handle whatever it is that is bothering you," Karen said, her infectious smile returning once again.

Sarah couldn't help but smile back in return. "It's too hard to explain Karen. I've had these feelings for a long time, but they haven't surfaced until recently. I've tried to tell myself it isn't true, but I can't deny it to myself anymore."

"What is it you're trying to say?" Karen asked.

"This," Sarah responded, and then suddenly, without letting Karen go, she brought her face to Karen's and kissed her passionately on the lips. Karen didn't know what to think of this at first, but it felt really good to her, and soon found herself responding to Sarah's kiss. She began to kiss Sarah back, her passion for Sarah growing by the minute. Karen couldn't believe she was feeling this way about Sarah, but it felt so right to her. Feelings that she hadn't felt in a long time suddenly came rushing to the surface and she gave herself over to them completely.


* * *

That single voice stopped both women dead in their tracks, both of them with their lips still pressed firmly together. Slowly they separated from each other and looked towards where the voice originated from. Standing in the doorway to the kitchen, Jon and I both with our mouths wide open.

"Oh shit!" my mother exclaimed and broke herself away from Jon's mother, her face turning beat red at having been caught kissing Jon's mother.

"Damn," Jon's mother said. "I knew this was going to happen." I could see that Jon's mother was beginning to panic and tears were beginning to fall from her eyes and down her already tear streaked face.

"Ummm, did I walk in on something?" my father's voice spoke from behind us. I wasn't expecting it and jumped slightly when I heard his voice. The reaction on my mother's face wasn't what I thought it would be. Not by a long shot.

"Why don't you have a seat and I'll get you some coffee," my mother told my father. He still looked confused, but at the mentioning of coffee, he didn't argue and took a seat. Jon and I also sat down. While my mother made a cup of coffee for my father, she also poured Jon and me a glass of orange juice. She also re-filled her mug and Jon's mother's as well. Jon's mother had composed herself a little better now, but she was still shaky. Both of the women sat down at the table as well.

After taking a sip of his coffee, my father said, "Will someone please tell me what was going on before I walked in?" I was sure as soon as my father demanded to know what was happening my mother would look away, or become embarrassed, or do something to indicate that she was ashamed of what she did with Jon's mother. Instead, I saw none of that. All I saw on her face was a silly little grin as she sipped her coffee. Jon's mother, on the other hand, looked like she was about to pass out.

"It happened," my mother said, which was apparently all that was required to be said as far as my father was concerned.

"Ah," he replied, giving an equally short response.

By this time I was utterly confused. Looking at Jon I could tell that he was as bewildered as I was, and Jon's mother seemed to have withdrawn into herself.

Seeing the confused looks on our faces, my father turned to me and said, "Jason, there is something you don't know about your mother. Something which she has told only me and her parents, but it isn't my place to say it. I think everyone here needs to know Karen. If this is going to work, this has to come out into the open."

"You're right of course," my mother said to my father. Then she stood up from the table and faced all of us, I think she was especially looking at me. "There is something that I have kept to myself for all these years, in fact, it was only because of my son that I haven't allowed myself to follow my heart. Jason, you are the single most important person in my life. Your father and I have lived together as husband and wife because that is what was expected of us. I don't want you to think that what happened between your father and I was a mistake and that you were the result of that mistake, because that is not the case. What happened between us was very special and I knew full well that I would likely become pregnant that day. Nine months later you were born Jason, and I have loved you with all my heart since that day. Nothing, and no one, could ever take that love away. The one thing that I have kept from you, however, is that your father and I never fell in love with each other. We love each other, that much is true, but it isn't a romantic love. We were very good friends and remain so to this day, but I knew that I could never love your father in that way." My mother stopped there taking a deep breath, and seemingly prepared to brace herself. "I am a lesbian."

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