The contents of this story is purely fictional although based on real life happenings in my life. All names have been fictionalize to protect the innocent and not so innocent. The content matter of this story concerns love and sex between males teenagers. If this is not what you like reading or it is illegal for you to read this material because of age or laws go somewhere else. This story is copyrighted by it's owner and may not be copied or published elsewhere without the owners permission.

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Okay here's the next chapter in the life of our young photographer - Foto. It may be a few weeks before the next chapter comes out due to school, photoshoots, flu and so on.

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by Sam Lakes

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Chapter Twenty

I held the door open, “Then what is it? Why wouldn't you talk to me?”

“Just leave,” he all but whispered.

“NO! Not until you give me a go reason to leave. I love you and I won’t let this end like this,” I half yelled.

“You won’t want to stay if I tell you, so just leave.”

“No. That’s my decision to make not yours. Just fucking tell me what this is all about!” I said as I stepped in past the door and closed it behind me. He didn’t offer any resistance.

“You’ll hate me Bastian,” he said as tears streamed down his cheeks. Of course, I took him in my arms and let him cry. When he was much calmer I lead him to his room and laid him down on the bed and cuddled up behind him.

“Leo,” I spoke softly, “I love you. Whatever this is we – you and me - can sort it out but we have to talk it out. Sure, there is a possibility I might get upset but it won’t be the first time and I promise I won’t leave you because of something in your past because that would be just plain stupid of me.”

He was silent.

“Do you love me?” I asked.


“Then trust me and trust my love. Talk to me and tell me what this is all about.”

“I didn’t want to go back to St. Louis. I don’t ever want to see anyone there including Lisa. Yeah, she’s my best friend but not her brother or her family. I guess you want to know why. I do trust you Bastian but I’m still scared you end up hating me.”

“Dude, trust me, unless you raped and murder little kids that won’t happen,” I said.

He was quite for a long time.

“Uh, you didn’t rape and murder little kids, did ya?” I asked.

“No, I was rape.”

I wasn’t quite sure what to say so there was another period of silence.

“You wanna tell me about it?” I finally said trying to sound receptive.

“No, but I will, he sighed, “but first know that I love you more than anything – ever.” He began to cry.

“When my parents were in the process of getting divorced, I was living with my mother, I think mainly she wanted me there just to hurt my dad. I spent a lot of time with Lisa. She has a twin brother, Eric. I thought he was gorgeous and I had sort of a crush on him although I never told anyone, not even Lisa.”

“Anyway, one day I was over at her house and she was out with her mother shopping. I started to leave but Eric said I should hang with him and play computer games. So, I did. I was in the middle of winning the game and he says, “You’re queer for me aren’t cha?” I messed up and my character dies.

“I denied it, but he kept it up and took out his dick and told me to suck it and promised he’d return the favor. I believed him even though Lisa had told me never to trust him. I figured it was just sibling rivalry. So, I sucked him off and he never returned the favor. Instead he outed me at school and later to my mom. That was after he and his buddies raped me. My ass was sore for about a week but I wasn’t injured. I told Lisa and she went bezerk on him and he outed me to mom.

Mom asked me if I was gay and I said yes – she wanted me out of her house and her life.  I tried to tell her I was raped but she refused to listen. She told me my dad probably wouldn’t want me either.

After that I just didn’t care about life. So, I took an overdose of sleeping pills my mom had. It was my dad that found me. Strange I didn’t even know he was coming to get me. He arrived just as I was dozing off. Needless to say he made me vomit them up. Enough had gotten into my system to make me sleepy but not enough to kill me.

Dad confronted Eric and his parents. Dad wanted to press charges but I refused to let him – I-I just wanted to get away. Lisa of course vouched for me.”

Leo went silent so I guessed that he was finished. I kept a hold of him. “That’s it?” I queried.

He nodded.

“Personally, I would have slammed his ass in jail,” I said, “But I want to say one more thing. I don’t ever want to be put through this silent treatment you gave me. I think you’ve got me under some spell that says I have to have you in my life and when you do something like not talking to me I go nutsoid. So, hear me the past is the past and counts for shit. What counts is now, what we do now to create our future. Our future, Leo and Bastian’s future. And just to make it clear you are stuck with me. I’m not leaving. Not now. Not ever. And when I died I’ll haunt you.”

We lay there in silence.

“So, it wasn’t cuz you thought I was a criminal?” I asked.

He turned over and looked at me, “Huh?”

“Me trying to hop a passenger train without paying.”

“No, I just didn’t want to go to St. Louis.”

“What about sneaking into the movie?”

“No, it was sort of exciting. I mean I wouldn’t want to do it all the time but that once was sort of cool…But I am glad you went and paid for the tickets.”

“Yeah, well, I didn’t cuz the manager gave me back the money and said to buy my boyfriend something nice.”

“Really? So, what are you going to buy me?” asked Leo.

“I don’t know. Something nice,” I replied then I kissed him. He kissed back passionately. I rolled over on top of him. He was hard – I was hard.

“Instead of buying you something I think I will just give you something right now,” I said as I undid his jeans, pulled them off of him along with his boxers and savagely attacked his cock with my mouth. I took him all the way in until my nose was against his pubic hairs. I bobbed my head back and forth as he moaned and groaned. I felt as if I couldn’t get enough of him. I wanted him to cum in bucket loads and it wasn’t long before he did. It was so ‘hot’ and I was so aroused sucking him off that I came too. It was so intense. I really got off getting him off. I think my own moaning and groaning as I came increase the intensity of our love making session.

I pulled off his dick and climb up beside him and collapsed. “I got spooge in my pants. That was so intense.”

He opened his eyes and moved his lips to mine giving me a kiss. “I love you, Bastian. I promise I’ll always be honest and talk to you. You are so good to me.”

I kissed him back, “I need to shower and borrow some of your underwear or maybe I’ll just go commando.”

“I vote commando,” he said, “or better yet just stay naked. You are staying the night, aren’t you?”

“Your wish is my desire,” I said as I walked into the bathroom, “You want to keep me company.” I took off my shirt, dropped my pants and gave him a sexy look.

He giggled and jumped off the bed shedding what few clothes remained on his bod. He was so beautiful.


School was out for the summer. I was a little sad because I love school or I should say I enjoyed school and the interaction with other students. I suppose I was a pretty popular student and even more so since Leo became part of my life.

We never held hands or kissed at school unless we were sure no one would see. It wasn’t that we were trying to hide our relationship we simply didn’t think it was proper conduct. Still everyone knew we were a couple. No one objected at least not in our presence.

For me I tried being friends with everyone no matter who they were or what grade they were in. I think sub-consciously I was making up for all the years when I didn’t have friends because we were always moving and I was home schooled. Leo sort of amplified my actions. Life with Leo was almost always fun, humorous and in a way I can’t really describe exciting. It's like when we were together I felt energized. Life with Leo was wonderful.

They had a vote in school as to who was the cutest couple and what couple did people think would be together for the rest of their life. Leo and I won both categories. The school paper put our picture on the front page. It was a pretty cool photo of us both laughing. We each got a framed 8x10 of the picture.


Leo is going to spend a week with his grandparents on his father’s side and I’m on my way to California to visit my grandparents for three weeks Marcy and Noah would be visiting too for a week. I could hardly wait to see both of them. I knew I’d really miss Leo because I’m still in the air and I miss him already.

Day three at my grandparents rolled around. I really love my grandparents. I showed my grandmother the picture of Leo and me laughing.

“You know you two look just like your dad and Michael,” my grandmother said.

I looked at her in surprise.

“George never knew it but I wanted to make sure you were being properly cared for. So, I paid a visit. I left happy knowing that your dads loved you more than life. When they got home from school the looks on their faces to see you was priceless. Your grandfather was such a stubborn man and he regrets it now. He was worried you wouldn’t want to come and visit. That why he invited Marcy and Noah here; in his words to sweeten the pot.”

“I would have come even if March and Noah weren’t here. The past is the past we can’t live there because we’d miss the present and never see a future.”

“You really miss your boyfriend, don’t you?” she asked.

I nodded holding back my tears. “He called yesterday and said his dad wanted him to stay with his grandparents. He told me they don’t really like him but they feel obligated to have him there. Whenever he mentions me they change the subject. He hates being there.”

“Well, your grandfather will be back from a business meeting in Utah tomorrow evening – I’m sure he’ll do something about the situation.”

“You mean he’d fly Leo here!”

“You’re grandfather will do anything to make sure his grandson is happy,” she laughed.

I was so happy. My grandfather would be here tomorrow evening and I’ll bet Leo will be here by Saturday. This was going to be the best vacation! Marcy and Noah would be here tomorrow and Leo this weekend!

I called Leo this evening but got his voice mail so I left him a message.

The next day Noah, Marcy and her sister Tammy arrived. I thought Marcy looked a bit pale but she said she’d just gotten over a bad cold. Tammy said she needed a vacation and tagged along knowing that I’d probably spend 24/7 with Noah. Marcy had taught him to call me Sebbie. The second I heard him call me that I was under his spell. I adored him and they were right I spent my time feeding him, diapering him, taking him to the park to swing and play.  He was nearly one and a half. He had his mom’s big blue eyes and her blond hair.

I missed Leo’s call. He said he loved me too and was in Denver and would see me soon. I was happy I guess his grandparent paid for the trip. I couldn’t wait to see him. I knew he would love Noah as much as I do.

I called Leo on Friday but got his voice mail. I was a bit bummed out about that so I left a long message about Noah and how cute he was and how much I missed him.

Although I hid it fairly well by Saturday evening I was in a real funk. I called Michael.

“Michael, something is wrong! Leo hasn’t called me. He called Thursday to say he was in Denver and would see me soon. I’ve tried calling him but all I get is his voicemail.”

“Bastian calm down, I’m sure he’s okay. He left his grandparents and is hitch-hiking to California. The battery on his phone probably went flat because when you’re on the road there is no way to charge it. It takes a bit of time to hitch-hike across the states so don’t worry he’ll probably be there in a couple of days.”

Hearing Michael's voice helped a lot but I still worried and by Monday evening not even Noah could bring me out of my funk.

Tuesday, Michael and Dad arrived unexpectedly. I was in the pool with Noah and Marcy trying to keep my mind off of things. My grandfather asked me to come in the house for a minute.

When I saw my two dads I knew things weren’t right.

“Bastian, Leo body was found yesterday.”

“NO! NO! YOU’RE LYING! YOU’RE LYING! YOU’RE LYING!” I screamed. It wasn’t a dream. It was the worst day of my life.

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