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"I love you"

The moment that Brian heard these words, he froze. He was as stiff as a board. He was stiff somewhere else aswell. Gavin must have felt this as he looked up at Brian. At the same time, Brian looked down at Gavin. Their lips were inches apart and Brian's started to part slightly...

"Brian! Where the fuck are you, boy?"

Brian let Gavin fall to the ground as the jumped up and ran out of the room. His father stood at the table, panting and gasping for breath.

"Dad, what happened? You look exhausted!"

Rush took a few more breaths and gathered himself, then looked at Brian triumphantly.

"I got it! Every cent of the two million US Dollars from those rich bitches! All these babies packed into this very suitcase! The world is our playground! Come on, let's get out of here. We can kill the brat on the way out. So let's get go..."

"Dad, wait a minute, I think we got our wires crossed here. You, I mean, we got the money from his parents and you still gonna kill him?"

Rush slapped Brian behind his neck so hard that he fell to the ground in a heap of pain.

"I am so dissapointed in you, my boy! I thought you would have caught on by now. We have the money now, why go through the trouble of getting caught by bringing the brat back? We can't risk it! Don't forget, he can identity both of us and connect us to his kidnapping and to the murder of his fat friend. I bet you didn't think about that. Fuck, not that you ever do."

Brian took a look back towards the room where Gavin was kept. His father was going to kill Gavin. He was going to kill Gavin, the very same Gavin that he held in his arms and that he comforted, that he sung a lullaby to, that layed so patheticly in his arms.

The one who told Brian that he loved him.

"Dad, I will take him back. No one will ever suspect a thing, I will..."

"Brian, what did I tell you? Shit, don't tell me that you're going soft on him? You are, aren't you, you faggot! I will personally fuck you up if you turn out to be one of those cock-sucking bastards! Know, get it into your head, that brat has minutes to live."

Brian shook his head. He had been in situations like this so many times, but something like this has never happen to him. He was getting feelings for this guy. Feelings...for a damn guy! He looked at the room once more, and only one thought came into this mind.

I cannot let that kid be killed!

"Brian, Im going out for a moment to check if there are any cops around the area. We have come this far, like hell we are getting caught now. Stay clear of him, Brian! Im warning you, you little son of a bitch, if I catch you with him...I will fuck you up to kingdom come."

Brian watched Rush walk out of the building and slam the door behind him. Then, like a sudden bolt of lightning, he dashed to the room, kicked it open and ran over to Gavin.

"Hey dude, wake up! Dude, please! Wake up, he's gonna kill both of us, man! Come on! Wake up!"

Gavin was so weak and pale from not eating for three whole days that Brian knew he won't be able to stand on his own. He picked Gavin up and ran towards the door. Where was Rush? He couldn't be far, but that was a chance that he was willing to take, there was no other way. With Gavin in his arms, he ran out on the open field, not having the faintest idea where he was going, but inside his young heart, he knew that he had to protect Gavin from his father. While on Brian's back, Gavin squinted his eyes, for being in sunlight for the first time in three days. He was floating in and out of conciousness, but he knew that he was moving. Someone was carrying him in their arms. His eyes stung when he tried to move them, but he made the effort to look up to the person that held him. Then he felt everything around him go black.

Brian kept on running. By the time that Rush would get back, they had to be far gone. Rush would willingly kill his own son, if he knew about this. He ran in different directions, different streets, avenues, he took many turns along the way, so that he finally reached a small stream in the middle of some forest that they were in. Brian looked around if there were any sign of his father. He couldn't quite make out anything, so he put Gavin down softly on the ground, after which his legs gave way underneath him and sat down beside Gavin. He put his hands in the small stream and took a few sips and washed his face. The water felt heavenly after the long run. Then he tried to get Gavin to swallow a few drops. This kid was seriously ill and needed help desperately. Brian spent a long time just looking at Gavin, as if seeing him for the first time. When his dad had heard of the weathly Tanner family, he immediately told Brian to spy on them, watch their day to day comings and goings and if they had a specific way of moving around. Ofcourse he saw Gavin and that friend of his a lot, and it was infact him, Brian, that came up with the idea to kidnap Gavin. He wiped away a few hairs from Gavin's face, the touch was so intense that Brian couldn't help but lower his lips down to Gavin. He gave him a quick kiss on the forehead and let his lips linger there for a moment, before standing up, picking Gavin up again and kept walking. He had to get some help, otherwise...

Brian had been walking for what seemed like hours. He had no idea where he was, he was beginning to tire and quickly aswell as his eyes was becoming blurry from walking all day. His head kept telling him to stop and take a break, but his heart told him that Gavin's life was more important than his silly needs at this moment. I put him in this mess; I have to get him out. Suddenly Brian tripped over his own feet and fell on his back, letting Gavin hit the ground hard. Brian was just so tired, he couldn't get up. He was determined to get to Gavin and he rolled over and over on his back to get to where Gavin layed. Brian forced himself to stand up and he carried Gavin and put him under a rather large tree that he saw, made him comfortible and then layed beside Gavin himself.

A slash of thunder followed by heavy rain made Brian jump of shock and it also somehow woke Gavin, who began to moan. Brian quickly grabbed Gavin and held him tightly against his chest. He could feel the faint heartbeat of the boy in his arms. He stroked Gavin's hair and rubbed his back. Gavin slowly placed his head underneath Brian's head. They layed under the huge tree in that position for a while before Gavin slowly put his left hand on Brian's stomach and felt the body heat that Brian was exporting. He slowly opened his eyes and sighed. Brian kept holding Gavin closer to him and rubbing his back. He looked down, and saw Gavin's eyes looking up at him. Eyes that hid pain, suffering and emotions that he didn't quite know the name of. Brian felt a shudder going through him. Everything changed when Gavin whispered those words back in the chamber room while in Brian's embrace.

"I love you."

The last time someone told him that they loved him; it was his mother right before she died. She had been in a fatal car accident and died in the hospital. That was her last words to her one and only child. Rush would never have told him that. He looked down at Gavin for the umpteenth time. Should he? Slowly he moved down to Gavin so that they were eye to eye. Brian moved his right hand from Gavin's back towards his face, keeping it behind his head. He slowly moved his face towards Gavin and kissed him ever so lightly. Gavin kissed him back, but he pulled back after a few seconds. He then put his head in Brian's neck, nuzzling and kissing it aswell. He pulled his head back and looked at Brian once more. With a slight smile he rested his head on Brian's chest and almost immediately fell asleep.

Brian never felt anything close to any kind of love from a man. That had now solidly changed.

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