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Okay here's the next chapter in the life of our young photographer - Foto. This will be the next to last chapter.

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by Sam Lakes

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Chapter Nineteen

I woke the next morning all intertwined with Leo. He was awake too. We ended up at my place around noon. Nothing exciting happened. I know Michael was pleased I had a boyfriend my age. He told me Dad would be home tomorrow.

So, make sure I came straight home after school as Dad wanted to take us out for dinner. Not an unusual thing when he’d been away for a bit. So I really didn’t think anything about it other than I could remind both of them that they forgot my birthday.

I was pleasantly surprised to run into Leo and his dad at the restaurant. I didn’t even twig on the fact that we were in Schaumberg  and they lived downtown. I introduced him to my dad.

Dad, being Dad invited them to join us which they did. Leo was sort of giggly throughout the whole meal. He really is cute with those gorgeous dimples. I wanted so much to lean over and kiss him.

The biggest surprise was desert. Instead of the dessert that I ordered the waiter put a wrapped box in front of me. There was a card on it. I looked at my dads who were both smiling. I told a deep breath to help steel myself from getting all emotional. It worked. The card was just an ordinary birthday card from Michael. I looked at him.

“Well, come on open it!” laughed Michael.

I quickly ripped the paper off of it revealing the box.  I simply stared at it. I knew it wasn’t the Pro Camera that Leo had but it was a real pro camera. It was a Nikon D3 body.

“I know it’s not the Canon 1Ds but it’s what I could afford and I saw it on you monitor last week,” said Michael.

“I love it,” I said still trying to not get too emotional. If I been at home I would have been jumping up and down and screaming, but this was not the place to do that.

Another box, a bit larger was placed in front of me. The card said it was from Dad. I know it must be lenses. I was totally overwhelmed when I saw that there were three lenses especially an f2.8 200-400mm VR lens. That may mean nothing to you but camera lenses can easily cost three or four times the cost of the camera. This was a big lens and I knew I’d get some great sports shots.

I got up and walked over to my dad and hugged him and told him I loved him. I then did the same with Michael.

After I sat down I was given a third package. The birthday card said this present was from Leo and David. “you guys just want me to burst into tears don’t you,” I mumbled.

“You wouldn’t be Bastian if you didn’t,” said Michael.

I stuck my tongue out at him. “Well, it’s not going to happen. I’m sixteen and grown up.”

“Bastian, you could be ninety-two and you’d still cry,” chuckled Dad.

I took a deep breath again steeling myself from a display of emotions. This present could have been a box of shit and I knew I’d still get teary eyed because part of it was from Leo. I slowly opened the box which contained other boxes. Two wireless flashes, lens filters for my lenses and a gag gift – a book on how to take pictures – one of those cheesy books for beginners.

“Damn you,” I said to Leo as my eyes began to sting. I quickly got up and gave David a hug and then moved to Leo.

“You told them, didn’t you?” I whispered in his ear as I hugged him.

“I might have mentioned something but Michael had already ordered everything. I ordered the flashes and other stuff and used Dad’s credit card,” he whispered back.

“I love you. I really, really love you,” I said softly. His watery eyes matched mine. “Oh, fukitol!” I said in a giggle and I kissed him on the lips then we both wiped our eyes and I returned to my seat.

After we got home Dad said, “Now don’t forget you’ve got school tomorrow so no staying up all night playing with your new toys.”

“Oh, absolutely, no staying up. Got it! Yes sir!” I replied of course I’d stay up all night and he knew it. At two a.m. all the power went off in the house. “Alright! Alright! I’m going to bed I yelled. Luckily, I had just sent Leo a photo. It was a picture of my dick and I photoshopped ‘Property of Leo’ on it so that it looked like a tattoo. I thought it looked pretty cool myself not that I would get my dick tattooed.

Of course thinking about Leo and the fact that he’d more than likely end up jacking-off to that photo got me all hard so before going to sleep I jacked-off thinking of doing sixty-nine with him.

“I saw your photo this morning,” he smiled.

“Did you like it?”

“I prefer the real thing but it was a good substitute. I’m thinking of getting it printed as a poster and hanging it on my wall.”

I laughed.

“So, are we hanging out after school?” he asked.

“Yep, but not at your place or mine. We have a scouting mission to do downtown for our next adventure this weekend.”

“Oh yeah, what’s the new adventure.”

“I’m not telling you but you are guaranteed to like it. Meet me at my locker. Lata dude,” I said and we split for class.

“So, where are we going?” were the first words Leo said when he met me at my locker. Of course he’d asked me every time we saw each other during the day and I would smile and say “downtown” or “downtown and we are going by Metra”.

“Hi, Bastian, would be nice or I love you would be even nicer. But ‘So where are we going?’ ehhh! Sorry no points for you,” I laughed.

He looked really frustrated with me when he said, “Sorry, I really love you.” Then he gave me a really sexy look as his eyes slowly drifted down to my crotch and said in a sexy voice, “All of you.”

Man! He was so cute.

I quickly kissed him on the cheek and said, “Let’s go.”

“Where?” he asked.

“To the Metra station. I told you that how we are going to travel. Once we got downtown I made him walk from Union station to Millennium Park. In case you don’t know Chicago – it’s a walk.

Leo was totally confused and really getting a bit pissed with me because I just kept saying ‘not too long now. Come on’.

When we got to the park I went inside the ‘bean’ and stared at the ceiling – it’s really cool because it’s like a funhouse mirror – everything is distorted.

“Bastian, I’m really getting pissed. I know this isn’t why we came downtown. Why are we here at the bean? We’ve been here several times. Tell me now or I’m leaving.”

“Kiss me and I’ll tell you why we are here,” I said.

He gave me a quick kiss, “Now, tell me.”

“We are here to waste time and enjoy each other’s company,” I smiled. He didn’t. I continued, “It’s not five o’clock yet and rather than being bored hanging out at union station I decided to come here. I wanted to kiss you here inside the bean because I love you with all my heart. That’s the main reason we are here. The not so main reason is you look so cute when you’re getting pissed with me.” I laughed.

Leo completely startled me when he grabbed me and pulled me into him. He proceeded to give me a really passionate kiss, right there in the bean with people walking around. If there were any rude and nasty comments I was oblivious to them. I turned to putty in his arms.

“The adventure is to see if it’s possible to hop a train from Union station to St. Louis on Friday so you can see your best friend. Sure we could buy a ticket but what fun would that be?”

We left for union station by taxi.

Union Station at rush hour is crazy with people rushing here and there trying to get home or whatever. It was pretty mush the way I thought it would be.

What I didn’t notice was the lack of enthusiasm from Leo. It really didn’t deter me any from my mission which was a success. Yep, I knew it could be done. We could easily hop a train without a ticket. I turned to tell Leo my plan and only then realized he wasn’t there.

I figured he must have gotten lost in the crowd, so like any smart guy I got out my iPhone and called and got his voice message. Dang! I guess he decided to go home do I left a message and then made my own way home.

When I got home I called him again and there was no answer so I called his home phone.

“Hello?” It was Leo’s dad.

“Hi, Mr. Johnston, can I speak to Leo?”

“He's asleep, Bastian,” said Mr. Johnston.

I looked at my watch it was 7:30.

“I know he's not asleep, Mr Johnston. Why doesn't he want to talk to me?” I asked feeling hurt that he wouldn’t talk to me.

“He won’t say, Bastian. I like you a lot Bastian and so does Leo but when he gets like this – well he's a stubborn mule and he won’t even tell me. Talk to him tomorrow at school is all I can say.”

“Thanks.” I hung up. I couldn’t think of anything I did wrong to him. “Well, fuckitol! I don’t need him.” I said to myself. “Maybe he had a fight with his best friend and doesn’t want to go to St. Louis.”
It’s six o’clock in the morning and I haven’t slept except for little cat naps. I hate this! I do need Leo. I need him in my life. I love him. I’ve tried calling him a dozen times and he doesn’t answer. I’ve texted him, emailed him and he still won’t reply. I got ready for school but I really didn’t feel like it. I think part of it was I was afraid he’d want to breakup. I can’t pretend he doesn’t mean anything to me because I can think of life without him.

I know you probably think I’m nuts but I the short time I’ve known him he’s become part of me. I’ve never felt this way about anyone. I’ve never hurt so much.

All the way to school I thought of what to say to him. The thing is he wasn’t at school.

During all my classes I imagined all sorts of things from him moving back to St. Louis to him finding someone else. I think that’s what worried me the most – him finding a new boyfriend. Maybe he bumped into a stranger and it was love at first sight and I am now the ex.

People say I’m a hottie but maybe I’m not. Maybe he realized that. Or maybe he was pretending he enjoyed sex with me but all the time just put on a show. I’ll have to admit sex with Leo was a thousand times better than wanking-off.

Or maybe it was me trying to figure out a way of getting on the train for free. Well, one could say I was stealing from Amtrak which I guess it is. It’s dishonest and maybe that’s what he saw. I’m a crook – a scallywag – a dishonest person! That’s probably it and now he doesn’t want me! FUCK!

I decided that I had to change my ways and what immediately came to mind was sneaking into the movies. Oh fuck! I made him do it too! And now he hates me. I’ll make it right. I’ll go see the movie manager and pay for the tickets. That would be the honest thing to do.

So, after school I caught the Metra and went back to the cinema and asked to see the manager.

“You wanted to see me?” he asked.

“Yes sir, is there somewhere where we could talk in private. It’s a rather serious matter and personal,” I replied.

He led the way to a small office and offered me a seat as he sat down at his desk.

“I guess I should get straight to the p-point,” I said nervously.

He nodded.

“Ugh, well, I ugh,” I sighed nervously, “I, well, I’m a bit nervous,” I half giggled, “I’ll come straight to the point. Damn, I mean darn, I just said that! Ugh, well, I snuck into a show last weekend without paying for it and well, I was feeling bad about it and so I want to pay for the movie now.” I let out a heavy sigh.

He looked sort of stern.

I reached in my pocket quickly, took out my wallet and took out the money for two tickets laying the cash on the table in front of him.

He looked at the cash and then back at me. I tried to smile but I think it was sort of a half smile and must have looked forced.

“Exactly how did you sneak into the show?” he asked.

I explained to him what I had done.

“Okay, but you’ve paid for two tickets,” he said.

“Well, yeah, I talked my boyfriend  - I mean my best friend,” I paused and looked at him then looked away, I sighed, “I’m trying to be honest here -  he’s my boyfriend, Leo. Anyway, I talked him into doing it too and so I owe for two tickets.” I answered and then muttered, “God, I hope you’re not homophobic.”

For the first time he smiled a bit, “No, I’m not homophobic. So, coming here was your boyfriend’s idea.”

“No, he doesn’t even know I’m here,” I said sadly and explained about how Leo’s seems to be pissed with me and I figured he must have seen the ‘dishonest Bastian’. “I figured if I corrected my ways then he’d see how much I love him and that I’m really an honest person who occasionally fucks up - I mean…”

He smiled, “Fucks up is fine.” He pushed the money on the table back to me, “Buy your boyfriend something with this. I appreciate your honesty.”

I couldn’t help but smile. “Sir?”

“Call me, John. You are?”

“Bastian McCormick.”

“Not Sebastian Atreyu McCormick.”

“Yeah, how did you know?”

“Your dads are Michael and Brian?” he asked excitedly.

“Yes. You know them?” I asked.

“Yes! I knew them in high school. Man, I thought you looked like someone I knew. You’ve got to give me your dads’ phone numbers. Matt will not believe this.”


“Oh, Matt, he’s my partner. Your dads were responsible for us getting together. Matt and I went off to college and when we got back after four years your dads were gone to California or somewhere. You were a really cute baby - you still are,” he laughed. I blushed which made him laugh again.

We exchanged phone numbers and he gave me a note to Leo saying that I had paid for the tickets and knows that I am a very honest person. I made sure he put that in the note. He scribbled down some more stuff which I didn’t read and put the note in an envelope.

I left with the note and grabbed a taxi to Leo’s.

On the way to Leo’s I thought of a million things to say when he opened the door but forgot everything as soon as the door opened. Leo looked so sad when he opened the door and a little surprised to see me.

It seemed like forever that we stood and stared at each other without saying anything. Finally, I handed him the note which he opened.

Leo looked at the note then glanced briefly at me before starting to close the door and mumbling, “It’s not you. It’s me.”

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