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by Sam Lakes

Copyright © 2006 All Rights Reserved

Chapter Fiourteen

The only thing wrong with the Thanksgiving holiday was that it was too short. Brady and Edna returned to Colorado. My grandparents returned to their homes and I went back to school.

As I’ve mentioned, I have a number of friends at school.  You can never have too many friends – real friends. My change in demeanor had not gone unnoticed. I really couldn’t help smiling 95% of the time and it didn’t take long for my closest friend to wheedle out of me, why I was so happy.

“Lucky, Brady,” said Josh Martin, “Damn! If I’d only played my card right it could have been me.” He sighed.

“Yeah right! I’d have been on my knees in a second if you weren’t so straight,” I laughed.

“Yeah, but for you Bastian maybe I could bend a little,” he said, giving me a sexy look.

“Really!” I feigned excitement. I knew this guy and he really was totally straight and that was one of the reasons I liked him. The other reasons were he is totally hot, nicely endowed, not huge, just nice; he’s honest, and most of all he accepts me as-is. I knew I was safe with him knowing that we’d never get into trouble.

“Nah. You’re not my type. You’ve got a dick,” he laughed. “So, you have a photo of your love?”

“I thought you’d never ask!” I said, as I reached into my backpack. He rolled his eyes and we spent the next ten minutes looking through a small album of photos of Brady and me.

The last photo in the album was Brady and I in bed. I was on my back looking up at him. He was next to me on his side looking into my eyes. There was a sheet draped over just my privates. The focus was soft and I had photo enhanced it to give a soft glow to the highlights.

“Damn! You two look good together. I am happy for you Bastian.”

Christmas holidays were fast approaching and I was looking forward to spending them with Brady. Unfortunately, two weeks before the vacation was to start, my dads dropped a bombshell on me.

“Bastian, we are going to leave for San Francisco next week to visit your mom and her parents in Palo Alto.”

“No! No way. I want to spend Christmas with Brady,” I said, full of determination. I was not not going to spend my holidays with Brady.

“Bastian, hear your Dad out,” said Michael, sternly.

“I know that, and we’ll work something out with Brady, but you are going to spend Christmas with your mom and her parents. She has asked for it and so have her parents, your Grandma Jean and your Grandpa Stephen. It’s going to be her last Christmas, Bastian. It’s the only thing she wants.”

My staunch position crumbled. Mom was dying. Even though I had not spent much time with her; only the summer when I was thirteen, she was my mom and there had been a bonding, of sorts, that summer. The words ‘It’s the only thing she wants’ ran through me, like a sharp sword. 

I looked at Dad and Michael and nodded. I felt bad. I should have gone to see her this last summer, instead of being so wrapped up in myself. Why was I so self-centered. I turned and walked off to my room.

Fifteen minutes later, Brady called. Dad or Michael must have called him. I started crying and berating myself for being so self-centered. He finally got me calmed down. He has that effect on me. I love him so much. I made a decision during our talk, that I’d think of others first.

It’s funny how one simple decision can change you. At school the next day, I was in the library studying, when I noticed someone hovering around me. I’d seen the boy before, but couldn’t remember his name. He was cute and very shy, because he would start to approach me and then back-off. I guessed that it must have been important, what he wanted to say to me, because he approached me and backed-of three times. On the fourth time I looked up at him and said, “Hi, it’s obvious you want to speak to me. So, what is it?”

He blushed and turned to leave, mumbling, “Sorry.”

“Don’t  leave!” I said with a little more insistence than I meant. It sounded like an order. He froze.

“What’s your name? I’ve seen you before in the hall, but I don’t know your name,” I said, in a friendlier manner.

“Thomas. Thomas Littleson,” he said softly, still facing away from me.

“Well, Mister Thomas Littleson, have a seat and let’s talk.”

He turned and dutifully sat in a chair opposite me.

“So, I’m Bastian or you can call me Foto. You wanted to ask me something. What can I do for you?”

“I was wondering how much you charge to take my picture?” he mumbled.

“I normally charge seventy-five dollars a sitting.”

He nodded and mumbled, “Thanks” and then started to get up. I noticed his clothes were well worn.

“But I need a model for a photoshoot, and if you’ll be that model – we’ll call it an even trade.”

Boy did his eyes brighten and a smile exploded across his face, “You will!” he practically shouted.

Man he was so cute.

“Yeah,” I laughed.

“Oh, man! Thanks Foto! It’s for my mom – for Christmas.”
“Cool. Your mom must be special. Tell me about her.” For the rest of my study period, he told me about his mom and their relationship. He didn’t have a father. I told him I’d give him one of mine, then I laughed and said, nope I loved both of my dads too much, but maybe he could borrow one of them. It was no secret that my parents were gay.

He laughed and said it would be cool cuz he wouldn’t have to worry about his mom marrying my dad.

I guess he felt as much love for his mom as I did for my dads. She sounded like a nice person. We agreed to meet on Saturday at of all places the Water Tower Mall.

Thomas showed up. He was dressed basically the same and his hair style was a little homemade. He definitely needed a makeover.

“Okay, this photoshoot is going to be for a teen fashion mag,” I sort of lied – well I intended to send the pictures to a publisher but knew the chances of getting published were practically zero.

First stop was taking a taxi to my hairdresser in the Lincoln Park area of Chicago. I think I am a pretty good judge of hot guys and potential hot guys and by the time the salon had finished, Thomas was a babe. Of course I photographed the whole metamorphosis.

It was time to go back to the mall for clothes. I ended up buying him five different outfits. Damn! He was so hot! Both girls and guys were taking notice. Because I had my reflector boards and stands up, people were wondering who this gorgeous guy was. Was he a celebrity? A movie-star?

Towards the end of the shoot, a woman approached us and gave Thomas her card, and me too. She was an agent and asked me to send her headshots and comp cards. She told me if they were good, she might have work for me.

On the way to his home, I think we were both deep in thought, so we didn’t say much.

“Foto? So, you need to take the clothes back and get your money back. I know you spent nearly a thousand dollars. This has been the most awesome day of my life!”

“No where near a thousand,” I said. It was like nearly two thousand, actually.

“You keep the clothes. They’ve been worn and so can’t be sold again and besides, the model always keeps the clothes. It has been an awesome day, man, that lady really wants to be your agent. I didn’t say anything but she is one of the top agents here in Chicago. Dude, you are going to be famous!”

“I can’t believe it! Woowho!”

“Yeah, and I might get some work from her. Dude, I am so excited. Thanks.”

“For what? I should be thanking you!”

“No, well yeah, but thanks for having the guts to ask me to photograph you. Thanks, for being a friend. I can never have too many friend and you are special. Your mom has done a good job.”

He leaned over and hugged me. “Friends forever,” Thomas whispered.

“Yes, forever,” I whispered back.

I felt great. I had a new friend.

On Monday, he came to school looking like a model. Well, he was. Heads were turning all over the place. I gave Thomas a framed photo for him to give to his mom.

My dads and I left on Amtrak on Wednesday, headed to Denver on the California Zephyr.  Brady would join us there, and continue on out to California with us.

I had given a lot of thought as to what to give my mom. It was difficult, to say the least. She’s dying, and this is going to be her last Christmas. I had to give her some part of me; something she could remember even after death, if that’s possible.

Photography is so much a part of me now. It’s how I express myself best. I would photograph this trip for her; making each picture something special.

Meeting Brady in Denver was great and it was even greater that we’d be sharing the same room, on our trip to California. I know, being a horny teen, I was looking forward to a night of love making. We were in the upper deck of our passenger car, and the views were spectacular.

There had been a snow storm last night and so we were slowly moving along the track. Finally, the train came to a halt. I wondered after ten minutes of the train sitting still, how long we’d be there. It occurred to me that I could get some better pictures from outside the train – they’d be different.

“Back in a bit,” I said to Brady, as I left in search of a conductor.

I spotted one of the conductors in the corridor. “Sir?” I asked, “Why are we stopped? And how long will we be stopped?”

“We’ve got a red signal light – there’s a freight train going east and we need to wait for it to pass. Should only be about another ten to fifteen minutes.”

Of course, I asked if I could get off the train to take a few pictures and he said no, but I explained why it was important for me, and that this would probably be the last Christmas my mom would see. I guess I was persuasive enough, and he let me get off the train.

“You’ve got ten minutes,” he said.

There was an embankment not far from the tracks that offered a great shot of the train and the mountains. What I didn’t count on was the difficulty and time it would take to climb the embankment when I finally got into position. The freight train had just passed. Everything was perfect and I shot my picture.

It was then that I noticed the door that I had exited the train was now closed, and the train started to slowly move.

“Oh, shit! Hey! Wait!” I yelled to no avail. In trying to get down the embankment I tripped and rolled most of the way down. By the time I got to the tracks the train was disappearing around a bend.

“FUCK!!” I screamed, to no avail. I pulled out my cellphone…no signal. “Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!”

I had no choice but to hike along the tracks. To be honest, I was not used to the high attitude and it was showing. The thing that really got me was that I could see I-70, but it was on the other side of a river that I had no way of crossing. The phrase so near yet so far came to mind.

It started snowing.

It seemed like I walked for ages. I wondered if anyone had missed me yet – probably not. The snow was falling pretty heavily, and I could barely see the river much less the highway. Eventually, I came to a point where I could get down to the highway. I was cold and tired, and of course, hungry.

I started hitchhiking. After not too long, a car pulled over and stopped. Of course then he turned on his flashing lights. I ran up to the car. He rolled down the window.

“Sebastian McCormick?”

Man! Was I surprised. “Y-Yes sir.” I shivered.

“I’m Officer Thompson. Get in,” he said, as he reached over and opened the door. I shook off as much snow as I could, and got into the car.

“Young man, you had a lot of people worried about you. There’s a blizzard coming this way.”

I nodded not knowing what to say, as I sat there shivering.

He reached over and felt my coat.

It’s soaking wet. Take it off; you’ll get warmer faster. I complied.
He called on his radio and informed whoever, that I was alive and well.

“Can you tell me how you got left out in the middle of nowhere by a passenger train?”

“Well, I asked one of the conductors how long we’d be stopped, waiting for a freight train and he said ten or fifteen minutes. I asked him if I could get off because I wanted to take a picture.”

“A picture?”

“Yeah, you see, this is probably going to be the last Christmas my mom will have, and I want to give her something no one else has…I’m sure that no one has ever taken a picture from where I was. Anyway, I was on my way back, but someone had closed the door, and by the time I got to the tracks the train had left,” I sighed, “I figured that it wouldn’t be until tomorrow when another train went by, and I’d be frozen. The only thing I could think of to do was to walk, until I could get on the highway…I got some great pictures! You want to see them?”

“Maybe later. I’ve got to get you to Grand Junction where your dad is. If it weren't for your dad’s reputation, it probably would have been hours before anyone started looking for you. He’s a good man, your dad.”

The snow was really falling heavily, as we drove down I-70. I spotted a van ahead that was pulled over to the side, and its emergency lights were flashing.

“I’d better check this out. With the snow coming down this heavily, I'd better check that everything is all right,” said Officer Thompson, “Stay here I’ll be right back.”

He walked over to the van. I could see by the expression on his face, that something wasn’t good. He all but ran back, opened the door and grabbed the mic.

He told them that there was a young woman in the van who was in labor and needed an ambulance fast. On hearing that, and seeing the distressful look on his face, I opened the door and ran to the van.

In the driver’s seat was a girl, who I guess, was 17 or 18. “Hi, I'm Bastian. I’m here to help. How often are you getting contractions?”

“About every two minutes,” she winced.

“Oh, man. I need you to get into the back after I clear out some of this stuff – there is no way I can deliver your baby with you in the front seat.”

Officer Thompson arrived. “Kid, you need to get back in the car. They are sending an ambulance.”

“No. You need to help me get some of this stuff out of her van so she can lie down.” He stood there and looked at me for a moment. I turned and started clearing things out of the way, so I could put the middle seat down. I guess Officer Thompson figured I was not going back to his car, and started helping.

Once I got things cleared away, I helped the girl into the back.

“You said you’re going to deliver the baby?” she said, nervously.

I nodded and replied, “If I have to, and if the ambulance doesn’t get here in time. It is on its way.”

“No, you’re just a kid. You can’t do that!”

“Right, I’m 15. But my dad, Michael, is a nurse, and midwife, when we were overseas, I helped him deliver several babies – all of them cute and healthy. Now, lie back and spread your legs, because I need to see how much you’re dilated.”

“I-I don’t know…”

“Look, your baby is coming, soon. I can help. I know what I’m doing. It’s not the best circumstances, but its all you have right this minute,” I said gently.

“Young lady, I think he’s right,” said Officer Thompson, “I’ll go check on the ambulance.”

She winced from a contraction.

“Take short breathes like this,” I said, and demonstrated.

After the contraction passed, she smiled and then lay back. She was well dilated.

“OW!” she cried, as she gripped the seat. I knew any moment, I’d be seeing the head of her baby.

After the contraction passed, I said, “Not long now…what’s your name?”

“Marcey Ever-owww!”

“Well, Marcey, I can see the head now. A few more pushes, and I think you’ll be saying hello to your baby.”

I don’t think there is anything more wonderful than birth. It’s the start of a new life. I had seen births a dozen times, as Michael use to drag me along. Each time it was an incredible experience. Nobody ever complained about me being there, I guess, because I was always quiet, and I helped where I could.

I never thought that I would deliver a baby, but here I am working with this girl, who is only two years older than me. She had a boy, but no name. She told me that she liked the name Bastian, but after some discussion and after I talked her out of calling him Atreyu she named him Noah – I think after the hottie that played Atreyu.

The ambulance never made it because there had been a serious auto accident that needed it more. Officer Thompson drove us to the hospital.

Both Marcy and Noah were fine. I got word to my dads that I was in Glen Springs – snowed in.

Officer Thompson insisted that I stay with him and his family, until my dads and Brady arrived.

All in all, I would say it was another adventuresome day in the life of Bastian McCormick. As I went to sleep, I wondered what tomorrow would bring.

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Editor's Note:

Wow! Foto is a pretty accomplished person, We are always finding out new things about him. How many of you could see what was going to happen when Bastian got off the train? I knew as soon as he asked if he could get off the train, that they were going to leave him behind. That seems to happen to him a lot. I love the guy, but he never seems to read ahead in his story, or figure out that he is going to get locked out, left behind, or in some way, misunderstood. This is one of my favorite stories, and I can hardly wait for the next episode.

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