Freshly Fucked

The story of a horny teen and his older teen lover.
By Kip

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Disclaimer: This story contains sexual content of a homosexual nature between consenting teenagers. It is intended for mature audiences only. If you are under legal age, offended, or otherwise do not wish to view material of a frank and sexual nature do not read this story.
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I sat on the couch in my soccer kit, I was w
aiting for mom to take me over in the family van to the school soccer practice field, it was a typical Saturday morning, I sat in an easy chair with my legs outstretched in my red nylon soccer shorts and wearing my white Under Armour jock boxer briefs which showed a bit on my thighs. I was wearing the school team jersey in red with the Bob Cat logo on it and on my feet were just my white and red banded soccer sox. My cleated shoes and shin pads awaited me at the door. Across from me in an easy chair sat Jeremy, my sister’s hottie boy friend who was waiting for my sister, Bobby-Sue. It was a typical Saturday morning picture at our house with its regular weekend occupants.
She who was queen of the roost was upstairs, she was getting ready, and she was always late. It was always about “SHE!” It seemed that her duty was to keep the poor guy hanging around. It was as if she seemed to know like it was her God given right to waste his time. Anyways she had no concern and didn’t mind keeping her boy friend waiting for almost an hour. As usual she was dragging him to the mall to shop and then maybe a movie. Probably one the poor kid did not want to see either.
Being in a dark movie theatre with Jeremy for two hours sure sounded really good to me. Yummmmy! I was seriously jealous.
My mom’s voice sailed across the room as she yelled from the kitchen, "Zachery, I will be with you in just a few minutes hun," she was just as bad as my sister about time but much nicer, not a total bitch like Bobby-Sue.
Like I did not mind that typical Saturday routine at all, In fact I loved it, she could stay in her room all day as far as I cared. But if Jeremy was my boy friend I sure would be ready for him in a flash but if it she kept him waiting that meant I got to hang with him and stare at the stud, well he was not exactly a stud but was really nice to look at and he sure had an effect on my just turned, always horny teen, sixteen year old dick. It was really hard not to pop a boner when he was across from me on the couch staring at me like I was something good to eat. Well I am pretty cute if I do say. I have long dirty blond hair which always gets in my green eyes and nice skin, and a cute face, so my mom says.
My conversations with Jeremy were always the same: how's the soccer team doing, chatting about the last game, did our team win any, yup, the usual stuff. He looked at my legs as I ran my hand down on my nicely developing caves with just a bit of hair on them, "how you doing, score any goals?" he asked. I sure would like to score a goal with him, and his ball, I mean balls, ha-ha.
I also began raising my red nylon soccer shirt with my hand and began rubbing my flat young teen stomach with it’s almost outtie belly button and a tiny bit of fur trail below it. This really began to get his attention as he could not seem to take his eyes off my bare skin. It was as if his eyes were riveted on it. I was getting to the guy, and that fact encouraged me even more and it was a total turn on for me. I loved every minute of it. I could be a real tease when I tried.
Finally before she-who-takes-forever came downstairs, my mom came in the room holding car keys and her purse. She walked to the door, I got up to follow but not before standing up and stretching, arching my back and showing a bit more of my tummy as I lazily stretched out my entire five feet, seven inches of height. I turned around and bent down showing off my cute butt to him as I picked up my soccer shoes and quickly, before exiting, turned and gave my boy a big friendly grin and waltzed out the door, Saying “Bye, Jeremy.”
My mom drove me to Scott's house. It sucks not having my own car, well someday maybe. He is also on the team and my best friend forever, he was standing in the yard, came over and opened the rear door and slid in beside me punching my shoulder with a "whatssup?" We chatted and I told him "not much as usual, same old, same old."
N'ways she took us over to the practice field and the coach did not kill us or anything too serious like with a not too bad a work out and practice stuff, though I did work up a good sweat. Afterwards, I hung with some buddies and Scott till a new Blazer drew up, it was Scott’s mom, so she picked us both up and took us home, it was her turn this week, I told Scott I would see him later in the afternoon as I hopped out of the auto.
When his mom dropped me off I came back into my house all sweaty and muddy. Leaving my cleated shoes just inside the door, I padded into the living room in my grass covered soccer sox and glanced over at the couch. There was Jeremy with my sis. The pair were sprawled on the couch. I noticed that although he was holding my cheerleader sister in his lap and he had his face on her neck and was licking her, yetch, he could see me pretty clearly. He looked up at me and gave a grin, his eyes followed me all the way up the stairs as I went to my room. Interesting reaction I thought.
I got to my room and closed my door as I glanced around to find something of interest to inspire me on my dull Saturday afternoon. Of course my room was just as I had left it, same old everything, same old stuff, typical I guess, of a teen boy like me. Clothes were everywhere, bed still unmade, odd sox hidden under chairs, big posters on the walls of David Beckham, Jesse McCartney, Shaun White, shirtless of course, an Aaron Carter poster of him in his earlier, totally cute and awesome stage and pinned up to the wall was an Abercrombie & Fitch shopping bag with a hot dude on it. Yuppers, it's my room alright. I guess it all sounds pretty faggy in a way but I like it and I love looking at those guys’ bodies.
With out changing out of my soccer gear I hustled over to my 'puter and checked my mail, it was just the usual shit, nothing interesting there, nothing else going on either as my buddies on msn, all said away or were just lurking or idling or whatever. I checked out a couple of sites, no new pictures or anything hot of any cute high school guys to add to my growing collection of hot boys pictures either. My mind kept thinking about the live hot one, right down stairs in my own living room!
I still kept thinking of Jeremy. But fuck it, he was making out with my own sister and he was like seriously straight and all, while he did seem to like to look at me, I guess, which seemed cool, but no real serious eye connection, at least he was not really too bent, like not way bent, the way I would definitely like him to be. But still, his looks towards me were at times pretty confusing.
With a click I opened one of my hidden picture files and slipped my hand down under the waist band of my soccer shorts until it touched my jock boxer briefs and gave it a good squeeze. I love the feel of the Under Armour jock fabric covering my dick, and groping myself like that made me feel incredibly horny. I wanted to have a chance to get it on with some hot guy, some guy like Jeremy and I did think about him a lot I confess. The image on the screen showed a guy that looked a lot like Jeremy and he was sprawled out all naked and hot looking sitting in his desk chair like some college dude in his dorm, with his hand on his cock showing off a neat set of nice smooth, shaved balls set on top of trimmed pubes. Man he looks hawt! Definitely excellent jerk off material! I wondered if Jeremy shaves his balls.
I gave a few more good tugs on my dick. Like I wanted to jerk off but I still wanted to have that horny feel which is so good and so frustrating to have. I really did not know what I wanted to do. It is pretty freakin' confusion at times, like when to jerk off or to cool down and wait till later or keep myself on edge and have a really powerful nut when it finally happens.

N'ways I took a quick shower and kept my hand off my dick which was calling for attention, OK I admit I squeezed it just a bit, and it felt great, but with some effort I stopped myself from reaching a point of no return. Finally I finished the shower and I figured I would change into boxers and cargos and a go over to see Scott for an hour or so.
When I got down stairs I found the love birds had fled. Dragging my BMX bike out of the garage I hopped on and biked over to Scott's house just a few blocks away. I knocked on the back door and my best friend answered. He was dressed just like me in cargos and a T, he has red hair and a few freckles on his face which I think are way cute.
We went up to his room and we chatted a bit about the practice session and other guys on the team. He said he wanted to show me something on his ‘puter and when I walked over to the ‘puter he glanced down and he said “you have a boner," and made a grab for my crotch, I said like "no shit Columbus you just discovered it?"
I moaned at the feel his hand on my dick through my shorts, I wanted to do a bit more but I was hesitant as he was not always into stuff like that. I love crotch grabbing games but he seems pretty shy at times though he was not today. Maybe the kid is just feeling horny like I am. I made a grab for his package and he had a boner too, then just as this was about to get interesting as we wrestling about and were now on his bed pushing our hadrons at each other's crotch, when his mom called up the stairs; seems like they were supposed to go to his Aunt's house or some stupid shit like that so we had to re-adjust ourselves in our shorts and I went and had to bike home with a fucking rod in my boxers which did not feel real comfortable. When I got home my mom said I needed to do homework before supper cause my grades were falling and I had a C at midterm, Shit! No free time for me today!
I heard her go on with the same old crap as to how I should change the C to a B which I knew I could do but I confess I get lazy at times so that was a real boner killer, having a definitely serious talk like that . So I did some home work and thought of Miss Jenkins my English teacher who is a real dragon who always picks on me and makes me read shit out loud when I don't want to. All this crap was a very definite boner killer. So an’ways, I did the freakin’ math and glad to have it out of the way and I finally came down stairs for supper.
My mom had ordered out, it was pizza which I so love, we do that twice a month which is way cool. My dad talked to me about my game schedule for soccer games this month and my mom talked about girly stuff like about clothes and make up with our resident Princess Bobby-Sue.

Speaking of the lil’ bitch, she just sat there looking bored, picked at her food and ate some fruit salad. Turns out she and Jeremy were going out on a date tonight so she hurried off to her room to get ready.  I know she was going to make a project out of deciding what to wear, that was for sure.
I was sitting down in the family room watching TV when at seven the door bell rang and I answered it. It was 'My Date', at least, hey I can dream can’t I? It sure would be nice if he was, I so wanted Jeremy to be the one.
I love looking at Abercrombie boy, that is what I sometimes call him. I know I keep talking about him, but hey I am in lust with the guy. He wears a lot of that expensive shit, it really looks good on him. He always wore shirts that seem a bit small to show off his pecs and arms which are real nice, but he was not way buff like some guys, I guess it was the lack of buff-ness that turns me on as I did not like the big muscle stud look. Hard bodies seem too hard and I don‘t think they would be all that cuddly in bed.
He did not have a wash board abs but did have nice arms, he played tennis. Maybe that was why he had good biceps. As I sat there staring at the TV and him not knowing which I should be looking at, ha-ha. There was something about him that made him appear almost young adolescent looking. His body seemed way younger than his 18 years. It was like a younger teen body which I found sexy, anyways a pervy little me sure did.
My sixteen year old dick sure liked what it saw and I had to grab a pillow from the couch and hold it in my lap to hide my boner. I always had that problem with him cause when he was in sight and looked my way I was always afraid my dick would give me away cause I was always springing a boner when he was over. Especially when he had his shirt off or he had some cut off T shirt that showed his cute tummy. He had developed a nice tan this late Spring and as we had a pool, he was always around in his jams which looked like they would fall off, I sure wished they would.
It was the usual conversation again. He asked about practice, but tonight he seemed to pay a bit more attention to me. He was always looking at me in a nice way, but for some reason tonight seemed different. I guess it was my extremely randy feelings of teen hormones cause if I didn't know better I would have thought the guy was queer for teen ass. Cause of the questioning looks and vibes I was getting this time from him it had my gaydar on overtime, but I put it down to just my own imagination and fantasy.
Finally my bitch goddess of a sister appeared and it was bye bye Zach and they were off in his Jeep Cherokee. Funny cause the party was just around the corner at Tommy Preston’s house. His folks were away for the weekend so it promised to be a cool party, well I heard it would be a fun time with lots of beer and vodka to make it even better.
After dinner I went over to Scott's house. I was gonna sleepover at his place cause my mom and dad were going to be out really late.
I was horny, bored and restless, Scott was tired and said he wanted to go to bed early. Not going to be any fun for me tonight I guess.
We played some ‘puter games and watched a bit of TV. I sat pretty close to Scott and I did manage to rub my leg against his, but that was it. I wanted to do more than just feel his nice leg but no chance.
I was hoping we might do a “show and tell” and I would finally get some relief as I felt so horny but it just was not going to happen. We had jerked off a couple of times with each other but tonight I was hoping for some mutual action. That plan failed and sucked big time.

Scott repeated that he was tired and wanted to go to bed early. He had twin beds in his room and I slept in one. He went into the bathroom put on his P J’s and that was it. Bummer!
I just stayed in my boxers, that was part of my now developing plan. I got into my bed on the other side of the room.
Scott is a very sound sleeper you could start an air raid in his room and he would sleep right through it. I could not sleep, I kept thinking about Jeremy and the party. I confess I had a plan, I would sneak out of the house, check out the party at Tommy’s and then come back saying I had forgotten something at my house if I got caught, he-he.

I sounded like a good plan anyways, and for some reason I just wanted to see Jeremy. I know I am not a stalker but I just had to for some reason.
Tommy's house was between mine and Scott's, not really far away, and just two doors down from my house to his.
About eleven o’clock, got up and in the dark I slipped on some casual clothes over my boxers and sneaked out of the house and cruised over on my bike towards Tommy‘s house.

I could hear the party as I approached on my BMX. It sounded way loud and fun. I was glad I was gonna watch it anyways.
Suddenly, I heard above the din, two voices I recognized.
As I wheeled up I spotted two people standing outside on this side of a hedge, away from the party. It was Jeremy and Bobbie-Sue. I could hear them shouting at each other even from the distance.
Apparently they were having a major show down and she was really getting into it with him.

It was a seriously big fight, right there in the yard, I bet my folks could have even heard it at our house if they had been home. We are that close to their house and they would have come down to investigate when they heard it.
Shit! My sister was in full and total bitch mode.
She was pissed off at something and poor Jeremy was getting it good. She called him every name possible and then some.
I stood behind a hedge watching, I did not want to interrupt this drama or be seen by them. It was like a scene out of a silly sit-com but all this was right in the next door yard. It sure was entertaining. I could not follow it all as I only heard parts of sentences. Then I heard a smack. She hit Jeremy across the cheek. The poor guy. Ouch!
With the parting shot of the word “Faggot!” She spun around and stalked back into Tommy's house and left the poor kid outside by his Jeep. I had the idea from the way he had been yelling and slurring his words he definitely had had way too much to drink. I bet he was left with a wicked case of blue balls as well, cause I think he had some action planned with her and now he was frustrated and totally pissed off at my ill tempered sister.
He just stood there, swaying slightly. I wondered what I should do next, he was alone, drunk and maybe.... yeah, maybe what? My mind was in overdrive thinking what to do next. He looked a bit unsteady and ended sitting in one of the lawn chairs that somehow had been left by the drive.
I was still there in the bushes still watching and wearing the outfit I had hurriedly put on at Scott's. It was not a great fashion statement, a tight American Eagle T shirt and some old faded surf jams over my Abercrombie boxers, with my new Van’s, but I looked OK. So being bold like and wanting to start some kind of contact, I stepped out of the shadows and slowly walked over to check on him. I am not sure what I had in mind but I had some idea and it involved a bit of seduction of this now drunk and vulnerable jock boy.
When I came into his view he got up and stood and waved his hand to me slightly. He did look a bit unsteady, he said: “Hey Zachery!"
Then he suddenly he blurted it all out at once.
“Your fuckin’ sister doesn't understand me Zach, she is such a total bitch.”
It was like a loud whine. Like a petulant five year old. He looked down at his feet.
“Sorry man,” he slurred, “she is your sister and all. I feel sorry you hav'in’ to put up with her bitchy ways.”
I stepped closer to him and leaned on his jeep which was right there in the drive. “It’s OK,” I said.
I smiled and replied: “Look Jeremy, I know. I gotta like put up with her and all every day. Yeah, she is such a freakin‘ princess, but she is my sis.”

“It‘s cool I understand.” he said.
I mumbled, "But she definitely can be a super bitch at times."
“Yeah she just doesn’t understand guys.” I added, trying to sound wise.
“ Yeah, that’s for damn sure,” he replied.
“You're a cool kid, well you are a guy and you know like what guys need and.....“ he continued to slur with the drink affecting his speech.
“Thanks,” I said grinning, nice to be complimented by my favorite guy, like I was some kind of philosopher or something.
He looked down at my feet and then up stopping at my crotch and tummy, I had my hand under my shirt and was rubbing my chest exposing my cute belly to show off to the stud. He smiled with a silly grin.
"You are a cute kid, like you have your sister’s good look."
“Thanks, I guess,” I almost started to blush.
“No, seriously, you are way pretty good looking for a guy and all.”
Well I said, “You are pretty hot in the looks department yourself.” I said with growing confidence. Was he in his drunken state trying to seduce me?
“Turn around," he suddenly, said.
"What?" I mumbled.
"Get up and turn around," he mumbled.
I got up from leaning on his jeep and as he requested began to slowly turn, showing off my bubble butt which was made even sexier by my falling down surfer jams and sagging boxers.
"You have a really nice ass as well."
"Man, it is one sweet ass, you know kid?" He repeated again.
He grinned foolishly then slumped down in the lawn chair that was behind him. He was drunk but still in charge of himself and had a big shit eating grin on his face as he stared directly at the now growing bulge in my surf jams.
I could not believe I was being cruised and perved on by this total hottie. My fuckin’ sister’s boy friend even! It was a freakin’ fantasy come true!
I could feel myself getting harder as he seemed to be stripping off my clothes with his eyes.
Shit! Like this is just where I wanted him in my dreams. I swallowed hard and grinned back at him. I felt butterflies in my tummy and my dick was way hard. It's really happening!
Shit! What do I do now?
To be continued.
End of Chapter 1
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