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The black BMW was cruising down the streets of Manchester in the early morning hours. To anyone else, it might seem as nothing really, and then again how could anyone know of the precious cargo that it was carriying? As Rush was driving, his son Brian was sitting next to him, his eyes firmly on the road ahead of them. Nothing could faze him; he had to do as he was told.

When they got to an open field factory, Rush stopped the car, climbed out and told Brian to carry the lad inside. Brian noticed, as he was carrying Gavin like a groom carries his bride across the threshold, that Gavin was a featherlike creature, despite his lanky structure.

"Throw him inside there and keep him tied until I say so. You hear me, boy?"

Rush went on with ranting and raving while Brian carried Gavin into the small chaimber-like room, where he would be locked up until he and his father got what they wanted. Gavin's family was filthy rich, and they will pay if they want to see their one and only child alive again.

Gavin opened his eyes. He looked over to his left hand side to grab his alarm clock, what was the time; he was terribly late for school! He grabbed, there was nothing. Why hasn't his parents woke him up yet? He rose to an upright position and focused his eyes and mind fully on his surroundings.

What the fuck?????

Where the hell was he? There stared at these gray shady walls in a room where there was no window, door or an exit. Gavin shook his head, trying to wake up from this strange dream. Then he heard a sound, almost like a garage door opening. Finally a glimpse of light! Gavin stood up and walked towards the opening...and stopped. Once he saw the large, bearded man standing in the doorway, everything suddenly came back to him.

The scream of Wallace that woke him, the man punching him on his face, being dragged down the stairs and then...well from there on he was blank. Wait, Wallace! Where the hell was Wallace?

"Oh, you're awake I see! That's good; we don't want something to happen to you before the goods are paid, now do we?"

Gavin sat down and tried to absorb all of this. Then he finally looked up at the man.

"Where am I? Where's my friend?"

"Where you are, is no business of yours. Let's get that clear. You friend however, well lets just say that he will be looking down on you right now. Or up, it depends, I suppose."

The news of just what Rush was saying eventually dawned on Gavin as he now knew that Wallace, chubby Wallace, Wallace who always wanted to eat, chase and brag about girls, play video games, that Wallace was gone forever.

After Rush left, he ordered Brian to watch Gavin as he was going out to deliver the ransom note. Brian nodded and went inside the room, watching Gavin intently. Gavin layed in the left corner of the room, curled up in the fetal position, and was quietly shaking. Brian watched him for a moment or two and then went over to him.

"Hey, you. Stop your damn crying! It's working on my nerves!" he said as he roughly shook Gavin's shoulders. That only made Gavin cry louder. "I said stop this! Right, if you are not going to stop this, I will!"

Brian kicked Gavin in his stomach with such brute force that Gavin gasped. He started to cough furiously and looked up at Brian with the tears rolling down his eyes.

Brian's eyes raised slighty. In a moment of weakness he swore he felt a sting of guilt for what he just did. He left Gavin coughing on the floor and stepped outside. What the hell was with that sudden feeling of pity for this little rich bastard? What was he thinking?

As Rush came back a little while later, he called Brian over to him.

"Come on, I need you to help me. We need to take a photo or two of him to send to his parents. If they see it, maybe then I'll be taken seriously. I've just come from the mansion; the entire fucking area is crawling with police. I'll just...Brian, what the hell have you done?"

Rush stared at Gavin, with bloodshot eyes, clutching his stomach, filled with so much exhustion that he was near to pass out.

"Dad, the kid didn't want to stop crying, I had to do something!"

"I didn't say fucking kick his brains out! You want this to go wrong, don't you, you fuckface?"

Brian stare at his father, letting it sink in. This wasn't the first time that his father had called him that, and it definitely wasn't the worst. He let it pass and got Gavin's limp body to sit up. Rush took the photos. Photos of a boy so sick and so full of regrets that he didn't quite know what was going on. All that he knew was that he was kidnapped, probably will never see his parents again and that his best friend was dead. Gavin had no will to live anymore.

Rush was busy developing the pictures when he saw Brian returning from MacDonalds. He gave one Big Mac meal to his father, pur on the table for himself, and then took the keys to the room that Gavin was kept in.

"Hey boy! Where do you think you are going?"

"I brought him some food aswell. Dad, the kid's got to eat!"

"You take one step inside that room and you'll be locked in there with that brat! I've had enough of you! First you fuck him up so bad he can hardly move, then you want to feed him, what the fuck do you want, Brian? Leave him; he can rot for all I care. I want 2 million US Dollars for that kid, and the longer it takes, the more im going to enjoy myself. How would you like your old man to fuck his virgin ass?"

Brian decided that he wasn't hungry at all after that comment. He knew that his father had done that before to a boy. He fucked him so hard that he bleeded, before killing him when the boy's parents couldn't come up with the ransom money. Well, Brian was sure the Tanner's could afford to pay, but 2 million US Dollars?

Two days had past, and all that Brian was allowed to do to Gavin, was to give him water, mainly to keep him alive. At first, Gavin did not want to open his mouth to swallow, but Brian forced him. If that kid dies, Rush would kill him. He had no doubt that Rush would kill him, his own son.

"Brian! Im going to deliver the photos to the Tanner's. Keep out and away from that brat! If I catch you near him, you better start praying. See that he drinks that water, if his folks does not pay within the next twenty-four hours, im killing the brat. See you later."

Brian sat around the building for about ten minutes when he heard Gavin coughing once more. He unlocked the door and tried to feed Gavin some water, but he kept coughing it out. When he accidently touched Gavin's face, he jumped with shock. This kid was burning up! Like seriously! He sprinkled some of the water on Gavin's face in attempt to cool him. Gavin was now rolling around on his back, moaning uncontrollably. Brian didn't know what to do. If his father caught him...What would he say if he saw Gavin like this?

Brian sat down and reached out for Gavin and pulled him towards him. He held his head in his hands and began to hum a tune that he always heard his mother sing to him when he was smaller and when he couldn't sleep. Without knowing it he began to stroke Gavin's back softly. Going on like this for about five minutes, Gavin eventually stopped moaning and even began to relax his head on Brian's shoulder. Brian kept on humming the tune, although softer, and he held Gavin more tightly and closer to him.

What he didn't expect was for Gavin to turn around in his position and put his head on Brian's shoulder. Brian was stiff with shock. What do I do now? The feelings that he was getting from this sudden turn of events...he couldn't quite describe them. Then he heard it...extremely softly and with his voice slightly croaking, he heard Gavin say...

"I love you"

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