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Foto Chapter 3

Foto Chapter 3

I had managed to hitch a ride to their house, and I probably could have found a way back to the campgrounds, but I didn’t want to ride with anybody.  I cried as I walked.

I was so devastated.  I had thought all along that Brady liked me.  It simply didn’t seem real that it was all a façade to please Edna.  I would have been better of if he’d never made the effort.  All my fantasies had faded faster than nightfall on a cloudy day.

He had said he’d hike up Longs Peak with me.  We had talked about it for hours.

“Bastian, we’ll need to start by 3am.  For night hiking, you’ll need some sort of light so that you can see the trail ahead of you.  From the parking lot we take the trail to Boulder Field.  We will continue on a slightly steeper route, not bad until the boulder field where we scramble over the big rocks.  Be careful not to twist an ankle.  After another 30-45 minutes across the huge boulders, we’ll climb a short but steep scramble to the ridgeline and the Keyhole.”

“Now it becomes interesting.  We’ll follow the well marked trail along a very steep rock wall, called the Ledges.  The trail is marked with red and yellow "bulls-eye" targets painted on the rocks.  Watch carefully because when you think you need to go up, you go down a couple hundred feet and then back up again.  It can be confusing.”

“After another 30 minutes, we'll reach the Trough.  It is shaded from the sun by high walls to South and East.  Take it easy, be careful, and we'll reach the top in about 45 minutes.
The next challenge for us is the Narrows.  It is the most intimidating section of the climb.  About 1,000 feet of narrow ledge, (3 feet wide at one point), that hugs a 1,500' rising wall on your left, and a 1,000 foot clear-air drop to your right.  Not as bad as it sounds, but bad enough that in The Narrows you need to be focused on each step.  But don't worry, I'll be there with you.  It can get crowded here in the summer, so take your time and let people pass you on the outside while you hug the wall.

The Narrows is a short walk - about 15 minutes.  However, you are greeted by another big boulder at the end that guards the next turn that takes you to the Homestretch.  After climbing up at the end of the Narrows, we turn north and we'll see the edge of the summit.  Over the next 45 minutes, we'll walk upright, then on all fours to the 45 degree smooth granite slab called the Homestretch.  If it has rained, this can be slick as ice.  But again with careful concentration, you are soon at the summit edge.”

He had said we.  ‘We’, it’s now just ‘me’ - me alone as usual - just me.  My heart was torn and shattered.

Why did he have to pretend?  It hurts…

A car stopped.  It was the people I had gotten a ride from.  I quickly wiped my tears away.

“Hey, Bastian, you need a ride.”

“Yeah, thanks.  My friends weren’t at home.  Hey guess what?” I said as pleasantly as I could, as I got in the car and closed the door.

“What’s that?”

“I’m going to hike to the top of Longs Peak tomorrow.  I really glad you came along cuz I need to get to rest because I’ll be starting the hike at 3a.m.”

“Whoa!  That’s not for me!  So I guess you be taking pictures, right?”

“Yep, I’ll probably take a gazillion pictures.  I’ve got extra batteries and memory cards.  Man, I am so excited.”

“You’re not going alone, I hope.  It can be a grueling hike I’ve heard.”

“Heavens no!  I met some people who invited me to go with them,” I lied.

When I reach Mom’s RV, I took a deep breath and entered.

“Hi, Mom.”

“You’re back early.”

“Yeah, well Brady was busy with ranger stuff, but I met some people who said they’ll hike with me to the summit of Longs Peak, cuz Brady said he’s not going to have the time.”

“Who are these people?”

“Huh?”  Think Bastian!  Think!  “Oh, high school friends of Brady.  Let’s see one of them was Darryl.  What was his last name…?  Roberts!  Yeah, Darryl Roberts and his friend Tom.  I have to meet them at the trailhead at 2:30am.”

“Why so early?”

“Mom, it’s a 12-14 hour hike, and you need to leave the summit no later than noon because of the afternoon storms.  That’s one thing Brady told me.  “Don’t get caught in a thunderstorm on the top of a mountain or tree.” I rolled my eyes and force a laugh.

“Well, I wish it was Brady you were going with, but I guess it’s ok, if they are his friends.  I’ll drive you up to the trailhead, and then come back and pick you up at what, 3:00pm?”

“Yes.  Well, I need to get my things ready, and then get some rest.  We need to leave here at 1:30.”
“Okay, hun,” she said and went back to watching TV.

I went to my room.  I packed my backpack with all the stuff Brady had said I’d need – two liters of water in a collapsible pouch, energy bars, protein bars, trail mix, extra pair of socks, extra batteries, memory cards, and my camera.  I managed to keep myself busy, and not thinking too much about Brady for about two hours.  I was ready for my climb, my new adventure.

I had to remember to pace myself, and not try to rush myself.  I’d learned a lot over the summer, most of it from Edna and Brady.  I was acclimatized to the altitude.  I was a mixture of excitement and sadness when I finally laid down to sleep at ten o’clock.  I wish I could have cried myself to sleep, but I was out of tears.  I felt numb, empty and so alone.  I finally dozed off around 12:30 after rechecking my backpack for the fourth time.  Mom woke me at 1:15 and we left.

We got to the parking lot at the trailhead just before 2:00a.m.

“We’re a bit early,” Mom said.

“Yeah.”  There were several cars parked there and few people milling around.  Thank goodness.  I spotted a couple of guys getting ready to head out.  “Oh! There’s Darryl!  Gotta go Mom, see you at 3 this afternoon.”

I grabbed my backpack and rushed over to the two guys.  When I got to them I turned and waved to Mom and followed the two guys and passed them up, once I was out of sight.

The sky was beautifully clear and during my walk to Boulder Field, I saw four shooting stars.  I tried not to think about Brady, but I couldn’t help it.  I found myself crying for a bit, because I was so lonely.  Here I was alone on a trail.  Sure I could see the lights of fellow hikers on the same quest as me, but I didn’t know them, and they didn’t know me.  They were lights in the dark in this wilderness.

I had made fair time in getting to Boulder Field.  It was about five thirty.  I decided to stop and rest a bit, eat a couple of energy bars and drink some water.  After fifteen minutes I was ready to go.

I got to the keyhole just after daybreak.  It was perfect.  So beautiful, I felt exhilarated and took a bunch of pictures.  Ledges was a little freaky and I kept trying to forget that a person died here a few years ago.  I got some awesome pictures.  By the time I got to the Homestretch, I was beginning to feel the lack of sleep.  I was so tired, but my goal was just a little further, and I could rest at the summit.

I reached the summit!

It was just after 8am.  There were a few people there, would you believe it!  I asked a girl who was sitting and resting, if she’d take some pictures of me and she did.  I used up a whole memory card taking pictures from the summit.  It was so awesome!

I had made it by myself.  I couldn’t wait to show Edna my pictures.  I felt pretty proud of myself, but more than that I felt tired.  I ate some protein bars, an energy bar and had some water.  I found a comfortable rock to lay back and rest on.

That was a mistake. It was lower than the other rocks so I was basically hidden from view.  I fell asleep.  It wasn’t until I heard the sharp crack of thunder that I woke with a start.

I knew immediately I was in a shitload of trouble.  I tried to think what I should do.  It was too late to try and go down.  Homestretch would be slick as ice.  The rain was pouring down and the wind had picked up.  I took off my belt and tossed it away from me as well as my backpack and finally my camera anything that was metal or I thought could attract the lightning.

I could feel the electricity all around me and I was petrified.  I recalled Brady saying to me, “If you are ever caught out in a storm, get close to the ground by squatting down and wrapping your arms around your legs.  Don’t lie flat; don’t seek shelter in a cave.”  So, I did that.

It seemed like forever that the lightning and thunder lasted, and all the time, I remained as still as possible; scrunched over and holding my legs.  I don’t know if I began shivering because I was so scared, or because I was so cold from the wind and the rain.

I was so tired and weak.  I knew the rain had stopped, but I didn’t have the energy to move.  I thought about Brady.  I couldn’t hate him.  I still loved him.  I thought I heard someone calling my name from far away.

“Brady, I love you.”  I collapsed.

Someone was holding me.  I was lying on them.  I was shivering again.  They were talking to me.  I was in such a fog.  I wondered if I had died.

“Bastian, I love you.  Please don’t die on me.  Please come back.”

I thought of Brady.  Who ever I was lying on felt so nice and warm.  I could feel the warmth of their body.

“Bastian, why did you come up here alone?  Why?  We were supposed to do this together.  Bastian I love you.  I love you so much.”

“I love you too,” I managed to say.  I began to realize that I was lying on top of Brady.  We were skin to skin.  I was naked on top of the guy I loved who was telling me he loved me.  I must have died and this is heaven.

I don’t remember much of what happened after that.  I simply woke up in the hospital.  Brady was sleeping in a chair in the room.

“Brady?”  His eyes opened and he smiled.

“Welcome back to the land of the living.”

“Thanks it was a weird trip.  What about my camera!”

“Not in good shape. We found it a fair distance from you.  How are you feeling?”

“Yeah I threw it away from me.  I was afraid it would attract the lightning.” Brady was by my bedside.

“How are you feeling?”

“I need a hug.”  He leaned over and hugged me.  He didn’t let go.  “I-I thought you hated me?” I began to cry.

“Oh, Bastian!  No!  I could never hate you.”

“But I heard what you said to Edna.  You didn’t want me around.  I heard you.  You were being nice to me because Edna asked you to be nice to me.”

Brady shook his head and sighed.

“Yes, I wanted to break off our relationship because I love you more than I should.  I’m scared Bastian, because I love you so much that I want to kiss you and cuddle with you.  I’m gay Bastian and I know that the kissing and cuddling would lead to sex.  I’m 18, an adult.  You are 13, a minor.  It’s illegal for us to do anything more than kiss and cuddle.  I love you, Bastian, more than anyone ever.  When you’re 18, if you want, then maybe we could be a couple.”

“When I’m 18 I’m going to take you to Belgium and marry you and we will adopt a bunch of kids and live happily ever after.  I love you Brady, and the last thing I want is to see you go off to prison for making love to me.”

My camera was ruined but the memory card was fine.  There were only a few bad pictures.  They happened to be the ones that girl took of me.  Summer was over and Mom drove me to Denver where I caught a plane to Paris to meet my dads.

I hated leaving Brady, but I was 13 and had no choice in the matter.  Being a minor sucks!

Well, whatcha think of this chapter? Want to hear more? Comments welcomed - Bastian