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Chapter 2 - Rocky Mountain High

I call this chapter Rocky Mountain High. No I don’t do drugs. I was high on life. I had a friend Edna and through her someone else very special to me.

Edna called my mom and told her not to pick me up and told her she was bringing me home.

Before we left for the RV, we stopped at Mickey D’s for something to eat. She looked at the pictures I had taken, and gave me some pointers on some of the photos. All in all I think she was impressed with my work.

When we arrived at the campground and the RV, she said, “Sweetie, I want you to go to your room and put on some music and your headphones. Turn it up loud. I have to make a reality adjustment on your mom. You don’t need to hear it. Okay?”

I nodded and dutifully obeyed her. I have no idea what she said to my mom, but the next day mom apologized for being a bitch. She asked how she could make it up to me. I told her I wanted to spend the day taking pictures of her.

She really didn’t want to, because she didn’t think she was pretty any more. I told her there was nothing a little makeup couldn’t fix, and I decided I would do her makeup. I had never done someone’s makeup.

I did a really bad job. We laughed about it and then she showed me how to do it right. I never knew she had that talent.

She also put makeup on me. Not to make me look like a girl – yuck! She put some eyeliner on me, to bring out my eyes. I thought she did a good job, and if you didn’t look closely you wouldn’t know I was wearing makeup. I liked it. I looked good.

Edna came over after lunch. She thought I looked gorgeous. I don’t know what my dads will think, but I liked it, so I decided I would always enhance my eyes, because I like looking good.

Edna spent time looking at my photos of mom. She taught me some stuff on taking natural portraits. She stayed for dinner.

We had a fun day.

I think Edna has a crush on my mom. I think my mom was into it.

I discussed taking pictures of Longs Peak with Edna. I asked if she’d ever taken any photos from the top. She said no, it was too much of a climb for her. Mom made a comment that when she was a little girl she wanted to climb Longs Peak so she could see what things looked like. She wasn’t allowed to do it by her mother (my other grandma) though. Now, she was too old and too out of shape.

I decided that before the summer was over I would climb Longs Peak.

Edna told me there was a photo hike the next day, where I could get some good pictures of Bear Mountain and Fern Lake. I asked mom if I could go and she said yes.

The next day Edna and Mom dropped me off at the trailhead and said they would pick me up at the trail end. I waited as other photographers and hikers showed up. The ranger showed up while I was photographing a cute little chipmunk, so I wasn’t really paying attention to him.

I think there are at least a million chipmunks living in the Rocky Mountain National Park and I took portraits of at least thirty on the way to Fern Lake.

I got some pictures of Bear Mountain basically the same picture as everyone else. When we got to Fern Lake we stopped for lunch. There was another teenage boy on the hike. He was cute. I took a couple of pictures of him. I had this great idea for a photo so I gave him some peanuts.

Chipmunks like peanuts.

I had this boy, Jamie, lie down on a log with his chin resting on the log, and put the peanuts by his chin, but out of the camera view. When a chipmunk came up to take a peanut, I took the picture. It looks like the chipmunk is right up to Jamie’s nose and they are both staring at each other. It’s really cute!

I took a few more pictures of Jamie lying on the log. He had on these short-shorts that really showed off his cute butt. I think he caught me checking him out. When he stood up, he looked like he had a semi.

I really didn’t want to get the same picture of Notch Mountain as everyone else. I wanted mine to be unique. I walked around a bit trying to get a really different shot but nothing seemed right. While I was doing this, I sort of failed to notice that the group had moved on down the trail.

I must have fooled around for at least half an hour before I gave up and decided to climb up a tree. I climbed higher and higher up the tree occasionally pausing to take a picture. I stopped climbing when I noticed that my weight was causing the trunk to bend. I took several pictures that I thought were really good so I was satisfied.

It was then that I realized how high I was and I panicked. I froze. I was afraid to move because the trunk would start to sway. An hour and a half passed and I hadn’t moved an inch. It seemed to be getting darker so I looked around and got even more scared. Storm clouds were headed my way.

I saw a tree not far from the one I was stuck in that was all charred. It had been struck by lightening. I looked around more and discovered the tree I was stuck in was the tallest tree for a hundred feet.

I started to shinny down again but the tree started swaying and I froze again. Five minutes later I heard someone calling my name.


A few seconds later I saw the ranger. “UP HERE!” I yelled.

“You need to get down from there. There is a storm coming.”

“I can’t I’m scared.”

“Bastian, you have to. You don’t want to be up there when the storm hits and it will be here soon. Now come on down. You’ll be okay.”

I moved to go down but the trunk started swaying. “I can’t. It’s going to break!”

“Bastian, listen to me. It won’t break. It will sway but it won’t break.”

I did listen to him and he was right. I eventually got to the ground with a few scrapes and scratches, but I was on the ground. Once safely on the ground he ripped me a new asshole. I thought Edna was bad this guy was worse.

Luckily for me I didn’t cry. I wanted to, but I managed not to. We hurried down the trail almost running. The storm hit and we got soaked but we didn’t get struck by lightening. I had taken off my shirt and wrapped my camera in it to try and keep it from getting too wet. When we were almost to Edna’s van, the ranger let me pass him, which was good because I was tired of looking at his butt muscles flexing as we walked. As I passed him up I couldn’t help but check him out.

When we got to the van I turned and I swear he had a larger bulge in his rain soaked uniform pants that were clinging to him than he had a few minutes ago. But I was in no mood to linger on those thoughts. I got in the van and handed Edna my camera.

I think it was obvious I was chaste after my balling out.

“Hey, Aunt Edna, Bastian has a few scrapes that need tending. We need to go to the ranger station.”

“I’m fine,” I mumbled. She ignored me and Edna drove to the ranger station. I ended up following the ranger into the station and said nothing as he doctored my cuts. None were serious.

“Bastian, I’m sorry I yelled at you. I needed to impress upon you how dangerous it can be when you do stupid things like that.”

I nodded my head. “Sorry,” I mumbled.

“So, did you get a good shot?” he asked.

I looked up and saw a hint of a smile. He actually was very good looking. I smiled a bit, “I think so.”

“Well, let’s go check them out.”

We went back to the van. “Aunt Edna how about we all go get some barbeque?” asked the ranger which sort of surprised me.

“Yummy! What do you think Melanie?”

“That sounds good to me. How about you, Bastian?” asked mom.
Until that moment I didn’t realize how hungry I was. I was ravenous! “Yeah, anything sounds good. I’m starved! Is it all you can eat?”

“It is, isn’t it?” she asked her nephew.

“Yes ma’am. Tuesday is all-you-can eat-ribs. We need to stop by the house Aunt Edna. I need to get some dry clothes and I think I can find something for Bastian.”

“Yeah, that would be good, but to be honest I’m so hungry I could eat naked!” I laughed and then my tummy growled.

“I’m sure there are some that would like that,” laughed Edna. I noticed the ranger blush and look away. “But I think Mrs. Mulligan would be little disapproving.”

“Edna, did you look at my pictures?”

“Yes, I did. Did you get that boy’s parents to sign a model release?”

“No. What’s that?”

“That, my boy, is rule #1. Always get a model release signed – it’s a form that gives you permission to use the photo of someone. Without it that picture of the boy and the chipmunk can’t be entered in a photo contest or sold. In the case of a minor the parents must sign it and it gives you the right to sell, trade or enter that picture into a contest. That’s a first place picture, baby. Do you know where that boy and his parents are?”

“Yeah, they are at the campgrounds. I’ll find them tomorrow and get one signed. Do you have one I can use?

“Sure. I’ll give it to you later.”

We pulled up in front of a nice looking modern log cabin.

The ranger opened the door saying, “Come on kid let’s go get some dry clothes.”

I dutifully followed. Mom and Edna stayed in the van. We ended up in what I guessed was what’s-his-name’s room. It was a decent size room but nothing special. No posters or pictures on the wall, a queen-size bed, a table with a computer on it, a dresser, in front of which he was now standing.

I was standing about five feet behind him, looking around the room when he started undressing. I was mesmerized. He was muscular but not overly. Of all times for my emerging teenage hormones to kick in this was not the best, as far as I was concerned – instant boner.

He turned around giving me a full frontal view. “You need to get out of those clothes.”

I blushed. I looked away from him. I’ve seen naked guys before but this was different. I was hard and I was embarrassed. AND…he was so beautiful. I wanted to look. I wanted to get up close and personal. I couldn’t understand why he of all people made me feel the way I was feeling. I was feeling ashamed of myself for having these feelings.

I closed my eyes and turned my head towards him. “Could you give me the clothes, and I’ll go change in the bathroom?”

“Oh, yeah,” he said sounding a bit sad. A few moments later I had the clothes and I left to go find the bathroom. When I got there I sat on the toilet to try and get some control over myself. I couldn’t help thinking I really, really liked what I saw.

I didn’t know if Edna had told him I was gay or not. In either case I was worried that he might have seen my hard-on. What if he didn’t like gays? What if he despised me? Maybe he did. Maybe that’s why he didn’t say anything and gave me the clothes. That must be it. He hates me now. He saw my boner, and figured out I was queer for him. Am I queer for him? How could I be? I hardly knew him. But I wanted to know him. In my entire life I had never felt the way I was feeling about anyone male or female. What’s wrong with me?

I was quickly brought back to reality by a knock at the door. “Bastian, are you about ready?”

“Almost sir,” I replied as I quickly stripped off my wet clothes.

“Sir? You don’t have to call me sir,” he said with a laugh in his voice.

I pulled on the briefs he’d given me.

“Okay, almost Mr. Ranger.”

“Mr. Ranger?”

“Well, I don’t know your name. So.” I pulled on the shorts he’d given me, “I’m trying to be polite and respectful.” I pulled on the t-shirt, grabbed my damp clothes, shoes, and opened the door.

“I forgot socks, didn’t I?” he said looking down at my feet. “Come on, I’ll get you a pair. Brady Robinson.”

“Brady Robinson?”

“My name is Brady Robinson.”

“Oh. I am Sebastian Atreyu McCormick. Pleased to meet you,” I said, extending my hand.

He smiled and shook my hand. My heart skipped a few beats, I think, and I found myself staring at our hands, which were still clasped together. I have no idea how long I held his hand. I looked at him, I think, as he looked up at me. I blushed. I think he did too.

He got me the socks and after a few moments said, “Neverending Story, right?”

“Yeah, that’s what I get for having a father who was fifteen years old when I was born. Most people call me Bastian. Sometimes my dads call me Sebbie – if they are in an irritating mood. Actually I like it sometimes coming from them but I pretend to be upset by it.”


I sighed. Me and my big mouth. Well, I guess this is where I find out if he’s a bigot.

“Yeah, Dad and Michael, they are together – you know a couple – they raised me. I’m their son. Brian is my birth dad. Michael is his lover. I was the result of my dad trying to prove to Michael that he was straight. He didn’t succeed at that. Mom’s parents didn’t believe in abortion, but she didn’t want me. Dad and Michael did. They are good parents. Grandma Jenny says they spoil me, but then she and my grandpa Pete spoil me too. I guess I’m one spoiled brat.”

Brady didn’t say a thing for a few moments and I got a bit worried but then he spoke. “You are so lucky to have two dads that love you. My dad hates me. That’s why I live with Aunt Edna.”

How could anyone in their right mind not like Brady?

“Well, he’s the loser,” I said. I blushed.

“You blush a lot,” he laughed. “Let’s go kid.”

I blushed even more. Actually I hardly ever blush. Why now? I had to get my mind off of Brady. As I entered the van I asked Edna if she’d looked at my pictures any more.

“The Notch Mountain picture.”

“Yes the one I got in trouble for,” I replied.

“You got in trouble for leaving the group. Not for taking a picture,” said Brady.

“Yeah, but would you have let me climb the tree?”

“Probably not,” he smiled, “But...”

“My point! I had to get that picture. I had to climb the tree to get it. I didn’t deliberately leave the group. I was looking for the best view. Technically, the group left me. You left me.”

Brady rolled his eyes and was about to say something when Edna interrupted,
“Hey, guys, it’s over. We don’t need to get into an argument here. Now the Notch Mountain photo was really good, but it could have been a better exposure. You can set bracketing on your camera, which may have resulted in a better picture.”

“How do I do that?”

“I’ll show you when we get to the restaurant.”

Over the next three weeks I saw Brady nearly every day either on a hike, or he’d drop by our campsite, or we’d go over to Edna’s. I knew one thing. I loved him.

I loved hearing his voice and listening to him telling me about some of his adventures and his experiences. When we’d go on hikes, he was a world of knowledge about the plant life. People liked him especially teenage girls.

Sometimes I’d find myself so jealous, that I’d storm off in a huff. He’d always notice and come after me when I’d ignore his telling me to get back with the group. He’d ball me out, I think for show, because he’d always have his back to the crowd, when afterwards he’d wink and give me a smile.

It was always the wink and the smile that brought me back, and melted my heart. After the third or fourth time of having to ball me out, he quietly said, “Bastian, don’t do this to me. This is my job. They are teenage girls. It’s natural for them to flirt, so I let them do it, because it makes them happy and their parents happy. It’s not like they will be here tomorrow. Tomorrow I will be no more than a faded memory. Come on are we friends or not?”

He smiled and my jealousy died a shameful death. I knew he loved me. He didn’t have to say it.

Longs Peak is the tallest mountain in Rocky Mountain National Park. It is a 14ers which means it's 14000 feet high. Pike’s Peak is another one in Colorado. Over the weeks Brady told me all about Longs Peak. He had hiked it numerous times but he said most of the times it was to rescue someone and never summitted more than twice using the Keyhole Route.

Last year for his 17th birthday he had climbed the North face or Diamond, as it’s called. Simply listening to him, I felt like I’d climbed the North face too. He said it was harder in ways and much more dangerous, but it was a fun way to the summit.

Brady was a good listener too. I had told him nearly everything about my life, especially how much I hated moving around and not having any friends. What I didn’t say was that I wanted to live the rest of my life with him. I never asked him if he would want me in his life for that long.

I’ve never even asked him if he's gay. I figured in time he’d tell me one way or the other, and it didn’t really matter to me that much because I was enjoying his friendship. I did think about it, and I routinely fantasized about him being gay, and us being together – I’d become a famous nature photographer, and he’d be a famous ranger and mountain climber.

I never really fantasized about sex, as I was still on the outskirts of puberty. We’d simply had wild and scary adventures rescuing people and animals. I would develop some long lost human ability to talk to the animals. They would pose for me and win me lots of awards. After all my middle name is Atreyu.

Despite how well things seemed to be going between Brady and me, there was always a lingering fear that I was making a pest of myself. I tended to push the feeling away assigning the feeling the lack of friends over the years, but it was there waiting, I think for the opportunity to come to the surface and ruin my life - my fantasy.

The opportunity came. Brady had been at a ranger conference or meeting of some sort in Denver. It was a two-day thing and I was having serious withdrawal.

On the third day I hadn’t seen him all day and hitched a ride from the campgrounds to Estes Park, then made my way to Edna’s house. I was about to walk into the house, when I stopped as I heard Brady and Edna arguing.

“You simply can’t do this Brady. It’s obvious he loves you. He was totally lost yesterday. He loves you!”

“Aunt Edna, I can’t let it continue. In the beginning it was fine. You asked me to be his friend. But I can’t continue anymore being his friend! He’s a little kid! Barely 13! I’m 18 and an adult. I can’t! I won’t. He’ll find someone; he’s a kid.”

My world collapsed. I turned and ran from their house.

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