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The boy' fifteen year old frame sat hunched against the cold wind blowing against him as he sat on the bench. Slowly , with a shaky hand he lifted the lit fag to his lips . He blew out the smoke , watching it curl ahead of him , the wind carrying the smoke toward the tree 10 foot infront of where he sat.

As his blue eyes looked upon the twisted knalled roots , a tear trickled from his left eye , rolling down his soft cheek , dropping to the chasm of his body below. A flicker of a past memory entered his mind of two boys clamouring upon the branches , laughing and smiling at eachother. The memory died away not allowing him to own it for himself.

A flurry of brown leaves danced their autumn swirl in his direction. . His blue eyes did not avert their gaze from the tree . He slowly blinked away the tears building up , misting his vision. He took another drag of the fag , inhaling longer , feeling the smoke go down his throat and then gently puffed it out . He threw the fag down on the grass .

He continued to sit there looking upon the tree for another half an hour . Time was not of consequence to him . For the moment he had no where he wanted to be other than here.

As the grey sky grew to black , the boy felt his body slowly lift from the bench. He paced carefully to the tree , never removing his eyes from its rough bark. On reaching it he placed his hands onto the surface and shuddered. A flood of memory filled up inside of him , the boys of past , sitting side by side , legs touching , sharing with eachother their innermost thoughts . A prank they could play on their grandmother who was staying at their house for the summer, which would involve stealing her false teeth from the bathroom while she slept.

` You could distract mum, coz she will think we are up to something if we are in the house ` the older boy said to the younger .

` Why should I be the one to distract her' the younger replied. ` She will se through me `

The older boy shook his head ` No she won't . You're her little angel . In her eyes , you do no wrong `

The younger pulled a face and mumbled ` She always knows when I am lying though'

The older boy sighed . ` Then you will have to be a better liar then bro'

` I guess so ` the younger boy replied putting his head down.

The older boy looked at him and smiled. He put his arm around the younger boys shoulder and rustled his blonde hair . ` Your do fine matey. While you do that , I will get the old bats teeth and then I'll come get you . Then we will come back here and decide what to do with them'

The younger boy smiled and leaned into the other feeling the warmth of his older sibling . He looked up into the dark eyes looking at him warmly, and the swell of total trust leapt within him. The plan would work , he knew it. His brother was a god at pulling off these stunts and their mother never knew any better. Secretly though he knew his mother did but her love of playful pranks often caused her to turn a blind eye.

`Come on shortie ...let's get to it' the older said adjusting his position and standing up.

The younger got up . `Don't call me that ` he said but with a smile playing upon his blue eyes.

The older boy laughed. ` I love ya bro .Let's go' .

The two boys slowly jogged to the end of the park , the younger following slightly behind as his smaller legs could not carry him as fast. The older boy was chatting breathlessly about what their grandmas face would look like on the discovery of her missing dentures. The younger just listened on intently , trying to catch every word of the brother he loved. The brother who loved him back. The boy who protected him . The brother he wanted to grow up to be like. He knew that there was only 3 years between them , himself being nine and his brother at twelve , but his brother always seemed older than his age. Wiser even. He wanted to be that way. He looked up at the older , running just ahead of him coming up to the park gates onto the road .

The older boy turned at the gates , looking at his brother behind him. ` Come on slow coach ` he shouted smiling.

The younger boy stopped and put his hands onto his knees , trying to catch his breath.

`Sean...come on' the older boy shouted from the gates.

. `Yeah , Yeah' he said gleaming , thinking about just staying there a few minutes just to wind his brother up .

He looked up towards the gates at his older brother smiling. In the space of a second the sound around his ears went silent , and he saw the older boys head swivel to the left . Next thing a flash of blue had overtaken the space at where his brother had been . A loud bang broke upon the air , and he heard the rush of noise come back to his ears.

After this...a frozen stillness. The younger boy just stood there momentarily dazed looking upon the gates.

` Michael ` his lips slowly whispered.


`MICHAEL' he suddenly shouted his legs moving with a sudden jolt towards the gates.

The car was hissing from its crushed bonnet , smoke winding it's escape from the grill as it rested upon the wall beside the gate. The younger boy had come to a walk as he passed through the gate and slowly he crept past the crippled car . On looking inside , he saw a man slumped against the steering wheel , his head bleeding.

He continued past the passenger side to where the bonnet was , then looking onto the road ahead , he saw him lying there. Still.

` Michael' he said quietly to himself as he slowly proceeded towards where the boy lay.

`Michael stop playing with me' he stammered. A slow tear forming from his eye.

On reaching his brother , he knelt down beside him. ` Michael . he whispered ` Come on's time. We have got to take Grandma's teeth' . He voice shook as he proceeded to cry. ` Come-on really is time ...she will be up soon.'

He saw one of his tears fall onto his brothers face . His brother did not move.

` PLEASE' he shouted suddenly shaking the older boy.

His brother remained still.

The younger boy suddenly felt an emptiness enter him . Something had gone. He slowly laid him head onto his brothers chest and closed his eyes.

The mist of the past memory swirled and faded away from the boy's memory as he stood against the tree. Tears lit up from his eye's , and he let out a strangled cry . Bunching his fist's , he smashed them upon the rough bark , cursing through the sobs that wracked through him. Then slowly he stopped and opened up his eye's , the blue covered in a layer of his own sadness.

` I miss you' he said to himself. ` I miss you Michael'.

He squeezed his eyes shut again , seeing the image of his older brother Michael , as he was five years ago under this very tree.

Slowly the pain welled up inside him again. He quickly opened up his eyes the image fading from him.

`Five years ago you were taken from me. ` his lips whispered. ` I love you still though'.

He stood there for a few more minutes by the tree , then slowly he withdrew himself and backed away .

His blonde hair blew infront of his eyes , slightly obscuring his vision. He did not brush it away though. Instead he slowly turned around and walked away.




Chapter 1

` Hey Aiden you muppet ...time to wake up.'

Aiden suddenly sat up with a start , the shout breaking his dream. ` Wha...What' he mumbled sleepily as his rubbed his half opened eyes.

The voice from the other side of his bedroom door let out an almighty laugh and replied ` Mum says you should have been up 20 minutes ago...and if you don't get up now you will be late for your new school'.

Aiden cracked open his eyes slightly wider and looked down at the green display of his clock which said 8.20 a.m.

`Shit' he slowly said to himself . `SHIT' he then shouted out loudly , as he threw the bed covers from his body and ran out of his bedroom.

He was greeted by the smiling form of his 12 year old brother George .

` Well , well...Aiden and his infamous accidental sleep-ins' his brother mocked as Aiden shot past him to the bathroom.

`Shut up loser ` he replied , only to hear the sound of George laughing some more.

Trust my luck . Aiden thought to himself as his brushed his teeth. Now I am going to be late for my first day at a brand new school . What a GREAT impression I am going to be making to everyone.

He rinsed his mouth out with water to get rid of the excess toothpaste in his mouth and then slowly washed his face over the sink. He realised he didn't have anytime to have a shower , which annoyed him . First day in and he would be stinking like a pig.

He took himself to the bathroom mirror , and started adjusting his brown hair. Too thick! He cursed to himself. His hair , although quite short , was going off in all directions . He grabbed the hair gel from the cabinet and started applying it to his hair , putting it up in short spikes , the way he usually wore it.

Upon finishing, he admired his handiwork and complemented himself on the finished product.

Suddenly a shout from outside interrupted his vanity.


Aiden gave himself one more look in the mirror . `Coming mum'. And he rushed himself out of the bathroom .







Aiden `s mothers car rounded the corner to be greeted by the sight of Deacons High School and a flurry of teenagers all battling to get inside.

Aiden felt a small flutter of nerves from his stomach. It had suddenly hit him. A new school. New faces , new people to have to get to know. What if they didn't like him . What if they thought he was a freak! Boy! He didn't feel ready for this. He had felt fine 5 minutes ago , well perhaps that was because he had only been concentrating on making it too school !

His mother pulled up alongside the curb . Aiden remained in the passenger seat looking up at the daunting building ahead of him. He heard his brother in the seat behind open up his door and get out.

` Come on Aiden' he said .

` Aiden are you ok?' he heard his mother say.

` . Kinda nervous really' .

He heard his brother giggle as he shut his door but he ignored it.

` Come on son' his mother said smiling. ` Your do fine. You are great at getting along with people. Give it a week and you will have a whole group of friends'.

Aiden turned around to face her. ` Mum. I miss my old friends. Why did we have to move?' he said hesitantly .

His mother turned to look out of the front window. He saw a flash of pain cut across her face . ` You know why' she said quietly.

Aiden wanted to hit himself there and then. He realised he had hurt his mother by making her think of Dad. How selfish of me he thought. God I am fifteen. Start acting it jerk!

He put his hand onto his mothers arm and slowly rubbed it. ` Sorry mum. I love you'. He said gently.

His mothers face softened and she let out a small smile. ` I love you too son ` she said as she turned to him. A small tear broke from her eye but she slowly wiped it away. ` Now go on , go. Your not the only one who has to start somewhere new today. The hospital is expecting me at 10,.00'.

Aiden suddenly felt a small wince of pain as he realised how much more selfish he actually was. He had forgotten about his mothers new job starting today. She was a casualty ward doctor.

` Good luck ` he said. ` When will you get home tonight?'

` Not until about 10.00 p.m.' she replied. ` I want you to meet George outside here after school and catch the bus back home. I have left a salad for you both in the fridge for dinner tonight and you have your usual snacks and stuff. Just be good for me'.

` Sure mum . No probs' he said smiling. He looked up again at the school gates. ` Well here it goes' he said with a sigh.

He got out of the car and turned and waved goodbye to his mother. She gave him a little wave and slowly pulled off.

Well great start to the day he thought to himself. I wake up late , upset my mother and selfishly forget she is starting a new job. What an asshole I am!

He turned around to see George looking at him smiling.

`Are you not excited?' George said happily.

` I am not!' he replied sarcastically.

` Come exciting can a new day at a new school be. I am soooo excited ` George said jumping up and down ecstatically.

Aiden looked at his little brother with amazement. `Only a little freak like you could be excited at the prospect of all this'.

George's face broke into a grin. ` Well , I do feel kinda sorry for you though bro'.

Aiden rolled his eyes `And why is that?'

`Well ` George said mischievously ` I am only 12 and am starting this school in the first year , so all the kids in my class will be new here...whereas you my dear brother are 15 which means you are joining classes which have already been together for 4 I pity you'

`Whatever ` Aiden said in a tone of annoyance but realised how right his brother actually was. He would be joining people who knew eachother. He WAS gonna be the new boy.

With that thought plaguing his mind , he and brother made there way to the office , dodging through the crowds of screaming kids.




After booking in at the office , Aiden and his brother split up to make their way to their different form classes. The secretary had given them both instructions on where to go to . She had also assigned them locker keys and explained whereabouts each ones were.

Aiden suddenly felt completely alone with his brother gone. The one person he actually knew in this whole place. He approached the door to his form class with trepidation and gave a slight knock . A deep voice boomed `Come in' and Aiden entered through anxiously.

` Ahhh...Aiden Thompson I presume' said the rather large old woman standing infront of him.

` Yes Miss' Aiden replied quietly.

`My name is Miss Jeffrys. She replied in a stern tone. She then turned to the other kids in the room . `This ,class, is Aiden Thompson . He has recently moved here from Brighton'.

Aiden looked round to see about 25 faces looking up at him. He felt himself go slightly red and then turned back to Miss Jeffrys.

` If you would like to take a seat over at the back there Aiden' she said giving him a slight smile.

Aiden slowly ambled up to where she had pointed . He heard a wolf whistle from off to his left and a female voice say ` Hey sexy'. He turned to see two girls smiling at him . He gave them a slight smile.

` Amiee Baker and Sarah Ferris ...that WILL do !' Miss Jeffrys said . `Don't be so ridiculous'

` It ain't ridiculous Miss Jeffrys ...he's a stunner' one of the girls said. At this the whole class giggled and Aiden felt himself go redder.

Miss Jeffrys did not look amused. `THAT maybe so' she said in a stern manner. ` But it does not mean you can act like that Amiee. See me after class'.

The girl let out a little sigh . Aiden felt like he could have died. This day is just getting worse and worse! he thought to himself. Still it felt good to be complimented like that.

Miss Jeffrys interrupted his thoughts by starting a huge talk on what this year entailed for everyone. When she mentioned the word exams , Aiden groaned to himself inwardly. He slowly felt himself shut off from what she was saying and just looked down onto the desk.

Suddenly the slam of the classroom door , broke his meditation and caused him to look up .

What he saw blew him away in an instant that everything else faded away into dust.

There, stood a boy of extreme beauty.

Aidens dark eyes widened in amazement as he took the boy in . The fine hair glowing a white blonde colour , hanging down to the boys eyes. Those eyes. A deep piercing crystallised blue , slightly squinty but in a sensuous manner . The skin of his face . Tanned slightly . It could only be described as a smooth silken sheet , delicate and beautiful , pulled over high cheekbones . His lips were slightly large and looked pouty but only added to compliment the rest of his beauty. Aiden felt himself look down further . The boys tanned neck rubbed slightly against his white shirt collar in a way that gave Aiden slight goosebumps. He was slim in shape , and stood about 5ft 10 , around Aidens height. His black trousers seemed to hug against long legs .

Suddenly Miss Jeffrys voice bought Aiden back into the whole reality of the room.

` Well , well. Sean Weller' Miss Jeffrys said with a hint of disgust. ` First day back of school and you still manage to arrive 15 minutes late'.

The boy remained silent. No excuses rumbled from his mouth. His blue eyes seemed to darken slightly . He just stared into Miss Jeffrys eyes. Aiden took his eyes off from the boy and looked at Miss Jeffrys. He thought he saw a slight flicker of fear pass across her but it seemed to disperse.

` Alright `she said. ` Just go and sit down'.

Aiden looked to the boy again who had taken his rucksack off his back only to drag it along with his left hand. As he walked up the aisle , Aiden saw none of the other students pay him any attention. In fact ,they all seemed to look down as he passed them . There was no hint of anyone signalling to say hi to the boy. Aiden expected to hear Amiee Baker and Sarah Ferris whistle their appreciation of this boys beauty but they remained silent which seemed strange. They had done it to him , and even though he didn't think that he himself was bad looking it was obvious that this boy looked better than him. He was beautiful , stunning and mysterious. A kind of sexy infusion of all that was considered attractive.

Aiden gave a small jolt when he realised that the boy was heading towards his desk. Looking around , he saw that the seat next to him was the only free space and he suddenly felt nervous. He looked up at the boy again , who had reached the desk and suddenly felt a coldness pass over him. The boys deep blue eyes were looking directly into his. They seemed to cut through to Aidens mind , pierce through his inner soul. Aiden shuddered. Get a grip he thought to himself.

The boy slumped down in the chair next to his . Aiden looked out of the corner of his eyes , and saw the blonde bangs cover half of the boys cheek.

As Miss Jeffrys continued to rant on , the boy did not move once , or even bother to look up at the teacher talking . He just sat as he was. Aiden was aware of the boy next to him. He could smell him. A sweet , warm smell. Slightly soapy mixed with a boyish smell. To Aiden it smelt good. He could feel a slight rising from within his trousers at the thought of what he was sitting next too. This boy had really got to him. He didn't even know him,yet his beauty had blown him away.

Aiden already knew his feeling never went towards girls. It was always boys. From the age of 9 he was looking. Yet from all of the boys he had admired beforehand , this was the first time one had had this effect on him. None had been as stunning and immaculate. None had contained this much beauty .


A knock on the door stopped Miss Jeffrys from continuing.

`Hello' she shouted rather annoyed at the disturbance.

A boy entered into the room .

`Can I help you' the teacher said.

`Sorry Miss but Mr Harding would like to speak to you in his office'the boy said.

Miss Jeffrys gave a slight huffy sound. ` Very well. Ok class , just sit tight. I will be back in a few minutes' .

With that,she walked out of the classroom.

Aiden looked around and saw that people had started talking to one another . Friends catching up on what they had done in the holidays. He felt kind of jealous. Here he was not knowing anyone and no one seemed to turn to him to ask about who he was. He got the feeling that this was probably something to do with the boy sitting next to him as not one person turned to say hello to him either. Aidens heart seemed to break at the thought of this. Why not? This boy , with his looks should be popular . Why is he so alienated? Aiden decided to take the plunge and say something to him, although the boy did not seem to be interested in looking at him.

` Hi...' Aiden stuttered. ` My names Aiden'

The boy turned to him , his eyes looking directly into Aidens. Aiden felt a slight flutter from his stomach , the boys beauty capturing him.

` Sean' he simply said but the boy continued to stare at him.

This made Aiden look away . His nerves seemed to go into hyperdrive. The boys stare was dark and immense. Aiden felt a slight tension. It made him uncomfortable but in a strange way warm. He looked back into those blue depths.

` God, I am kinda school and all' Aiden heard himself stumble with his words. Control yourself he thought. ` Well ...Miss Jeffrys seems to be a right old battleaxe...something out of the dark ages `

Seans eyes looked away from Aidens and he lit up a little smile from his lips. On seeing this Aidens heart leapt . This boy can actually smile. Hey! I made him smile.

Sean looked at Aiden again but the smile had gone. In it's place Aiden could see a look of what seemed like puzzlement.

`You remind me of someone' Sean said quizzically.

`Who ?' Aiden replied curious.

Sean turned away from him and looked up to the front of the class. ` Someone I knew' he said quietly. With that , Sean looked down at the desk and did not say another word.

Aiden sat there looking at him , wondering whether to ask him again but Sean's demeanour suggested that he had finished talking so he just looked away and puzzled to himself about this strange boy who had seemingly captured his heart.

After a few minutes , Miss Jeffrys entered the classroom again , and with a small apology continued on with her lecture. Aidens thoughts though stayed on Sean.


The bell rang shortly afterwards and the whole class rustled out of the classroom into the corridor. Aiden followed the crowd out and proceeded to make his way to his next class. He knew he had History next which did not excite him in the slightest but he knew that finding his way there would probably be an adventure in itself. Using a map , which was given to him by the secretary , he followed the maze of corridors . He only realised he had gone wrong when he had turned right into an empty corridor which had led to a dead end. God , this place is huge! He thought to himself as he turned back to where he had come from . Looking at the map , he turned the corner . Suddenly he felt his face collide with someone's back.

` Watch where the fuck you are going' a voice said .

Aiden looked up to see a large boy staring at him .

` Sorry mate ` Aiden apologised. ` Wasn't looking where I was going'.

` To right you fucking weren't cocksucker' the large boy said . ` And you ain't my fucking mate'.

` You should teach him a lesson Barnes' a voice said from behind the boy.

Aiden looked and saw a lanky skinny boy sneering at him.

` Look Barnes...he is holding a map' the skinny boy said. ` A new boy' . With that both boys laughed.

Aiden felt a wave of panic cross him. He looked around but no one else was there. He saw no sign of any classroom doors . The only way out was through these two boys. The large boy towered over him standing at about 6ft 3. He looked like a footballer. Aiden guessed he was a year older than he was. The skinny boy was also taller than he was .

`Lloook...I am sorry right' Aiden stammered slightly. ` It was an accident. I wasn't looking where I was going ok. I don't want no trouble'.

`Too bad' the large boy spat. ` You have got trouble pretty boy'.

The skinny boy laughed.

Aiden felt himself get slightly annoyed. He wasn't about to be pushed around ` Look like I said' he replied with more fevour` I didn't mean to so get out of my way' and with that he tried to push himself past.

The large boy instantly shoved Aiden . He felt himself skid to the floor the map falling out of his hand.

The skinny boy laughed again.

Aiden picked himself up his temper flaring. ` Will you fucking shut your trap ` he said to the skinny one.

The boy stopped laughing and narrowed his eyes. ` What did you say new boy' .

` I said shut up. Your laugh is pathetic' Aiden replied.

With that the skinny one lunged at Aiden and before he could protect himself , he was knocked to the floor.

` You little asshole' the boy said and Aiden felt a swift kick to his stomach. He buckled himself up in a ball and felt the next kick hit his arm. This is it he thought to himself as pain seared through his body.

Suddenly he heard a shout .

` HEY! , you two fuckers ...get off him' .

Aiden looked up in time to see Seans fist collide into the face of the skinny boy who had been kicking him . He then saw Sean grab the boys shirt and with a tug , throw him down onto the floor.

The large boy gave a slight growling noise and made towards Sean but Sean just dodged out of the way , bringing his fist down onto the boys stomach. The large boy crumpled up holding his stomach and let out a wheezing noise .

Sean looked down at Aiden. ` Are you alright?'

Aiden gave a slight nod of his head.

Sean looked back up at the two boys who had stumbled up together. ` Get the fuck out of here'.

With that they slowly backed their way up the corridor .

` You better watch your back Weller' the large boy said as he stumbled away clutching his stomach ` And you too new boy. And you too'

They disappeared around the next corner.

Aiden slowly made to get up but stumbled against the wall. He sat himself down , the pain lingering in his side and arm.

Sean knelt down infront of where he sat facing him. Aiden could feel his warm breath touch upon his cheek.

` Aiden' Sean said his voice sounding gentle and soothing to Aidens ears.

Aiden looked up . He felt tears upon his cheeks. ` III...II'm ok' he muttered.

With that he let out a sob and put his face down into his arms. He felt a warm sensation on the back of his neck . He looked up with a tear stained face to see Sean's arm outstretched towards him as he gently used his hand to caress the back of Aiden's neck.

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