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FREEZE chapter 1

Gavin - 15

Brian - 17

In the shade of the age old palm tree, under the deep blue heavenly sky, lays a person which has the deadly inner combination of hatred and power. As he watches the two boys, the one short, chubby with long fuzzy type of hair wearing a green t-shirt and black jeans, the other quite tall, lanky, with a great upperbody, wearing a red Manchester United shirt, black pants and blonde spiky hair, walking in the direction of the huge Lancaster Mansion at the end of the road. Quietly, he stood up and follows them, determined not to lose sight of the two. He was going to get his way, come what may. And his revenge, oh fuck, revenge will be very sweet...

"In telling you, bro! She was all over me! I mean if there was even a chance that her parents would go out that night I...I would have fucked her out of her mind, man."

"Whatever, Wallace. Give me the name of one girl who won't run a mile away once she sees that beerbelly you got! Shit man, if you fall on a girl after sex, she will vanish under all that blubber."

"Fuck you, Gavin. Girls crave something that they can touch on a man's body, not those skinny, bony little ribs that you have."

Gavin Tanner and his best friend Wallace Cirmese was enjoying the afternoon thouroughly as they were talking about girls and how they would like to get lucky with them, allthough both of them were virgins. Gavin's family lived in the famous Lancaster Mansion, a home that was build over 123 years ago. Even though he didn't like to show it, his family was filthy rich. If there was ever really a situation of someone that did not know what to do with their money, it was the Tanner's. Gavin and Wallace became friends when they were both two years old, when their mothers became friends through a mutual friend. The first time they met, Gavin and Wallace just sort of glared at eachother, and suddenly, reached out to eachother with their puffy, chubby little arms. In Wallace's case, he stayed chubby, while Gavin slowly but surely turned into a real stud, although Wallace truly thought that Gavin was unknown to that fact. Wallace was straight though, but fuck even a straight guy can look at another guy...sometimes.

As a gloved hand reaches up to the window, two pairs of eyes flashed with determination as he searched for his target. The eyes quickly changes direction, scanning for any signs of alarms, traps or even his target himself. Nothing within his line of sight. He can make his move.


"Hey Gavin! Shit bro, why didn't you tell me you have porn? Fuck after all that girl talk im horny as hell."

"Slow down, tiger. If my parents catch me watching that shit, that is exactly what I'll be in. Shit! Anyway, you have porn at home, much more than me."

"You dare chase me out?"

"LOL, whatever. Go on, play one on the laptop if you are so desperate to satisfy your one and only need that you will do it infront of the person who just happens to be a guy. And your best friend."

Gavin smiled shyly. He had never, ever in his fifteen years of living once masturbated. He was brought up thinking that it was a sin playing with oneself down there. He tried being a good son for his parents; hell knows they sat high enough standards.

It was arranged that Wallace sleep over and after a quick dinner, or rather, after a quick dinner for Gavin, and a extra piece of chicken for Wallace, the two went up to Gavin's room and started playing Playstation. They were really getting into it and after a while they decided to call it a night.

Gavin and Wallace had slept together numerous times so they didn't care about seeing eachother naked. "So...what's for breakfast tomorrow?" Wallace asked, smiling. "Shit, man! Don't you ever think about anything else than your stomach? You surely have enough of it to think about, but save it for when you will crush your date to death. Get in."

Afterwards the two best friends just kept on talking about school, girls, the weekend, girls, the latest CD's and once again, girls. Finaly Wallace fell asleep and, thankfully, Gavin closed his eyes aswell.

Wallace woke up. The room was dark, but there was a clear sound in the middle of the room. As Gavin was lying right beside him, it couldn't be him making the noise. He started to shiver a little. The clear sound of papers flying, furniture being moved and footsteps, getting closer to the bed. Suddenly Wallace was wide awake, and he knew something was seriously wrong.

There was someone in the room.

Careful, not to wake Gavin, he moved slightly to see who or what is was making the noise. When he felt a strong hand grabbing him at his hair, he started to scream. Gavin woke up with a shock, but the greater shock was still registering to his brain. His best friend was being pulled around by a huge, large piece of man.

"Mom! Dad! Help!"

Gavin's mouth was closed by a hand and muffled the scream. His eyes were as wide as marbles when he stared down in the barrel of the gun pointing at him.

"No! Not him, you fool, we need him alive!"

Gavin spun around and aimed for the door, but was pulled back and swung around. He felt a fist punch his face and immediately he felt drunk...aswell as blood rolling down his cheek. Tears formed in his eyes. Where were his parents? Gavin felt himself being dragged out of his room and down the stairs. It felt like a million before they finally reached the bottom. As Gavin blinked through the tears, he could have sworn he saw someone, or is it something, being tied to two chairs in the kitchen. Himself and Wallace were slammed on the grass and their hands tied behind their backs.

"Okay, dad. We got him. Now what?"

"Now we make sure we get the hell out of here. If anyone saw us or heard us...well you have got a gun, Brian. You know what to do."

The large man walked over to Gavin. "Sweet dreams", he said as he pressed a cloth of chloroform onto Gavin's face. He was asleep in a couple of minutes.

"Hey dad, what about this one?" the other one said, pointing to Wallace.

"What did I tell you, Brian?" the large man said softly.

Wallace looked into the eyes of the young man, or rather, kid standing infront of him. When he realised what he was about to do, Wallace began to kick and squirm for all that he was worth.

A gunshot thundered into the early morning hours.

Afterwards the two men pushed Gavin into the car, climbed in and drove off.

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