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Larenza Prince


As the skies started to clear and the rain had stopped, it was Gavin who woke first. He was totally confused and braindrained and felt like lead. He tried to stand up, but his legs gave way underneath him and he fell on something hard. Oh my shit, it was the guy that kidnapped me! But then his memory returned to him. This guy was also the guy that had saved him from his ordeal. Brian slowly woke and looked up at Gavin. This was the first time since the escape that Gavin was fully concious and aware about what was going on around him. Suddenly they didn't know what to do or what to say to eachother. All that they knew was that they couldn't look away from eachother. Then Brian extended his hand out to Gavin. Gavin hovered for a moment and then he grabbed Brian's hand, lacing their fingers together. Gavin sat down so that he was face to face with Brian. Then he took Brian's hand that was in his own and softly kissed it. Brian felt the blood leave his head and began to store it somewhere in his body that made him feel light-headed. He slowly began to stroke Gavin's untidy hair out of his face.

"So what happens now?" Gavin asked, his voice squeaking.

"I...don't quite know, Gavin. I betrayed my father and he will never forgive me for that, I promise you. All my life I felt like I was no better than a few miserable dollars and kidnappings, even murders. Yes, Gavin. My father had murdered before. We were in Worchestershire this one time and we kidnapped this boy, he couldn't be much younger than you. His parents weren't that rich and they couldn't pay the ransom that my father had asked. He went crazy! He...fucked the boy and killed him on the spot. I had to get rid of the body! It was terrible! Fuck, Gavin I couldn't disobey my father! Nevermind what he did or had done in the past, he is still my father. The man who gave life to me. I guess I felt that if I always did what he said, I could prove to him that I was the son that he could be proud of. But I couldn't do what he asked, not this time. Gavin, before I got you out of there, he said that he was going to kill you, even though he got the ransom from your parents. I...couldn't let him do that."

Brian put his hand behind Gavin's neck.

"I don't want to see you hurt, ever."

Gavin sat down beside Brian, still holding his hand and looked him the in eye.

"You saved my life. You risked your own to save mine. How can I ever thank you?"

"Is it to much to ask if I can kiss you?" Brian said, looking at the ground.

Gavin took his hand from Brian's and used it to slightly touch his chin, forcing Brian to look at him. He lingered his thumb across Brian's lips and sighed.

"I love you, you know that? I love you, Brian. You're a boy, a guy, a man, but I love you. You saved me. Nothing will ever be too little or too much for you."

Brian leaned in and kissed Gavin. The two of them moaned in finally doing what they had dreamed about for so long. Gavin buried his fingers in Brian's hair and pulled his head closer to him and began to softly suck on Brian's tongue. Brian moved his hands underneath the remains of Gavin's shirt and rubbed the younger boy's nipples. Suddenly Gavin pulled away.

"Sorry! Im...Im just so shit out of hungry..."

Brian jumped up and picked Gavin up in his arms once more. Gavin immediately knew that he was going to be safe. After a few steps Brian looked down at the boy in his arms. Gavin was asleep.

Brian almost screamed with delight as he finally saw the beginning of a town infront of him. They both had no money, but at least they could try and phone Gavin's parents from somewhere. He really had no idea where they were. Gavin started to wake as the first beams of sunlight after the heavy rain shone on his face. He had missed this so much!

"Stop right there. You can't carry me all the way!"

"I will do anything for you, Gavin. I will carry you until I have no more strength in me. I love you so much."

"Right back at you. Seriously, let me try and figure out where we are."

As Gavin looked around him after Brian had very reluctantly put him down, he recognized the area immediately. They were in the neighbourhood where his grandmother lived! Infact his parents and he had been here just two weeks ago!

"Brian, my love, I know exactly where we are. Let's go into that café over there, the owner knows me well since he's my nephew!"

"Oh my word! Come on then, let's go!"

Parkin Tanner was busy checking his stock when he door opened. As he went to check, he saw Gavin. Surely this can't be...


"Park! Hey, Park! It's me! Im back!" Gavin shouted excitedly.

Parkin gave Gavin one strange stare and then he fainted.

After reviving Parkin, and after Brian and Gavin had told them their story, Parkin remained seated for a few seconds and then he stood up.

"Gavin...I don't know what to say to you. You probably don't know this, but there has been a report on the telly that said Gavin Tanner was found in a deserted warehouse, burned to a crisp, in the middle of nowhere, infact not to far from here. That was four days ago, right after you were kidnapped! Jeez, man we all thought you were dead and now you are standing right here infront of me. What's going on? Where have you been all this time?"

Gavin frowned as he absorbed this. Brian helped him escape yesterday, and if the report on the telly was shown four days ago, that meant that...

As if telepathy, it suddenly struck Brian aswell.

"My fuck. He was never going to return you. I bet you anything that my father had leaked that story to the press; I mean if everyone thought that you were dead, they would give up looking for you! But that doesn't make sence, where did the so-called ransom money come from then?"

"I think I can answer that", Parkin said. "I heard that the local bank was robbed sometime yesterday. Thousands were stolen, what's to say that it wasn't him?"

Brian felt anger for his father that he never felt for anyone before. How could he do all this?

Gavin went over to comfort Brian as Parkin called Gavin's parents. Goodness knows that he would have to break the news fucking gently...

The news spread like wildfire through the area. Gavin Tanner was alive. His parents, though shocked, were overjoyed to see their son again. Gavin interduced Brian to his parents and told them how Brian had saved him. He had left out the true state of events though, that Brian was with Rush the night that he was kidnapped. As he entered his room again he felt free, like he could overcome anything. Something was missing though; he couldn't quite place what it...oh yes.


This was the first time he actually had thought about his former best friend. Wallace, who was brutally murdered that night. Gavin decided that he should go and pay his respects to Wallace's parents. If Wallace wasn't sleeping over that night, he wouldn't have died...

"Hey, here you are. What's wrong?" Brian asked as he entered Gavin's room and found him crying.

"I was just thinking about Wallace. Everything we had been through together before..."

Gavin's fragile body shook as he started to sob his heart out. Wallace was really gone. He kinda expected Brian to comfort him, but as he looked in his direction, he found that Brian was still standing infront of him, staring into space. Well, Rush was the one who killed Wallace, guess he must still be freaked out by that, Gavin thought.

After a huge celebration dinner and desert to finish it off, Gavin said goodnight to everyone and went up to his room to change into his pj's. What a feeling to have a full stomach again! That made him think of Wallace and his chubby body immediately. Forcing these thoughts out of his head, he lied down and savoured the moment for a while, before the heard his door open.

"Gavin, you awake?" he heard Brian ask.

"Yeah, come in."

Brian moved over to the bed and kneeled infront of it. Then he looked at Gavin.

"I had to do this."

Brian kissed Gavin softly and passionately, his tongue searching and finding Gavin's. He stroked Gavin's spiky hair and moaned in his mouth. Gavin pulled away once more.

"You know, im not tired at all right now..."

Gavin smiled as he rolled on his side to make space for Brian. With a grin aswell, Brian climbed in and the two boys embraced tightly. Gavin kissed the back of Brian's neck and he felt his trousers being lowered and his cock sprung out in all its six inch glory. Brian stood up and took off his boxers. Gavin licked his lips as he savored the sight of the ten incher staring back at him. Brian softly placed himself on top of Gavin and they immediately began to grind their cocks together. They started to kiss to try and quiet the moans that rocked out of their mouths due to the sheer passion and love that they shared for eachother. After several days of not masturbating, they couldn't keep their precious love juice in their balls for too long and both began spurting rope after rope of white teen cum onto eachother's smooth bodies. Symbols of true love. After this they both fell into an exhausting sleep.

"Dude, hey dude! Wake up!"

Wallace woke with a gasp. He looked around. Nothing out of the ordinary.

"Hey, what's up with you, man? We're going to be late for school!"

Wallace looked up from the bed and stared into Gavin's eyes. He closed his eyes and opened them real fast again. Still Gavin was staring at him.

"Dude, I knew that girl talk from last night must have given you a boner, and you probably have one know, but if we're late because of you, im gonna kick your ass", Gavin said laughing and went into the bathroom.

Wallace sat upright.

Fuck. Shit.


This was all a dream?


As Gavin and Wallace were getting ready to leave, they heard police sirens. Suddenly a police car stopped infront of the house. As Gavin's father went outside, Wallace was getting nervous. That was all a dream, but what if...


"Grace! Gavin, Wallace! Come here!" Gavin's father called.

"The police was just here. They arrested some guy that was trying to break in here last night. He put up quite a fight though, and he was shot. He was killed instantly. They just wanted to let us know. Did you guys hear anything? Damn, why do we spend a fortune on security if this happens?"

When everyone denied that they heard anything, let alone a gunshot, Wallace felt like he just had to ask. He had to know.

"Mr Tanner? Did the police perhaps mention what this guy's name was?"

"Ah...yes, I believe he went by the name of Rush. That's what the policeman said. He also said that this Rush apparently has a son. Although don't know what or where he is."

As Wallace and Gavin were walking to school, Wallace kept looking around his shoulder for a possible sight of anyone, who resembled the face of Brian in his dream. There was no one. It was a rather strange dream indeed.

Two years had passed since the night where Wallace had that dream. He never could quite figure out why he dreamed that he was killed and that he watched the whole saga unfold infront of him. Was it just a cruel trick that his mind had played on him, or did it mean something?

Wallace eventually ended up losing almost half his weight and he and Gavin started dating two of the most beautiful girls in Highschool. Although they both later married and he had children of his own, Wallace always wondered why he had dreamed of Gavin finding love with another guy, a guy that he never saw before.

Why not a girl, but a guy?

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