Freshly Fucked

The story of a horny teen and his older teen lover.

By Kip

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Disclaimer: This story contains sexual content of a homosexual nature between consenting teenagers. It is intended for mature audiences only. If you are under legal age, offended, or otherwise do not wish to view material of a frank and sexual nature do not read this story.

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Chapter Two


He grinned foolishly then slumped down in the lawn chair that was behind him. He was drunk but still in charge of himself and had a big shit eating grin on his face as he stared directly at my now growing bulge in my surf jams.

I could not believe I was being cruised and perved on by this total hottie. It is my fuckin’ sister’s boyfriend even! It was a freakin’ fantasy come true!

I could feel myself getting harder as he seemed to be stripping off my clothes with his eyes. Shit! Like this is just where I wanted him in my dreams. I swallowed hard and grinned back at him. I felt butterflies in my tummy and my dick was way hard. It was really happening!

Shit! What do I do now?
"Come here kid." He said with a smirk on his face.

As if in a trance I slowly began to walk towards Jeremy. Something about his look and stare which was way more than just friendly drew me to him. I was completely compelled and now totally in lust with the guy. I think he was feeling the same way.

As I walked towards him he stood up and smiled. He seemed to be very sure of himself, like he was a Tom Cat about to pounce. My heart was racing and I was definitely sweating. He looked so hot, swaying slightly being drunk and all. His spiked up dark brown hair look great and his hazel eyes looked a little glazed with the vodka

Suddenly I was right in front of him. He reached out and with his right hand began to place it under my T shirt and lifted it up a bit and caressed my chest and tummy. His hand felt hot and it felt great! My nipples began to react as he rubbed his hand over them.

I returned the favor, placing one hand on his shoulder and placed the other hand on his abs and chest and began to rub the front of his chest through his tight fitted Abercrombie shirt.

He began to lean down a bit, his hand dropped lower, past my belt and his hand then found my package and gave it a good grope, Man! I could not believe this was happening to me, I was in heaven and Jeremy was putting me there.

I was getting pretty hard

"Looks like little Zach likes it," he giggled.

I fuckin' know that I sure liked it. He continued gently squeezing my package. I was now seriously boned. I thought I heard a low sound almost a growl that came from his throat as he kneaded my dick through my jams with his paw.

He pulled back a bit, looked me in the eye and smiling he said softly, “stand against my jeep."

I backed up a few feet and felt my back come into contact with the fender of the dark green Cherokee.

Looking me still in the eye, he lowered himself to his knees right there on the lawn, and slowly began to pull down my jams. I was so surprised I was shaking with excitement and lust. I could not believe this was happening and I think neither did he, except he was pretty drunk and he was the one who had an idea of where this was all going.

I was totally amazed, like speechless even. Damn, I was shaking like a leaf.

Reaching up with both hands, he then he slid down my surf jams and looked at my tented boxers and grinned as he placed his mouth on the cotton fabric. Pushing his mouth in real tight against my cloth covered dick he seemed to inhale my young teen sent. One hand was now on my tight butt and with his other hand he reached down and groped his own bulging crotch through his white linen slacks.

His mouth there felt so hot and stimulating me beyond belief. The fabric was getting wet from his hot breath, his salvia and from my leaking dick as well.

Then in slow motion, moving his hand gently up my thighs, he proceeded to pull down my boxers which he carefully hooked under my smooth balls, my way hard dick sprang up and stood straight out facing his lips and very much in need of attention.

His tongue then sought out my smooth shaved balls and suddenly I was in heaven again. It felt so good as he had his face buried in my crotch. Then slowly he drew back his tongue from my balls and he began to lap the end of my rod. OMG it was incredible! That feeling is like nothing else! How could one experience so much pleasure? I was moaning. I was a kid totally in heat!

In a reflex like action I began to buck my hips and soon forced my young reedy teen cock deep into this high school senior's open mouth and thought constantly about how hot his pouty lips felt. Feeling so good on my young teen joy stick. The stud sucked greedily on my swollen dick. It was fuckin' unreal!

With another set of quick jabs of my hip I guess I just pushed it a bit deeper and hit the back of the kid's throat. The slightly drunk older teen boy Jeremy suddenly had a major gag reflex and was instantly puking up his very recent mixture of beer and vodka all over my dick, balls, boxers, fallen down jams, and my new Vans. In one awful spew he wretched it all out on my shoes, sox and onto the lawn where he knelt there in the shadows of the shrubbery.
It got on the knees of his white cotton slacks as well. He spit out the remaining saliva and puke to clear his mouth and throat. He definitely felt better after barfing it all up, but was he was totally embarrassed that his first gay sexual experience was such a complete disaster.

We were both a fuckin' mess of his puke!

"Fuck, fuck, you barfed on my dick, balls and Vans you asshole!" I cried out.

I was immediately sorry that I had yelled at the poor half drunk dude. But I was now totally pissed off that this way hot episode had ended in such a total mess of him blowing lunch all over both of us.

"I'm really sorry man," was all poor Jeremy could seem to get out. He looked completely dejected and defeated. He sure had not wanted the evening to end that way either.

He sat there now sprawled on the lawn dazed, looking really dejected and I think I even heard a sob.

I realized it was now up to me to salvage this really bad situation. I tried to think very hard about what to do next. He was the guy of my dreams on his knees, covered in puke, who had just been chowing down on my dick and like it was the best thing ever and suddenly it had all gone totally wrong.

"Shit!" I thought to myself, I gotta act fast or I am going to lose this guy forever.

"There must be a way," I thought to myself.

I began to think what to do, the boy definitely needs cleaning up, and we are next door to my house, OK sounds like the beginning of a plan.

Pulling up my puke covered boxers and jams, I stepped forward and reached down with a grim smile and slowly pulled him to his feet. He complied with my urging and stood unsteadily.
Some how I got the reeling and puke covered stud up on his feet and we lurched across the lawns to my house, it was a major project. It was a good thing I had a set of keys in my hand as I was holding him up with one arm, then pushing him against the door jamb to keep him from falling; not an easy task as he was bigger than me. I somehow got the key in the door and opened it.

He immediately spotted the couch and was about to make a run for it to crash there but I herded him towards the stairs and up we went, though for him it was mostly on his hands and knees.

We made it to the second floor and down the hall to the bath room beside my room. Through the door we went. Maybe it was the sight of the toilet or something like that anyway he suddenly looked way sick again and was immediately down on his knees puking into the porcelain god. It was now barf city again for a few minutes.

I know this sounds weird and twisted but the sight of this future college frat boy type on his knees barfing like he was putting on a drunk college kid show for me somehow I found totally and strangely erotic and gave me a boner again.

I was glad he was getting the rest of the beer and vodka out of his stomach or at least some of it out of his system, that might help revive him. I got a wet towel and wiped some of the puke and drool off his mouth and chin. He was even in this drunken state still cute and was nice to be able to be this up close and all touchy feely with him though a completely weird situation.

He did now seem better and his second major puke session had begun to revive him.

I helped him stagger up on his feet and began to undress him. He was now like a drunken kid with the giggles. I finally got the polo shirt off him, pulled off his vans, and then was able to undo his belt and slide down his puke covered slacks. Next it was sox, then get off the Abercrombie boxers which I slowly lowered. He was half hard I noticed, he was not that big, but had nice smooth shaved balls and closely trimmed pubes. His dick was uncut and looked like it would be about 6 inches plus when really hard. So there Jeremy stood in his nakedness, just wearing his shell choker grinning at me, swaying back and forth. It was a complete surreal situation.

I quickly pulled off my own shoes, jams, shirt and boxers off and helped him into the shower, good thing it was big enough for two. I turned it on and the warm water felt good, I used a loofah and some body wash to scrub him down and also my strawberry scented shampoo as well. He leaned against the wall and enjoyed the water cascading down on his teen body. Not way buff but very nice with a slight softness to his tummy that I found totally sexy.

He now faced the wall and I shampooed his hair as he leaned against it. That was good I thought, it seemed to relax him. Of course every time I leaned in to wash him my semi-hard dick kept rubbing up against his body and that seemed to have an effect on both of us.

With his back facing me I put more body wash on him and did his back. My rubbing with the sponge and the warm water cascading down on us seemed to relax him even more.

My hands now lowered until I found his crack and with a bit more confidence of my own I proceeded to give that area a complete but gentle cleaning. He had nice butt cheeks that were firm and round with just the right amount of light blond fuzz on them to make them very sexy. He did have such a way cute ass.

I knew he was vulnerable and kinda drunk but I was now way horny and he did barf on me and it seemed only fair that I should have some kind of payback. I thought, yeah payback is mine now, I am gonna have a bit of fun with my guy at last. They type of fun that I hoped he would enjoy as well.

As he stood half propped up against the walls with the water cascading down on him he looked totally delicious. Rubbing my hands on him was a total thrill. My hands reached out and took hold of his nice dick and smooth balls. They began to come to life as I checked them out. I decided they needed a good inspection. I found myself slowing bending down for a closer look and then I found myself on my knees facing them directly. His stiff dick with the smooth head peeking out of the foreskin wanted attention. Next thing I knew my head moved to it and I had my tongue on the tip. OMG! I was tasting his dick. It slipped further in my mouth. I went further down it. I could not believe I was blowing jock boy Jeremy.

He moaned as I reached up and fondled his shaved balls. I leaned in a bit more my face getting closer to his pubes that were shaved really close. I did not want to make the same mistake he did and tried to relax my throat. I didn’t really get it down far, but enough to make him moan a bit more and found my own rod stiffening by this wild experience. I was giving head to my sister’s boyfriend and he was loving it. This was so sick it was wicked cool. He bucked a bit, I did not want him to shoot, I just wanted to get him completely aroused and see then what would happen. It was time to explore more of him.

With a parting lick of his dick and tasty balls, I decided it was time to taste more. I stood up and faced him. His pecs, though not very developed tasted fine and so did his smooth tummy and belly button which I licked as well on my way up. Now it was time to explore the backside. I moved around him. He did have a very nice butt.

As I had the Axe body wash in my hand, I began sliding my slippery fingers down till it just grazed the top of his crack.

He did not object but seemed to like it. In fact he pushed back a bit when my fingers found his pucker which I now began to rub around the edge.

Next I reached around and with my soapy hand washed his cock and balls a second time. I tugged at his balls a bit, but not too hard but just enough to make him moan in a good way.

Returning to his crack again I went in now a bit with my finger. He seemed to like that.

I then stood up behind him real close like, my hard teen dick was now pressed against my belly and I pressed the underside of my dick against his crack, it just felt like the thing to do, I even began to give a few short humps as I glided it against his crack. Man that felt so good.

The next thing I knew I was on my knees with my face at his butt and my hands parting his cheeks as I decided to check out this newly cleaned area, man it was fun to see and so clean and nice. Soon it was nibbling, lapping and tonguing his butt and around his hole. My tongue darted at the pucker and soon the kid was moaning and squirming. I replaced my tongue with my finger and began to insert one digit which he seemed to like, then I tried for two. I reached around him and felt his dick and balls, his dick was pretty hard and told me he was enjoying this a lot. I could not believe I was so getting into rimming. I think I could really get into this. I had no idea I was this gay.

I am pretty informed ‘bout sex stuff even though I have never done much except to grope my friend Scott and we’ve even jerked each other off once or twice. But that was all I had really done.

I have read a lot on line about ass fucking and what a guy can do and what you need to do to get ready so I knew I had to get him relaxed and opened up and all. So before I knew what I was doing, it was like my brain was in auto pilot from my on-line knowledge. I was following the instructions I had read on various sites and in stories like the ones on Nifty.

The next thing I knew I had three fingers in him and he was moaning more and then I thought about four but hesitated as three felt pretty tight even though he was still trying to buck backwards.

I reached over and turned the shower practically off and my hand found a bottle on the shelf that was baby oil. I knew I should think about a condom, but like I was sure I was disease free and I think he was OK cause all he ever did was try to get it on with my sister and got nowhere with that. I put the top of the bottle of the baby oil at his hole and squeezed. He definitely liked that too.

I thought I would just rub my dick in his crack again and have it rub the underside cause I knew that would make me feel great. Well I did that and it felt so wonderful he bucked his hips and the next think I knew the tip of my dick was inside him and was entering his very relaxed hole and as I began to rest it there, he backed back up and oh shit it started to go into his pucker like more and all. I could not believe this was happening! I was about to nail his sweet ass!

Me, like fucking a hottie like Jeremy. MAN! SO UNREAL! I pushed a bit more, the end of my dick was just there at his ring, I just moved forward a bit deeper and it began to really slide into his tight hole. OMG what a great feeling!

He paused, pushing backwards and I think was now realizing he was being invaded. Then with a loud moan he pushed back ever so slowly. Next thing I knew I was in more and more and this went on at a slow pace with both of us moaning until finally my shaved pubes were up against his downy smooth butt. I stopped in amazement and just held on to him reveling in a great feeling.

OMG I was fucking Jeremy! Totally Unbelievable!

I reached around him and found he was a bit softer but I now began to slowly jerk him off and pretty soon he was way hard again and he was beginning to back up more as if to get my dick deeper in his pretty butt. My trimmed pubes were now tight against his bubble butt.

With my hands on his hips I slowly began to gently move in and out and he began to buck his hips to match my thrusting with his arms folded against the wall of the shower and his head resting on his arms.

He began to mumble," Oh Zach, that feels so good! Fuck me dude, just fuck me!"

His dirty talk got me going and I did just that.

It was total reflex the way I was bucking my hips into the dude and I picked up a bit of speed. I was almost scared of what I was doing but now I was so into it and it was impossible to stop as he wanted it sooooo bad!

The jock boy kept up the banter of garbled words and he was so totally into getting his ass plowed. I knew my dick was not huge but it sure was big enough to do the job and my reedy teen dick was just the right size to push the right button on his prostrate. I guess it sure did and drove the teen stud boy wild with lust as he was practically now shouting and was loving every minute of the pounding I was giving his cute butt.

I was everywhere on him with my hands; on his hips, thigh, tummy, chest, nipples, and my face buried in his neck and nibbling his ears.

Every once in awhile I would reach down and feel his rock hard dick and also sometimes tug on his balls that were swinging around with the fucking I was giving the boy.

Though we had started off so slowly as we both got used to it I began to pick up speed. I wasn’t the energizer bunny, but I was fast for a while, then slowed down and long dicked him in slow easy strokes.

He now had both his hands on the shower wall, and was moaning like he was in heat. It seemed quite a while that this went on. I was loving every moment of it.

I would tug down on his ball sack to keep him from shooting as I knew his dick was rock hard and if he tried to reach down with one hand I would smack it away as I did not want him to jerk off and shoot yet and have all this be over.

After what seemed like forever I could feel I was ready to shoot and I think so was he. It had been almost twenty minutes of this hot action. His balls wanted to pull up. I think the rubbing of his prostate by my teen boy dick had finally pushed him to the edge. I was about to shoot too, and hoped we could do it together.

I reached around and again began to fondle his way hard dick. A few good strokes and suddenly he began to shoot. When he was painting the wall of the shower with his cum, his ass clamped down on my dick and I began to shoot into his tight ass. Which I sure did. We were now both shooting at the same time. Fuckin’ amazing!

His knees started to buckle, and he began to slide down and my softening dick slipped out of his ass, we were in a heap on the shower floor, totally exhausted by our sexual romp.

Some how I managed to get him semi upright. I pulled him up. And grabbed a towel and got him somewhat dry and got him lurching toward my room and somehow directed him to my bed.

As I now tried to wipe the water and cum off me I was still breathless as I stood there looking at this hot dude sprawled on my bed while I continued to dry myself. Not really believing all that had happened. It was like a dream come true. Was it only a dream? Had I somehow really fucked my dream boy?

I grabbed a blanket, lay down beside him and snuggled up to him with my face in his neck and my hand rubbing slowly on his tummy and now soft cock and balls. He was snoring slightly completely zonked out with the effects of the alcohol and way intense boy sex.

Before I drifted off to sleep I kept thinking, man it felt good to have a hot fuck buddy in my own bed at last.


End of Chapter 2

To be continued.


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