The contents of this story is purely fictional although based on real life happenings in my life. All names have been fictionalize to protect the innocent and not so innocent. The content matter of this story concerns love and sex between males teenagers. If this is not what you like reading or it is illegal for you to read this material because of age or laws go somewhere else. This story is copyrighted by it's owner and may not be copied or published elsewhere without the owners permission.

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Okay here's the next chapter in the life of our young photographer - Foto. It may be a few weeks before the next chapter comes out due to school, photoshoots, flu and so on.

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by Sam Lakes

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Chapter Eighteen

Our first port of call was Jewel-Osco, a grocery store in this area.

“Why are we here?” asked Leo, “Do you need film for your camera?”

I gave him my disgusted look saying, “It may be old but it’s not that old.” I smile and added, “We are here to buy a few things for this caper. You look far to healthy, we need to make you look sickly.” We stopped in the cosmetic aisle.

“Oh, sweetie, this is you!” I said loud enough to embarrass him.


“Yes, baby doll? You don’t like it? Well, leth’s just see, sweetie, hummm,” I said trying to act as much like the stereotype gay guy as I could. I must be doing pretty good because he is blushing like mad. It was all I could do not to laugh. “Ah, now this will do.” I grabbed a nice pale color makeup. I don’t know a lot about make up but it looked good to me and then I grabbed an eyebrow pencil and some face powder.

In another aisle I grabbed a permanent marker and then we went to the checkout, paid for our stuff and then led him to the men's restroom. We took one of the handicap stalls.

“Sit,” I told him.

“Why me?” ask Leo.

“Because I need you as a prop,” I laughed, “Have you seen the movie ‘The Bucket List’?”

“No, but I saw the trailer on TV. Is that the movie we are going to see?”

“Yes, but my point is this. The door to the roof is going to be guarded. Security is very high since 9/11 but even before 9/11 you couldn’t get up on the roof unless you were changing a lightbulb or something. Neither of us look like maintenance men. We look like cute teenagers. That won’t get us anywhere. But maybe I can talk whoever is guarding the door to the roof into letting us view Chicago like most people don’t get to see Chicago. Except for those maintenance men probably no one ever sees Chicago from the roof of the Sears Tower.”

I started applying the makeup to his face and neck. When I finish he really looked like he was at Death’s doorway.

We finally got to the Sears Tower observation deck. Even if my caper didn’t work I always loved the view from up here – it’s almost worth the outlandish price you have to pay.

I was searching for the doorway to the top and true enough it was guarded.

“Hello, I know this is an unusual request but is there anyway me and my best friend over there could get to see Chicago from the roof.”

“No, it’s restricted to authorized personnel only.”

“Oh,” I said sadly, “It’s just that,” I paused and squeezed out a tear, “My best friend is-is dying from cerebral myasthenia gravis. We saw the film ‘The Bucket List’ with Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman and-and he said one of the things on his bucket list would be to see Chicago from the rooftop of the Sears Tower. Anyway, I thought I’d try because I’ve known him it seems like forever.” My shoulders were slumped downwards as I turned and slow walked back to Leo who was now sitting on the floor against the wall looking very weak and pale.

I kneeled down in front of him and slow shook my head. Leo was great he slowly nodded as if fate had once again defeated him. “Darn, I really thought it would work. You look really sick too.”

“He’s still looking at us,” said Leo in almost a whisper, “No, he’s walking over here.”

I lean over and gently kissed the top of his head.

“Come on,” I said softly and went to stand up and gave him my hand helping him to his feet. By this time the security guard was right beside us.

“Uh, I’m going on break for a few minutes. The door is unlocked and the alarm is off. You have five minutes. If you’re not back here in five minute I will come and arrest you. Understood?”

“Thank you. Thank you so much,” I said with tears forming in my eyes. He walked on and we made our way to the door and then ran up the steps to the roof level and out on to the roof.

“I DON’T BELIEVE IT!” laughed Leo.

“BELIEVE IT!” I said as I took out his camera and handed it to him and then grabbed my camera with a wide angle lens. In two minutes I snapped as many photos as I could while Leo did the same – of course his camera took twice as many pictures as mine :p .

I took out the permanent marker and wrote on a wall ‘Bastian & Leo’. I dotted the ‘i’ in my name with a little heart and made the ‘o’ in Leo in the shape of a heart. It was small but kinda neat. We took a couple of photos of it. I hoped that no one would ever remove it and figured they probably never would even see it.

“There one more thing I want to do,” said Leo.

“What?” I asked.

“This…” Leo took me in his arms and kissed me passionately. I couldn't help but return the kiss. It only lasted for a few seconds before we packed up our stuff and left.

Before catching a taxi to the hotel we stopped at a Starbucks restroom to clean up Leo and make him look healthy; returning him to being his handsomely cute self. I decided I was hungry so we stopped at a deli and got something to eat and then proceeded to the hotel.

On the way to the Ritz-Carlton all I could think about was that kiss. We were probably the first and only two people to kiss on the roof of the Sears Tower and for sure we were the only two gay guys to have done it. I kept sneaking glances at him on the way. He had sort of a dreamy look on his face most of the time. I knew he was thinking about the kiss too. I wanted to ravish him in meaningless sex right there in the taxi, but it would have ruined our looks for the next task at hand.

“This is going to be so easy. Look like you belong here,” I said as we walked in, “Which by the way you do. Last night after you fell asleep I got on your computer and made a reservation under the name of Paul Johnston – your dad.”

“What! My dad will -,” exclaimed Leo.

“Kill you?”

“Yeah!” he replied.

“No, he’ll never know about it because he will never check-in. But you on the other hand in order to establish our legitimacy in hanging out here will go to the registration desk and let them know that you and your brother are here and your dad will be following shortly to formally check-in. You will show them your ID and point to me. Okay.”

“You’ve really thought this out, haven’t you?”

“Yep! One more thing,” I said. I took out his camera and hung it around is neck, “The rich tourist look.”

Of course that only established our reason for hanging out in the lobby. After only about a ten minute wait though I spotted our pass into the spa and swimming area. A family with three kids arrived.

“Showtime,” I said as I stood up from the most comfy chair. We approached the family and I lock my sites on the kids. “Hi I’m Bastian and this is Leo. We’ve been waiting for some people to check-in who had kids our age. We wanted to know if you’ve like to join us for a swim – they have an awesome pool here.” I noticed the boy teen checking us out and his sister too.

“Vous parlez français?” asked the boy. I was in luck!

“Oui,” I replied, “Nous avons voulu savoir si vous voudriez nous joindre qu'ils ont une piscine impressionnante ici.”

Of course, they were delighted that I spoke French and readily agreed to meet us in half an hour.

When they arrived outside the spa area I explained that we weren’t really residents of the hotel but we wanted to swim here as an adventure. They actually did speak English because they were from Montreal. They said I spoke so fluently that they didn’t realize I wasn’t French. It was a nice compliment.

The teenage boy was fifteen and his name was Anton. His twin sister was Antionette and their younger eleven year old brother was Tomas. We got in as their guests and had a great time. It is really an awesome spa. By dinner time we were ready to leave and have a bite to eat before the movie which started at 7:15.

The movie we decided on was ‘The Bucket List’. 

I wondered if Leo would have the guts to do this so I asked, “Okay, we can either get in two for the price of one or two for free.”

“How do we do two for free?”

“You go up to someone and give them a story that you need to see if your bother is here cuz it’s urgent – Of course they don’t know you from Adam so they will say no but they think you’re just going to steal their ticket which your not. You give them your ID to hold go past the ticket collector to any theater then come back out and tell the ticket collector you dropped your ticket on the floor and can’t find it but you really have to pee and will they remember your face please, please, please. Then go back to the person you borrowed the ticket from and give them the ticket stub so they can see the movie. Then back to the ticket collector who will remember your face.”

Leo smiled, “Free.”

I kissed him. I think I was beginning to really like this guy.

Twenty minutes later we were sitting and watching the movie complete with sodas and buttered popcorn.

We got back to the condo just before nine o’clock. Mr. Johnston ask how our day went. We said great. He told me that Michael called and said I could stay the night or come home. Leo was welcomed to sleepover if he wanted tonight and tomorrow night. We decided to sleep here and then Michael could send the limo for us tomorrow. Leo would sleepover at my home and we’d both go to school on Monday from there.

Later that evening after some meaningless sex in the shower we were both snuggled in bed. I was a bit tired. It had been the best day of my life since I delivered Noah. It was fun and exciting and risky and one more thing I came to realize as I lay there with Leo’s head on my chest. It was the main thing which made it such a great day. I think Leo really does love me. At least he’s told me that a hundred or more times today.

I looked down a his head on my chest. He was looking at me with a slight smile – not enough to make his dimples show but enough to make my heart speed up.

“Today was the best day I’ve had since I delivered Noah. Do you know why?”


“The kiss.”

“Yeah, I couldn’t miss the opportunity. Bastian, I love you and I intend to prove it to you everyday for the rest of our life.” His words sounded so sincere as he softly spoke them. And yes I picked up what that he said ‘our life’, not ‘my life’ or our ‘lives’. Our life, as in a single unit.

Brady and I really had nothing in common he was into nature and sort of shied away from people whereas I liked people. I like attention. Physically, he was a hunk.

I pretty well was happy with my sexual orientation and he prefer that no one should know. I could be effusive in public if I felt like it and he wasn’t. I tended to be a rebel and do my own thing he always lived well within the law despite his feelings.

Like today, everything I did was to some degree against the law at least skirting around on the edge. I loved it because it was exciting. But most of all I found someone who was equally as adventurous or stupid as me.

It’s amazing how much stuff you can think of in a fraction of a minute.



“I think ‘the kiss’ was the beginning of our life. I hope it never ends.”

His smile increased to where his dimples showed, tears flooded to his eyes and split over onto my chest.

Despite the fact that we’d had meaningless sex twice today in the shower we ended up having very meaningful sex before falling asleep.

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