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Foto Chapter 4

Foto Chapter 4

I knew I loved Brady with all my heart and with each step I took down the jet way I felt the emptiness in not just my heart but my soul.  We were both crying when mom pulled away from their house on our way to Denver.  I cried when mom hugged me goodbye.

I managed to sniff back my snot and wipe some of the tears away as I entered the plane and showed the Flight Attendant my ticket.

“Are you okay?” she asked.

“Fuck off,” I mumbled and found my own way to my seat.  I was flying first class and hoped no one would sit next to me.  I was in no mood to be friendly or even nice.

Just my luck someone was supposed to sit next to me.  I ignored them and stared out the window.

“Excuse me but you’re in my seat young man,” the strange woman said.

“Fuck off and leave me alone.”

“But you are in my seat.  You need to move.”

“I said fuck off and leave me alone!  Go find yourself another fucking seat!” I yelled then turn and looked out the window.

“Is there a problem here?” asked another flight attendant as I continued to look out the window.

“Yes, he’s in my seat.  I asked him politely to move and well, you heard him,” she said indignantly.

“Sir, you’ll have to move,” he said softly.  Maybe it was his soft manner but I started crying again.  Even though he didn’t look anything like Brady his presence reminded me of Brady.

I got up, moved to the aisle.  The woman sat down in the window seat.  She didn’t look happy and I didn’t care.  I pulled out my carryon from the overhead storage compartment and made my way passed the flight attendant towards the exit.  There were people coming in blocking my way out.

I felt a hand being gently placed on my shoulder.  I turned around it was the flight attendant. “Hey, where are you going?” he said in a soft voice.

I shrugged my shoulders.  I made no attempt to hide my tears or wipe my nose.

“I just want to go back and live with Brady.  I love him so much.  I’m tired of always having to leave.  My dads are always chasing after the work, the business.  Why can’t they be like normal people and stay put in one place?  I’m so tired of moving; so tired of loosing my friends; so tired of not having any friends.”

He handed me a tissue.  I continued to cry.  He pulled me into a hug and held me while I sobbed.  The gangway was empty.  No one was blocking my exit.

“You know first class is practically empty.  How about I find you a seat by yourself?”

I nodded.

“I’ll be right back.  Wait here.”  A few moments later he returned and led me to an empty seat where I could be by myself.  I sat down.  He reached down and fastened my seatbelt.

“Thanks,” I said.

He smiled, “All part of the service.  Would you like something to drink?”

“I’ll have a Bloody Mary with a double-shot of vodka,” I said.  That’s what Edna always ordered.

He smiled and left, then returned a few minutes later with my drink.

“One Virgin Bloody Mary, sir.”

“Virgin?” I had never heard a drink called a virgin before.

“No alcohol.”

“You know it really sucks to be thirteen.”

“Yeah, in some ways I agree, but there are times I wish I was thirteen again.”

“Yeah,” I said giving him quizzical look.

“Yeah, like right now if I were thirteen I’d be sitting right next to you and be your best friend.”

I teared up.  “Thanks.” I turned and looked out the window as a few tears trickled down my cheeks.

After dinner was over with I returned to staring out the window.  It was dark and although I could see stars I had no sense of direction.  All I knew is that at 9:30am I would be landing in Paris.  My life seemed to be that way, in that I had no sense of direction.  Even worse than that, I felt I had no control over the direction my life would take.

I missed my camera.  It gave me a purpose and most of all something I could do.  My photos were good for the most part, at least Edna said so, and I felt proud.

Someone sat down next to me.  I turned and looked it was Lucien, the flight attendant.

“Hey I got a break.  I thought I’d keep you company for a while if you don’t mind.”

I didn’t mind.  He wasn’t drop-dead gorgeous, but he wasn’t ugly and what he didn’t have in looks was more than made up for in personality.  I think that’s what counts the most.  At least I hoped so or I was going to be in serious trouble.  I was short for my age and had unruly hair which I wore long because I thought my earlobes were too big.  My dads are strikingly handsome and I’m the ugly duckling, except I’m not a duckling.  I’m just ugly.

“No, I don’t mind.  I was thinking about my camera,” I sighed, “I miss it.”

“Did it get stolen?”

I shook my head no and proceeded to tell him about my hike up Longs Peak and about the storm and how scared I was.  I told him my best friend Brady rescued me, but without the details.

“You are incredible,” he commented after hearing my story.

I blushed and said, “I managed to save the memory cards, do you want to see my photos?”


I got out my Power Book and spent the next half hour showing him all my photos.  He loved the picture of Jamie and the chipmunk.

“Bastian, you are an amazing photographer.  I think the best I’ve ever met.”  He paused.  It was a long pause and I could see he was trying to think of something to say.

I figured it was probably something that was going to make me blush, so I said, “You know the food in first class is so much better than the food in coach.  I remembered the time my dads and I flew coach to London.  I complained the whole way because of the food and the uncomfortable seats. I refused to eat what they served and pigged-out on candy bars and soda which made me extremely hyper and an annoyance to one and all.”  He laughed.

I continued, “I was ten at the time and that was the prelude to the most worst - I mean worst time of my life – when my dads dumped me in a boarding school.”


“It was a dark, cold and gloomy place in Sussex.  It was bad enough I was small for my age, could hardly understand half of what people were saying to me and vice versa but because I had been home-schooled all my life I was put ahead.  Everyone in my class was a year older than me.  I got teased a lot.”


“Well, I was there for less than a month.”

“Less than a month?”

“Yeah, my dads pulled me out of the place.  I think they were about to expel me any way.  I was too much of a nuisance.”

“How so?”

“I hated the school and the kids because they teased me.  I complained to this one teacher and he told me basically to suck it up, be a man and stop being such a baby and crying all the time.  He told me to get a different view point of the school and things would be better.”

“I hardly understood what he said because he half mumbled; I thought I’d try getting a different view of the school and so, while passing the flagpole I decided to climb up to the top of it to see if he was right.”

“By the time I got to the top I was worn out and so I unclipped the flag and clipped myself through a buttonhole in my jacket.  I hung there looking at the school and it didn’t change my feelings at all.  I still hated the school.  When I’d had enough I tried to unclip myself but I couldn’t.  I was stuck.”

“Omigod!  That was you!” exclaimed Lucien.


“I went to Fontmill!  That was the school, right?”

“Uh, yes,” I said sort of surprised.

“I hated the place too.  I saw you hanging there.”

“Yeah well everybody did.”

“Yeah, well you we a star attraction in more ways than one,” laughed Lucien, “I still can’t believe you pissed on the headmistress.”

“I told her I couldn’t wait.  She should have gotten out of the way.  I gave her fair warning.”

“Well, you became my hero.  I hated the bitch,” he paused, “You were damn cute.  You still are.”

I blushed.

“You are definitely Alistair’s and Austin’s hero,” he said softly.

I visibly gulped.  “You know them?”

“Yes, Alistair is my boyfriend and Austin is like our little brother.  Man, I can’t wait to tell them I met you. You were whisked away so fast nobody got to thank you.  You’re not just our hero you and your Dad were like the hero for a least fifty other boys.”


“No, I’m talking to that dreadful lady.  Of course YOU!  I’d love to hear your account of what happened, but if it’s too painful then I understand.”

“It was why I hate the school the most.  I was told that there was a private bath on the fourth floor that the prefects used.  I hated taking showers with the other boys because I got teased about being small.  Not just short small but other parts of me small.”  Lucien nodded sympathetically.

“I snuck up there and sure enough there was a private bathroom so I closed the door and turned on the water to take a bath.  The thing is the water wouldn’t turn off.  The valve or something was broken and I couldn’t turn it off so I tried to open the drain and it was broken too.  By the time I got my clothes back on the bath was starting to overflow and I knew if I were caught I’d be in real trouble.  As I went to open the door the handle came off in my hand. I was panicked! I started pounding on the door and yelling for help.  It was twenty minutes before anyone came and by then I was standing in two inches of water.”

“I was locked in a room with nothing in it.  I was so scared. The next morning I was taken to the headmistress and she told me I was going to be caned for using a bathroom that was off limits.  But my dads would be getting a bill for fifty-thousand pounds for damages I had done to the room.  She kept telling me my Dad would be so disappointed in me.  But she had to report it to my father unless I did something to work off the debt.  She told me that other than the caning it would be fun.”

“I agreed.  I didn’t want to be a disappointment to my dads.  I didn’t want them to hate me.  I felt like I must have already been a disappointment to Michael because he was no longer teaching me.  I was probably too dumb and stupid for him.”

I paused.

“If you don’t want to continue that’s fine.  Alistair’s told me his story.”

“No. It’s fine.  I’ve never really talked about it with anyone.  I had to be naked.  I couldn’t even wear the pendant dad gave me.  It was sort of embarrassing but it was that or my Dad knowing.”

“I was introduced to Alistair and Austin and told Austin and I had been very naughty boys and Alistair was going to punish us.  Alistair begged not to and the man said, “Need I remind you of a certain affair and the consequences that could result?”

“He had to cane us.  I was scared and so was Austin.  His first strike was so light, but I yelled anyway.  I whisper to Austin pretend it hurts. Unfortunately the guy heard me and he got angry and told Alistair to do it again and hard.  Alistair looked at me and then Austin.  I said to him I can take it go ahead.  He swung again and it was hard, Austin cried out.  I glanced at his butt.  It was marked.  His tears, his little butt, they got to me.  I could feel my own tears streaming down my face.”

“The man yelled at Alistair to continue.  Alistair refused and the man grabbed the cane and hit him hard several times.  I repeated what I had said to Alistair and I whispered to Austin to fake a scream when I did.  Alistair took another few swings at us I had moved my butt back so that I took the major impact.  I was honestly crying out in pain.  Tears were streaming down Alistair’s cheeks.  I could see his agony and feel my own.”

“Austin was instructed to suck me off he refused and the man grabbed the cane and hit him across the back.  He collapsed to his knees.  I had to do something.  Just as Austin reached for my dick I faked a seizure.  Like an epileptic seizure.  I had once seen a movie on epilepsy.  I guess I did a convincing job because the man sent his assistant to get the nurse and then he decided to take a cigarette break.”

“As soon as I knew he was out of the room I jumped up, ran to the door and locked it.  My backside hurt something fierce.  I saw the welts on poor Austin’s back and Alistair’s back.  I told them not to let anyone in unless it was me.  The guy was pounding on the door.  I was going for help.  I checked out the window and there was a drain pipe only a foot from the window.  I tried to shake it to see how safe it was and the bottom part fell off, but the top part held.  I told Alistair to take care of Austin and not to let anyone hurt him.”

“I shinned up the pipe, which was very scary because it was coming loose.  I just made it to the roof when it fell to the ground four stories down.  It was scary but all I could think was I needed to get help for Alistair and Austin.  I slipped at one point and nearly fell off the roof.  Finally, I got to a flat roof above the courtyard entrance, looked over the side and saw a ton of police cars and my dad.”

“I screamed down to my dad.  Fifteen minutes later I was on the ground with a blanket wrapped around me but I shed the blanket and ran up to the room where the boys were.  The cops and my dad were following.  I stopped in the room out side where our clothes were and gathered up the clothes and called out to Alistair to let me in.  He opened the door.  I turned to my dad and said one word ‘privacy’, stepped inside.  We got dressed.  Alistair was still crying because he thought everyone would find out about him what he did and that he was gay.  I called my dad into the room and made him promise to help Alistair and not let people know his secret.  Dad promised and then took me to Michael.”

“When I saw the welts on their backs I had to do something, I wasn’t trying to be a hero.  I just wanted some friends.”

“But you were a hero Bastian.  We all saw the welts on your bum when you streaked up to the filming room.  You left the school so quickly but everyone knew that it was your bravery and your actions that got those guys busted.  Wearing the pendant so you could record the conversation you had with the headmistress.  The fact that you worked with the police to catch these guys was supposed to be kept secret but in two days the whole school knew.  Every one knew and respected Bastian McCormick.  The police had been trying to get evidence for years and you got it for them!”

I was shocked at what Lucien was telling me.  I had been the bait.  They never told me.  It made sense now the arguments Michael and Dad had about sending me to boarding school.  They never told me the truth.

“My dad was working with the police?”

“Well, yeah.  Your dad is the greatest.  He was everyone’s hero.  He spent hours with all the boys who had been victims making them feel okay about themselves.  I think most of the boys had been blackmailed into doing the films because they were gay or bi.”

“I never knew.”

“Well, now you know.  You are a hero.  You helped save the lives of fifty boys.  Wow, Alistair and Austin are going to be so surprised to hear that I met you.  You have to give me you address and email and stuff.”


Before I de-planed I had given Lucien my email.  I had no clue as usual as to my address or how long or short I would be in Paris.  I had been stewing the last few hours of the flight about the whole boarding school incident.  I felt betrayed.  I had been used as bait.  What’s more the second I could have made friends I was yanked away and never told the truth.  They never even told me what Dad did.  They only told me it was his business.  He was a business consultant.  They lied and they don’t trust me.

By the time I cleared customs and immigration I was furious.  I saw them. They called to me.  As Michael started to hug me I said, “Don’t! Don’t say you love me.  Don’t tell me you missed me. Don’t ever touch me!  Don’t even talk to me.  I hate you both.  You’re nothing more than a couple of liars!  A couple of lying queers.”

“Bastian, what’s up with you?  I know you want to stay in Colorado, but this is no way to speak to Mike.”

“Oh, really?  Well, the next time you decide to use me as bait it would be nice to know.  I hate you.  You used me as bait to catch a couple of perverts and didn’t trust me enough to let me in on it.

I still have a scar on my bum from that caning.  So, don’t ever tell me you love me because I know better now!”

Lucien, Alistair's boyfriend told me the whole story; he said I was a hero.  He said everyone wanted to be my friend.  Well, look around us dad and count how many friends I have.  It's so nice that all my friends are here to welcome me to Paris. Fuck you Dad, cuz you've fucked me already!

I stormed away towards the exit.

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